March 2nd, 2024
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March's Must-Reads: Mystery, Romance, and Thrills Await!

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Can an officer and her K-9 survive a killer�s trap?

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Love and fossils collide in a race against treachery and time.

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"They decided a man couldn't handle this assignment, Sergeant. So, they sent a woman instead.�

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Chilling danger meets fiery passion in a race against a serial killer's legacy.

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Quirky village charm meets sinister secrets and a quest for truth.

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Regency intrigue where honor and danger intertwine in a quest for justice.

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Summer escape turns chilling as Molly Murphy unravels a deadly countryside mystery.


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The Fury
by Alex Michaelides
"The Fury: A Rollercoaster Mystery with Twists and Turns"
Posted February 8, 2024

Alex Michaelides' latest mystery novel, "The Fury," takes readers on a thrilling journey to Mykonos, a Greek island where a murder shakes the lives of a group of friends. Elliot Chase, our dear narrator, promises to tell us a fascinating story about murder. He further claims it isn't Read more...

by Jessie Burton
"Jessie Burton's Medusa tells a familiar story with unpredictable twists"
Posted December 5, 2023

MEDUSA by Jessie Burton is an illustrated novella that walks the readers through the familiar story of our titular character. In Burton's version, Medusa and her sisters have already been exiled, and the very first chapter introduces Perseus to Read more...

Happiness Falls
by Angie Kim
"Learning to accept flaws in the face of great distress"
Posted September 5, 2023

HAPPINESS FALLS by Angie Kim is my first book by the author. I recently bought MIRACLE CREEK, and I am so excited to read it after knowing the writing style of Kim. Giving a synopsis of this story is so Read more...

The Fraud
by Zadie Smith
"Zadie Smith's the Fraud cops out on offering new perspective"
Posted September 5, 2023

THE FRAUD by Zadie Smith is a historical fiction at the heart of which is the fictional character of Eliza Touchet, cousin by marriage of the English novelist William Harrison Ainsworth. We see most of the novel play out from Read more...

Silver Nitrate
by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
"Silver Nitrate brings something fresh to the sub-genre of occult and magic"
Posted July 18, 2023

Silvia Moreno Garcia’s newest novel brings something fresh to the sub-genre of occult and magic in this pseudo-contemporary setting. SILVER NITRATE is a title perfectly fitting for the story’s beginning, middle, and end. It Read more...

The Half Moon
by Mary Beth Keane
"There is plenty to enjoy in The Half Moon if you like this genre of a suburban utopia gone wrong"
Posted May 3, 2023

I love reading dysfunctional family stories and devoured Mary Beth Keane’s last family drama, ASK AGAIN, YES. I had a similar expectation from THE HALF MOON, and the synopsis also gave Read more...

Happy Place
by Emily Henry
"Happy Place utilizes all the cliches of a rom-com but excellently."
Posted April 25, 2023

Emily Henry has been creating waves for the romance genre since BEACH READ, which blew up when it came out. Since then, she has been releasing a book almost every year, each having great success. HAPPY PLACE is my first Read more...

Tomb of Sand
by Geetanjali Shree
"A story told in three parts,Tomb of Sand is a woman's saga as she peels open her life for us"
Posted February 13, 2023

A story about a person. A person regaling a story. A story embedded in a person. A person embedded within a story. Where would the story go if there were no characters? What would the characters do without plot or actions for them to do? One completes the other Read more...

All the Seas of the World
by Guy Gavriel Kay
"All the seas of the World is for fantasy readers who like magical elements dialed back to zero"
Posted August 21, 2022

ALL THE SEAS OF THE WORLD written by Guy Gavriel Kay is the third book in a disconnected-yet-in-the-same-universe trilogy. I did not know this going into this book since Goodreads Read more...

The Secret Life of Albert Entwistle
by Matt Cain
"The Secret Life of Albert Entwistle rightly combines heart-warming with a great social message."
Posted June 17, 2022

THE SECRET LIFE OF ALBERT ENTWISTLE by Matt Cain is a contemporary fiction novel focusing on the life of a postman, our protagonist, Albert Entwistle, as he reconsiders his entire life while his retirement approaches Read more...

One Italian Summer
by Rebecca Serle
"One Italian Summer takes you on a beautiful journey of colors and smells"
Posted March 3, 2022

Katy Silver lost her soulmate. She doesn’t know how to live anymore. She doesn’t know what to do or what not to do without her guidepost, her mentor, her everything. Katy’s mother Carol is dead. The only thing Katy has left is the Read more...

The Paris Apartment
by Lucy Foley
"The Paris Apartment with its Parisian aesthetics and slang is an amazing mystery-thriller"
Posted February 7, 2022

Where did Benjamin Daniels go in the five minutes that his sister called him and informed him she would come over? Jess, trying to find respite from her old life, hopes to find a brief period of solace in her brother Ben’s Read more...

The Vietri Project
by Nicola DeRobertis-Theye
"THE VIETRI PROJECT is very unique; It challenges the readers with its prose, culturally rich content"
Posted October 3, 2021

There is something peculiar about stories set in a European background. I’m convinced that Europe inspires a narrative style that follows a 'thought buried inside a thought that springs from another idea' format. Andre Aciman brought this to life in CALL ME BY YOUR NAME, which is Read more...

The Road Trip
by Beth O'Leary
"The Road Trip is a tried and tested formula that works best in the genre"
Posted October 3, 2021

I cannot articulate what it is that THE ROAD TRIP brings new to the genre of romantic comedies. Sure it touches on some grave topics while being fluffy for the majority of the plot. Still, other than that, I cannot list anything wholly new or unique to this rendition Read more...

The Secret Talker
by Geling Yan
"Talking to stranger on the internet can have a good outcome is my takeaway from The Secret Talker"
Posted October 3, 2021

THE SECRET TALKER by Gelin Yan follows Qiao Hongmei, a deserter of the Chinese Military, to pursue a bigger and more expansive world. The thirst to have more drove her to elope her country with her English Professor. Years later, she is not so happy with Glen now, the Read more...

Cloud Cuckoo Land
by Anthony Doerr
"Cloud Cuckoo Land, your companion in every situation"
Posted September 30, 2021

Even though CLOUD CUCKOO LAND is dedicated to bookkeepers and librarians of the past, present, and future, it is also for anyone who has spent time in a confined space with immense pressure and anxiety upon them. This book is Read more...

Flash Fire
by T.J. Klune
"FLASH FIRE is a powerful second installment that will leave the readers craving for more"
Posted September 9, 2021

Nicholas Bell, a seventeen-year-old boy, is obsessed with The Extraordinaries, a superhero version of the make-believe place Nova City in our story. Having been in love with Shadow Star forever, Nicky has found interesting and rather sinister facts about the Extraordinaries since the first book,  Read more...

by Jennifer Saint
"Ariadne is a tale of fierce feminism and how a man's world puts a woman's life in jeopardy"
Posted April 29, 2021

Jennifer Saint doesn’t waste much time establishing that this is not another Greek Myth Retelling where men take center stage. She sets up ARIADNE with stories where women take the hit for men's wrongdoings, how gods punish Read more...

Darling Rose Gold
by Stephanie Wrobel
"A brilliant psychological thriller with excellent characters in their full diabolical glory."
Posted February 4, 2021

Testimony from her daughter put Patricia "Patty" Watts in prison for Aggravated child abuse for five years. The story starts the day Patty is released. She and her daughter, Rose Gold, have seemingly made up, leaving the past behind them but have they forgiven each other for the crimes Read more...

Real Life
by Brandon Taylor
"REAL LIFE is a mixed bag of raw emotions, and it refuses to be subtle about it."
Posted January 4, 2021

I would be lying if I said this was a pleasant book to read. REAL LIFE by Brandon Taylor shortlisted for The Booker Prize does not cut its readers any slack. It poses questions bluntly and counts on its reader to become uncomfortable and think over it. It expects Read more...

Kishor Rao

I'm an engineering student from India. I love to read books that add/contribute to my life, which makes me become a better person. My favorite genres are Literary and Domestic fiction. My current favorite book is Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman.

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