May 25th, 2024
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"COLD FURY defines the modern romantic thriller."�-�NYT�bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz

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Romance writer and reluctant cop navigate sparks during fateful ride-alongs.

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A child under his protection�and a hit man in pursuit.

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Courtney Kelly sees things others can�t�like fairies, and hidden motives for murder . . .

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Reunited in danger�and bound by desire

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Journey to a city that�s full of quirky, zany superheroes finding love while they battle over-the-top, evil ubervillains bent on world domination.

Joan Thrasher

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Re: Red Pen Redemption (11:31am August 24, 2016):

I could listen to my mother-in-law and my older sister tell stories all day long , but sadly both are gone now . I wish I had 'took notes' from the stories they told . Questions will come-up where I don't know the answer but had my mother-in-law or my sister were still here they could answer the question . Lots of times this has happened and I wish that my memory was as good as theirs had been .I would love to read this book of Helen Bancroft's life , it sounds so much like some of the women that was in my life . They were very strong women ..

Re: Break Every Chain (11:09am August 24, 2016):

I enjoy the blended genres , it makes a more interesting and exciting read . I'd love to read this book " Break Every Chain " . Yes , the Bible has lots of horror stories in it . It is hard to believe that these things happened back years and years ago , but they did . Thanks for this chance to win your book .

Re: Reckless in Texas (9:40am August 19, 2016):

I believe love is ( in most cases )' a give and take ' situation . One may sacrifice more than the other but usually both will sacrifice something . That's what 'true love ' is about . Thanks for this chance to win your book . It sounds like it will be an exciting read .

Re: Every Time with a Highlander (10:44am August 15, 2016):

Just to relax and ' do nothing ' all weekend . maybe have some family and close friends stop by for awhile , no cooking or cleaning for the weekend .

Re: A Promise of Fire (10:34am August 15, 2016):

Many times I have laughed out loud reading a book and looked up to see if anyone is looking at me 'funny' , I also have had to put a book down because I can't see the words for crying so hard . I have to dry my eyes before getting back into the book . I do love these books that gets my emotions woke-up .

Re: Viking Warrior Rising (10:21am August 15, 2016):

Congratulations , I'm sure I would react the same why you did , I get so excited when I go to my mailbox and I get another book to read .

Re: For Love or Money (9:14am August 10, 2016):

All six of my grandchildren bring me joy . All are so different in their own special ways from 21 years to 5 years . I love having a ' special ' day with a one on one taking them shopping an going out to eat at their favorite place . It doesn't take much to see a big smile on their face and the things they can tell you are so amazing . I love each one so very much and can't imagine them not in my life . They are my Life .

Re: Heart Strike (10:45am August 9, 2016):

My weekdays are so busy with going or taking to appointments : dentist , eye doctor , x-rays , exams , or keeping grandchildren . On the weekend I'm ready to 'do nothing'. Just relax and curl up with a good book . That doesn't work on most Sundays since I go to church , then company starts coming in the afternoons . Well , I'm not complaining , thank God I'm able to do all of this and enjoy it also . Thanks for the chance to win your book , it sounds like a very exciting read .

Re: Trouble Walks In (10:29am August 8, 2016):

No beach for me , I'll stay home and read . Right now I'm reading Second Time Around by Valerie Jane Augusti .

Re: May the Best Man Win (9:56am August 5, 2016):

This book sounds like it will be full of excitement to the very end ! I would love to read this book and thanks for the chance to win it .

Re: Gone Too Deep (9:49am August 5, 2016):

Well, I'm in love with George already . He sounds terrific .I would love to learn more about George . I believe I could stay up all night with him . Thanks for this chance to win .

Re: A Scandalous Adventure (11:01am August 4, 2016):

My favorite now on Saturdays is when I take a grandson or granddaughter shopping and out to eat . I love my time with them .

Re: Grilling the Subject (10:04am August 4, 2016):

Love your books and recipes . My favorite is the bundt cakes with the surprise in the middle . The young grandkids always wonder how I put ' stuff ' inside the cake !!!!

Re: His Prairie Sweetheart (10:53am August 1, 2016):

I love the cowboy heroes , and both John Wayne and Clint Eastwood . In my young days it was always John Wayne , then Clint Eastwood showed up . I love both !! Thanks for the chance to win this book .

Re: Unbreakable Hope (9:01am July 30, 2016):

This does sound like a very exciting , wild read !!! It could keep me up all night long . Thanks for this chance to win .

Re: Triple Score (10:14am July 26, 2016):

Sometimes the dialogue is what sells the books , so it has to be good and you want more of what you have already read .

Re: The California Gold Rush Romance Collection (11:16am July 25, 2016):

I can't recall any books that I have read lately with animals , but I do love the cats and dogs . Both are smart animals and will listen to their 'master', and not talk back .LOL Thanks for this giveaway .

Re: Torn (11:06am July 25, 2016):

I have to read all of Sandra Browns' and Nora Roberts' books . They are all very good reads . Thanks for this giveaway .

Re: Racing To You (10:59am July 23, 2016):

Ohoooo . I absolutely love French Vanilla Ice Cream . I crave it , have to have it every night if possible and of course I have to have some chocolate some times also . I'd love to read this book with a big bowl of ice cream to keep me cooled down . Thanks for this giveaway .

Re: Fire Danger (10:27am July 22, 2016):

BOY , does this sound like a ' Hottie '. I would love to win this book . Thanks for the chance .

Re: Heart of Steel (10:20am July 22, 2016):

I would love to read this book ' Heart of Steel ' with Adam and Honeysuckle , it sounds like it will be a page-turning , can't put down till the last page is read then you'll still want more and more of it . So go to sleep and dream on !!! Thanks for this chance to win .

Re: Cowboy Player (11:08am July 19, 2016):

I like my steaks done , no red . Would love to read this hot spicy book . Thanks for this chance to win .

Re: Live and Let Psi (10:44am July 19, 2016):

From the heroes above I'd go with Supergirls . I remember the show " Charlie's Angels " and loved them. I'd love to read this book , it sounds like it will be a page turning don't put down book to the very end . Thanks for this chance to win .

Re: The Reason (10:32am July 19, 2016):

Start talking to them and listen to their story then go from there ,maybe take them to get something to eat , help them any way that I could if they want my help .

Re: Portrait of a Conspiracy (10:20am July 19, 2016):

The pictures of Florence are beautiful , they make me want to go there and see all of the city . Thanks for this chance to win this wonderful book .

Re: In The Line Of Fire (9:49am July 18, 2016):

Now that I'm older and I have ' been there and done that ' my escape now is to stay at home and enjoy the relaxing peace and quite .It is so peaceful sitting outside and watching all the little critters playing and having fun . I can watch a new flower open-up a new bloom ,it's amazing to see the flower spread open its petals . I'm admiring all that's around me and enjoying every bit of it .

Re: Daughters of the Bride (10:23am July 15, 2016):

This book sounds so much like real live up to date problems of the things going on between Moms and Daughters this time of the year . I know what they are going through with planning weddings and so on . I'd love to read this book and thanks for this chance to win .

Re: Rose Bride (10:30am July 13, 2016):

I like a ' brainy man' , at least one that can do all or most of the repairs around the house and one that can do some of the minor repairs on the automobiles . Yes , he must be a little sexy to go with the brains . I certainly would not have a lazy , no good , do nothing couch potato man .

Re: Lark (11:22am July 12, 2016):

I love to ' waste my time ' by sitting outside and watching the birds in the bird-bath with water flying out , the rabbits and the squirrels playing ,sometimes with each other . Time passes so fast when I'm enjoying what surrounds me . Thanks for this chance to win your book .

Re: Billionaire in Wolf's Clothing (10:52am July 9, 2016):

OH , He sounds sooooooooooo exciting and just looking at him . I could look at that guy forever !!! And he's a billionaire !! WOW . I must have this book if I can't have him .

Re: A Gift for Guile (12:26pm July 8, 2016):

Harry Rutledge would be my guy ! He's a fixer-upper and smart . I like a man that can do most of the repairs around the house and knows what you need also , he wants to make me happy .

Re: If the Earl Only Knew (12:07pm July 8, 2016):

I like it when they both are fighting the attraction for each other for a long time and then they are all alone and finally they can't hold back any longer and then the fireworks start going off . I'd love to read this book it sounds like it will be a 'one nighter '. Thanks for this chance to win .

Re: Always My Girl (10:51am July 8, 2016):

Nora Roberts , The Gallaghers . I would love to read or win your book "Love Walks In " . Thanks for this chance to win .

Re: The Courtship Basket (11:01am July 6, 2016):

Yes , we are a match . I love the Amish stories and I'd love to read "The Courtship Basket ". Thanks for this chance to win .

Re: The Sea Keeper's Daughters (10:38am July 4, 2016):

You can learn so much from grandparents and uncles an aunts when they all get together . They love to tell stories and ' tall tales ' . The hardships that some conquer are amazing and the mistakes that are made by these ancestors and how they ' learned from the mistakes' are something we should listen to . I always loved to listen to this group of older people and now I love it when all of ' my group ' of older brothers and sisters get together and start telling stories and their own hardships that they have had . We all need to listen and learn from our elders and friends and families . I hope to read your book soon and thanks for this chance to win .

Re: Almost Like Being in Love (9:44am July 2, 2016):

The most romantic locations can be anywhere and unexpected , like some one you've known all your life but never thought about in the romantic way . Unexpected is the most romantic .

Re: Soul's Prisoner (10:45am June 25, 2016):

I absolutely love suspense stories , they keep my heart beating ( fast ) ,keep me breathless and on the edge all through the book . My very favorite , I like a good romance within the book also . I " get into " the book so much that I'm usually one of the characters .This book sounds like a great thriller , my heart started racing as I was reading about it . Can hardly wait to read it . Thanks for this chance to win the book . OH , yes , I have several favorite authors of thrillers and suspense , now I add you to the list also.

Re: Title Wave (10:29am June 23, 2016):

Loved this interview ! My favorite books are mysteries and good thrillers with " who did it's " . Thanks for this chance to win this book .

Re: Kill Devil (11:10am June 21, 2016):

Well , I will certainly have to read this book . This sounds like it could keep me up all night and when I am through reading I want be able to go to sleep for thinking about all this . I do love books like this !!! Thanks for this chance to win this .

Re: The Secret Life of a Dream Girl (10:46am June 20, 2016):

" I Saw Her Standing There " and " I Want To Hold Your Hand " are my favorites but I really love most of them . I have most of their old albums . Thanks for this chance to win your book .

Re: Driven to Temptation (10:36am June 18, 2016):

My favorite indulgences are ice cream and playing games and entering sweepstakes on the computer . I could do that all day . But when my grandkids are here , all of the above will be put on HOLD ..Thanks for this chance to win your book .

Re: Fan The Flames (11:38am June 17, 2016):

Sit and rest for just a minute
Play a game on the internet to relax
Look at my e-mail for a second
Go see the grandkids ( a must )
I'll do it later
I really don't worry about the house any more since I'm here all day . The dust is not going anywhere , it will stay until I get ready to get rid of it !!

Re: The Diva Serves High Tea (10:57am June 14, 2016):

I love the tea cakes or cookies with lots of powdered sugar on top . The recipe looks and sounds delicious . Thanks for this chance to win this book , love the cover also .

Re: Jordan's Return (4:47pm June 12, 2016):

To a city during Christmas Season so I can see all the decorations , lights and hear the Christmas music and shop and shop till I drop !!! I love Christmas and putting up all the decorations and lights . I wish we could keep lights up all year .

Re: To Love A Wolf (4:35pm June 12, 2016):

I very seldom go see a movie , I'd much rather read a great book staying home . The last time I went to a movie ( several years ago ) I froze ( in July it was so cold inside the theater ) and the sound was so loud . SOOOOO give me a good book to read and enjoy in the comfort of my home . Thanks for the chance to win this book , it sounds like it will be a thriller page turning book .

Re: The Bones Will Speak (5:27pm June 10, 2016):

This sounds like a chilling thriller to me . My favorite kind of book , one that keeps me up all night turning pages . Thanks for this chance to win your book , and congratulations on it . Hope you write many more !!!

Re: Vendetta (2:43pm June 10, 2016):

I love these books that are full of action and this one sounds like it will be a page turning not to be put down book . My heart is racing right now thinking about this story and how Nikki Boyd is thinking of her sister . Thanks for this chance to win this great giveaway .

Re: Into the Whirlwind (1:31pm June 9, 2016):

I love your books ! They are always sooo exciting and a constant page turning . Keeping my fingers crossed for this one . Thanks for the chance to win .

Re: Rock Steady (1:26pm June 9, 2016):

Would love to read this book . I'm keeping my fingers crossed . Thanks for this chance to win .

Re: Irish Stewed (11:12am June 8, 2016):

Great interview and sounds like great books , I'd love to read these books and more of your books , they seem to be very interesting with food , murders , animals and people . What more would a person want ? Thanks for this giveaway and I am keeping my fingers crossed .

Re: Sisters of Lazarus (10:45am June 8, 2016):

Other Christians inspire me with their kindness and actions
toward others . I hope that one day I will inspire some , like my family and grandchildren . Hopefully I inspire them some now , they give me inspiration every day . I love my grandchildren so much and want to live long enough to see them all grow up and live a Christian life. I would love to read your book of Mary and Martha . Thanks for this giveaway .

Re: The Firefighter's Refrain (9:34am June 4, 2016):

Well , a girl can dream , can't she ? I do ,and Sam would be the one . He sounds yummy to me and I believe he would treat me like I want to be treated . Give me a good book and I get into it that I am the character and that is my life at the time . So , I have many hero's in my life . I would love to read this book , firefighters are very interesting . Thanks for this giveaway .

Re: Devil and the Deep (8:01pm June 2, 2016):

Well , I would love to continue reading about Bran and Maddy , so sure hope I win one of the books . They sound like a very interesting couple . Thanks for this chance .

Re: Ring of Fire (7:49pm June 2, 2016):

I loved Johnny Cash and all his songs . I'd also love to read this book . Thank you for this chance to win .

Re: Sexiest Couple Alive (4:55pm May 31, 2016):

OK ,It's very hard to choose . How about : Brad Pitt ,Chris Evans , Don Johnson ,Ryan Gosling & Robert Downey .

Re: Into the Whirlwind (11:23am May 30, 2016):

So much action , going around an around and getting nowhere it seems with all the difficulties and roadblocks they have to come up against . If they can endure all the hardships then hopefully they will have the HEA . Got to read this book !!!

Re: An Enchanted Spring (10:11am May 30, 2016):

I love all the time travel books ,they take me to other places to see what it was like back then . I have read some books that took me ahead in time and they are scary. If I had a choice to go ahead or back I would most certainly go back in time somewhere in the 1800's .

Re: Tommaso (11:12am May 27, 2016):

This book sounds HOT HOT HOT ,did I say HOT ? I don't know if I'll be able to read such a HOT book , but I'll try !

Re: A Twist of Faith (9:42am May 25, 2016):

I daydream that my sisters kids and grandkids would get along and stop fighting with each other and learn to love . Some people just seem to walk around with a chip on their shoulder all the time . I'd love to win this book , thanks for this chance .

Re: Grace Triumphant (8:31am May 17, 2016):

I'd love to read this book . I believe we all need to put God into our lives a lot more than we do . He has gotten me through some hard times and protected me at times . I know He watches over me .

Re: Seducing the Fireman (9:47am May 15, 2016):

They risk their life for us when they go fight a fire . They aren't thinking about them but saving someone else .

Re: Mister O (9:40am May 15, 2016):

I love romantic comedies and they don't have to have a lot of sex details in them . Some books have too much sex details and cursing in them for me . I will read them but sorta hate to pass them on to my friends to read .

Re: Outlaw Cowboy (10:09am May 14, 2016):

I love a good romance with cowboys , ranchers and the historical romances without all the details of their sex lives , some of the books have too much details to suit me .

Re: Murder at Lambswool Farm (9:57am May 14, 2016):

My biggest fear is cancer . I have watched several relatives , and close friends pass away with this and right now my oldest sister is in the hospital under Hospice Care which I have been seeing everyday and will to her last day .

Re: The Seduction of Kinley Foster (9:50am May 14, 2016):

My guilty pleasures wound be buying something for me that I don't need , like clothes , shoes , purses and jewelry . I love to shop .

Re: Flash of Fire (9:42am May 14, 2016):

Well , I have several ' True Loves ' I guess . I love to dance . I'm 70 years young and dance at least three times a week with a group of ladies around my age that go to Nursing Homes and all different kinds of events in our area and entertain for them . We are real cheap ( free ) so we get calls for lots of events . We line dance and all seem to enjoy and some will join in with us . We have lots of fun wherever we are . I love to read and enjoy life . I wound love to read this book and thanks for this chance to win .

Re: Lovegame (8:41am May 12, 2016):

Would love to read this book . Thanks for the chance to win .

Re: Broken Ground (10:21am May 10, 2016):

Well..... I would love to read this book . This world is in such a mess now and seems like it also was back years ago . What is it going to be like years from now ? So sad yet so great . Thanks for the chance to win your book .

Re: Murder in Morningside Heights (9:37am May 9, 2016):

My days are always busy . I have three line dance classes a week , plus we go to different nursing homes around the area and entertain for them and also to organizations and events close by . When not doing that I'm working in my yard or cleaning house or taking my older sister to her doctor appointments . I pick up grandkids at school sometimes and lots of other things including the church activities. I am so busy I never get bored .Since I'm retired and 70 years 'young' there is not enough hours in the day for me to do all that I want to do that day . I love it!!

Re: True Born (11:15am May 6, 2016):

I would prefer my Guardian Angel , that's always with me .

Re: Close To You (10:34am May 4, 2016):

That boy is certainly a cracker-jack.

Re: I Dream of Dragons (11:14am April 23, 2016):

In the year of January 2000 ,we had a terrible ice storm here . We stayed home the first night and I froze so that was it for me. We went to a daughters house were she had the gas cook-stove and gas fireplace .We stayed till we could find a generator to buy . It was so nice to be back home and get our house warm again . Now we have the generator and I also have the battery candles throughout the house . That will do until the electricity comes back on .The lights are dimmer with the generator but so thankful that we have it . My husband watches a small TV and I do a lot of reading . I hope to read your book soon . Thanks for the chance to win it .

Re: Hold Your Breath (10:29am April 21, 2016):

I'm a BIG coffee drinker . I can drink coffee all day and at night till I go to bed and it doesn't bother me . The coffee pot is always on at my house . I would love to win this book , thanks for the chance .

Re: Love Walks In (4:01pm April 17, 2016):

No dare devil here either , I keep my two feet on the ground. I get on a step-stool and I get dizzy . I like to read my books and do whatever around the house .

Re: Tide And Tempest (10:32am April 2, 2016):

I've always wanted to go across all the border states .I'd love to take a month or however long it wound take and drive taking my time and seeing all I can in each state . Just to get in my car and take off on the cruise around the great USA .

Re: The House by the Lake (11:09am April 1, 2016):

I would love to read this book .I love mysteries and thrillers . I don't know of any mystery that I could solve , but I do know that I must read this book . Thanks for this chance to win your book .

Re: Wanting More (10:44am April 1, 2016):

Do exactly what you want to do on your birthday . Life is way to short , believe me . I'm 70 years old now and can't believe it . I don't look it and I don't feel it . I have more years behind me than ahead of me now . I do what I want to do most of the time . All the house work can wait , it's not going anywhere . Enjoy your children , family every day .Laugh don't cry . Enjoy ,enjoy your life to the fullest . And A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!!!

Re: Bride of a Distant Isle (3:45pm March 27, 2016):

When I think of gothic I also think of vampires , witches , the walking dead and ghosts, and then that goes on to Halloween . I have dressed up as all of these before on Halloween . That was a lot of fun then . I do see some , mostly female that are gothic during ordinary days and it makes you think that they are wanting to stand out in the crowd and be seen . Maybe they are trying to be in their own little world . That's what makes this planet so interesting . All the " crazy people ". I would love to read this book , I love thrillers and mysteries .

Re: The Infamous Heir (10:42am March 25, 2016):

In my younger days I was a people pleaser but as I got older I started pleasing myself instead of others . I have more years behind me than ahead of me now , so it's for me now .LOL I love all books ,I'll read any book that's in my hand .

Re: Cowboy Resurrection (2:41pm March 23, 2016):

I was raised country but give me the city lights and stores please .

Re: Best Friends with Benefits (2:29pm March 23, 2016):

I went to one class reunion and will never go to another . The ones that I was curious about that lives out of town were all big time snobs and still are . The ones that still live in our small town are the only ones that are nice and friendly . Soooo will never go again . The ones I care about are right here in this town with me .

Re: Romancing the Ranger (2:06pm March 23, 2016):

When cleaning the house , I get so much more done and faster also with music playing , and when exercising I must have the music playing .

Re: The Real Thing (1:54pm March 23, 2016):

My husband is my hero . He has put up with so much from me as I have put up with lots from him . We grew up together you might say and now we have two daughters and have six beautiful and talented grandchildren with 49 years behind us .

Re: Triumph of Chaos (12:06pm March 15, 2016):

I sorta like it when a series has ended , it's like when a job is done ,now you can go to the next . I don't have an e-reader so don't want an e-book .

Re: Shadowed By Grace (11:20am March 11, 2016):

I don't have an e-reader , I prefer books and I cherish all my books . I treat them with tender love and care .I tell my grandchildren to always use a bookmark and never turn the corner of a page down . I love love love my books .

Re: Island Hope (1:46pm March 6, 2016):

The heroes in real life that are always doing for others and never think of themselves or want praise for what they do .Sometimes it's small things like holding a door open for the elders , see someone trying to pick up a case of bottled water to put in their shopping cart ( you help them ) , it's the little things that are so meaning to older people .

Re: London Tides (1:33pm March 6, 2016):

I hope for a sweet romance without a lot of the details ( leave some for readers imagination ). I want to be so involved with the story that I don't want to put the book down . I like it to start with a thriller or mystery then always end with the HEA.

Re: A Father's Second Chance (11:50am March 5, 2016):

Yes , I have read sweet romance books and I do prefer those books to the ones with the ' hot hot sex '. Some books I won't finish reading because of the words in them . I do love the good clean books the best . Just like a real good movie is ruined by some bad language that could have been left out .

Re: Ashes in the Sky (11:36am March 5, 2016):

A true hero is one that doesn't ever think about what he is doing , like running into a burning building to pull another life out when you haven't considered you could lose your life . True heroes are the solders , the policemen, all the people that puts their own life in danger so it will be safe for us .

Re: Her Fierce Warror (11:21am March 5, 2016):

Celebrating a very special occasion in my honor would have to be at my house with all my family and close friends with lots and lots of food for everyone .

Re: My Tempting Highlander (10:59am March 5, 2016):

I would go back to the wild wild west . I can see me working in a saloon . Remember Miss Kitty in Gun Smoke ? That would be me .LOL

Re: Jump Cut (11:04am March 3, 2016):

This sounds like a book full of action and mystery . What the person does and what is said about the people in a book goes into my imagination and I can see them and know what they look like .Sometimes I get so into the book that I am one of the characters .What the author tells is what goes into our minds .I hope to read this book soon . Thanks for this chance to win .

Re: His to Keep (12:31pm March 2, 2016):

I went to Vegas years ago and loved every minute I was there .I loved the lights ,the people ,the noise , everything about it . I was so amazed with it all . It was the first time I had ever gambled and I loved that too. I haven't been back but I would if someone said "lets go ". I could sit all day long at a slot machine . Probably why my husband won't say " lets go " . LOL Love it .

Re: MacLaren's Bride (12:22pm March 2, 2016):

This sounds like it will be a great read . I love the Highlanders stories and Meg sounds like she is a very head-strong determined young lady . This has to be an interesting story .Thanks for this chance to win .

Re: One Texas Cowboy Too Many (10:57am March 2, 2016):

Oh Lord I laughed so hard just reading the teaser . I have never ever read anything like this before . I can only imagine what the book will have in it . This is certainly a must read . I know when I was a kid , teenagers , I lived out in the country in a small community and one Halloween night I was with the group of boys that turned over a couple of outhouses . That was bad but to blow up a septic tank !! Oh boy ,I'm still laughing . Love this !! Thanks for giving me the laugh of the day . No one could beat this .

Re: Thirty Nights (11:37am February 29, 2016):

Do we need more like Aiden ? What a great read this will be . Thanks for this giveaway and chance to win this book .

Re: An Amish Market (1:14pm February 28, 2016):

I haven't been to any of the markets or auctions to raise money for different causes except for pie auctions at my church . The ladies bake pies ,cakes , cookies or cobblers and they are auctioned off with proceeds going to our new church that we are trying to get paid off . I love stories of the Amish people and enjoy reading all that I get my hands on . They are fascinating people and very strong in their beliefs .

Re: An Amish Market (11:59am February 28, 2016):

All the commenters above have said what true love is including yourself . I can't say or add anymore than what has already been said . I do believe we all have some wonderful husbands including my own . He is taking care of me right now . I just got home Friday from having gall bladder surgery , and he has been right here to help with all my needs . Kelly , you will be in my prayers . May God Bless You .

Re: Highland Spitfire (1:27pm February 27, 2016):

I love the Highland stories and always love it when the two that have hated each others families for years ,then they are pushed together and suddenly realize that the hate has turned to a mad passionate love for each other . That makes for a very good romantic story that I can get into .I'd love to read this book and thank you for this chance to win .

Re: True Blue Seals: Zak (10:32am February 24, 2016):

No , I don't believe a Seal will ever be on vacation . "Once a Seal always a Seal" .

Re: An Amish Market (11:35am February 23, 2016):

I would love to read this book . I love mysteries and love reading about the Amish people .

Re: The End of the World (11:32am February 23, 2016):

I've had several dreams of this same cottage .It's a small white house with a white fence leading up to it on this winding narrow road . It's a beautiful place with big trees and flowers all around it hidden out in the country somewhere . It's so peaceful there . If I ever find this place it will be hard to leave it . I know it's trying to tell me something .

Re: To the Stars (11:20am February 23, 2016):

It takes both to work at a relationship to make it work . None of us are perfect and sometimes we tend to give up what we really want without a fight . You have to work for what you want , love , money ,a nice house or a new car , you've got to work to get it . If it's an abusive life or whatever ,if you do nothing about it you get nothing in return . I'd love to read this book . Thanks for this chance to win .

Re: Chicken Soup & Homicide (10:37am February 23, 2016):

I'm a very picky eater ,I want try anything different and I don't eat meat very often . My favorite foods are vegetables. I can do without bread unless it's a sandwich ,but a must is cornbread with a pot of " good ole beans ". A pot of potato soup is the best medicine for me when I'm feeling at my worst . I would love to read this book . Thanks for this giveaway .

Re: To Catch a Rake (12:26pm February 19, 2016):

He's a bad boy until he discovers the woman of his dreams then he does whatever it takes to get her.

Re: The Bride Wore Starlight (11:41am February 18, 2016):

I would love to read this book . Sometimes it takes anger or other different feelings to make us get up and be determined to " show you " I can do it . It's certainly not good to have the feeling of " feel sorry for me ". In this book you have made Joely live again . I'm looking forward to reading this book . Thanks for this chance to win .

Re: Always Watching (5:45pm February 14, 2016):

Lots of my fav things are line dancing with my group of ladies where we go to nursing homes and different clubs and organizations and events to preform . Then I love to get in bed and read at night . I play games on the computer and I can shop and look all day with a friend in the mall .

Re: The Cowboy's Bride Collection (11:55am February 13, 2016):

My dad was my hero .He was a very good man always had time to listen to you and would tell you he loved you . He helped everyone in our community when and if they needed help . He could fix or make whatever needed to be done . He was the one that kept our family together . When he died in 1970 our family fell apart and it never got back to what it should have been . It's so sad for families to let this happen but there seems to be one child that wants all and thanks he is the only deserving one .I would love to win this collection and I thank you for this chance .

Re: Forever Dusk (11:38am February 13, 2016):

Silent, they never know what's going on inside your mind . They will fear you ( maybe ) .

Re: How To Wrangle A Cowboy (7:50pm February 11, 2016):

My grandfather was a young preacher and so my grandmother went to his church and fell in love with him , they got married and had a son and a daughter ( my mother ). Grandfather died at an early age when I was a baby so I've just heard these stories about him .I'd love to win your book. Thanks for this chance .

Re: Into the Fury (7:34pm February 11, 2016):

The "Sound of Music" . I have watched it over and over . Love it .

Re: Thin Ice (2:20pm February 8, 2016):

I love dancing , reading good books , entering sweepstakes and being with my daughters and grandchildren . No, my significant other doesn't share the same things .

Re: For Cheddar or Worse (2:05pm February 8, 2016):

I went on vacation to a girlfriends house in Baltimore, MD . and she and her husband have a houseboat and took me everywhere you could go by boat . It was so exciting and saw so much history . The most exciting was going to Annapolis and walking in the town and reading all the history that is there .Thanks for this chance to win this beautiful cheese set ,love the little mice .

Re: A Father's Second Chance (11:40am February 5, 2016):

I'm passionate about my family but mostly my grandchildren .LOVE LOVE LOVE them . I spoil them so much. Isn't that what I'm supposed to do ??? Give them whatever they need . Three are in college and three still in school .

Re: SEAL Wolf in Too Deep (11:21am February 5, 2016):

I would use the medicated dart also , that seems like the best way without doing any harm .

Re: Love Walks In (6:42pm February 4, 2016):

I think it is some but not all of stolen money that her ex-boyfriend stole and she needed some money to get away from her mean , ex-friend for good .

Re: By Break of Day (12:52pm February 2, 2016):

When I read a book that's a stand-alone , most of the time I want it to go on and on . I want more of it , so that is why I like the series , we can keep reading the rest of the stories about the people we have grown to love and care about.

Re: Will's True Wish (11:26am February 2, 2016):

They can keep strangers away from your house and they are so happy to see you when you get home . Their tails are almost wagging off !! Love to win these books . Thanks for the chance .

Re: Hannah's Choice (10:47am January 28, 2016):

I have never been around any of the Amish or Mennonites , only read about them in books . I think they are amazing people . They do without a lot of things that I couldn't , all the modern things we use everyday they've never had and don't want .They truly amaze me with their talents and their faith. I would love to read this book , thanks for the chance to win .

Re: Remaking Ryan (2:49pm January 22, 2016):

My worst trip was about thirty years or more ago with my husband and two young daughters . We were about 3 hours away from home so decided to drive on . This was in the middle of the night ,so we got the map out to see if there were short cuts we could take . We ended up getting on a dirt road upon top of this big mountain ,we could see car lights down below and then I looked at the gas gage which was nearly empty and freaked out . We were away from civilization , nothing no where .My husband kept saying we would make it to this town before we ran out of gas , then I started thinking the stations would all be closed in the middle of the night . Long story short.. we made it down to the town and got gas in the car to make it on home which I was so thankful for . I vowed then that I would never let my car get low on gas or take a road that I didn't know anything about . When my car gets on half a tank I go ahead and fill it up . That trip was a nightmare to me , I'm one that always thinks the worst .

Re: Montana Wild (7:22pm January 21, 2016):

It would take a lot for me to move from my hometown , it's a small country town that I was raised-up in . Everyone knows you and you know them . You feel safe and if you need help with something all you have to do is ask . In a city I would not feel safe nor would I know my neighbors like I do here . Thanks for this chance to win .

Re: Heir To The Duke (6:56pm January 21, 2016):

I can't think of a prank that was played on me nor can I think of one that I invented . This book is a must read , it sounds so exciting and fun . Several weeks ago I read your book " The Bargain " and it was a very good read with the three brothers . This one sounds like another all-nighter . Thanks for this chance to win . Love your books .

Re: Enchantment of a Highlander (6:32pm January 21, 2016):

I'm working to be a better person and to get organized by getting rid of clutter in my house . That will be a big job for this new year . I would love to read this book . Thanks for this chance to win .

Re: Taken by the Highlander (8:50pm January 1, 2016):

Our partying days are over now , we just don't have the desire to go out anymore ,much rather stay home and go to bed . Guess that means we are getting older . LOL Usually we do sat up and watch the ball drop on T.V . Thanks for this giveaway . HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL.

Re: Justified (10:13pm December 22, 2015):

I make homemade cookies from scratch also , but I'll get all my dough made up a day or two before I start baking . I put it in the freezer until I start baking .If I want to bake a dozen of this kind or a dozen of that, the dough will keep good for several days . Everyone has a different favorite so it really helps to get the dough fixed up ahead of time to do the baking .

Re: Divorced, Desperate, and Daring (8:02pm December 22, 2015):

The can of wasp spray is best for me . It will spray at least 10 feet so you don't have to get very close to your victim . You can spray and run.

Re: The Royal Conquest (9:56pm December 13, 2015):

yes , I do believe you can fall in love with someone at first sight or in a few days of getting to know someone .Thanks for this giveaway and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year .

Re: Carry Me Home (10:03am December 12, 2015):

I have not been to Australia but would love to go some time . My friend and her husband went and met this couple and they were invited to their home . So the next year the Aussie couple came to the U.S.A. to visit. I was fortunate to meet them and I fixed dinner one evening for all. I did enjoy them so much , could listen to them talk all night . So , I don't have an Aussie hero but, I do love them.

Re: Somewhere in Time (3:41pm December 6, 2015):

Well , what a decision Addie will have to make . I'm certainly glad I don't have to make one like that ,and hope I never will . It will be very interesting to read this book. Thank you for this giveaway.

Re: In The Company Of Wolves (12:58pm December 4, 2015):

Listen and watch from the older and wiser and learn from mistakes that he makes .

Re: One Rogue at a Time (12:52pm December 4, 2015):

Yes , D , of course, they didn't have marriage certificates then .Love your books Jade and have read many of them .

Re: Rebel Bride (12:38pm December 4, 2015):

Would love to read this book . I certainly wouldn't mind being in the forest with Hugh . Thanks for this giveaway.

Re: How To Seduce A Scot (12:33pm December 4, 2015):

I can't name a favorite , any would do . I'm not hard to please . Thanks for this giveaway .

Re: In Search of Scandal (11:24am December 2, 2015):

My hero would be a man that would go through hell and high waters ( if need be ) to protect me or his children and treat me like a woman . You know , like a foot massage ever once in awhile . That would be wonderful !!! Of course I suppose the little wife could do the same for her man . I wouldn't like a hero that bragged ,unless it was about his wife LOL

Re: Here Today, Gone Tamale (5:47pm November 30, 2015):

The Tamalada sounds like when my granddaughters and I get together and make our Christmas cookies and candy . We have a lot of fun every year doing this together and get a few hugs in also . I hope to read this book soon , it sounds like a really fun one.

Re: Target Engaged (5:27pm November 30, 2015):

I have danced through lots of books from beginning to end and some I kept reading hoping they would eventually get better and which some did not .I love to dance and hate it when the music stops.

Re: Crazy Little Thing Called Love (1:54pm November 28, 2015):

My cousins' Corn Salad . She has told me how but when I make it , it is nothing like hers . So when we have lunch together she brings the corn salad .

Re: The Thorn Bearer (1:45pm November 28, 2015):

I seldom get to yard sales or thrift stores but when I do I head to the books first . I love books , that's how I learn and get to see the world and be in another world . I usually put myself into the books I read .

Re: With Every Breath (10:45am November 26, 2015):

I had always wanted to go to Hawaii, BUT NOW I am content with staying home . I fear getting on a plane or a cruise ship . Yes , I'm a chicken . LOL !!! That's okay with me . Happy TURKEY DAY everyone . Gobble Gobble

Re: Katie in Waiting (7:10pm November 23, 2015):

I just drop mine by tablespoon , bake and eat . YUM YUM

Re: What Lies Behind (7:06pm November 23, 2015):

I have discovered Sandra Brown ,James Patterson ,Nora Roberts , Danielle Steel and all the great authors that are on Fresh Fiction . Too many to mention . Thanks for this giveaway and I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving .

Re: Lucky Shot (6:53pm November 23, 2015):

I keep enough of the leftovers for my husband and me for one more meal the next day , then that's all I want of it . The rest goes home with the kids .

Re: Soul's Prisoner (6:44pm November 23, 2015):

We always have a turkey , ham , sweet potato casserole , green bean casserole ,hash brown potato casserole , corn on the cob, all kinds of pies, dinner rolls ,sweet tea , coffee , you name it ,we'll probably have it on the table or setting on the cabinet . We always have plenty for everyone to take home and eat for the rest of the week . LoL Thanks for this giveaway , I'd love to read this book . Certainly hope ALL have a wonderful Thanksgiving .

Re: Once Upon a Power Play (9:21am November 18, 2015):

I can read a good romance book about any sports guy but I really like the rough tough COWBOYS and RANCHERS !!!!

Re: Easton's Everything (9:13am November 18, 2015):

I like the standalone books better . If I'm reading a series I can't always get the next book or read them out of order then I get bored with them . Thanks for this giveaway , I'll keep my fingers crossed .

Re: Murder Under the Mistletoe (2:04pm November 17, 2015):

Going to a casino puts me in another world , I forget about what is going on ,on the outside. Dancing is another stress release for me .

Re: Dark Turns (11:15am November 17, 2015):

OH, Your book sounds like a really GOOOOOD read .

Re: Dark Turns (11:13am November 17, 2015):

Yes , I push myself out of my comfort zone lots of times and days , just by going places and being around some people that I had rather not be around . I have also learned that once I push myself to go , that I enjoyed myself and was glad I went and made some new friends . So I do push myself a lot at different things.

Re: The Courtship of Utopia Miner (10:20pm November 14, 2015):

I love the Mystery , detectives, western , Regency , whatever and all genres I guess . I love and appreciate all my books . So all are my favorite .. I would dearly love to read this book , I must read it . Thank you for this chance to win .

Re: A Gentleman for All Seasons (5:15pm November 11, 2015):

I love everything about the Regency romances . Their homes ( I picture plantations ), the way they traveled then , the way they dressed , the Balls they had ,I can picture myself dancing in one of the beautiful gowns they wore with a tall , dark and handsome Duke . Love them .

Re: Hidden Impact (11:32am November 6, 2015):

My mothers homemade vegetable soup and homemade yeast doughnuts. Oh so yummy !!!

Re: Dangerous Tidings (11:27am November 6, 2015):

I love the Christmas lights... I decorate my house inside and out every year . I wish I could leave the lights up and on all year . I love to go to the Malls and stores and even drive by other houses that are all decked out in lights . Love the lights and Christmas .

Re: When Fall Fades (11:17am November 6, 2015):

I always thought something was wrong with me for I always think the worst when someone is late . My mind keeps spinning until I see my kids are whoever is late . I'm certainly glad to know I'm not alone now . Good Luck to all .

Re: Blowback (2:20pm November 5, 2015):

I'd like to here about or read about the real life of all the "Big People" that make all the "Rules and Laws" that the rest of the world have to live by and they don't apply to the ones that make them . Enough said ??????

Re: Stop at Nothing (11:00am November 4, 2015):

Yes , I love second chances , most times they are the best . In real life they are even better , no matter what we are doing or what is taking place , sometimes we all need that chance to do over .

Re: Recipes For Love And Murder (10:53am November 4, 2015):

I really don't have a favorite , I love most foods . My grandkids love my homemade chili and my vegetable soup . They will ask me to please make it for them . I don't have a recipe , I just start out putting things in a big pot . I have had to change pots and get even bigger . Ha I love the winter months for cooking and always have something warm or hot to eat .

Re: Viking Warrior Rising (10:33am November 4, 2015):

I have read some books of the Vikings and found them to be very fascinating , and would enjoy reading more about them . Thank you for this chance to win this book .

Re: Forever And Always (9:55am November 4, 2015):

This book sounds sooooo exciting !!! Can hardly wait to read it . I'm sure the Cactus Creek Cowboys trilogy will all be GREAT reads . I love the Cowboys !! Congrats on this first book . I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this book .

Re: Promise to Keep (4:58pm October 23, 2015):

I love to read about the Amish . Their lifestyle is so different than mine . I admire them so much for the way they live , I don't believe I could live the life they do . I have such an easy life , with all the luxuries that we have and they live a happy life without all the luxuries . It is so fascinating to read about their life , faith and cultures . I will always read a book on the Amish .

Re: Illusion (4:27pm October 23, 2015):

I haven't seen a ghost but I have felt their sprits and know someone is with me .Things have happened at unexpected places and times that makes me believe this .I usually know who it is because of the situation and what has just happened . I will then tell them thanks for being with me and that I miss them much . I haven't told anyone about this except for an older sister that has experienced the same as me . It is a very strange feeling .

Re: Duke of Scandal (9:41pm October 22, 2015):

I like the bad boys for a certain amount of time , then when necessary they need to turn to good boys . OR Visa VERSA .

Re: The Girl in the River (9:34pm October 22, 2015):

No , I have not been even close to the river Thames. I have not been out of the country and don't want to . When I was a child we had a small river to cross to get to town and it scared me to death to go across on this old wooden bridge . I was always afraid the bridge would fall in when we drove up on it , and the water was always so dark and scary . After I grew up I was still very afraid to go over the bridge , and finally they condemned the bridge .

Re: Welcome to Hickville High (11:28am October 17, 2015):

Yes, I've been to Texas several times . I would say Dallas / Fort Worth would be my favorite. I haven't been to San Antonio but sure hope to go sometime .

Re: Dragon Coast (12:29pm October 15, 2015):

This book sounds very ,very exciting and I'd love to read it but , I still don't think I'd like to be a Dragon .

Re: First Time With A Highlander (12:20pm October 15, 2015):

No, I have not been to a book release party. I live too far away to attend an event . I'm sure they are loads of fun though . Hope to read this book soon .

Re: The Survivors (12:11pm October 13, 2015):

WOW ! Yes , he could be a hero in this story . This sounds like it will be a THRILLER for sure and an all night read . There's no telling what Cal and Scottie will dig up . This is certainly my kind of read . Thanks for this chance to win .

Re: Keeping Christmas (8:37pm October 11, 2015):

I read all kinds of books ,fiction ,non-fiction ,whatever . Give me a book and I will read it . If it is not a " good " book ,I usually keep reading it ,in hopes that it will get better .

Re: Wild Sky (8:27pm October 11, 2015):

My awesome is all kinds of people , I can talk to a complete stranger like I have known them for years and I love to "people watch" . Let me go to the Mall , get a cup of coffee and sat and watch the people all day long .

Re: Mystery Rider (9:02am October 11, 2015):

To see how some people live . My husband was pumping gas in our truck one night , I was sitting in the truck and a young girl came walking up to the store front and started picking up cigarette buttes . My first thought was she was working at the store , but then she got a handful and turned and went back the way she had came to the store . I was in AWE that this young girl was doing this .I wanted to cry . This happened several months ago and I can still see her so plainly .It's so sad , and this was in my hometown .

Re: A Silver Wolf Christmas (10:51pm October 9, 2015):

Like most of the others, I'd give him the most and all I could give . I'd love to read this book of yours , it sounds like it will be a very good one .

Re: This Love of Mine (6:33pm October 7, 2015):

Yes a long time ago and it was over and done in a week . So glad it was just a week .

Re: Dark Before the Rising Sun (6:24pm October 7, 2015):

I honestly cannot recall reading any of your books , but I can say I'm sure I will be reading them soon . Just this year I started reading again in my 'quite time', that is right before I go to bed and I'm certainly enjoying it once again . Very soon your book will be in my hands .Thanks for this giveaway .

Re: Thunder On The Plains (6:08pm October 7, 2015):

You've got to have confidence in yourself to be able to do things or work everyday .It's like saying ' I can't ' can't never can do anything . Have confidence and at least try .Believe that all things can happen , be positive . You can do it .

Re: First Season / Bride to Be (5:51pm October 7, 2015):

Yes , probably so . It is amazing what children can do when they are wanting something , like a home with a Mom and a Dad. Children may know more than we give them credit for .I hope to read this book soon , it sounds like a very exciting story .Thanks for this chance to win .

Re: A Cowboy Firefighter For Christmas (3:32pm October 7, 2015):

I love old antique things and old houses and barns .Love to walk into an old house or barn and look around at everything and just wonder who lived here and what their life was like .

Re: A Different Side (10:22am October 6, 2015):

This sounds like it could get very HOT . Thanks for this chance to win this HOT book .

Re: Eye of the Ninja (10:14am October 2, 2015):

Sometimes I love to be around people and sometimes I don't . At times I just want to be alone . I guess it all depends on my mood and how the day started out .

Re: Minotaur (10:06am October 2, 2015):

I've got to be or get in ' The Mood ' most of the time .

Re: Love Somebody Like You (7:51pm September 30, 2015):

Susan , What about the " GOOD TIMES " by Alan Jackson ? That's one of my favorites to line dance to and every one has a " GOOD TIME " . Thanks for this giveaway .

Re: Love Somebody Like You (10:29am September 30, 2015):

I love Country music ,that's all I know . I Line Dance with a group of women (60 years plus ). We started doing this for exercise about twelve years ago and now we are going to Nursing Homes and different events and dancing to entertain them .We don't charge but do take donations if they offer , for we buy our shirts with our names on them and other things .One year we won the ' Group Volunteers of the Year ' for our State of Arkansas . We have been many places and enjoy all of it . We now know over 70 different line dances . We have been to church events , Fairs ,Pageants ,Grand Openings , you name it .Some can't believe that " we old ladies " can still move !! So , yes I am very much Country Music . I practice one day a week and usually go somewhere one day a week . We stay busy . I could go on and on , but I will stop here . LOVE MY COUNTRY MUSIC ....

Re: Smart, But Dead (11:18am September 29, 2015):

All my friends say I'm weird because I like to iron my clothes. They say no one irons these days except me . It's no different (to me ) than getting all the weeds and grass out of your flower beds .What really bugs me ,and I mean really bugs me is for my husband or children to leave the cabinet doors or drawers open in my kitchen . That drives me CRAZY . Well , enough , now you see how weird I am .LOL

Re: Flames (4:09pm September 27, 2015):

Family ,friends , and everything helps to fuel my growth . We grow and learn everyday by doing things and being around people are reading a book .I have realized that I have to forgive also . That is the biggest and maybe the hardest I have ever done . But once I did forgive I felt so, so, much better .Some prayers in there helped me also , sometimes we need a little extra help .

Re: Sway (9:22am September 26, 2015):

I have read some of the New Adult but really I prefer some romance with a good mystery , murder ,edge of your seat book .Your book sounds like it will be an exciting read , maybe it's an 'edge of your seat' book. Thanks for this giveaway.

Re: Sing for Me (9:00am September 20, 2015):

Yes, I too have a story that could be a book . Seems like most of us could. I'd love to read this book .Thanks for this chance to win .

Re: Ties That Bind (9:40am September 19, 2015):

I'm not a writer but I could tell "The Story of My Life ", and that would be a book there. I guess most could tell an exciting part of their life .Would love to read this book . Thanks for this chance to win .

Re: Every Bride Needs a Groom (10:39am September 12, 2015):

Got to have that big cup of coffee and something to eat. Don't talk to me until afterwards .LOL

Re: Reservations for Two (8:42am September 11, 2015):

Working in a restaurant you can hear all kinds of stories , like murders , affairs ,missing persons and etc . All kinds of good stories there.

Re: Never Broken (10:50am September 10, 2015):

Joan....( Hebrew ) : God Is Gracious ....and He has been to me . I have been very Blessed . Thank you for this giveaway, I'd love to read this book .

Re: Avelynn (10:35am September 10, 2015):

I don't have a favorite , but would love to read this book .Thanks for this giveaway .

Re: Royal Flush (11:00am September 9, 2015):

I've been there and loved it . Loved the lights, the excitement , the food ,the sounds of the slots going off and all the different people that you see there . Vegas is a very exciting place ,to me . Your book will be a very good and exciting read , I think . I certainly want to read it . Thanks for this giveaway .

Re: A Geek Girl's Guide to Murder (10:41am September 9, 2015):

I love reading books in spare time and treat them like a baby !! Most of all I love to dance . I'm with a group of 'Senior' women that line dances . We go to Nursing Homes, Senior Centers, Grand Openings, Fall events or whatever and intertain . This is all volunteer and we all enjoy it very much .

Re: The Good Neighbor (10:28am September 8, 2015):

I've got to 'be in the mood'. If not ,I let things go till I'm ready . It will always be there for you no matter what you're doing . Thanks for this giveaway . Your book sounds like it will be a really,really good and exciting read .

Re: Last Chance Cowboys: The Drifter (10:43am September 5, 2015):

Thank God every night for the day I just had and whatever happened I know was his plan for us . I try to be nice to all and treat them as I would want to be treated .

Re: From One Night to Wife (9:55am September 3, 2015):

My Dad was my hero when I was his little girl , now that I've been married for many, many years ,of course my husband is my hero now .He is my handyman , he can repair and fix just about anything that is broke or needs a 'fix-up' around the house or the car . Thanks for this giveaway , I would love to read this book .

Re: The Highlander's Bride (9:42am September 3, 2015):

I like it when they are against each other in all things ,then at the end they realize how madly in love they are and can't keep their hands off of the other . ( a lot of excitement there .)

Re: The Highwayman (9:25am September 3, 2015):

OH ! This sounds like a very exciting read ,I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed . Thanks for this chance to win .

Re: The Thorn Bearer (12:01pm August 31, 2015):

I love a good romance between the two people that you least expect it .Then you have the 'Happy Ever-after'.

Re: Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. (12:58pm August 28, 2015):

I love to go shopping at the Mall or can stay home and get on the computer and look and shop if I want to . I can look and look and never buy .

Re: Bring Me To Life (12:48pm August 28, 2015):

OH !! Would love to read this exciting story but I don't have an e-reader .

Re: A Remarkable Kindness (12:33pm August 28, 2015):

I love all the romances but my favorite would have to be the ones where they are fighting off this deep love and passion they have for each other . The 'forbidden love' makes an exciting story . Thanks for this giveaway.

Re: Food Baby (11:17am August 28, 2015):

I have to have my vanilla ice cream every night . I've got this inner-tube around my waist now and trying to get rid of it which is very hard to do . I've started Zumba classes and have switched to frozen vanilla yogurt ,which is not bad at all .I would love to win your book , it sounds like a story we can relate to .

Re: Little Pretty Things (11:30am August 24, 2015):

Just call me Juliet . I didn't get to do any of the sports are the extra things in school. I wanted to but it required you to stay after school and I couldn't do that . We lived so far out in the country , Mom couldn't drive and Daddy was too tired when he came in from work to take us or go get us at school. If the school bus didn't run ,we didn't go . When I grew up ,got married ,Dad said he would give us some land to build a house on , I told him "no thank you " .I want to live close to a school where I could take my children to whatever they want to do or join in school . And , so I did .My husband didn't always like me going or taking the kids to school events , but I said if it was a school event, book club , basketball game or whatever I would be behind the kids. I think it keeps them off the streets and out of trouble. Your book sounds real exciting and I'd love to read it . Thanks for this giveaway .

Re: Newport (6:56pm August 23, 2015):

I like the supernatural elements in some of the books I read ,to me it puts a little more " thrill " into it . I like GHOSTS stories .

Re: Cold as Ice (9:34am August 23, 2015):

I have read lots and lots of books and there has been many to get in my heart in just about every book. You fall in love with the ' characters ' you're reading about. They come alive and you become one of them . A good book takes you away to other places and time . Thanks for this giveaway.

Re: Wolf Trouble (10:29am August 22, 2015):

I started dating my husband when I was 15 and he was 17 . He has never been the romantic type . We are in our 70's now and still happy with 2 daughters and 6 grandchildren .So the fact is you don't have to have a lot of romance in your life , although I did wish that he would send me flowers when I was younger , I was so jealous when others at work would get flowers are candy on special days. I can't imagine what romantic couple I'd wish to be . Thanks for this giveaway .

Re: Moments of Truth (9:28am August 22, 2015):

I'm bogged down all the time seems like . I take a deep breath and sometimes just walk away for awhile . That seems to help the most ,and sometimes I tell myself to " take the bull by the horns and get after it".

Re: Last Chance Hero (1:41pm August 21, 2015):

The most memorable trip I took was last year with my sister and two nieces . We drove all night to our first stop . When we arrived at our hotel there were cop cars everywhere and an ambulance in front of our hotel . We drove around till they all left . This was at 5 a.m. and people where out on the streets like it was 10 a.m. We called the hotel and they told us to go ahead and pull into their parking garage . We ask a guard about a place to have breakfast, she recommended a place on the side street . She unlocked a gate and said she would watch until we got into the restaurant . That was scary as well. We went on our tour that morning where the tour bus picked us up in front of our hotel and it was very nice , but when we got back we didn't get out of sight of our hotel . We went to bed at 6 pm that night and all during the night you could hear the Boom, Boom, Booms out on the street and we where up on the 23rd floor . We left that city early that morning and headed on to Alabama . I had always wanted to go to that city but since I have been I don't care about ever going back. When we left and got on with the rest of our trip we had a really good time .

Re: Craving's Creek (12:45pm August 21, 2015):

Reading . Sure wish this was in PRINT as I don't have an e-reader .

Re: Lady Emily's Exotic Journey (10:37am August 20, 2015):

I love reading the Victoria era books ,the way they dressed , traveled and lived . I always put myself into the book I'm reading , so therefore I have an exciting life as well. YEAH I don't have a favorite , I love them all . Thanks for this wonderful giveaway .

Re: Falling for the P.I. (12:50pm August 18, 2015):

It really doesn't matter to me . I have six grandchildren ages 20 down to a 4 and 5 years old, when they all are at my house there's not a dull or quite moment ,so children can certainly make things more lively . I've read some very good books with children in them and I would love to read your book. I can imagine the look that Matt Lane would have when he opens the door not expecting to see children .LOL Thanks for this chance to win .

Re: Island Dreams (10:04am August 15, 2015):

I went to Dolphin Island , Alabama last summer and stayed there four days .I loved it ,was lots to see . Would go back.

Re: Darkest Misery (11:07am August 14, 2015):

AWE , the sexy boyfriend ,the leather pants, all of it. I've always wanted all of it . What a lucky girl . Thank you for this.

Re: The Bones Will Speak (11:00am August 14, 2015):

Yes , I love Thrillers and yes I love a Romance story in with it . Thanks for this chance to win this book, it sounds like a very exciting story .

Re: The Great Estate (11:19am August 12, 2015):

I read and enter giveaways and contest in my spare time .

Re: Hot Point (12:29pm August 11, 2015):

I like all the Thriller movies. I like to read the books more than see the movie ,seems like they go into more detail in the books . Would love to win this book . Thanks for the chance .

Re: The Wiregrass (12:23pm August 11, 2015):

My memories of growing up out in the country and my school years , along with my family .

Re: Falling for Texas (11:14am August 7, 2015):

Things that could happen in the real world and life with Romance , sad and funny parts ,and a little mystery will keep me turning the pages . Thanks for this giveaway .

Re: Agent N6: Dylan (11:06am August 7, 2015):

I have bought and read a lot of books from looking at the front cover only and the author .It doesn't matter to me if it is faces or scenes on the cover as long as it gets my attention . Thanks for this giveaway .

Re: A Peach of a Pair (4:32pm August 6, 2015):

A good cup of coffee and sometimes with a little Kahlua in it . Thanks for this giveaway .

Re: A Radical Arrangement (10:18am August 5, 2015):

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. I know of several that have been there and the parents have a place to stay for free .

Re: Midnight on the Mississippi (10:24am August 4, 2015):

I love where I have always lived in Arkansas ,but I would like to have a condo to visit whenever I wanted in Branson , MO. I don't like to get far from home . Thanks for this giveaway.

Re: Fudging the Books (10:16am August 4, 2015):

Las Vegas is the most fascinating city to me , all the excitement and seems like no one sleeps there . I'm a people watcher , I love to see all the different kinds of people this world has .San Francisco was also very interesting as was New Orleans . There are lots of cities I would like to go back and visit . Branson, Mo . is another great place . I love your books and thanks for this giveaway .

Re: Where the Moon Shines Brightest (10:48am August 1, 2015):

Would love to read this book. Thanks for this giveaway .

Re: Where the Moon Shines Brightest (10:44am August 1, 2015):

I can relate to this book so much , it sounds so much like my childhood days with my brothers . We lived way out in the 'sticks' and roamed the woods for something to do .We came upon a real-life whiskey still once that was making whiskey and we started putting more wood on the fire . We heard a gunshot and a man hollered at us to get out of there and stop putting wood on the fire that it could blow-up . That really scared us and we took off back home . The things we did in those days would scare me to death now . I wont go into the woods anymore for fear of what I might find or see ,nor do I live out in the 'sticks' .I still live in Arkansas and love it here but I'm not as far back in the 'Sticks' as my childhood days .

Re: Torrents of Destruction (10:18am August 1, 2015):

I enjoy a good romance with a lot of mystery . This book sounds very exciting and I hope to read it soon . Thanks for this giveaway .

Re: The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts (3:57pm July 31, 2015):

I believe in ghosts and angels . I believe angels have helped take care of me all my life. Things have happened in my life that I could not have dealt with , had it not been for God and the Angels watching over me . The reality that would make a great fiction would be when my mother told me and three other siblings to get and stay out of hers and our little brothers life . I forgive and go on with my life . You have to make the most out of life and that is what I'm doing now . I hope to read your book soon . Thanks for the giveaway .

Re: To Mate an Assassin (3:24pm July 31, 2015):

Everything about life inspires me . I never get bored like some say they do . I try and do enjoy every day. I love to watch people and animals ,both are very interesting . I read a lot at night and do giveaways and contest . Thank you for this giveaway .

Re: A Rancher of Her Own (10:11am July 31, 2015):

I love a good romance with a little mystery in it also . I can get into the book as one of the characters , so , therefore I go and do many things that makes my life so much more exciting . We all need a little excitement don't we ? And a good dream ? Thanks for this giveaway .

Re: Do Not Forsake Me (10:19am July 30, 2015):

The love ,the bond ,the children and grandchildren . We've been together for 53 years . He tells me he's not leaving our house and I tell him I'm not going no where either . Ha !! We kid around with each other a lot . Thanks for this giveaway.

Re: Calamity Jayne and the Sisterhood of the Traveling Lawn Gnome (9:15am July 29, 2015):

I love LIFE. The little everyday things , my friends and family I am so thankful for. I have so much fun with my grandkids and watching them grow . They are my delight . I love to laugh and dance and cry all in a day. Life is short so I try to make the most of my day . Thanks for this giveaway .

Re: Lone Rider (8:48am July 29, 2015):

My mother made oatmeal and peanut butter cookies mostly . My favorite now is the p-nut butter . They melt in your mouth. Your recipe sounds so simple and I will be trying it out soon . I have never made cookies with cornstarch in them so this is a must try . Thanks for the recipe and the giveaway.

Re: No Safe Harbor (5:23pm July 26, 2015):

No , I've never been to a handfasting and this is the first time I have heard about it . It sounds very interesting .Maybe more couples will start doing that again since Prince William and Catherine Middleton did in their ceremony . Thanks for this great giveaway.

Re: Naked (9:46am July 25, 2015):

No, I have never made a Honey Cake .I haven't heard of it before now . It sounds delicious so will have to try this recipe out. Thanks for this recipe and this giveaway .

Re: Double Mint (10:50am July 22, 2015):

I've never been to a book club but have been to casinos and love them. I love books too , so I bet I would love doing both at one place and time . This book sounds very exciting ,would very much like to read it . Thank you for this great giveaway.

Re: School's Out for Murder (10:54am July 21, 2015):

I always turned in my homework but I would guess if I didn't , I would say the dog ate it . I hope to read this book soon .Thank you for this giveaway .

Re: Pretty Dark Sacrifice (8:53am July 18, 2015):

Wish this was print as I don't have an e-reader .

Re: Once Upon a Heist (8:48am July 18, 2015):

I love to read fairy tales , they take you to another world where all are happy and all turns out wonderful . You are in the story and you are happy ever after . Dream the rest of the night that you are carried away by a charming handsome Prince . Thanks for this giveaway . I would love to read this book.

Re: As Waters Gone By (12:21pm July 17, 2015):

Yes , I journal and have for years . It is really something to go back years and read in my journals . I read about things in them that I had completely forgotten about and there is some information that I needed to look up. It really comes in very handy at times . My kids have told me lots of times how glad they are that I kept a journal .Loved your blog and would love to read your book .

Re: The Fire Children (10:07am July 17, 2015):

I would say "Little Women" . I read it so many times when I was younger .Congrats on "The Fire Children" it sounds like a very exciting book .

Re: Caged (12:02pm July 16, 2015):

I have not read any of these books , but wow does this one sound like a WINNER .I hope to be reading these soon . Thanks for this great giveaway .

Re: The Empress Game (11:49am July 16, 2015):

The only ones I've read are the four book series " The Scrolls of Xavier" by another new author ' John A. Ashley '. So I guess this would be my favorite since it is the only ones I've read . Thanks for this giveaway . Your book sounds very exciting , I hope to read it soon .

Re: (11:08am July 13, 2015):

I like the LAPD detective Harry Bosch series of novels . He is one detective that stays with me .This book sounds like a winner . Thanks for this giveaway .

Re: Center of Gravity (10:29am July 13, 2015):

Yes , I'm a book nerd and proud of it !!! LOL I love my books . I have read books all my life and still reading. I treat my books with tender love and care , always use a bookmark ,never turn a page down . I hate to get a used book that the pages have been used as a bookmark . Your book sounds like a very thrilling and chilling book . Thanks for this giveaway . I hope to be reading this soon.

Re: Hope Harbor (9:58am July 13, 2015):

There has been lots of characters in books that I have read over the years , and I hate to finish the book and the characters are gone .Sometimes I imagine what will happen to them after I finish the book .So ,I'm sorry to say goodbye to lots of the characters . Thanks for this giveaway . Hope I'll be reading this book soon .

Re: A Sword for His Lady (11:50am July 10, 2015):

I think both will win in the end and be happy forever. Both want each other , but trying to convince the other that they don't . I hope to read this book soon . Thanks for this giveaway.

Re: Change Of Heart (10:29am July 10, 2015):

I do love reading about the Amish people .All they do fascinates me , they can make the most beautiful things with their hands and their heart. They seem to put their love and faith into all they do .I hope to read this book soon . Thanks for this giveaway.

Re: The Rescued (10:15am July 10, 2015):

My favorite ???? I like them all .LOL I'll say Apple and also the Apple Crisp . This book sounds like a great read ,I'd love to win it . Thank you for this giveaway .

Re: The Curiosity Keeper (12:35pm July 8, 2015):

Love the Regency books .In the stories I read I can see the castles ,the gardens ,the forest ,everything . I put myself in the story . I love the Ballroom dances and the beautiful dresses the women wear . I sometimes wish I lived in that era, of course that is the wealthy that had the ballroom dances . Thanks for this chance to win this book of yours .

Re: Butter Off Dead (10:46am July 8, 2015):

I collect coffee cups or mugs of special places I have been .I have over 2oo that are hanging on a wall on pegs in my computer room and lots in a cabinet . Most are of states but some are with pictures of my kids and grandkids on them and some are comical. When people see them for the first time , well that starts a very long conversation. I have had to slow down now that I have no more room for them.LOL But if it is very special to me I'll probably get another mug .Ha

Re: 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake (11:55am July 6, 2015):

I really need to do major cleaning in my closets and cabinets . I've got clothes that I keep thinking that I'll fit into and wear one of these days .LoL That will never happen . I'd probably find some of my kids baby clothes and blankets . There's so much stuff that I do need to get rid of . I know my kids would not want any of this stuff . I have to get in the mood to get rid and throw away things .So until then !!!

Re: SEAL Wolf Hunting (11:20am July 3, 2015):

I'm settled down type. I get my adventures in the books I read . Thanks for this giveaway .

Re: Her Greek Doctor's Proposal (10:57am July 3, 2015):

Happy Birthday Elaine . It's raining here in Arkansas today and is supposed to rain tomorrow also . There will be no outdoor picnics for me . I will catch up on my laundry and reading , I also like to bake on days like this .

Re: The Tide Watchers (10:43am July 3, 2015):

Yes , life is stranger than fiction . You never know what is going to happen or take place from day to day or minute to minute . We don't always have control of our lives .

Re: Mint Cookie Murder (2:19pm June 29, 2015):

Boy ! Sounds like TROUBLE every time you turn around . This book will be a GRRREEEAAAT read , and plus trouble with the boyfriend and his ex . Thank you for this giveaway.

Re: Girl Spoken For (6:04pm June 28, 2015):

"Sea Of Love" brings back lots of good memories .

Re: Dead Dog Like Me (5:44pm June 28, 2015):

The Bible .I can just open it up any where and read a verse that was meant for me then . It's amazing .

Re: The Ticket (3:16pm June 26, 2015):

Lots of books have stayed with me , but the most recent was the "Chill Factor" by Sandra Brown . You had to keep reading , you had to see what happened in the next chapter . I love books like that , that you just don't want to put down . 'The Ticket' sounds like it will be a very good book also .Thank you for this giveaway .

Re: Bushel Full Of Murder (10:31am June 25, 2015):

I love the fruits and vegetables , love watermelon and tomatoes , but I'm amazed at the homemade jars of jams , jellies and honey .The homemade things are the BEST. Love your books and thanks for this giveaway .

Re: The Spring Bride (10:18am June 25, 2015):

I love the excitement of a good romance story .

Re: The Breaking Point (10:00am June 25, 2015):

I don't have a favorite , I like any and all. Love reading these books . Thanks for this chance to win .

Re: Motion for Malice (10:18am June 24, 2015):

I read at night when I get in bed . That is so relaxing to me . I love to go shopping with my sisters are my daughters and I love to talk to people , friends are strangers .

Re: Courtship of the Cake (1:21pm June 20, 2015):

Strawberry cupcake with cool whip topping and big juicy strawberry on top . This book sounds like it will be a very exciting and great read . Thanks for this chance .

Re: Justified (12:56pm June 20, 2015):

My favorite childhood memory is about my two brothers and me . In the summer at night , we would play kick the bucket and if the fireflies were out we would run and catch them . We'd put them in a jar with holes punched in the lid so they could get air . We'd watch them till we tired of them then we would turn them out . I watch my grandkids do that now and it sure brings back memories of my childhood .

Re: Snow White Lies (12:41pm June 20, 2015):

Loyalty and honesty is top for me .This sounds like a really great read .

Re: Desperate Measures (10:48am June 19, 2015):

When I'm feeling sick and coming down with a cold I will fix myself a hot cup of either black or green tea , and sip away on it . It warms me up when I'm chilled to the bone also .Thanks for this chance to win this book , it sounds like it will be an exciting read.

Re: Outlaw Hearts (10:41am June 18, 2015):

I love the Western books , reading about all the hardships that they go through in a day. Of course , I love romance in the stories also . Thanks for this giveaway .

Re: Collared For Murder (10:25am June 18, 2015):

I don't have a pet at this time , but I would love to read your book .Thanks for this chance.

Re: Night Tremors (10:31am June 17, 2015):

I like the murder mystery where it can be any one , the little old lady to the new minster in town . Keep me guessing to the end .

Re: Murder on Amsterdam Avenue (10:55am June 16, 2015):

Yes , I always like a romance somewhere in the book I am reading . That makes it a more interesting story to me .

Re: Come and Take It: Search for the Treasure of the Alamo (10:08am June 16, 2015):

I don't have any stories to tell , but I do love to read the stories of forbidden love between rivals . This book sounds very much like an all night read . I'm going to keep my fingers crossed . Thanks for this chance .

Re: Love's Rescue (11:02am June 15, 2015):

I love the country cowboys , ranchers , farmers . They are hard workers , and not afraid to try something new or different . They can get nasty dirty then clean-up good looking and sexy.

Re: London Tides (10:54am June 15, 2015):

I put myself into the stories I read ,therefore I go and do and see many things that I normally would not get to do . I guess you could call me a 'Dreamer' . Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: Murder Freshly Baked (10:45am June 15, 2015):

weird neighbors , a murder , a good looking stranger in town ,and a 'this and that ' shop .

Re: Alive (10:35am June 15, 2015):

Since I'm a Redneck girl I celebrate with a beer . Would love to read this book . Thanks for this giveaway.

Re: Five Brides (9:42am June 13, 2015):

Oh my , I would absolutely love to read this wonderful story . I can imagine the five women living together ,working at different jobs and places so they can survive . Yes , I would do the exact same thing in that time and situation , and in this time I would if I was in the same situation .Thanks for this great giveaway . I must read this story.

Re: Shadow Fires (1:01pm June 11, 2015):

Yes, to me it is much more exciting when the couple are total opposite of each other .

Re: Never Resist A Rake (12:55pm June 11, 2015):

Dinner out on a Riverboat.

Re: Men Under Fire (9:22am June 10, 2015):

I like the southern plantations in Mississippi and Louisiana also.

Re: 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake (9:18am June 8, 2015):

I let housework go like the dusting mostly .
Jade, I love your books, and thanks so much for this giveaway.

Re: Reunion of Souls (9:32am June 7, 2015):

I read both and all kinds of books . They take me to all places . Love Books .

Re: Night of the Highland Dragon (9:25am June 7, 2015):

Dragons are my favorite with wolves next . Thanks for this chance to win this awesome book .

Re: Siren's Call (8:40am June 6, 2015):

I love the Mermaids , Fairies , Elves & of course Santa Claus too. Whatever the story I can put myself in it. I can go , do and see so many things in the books I read . Thanks for this wonderful giveaway.

Re: Passionately Yours (4:24pm May 28, 2015):

I have not read any of these yet ,but looking forward to reading them soon. It sounds like it is a 'start to finish'. I love the books that you just cannot put down until the very end. Thanks for this great giveaway .

Re: Against the Tide (4:04pm May 28, 2015):

I've always wanted to go to all the outer edges of the Big USA . Instead of going around the world , I'll enjoy going around the USA .

Re: Heart of a Bull Rider (10:32am May 28, 2015):

I'll go with Reese being my favorite bull rider. He's from Arkansas so he's got to be best.

Re: Shadowed By Grace (11:04am May 25, 2015):

Just about everything can give you hope . We need to stop and think about the wonderful things that surrounds us . If we don't have our hopes are dreams ,then we have nothing .

Re: The Choosing (10:50am May 25, 2015):

My father taught me to always be honest and to treat everyone like you would want to be treated.

Re: Greek Gods Bearing Gifts (4:13pm May 10, 2015):

I wish so many of the 'old' shows were back on TV . There's not many that I watch now , even the ' family ' shows are not good to watch with small children in the room . All have too much dirty language and sex in them for me . I prefer Dancing With the Stars , The Voice and Americas Got Talent .

Re: The Thorn Bearer (3:58pm May 10, 2015):

I love reading the historical books , it is so interesting when all the details are in the right places .

Re: Cottonmouth and The End (3:41pm May 10, 2015):

My heart starts racing when I'm so into the book and something really scary happens and when that happens I start reading faster and faster till it's over . I do love books like that , and it sure doesn't take long to read one when you fill like you are there. Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway .

Re: The Cozy Cookbook (8:45pm May 6, 2015):

Oh no, sorry , wrong place .This is for last months. Good luck to you all.

Re: The Cozy Cookbook (7:01pm May 6, 2015):

I got e-mail that I had won this wonderful giveaway. I am so excited about this and I thank you so much . My address is :
Joan Thrasher

949 Lowder Rd.

Booneville, Ar. 72927

Re: 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake (1:19pm May 6, 2015):

Happy Birthday Jade! Enjoy each and everyday to the fullest , go , do, and see all that you can while you are still young . Yes , you are still young. I love your books , you have so much talent and imagination . Thanks for this chance to win .

Re: Legitimate Lies (8:33pm May 1, 2015):

I love a book that I am in. I can see all and feel all, I'm in it, and I can't put the book down till the end .

Re: The Art of Losing Yourself (4:28pm April 26, 2015):

Yes, I play "what if" also . What if I could go back in time and do lots of things different. I tell myself I would do things very much different .But who knows ?

Re: The Wood's Edge (2:32pm April 24, 2015):

My passion inspires in life , love and peace. I love life and every thing around me. I love all the things that has been created for us to all enjoy. Just take the time to look around and see all the amazing things that surrounds us . Thank you for this wonderful giveaway and for giving us all a chance to win. The book sounds like a winner.

Re: Nobody's Goddess (2:18pm April 24, 2015):

I've read lots and lots of books and don't believe I've ever read a book with a story like this one . It's got to be one that you can't put down until the very end . Wish I had an e-reader ,but I don't, so to all I wish you Good Luck . Sounds like an awesome book.

Re: Cupcakes and Crushes (12:24pm April 23, 2015):

I'm a grandma and I have 6 grandchildren that I have baby- set ( for their love) till they all started to school . I love them dearly. I would love to win your book , but I don't have an e-reader so Good Luck to everyone else.

Re: Duchess By Mistake (12:14pm April 23, 2015):

I love these stories. They fight against each other at first then at the end they find they are madly in love with the other .

Re: The Cozy Cookbook (11:31am April 15, 2015):

I love that coca cola roast beef. It does fall apart and melts in your mouth . Yum Yum

Re: Then Sings My Soul (11:05am April 11, 2015):

Just stop and look all around you for the miracles that God has created for us,it's never ending . That's something we just don't take the time to do in this busy and fast paced world today. I would love to win these books, they sound awesome. Thank you so much for the chance to win.

Re: On Shifting Sand (7:05pm April 4, 2015):

Oh My Yes Susan ,I'll go along with you on that tomato n' mayo sandwich . Can't wait to get a good ripe tomato out of the garden and have a sandwich. I've ate lots of them. I can taste it now , it's sort of like thinking about a big pickle , your mouth will start watering .LOL

Re: The Millionaire's Unexpected Proposal (10:22am April 3, 2015):

Oh yes , I have made my share of snap judgments , mostly about people I didn't 'think' I liked , but when I got to know them I liked them a lot and we became good friends .This book sounds like a really great read . I absolutely love this necklace . Thanks for the chance to win . Happy Easter !

Re: The Woman of La Mancha (2:38pm April 2, 2015):

I'm certainly not organized ,wish I were . I write notes on backs of envelopes or anything that's handy . Then later I can't find what I'm looking for. I envy people that are organized, sure wish I was. Thanks for the chance to win this book, it sounds like a great read.

Re: The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook (9:56pm April 1, 2015):

My coconut cream pie . I would love to have this book .I'm keeping my fingers crossed . Thanks for this chance .

Re: SWAT Secret Admirer (11:30am March 31, 2015):

Go Maggie! I love that she is making a difference in her life and so many other victims as well. This sounds like a very exciting life and I can't wait to read all about it. Thanks for the chance to win this book. Happy Easter to all.

Re: Lady Of The Eternal City (10:45am March 26, 2015):

I love to read about Rome , would love to be able to go see someday . Thanks for this giveaway and good luck to all .

Re: SEAL My Home (3:07pm March 23, 2015):

Seal of My Heart is my favorite .I like his looks more than the others. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway.

Re: Andrea and the 5-Day Challenge (11:15am March 21, 2015):

I'm sure all of us can relate to Andrea ,her friend , or her parents in one way or another . This book sounds like it will be an excellent read for all ' young adults ' and will bring back so many memories for us 'young adults ' at heart .Thanks for this giveaway .

Re: His Majesty's Secret Passion (1:58pm March 20, 2015):

I'm reading An Accidental Woman by Barbara Delinsky . There's a lot of mystery with the FBI involved .They don't know who this woman is. I just finished Chill Factor by Sandra Brown . If you like fast-paced ,edge-of-your-seat suspense , then this book is a must read . Thanks Christina for this great giveaway.

Re: One Step Too Far (11:30am March 18, 2015):

I really want to read this book. I keep wondering why Emily walked out like she did ,and I'll keep wondering until I read the book. Thanks for this great giveaway.

Re: The Snow Globe (9:02pm March 12, 2015):

Yes, I am ready to enter the world of The Snow Globe . I have a few snow globes and I'm fascinated with them , just like when I was a small child . Thanks for this wonderful giveaway , the book sounds really interesting , I'm already wondering what Daisy will be doing with the choices she will have to make. Can hardly wait to read this . Good Luck To All.

Re: Heartbreak Cove (5:19pm March 8, 2015):

What a wonderful giveaway . Would love to read all of these books. Thanks so much for the chance to win this great series .

Re: The Vigil (12:46pm March 7, 2015):

Oh yes ! How many times have I said I'd never say or do that again . Lots , and I eat my words often .I'm always telling myself to think before I speak or do something . And the next thing I know I have opened mouth and inserted foot . I would love to read your book, it sounds like my kind and I can put myself in Louisiana living Cheryl's life. I thank you for this giveaway and will keep my fingers crossed.

Re: Ask Me Nicely (1:09pm March 4, 2015):

Yes , But it doesn't always work both ways. Thanks for this giveaway , I'm keeping my fingers crossed .

Re: Assault And Pepper (6:42pm March 2, 2015):

At the end of the day with everything done ,my cozy spot is my bed . In the winter my bed is warm and cozy , I prop up all the pillows and read till I can no longer keep my eyes open. I sometimes awaken myself nodding . LOL Then I put my book down and fall asleep quickly .

Re: Meet Me At The Beach (2:15pm February 26, 2015):

My husband and I work together in the kitchen , he washes the dishes and I dry and put away. LOL... That works really great .

Re: Forever in My Heart (1:56pm February 26, 2015):

My imagination is running wild with what happened between both families . Guess I'll have to read this book to see what happened and today is not soon enough. Sure hope to win and thanks so much for the giveaway .

Re: At Wolf Ranch (1:23pm February 26, 2015):

Love the Cowboys hardworking and values . They know how to fix almost everything . Like the jeans ,hats and boots. Thanks for this great giveaway , I'm keeping my fingers crossed .

Re: Disarming Detective (6:39pm February 25, 2015):

I like someone that knows what she wants and goes after it . Always being strong and polite to all you meet even when something or someone gets in your way. Learn by your mistakes and keep going . Thanks for giving us all a chance to win your book .

Re: Jack Staples And The City Of Shadows (4:36pm February 25, 2015):

What an imagination you have to be able to write these wonderful books for kids and adult kids too. I have read books that have took me back in time and ones that have took me to the year of 2063. Hope to read these books that you have wrote for us , I travel a lot in the books that I read . Thank you for a chance to win these books .

Re: Past Crimes (3:34pm February 25, 2015):

Your book sounds real exciting , I hope to be reading it very soon. I love the ' who did it ' books , and always hate to put them down , like to read from beginning to end , but never have that much time . Congrats on your book and Best of Luck to you .

Re: A Killer Retreat (7:54pm February 18, 2015):

Sure hope Kate, her friends and Bella find the murderer. I love the 'who did it' books. Hope to be reading this very soon.

Re: Dominic: The Prince (7:44pm February 18, 2015):

I can dream can't I ? LOL I'm always in the books I read. I hope to read these very soon .

Re: Fortune's Horizon (7:28pm February 18, 2015):

Wow, sounds like you are having a very exciting life and we get to enjoy all the excitement in your books .Both books sounds really exciting, and I hope to read them very soon.

Re: Claimed by the Sheikh (6:55pm February 18, 2015):

Congratulations on your book and may there be many more. Life would be so dull and boring if we didn't have all the ups and downs . I hope to read your new book soon.

Re: As Gouda as Dead (8:40pm February 7, 2015):

I love jewelry and would love to win. My favorite 'events' are when I go to the Nursing Homes and 'entertain'. I line dance with a group of young ladies that are 60 years of age or older. We have a 'ball', it is so much fun. We started out as an exercise group getting together , now we feel like we are doing something for others also . Hope to win.

Re: The Mulligan (10:35am February 6, 2015):

I use to dream of traveling , going places I'd never been before , now that my husband and I are able to do all that I'm afraid the ship will sink , are the plane will crash are disappear . LOL So I enjoy reading now and it takes me so many places .I would love to read this book . Never give up on your writing, that is a talent few have . God Bless You

Re: Beyond Limits (6:45pm January 29, 2015):

This book sounds like a real thriller just what I like.

Re: Ghost In The Guacamole (10:55am January 24, 2015):

would love to read all these books. I've always loved Ghost stories.

Re: The Fairyland Murders (10:17am January 24, 2015):

This sounds so exciting. I love mysteries and who did its.

Re: Hitting on the Hooker (1:32pm January 14, 2015):

I don't have a clue for the above question , but I know I would enjoy reading the book .

Re: How to Plan a Wedding for a Royal Spy (1:21pm January 14, 2015):

This book sounds very exciting and one that you can't put down till you read all of it . I will love reading it.

Re: Meow If It's Murder (12:49pm January 14, 2015):

Wish I had a cat like this one . I love mysteries. Hope to read this book soon.

Re: Meow If It's Murder (11:25am January 13, 2015):

This sounds like a really good book that I'd enjoy very much. I love mystery and crime . I love reading a real good book .

Re: The Millionaire Rogue (11:13am January 6, 2015):

A good long kiss will tell all ,you're on or off.

Re: Wind in the Wires (11:33am December 17, 2014):

Would love to read the rest of the book. I grew up on a farm and we all had a job to do. Sometimes it wasn't pleasant. I hope to win your book.

Re: Seek and Hide (3:24pm October 26, 2014):

This sounds like a book that I'll not put down till the last page is read. I Love the books like that , they don't come around very often.

Re: What The Groom Wants (11:08pm June 1, 2014):

I just received notice to confirm my win for the Jade Lee Goody Bag.This is Awesome! I know I will enjoy and can hardly wait to get it.Thanks for the giveaway

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