June 3rd, 2023
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What if her perfect life wasn't so perfect after all?

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"Brims with vivid imagery."�Jen Turano, bestselling author

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The marriage is fake, but the passion is real.

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A charity collection of 22, never-before-published, brand-new stories featuring and benefiting love and Happily Ever Afters across the gender and sexual identity spectrums.

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A husband-and-wife disguise�His only hope for survival.

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Who knew patrolling a National Park could be this hazardous?

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Brave heroes who rise up to take down a treacherous gang bent on robbery and destruction, to keep their homes, and the women they love safe�

Lover's Leap by Emily March


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Lover's Leap
Emily March

Eternity Springs #4
Ballantine Books
January 2012
On Sale: December 27, 2011
Featuring: Cam Murphy; Sarah Reese
352 pages
ISBN: 0345528778
EAN: 9780345528773
Kindle: B00564GO9G
Paperback / e-Book
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Romance Contemporary

Twenty years ago the town bad boy, Cam Murphy, left Eternity Springs in handcuffs, riding in the back of a sheriff’s van . . . and breaking young Sarah Reese’s heart. The defiant teenager vowed never to return.

In Australia, Cam makes a new beginning. He builds a successful business and suffers few regrets until Sarah—and their daughter—walk into his life, and then immediately run away. Realizing it’s time to right yesterday’s wrongs, he follows Sarah home to Colorado—and turns her world upside down.

Cam wants to know his daughter. He needs to prove to Sarah, the town, and himself that he’s changed. Will the residents of Eternity Springs offer forgiveness—and will Sarah have the courage to trust this man who is asking for a second chance?


Eternity Springs


54 comments posted.

Re: Lover's Leap

As I was scrolling down the list, I saw that this blog contest is still open so I decided to come and post a comment for a chance to win. I have not had a chance to read any of your Eternity Springs books but they sound like they will be very interesting and exactly the type of books I like to read. Thanks for posting this blog and I hope to win. Blessings to you and your family.
(Mary Christian 8:20pm December 28, 2011)

I love that you have created a place to heal, these books sound like the type of read that makes you feel whole again.
Darci Paice 1:45am December 29, 2011)

I would love to win, however, I plan on reading these anyway. I've jotted down the titles and added them to my list. They sound wonderful! Thank you, Kathleen
Kathleen Jones 6:41am December 29, 2011)

i too am not acquainted with your books..they sound like a good read for myself and my book club.
Mal Kaplan 7:12am December 29, 2011)

What a wonderful way to start the new year! Your books sound like an inspirational read.. Thanks for the contest and for blogging so that readers can find out more about you and your writing!
Cate Sparks 7:32am December 29, 2011)

Congrats on 25 books!!! That's quite an accomplishment!
Cheryl Castings 7:42am December 29, 2011)

These books sound wonderful! I don't know who does your cover art but they are wonderful! I can't wait to read them.
Renee Brown 7:44am December 29, 2011)

These books sound wonderful. I think everyone needs a healing, peaceful world they can escape into to get away from the bustle of modern life.
Tabitha Monroe 8:32am December 29, 2011)

Since this is your 25th book, I guess you could call it your "Silver" edition!! Congratulations!! I would really love to read it. Just by reading your blog today, I can tell how much emotion you put into the book, and it makes me want to read it all the more. It would be a great book to read in the cold, snowy North. The cover is a work of art, too!! Kudos go out to the artist that worked on it.
Peggy Roberson 9:33am December 29, 2011)

love your books. Would love to win the contest. Happy New Year. And continued success with your writing. Nancy
Nancy Reynolds 9:49am December 29, 2011)

I would love to win your books...I haven't had a chance to go out and buy them yet but want to read them. Happy New Year!!
Dawn Staniszeski 11:02am December 29, 2011)

I don't know how I've missed reading some of your books, but now I'll add you to my list of authors. Lover's Leap sounds like one I would enjoy. I like reading about the bad boy having a second chance in life.
Anna Speed 11:07am December 29, 2011)

These look like great books, and I love your embedded video-promo. One question, though--where is the location of the town by the lake in the very beginning? It's beautiful, and I don't recognize it...
Kathleen Conner 12:16pm December 29, 2011)

I certainly look forward to Lover's Leap, having enjoyed the first three in your series!
Wishing for you a Happy and Healthy 2012!
Marjorie Carmony 12:23pm December 29, 2011)

Everyone deserves a second chance at love. This sounds like a wonderful
heartfelt read, in a beautiful setting no less!
Hope 2012 is as great as 2011 was for you!
Lexi Hansen 12:42pm December 29, 2011)

Congratulations on your 25th book. I will enjoy reading about second chances--I think everyone deserves them.
Sue Farrell 12:48pm December 29, 2011)

Love this series Congratulations on your success with this series. Can not wait to read more.
Annetta Stolpmann 12:52pm December 29, 2011)

Your 25th novel!!! Congratulations!!! Have a nice holiday season and a happy New Year.
Kathleen Yohanna 1:06pm December 29, 2011)

Anything about healing your soul and body is worth reading to me. Thank You for the chance for such a good read. Happy New Year Everyone!
Cheryl English 1:07pm December 29, 2011)

Silvana Moscato 1:12pm December 29, 2011)

Healing is romantic and a place to go to soothe and repair past hurts is a wonderful setting for a story.
Alyson Widen 1:40pm December 29, 2011)

Congratulations on 25!! These books have beautiful covers.
Theresa Norris 1:44pm December 29, 2011)

I would love to start the new year with an uplifting and hopeful book. Keep them coming!
MaryEllen Hanneman 2:17pm December 29, 2011)

These books look and sound beautiful!
Angela Johnson 2:44pm December 29, 2011)

Thanks for the chance to win your books... I have them on my list, but I do not have them in hand yet! Happy New Year!
Colleen Conklin 2:54pm December 29, 2011)

I have enjoyed reading your Eternity Springs series and can't wait to read Lover's Leap.
Robin McKay 2:59pm December 29, 2011)

I haven't read any of your books yet but I am definately going to be putting you on my IBR list! I love autographed books, I sure hope I win.
Kathleen Bianchi 3:03pm December 29, 2011)

Your Eternity Springs books sound wonderful! I would love to read the whole series!
Marguerite Guinn 3:27pm December 29, 2011)

CONGRATULATIONS on your success as an accomplished author and having written 25 novels!!! The ETERNITY SPRINGS series sounds like my favorite genre to read. I've seen them displayed at our library and the book covers are very beautiful. I am definitely looking forward to reading this series and appreciate this generous contest.
Linda Luinstra 3:49pm December 29, 2011)

These books sound wonderful,and the covers are great. Would love to win them. Thanks!
Amy Milne 3:58pm December 29, 2011)

Super good books and great looking covers. thanks for the contest and another book to add to my TBR list
Barbara Studer 4:17pm December 29, 2011)

Emily, you've been very busy writing! Keep up the good work! I think the Eternity Springs novels (4 so far) sound really good...keep the series continuing. Great covers and titles! Congratulations!
Rich Cook 5:13pm December 29, 2011)

WOW, Eternity Springs is such a beautiful name and your
Books have such beautiful covers too. Yes, I am on my 2nd
Love since 1988 and we are still Married. I would love a
chance to Win and read your beautiful books. I Pray to GOD
that I Win them since I did not have any Christmas this
year. Praise GOD always and Blessings to YOU and your Family
too. Thanks, Cecilia CECE
Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 6:17pm December 29, 2011)

Just wanted to say I love your books and am hooked on your Eternity Springs series, don't enter me because I have read these three books. I am looking for Lover's Leap right now, looked at Walmart again today and they didn't have it.
Gail Hurt 6:30pm December 29, 2011)

Series looks good, like books i would enjoy reading.
Bridget Lopreiato 6:32pm December 29, 2011)

I would love to win these books,they sound wonderful. I also love the covers. Thanks for giving me a chance to win them.Happy New Year to everyone.
Linda Hall 7:16pm December 29, 2011)

although i have not read the books being offered in the giveaway i did read a few of the others and i would love the chance to add these to those i have read. i love Eternity Springs, it always makes me feel good when i have been there for a visit. :)

[email protected]
Tammy Ramey 8:03pm December 29, 2011)

I can't wait to read your books!
Jenny Finstrom 8:07pm December 29, 2011)

I love reading series of books!!
Marilyn Legault 8:14pm December 29, 2011)

I must admit that I loved and still have the Geralyn Dawson books, especially the wedding series. I have been hooked on your books for years.
Sharon Mitchell 8:42pm December 29, 2011)

I love second chance love stories! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
Jennifer Beyer 8:51pm December 29, 2011)

I haven't read any of these books yet, but I do love a series
like this.
Diane Sallans 8:51pm December 29, 2011)

Picked up Lover's Leap today - can't wait to read it!
Mary C 8:57pm December 29, 2011)

Thanks for all the nice comments. I am very proud of my Eternity Springs
series and of the fact that it seems to be resonating with readers the way
it is. I agree with those of you who mentioned the cover art. I love it so
much that I tracked down the artist and bought the original art. It was my
celebration for having made the NYT for the first time. :). I hope you will all
give Lover's Leap a try.
Emily March 9:05pm December 29, 2011)

Congratulations on 25 books! I hope 2012 is as good to you as 2011.
Maureen Emmons 9:39pm December 29, 2011)

This looks like a great series! Adding them to my TBR list. Thanks for the chance to win the first 3. Happy New Year!
Teresa Ward 10:37pm December 29, 2011)

This series is sensational. more, More, MORE please!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on
reinventing yourself. You were wonderful as Geralyn Dawson (I read them all)
and your Emily March books just have to keep going. I love the premise of this
series and the books are so well written. I can't wait for the next one even as I
am finishing the most recent.
Sandra Spilecki 10:43pm December 29, 2011)

I love your books. Please keep writing those contemps. Happy New Year to all.
Pat Lieberman 10:45pm December 29, 2011)

I look forward to reading your books! congratulations on 25 books. They must be great!
Pamela Rose 10:49pm December 29, 2011)

the books sound great and i cant wait to read.thanks jen
Jennifer Beck 10:57pm December 29, 2011)

The books look & sound wonderful. I would love to begin this series.
Mary Preston 11:13pm December 29, 2011)

These books are new to me - woo hoo - always glad to find good books - and congratulations on all you have accomplished!
Felicia Ciaudelli 5:01am December 30, 2011)

Congrats on the new release! Love Eternity Springs.
Happy New Year!
Deborah Rudd 11:53am December 30, 2011)

I am looking forward to finding Eternity Springs, it sounds like a series that I would definitely be interested in.
Linda Ray 10:16pm December 31, 2011)

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