May 26th, 2017
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In peaceful Pennsylvania Dutch country, a young mother discovers a shocking danger—and an unexpected ally

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What if you wrote a steamy, sexy novel but couldn't tell anyone?

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While searching for Mr. Right, Sarah found something completely different.

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the independent LA beauty soon finds herself yearning for a fairy-tale ending of her own.

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Her heart belongs to another...

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The Enforcer: Games People Play

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Melanie Dobson | Where does Inspiration Originate?

The title and story of my new novel was a gift. The wind of spirit—inspiration—whispering as I sipped tea in my favorite coffee shop, scribbling down ideas for my next book. Outside the window stood an old tree, a weeping cedar with its sturdy branches and dangling leaves that ballooned like a giant umbrella over the people drinking coffee and tea below. In my mind’s eye, I saw two German children—the Read More...

Gloria Craw | The Legend of Ashor the Black Knight

Since ATLANTIS REBORN has its roots in Plato’s myth of the lost island of Atlantis, I thought I’d share a quick recap of one of my favorite but lesser known myths, Ashor the Black Knight. The story begins with two kings at war. As is usually the case in myth, one of them was good and fair to his people, and the other Read More...

Liliana Hart | How To Meet And Marry A Real Life Romance Hero

I should probably start off with the caveat that I can’t guarantee your Happily Ever After, even if you follow my super awesome instructions word for word. Because…well…because of something I like to call men. They’re unpredictable at times. Especially the alpha ones. Am I right, ladies? My husband likes to tell his own version of our love story to strangers and acquaintances alike. Most special ops alphas have a unique Read More...

Kerry Adrienne | Character Inspiration—Olivia

In my latest novella from Carina Press, SAVING HIS WOLF, I got the interesting opportunity to write about a shifter who was both blind and unable to shift. The character has been pushing me to tell her story for a few years, but the time was never right. When I finally did find her story, I realized pretty quickly that she would be a hard Read More...

Morticia Knight | Love, BDSM and Social Anxiety

Many times when I sketch a character, when I’m right at the beginning of figuring out who this person is, I take from my real life. I’ll use aspects either of myself or those who are close to me, or perhaps someone who I’ve come across over the years who has had a great impact on me. That’s not too unusual—I think most writers do that to one degree or Read More...

Janalyn Voigt | The Real American West

My mother has a picture of me as a little girl, smiling into the camera on the back of a pony. With my hair cascading in ringlets beneath a cowgirl hat, freckles sprinkled across my nose, a missing front tooth, and my six-shooter by my side, I was ready at seven to take on the Wild West. In reality, an out-of-work photographer had taken a pony, cowboy hat, bandana, and toy guns Read More...

MK Meredith | Beaches, Beauty, Barcelona…and Pick Pockets?

Though the threat of pickpockets is real, the beauty and sensuality and brilliance of Barcelona is a character all unto itself in this story. Because when it comes to Barcelona, anyone who has ever been there raves of the culture, the beauty of the people, and the extraordinary art. Barcelona boasts some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, amazing cuisine, and has been home to some of the most renown artists in history Read More...

Erin McCarthy | Rookie Mistakes

This is my first amateur sleuth novel, though I’ve written mysteries into romance novels. But Bailey Burke, home stager extraordinaire, is the first heroine I’ve actually thrust into the role of having to solve crimes, and she’s inconveniently afraid of blood, but at least she’s always dressed to the nines. I like to think that given my interest (hubby would call obsession) with crime TV, I would be able to figure Read More...

Ruth Cardello | Character Perspective Guest Post

Meet Brett Westerly: Interviewer: Are you comfortable? Brett Westerly: Does it matter? My grandmother wants this interview for her memories, so ask away. Interviewer: You and your grandmother have always been close, haven’t you? Brett: Yes, she essentially raised me. Interviewer: Do you support her offer to give any of her grandchild their inheritance early as long as they marry and invite Read More...

Favorites Movies and Favorites Books: a Love Story

(Keep reading for the giveaway at the end.) A lot of times people ask me where I find inspiration to write my books. Of course it comes from many places, but a couple of times I have ended up writing about a trope of a movie I really love. Want to know a secret? Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! indirectly inspired me to Read More...

Diane Alberts | Confident or Shy?

Hello, I’m Diane Alberts, though I also write as Jen McLaughlin, and I’m excited to be here today to chat with you all! Thanks so much for having me here today! <3 This might (or might not) surprise some of you who have met me at signings, but I am an extremely, extremely shy person. Like, I can meet a person three times, eat meals and have detailed conversations with Read More...


Win a copy of KILLER CHARACTERS Take a trip south to Oyster Bay, North Carolina and meet the members of Bayside Book Writers group. When one of their members is suspected of murder it dividese the group and it's up to Olivia to find out the truth before it's too late! Just leave a comment Read More...

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