March 29th, 2023
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In a Stalker’s Sights…unless they can stop him.

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A delightful story of a love that defies time

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He’s a murderer and believes he’s the most evil creature on earth.

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A Valentine’s Day promise sixteen years in the making…

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An outcast finds a dying man who changes her life.

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He’s already lost one woman he loved…he’s not about to lose another.

Shirley Younger

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260 comments posted.

Re: Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish (4:01pm December 15, 2018):

This definity looks like a good read on a snowy winter day and
we do get alot of snow here in Pennsylvania

Re: A Tangled Yarn (7:58pm August 22, 2017):

We are suppose to have a very bad winter, so this will be a great book to read while watching it snow

Re: Crowned and Dangerous (7:56pm August 22, 2017):

This will be a wonderful book to read this winter while I am watching the snow pile up outside

Re: Beautiful Crazy (12:35pm November 3, 2016):

Definitely Beauty and The Beast!

Re: A Family Under the Christmas Tree (12:28pm November 3, 2016):

my mother always made fruit cakes during the Christmas holiday
and that was the only time of the year that she made them

Re: A Cowboy Christmas Miracle (7:13pm September 6, 2016):

I agree it is never to early for Christmas reading! Gets
me in the mood early

Re: Almost Like Being in Love (6:58pm June 29, 2016):

The most romantic moments can happen anywhere -- been married 50 yrs. this month - lots of romantic moments.

Re: Flash of Fire (2:42pm May 13, 2016):

My true love is to read both romance and suspence novels

Re: Come and Take It: Search for the Treasure of the Alamo (12:33pm June 15, 2015):

I do not have any forbidden love stories--I love them all

Re: Murder on Amsterdam Avenue (12:31pm June 15, 2015):

I love, love romance in a mystery. It makes the story much more

Re: Night Tremors (12:30pm June 15, 2015):

I enjoy a combination---love triangles gone bad, murder, crime and
I love trying to guess how the story will end, that keeps the book
in my hands

Re: Love's Rescue (12:26pm June 15, 2015):

I love military men. They come in contact with alot of obsticles
that we everyday people never will and it's exciting to read about

Re: London Tides (12:24pm June 15, 2015):

I read fiction because I find it relaxing

Re: Murder Freshly Baked (12:21pm June 15, 2015):

I love lots of suspense in a mystery and also interesting

Re: Alive (12:19pm June 15, 2015):

My love is red wine

Re: Five Brides (12:17pm June 15, 2015):

I think a wedding dress is personal and would not want to share it
but I would love to read this book

Re: Double Cross (8:18pm April 19, 2015):

Definitely a must read for me!

Re: Wicked Temptation (6:31pm June 5, 2014):

I would love to be able to completely redecorate my home

Re: By Any Means (10:47pm May 20, 2014):

I loved sharing a dat in your life with you

Re: Milkshakes, Mermainds, and Murder (3:18pm October 24, 2013):

I love the title definitely a must read for me. Also I consider and chocolate a daily requirement! Just finished a piece

Re: Behind the Shattered Glass (3:40pm October 17, 2013):

laying fires at five sounds like the best of the three for me; would not mind doing factory work but definitely do not want to be trapped in a marriage

Re: Plague Ship (4:25pm October 15, 2013):

I love thrillers, have never read a medical thriller but look forward to reading Plague Ship

Re: The Outlaw Knight (4:57pm September 27, 2013):

Winter is coming and this sounds like a good book to snuggle under a warm blanket and read

Re: Dirty Trick (10:23pm September 25, 2013):

fresh hot apple cider and turkey with homemade stuffing

Re: The Sheik Retold (5:52pm September 13, 2013):

great storyline, looks like one that is going to be hard to put down

Re: The Good Wife (8:20am September 3, 2013):

I think it is possible to love someone too much and that is how we sometimes get hurt

Re: Beneath the Dover Sky (9:38pm August 18, 2013):

Yes, yes, I will definitely be captivated by the upstairs/downstairs interplay

Re: The Amish Seamstress (9:37pm August 18, 2013):

What a wonderful story ==lots to make you really think while reading the book. I'm definitely looking forward to reading this

Re: A Little Bit of Charm (6:59pm August 7, 2013):

Your visit to Kentucky sounds like so much fun. I live not far from the Amish in Pennsylvania and I always enjoy it when we drive thru the area and admire their lifestyle. I will enjoy reading A Little Bit of Charm

Re: Winter in Full Bloom (6:46pm August 7, 2013):

I love, love, reading about many characters -- it makes the story more interesting and fun wondering what's going to happen next to whom.

Re: Pattern for Romance (6:40pm August 7, 2013):

I love reading historical fiction and your research while writing must really be exciting and ineresting.

Re: A Father For Her Triplets (4:57pm August 5, 2013):

yes I am trying to work on my path to happines. Trying to lose weight and am going to the gym at least 5 times a week, use to have a trainer and after reading your article think I will hire one again

Re: Death Al Dente (6:53pm August 2, 2013):

I have not left home, I've lived in the same area all my life.

Re: The Eskimo Hunts in Miami! (5:04pm July 31, 2013):

I love the titles and storylines. I hope I am a winner so I have the opportunity to read both.

Re: The Sweetest Hallelujah (5:00pm July 31, 2013):

Even if I do not win The Sweetest Hallelujah, it is definitely a book that I shall read. What a beautiful story!

Re: Second Ride Cowboy (4:35pm July 28, 2013):

yes I do think it is possible to rekindle a romance; sometimes the second time around is best!

Re: Reckless (5:54pm July 25, 2013):

My favorite action movie is Fast and Furious

Re: The Outcast Prince (5:50pm July 25, 2013):

I like that paranormal romances because I like to imagine myself as one of the characters

Re: A Spy to Die For (5:47pm July 25, 2013):

I love spy books and this definitely sounds like one I'll enjoy reading. Keep writing them and I'll keep reading

Re: Meet Me At The Cupcake Cafe (7:56am July 19, 2013):

I will definitely meet you at Cupcake Cafe; sounds like a great read!

Re: If The Shoe Fits (10:29pm July 11, 2013):

Cannot think of any any favorite scenes or characters who are not traditionally considered romantic,but your book sounds like one that is going to be hard for me to put down once I start reading it

Re: Pennsylvania Patchwork (10:21pm July 11, 2013):

Love your post and I'm from Pennsylvania so the prizes sound wonderful

Re: Jungle Fire (10:17pm July 11, 2013):

I prefer an exotic setting because I know I will probably never be able to see it in person so is fun to visit along with the storyline

Re: Pieces Of The Heart (10:13pm July 11, 2013):

I don't live too far from Wilkes Barre so this book will definitely be of interest to me

Re: The Medic's Homecoming (5:03pm July 9, 2013):

I was not a zombie fan but have seen the movie Warm Bodies but they now look more attractive

Re: It Happened One Midnight (6:01pm July 3, 2013):

I just have to read IT HAPPENED ONE MIDNIGHT! Yes, yes, will definitely happen again. Keep writing

Re: One Night (7:06pm June 23, 2013):

No I do not think I ever had a one night stand that lead to more, of couse I have been married over 40 years so maybe I don't remember back that far

Re: The Look of Love (5:05pm June 21, 2013):

These are definitely the kind of reading I love to do. And looks like books it is hard for me to put down, can't wait to start reading!

Re: One Night With A Rake (9:39pm June 20, 2013):

I do not have a pet of my own but I feel like my neighbors dog is definitely part of our family!

Re: The Lady Mercy Danforthe Flirts With Scandal (9:36pm June 20, 2013):

Have not read any of your books yet but would love to read this one, like you I am not a good one for rules

Re: The Begonia Bribe (4:48pm May 24, 2013):

i love that you write from your bathtub---how different. Don't know any cure for writers brain, I wish part of my brain had writing abilities

Re: The Sword Dancer (1:49pm May 22, 2013):

I also loved the Batman series. I love all types of reading and The Sword Dancer definitely sounds like a book I will enjoy reading

Re: Undone (4:22pm May 16, 2013):

my must have top quality in a hero is handsome, muscular and brave

Re: Changing Lanes (5:11pm May 15, 2013):

I would not change much in my life; I have been fortunate to have wonderful parents and husband of 46 years. I would change beinging an only child if anything, would be nice to have a sister/brother

Re: Angora Alibi (4:39pm May 11, 2013):

I don't like getting my picture taken because I alwys find fault of myself---too fat--wrong color clothing, etc. But I love taking picture in ordr to have memories and look back on events. Fortunately many of my friends love to have their pictures taken

Re: The Practice Proposal (4:35pm May 11, 2013):

I know know which one athlete I would select but it would definitely be someone like Michael Jordan because he looks romantic and hero-like!

Re: Stealing Harper (7:15pm May 7, 2013):

I love the plots of both Taking Chances and Stealing Harper, summer is coming and that means reading on the beach and around the pool

Re: A Wedding In Springtime (6:27pm May 2, 2013):

Very definitely a rugged Highlander

Re: Heart Of Iron (6:24pm May 2, 2013):

My hereo thinks of others first and provides fully for his family but does not neglect himself and his own needs

Re: Honorable Rancher (1:38pm April 27, 2013):

Your abook sounds wonderful and I look forward to reading it. My hero's are all men of service---they give up so much to keep us safe

Re: Prophecy Girl (7:25pm April 24, 2013):

I definitely feel it is okay to have hookers, sluts, etc in YA after all they exist in real life

Re: Temporary Roomates (5:23pm April 22, 2013):

I love reading all ===City, country, and exotic! I sometimes imagine myself in the plot

Re: Sinner's Heart (1:19pm April 3, 2013):

I do not necessary read the books in a series in order, I can pick up at any point and I definitely do not wait until each book of the series is out because I often do not know how much time will be between books

Re: Lush (1:14pm April 3, 2013):

I have not read any of the series but I definitely am going to start, they sound like reading I will truly enjoy--keep writing!

Re: Revenge On Route 66 (5:21pm March 29, 2013):

I share a birthday with Hagrid from Harry Potter of course my birth year is not 1928!

Re: Lord of the Keep (5:19pm March 23, 2013):

Love the LORD OF THE MIST cover---that is a man with some real muscles!

Re: When She Was Gone (9:22pm March 20, 2013):

I moved into my home almost 50 years ago, a couple days after we got married--and yes I am still married to the same wonderful man. We live in a stone colonial in a quiet suburban neighborhood. Very few of the neighbors have changed, other than mom and pop have moved in and one of the children bought the home and still live there.

Re: Falling Into Paradise (5:49pm March 18, 2013):

I like good boys better than bad ones but I do think bad boys can change and be good at least some of them can. I can't wait to read the book to see how big Paradise Island is that Damon has dated every girl!

Re: Buried In A Bog (6:05pm March 17, 2013):

I have not traveled out of the United States but if I ever get to Ireland I'd love to visit the Irish Pubs and Union Hall 1 and 2

Re: Her Knight's Quest (6:24pm March 15, 2013):

My favorite secondary character is Eli from the book Dublin Street by Samatha Young. He was Joss' room mate, who is sexy and things get very hectic. A great read and keeps your interested and turning pages

Re: Out Of Circulation (1:23pm March 10, 2013):

Your series definitely sounds like good reading, I hope to have read the first four by the time your 5th book comes out. Keep Writing!

Re: A Risk Worth Taking (1:20pm March 10, 2013):

I love reading a book that I can become a part of really relate to

Re: Stranger on Raven's Ridge (1:17pm March 10, 2013):

I loved the Wizard of Oz and still do at the young age of 70+! I love to become a 'part of the characters' or put myself in their place

Re: The Blue-Ribbon Jalape?o Society Jubilee (5:42pm March 7, 2013):

I love the name of the town Cadillac, Texas even if it is fictional. Can't wait to go there via your book

Re: The Turncoat (5:50pm March 6, 2013):

Love stores between enemies make for exciting reading and I love them

Re: Protector (2:34pm March 3, 2013):

I always take a book or have reading material with me when I leave home. My family physician suggests that you bring a book because he does not rush with his patients and you may have a bit of a wait. I do not re-read books I like reading something new

Re: The Christie Curse (2:31pm March 3, 2013):

I would definitely be able and love to write something with my mother. She has great memories from the past which would make great reading.

Re: An Encounter at the Museum (3:55pm March 1, 2013):

I met my husband of 46 years (and still counting) at church. I needed a ride home because it was raining and I had walked. Since he was the 'minister'son' I knew I would be safe---and I was!!

Re: Jake (3:10pm February 26, 2013):

I love western men although I have never had a personal relationship with one, but never say never maybe there is still time.

Re: Silence Of The Llamas (5:43pm February 25, 2013):

I love your weakness for eavesdropping, and look forward to your future post to answer the question whether llamas are really silent. My guess is no.

Re: The Mistress Memoirs (5:09pm February 20, 2013):

This sounds like a wonderful book to read on these cold winter evenings while I'm all wrapped up trying to keep warm. Nothing better than a good book

Re: Murder Hooks a Mermaid (4:57pm February 17, 2013):

For health reasons I cannot fly but would love to take a long drive across country to California--I live in Pennsylvania so it would be wonderful stopping along the way

Re: The Moses Quilt (4:19pm February 16, 2013):

I think many of us do not want to learn about the past because they are too content with the present and not willing to learn about our forefathers and how rough they had it and things were not 'handed to them'

Re: A Howl For A Highlander (3:33pm February 13, 2013):

I would familiarize myself with the island and find out where the best looking men are hiding!

Re: Wildcat (3:30pm February 13, 2013):

I'd ask him for a kiss!

Re: The Eldritch Conspiracy (4:25pm February 12, 2013):

I enjoy books that have been made into movies but I prefer to read the book before I read the book.

Re: Treacherous Temptations (6:13pm February 9, 2013):

I am also a history lover!

Re: Seven-Night Stand (6:11pm February 9, 2013):

I love Paris---so romantic

Re: Fly Away Peta (6:04pm February 8, 2013):

Juanita, this sounds like a wonderful book and I am definitely going to read it.

Re: The Billionaire's Baby SOS (7:08pm February 1, 2013):

No favorite series--at least yet. There are authors whose books I follow but not series

Re: Murder for the Halibut (4:57pm January 27, 2013):

Such fun reading your top 10, especially #6: - If my children want to remain in my will, they'll get all their friends to spring for the paperback.

Re: Cupid?s Shaft (10:21pm January 25, 2013):

I am ready to Dip my toes into the heated waters of erotic love. Looking forward to reading the book---keep writing!

Re: Undercover Wolf (4:21pm January 22, 2013):

I love both books but will read Oddles of Poodles first

Re: After the Rain (4:26pm January 21, 2013):

My life has been wonderful---I would not do over anything

Re: Fall Into You (5:01pm January 20, 2013):

I love reading series books===especially romance ones

Re: Beeline To Trouble (3:28pm January 19, 2013):

I love, love, love juicy romantic moments in mysteries or any book!!

Re: The Wicked Wedding Of Miss Ellie Vyne (6:59pm January 17, 2013):

Whereever your inspiration, I hope it continues. Will definitely be reading The Wicked Wedding Of Miss Ellie Vyne

Re: Finding Home (8:15pm January 14, 2013):

Love your western hat and wow do you look good for having been writing for about a thousand yesrs! Looking forward to defininely reading this book

Re: Kiss Of The Betrayer (6:07pm January 12, 2013):

I struggle with trying to stay away from the snacks especially when I'm not particularly hungry and just eat out of stress

Re: Birthright (6:04pm January 12, 2013):

Great plot and great winter read!

Re: South Of Surrender (6:40pm January 9, 2013):

my favority line is: Their tongues met, dueled, twirled.

Re: In His Brother's Place (10:46am January 6, 2013):

I enjoy contemporary more than historical. I can read contemporary faster; when I read historical I seem to get lost in the historical facts

Re: Seven Days Normal (10:42am January 6, 2013):

Definity continue writing! Look forward to reading Seven Days Normal

Re: The Missing Manuscript Of Jane Austen (10:40am January 6, 2013):

I also love a challenge, it makes life much more interesting. Really enjoyed reading about the challenges of the writing process

Re: The Ravenous Dead (6:10pm December 31, 2012):

I am thankful for a wonderful husband, good health and good friends and family

Re: Secret Santa Baby (6:20pm December 27, 2012):

Looking forward to reading Secret Santa Baby--keep writing!

Re: The Billionaire's Christmas Baby (6:18pm December 27, 2012):

I am grateful for my and my husbands good health and also being married to a wonderful husband for 46 years

Re: Renegade (7:52pm December 24, 2012):

No cannot think of any books I especially reach for during Christmas

Re: Perfect Misfits (10:20pm December 22, 2012):

I love December because it is my birthday month and also becasue of the Christmas season. People seem to be much more cheerful and smiling as we get closer to Christmas. Also would love to read your books

Re: Captive Of The Border Lord (3:58pm December 20, 2012):

I cannot think of any stories to share but Happy Holidays to all

Re: Against The Odds (4:23pm December 19, 2012):

We go to church on Christmas and New Years eve!

Re: Deadly Patterns (6:42pm December 15, 2012):

My favorite holiday treat is mince meat pie and fruit cake--yum yum

Re: A Seal At Heart (6:27pm December 14, 2012):

My team is my husband, family and close friends

Re: Wanting Sex Again (4:41pm December 9, 2012):

Wow! this sounds like I great read, certainly plan on reading it.

Re: Wish Upon A Christmas Star (9:02am December 2, 2012):

My wish for the holiday season is continued good health for my family and friends. Prayers of comfort for those going thru tough times

Re: Taming the Outback (5:32pm November 25, 2012):

Like you I like a fiesty woman and a feisty heroine! Makes for fun reading.

Re: Holiday in Crimson (7:37pm November 24, 2012):

Being around family and friends makes Christmas magic for me

Re: Wolfishly Yours (7:07pm November 23, 2012):

Definitely looking forward to reading Wolfishly Yours

Re: Rogue Rider (7:33am November 19, 2012):

Definitely sounds like a book I'll be reading

Re: How To Tame A Willful Wife (5:02pm November 16, 2012):

So true, love is everlasting. I love love novels.

Re: A Wedding In Apple Grove (5:00pm November 16, 2012):

Definitely a book I am going to read; my mother was born in Aiken, S.C. and I have fond memories of Aiken when I was small and visited my grandparents.

Re: The Twelve Clues Of Christmas (12:52pm November 11, 2012):

I remember coming down on Christmas and finding my stockings filled with gifts and also many gifts around the tree. My mother would Christmas shop all year; and of course being the only child I was a little spoiled. I miss both mom and dad at this time of year

Re: Heart of Danger (7:42am November 10, 2012):

Like you, I love apocalypse books also. Not sure about the end of the World whether it will be swarm of zombies, Vampires,or a virus?

Re: What The Cat Saw (7:39am November 10, 2012):

This will make the perfect gift for my friends C'mas stocking; she has 7 cats.

Re: The Warrior (2:00pm November 1, 2012):

I also love Gerald Butler and also castles. Love reading and seeing pictures of the various castles.

Re: Midnight Exposure (3:30pm October 29, 2012):

I like Hermione from the Harry Potter series, she's intelligent and compassionate. Midnight Exposure definitely sounds like an excellent read

Re: Iced Chiffon (8:31pm October 28, 2012):

I have not read any mysteries lately but love them because I love the suspense, etc. Cozy Crazy sounds like a great read and I am looking forward to reading it

Re: Return Of The Border Warrior (3:37pm October 17, 2012):

I do not have any secret treasures but would love to win

Re: Resurrection Express (6:48pm September 19, 2012):

Stephen I'd love to come with you for the rest.
Sounds like a wonderful read

Re: Three River Ranch (1:17pm September 17, 2012):

I do not have children so that saves them from me posting embarassing things and I have not posted anything embarassing about me or my husband but I love to read about embrassing situations.

Re: The Curse (12:50pm September 16, 2012):

I do not have a Kindle yet but think I will be purchasing one soon. I definitely have a keeper shelf

Re: Finding Sarah (5:11pm September 15, 2012):

I love suspense and to be suspended until the very end.

Re: When You Give A Duke A Diamond (3:30pm September 8, 2012):

I like a strong heroine, one with plenty of backbone and can stand up for himself in all situations

Re: In Rides Trouble (7:42pm September 7, 2012):

What a great book this is and I love the pictures you've posted

Re: A Place Beyond Courage (7:40pm September 7, 2012):

Your books are so interesting; keep on writing and I'll keep reading

Re: Death Where The Bad Rocks Live (5:52pm September 1, 2012):

No you are not lazy by reaching into your mental storehouse and I am sure you'll be able to reach into your mental storehouse when you decide to write a romance

Re: Lucky Break (5:46pm September 1, 2012):

I love stories from small towns because I am from a small town and I think they are more personalized

Re: Immortally Yours (12:04pm August 27, 2012):

I am so glad you decided to use your degree by writing IMMORTALLY YOURS, definitely looking forward to reading it

Re: Sweet Deception (9:42pm August 13, 2012):

I love historical romance books and it is definitely more fun creating chemistry on paper than in a lab

Re: The Last Victim (1:18pm August 5, 2012):

I also listen to my inner voice and it has usually been the correct decision. Looking forward to reading your book

Re: Married By Midnight (8:11am August 3, 2012):

I like to be left hanging and wait for the next book and the next and the next. Love being in suspense and wondering what's going to happen next. I always trust that the author is going to finish what he/she started

Re: I Own The Dawn (7:58am August 2, 2012):

I love spur of the moment things---a friend calling and lets go to the movies. A quiet dinner out and a long walk in the park

Re: Goddess in the Middle (7:11pm July 27, 2012):

You sound like you definitely enjoy the men in your life and I look forward to reading Goddess In The Middle!

Re: Rosi's Time (4:09pm July 26, 2012):

I can understand how hard it can be having to self promote. I love reading book reviews and also plan on reading your books

Re: Jesse (7:05pm July 13, 2012):

What a wonderful day to celebrate Friday the 13th. Happy Birthday to your grandmother and many many more!

Re: Gwen's Ghost (2:24pm July 12, 2012):

What a wonderful idea to decide to write together. Great teamwork and the books sound wonderful; hope I win

Re: Into The Darkest Corner (5:35pm June 23, 2012):

Yes I would let an author join a book group. I do not belong to one but feel I do because I have alot of friends who are constantly reading and we are always discussing which books we have recently read and what to read next

Re: Honorable Rancher (6:11pm June 20, 2012):

There just may be something better than reading a book but I have not found out what it is yet

Re: No Ordinary Sheriff (1:08pm June 17, 2012):

I love the names of your fictional towns---Ordinary and Accord. I can definitely understand how you've become attached to the town of Ordinary having written about it for 3 yrs.

Re: About Last Night (11:57am June 10, 2012):

Sounds like a wonderful read, I do not do e-books yet either I still like holding the book but am thinking seriously about getting an e-reader

Re: Joy Ride (11:48am June 10, 2012):

I also love reading and you are so true when you say reading and writing are vitamins for the brain. I have learned so much from reading books

Re: Diamonds Are Truly Forever (11:43am June 10, 2012):

Lying is not good--one should always try to tell the truth and we should teach our youth to always tell the truth

Re: Chase Me (4:02pm June 7, 2012):

I love snow and the cold hate the heat and humidity. I think the falling snow is such a beautiful scene.

Re: Home For The Summer (6:51pm June 4, 2012):

I spent most of my summers away at camp. The summers I did not go away we went to the Jersey shore for a couple of weeks.

Re: Night Walker (5:02pm May 16, 2012):

I also love accents, especially a English accent like Prince William

Re: Kiss Of The Goblin Prince (6:47pm May 13, 2012):

love the cover and sounds like an exciting read

Re: Hannah's Joy (6:29pm May 6, 2012):

I look forward to reading Hannah's Joy. I live not far from Lancaster County which is Amish country and we always enjoy visiting the area

Re: Enraptured (12:03pm April 26, 2012):

Gustavo from Breaking Bad is my favorite villain

Re: Homefront Hero (7:17pm April 25, 2012):

I love a reluctant hero. One who does good deeds without expecting people to praise him and tell him how great he is. Just does deed out of the goodness of his/her heart

Re: Untouched (5:41pm April 20, 2012):

This is definitely my favorite and so true!
You hardly age once you find your mate. Sweet. No Botox or boob lifts required.

Re: Trouble Me (5:24pm April 9, 2012):

Love Rob and am really looking forward to reading Trouble Me! Sounds like a book I'm going to have trouble putting down

Re: The Devil and Miss Jones (1:57pm April 8, 2012):

I like titles that make me wonder what the book is about and The Devil and Miss Jones is that such title. Looking forward to reading it

Re: Lessons After Dark (4:45pm April 6, 2012):

Looking forward to reading LESSONS AFTER DARK and going back to school without the studying and tests

Re: Woodrose Mountain (1:06pm April 4, 2012):

I find it interesting to read about people who have been thru difficult times because when I hit 'bumps in the road' I remember what I've read and life is not always easy. And when the road is not 'bumpy' I know how fortunate I am my family are.

Re: Wedded In Scandal (5:04pm April 3, 2012):

Wedded In Scandal definitely sounds like a book that is going to be hard for me to put down---will definitely be on my reading list.

Re: In Search of Lucy (3:51pm March 31, 2012):

Great plot and story line, looking forward to reading it

Re: True Highland Spirit (5:47pm March 30, 2012):

I like a hero and heroine who stands up for what they believe and are willing to fight for it.

Re: Cassie's Grand Plan (5:35pm March 20, 2012):

I also live in a small community inside a bigger one (Philadelphia). I like my small community becasue the neighborhood stores know you by name and the neighbors look out for each other. We have been here halmost 40 years and love it!

Re: Texas Pride (8:31pm March 8, 2012):

I love reading romances,, they make me happy & smiling and seem to be more loving to my family

Re: King of Darkness (8:30pm February 22, 2012):

Love my coffee. Did not start until I was about 18; mom made me drink my milk until then. Now it's all coffee and no milk

Re: Far from Here (8:52am February 4, 2012):

I so much agree with you that I think we're all artists and We all create. I love to 'paint pictures of situations' in my mind and act them out in dreams

Re: Chosen By Sin (4:48pm January 31, 2012):

I look forward to reading this series--what a great series!

Re: Touch Me (1:16pm January 30, 2012):

Ilove suspense type romance and my favorite type of heros are polic officers

Re: Falling For The Fireman (6:17pm January 24, 2012):

Firemen (and women) are brave, and courageous and I love reading about brave courageous people. Your book sounds like one that will be hard to put down!

Re: Banshee Charmer (5:43pm January 22, 2012):

love my heros to be honest, intelligent and faithful

Re: Dreamers (1:56pm January 21, 2012):

What a great question---who am I. Well I can say that I try to think of others and when I go to the supermarket I buy for my family but also canned goods for the local food pantrys to help families that need

Re: Scrumptious (1:49pm January 16, 2012):

Chocolate cheesecake is a breakfast I have not tried but certainly sounds yummy. SCRUMPTIOUS definitely sounds like a delicious book to read

Re: Dylan (6:20pm January 15, 2012):

DYLAN certainly sounds like a great book to be curled up with during this cold weather

Re: A Demon Does It Better (8:21am January 3, 2012):

I definitely think I would be much too 'thin skinned' to hang out inside a critter

Re: Sweet Reward (3:48pm January 2, 2012):

I absolutely love tortured characters and please keep putting your heroes and heroines through horrific circumstances, I love it!

Re: The More the Terrier (8:37pm December 31, 2011):

In 2012 I plan to exercise 3-4 times a week and spend more time with friends and family

Re: The Angel Of Blythe Hall (12:24pm December 30, 2011):

An unexpected gift I received was a box of Omaha steaks delivered---yum, yum!

Re: How To Worship A Goddess (5:45pm December 13, 2011):

I am more of a baseball player than hockey but whatever player, having teeth is definitely a must

Re: Shield of Fire (7:29pm December 9, 2011):

Boys want computer games and sports equipment

Re: Wild Thing (8:22am December 5, 2011):

I definitely think opposites attract. I have many friends who have been married a long time or in a relationship that are opposites and very, very happy

Re: Beyond The Darkness (12:40pm December 4, 2011):

I worked for a large blue chip company for 25 years which involved a lot of stress and deadlines. Since retiring I have been more relaxed and have time to devote to volunteering and helping others.

Re: Hot Zone (6:38pm December 1, 2011):

I have nothing on my list in particular. But I'm helping a friend make those less fortunate than we are have a happy holiday by getting toys, etc for children and food baskets for the families

Re: She Can Run (6:57pm November 29, 2011):

I like to read suspensful romances---those that keep me guessing

Re: Miss Darcy Falls in Love (8:24am November 28, 2011):

I think men are born knowing exactly how to please a woman! Looking forward to reading your latest book.

Re: Waking Up Dead (9:20am November 26, 2011):

Definitely a book I want to read while curled up in a nice warm blanket next to the fire as the cold weather approaches.

Re: The Spy Who Left Me (12:57pm November 25, 2011):

I love this time of hear because it is cooler and snow is coming. I plan to do alot of reading this holiday and also will be giving books as gifts to friends that I know they love to read as much as me.

Re: A Crimson Warning (1:24pm November 24, 2011):

I am thankful for good health, family, and friends. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Love that this is a holiday that we can all celebrate and be thankful.

Re: The Return Of The Stranger (2:13pm November 20, 2011):

I am sure I am going to enjoy a fresh look at a classic romance, looking foward to reading The Return of The Stranger. My local Borders also closed---I really miss it.

Re: Fortune's Son (1:28pm November 18, 2011):

I am loving Philip--a man who is reformed outwardly and is at peace inwardly. My kind of man

Re: The Fallen Queen (9:43pm November 17, 2011):

One of my favorite stories is The Secret Life of Bees, much of the story is the struggle for equal rights.

Re: The Highlander's Heart (8:13am November 16, 2011):

Sounds like a great read--love David already and what a hero he is

Re: Until There Was You (4:19pm November 15, 2011):

The characters in UNTIL THERE WAS YOU
definitely sound intriguing and am looking forwad to reading it

Re: Genie Knows Best (1:23pm November 10, 2011):

Enjoyed the Outtake from GENIE KNOWS BEST, really looking forward to reading the book

Re: Risking Trust (12:40pm November 8, 2011):

We often strive too hard for perfection and this is not good. Some of the most successful people have not been perfect. Being perfect is overrated

Re: Engaged in Sin (5:59pm November 5, 2011):

What a great story to read as these cold winter evening approach and I'm sitting by the fireplace

Re: Always a Temptress (9:41am November 3, 2011):

Love Philip Kerr's mystery/historical series--March Violets, The Pale Criminal, The German Requiem, If the Dead not Rise,etc--all are interesting reads.

Re: The Virtuoso (7:48pm November 2, 2011):

This definitely sounds like a page turner and will be fun to read

Re: Enchanted Destiny (12:38pm October 31, 2011):

What an exciting storyline, can't wait to read it. Definitely will be a page-turner!

Re: Romancing The Countess (7:38am October 28, 2011):

No reading the romance novels have not impired me (yet) to do anything interesting but there is always time!

Re: Ecstasy Untamed (12:23pm October 26, 2011):

My selection for the weirdest movie is the Belgian movie Ex-drummer.

Re: Flawless (2:06pm October 20, 2011):

I definitely think bad boys can be redeemed, actually anyone can be redeemed and no there are no lines that cannot be crossed to his happy ending.

Re: Utterly Charming (12:23pm October 19, 2011):

Ive always liked Cinderella. Its a so beautiful fairytale,

Re: Attracted to Fire (8:08am October 18, 2011):

I have never traveled to Texas except thru reading, movies, tv, etc. Love the gift [email protected]

Re: The Rose Garden (6:34pm October 12, 2011):

I like supporting the casts in a book, it makes the story much more interesting

Re: Unleashed (8:36am October 10, 2011):

I would like to be a dog, they live the good life, sleeping in comfy beds, eating the best of food, often from the hands of their owners and get plenty of love

Re: The Goblin King (6:02pm October 6, 2011):

I get inspired by others---and seeing how fortunate I am

Re: Chaos Tryst (12:47pm October 2, 2011):

As I think back on my dates (long time ago, I've been married almost 50 years LOL) I cannot remember any really bad, bad dates. I had a few that I felt were a waste of my time and did not go out with them again but nothing really bad.

Re: The Norse King's Daughter (8:33am September 29, 2011):

Interesting topic because I am in a reading slump now because of recent eye surgery and my eyes hurt when I read. So I went to the library and got some large print books yesterday and hopefully that will pull me out of the slump until my eyes adjust to normal

Re: Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rock Star (2:36pm September 21, 2011):

So true that music helps us express our grief, reach out to others, and remember important times. Your book sounds wonderful and thanks for telling us that we can go to Googlebooks and read the first 100 pages

Re: Murder By Mocha (12:56pm September 20, 2011):

My favorite snack is popcorn, I have discovered the buttered air puffed popcorn and I love it. I also get the urge for chocolate and always have it around -- usually too close

Re: The Rake And The Recluse (12:34pm September 18, 2011):

The images definitely do drive, enliven and enhance the words, I love it!!! What a great idea

Re: To Sketch A Thief (10:16am September 17, 2011):

I have always loved to name my pets according to the way they look, my dalmation was named pepper because of the black spots, my dachshund was named Longie because he was 'long', etc. I like children's names that are easy to pronounce and remember

Re: The Last Rising (10:11am September 17, 2011):

favorite "hmmm...." moment is "watch your back" Now how am I going to watch my back? My head does not turn that far and if I'm watching my back, how about the front of me?

Re: Tempted (10:48am September 15, 2011):

Still thinking about who my favorite damsel in distress character is, very interesting question

Re: The Dragon And The Pearl (9:52am September 14, 2011):

I love seeing some of the 'wild' costumes the Hollywood stars wear to different affairs. Not that I would wear many of them but it gives you ideas---maybe for Halloween costuming.

Re: Out in Blue (8:04am September 13, 2011):

I also find angels exciting---love their wings also, they make me calm and non anxious.

Re: No Proper Lady (1:19pm September 12, 2011):

NO PROPER LADY definitely sounds like a very interesting read! Looking forward to reading your book

Re: Stone Cold Seduction (6:02pm September 11, 2011):

I am a stressful person, I tend to worry about situations that will probably never happen. When I start worrying too much I try to think of happy thoughts to pull myself out of it.

Re: Kindling The Moon (11:16am September 10, 2011):

So far I have read one urban fantacy book---Silver Borne by
Patricia Briggs and enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading
Kindling the Moon. Hope I win

Re: Lord and Lady Spy (8:31am September 8, 2011):

Yes, yes you definitely mentioned two of my favorites--Liam and Hugh Grant, Great choices you made. I look forward to reading the book, sounds exciting

Re: Deep Disclosure (8:56pm September 7, 2011):

As I think about it, I live in all three. I live in the past thinking about my youth and my parents who are now both deceased. I live in the now every day but also wonder what the future brings---both good and no so good and the unknown!

Re: The Wedding Affair (8:10am September 6, 2011):

do not know where you could hire a one-twelfth-scale maid but your dollhouse brings me memories of my childhood and yes I had a dollhouse also.

Re: Deadly Descent (3:01pm September 5, 2011):

No favorite military romance booksor authors yet but am looking forward to reading Deadly Descent

Re: Bel Air (5:15pm September 4, 2011):

My favorite ice cream flavors (yes I have two) are egg nog and rum raisin.

Re: Lady Of The English (6:50pm September 2, 2011):

Both ladies Adeliza and Matilda sound like they certainly do not have dull lives. I love historical novels and look forward to reading this one

Re: Serendipity (5:43pm September 1, 2011):

I am a Beta hero lover!!!

Re: Redeeming The Rogue (4:37pm August 30, 2011):

Sounds like a great read for the coming winter and snow/ice storms sitting by the fire.

Re: Claim Of Innocence (3:54pm August 29, 2011):

I dislike those emails that say that I've won a million dollars. Always afraid that an innocent person is going to fall for it.

Re: Secrets: Desires Unleased (9:22pm August 25, 2011):

My favorite Manga character is - Pen Pen (Evangelion)

Re: The Edge Of Grace (1:34pm August 21, 2011):

I love your journey---definitely a journey of a good writer

Re: The Orphan Sister (4:23pm August 17, 2011):

I have enjoyed this summer at the beach in Cape May and also at our home in PA. The weather has been hot but I have tried not to complain too much because I know the ice and snow is coming. And the beach or around the fireplace would both be an excellent place to read The Orphan Sister

Re: The Vampire Next Door (5:18pm August 15, 2011):

The Vampire Next Door is definitely a must read and I love happy endings.

Re: Spycatcher (2:30pm August 11, 2011):

I think it will be most interesting to read about your life experiences

Re: The Landlord's Black-Eyed Daughter (9:19pm August 10, 2011):

I love happy endings because they make me smile

Re: Midnight Fear (12:03pm August 7, 2011):

Keep writing! Both Midnight Caller and Midnight Fear both sound like real page turners and I can't wait to read them!

Re: Pleating for Mercy (2:45pm August 5, 2011):

My luxury pasttime is bicycle riding. I try to ride at least 5 times a week.

Re: Too Hot To Touch (2:07pm August 3, 2011):

Oddly enough, my first crush was the person I married. We dated for 9 years before we married and I loved him, and still do the whole time.

Re: Notorious (2:28pm July 29, 2011):

I would do what I wanted to do, say what and how I wanted, when I wanted and how I wanted and not care that anyone thought that I was a scandalous woman

Re: A Gentleman Never Tells (12:13pm July 25, 2011):

I love the book title---A GENTLEMAN NEVER TELLS! Yes I have seen typo's in books but I've seen more cases where the wrong word was used rather than a word misspelled

Re: Undead And Undermined (5:43pm July 22, 2011):

love your posts and NO you are whinning about problems that are not problems

Re: Night Walker (4:26pm July 18, 2011):

Don't think I would like to live forever; would miss my family and loved ones and if I was in poor health it would be painful.

Re: Magnificent Passage (5:06pm July 12, 2011):

Congratulations on your anniversary and all your wonderful writing

Re: Just One Season In London (4:44pm July 11, 2011):

I am glad you were invited to be a part of Fresh Fiction and look forward to reading Just One Season In London

Re: Runestone (10:36am July 9, 2011):

I find a man's eyes and how he expresses himself 'using them'! Also the way he walks and moves his body.

Re: The Doctor Takes A Princess (5:34pm July 8, 2011):

I do not have children but have done alot of babysitting and I found that if I played music it would usually calm them down

Re: Under a Desert Sky (4:57pm June 18, 2011):

I love novels that include both suspense and romance. Sounds like a book that is going to be hard to put down

Re: Virgin (1:49pm June 16, 2011):

This looks like a great summer pool-side or beach read!

Re: Hard Bitten (3:54pm June 14, 2011):

Great suggestions. I use our local library throughout the year. With you suggestions, I'll be spending more time there. I'm within walking distance and will be great exercise on days when it's not too hot.

Re: SEALed Forever (4:22pm May 20, 2011):

Yes, yes---hero's and SEAL's. Look forward to reading Sealed Forever, what a wonderful read this will be

Re: It Happened On Maple Street (5:24pm May 19, 2011):

I love the mission that you and Tim are on and all I can say is keep up the good work both of you. Looking forward to reading It Happened On Maple Street, sounds like such a good read!

Re: Ashes Of The Earth (1:48pm May 17, 2011):

Post-apocalyptic imagery is popular those who read science fiction and fantasy which I do but have no visions at present. I do not think I want to be around at that time

Re: Grimoire (4:13pm May 15, 2011):

I love secondary characters in a story; it makes the plot much more interesting.

Re: Love Drunk Cowboy (1:28pm May 4, 2011):

All it would take for me to trade in my high heels for a pair of cowboy boots would be for me to see one of those handsome cowboys on your book covers.

Re: The Legend Of Michael (12:38pm May 2, 2011):

Honesty, Courage and strength

Re: Deadly Ties (12:20pm April 10, 2011):

I have tried to be very loyal to a few close friends becasue as an only child I have no sister or brother to turn to. Nice to have a close friend that is loyal.

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