September 25th, 2021
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The House by the Lake by Ella Carey


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The House by the Lake
Ella Carey

Lake Union Publishing
April 2016
On Sale: March 29, 2016
Featuring: Anna; Wil
256 pages
ISBN: 1503934152
EAN: 9781503934153
Kindle: B016DHOBDK
Paperback / e-Book
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Contemporary | Historical

Anna is content with her well-ordered life in San Francisco. But her world is turned upside down when her beloved grandfather, Max, reveals a startling secret: Anna is part of an aristocratic family who lost everything during World War II. What’s more, Max was forced to leave behind a precious item over seventy years ago in their estate in old Prussia. It’s now his ardent wish that Anna retrieve it.

Anna burns with questions as she heads for Germany: What memento could be so important to her grandfather? And why did he keep their history hidden? As she searches for answers, she finds herself drawn to Wil, a man who may hold the key to unlock the mystery. Together they discover that her family’s secrets are linked with an abandoned apartment in Paris, and these secrets go deeper than she ever imagined.

Alternating between 1930s Europe and the present, The House by the Lake illuminates the destiny of a family caught in the tumult of history.


31 comments posted.

Re: The House by the Lake

A murder
(Marissa Yip-Young 10:41am April 1, 2016)

I would love to read this book .I love mysteries and thrillers . I don't know of any mystery that I could solve , but I do know that I must read this book . Thanks for this chance to win your book .
Joan Thrasher 11:09am April 1, 2016)

Some years back, I read an article about an
archaeological dig in England where they excavated a
drained pond. Two items that were found were from the
English Civil War period - a high class cavalier sword,
which was broken in two, and a standard issue puritan
sword, both of which had been thrown into the pond at
what was probably the same time. Darned if there isn't a
cracking story behind this, but it's a mystery that won't
ever be solved. It still bugs me that I'll never know
what happened.
Deb Philippon 4:36pm April 1, 2016)

I would love to be able to solve the mystery of what happened
to Stacy Peterson. (I mean, c'mon, we know that Drew had
something to do with her disappearance...)
Jamie Stein 5:19pm April 1, 2016)

The House By The Lake interests me since it is captivating,
memorable, unforgettable and set during a meaningful and
profound era World War 11 and the present. The name Max is
precious to me since my grandfather and grandson have that
name. This novel sounds like a treasure.
Sharon Berger 5:31pm April 1, 2016)

Hi Marissa, thank you for that, and I hope that you do enjoy the book!
Ella Carey 12:22pm April 2, 2016)

Hi Deb,
That is a fascinating story. It's almost worthy of a legendary tale- really
fabulous. Can you imagine just pulling two swords out of a pond? It
sounds like a scene from a film, where a sword was broken and both
soldiers had to fight bare handed to the bitter end. Or it could be that they
stopped fighting for some other reason. Okay, you've got me
going...thanks for posting that!
Ella Carey 12:28pm April 2, 2016)

Hi Jamie,
Yes, that is a very sad story. Missing person cases are very intriguing in
their own right. Moral questions abound- does the person want to be
found? Why did they disappear? What about their family- very rich and
atmospheric, and once you started trying to solve it, I don't think you
would rest until you had done so!
Ella Carey 12:31pm April 2, 2016)

Hi Sharon,
Yes, World War Two is an era that resonate with me in a powerful way too.
That generation is really going now, so its important that we document as
much as we can. There are so many poignant stories out there, in so many
families, and these secret histories become lost often. I love that your
grandfather and grandson are both called Max. I hope you enjoy The
House by the Lake. Thank you. xx
Ella Carey 12:33pm April 2, 2016)

History is full of secrets, most of which are not even known to exist today--because they were after all, secrets, and the people directly involved frequently did not survive long enough to even pass the knowledge along. There are also the ones which ARE known, and just might someday be solved--just think of Amelia Earhart and Jimmy Hoffa, for 2 very famous secrets!
Cindy Gowett 5:13pm April 2, 2016)

I agree Cindy, history is full of secrets. That's exactly right, early, tragic
death can lead to a complete loss of stories and history. After World War
Two, the German population were told to move on and not talk about their
experiences in the war. Thank you for sharing such an insightful comment-
agree re Amelia Earhart and Jimmy Hoffa- thank you!
Ella Carey 5:50pm April 2, 2016)

Sounds like a good book. I would love to read it.
Wilma Frana 10:49am April 3, 2016)

I love anything ww2 so I know I will like this book. I can't wait to read.
Nissa Evans 1:38pm April 3, 2016)

I think every family has some secrets, just some are more dark than others.
Don Burkhead 2:57pm April 3, 2016)

I would love to solve the mystery if the Bermuda Triangle.
Laurice McClung 4:11pm April 3, 2016)

Sounds so intriguing, and what better way to uncover the past and family secrets than with a mysterious man by your side! By the time she's all through he may know more about her than she even hoped! I would be super excited to win a copy of this wonderful book!
Debbie Northcutt 5:51pm April 3, 2016)

secrets, aristocrats, WWII, mystery all sounds enticing!
Melody Kaufman 9:38pm April 3, 2016)

I want to solve the mystery of who killed Jon
Benet Ramsey.
Melissa Basnight 6:54am April 4, 2016)

What happened to Amelia Earhardt.
Laurie Bergh 12:07pm April 4, 2016)

Is there really gold in the mountains of Arizona (based on the legend of The Lost
Joy Isley 2:14pm April 4, 2016)

If the Vikings really did land in the Americas, did they try to colonize or just visit? If they colonized, what happened to them?
Michael Burkhead 3:02pm April 4, 2016)

I would lie to solve the mystery of General Patton's death.
Marilyn Collins 5:13pm April 4, 2016)

I don't have any mystery that I liked to solve. Thanks for
the chance!
Jana B 6:01pm April 4, 2016)

I don't have any mysteries to solve! However, I do love reading mysteries!
Lily Shah 6:31pm April 4, 2016)

I would like to solve the mystery of whether there are more trwasures in
King Tut's tomb.
Jackie Wisherd 10:15pm April 4, 2016)

This sounds really good thanks for the review I'm looking forward to reading this.
Penney Wilfort 3:18am April 5, 2016)

I would like to find out how and why one of my ancestors moved to rural Louisiana.
Anna Speed 12:52pm April 5, 2016)

I would erally like to know what happened to Amelia Earhart. I've always hoped that her story would finally have an ending. She was such a courageous lady, and she was so far beyond her time.
Sandy Fielder 1:12pm April 5, 2016)

I would love to see what kinds of mysteries are hiding in my
family tree.
Jennifer Boyett 1:29pm April 5, 2016)

I am so interested in what happened to so much of
Germany's pre-Hitler history, the belongings of people
hidden away in so many places. My Dad was with the
Canadian Army in Europe, and I remember the day he came
home exactly, it is etched in my mind. He will be 99 in
May. My husband is a WWII collector of vehicles, gas
masks of many of the countries involved, does remembrance
day displays in schools and museums every year with
information sent to him by the gov't. especially where
animals were involved. But I have a separate mystery,
too. Though my great-grandfather was born in Canada,
there appears to be no information in records about him
other than the death of his mother. It's very strange.
Even stranger is that a distant cousin & I have the same
photograph with the same dates of who is purportedly our
great-great-grandmother but each photograph has a
different name. Spooky, right?
Betty Gelean 6:43pm April 5, 2016)

I would love to solve some of mysteries of what happened to some of my relatives on our family tree
Julie Parrish 7:33pm April 5, 2016)

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