October 26th, 2021
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Secrets are every where

One Month To Become A Mum by Louisa George


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Mass Market Paperback / e-Book

One Month To Become A Mum
Louisa George

Some things in life are worth waiting for?

Harlequin Medical
March 2012
On Sale: March 2, 2012
Featuring: Dr Luke McKenzie; Jessie Price
384 pages
ISBN: 0263891593
EAN: 9780263891591
Kindle: B006PHUCJQ
Mass Market Paperback / e-Book
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Romance Series | Romance Contemporary

Some things in life are worth waiting for…

Jessie Price has lost her only chance at motherhood – it’s a constant hurt, until she meets sinfully sexy single dad Dr Luke McKenzie and his gorgeous little girl. Luke’s intoxicating kisses and his daughter’s adoring hugs have Jessie longing for the impossible. But she's a temporary locum, the clock’s ticking – and there’s only a month to make all her wishes come true…


56 comments posted.

Re: One Month To Become A Mum

YES, why not??
(Kay Burke 11:49am April 19, 2012)

This book sounds wonderful and I would love to win a free
copy! I love any book that has a medical background and a
medical romance rocks in my book!
Ann Thaxton 12:00pm April 19, 2012)

Romance in any novel form suits me just fine.
Marjorie Carmony 12:53pm April 19, 2012)

I started to go to school to become a nurse, and I am still
interested in medical stories. It has been a while since I've
read one.
Diane Sallans 1:06pm April 19, 2012)

I have never read a medical romance. But, I love all those medical shows on TV so this should be a great book.
Kathleen Yohanna 1:38pm April 19, 2012)

I like medical romances because I admire the people who can
deal with illness and trauma and still have time to be kind.
Ilona Fenton 1:44pm April 19, 2012)

I wanted to be a nurse, as a teen. Instead, I became a mom,
and got to be a doctor, nurse, teacher, and all that in one. I
love to read about the medical field though.
Mary Hay 1:55pm April 19, 2012)

I don't think I've ever read a medical romance--maybe because I'm quesy about blood. I guess it could be time to try one.
Sue Farrell 2:01pm April 19, 2012)

I like the idea of this story with the little girl in it, she sounds cute and will be fun to read.
Jeri Dickinson 2:22pm April 19, 2012)

Nope but I used to watch ER a lot.... but I would definitely give it a try.
May Pau 2:47pm April 19, 2012)

I like medical romances. I watch some medical TV shows.
Wilma Frana 4:25pm April 19, 2012)

Hi Everyone! Yikes! Thanks for all the comments! It's so lovely to have such a
receptive group! Sorry I haven't replied until now- I'm in New Zealand and it's
early morning here.
Louisa George 4:59pm April 19, 2012)

I haven't read any medical romances yet, but I would love to try one! Thanks for the chance to win!
Natasha Donohoo 5:02pm April 19, 2012)

Cannot say I've read medical romances but my favourite TV show is
House. The child angle also interests me. Thanks.
Liesl Lane 5:27pm April 19, 2012)

Medical romances are great, but I will admit it is a small percentage of my romance reading...
Colleen Conklin 5:42pm April 19, 2012)

this sounds so good i love medical romances tv shows that have that like MASH i enjoyed watching I would lov eto win this book
Denise Smith 6:07pm April 19, 2012)

I have never read a medical romance, but I would love to try
Tanja Haack 6:26pm April 19, 2012)

I never read a medical romance before (nor even saw one) I usually get the off the shelf books. This sounds really good though. You hooked me!!! My husband will not be liking this..lol

I am putting this on my wish/to-read list right now.
Patti Paonessa 7:09pm April 19, 2012)

I fell in love with the Betty Neels doctor / nurse books in the 70s and have never looked back. Sounds like lots of fun. So glad we can get these in the US easily now.
Fresh Fiction 7:13pm April 19, 2012)

Hi Kay! Thanks for commenting! Medical Romance is hugely popular in Europe,
but not on the shelves in the US- if you like medical TV programs, you'll love
medical romance!
Louisa George 7:13pm April 19, 2012)

Hi Ann! Nice to meet a fellow Medical Romance enthusiast!
Louisa George 7:14pm April 19, 2012)

Hi Marjorie! I agree! I love romance- I'm so glad I found it, even if it was
relatively recently- I'm enjoying catching up on what I've missed!
Louisa George 7:15pm April 19, 2012)

Hi Diane, our stories cover a whole range of medical settings, so I'm sure there'd
be one to suit you!
Louisa George 7:21pm April 19, 2012)

Hi Kathleen! The TV shows are great, aren't they? I'm addicted! Our books focus
on one romance per book, but we often do a series- we have one out now called
the Sydney Harbour Hospital series that is kind of like Grey's anatomy -
following a group of connected people who all get their own story.
Louisa George 7:24pm April 19, 2012)

Hi Ilona- I love the dedicated kind hearted doctors- but we also have grumpy
House-types too!
Louisa George 7:25pm April 19, 2012)

Hi Mary! I hear you on that! Yes, I'm mother, doctor, nurse etc...plus now my kids
are older I'm financial adviser and counsellor too!
Louisa George 7:27pm April 19, 2012)

Hi Sue! There's very little blood and nothing to make you feel queasy! My editor
reins me in if I get carried away- the romance is the most important part, the
rest is just setting. Some have hardly any medical stuff at all.
Louisa George 7:28pm April 19, 2012)

Hi Jeri! The girl was fun to write! I've got two boys so I had to do my research
about what a 3 year old was like! So cute!
Louisa George 7:29pm April 19, 2012)

Hi May- just think, George Clooney in scrubs...and you can read stories about
guys like him...swoon!
Louisa George 7:31pm April 19, 2012)

Hi Wilma! Glad you're a fellow enthusiast!
Louisa George 7:32pm April 19, 2012)

I love medical romances...well, romance of any type, but if well written medical romances are just as good as any other romance genre. I have read a few and this one sounds good.
Kelly Knapp 7:32pm April 19, 2012)

Hi Natasha! Fingers crossed- it could be whole new reading genre for you!
Louisa George 7:33pm April 19, 2012)

Hi Leisl, sounds like medical romances could be perfect for you!
Louisa George 7:34pm April 19, 2012)

Hi Colleen! I'm thrilled you do actually read some, though, however small the
Louisa George 7:35pm April 19, 2012)

Hi Denise! I loved MASH too! Yes, we have frontline doctors too- my third book
The War Hero's Locked-Away Heart (out in November) is about an ex army
medic. Very brooding. Yummy!
Louisa George 7:37pm April 19, 2012)

Hi Tanja! Fingers crossed for you in the draw!
Louisa George 7:37pm April 19, 2012)

Hi Patti! Thanks so much! (I hear you on the husband thing- I usually keep my
book/kindle purchases to myself!)
Louisa George 7:39pm April 19, 2012)

I'm not used to seeing medical romances as I see more medical thrillers. However medical romances are fine and I see they make great TV shows.
Alyson Widen 9:27pm April 19, 2012)

I enjoy a medical romance in a heartbeat something very intense about a doctor saving lives by day and romancing at night. Yep, I'm in!
Good luck and happy writing!
Tracie Travis 9:30pm April 19, 2012)

Hi Alyson! I'm not good with thrillers that are too intense- I can't cope! LOL! I'm
the kind of person who reads the end when I'm halfway through the book just to
make sure they all survive/get together/ find the thing they're looking for- I'm
rubbish when it comes to suspense.
Louisa George 9:43pm April 19, 2012)

Hi Tracie! I know what you mean- gotta love the totally dedicated-to-his-work
guy who can then whisk a woman off her feet after a hard day in surgery!
Louisa George 9:44pm April 19, 2012)

Hi, Louisa!! I'm glad that you took the time to visit us again!! It's been a while since I've read any medical genre books, but I've never read any medical romance books per se. The bookse that I adored and started with was the series "All Creatures Great and Small." It was written by a Veterinarian, and his name escapes me at the moment, but he wrote a series along that line, and I adored every one of them!! Any type of medical book intrigues me, regardless of genre, but I jump around with my mood of book. I would love to read yours!! Thank you for coming today and reminding me again of what I've been missing. Good luck with your book. I'm sure it will do well, especially after knowing your well-versed background.
Peggy Roberson 9:45pm April 19, 2012)

Hi Peggy! Ah- the 'All Creatures Great and Small' series- I never read the
books but the TV series was filmed very close to where I grew up in Yorkshire,
England! I loved that whole series (making me feel very homesick, I haven't
been there for a few years....now I live on the other side of the world. And the
theme tune is now stuck in my head too! I must see if I can get some
reruns/DVDs to show my kids.)

I'm so glad you like Medical genre books-I'm sure you'd love the medical
romance line. We have books about vets too! One I can think of off the top of
my head is by Sharon Archer called Single Father: Wife and Mother Wanted.
(No- we don't choose the titles.....)

Thanks for the good wishes!

Louisa x (off to google that TV series now!)
Louisa George 10:15pm April 19, 2012)

I am a nurse and would love to read this.
Lisa Garrett 11:56pm April 19, 2012)

I do enjoy reading Medical Romances.
Mary Preston 9:01am April 20, 2012)

Hi Louisa,
What a great story - how you discovered Medical Romances. I started reading romance many years ago while at university, and one of my best friends was hooked on the Mills & Boons Medicals. She went into hospital so I bought her a couple and then borrowed them and became hooked myself :)

I'm looking forward to having you as my special guest blogger next week!!
Serena Tatti 6:05am April 21, 2012)

I am very interested to read your medical romance books.
Becky Ledkins 8:51am April 21, 2012)

I'm a nurse, so I know about medicine and romance intertwined! LOL. Snicker snicker. I'd love to win your book. :)
Susan Navidad 10:42pm April 21, 2012)

Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping by. Good luck with the giveaway draw!
Louisa George 2:12am April 22, 2012)

Hi Mary! So glad to find another MedRom enthusiast!
Louisa George 2:12am April 22, 2012)

Hi Serena! Thanks for finding me here! Looking forward to being on your blog
next week, too! How lucky for you (unlucky for your poor friend) about the
hospital visit which introduced you to a whole different genre of books!
Louisa George 2:14am April 22, 2012)

Hi Becky! Fingers crossed for you i the giveaway! Thanks for coming along and
reading the blog!
Louisa George 2:15am April 22, 2012)

Hi Susan! Oh yeah...I hear you! LOL!
Louisa George 2:15am April 22, 2012)

I'm very late here, but I'm going to comment anyway. I only
started reading medical romances lately Louisa - but I love
them! They are very exciting and have a very down to earth
Maria Mohan 8:05am April 22, 2012)

Hi Maria! Very pleased to see you here! It's such a great genre, isn't it?
Louisa George 4:35pm April 22, 2012)

I've read some medical novels but this one sounds like fun!
Sandy Haber 3:51pm April 23, 2012)

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