November 29th, 2021
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A spy tracker & code breaker team team up to search for saboteurs, and her safety becomes his first priority.

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Kari Stuart is roped into helping out at a dog show--but soon finds she’s bitten off more than she can chew when her best friend is framed for murder

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Sela falls hard for Theo, only problem, he doesn't love her back

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Society's most exclusive invitation

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Is she bold enough to embrace a wild Scottish ride?

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A spy and an assassin

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Will the secrets of their pasts continue to rip them apart?

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The magic of Christmas, the power of forgiveness, and the importance of family

Jennifer Beyer

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240 comments posted.

Re: Paradise Valley (8:22pm July 4, 2013):

I had a history teacher in high school that always made sure we saw both sides of the battle in move to the American west. I always love finding books that incorporate both sides with accuracy.

Re: It Happened One Midnight (9:40pm July 3, 2013):

Of course it will happen again! What fun would it be if it didn't?

Re: One Day in Apple Grove (10:15pm June 13, 2013):

I have attended 2 reader events. I would go to 1 or 2 every year if I could afford them. It's so nice to be surrounded by lots of people who understand my love of reading.

Re: Billion Dollar Cowboy (10:12pm June 13, 2013):

Oh, I think she was bamboozled for sure but that's ok because it's a community service to tell all of us the stories of these sexy, super rich cowboys!!

Re: Tainted Angel (10:18pm June 6, 2013):

I was drawn in by the cover and I am super intrigued by the description. I haven't read many books about that era.

Re: The Firebird (9:48pm June 6, 2013):

I used to read a lot of horror novels so I am sort of glad that they didn't "form" my personality! The book that really stuck with me from my early reading is On A Pale Horse by Piers Anthony. It was the most creative thing I had ever read up to that point. It taught me to reach out and read outside of my comfort zone.

Re: The Secret Life of Lady Julia (9:33pm May 27, 2013):

I wish I could write a book but it's just not in me. I have always thought I would like to be an architect or a physical therapist. At the end of the day I like my life and I have want I really want right now.

Re: Darius (9:49pm April 4, 2013):

I'm am a sleep on it person. I do make lots of lists but they never solve my problems. I need to let things work their way around my brain before I can even imagine a solution.

Re: Identity Crisis (9:39pm April 1, 2013):

Major art theft always baffles me. Anyone who would buy a piece of art that they know is stolen and then they can't share it with anyone becuase it's STOLEN...well they are just too self important. I have never seen White Collar. The ads just never hooked me.

Re: A Risk Worth Taking (7:34pm March 10, 2013):

I actually like a mix. I read everything from literature through sci fi through YA etc, etc... The one thing that ties it all together for me is that the characters must be believable. Even if they are futuristic aliens with two heads and fire breathing nostrils. A couple of year ago I hadn't found many women's fiction books I loved but kept on trying. Then I discovered Jane Porter! Revelation! Real life and absolutely engrossing! Recently I discovered Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry. Just riviting! I just love a good book!

Re: The Blue-Ribbon Jalape?o Society Jubilee (10:07pm March 7, 2013):

I was cooking today and got to thinking about Lucky. I love how real and well rounded your characters are. Have you ever considered writing the broken hero who needs serious fixing or are you drawn to the more put together heroes? And I love your heroines. Not a whiny loser in the bunch!

Re: Lord Of Darkness (9:52pm March 4, 2013):

Most of the historical books I read a set in the 1800s. I am always excited to find a story set in a different time period. I admit that I haven't read any of the books in this series but now it's on my wish list.

Re: The Mistress Memoirs (10:11pm February 20, 2013):

I admit it! I love a good scandal. Yippee!

Re: The Eldritch Conspiracy (8:35pm February 12, 2013):

I think some books to movies are great. Like the Harry Potter series. Some are just painful. Think Twilight! I am one of those people that believe you should read the book first.

Re: Kiss Of The Betrayer (6:13pm January 12, 2013):

I have similar struggles to you. For the past few years I have been taking baby steps to make my house cleaner, pay my bills more timely, find time to exercise, etc.

Re: Waking Up With A Rake (9:00pm January 10, 2013):

I just love this type of story. The world weary rake and the innocent miss...delightful. And I think Mia Marlowe is a great author.

Re: South Of Surrender (10:00pm January 9, 2013):

I have North of Need in my TBR pile. I am really excited to read the series. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I don't have a question tonight.

Re: For The Love Of A Goblin Warrior (8:31pm January 3, 2013):

I have been wanting to read this series. Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: Wanting Sex Again (7:58pm December 9, 2012):

I am really interested in reading this. Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: Double Time (8:15pm December 1, 2012):

I love all kinds of music. Recently I have been enjoying a lot of different types of rock. And yes, lots of guitars!

Re: A Christmas Bride / Christmas Beau (8:56pm November 27, 2012):

I love Regency romance and I am getting so excited about the holiday season! Thanks for the giveaway!

Re: Wolfishly Yours (8:47pm November 23, 2012):

Hmmm, the top of my wish list? A winning lottery ticket? It's the only thing I can think of.

Re: How To Tame A Willful Wife (9:58pm November 16, 2012):

I think love for love's sake can work in books but I generally like reading about love that is about the friendship and the coming together of two different people.

Re: A Wedding In Apple Grove (9:55pm November 16, 2012):

I am so excited about this new series. I just loved The Secret Lives of Cowboys. Those brothers made for some fun reading!

Re: Texas Wide Open (10:19pm November 14, 2012):

I do love a good romance. Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: The Warrior (9:01pm November 1, 2012):

I have diverse music tatse but I do love Linkin Park when I need something to get me moving forward! And, Gerard Butler is always a plus!

Re: Midnight Exposure (9:24pm October 29, 2012):

Lori Armstrong writes the Mercy Gunderson series. Mercy is a strong, smart, resiliant female. I just love her. I think my favorite heroine of all time is Phedre no Delauney de Montreve from the Kushiel series by Jacqueline Carey. Her journey is just amazing!

Re: One Night with a Hero (10:20pm October 27, 2012):

I love military heroes because the men are men. They are dedicated and loving.

Re: Run The Risk (9:05pm October 11, 2012):

I was struggling to come up with an answer but I notice that a prior commentor mentions Barrons from Karen Marie Moning's Fever series. He is a great example! I also love the answer of Izzy from Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooter series. It appears that I have to start reading JR Ward and Kresley Cole.

Re: Secrets Of A Wedding Night (9:09pm September 29, 2012):

I love a smart man. My husband has a very big...brain and I love it. It's the first thing I look for in a man.

Re: Boyfriend From Hell (9:58pm September 24, 2012):

I love urban fantasy and I am always looking for new authors to read!

Re: Deadly Little Lies (8:30pm September 18, 2012):

I fell madly in love with Sherlock Holmes when I was in high school. Honestly, I don't remember much of the assigned reading from school because I was reading so much fun stuff. But, I still have a soft spot for Shakespeare!

Re: The Curse (8:13pm September 16, 2012):

I read on both an ereader and on paper. There are some authors that are paper only and some that are ebook only. I have a complete set of Karen Marie Moning's Fever series, a copy of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Acheron and all of Jacqueline Carey's books on my keeper shelf.

Re: Kiss Of Steel (9:53pm September 14, 2012):

I like my vampires seductive. I like them smart and a little devious. Favorite vampire? That's tough. It really depends on my mood. This first to come to mind is the Dark Hunters from Sherrilyn Kenyon (although they aren't quite vampires).

Re: A Lady And Her Magic (9:48pm September 14, 2012):

My first love? I would have to say no to the yellow box and baby powder. I had a teddy bear (I still have him) and a pillow. Both were repaired many times. The pillow finally died about 10 years ago after my son inherited it and just beat it to death.

Re: Temptation In A Kilt (8:52pm September 8, 2012):

And just how is a girl supposed to keep her eyes from HIS kilt? Really! Thanks for the giveaway!

Re: When You Give A Duke A Diamond (8:50pm September 8, 2012):

I hate heroines that are too stupid to live. Honestly, the heroine must be smart and able to stand on her own. I would like to see more heroines that are the lead in the story (like many UF heroines).

Re: Allergic To Death (8:02pm August 18, 2012):

The book description really caught my eye because the mode of death is peanuts. My son is severly food allergic so I always notice when it is part of a story.

Re: Primal Possession (10:12pm August 15, 2012):

I like heroines to be smart and self sufficient. I don't want them to need a man but instead choose a man.

Re: Sweet Deception (10:23pm August 13, 2012):

I must have time to myself everyday. Sometimes it's just a few minutes but sometimes it's a whole hour. I have to have it or I get very cranky!

Re: Seducing Cinderella (7:37pm August 12, 2012):

The first time I heard the term catagory romance I thought what? Who knew that such a thing existed? The publishing industry is very complicated. Congrats on the book and thanks for the giveaway.

Re: The Bull Rider's Brother (7:33pm August 12, 2012):

Very interesting. I just finished reading a post about street teams and the issues with them. I would imagine that it's hard to decide how and when and where to market your product. Afterall, you want to hit the correct audience. And that doesn't even take in to account picking the correct publisher! Thanks for the chance to win you book.

Re: Wrong Bed, Right Guy (9:02pm August 11, 2012):

Yes, a man with a dark side can be the perfect match for a proper lady! I love that type of story!

Re: Hell On Wheels (9:18pm August 10, 2012):

I am always looking for new series to read. Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: I Own The Dawn (9:15pm August 2, 2012):

I love it when the little pieces start to form a big picture. I love it when one character realizes that another character has layers they had never seen before. I love the humor that happens naturally. I love a book that has a good rythym.

Re: Goddess in the Middle (9:01pm July 27, 2012):

This book is on my wish list. I love Stephanie Julian's books. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

Re: Take it Like a Vamp (9:21pm July 25, 2012):

I do love bad boys. But, I don't watch any of the shows you listed and I can't stand that movie. I know, as a vampire lover, how can it be? I like bad boys who are only bad on the surface but big marshmallows on the inside. Like Acheron from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series. Sure, he can crush you like a bug but he would rather just hang out with his wife. Cool!

Re: Creating Fate (9:10pm July 23, 2012):

When my son was born, I called my boss to set my date to return to work. When I opened my mouth I heard myself say "I quit". I slapped my hand over my mouth. I couldn't believe I said that but I knew in my gut that it was what I was supposed to do. I have never regretted that decision.

Re: Scotsmen Prefer Blondes (10:08pm July 21, 2012):

I love Regency romance because it is a time period I can't even comprehend. There were so many rules and mores. Everyone was so proper and yet we all know that if you scratched the surface just slightly, there was a lot going on that broke the rules.

Re: The Officer Says I DO (9:12pm July 19, 2012):

I don't know if it's the funniest but today I taught my mother the meaning of FUBAR. I just love that acronym.

Re: Luscious (9:10pm July 19, 2012):

For me, a book has to have a hook. If it is an author I know, then it has to be characters I know from the series or a concept that attracts me. For an unknown author, I need an interesting cover, a concept that is in some way familiar and yet creative and a recommendation from a trusted reveiwer certainly helps.

Re: Four Sisters, All Queens (8:38pm July 14, 2012):

I didn't know this story. How interesting. All these amazing, strong women. I would love to read this book!

Re: Jesse (9:30pm July 13, 2012):

I fell a little in love with Jesse while I was reading Tyler's book. It was obvious that he was still a little boy on the inside. I have been waiting for him to get his HEA!

Re: The Reluctant Matchmaker (8:50pm July 10, 2012):

I once dated a man a full foot taller than I am. It didn't bother either of us. I ended up marrying a man shorter than I am. I have had people ask me point blank if it makes us uncomfortable. What? On our wedding day I wore heels and a tall headpiece. It has never bothered us!

Re: Lord Of Fire And Ice (9:38pm July 5, 2012):

I could only read part of the interview :( Darn computer. What I was able to read sounds interesting and the author interview was interesting. (Now to cross my fingers and hope this posts)

Re: It Begins with a Kiss (8:25pm July 3, 2012):

I loved the history that aligned with your story. This sounds like a fun trio of trios!

Re: The Princess and the Outlaw (9:58pm July 1, 2012):

I love talking to my brother and sister. So funny!

Re: Wicked Nights (11:12pm June 29, 2012):

I am rarely drawn to a character immediately. I am more of a slow burn reader. I loved Alexia from the Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger. I also loved Mercy from the Patricia Briggs series. But one that bowled me over from page one was Mercy Gunderson from the series by Lori Armstrong. Such an amazing heroine and so complex.

Re: Invitation To Scandal (9:17pm June 26, 2012):

If I could be anyone for a day it would! I don't want to walk a mile in anyone else's shoes and I don't want their stinky feet in mine. HAHAHA!

Re: Starlight (10:41pm June 25, 2012):

Polly Gowan, Weavers Union, church pew, Alex realized he was flirting, Harvard, Polly's father is ill - Therefore, Polly is leading the meeting of the Weaver's Union is a church because he da is ill. Alex had to participate in "masculine politics" because he is there in a capacity that the union does not appreciate.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: Her Forbidden Hero (9:23pm June 19, 2012):

I don't want any glaring errors but I can forgive a little creative license. What I really love is when the author talks about research in the book notes and it turns out that they had active millitary personnel look at the book. I think that is great!

Re: The Casanova Code (9:23pm June 18, 2012):

I would say "Strong, independent woman looking for strong, independent man". I would want it all because I already have it all!

Re: Undead And Unstable (9:24pm June 15, 2012):

Are readers the most important? I have come to the conclusion that the cycle of writing, editing, publishing and reading is a carefully balanced thing. I don't think any one step is more important than the other!

Re: The Marriage Bargain (9:19pm June 15, 2012):

I want an ending that fits the story. For instance, Woman In Black, the book, had a very powerful ending but the movie was Hollywood drivel at it's worst! Of course, I love the big HEA but I am a patient reader and I am willing to allow for a HFN or even the possible HEA if the author is a gifted writer. For instance, the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning had a series of endings. And, in the final ending it was more of a beginning but it worked with the series.

Re: Joy Ride (4:34pm June 10, 2012):

I am trying to teach my kids about reading for necessity and reading for fun. I work to find books that they love so that they will want to read for fun as they get older.

Re: About Last Night (10:59pm June 9, 2012):

I am really excited about this book. It sounds like a really fun read.

Re: Chase Me (1:35pm June 7, 2012):

Ok, this is one tough question but here goes...
Acheron by Sherrily Kenyon, Jericho Barrons and Dageus McKeltar from Karen Marie Moning, and Jules Cassidy and Sam Starrett from Suzanne Brockmann. Sorry, I couldn't pick just one.

Re: Diamonds Are Truly Forever (8:34pm June 4, 2012):

I can't lie or keep a secret. Holy cow! I am a mess when I even have to tell a little white lie for a good reason. And don't ask me to buy a gift and then wait to give it!!!

Re: Home For The Summer (8:32pm June 4, 2012):

Every summer the whole family went to the beach for a week. Then we would usually try to do something else. Sometimes visit family, go to Disney, check out historical sites etc.

Re: Seeker Of Shadows (8:37pm May 30, 2012):

There is exactly one book in all of time that I absolutely DID NOT FINISH. I hate to say it but Surrender The Dark by L.A. Banks just didn't work for me. Boy did I try but yuck. As far as books I loved, they are plentiful but the one I suggest to everyone is Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey. I had to hold on through the first 70 pages because I couldn't stand what was happening to Phedre. I am SO GLAD I stuck with it. The book is amazing and I ended up reading through the whole series almost without break because I had to know. I HAD TO!

Re: The Homesteader's Sweetheart (9:54pm May 29, 2012):

I can't think of any but I am sure I must have read at least one. I read all the time!

Re: Tangle Of Need (3:45pm May 28, 2012):

I love getting bits and pieces of characters across many stories. One of my favorite series that does that is Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters. I am now reading the Nick Chronicles spinoff. It's fun to see different points in history and character development!

Re: A Gentleman Says "I Do" (10:14pm May 25, 2012):

I think this story sounds great!!!! I love the fact that Catalina has to step up and write to keep her family afloat. That means she is strong and resourceful. I love that!

Re: Deadly Secrets, Loving Lies (9:56pm May 18, 2012):

I have always had a thing for Tony Stark. Brilliant. Rich. Good looking. Self depricating. WOW!

Re: Kiss Of The Goblin Prince (9:58pm May 13, 2012):

I had wondered about the wings on the cover. I am really intrigued. It's a nice twist.

Re: The Proposal (7:38pm May 4, 2012):

Oooo, I hadn't heard of this book or series before this post. I am really intrigued. They will definitely go on the wish list. I love the ideas you shared in the your post. The only son dying. The wife committing suicide. The hero inheriting title and money but he wants to work the land instead. This sounds wonderful!

Re: Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal (7:34pm May 4, 2012):

An impossible choice? No. But love has dragged me into the light. Although, I can honestly state that I wasn't fighting too hard. Once I opened my heart to the possiblity the my now husband was "the one" everything else fell into place. When it's right, it's right!

Re: Tempting the Best Man (7:12pm May 4, 2012):

Honestly, the whole coverage of the Grey series has been driving me nuts. You would think it was the most exciting thing ever. I have been reading these books for years (though I haven't read THE series) and there are some really great authors out there. I also read a lot of YA. I have loved how the YA market has really grown in the last few years. I am hoping that both of these are examples of more people reading more books!

Re: Darkest Caress (7:04pm May 4, 2012):

Ooo, that is so cool about the DNA match. It's like your writer self just knew and wove it into your story. When I was a teen I was travelling with my family. I woke up in the middle of the night with a clear picture of my boyfriend at the time. I KNEW he had just had a huge emotional shock. When I returned home I told him about my waking vision. It turns out, I described exactly what had happened to him. Way goosebump!

Re: Under His Protection (9:36pm April 29, 2012):

I love both alpha and beta heroes but the alpha heroes in fiction...YUMMY! It is so amazing in fiction when the alpha goes all alpha on the situation.

Re: No Dress Required (9:20pm April 21, 2012):

I read both types of books. I enjoy connected books because I get to "visit" with the characters and storylines from prior books. Sometimes I like a stand alone book jus tto give me a quick glimpse into a story. It just depend what I am interested in at the moment.

Re: The Fallen Woman of Vil?gos (9:40am April 16, 2012):

Deja Vu is very real and sometimes very, very overwhelming. I have had a couple of cases over the years where I can even "remember" smells or sensations that accompany the memories. I love the poem. Thanks for sharing it!

Re: Duty And Desire (11:09am April 15, 2012):

I used to think that fiction mirrored reality or was just designed to give the reader a place to go that was obviously not real. However....recently it seems that more and more people want their real lives to mimic fiction. I guess deep inside we all want the fairy tale ending.

Re: A Plain Death (12:57pm April 14, 2012):

Wow! Sometimes God's plans take a leap of faith and a little guts. Not courage, guts. I don't know if I would have had the gut to tell her I just happened to be in Florida for a week and I would like to get together. Congrats on having guts and getting published!

Re: Trouble Me (9:43pm April 9, 2012):

This books sounds wonderful. I love the setup. Thanks for the giveaway!

Re: Wedded In Scandal (5:36pm April 3, 2012):

I have always thought that the part of Regency romance that really works is the bit of humor. Honestly, it was a period where everyone walked around with a stick up .... I won't even finish that thought. I am so excited about this book. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

Re: In Search of Lucy (7:56pm March 31, 2012):

This is not the type of book I would normally go for but the description just appealled to me.

Re: A Light On The Veranda (8:42pm March 30, 2012):

There are certainly times that I want a bare bones story. Usually, I want details, history and setting to help me form a picture in my mind.

Re: True Highland Spirit (8:38pm March 30, 2012):

Intelligence and a sense of humor. Then you can mix in a dash of snark, slightly broken and totally turned on by each other and you have a winning book!

Re: Texas Baby Sanctuary (8:44pm March 28, 2012):

I must love books about Texas because I am reading one right now!

Re: Vicki's Key (8:35pm March 28, 2012):

A Celtic accent. I'm not sure I can differentiate accents that much but I get all melty when a man has a great accent.

Re: The Chase (8:33pm March 28, 2012):

Wow, tough question. I watch Dr. Who. I have always watched Dr. Who. I have discussed Dr. Who with many and various individuals. I own Dr. Who memorabilia. Why do I love it? It is fun, funny, creative, thoughtful, scary, and it has been on FOREVER! Yup, FOREVER is a big reason.

Re: Sanctuary Cove (8:28pm March 28, 2012):

I do watch reality tv because it is often something we do together as a family. Honestly, I love Hell On Wheels but it's not appropriate for my 10 year old. One of my favorite shows is Spongebob because it is so creative and the whole family can watch it! I read when I want something new and creative.

Re: Sex, Lies and Contracts (10:37pm March 23, 2012):

The hero should be broken (but not too much) and he must be smart and have a sense of humor (even if it's off beat). Gee, I don't ask for much, do I?

Re: Believe It or Not (10:01pm March 22, 2012):

I have loved and will always love the name Acheron. No author other than Sherrilyn Kenyon should ever use it. It is a very strong name. I Hate (with a capital H) the weird names that I can't pronounce.

Re: Sticks and Stones (8:23pm March 21, 2012):

I would love to think I could write a book with my sister but I'm not so sure....hmmmm....

Re: The Needle In The Blood (9:16pm March 16, 2012):

The history of the tapestry is so interesting. I can't even imagine the women who had to work on it. They were amazing artists and storytellers.

Re: A Seal In Wolf's Clothing (9:11pm March 16, 2012):

I immediately thought Hot and Sexy!

Re: Secret Confessions of Lady H ? Book 1 (10:22pm March 14, 2012):

I just read a serial novel by Jenn LeBlanc. I wasn't sure what I would think but I really enjoyed the short, quick segments. But, I did shake my Kindle when I got done becuase I wanted more!

Re: His Duty to Protect (10:18pm March 13, 2012):

Oh, sounds like my kind of book!

Re: The Forbidden Claim (9:48pm March 11, 2012):

My day - not so good. I could use a vacation from my family. Way too much stress! If I had more minutes, I just don't know what I would do....hmmm....

Re: Under The Covers (10:36pm March 10, 2012):

I referred to my empty nest as a little nervous break down. I got a dog! Clearly, I had a bit of temporary insanity. But I have to admit, she is a cutey pie and a love!!

Re: Against The Night (10:32pm March 9, 2012):

I loved The African Queen. Such a great movie and it really has withstood the test of time!

Re: Texas Pride (10:34pm March 8, 2012):

No, reading romance hasn't changed my relationships. Although, I have made lots of awesome new friends that I would have never gotten the chance to know without reading romance!

Re: Fever (10:16pm March 7, 2012):

I say to my son: What do you need to do for homework tonight
My son hears: All work and no play (actually, he hears dirty words but that just didn't seem appropriate here)

Re: Dire Needs (9:47pm March 5, 2012):

I'll admit that I do tend toward series but...I read quite a few stand alone books. I try to be open minded because you never know when you might find something just wonderful! BTW, I love biker wolves. Eeeee!!!

Re: Obsidian (10:18pm March 3, 2012):

Thanks for the giveaway. This story sounds like something I would really enjoy.

Re: Donovan's Bed (9:27pm February 26, 2012):

Oh, thanks for the chance to win a copy of this book. It sounds really interesting.

Re: Clobbered By Camembert (5:59pm February 25, 2012):

I have seen these books around the web. I just love the names and story descriptions. Sadyly, I can't have dairy products so a lot of cheese is off limits to me. I would love to have a wonderful local cheese store where I could shop. My farmers' market has a cheese stand that now stocks all sorts of non-dairy cheeses. Goat milk extra sharp cheddar is amazing! I am also a foodie and love to try new recipes. I'll have to check out your site! Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: The Rogue Pirate's Bride (9:08pm February 24, 2012):

I just love this series. It is so much fun! Ok, now to your question. I read romance novels for the love, humor, action, and, yes, the HEA. Although, I don't think every romance novel must be HEA. I can be happy with a HFN. In fact, I love Karen Marie Monings Fever series and she didn't give a HEA for a LONG time!

Re: The Risque Target (10:01pm February 23, 2012):

I figure an all grown up bad boy would have a lot of life experience to draw from so he should be world wise but not yet world weary. And, I want him to have reached the point where a woman is his comfort and focus and no longer dispensible.

Re: The Night Is Mine (9:48pm February 16, 2012):

I got the job I had worked so hard to achieve. That was on a Tuesday. On Thursday I found out I was pregnant. I worked like a crazy person for the next 8 months to lock in my position so I could return after I had the baby. The day I called to set my restart date, I opened my mouth and....I quit! I had no choice. My baby needed me and the career was just going to have to wait!

Re: Ride With Me (10:24pm February 13, 2012):

I am not really adventurous but I keep trying to slowly expand my horizons because I don't ever want to be stagnant.

Re: Secrets of the Knight (10:23pm February 13, 2012):

I love When Harry Met Sally and The Princess Bride. I think they really stand the test of time (if you can forgive the costumes in When Harry Met Sally). There are so many romance books I love that it is really hard to choose.

Re: The Stubborn Dead (2:42pm January 28, 2012):

OMG! Your post is so timely. My daughter is an avid My Little Pony collector. Just last night she was bemoaning the fate of Minty. Oh the horrors of all of the different styles of Minty (please, don't mention the baby Minty to her) and now the ultimate face slap to Minty. She is no longer part of the MLP lineup! Oh, the pain. The thing is, I totally understand her collecting love. Right now I am sitting at my desk with my collection of pins from places we have travelled and my collection of Tinker Bell hat pins. Yup, I love Tinker Bell. You are not alone in your collecting. Have fun with it. Sometimes I rearrange my pins just because I can.

Re: Fever (7:51pm January 25, 2012):

I don't set New Year's resolutions because they just don't make sense to me. I do set goals for myself but just in small chunks each month. I have always been amazed that authors are able to organize and stay on task. I don't think I could do it.

Re: Amazon Heat (3:59pm January 23, 2012):

I love series. Usually, I prefer the series to be full legnth books with maybe a novella thrown in for the fluffy stuff. I have read a couple of novella series that I really enjoyed. How short is too short? Well, if I can read it while I am having my lunch break, it's probably too short. If it is so short that it doesn't need chapter break, it is probably too short. If, when I get done reading it, I shake my ereader and wonder if the book downloaded wrong, it's probably too short. I recently read a short story that was part one of a serial short story. What it amounted to was I purchased each of the 3 chapters separately. I won't make that mistake again. Each story was too short and when strung together it was barely novella legnth and each installment was .99. In the end, to high a cost for so little content.

Re: Banshee Charmer (7:38pm January 22, 2012):

A hero needs to be a little broken so the heroine has something to "fix". But I also want him to be protective, intelligent, loving, funny....gosh, I don't want much, do I?

Re: Dreamers (7:32pm January 21, 2012):

I am pretty sure I know who I am. What a nightmare it would be if I woke up and found out I was wrong!

Re: Sex, Lies and Surveillance (8:16pm January 19, 2012):

Bond, James Bond! The older verisions cause the new ones are kind of bad.

Re: Lure of Song and Magic (8:32pm January 18, 2012):

I too have a loose definition of magic. So, yes, I believe in magic.

Re: Made For Marriage (3:36pm January 17, 2012):

I have read a lot of suggestions from different authors, editors, publishers and even booksellers. It seems like it's a little luck, a little talent and a whole lot of hard work. I never knew how complicated getting published was until I started following my favorite authors and reading their personal publishing stories. Good luck in the future and I hope you stay out of the slush!

Re: Scrumptious (9:39pm January 16, 2012):

Oh goodness, no I did not know! My parents pushed me to get an accounting degree. Turns out I was good at it. I decided I wanted to be a corporate CEO someday. Then I had kids and knew I needed to stay home. And, being a CEO kind of sucks. So now I am trying to figure what I want to do now that my kids are getting older. Life is a journey and you have to be willing to change constantly!

Re: Dylan (10:37pm January 15, 2012):

It was so awesome to meet you at RAW. I am so excited to read your books.

Re: Sins Of The Highlander (9:11pm January 12, 2012):

Every hero must be slightly broken. It is something that the heroine heals. Honestly, it doesn't have to be an earth shattering issue but it has to be something personal.

Re: Risking Trust (9:52pm January 11, 2012):

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo! I positively vibrated when I finished it. In fact, I got book 2 off the shelf and had to stop myself from starting to read it right away. I had so much work to do!

Re: A Demon Does It Better (7:21pm January 3, 2012):

I am too allergic to cats to want to be one! HA!

Re: Sweet Reward (10:34pm January 2, 2012):

I love the tortured hero. They have to heal and their heroine gets to help them! Plus, because they are tortured they as so protective and loving.

Re: The Angel Of Blythe Hall (9:51pm December 30, 2011):

This year I got the unexpected and totally loved gift of my daughter still believing in Santa. I will forever carry that with me. It was beautiful!

Re: Lover's Leap (8:51pm December 29, 2011):

I love second chance love stories! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

Re: Mozart's Last Aria (10:21pm December 27, 2011):

Wow! This sounds so interesting. I am going to add it to my wish list.

Re: Finding Felicity (8:50pm December 23, 2011):

Faith - reminding my children that Christmas is a celebration of Jesus not of Santa (although he is pretty awesome!)
Love - telling the people I love that I love them.
Forgiveness - sometimes I have to remind myself that people are only human. I may want to get irked sometimes but I take a deep breath and try to remember that no one is perfect.

Re: Lady Seductress's Ball (9:45pm December 19, 2011):

I am now living gluten free and haven't had the chance to try out my favorite recipes. But, pretty much anything chocolate! Right now I am reading Trace Of Fever by Lori Foster!

Re: Wild Thing (10:13pm December 5, 2011):

I think it is opposite sides of the same coin!

Re: Beyond The Darkness (7:54pm December 4, 2011):

My meandering road has led me to be a stay at home mom. After many years at home, it looks like I will be heading back into the workforce.

Re: Busted in Bollywood (10:21pm December 3, 2011):

Fresh corn chips and homemade guacamole! Yum!

Re: Hunter Of Shadows (10:48pm December 2, 2011):

No spoilers?! I am currently completely sucked in by American Horro Story. Every episode is a new whoa moment!

Re: Hot Zone (10:32pm December 1, 2011):

My wish list is small this year. Just a winning lottery ticketb ;)

Re: Acquainted with the Night (10:30pm December 1, 2011):

Interesting! Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: The Earl's Mistaken Bride (11:00pm November 30, 2011):

I tend to be a glass is half full kind of person. When I start talking about the lemons without the lemonade, you know something is very wrong!

Re: She Can Run (10:06pm November 29, 2011):

I read all different kinds of romances. I like to find new types and new authors so I am constantly expanding my reading. Right now I am reading a lot of contemporary and paranormal.

Re: Learning To Trust (4:40pm November 27, 2011):

Wow! The story sounds really good. And, I am excited that you have more books planned. I think it is so great when an author creates a world and then discovers that many characters in the new world need their stories told!

Re: The Spy Who Left Me (10:06pm November 25, 2011):

I read all the time so reading is a given. I am working on a list of Christmas themed books to read at Christmas. And I am working on a list of paranormal books to start reading January 1. So right now, I am reading whatever is in the pile that doesn't fit those 2 catagories!

Re: White Dawn (10:21pm November 21, 2011):

I know I don't have a writer within. I think I probably have an editor within, though. My kids have taught me to laugh everyday. I read a little bit of everything but non-fiction history. **Shudder**

Re: The Return Of The Stranger (10:24pm November 20, 2011):

I love the cover variety! Thanks for the giveaway!

Re: Under The Moon (10:43pm November 19, 2011):

I love the idea of the hero or heroine having a beloved pet. I have a dog that I love!! Pets prove that the characters are capable of love!

Re: The Fallen Queen (10:10pm November 17, 2011):

Stories of class and conflice? Oooo, you have asked a tough one! Obviously, Upstair Downstairs is a classic along with Little Women and Wuthering Heights. But, a more modern interpretation is Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's series. Plus, it epic!

Re: Until There Was You (9:55pm November 16, 2011):

Please enter me in the giveaway! Thanks!

Re: The Highlander's Heart (9:48pm November 16, 2011):

I love a hero that has demons and a torturous heroine! HAHA! Sorry, I love giving the hero pain to work through!

Re: Until There Was You (7:57pm November 15, 2011):

I love second chance stories. Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: Knight of Runes (10:47pm November 14, 2011):

I am intrigued. Thanks for the giveaway!

Re: Because Of You (10:45pm November 14, 2011):

I really want to read this book. I have seen it at many tour stops on the web. Thanks for the giveaway!

Re: Genie Knows Best (10:15pm November 10, 2011):

Thanks for the giveaway. This story sounds like a lot of fun. Who hasn't tried rubbing a lamp just in case?!

Re: The Last Rising (8:46pm November 9, 2011):

So easy....Phedre from Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey. I had a hard time with the first 50 pages of the book but then I just loved her.

Re: Tall, Dark And Cowboy (10:28pm November 7, 2011):

I've never had to start over. I have always thought I would like to live in Phoenix.

Re: North of Need (10:37pm November 6, 2011):

Yes, I want to win North of Need. I have seen this book at other blog sites and I am really interested. Thank you so much for the giveaway.

Re: Engaged in Sin (10:45pm November 5, 2011):

Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to read this.

Re: Liver Let Die (10:43pm November 5, 2011):

Ah, the name game! Names really do matter but not for every character or even every book. A great example, Sherrilyn Kenyon named a character Acheron. He gets called Ash by the other characters. The name tells you nothing about him BUT once you read about him, Acheron is the only name that would work! There are tons of other characters in the universe, but I can only remember a handful of names. I read a book last year that has stuck with me. I can't remember a single character name. I think there were maybe 8 characters in the whole book. But the names were meaningless. Of course, some authors have fallen into using crazy names to avoid repeating names. Honestly, that is just nerve wracking! How can I read a book if I can't even pronounce the names?!

Re: Darn Good Cowboy Christmas (7:58pm November 4, 2011):

We are having a small Christmas this year. Just bring one gift for each of us. Maybe a winning lottery ticket!

Re: Always a Temptress (8:36pm November 3, 2011):

Hands down my favorite series EVER is Kushiel's (the first trilogy) by Jacqueline Carey. Why is a complicated question. First, Jacqueline Carey is an amazing wordsmith. The world in the series exists in my mind. Second, Jacqueline Carey took real history and geography and political boundaries and twisted them into something extraordinary. The series actually spurred me into looking up the actual history. Third, and in my mind most important, the characters live and breath. Phedre is a woman that I would love to know. Jocelyn is a man I would love to know. I felt their pain and celebrated their successes. Gosh, can you tell how much I love the series?! Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: Ecstasy Untamed (9:48pm October 26, 2011):

I just saw Paranormal Activity 3 and WOW! Holy cow! No way! I totally didn't see it coming.

Re: Dire Threads (7:07pm October 23, 2011):

My grandmother was very creative and so is my father. I don't think anyone ever encouraged me but noone ever discouraged me!

Re: Haunting Embrace (7:44pm October 22, 2011):

My copy of Haunted Warrior is either 3rd or 4th in the upcoming read pile. If I won a copy I would pass it on to my niece to get her hooked! Why do I like dark heroes? I think they have so many depths to plumb. Who wants to love a one dimensional guy?

Re: Flawless (10:31pm October 20, 2011):

Bad boys can be redeemed! I think a boy who is bad can grow into a man who is mature and seasoned! However, a man that forces himself on a woman. No! A man who beats a woman or child. No! I just can't forgive that.

Re: Utterly Charming (10:43pm October 19, 2011):

I love Beauty and The Beast because Belle is so smart! I plan to watch the show. I am really enjoying the redo of all the classics!

Re: Against The Storm (8:12pm October 17, 2011):

I love reading posts about authors and their writing. I love western romance. And the cover is yummy! Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: Queeen of the Sylphs (9:33pm October 13, 2011):

My sister and I were just discussing villians. A well written villian is a great thing. Even better is when an author is able to take a villian and give them the depth to become a hero.

Re: The Rose Garden (10:43pm October 12, 2011):

The supporting cast can be critical to the success of a novel. I like it when an author knows how to sprinkle in the supporting cast in just the right amount. The interactions between the main characters and the supporting cast help to complete and balance the story.

Re: Chosen By Fate (10:53pm October 9, 2011):

Ah, brothers! Tell your brother that he is looking at this all wrong. My brother has dreamed of being a published author. In recent years he has sort of decided it isn't going to happen. Because writing is WORK! A couple of months ago I introduced him to an author friend of mine. She is an actual published author. She writes "dirty" books! She was surprised by how cool he was. He basically told her that she is a published author and that is more than most writers can ever say! Plus, I bet your brother doesn't have fans that wait impatiently for his next book to come out so Pfffttt! BTW, I loved Chosen by Blood and I can hardly wait to read Chosen by Fate!

Re: Wilder (9:56pm October 7, 2011):

I haven't read a lot of books set in Africa. I had to enter for this one because it is Em Petrova! Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: The Goblin King (10:29pm October 6, 2011):

I just saw this book on Smart Bitches Trashy Books. I am so glad that I found this post tongiht. Definitely going on my wish list. Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: Roommates (10:13pm October 4, 2011):

James, Matthew, Luke, Zachary...I do like the classics!

Re: Chaos Tryst (8:17pm October 2, 2011):

I don't have anything quite as noteworthy as your story! Holy cow! I do have a friend who was told that the man she had always considered a friend thought being f***buddies would be a great idea since they were both in a dry spell. When she told me, we couldn't stop laughing. Such a romantic proposal!

Re: The Norse King's Daughter (1:56pm September 30, 2011):

Sometimes I sit quietly. It helps recharge my batteries. I also find a way to switch it up. For instance, I will ask my kids to broom and mop the kitchen and I will polish the kitchen cabinets. By the time we are done, I feel better and I can usually refocus my energy where it needs to be!

Re: Jennifer's Garden (10:17pm September 25, 2011):

I have seen this book around the web. I have recently gotten interested in women's fiction. I would love the chance to read this. Plus, the concept for the second book in the series really intrigues me!

Re: Murder By Mocha (10:32pm September 20, 2011):

I am a snacker! I love popcorn and I have learned to love strawberries. But, don't come between me and my chocolate!

Re: The Rake And The Recluse (9:09pm September 18, 2011):

I have seen this book at other sites. I am really looking forward to reading it! And, I love the photos.

Re: Tempted (10:41pm September 15, 2011):

I love Tori from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Acheron. Thanks for the giveaway. I was at Borders and saw Marked on the shelf and another woman grabbed it before I could get to the shelf! Darn!

Re: The Dragon And The Pearl (8:29pm September 14, 2011):

I recently finished an historical that took place in the late 1890's. The costumes truly defined the characters. It was so interesting when the characters travelled from New York To England. There were some serious diffences in how the women dressed and what the clothing meant. I have Dragon and the Pearl on my wishlist. It sounds like a really good read.

Re: No Proper Lady (10:06pm September 12, 2011):

Thanks for the chance to read your debut novel. The concept is so interesting!

Re: Deep Disclosure (9:08pm September 7, 2011):

I don't believe in living in the past. I am totally in the now. And I like to do a little planning for the future but I don't live only for tomorrow.

Re: The Wedding Affair (10:22pm September 6, 2011):

Oooo, if you find a dollhouse Swiffer I would love one! That is such a great idea. Dollhouses are so much fun.

Re: Deadly Descent (10:04pm September 5, 2011):

I love Shannon K. Butcher and Suzanne Brockmann.

Re: Sweet Justice (4:28pm September 3, 2011):

I have never read any of the Last Chance Rescue books. I love Karen Rose so I think I will love these too! The most creepy fictional villian ever has to be Rutger Hauer in The Hitcher movie. Holy Cow! That movie still givew me the creeps even after years of not seeing it.

Re: Lady Of The English (7:03pm September 2, 2011):

This period in English history is so interesting. The roled that women played in both the Monarchy and government is so interesting. I had never heard the story you told above. So interesting. Thanks for a chance to win this book. I would love to read it.

Re: Diaries Of An Urban Panther (2:06pm August 31, 2011):

I tend to act first think second. So I think I would jump in surprise and then do something, anything. I tend to get the shakes after something happens. And, of course, I would pick apart my actions after the fact.

Re: Redeeming The Rogue (9:43pm August 30, 2011):

There are some characters that just stick to me and I really want an author to write that story! Good luck figuring out what to do about your stuck to you character! Enjoy your trip and getting computer service!

Re: Ward Against Death (3:12pm August 27, 2011):

Oh, I have followed this book all over the internet hoping to win it. I am so excited that it is here today. I love Fresh Fiction. My dream job was being an auditor but then I had children and I knew that I wanted to be home with them. I am still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up!

Re: Secrets: Desires Unleased (10:16pm August 25, 2011):

My dog is a little loco. When she gets wet she runs through the house in circles and bites the furniture as she runs by. But the best part is when she is running full steam and can't turn fast enough so she jumps and rebounds off the furniture in her way. It is wild and you better get out of the way.

Re: Red's Hot Cowboy (9:17pm August 24, 2011):

I didn't read cowboy romance until I found Lorelei James. Then I was hooked. I like that the cowboys are earthy and a little rough around the edges. I like all heroes to be a little rough around the edges.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Re: Lucky Girl (10:18pm August 23, 2011):

Lordy, my first date was nothing to write home about. I was young, starry eyed and stupid. I was just lucky that the guy was a true gentleman!

Re: The Bone House (10:30pm August 22, 2011):

I am always looking for new authors to read. I love psychological thrillers. Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: The Orphan Sister (9:13pm August 17, 2011):

I've had a pretty relaxed summer. A couple of days at the beach. A couple of days of hiking. Thanks for the giveaway. I saw this on Goodreads and I really want to read it.

Re: Spycatcher (10:57pm August 11, 2011):

I can't even imagine it being real. So I think experience!

Re: The Landlord's Black-Eyed Daughter (9:55pm August 10, 2011):

I am really intrigued by the history of the circus. I love your list of addictions. My only switch out is popcorn in place of dougnuts (I can't have the wheat). Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: Pleating for Mercy (11:30pm August 5, 2011):

My luxury past time is reading blogs and entering blog contests. It is sort of becoming an addiction! I should probably take up quilting again, though.

Re: The Lady Of The Storm (10:33pm August 4, 2011):

I love Jacqueline Carey because she describes her worlds so beautifully. I would love to read The Lady of the Storm. The description is interesting.

Re: Too Hot To Touch (10:05pm August 3, 2011):

Wow, I am running into Louisa Edwards books all over the place this week! I actually won a set of the trading cards on a book chat last night. I would love to win the book. My first crush was the son of one of my father's friends. If my family hadn't moved far away, we probably would have dated each other.

Re: The Full Moon Bride (10:15pm August 1, 2011):

I don't totally understand the idea of an arranged marriage because marriage to me is about love. I have actually known people in arranged marriages and they were all happy. I would love to read this book.

Re: The Marked Son (7:32pm July 31, 2011):

Characters in books aren't real? No!? The thing is, a well written book comes to life and so do the characters.

Re: Notorious (10:52pm July 29, 2011):

I would love to be an educated woman of business. I think it's a riot that it would be scandalous!

Re: Undead And Undermined (7:04pm July 22, 2011):

OMG! That is too funny. It certainly seems that Twilight is stalking you. You know you might have a future career in being interviewed about books you've never read! Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: In The Heat Of The Bite (10:37pm July 19, 2011):

I love this series. I would love to win this. I tend to get all excited and want stories about all the secondary characters in books I love. Right now I am reading Gail Carriger's Heartless. I really want a HEA for Professor Lyall and Lord Akeldama. But, the sereis is about Alexia so I know they won't get their own books.

Re: Night Walker (7:41pm July 18, 2011):

I love when Queen asked in a song "Who wants to live forever?". It is a heartbreaking song. I would not want to live forever. But then again, I believe that the essence that defines me will continue to exist even after my body has died. I don't know what happens to that essence but I will find out at some point. I have seen this book around the web. I have entered a few contests to win it. Maybe this will be my lucky entry! Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: When One Night Isn't Enough (5:37pm July 14, 2011):

An internet addiction? Who me? I am taking it one day at a time because everytime I say I will cut back, I just add more!

Re: The Doctor Takes A Princess (9:51pm July 8, 2011):

Neither of my kids were difficult when they were really little. But, one time, my son had a bad day mostly because I was having a bad day. By bedtime, I just wanted to die and he was so wound up he couldn't sleep. He must have been around 3 or 4 months old. He had been sleeping through the night for a few weeks. That night, he cried and I mean screaming, thrashing crying. I stood over his crib and just begged him to shut up and sleep. I finally broke down and cried with him. I eventually got my husband up (he had had a terrible day too) and told him I needed a break. The funny thing was, our son was so exhausted that he fell asleep within minutes of my husband rocking him. Then my huband got me all tucked in. I hadn't thought about that in ages!

Re: Wild and Unruly (10:40pm June 30, 2011):

I believe time travel is possible but I don't think we should do it. I just don't think it is a good idea. Too many risks.

Re: Fallen (10:08pm June 29, 2011):

I love police/mystery books. It is so cool that authors get the chance to spend time with law enforcement to prep for their writing.

Re: Dying For Justice (9:54pm June 28, 2011):

I try not to live with fears. In the past few years, I have been thinking about my own death. Not a fear really. In books I love the suspense, the fear of not knowing where the bad stuff is coming from and worrying who you can trust.

Re: Missing Persons (10:56pm June 25, 2011):

I love true crime stories. Some of these cold blooded killers really do believe that they are basically decent people. It is so creepy!

Re: Burning Skies (9:41pm June 24, 2011):

Oh, I have thought about this question. I would love to be able to wrap them around myself and my husband and children. That would be so cool!

Re: City Of Promise (8:50pm June 23, 2011):

My summer list is huge. It's weighted down with contemporary and paranormal this year. Catherine Coulter, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Delilah Devlin, Shannon Stacey, Jacqueline Carey, Karen Rose. But, for something historical I am going to read the next Parasol Protectorate by Gail Carriger!

Re: Under a Desert Sky (10:33pm June 18, 2011):

IRL - HEA = fluffy bunny slippers, finishing each other's sentences, heading is the same direction
In fiction - HEA = ? I often wonder, what happens to the characters after all the madness ends.

Re: Virgin (10:36pm June 16, 2011):

I want to read this. I want to read when he Purrssssss...

Re: The Lost Summer Of Louisa May Alcott (9:54pm June 15, 2011):

I have been reread a lot of the classics. I need to make sure I have Louisa May Alcott on my list. I would love to win this. What a neat idea for a piece of fiction.

Re: Louisa And The Missing Heiress (9:47pm June 15, 2011):

What a neat concept for the story. It is so interesting how things have changed for women and yet have stayed so much the same.

Re: Hard Bitten (10:23pm June 14, 2011):

Thanks for the book ideas. I love just walking around the bookstore and library and just seeing what jumps out at me.

Re: Blood Of The Wicked (10:00pm June 13, 2011):

I love when authors twist things around. "Not my momma's witches" indeed!

Re: When Tony Met Adam (9:53pm June 12, 2011):

I love your books. I am so excited about When Tony Met Adam. I so want Adam to have his HEA! Thank you so much for the giveaway!!!

Re: Forced to Kill (10:29pm June 5, 2011):

This sounds like a book that would expand my reading choices. Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: Cover of Darkness (10:27pm June 5, 2011):

I love military stories. Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: Dirty (10:02pm May 22, 2011):

"She does what any Texas woman would do..." Sign me up for the giveaway!

Re: Awaken The Highland Warrior (9:37pm May 18, 2011):

I do think that a certain amount of real life bleeds through in an authors writing but I don't think that most authors always model a character after themselves. In fact, I think it is often what the author would like to be not what they are. It allows the author to be anyone or anything!

Re: Ashes Of The Earth (10:27pm May 17, 2011):

I saw a show on tv called Life After Humans and I have always thought that would be the world post apocalypse.

Re: Wickedly Charming (10:06pm May 16, 2011):

It's great that you have been able to write in multiple genres. A divorced Prince Charming? Great starting point. Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: Grimoire (9:47pm May 15, 2011):

Secondary characters can make or break a book. I love it when a character that clearly starts out secondary suddenly jumps off the page and has their own story.

Re: The Legend Of Michael (10:06pm May 2, 2011):

A hero should be smart, strong and a little vulnerable. It doesn't hurt if he's good looking and rich!

Re: Blood Sin (10:40pm April 21, 2011):

I want this book. I have it on my wish list. The series sounds really good.

Re: Tangled Threads (10:49pm April 18, 2011):

Of course, reading is a biggie on my list. I have recently discovered blogs and blog contests. And, I like some of the reality shows like Survivor and Last Cake Standing.

Re: Drip Dead (8:46pm April 14, 2011):

Kids are so cool sometimes. I volunteer at my daughter's school and I am always amazed! Love the cover!

Re: Demons Are A Girl's Best Friend (9:22pm April 12, 2011):

I believe in magic! I love witch books because of the magic. I love the cover of Demons Are A Girls Best Friend.

Re: Deadly Ties (2:54pm April 10, 2011):

Right now I am in a good place. I can't think of any situations that I would call torn loyalties. I have had a lot of that in the past and have learn to run the other way if I sense it starting up. My circle of friends and family is small but everyone supports everyone else.

Re: Collision Course (10:52pm April 8, 2011):

I watched and loved tons of sci-fi growing up. In fact, I still do! I loved Starblazers. I just rewatched some of the episodes and they are still good. As an adult I got hooked on The X-Files. And more recently, Firefly and Farscape. I was commenting today that the field of sci-fi romance is slim pickings. I plan to check out your book!

Re: Snowball in Hell (6:44pm April 7, 2011):

I have recently discovered and fallen in love with historical fiction. I have found so many different historical periods and topics. It's so exciting. I happen to be a fan of yours. I would love to read this. Maybe there will be greater tolerance in the future because of the upswing in gay fiction. We can only hope.

Re: Haunting Desire (8:27pm April 6, 2011):

Lately, I can't get enough Fae. I think the history is so interesting.

Re: The Shadow Guard (6:48pm April 5, 2011):

Acheron from Sherrilyn Kenyon. But only if he takes off the glasses. I always feel like his goth clothing is a uniform he uses to hide. Thanks for the contest.

Re: Love Me If You Dare (10:19pm February 14, 2011):

Holy cow! So many comments. Happy Valentine's Day!

Re: These Things Hidden (9:53pm February 6, 2011):

My son is currently dealing with being bullied at school. We discussed the situation and I helped him figure out what he wanted to do to deal with the situation. Later, he told me that he always knows that I have his back! I felt like such a good mom at that point. I guess that would be my definition.

Re: Mercy Kill (9:37am January 9, 2011):

I'm not sure it empowers me. I always enjoy reading how the author decided to bring the story to a conclusion. It is fun when the author jags off in a direction I hadn't considered. It is total escapism because it isn't my life. I love the first Mercy book. I am so excited for Mercy Kill. Congrats and keep the books coming! Have fun on your book tour!

Re: Deadly Intent (4:47pm November 10, 2010):

I love a good mystery/suspense story. I agree with many of the other postings, there are so many it's hard to choose. Harry Potter is a good choice as is Sherlock Holmes. Another is Phedre from Jacquline Carrey's Kushiel's series. She is an amazing heroine. One that is silly but I just love is Talon from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series. I don't know why, but I just love him!

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