May 19th, 2024
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"COLD FURY defines the modern romantic thriller."�-�NYT�bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz

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Romance writer and reluctant cop navigate sparks during fateful ride-alongs.

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A child under his protection�and a hit man in pursuit.

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Courtney Kelly sees things others can�t�like fairies, and hidden motives for murder . . .

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Reunited in danger�and bound by desire

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Journey to a city that�s full of quirky, zany superheroes finding love while they battle over-the-top, evil ubervillains bent on world domination.

Vickie Hightower

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226 comments posted.

Re: To Wed A Wicked Highlander (3:55pm September 20, 2013):

I am looking forward to winter, I love all the winter sports
and sitting down with a good book, and watching the storms
rage outside with a hot coco or some yummy tea.
I enjoy your books and would love to read this one.

Re: The Chieftain (8:15pm February 28, 2013):

I love this series and hope you build a story and who dosen't love a HOT Scot.

Re: Hot Ticket (8:13pm February 28, 2013):

Love your books and the new one sounds great, Can't wail to read it

Re: Cursed (10:44pm April 13, 2012):

I am not sure if unemployment is good, I have seen to meny families
loose homes, to meny men loose there selfworth and both of those
things are hard to see.

Re: Rule Of Three (10:17am March 13, 2012):

I feel it depends on the people who are involved and if thay are able to
share without wanting to kill.

Re: Dreaming Of The Wolf (4:25pm December 8, 2011):

I think my fav fast meal is tacos and I know my kids love them also. I
love also your books and am looking forward to the new ones.

Re: Beyond The Darkness (3:02pm December 4, 2011):

I have yet to read any of your book but I am goin to now, thay sound
greatand I'm not sure how I have not gotten to any of your book.

Re: Unleashed (9:47am October 10, 2011):

UNLEASHED sounds great and I will be getting it, OH and the cover HOT!!

Re: Lady Of The English (1:54am September 2, 2011):

Your novel sounds great and I am a big fan of Historicals.

Re: The Lady Of The Storm (9:58am August 4, 2011):

I enjoy your style of writing and feel that you do paint pitures with your word and I fell as if I'm there, I can't wait to read your new book.

Re: Lie for Me (10:09am August 2, 2011):

Sounds like a good book and I hope it is available in e-book format.

Re: A Gentleman Never Tells (5:28pm July 25, 2011):

Hostoricas areone of my fav's and your sounds good, I'll have to give it a try

Re: Touch If You Dare (10:13am July 21, 2011):

I also think you should add GREAT body!! OMG is he ripped!

Re: In The Heat Of The Bite (10:54pm July 19, 2011):

These books are great and I can not wait to read IN THE HEAT OF THE BITE. I am a fan and want o say thank you for offering your books in e-book form.

Re: Magnificent Passage (3:42pm July 12, 2011):

I started out on what you would call a Bodice Ripper and at times I miss them :0) I used to sneek them from my grandmother cuz my mom would never have let me read them but I sure did learn alot! Sex was a subject that was not talked about at ALL. My mom told me there were things that boys were going to want to do and I was NOT to do them !! Well I was lost until those books and after my first one I know what Mom ment.

Re: Burning Skies (10:06am June 24, 2011):

I am a big fan of Paranormal Romance and your books sound good. I am new to you as an author but I will be getting your book even if I don't win :0)

Re: Virgin (4:20pm June 17, 2011):

I'm a BIG fan and have read all of this sreies so far and can NOT wait to read Virgin!! Your books are great I love how you pull characters from the other books and how thay all work together.
Keep them coming I for one will get all.

Re: Blood Of The Wicked (11:27am June 13, 2011):

I'm not sure if I'm a beliver but I do know that when something bad is going to happen or one of my kids is hurt I get this feeling in my chest and it just will not go away until I find out what it is and I just have to say I HATE the feeling.

Re: Heart of the Highland Wolf (9:28pm June 8, 2011):

Why Not werewolves and scotland, Thay are my favorite things to have in a romance book.
I love your books and can't wait to read the newest one in this series.

Re: Grimoire (10:23am May 15, 2011):

Secondary charaters are in my mind a big part of a Great book if you have sad 2eds then the book is not as good.

Re: The Legend Of Michael (2:08pm May 2, 2011):

Books sounds Fab. and your cover is HOT. I'll be getting it soon.

Re: It Happened One Bite (9:38pm March 14, 2011):

I love Your books have have read all but this one and I sure it's as good as the others, Can't wait to read this one. Keep the GREAT books coming for us die hard fans.

Re: What I Did For A Duke (12:27pm March 10, 2011):

I have had your book on my TBR list but after reading about the KISS I do beleive I'll be going to get it soon.

Re: A Lady's Wish (10:57am March 8, 2011):

I am excited to hear about more e-books being published with having a nook that is how I read most of my books and having more to choose from is always great. Thank You Avon

Re: Scandal of the Year (11:10am March 4, 2011):

I mostly read Historical Romance but I do add a Paranormal in now and then.

Re: Against the Law (10:55am March 1, 2011):

WOW that is Great. I have been reading your book for a couple of yrs and I am a BIG fan. The New York Times Bestseller List Congrats.

Re: A Light at Winter's End (10:14am February 24, 2011):

Julia's books are great and I love them.

Re: Love Script (3:05pm February 23, 2011):

I'm not sure what the craz is going to be I'm with you about it needing to change but to What?

Re: Bitten in the Bayou (11:17am February 21, 2011):

I'm a 80's Teen so Pritty in Pink is one of my fav's.
I enjoy your books.

Re: Storm Of Reckoning (6:11pm February 19, 2011):

Sounds like a good book.

Re: Beneath The Night Tree (10:53am February 18, 2011):

I enjoy reading about happily-ever-after but I'm not sure if it happens in life all that often, I beleive that your life is what YOU make it not what a love can do.

Re: Lucky Stiff (9:13am February 16, 2011):

With your hubby I'm sure it helps that you are beautiful and your books are great.

Re: RiverTime (9:08am February 16, 2011):

Book sounds great, I like some of the others read to escape but if I need to escape and think then it's walking alone.

Re: Love Me If You Dare (9:51am February 14, 2011):

Your thoughts are so correct it is a day yo tell those in your life you Love them and for me to aalso let them know how proud I am to be in there lives ALSO HOW PROUD I AM OF THE PEOPLE THAY HAVE GROWN INTO (kids)I have always been that Mom who told them each and every day that I love them and am proud of them but today we need to it with some flar.

Re: Breaking the Rules (12:32pm February 13, 2011):

The Panty Dropper, Or Sex on the beach

Re: Society's Most Disreputable Gentleman (10:52am February 11, 2011):

I think the eason we are attracted to rakes is becouse we all love the idea of tameing the Bad Boy and making him a one women man that out of all the girls we could snag that one guy that all want.

Re: The Mistress' House (10:50am February 11, 2011):

I Love Historical romance thats what I read most, I enjoy your books and would love to read this one.

Re: These Things Hidden (7:05pm February 6, 2011):

I love being a Mom and I have loved every age my kids have gone through don't get me wrong it's not always easy but it is ALWAYS the best, Thay are the most important thing in my life and the best thing I have ever done and I would trade it for not one thing, I'd also do it all over if given the chance and not change a thing.

Re: The Mysterious Lady Law (4:47pm February 5, 2011):

I also do not care if an author is male of female as long as the store is good and the characters have depth.

Re: Everyone Loves A Hero (8:22pm February 2, 2011):

I don't think that I have had one but I do help people as much as I can, Doing things from helping a women who is out of gas to volenteering for all kinds of things

Re: The Irish Princess (9:11am February 2, 2011):

Your book sounds great I love Historical books of all kinds and I can't wait to read yours.

Re: Stroke of Midnight (9:37am January 25, 2011):

Book sounds great. And do Not change your irreverent side we all need an outlet and thats yours and remember we are all beautiful in am irreverent way.

Re: Deadly Heat (6:31pm January 23, 2011):

I'm alot dark and I love it.

Re: Mercy Blade (6:29pm January 23, 2011):

WOW I think i need a nap with the hubby ;0)

Re: Yours For The Taking (7:08pm January 19, 2011):

Right now it's raining and so my perfect day would be...
A nice sunny day warm but not hot, a gentle breeze and a great book as I sit in the sun.:0)

Re: Stay Tuned For Murder (9:01am January 18, 2011):

What a fun way to promote your book! The book sounds great, Sure hope you sell a million ;0)

Re: Real Wifeys (11:43pm January 16, 2011):

Your books are great and I am glad you share your meny sides.

Re: Pleasure Me (9:17am January 14, 2011):

Books are my escape from everyday BS and for 20 min to a couple of hrs I can be some place else

Re: Kiss At Your Own Risk (10:09pm January 12, 2011):

I respect those wemon who pull thenselves out of bad places in their lives and i want to cheer them on and let them know thay are an insperation to all. Thank you to all of you for shareing your stories! You are all beautiful and strong.

Re: Wicked Seduction (4:47pm January 11, 2011):

I am new to your books but I love what I've read so far.
It is always comforting when the people who love you stand by you no matter what enean when we are being the big B

Re: Mercy Kill (9:27am January 10, 2011):

Darker side is always fun to read cuz it takes you away from everyday crap of ones own life.

Re: The Fire In Ember (9:23am January 10, 2011):

I enjoy historical romance alot and enjoy all the trials to be gone through.

Re: Fatal Justice (9:11am January 6, 2011):

Bpook sounds great and I'll be picking it up soon. Best of luck I'm sure it will be a hit.

Re: I Dream of Genies (9:09am January 6, 2011):

What a fun idea for a book and I;m sure it's going to be a hit. Happy New Year

Re: Master Of Smoke (9:19am January 4, 2011):

Your book are always great reads and I'm sure I'll enjoy this one also. The idea of taking a paranormal story and sending the message to women to find help is just wonderful.
Thank you for the greats books and keep them coming.
I'm a BIG fan of your work.

Re: Real Vampires Have More To Love (9:13am January 4, 2011):

Book sounds fun and i'll be adding it to my TBR list.

Re: Against The Wind (9:10am January 4, 2011):

I enjoy trilogies alot seeing how all the different peices come together and how the characters grow always makes me want to get the next book as soon as it comes out.

Re: The Irish Warrior (2:24pm December 21, 2010):

I have read all your books and love them. I also read ALOT but I just can't help myself:0)

Re: The Viking's Captive (1:10pm December 20, 2010):

There are some books that are ageless, the books we go to year after year to find that "THING" we love and I glad to say alot of your book are on that list for me. Glad to see your books are offered more and more on e-book.

Re: Wolf Fever (2:53pm December 15, 2010):

The new book sounds great!! I love your books. Keep them comeing

Re: Icecapade (6:42pm December 13, 2010):

I enjoy a good mystery that has a good romance in it, That is how I found romance to start and now I'm a big romance fan.

Re: The Spy Who Saved Christmas (6:40pm December 13, 2010):

For us it homemade Cinnamon rolls on christmas morning as a kid I can remeber the smell when I woke and have kept it up for my kids

Re: Unguarded (6:37pm December 13, 2010):

The new to me author that I like the most is Maya Banks I'm reading all I can find of hers.

Re: The Ghost Hunter (6:40pm December 11, 2010):

I enjoy reading historical romance but I like the Scotland ones the most.

Re: It Happened On Maple Street (2:50pm December 9, 2010):

Book sounds great and I'm sure I'll like it alot.

Re: All She Wants for Christmas (6:01pm December 7, 2010):

I live in a small town and have lived in small towns all my life at times it's great and at time's not so great but our town is close and we stand by one another when in need but we also know more anout one another then I would like but you have to take to good with the bad.

Re: Rajmund (5:10pm December 6, 2010):

I love bad boy hero's and you create some of the best!!
Can't wait to read this new one.

Re: Jane Slayre (4:59pm December 5, 2010):

Hans Brinker and the silver skates, I love haveing my mom read it to me and then when I was older I read it until the cove fell off and it is still one of my fav's

Re: Royal Blood (4:56pm December 5, 2010):

I love the holidays and the hunt for the perfect gift for all on my list some I make ( I quilt) some are gifts to fit the person just right and some are gift cards cuz thay are hard to shop for but I still love the hunt.

Re: Sparks (9:57am December 3, 2010):

Sparky sounds so fun and I'll be adding your books to my TBR list and picking them up soon.

Re: Twins Under His Tree (7:49pm December 2, 2010):

Sounds like a good book, We all need to respect the service that our veterans have given to our country and thank them for our freedom.

Re: No Way Out (7:46pm November 29, 2010):

Never been but always wanted too.

Re: Gemini Night (1:01pm November 27, 2010):

How the mind of a writer works is amazing and I admire your talent and how creative you are.WOW

Re: Motor City Witch (4:48pm November 26, 2010):

Book sounds GREAT and the cover is fun, I'll be adding it to my TBR list.

Re: Holiday Sparks (12:46pm November 24, 2010):

What I like best are Historical romance and then paranormal and I read them year round,But I do love the holidays and all the family time. My Favorite pie is pecan and carmal apple.

Re: Dating Mr. December (4:51pm November 23, 2010):

I like seeing how others minds work.

Re: Her Kind of Hero (4:50pm November 23, 2010):

I met mine at a friends house an ex brought him over and aI was a gonner.

Re: Angel in My Arms (10:36am November 21, 2010):

Your book sounds great and I must read it, You offer it in e-book form?

Re: The Taming Of The Wolf (9:12am November 19, 2010):

I love your books and your list is great.
I don't have one I like more then the others your books are all fun to read and I've just gotten this one on my nook and will start it in a day or so. Thank you for such great books.

Re: Swift Justice (12:13pm November 18, 2010):

I love the Holidays being with familey, the great food and the making of memories.
I also enjoy going to the mall just to sit and watch people.

Re: Miracle Baby (12:10pm November 18, 2010):

Your book sounds and Rory sounds great and I am adding your book to my TBR list but my hero is my Dad (he's gone now)He was to best person ever and I loved him dearly.

Re: Somewhere Along the Way (10:15pm November 16, 2010):

I think its wonderful how we as human beings can over come so much in life if we just set our minds to it. You are an example for us all.

Re: The 4th Victim (7:13pm November 15, 2010):

Readers n Ritas sounds like big fun, whis I lived closer also but am glad that some get to enjoy it.

Re: The Christmas Clock (7:11pm November 15, 2010):

Kat, I love your books, I have yet to read a Christmas book yet but yours will be my first.

Re: The Forever Queen (7:24pm November 11, 2010):

Your book sounds good and for those of us who love historical fiction having a well researched and writen is always a plus I'll be adding your to to my TBR list.

Re: Deadly Intent (7:53pm November 10, 2010):

Too meny to pick just one or a few. Your book sounds great.

Re: While Galileo Preys (2:34pm November 9, 2010):

At times its hard not to believe in a higher power, I know there have been times in my life where I am positive there is one working in my life.

Re: Casting About (6:21pm November 8, 2010):

I enjoy both and like it when thay are mixed, a great story that is based on truth but fiction

Re: While Galileo Preys (9:22am November 8, 2010):

I whish I could write. Your Commandments are great and could work for any thing

Re: The Devil She Knows (2:03pm November 6, 2010):

The thing I remember the most was wakeing up on Christmas to the wonderful smell of Cinnamon rolls and not knowing what I wanted first the gifts or the rolls, It was such a great thing about my childhood that I has made sure my children has the same memory, I make the rolls the night before and get up early on christmas to bake them so the smell wakes the house.

Re: Holiday Grind (11:20am November 5, 2010):

Book sounds great and I love the holidays and all the yummy food but most of all I love being with family and feeling all the love.Oh and I always love a good book.

Re: The Snow Globe (9:49pm November 3, 2010):

I love snow globes and if I could put a time in my life in one it would be the day I married the love of my life, Or the days we brought our kids home.

Re: Simply Irresistible (4:53pm October 29, 2010):

Your book sounds great and I'd like to read it, I'm new to romance and am finding that I love it.
I'm sure your book is going to be a BIG hit.

Re: An Accidental Seduction (1:40pm October 28, 2010):

I enjoy all different kinds of heros and I think I'd drool over the hunk on your cover also.Wow he is one HOT guy.

Re: Mr. Darcy's Obsession (11:22am October 27, 2010):

I think getting to know the characters as the book progresses and as thay grow we become involved in their lives and obstacles and circumstances thay work through makes us feel as if we know them and enjoy it even more when the happy ending comes.

Re: Pinned for Murder (4:13pm October 26, 2010):

It's nice to have you explain how you go about creating your characters and how thay grow, It fun to see how different minds work. I enjoy your books.

Re: Dangerous To Know (9:56pm October 25, 2010):

I enjoy different locations in books so I can dream about going myself so keep bring the great locations.

Re: A Darcy Christmas (1:48pm October 22, 2010):

I lovr children, I have 4 and thay are different and wonderful in there own way.
Being a Mom is the best thing in my life.

Re: Twilight Hunger (3:09pm October 21, 2010):

Your books are great I'm a Big Fan, I love them and Please keep them coming.

Re: Captive Spirit (10:14pm October 19, 2010):

I am part (1/4)Native American and I read anything I can get my hands on tahtis about Native American history. Nice to have another to read.

Re: Pursuit of Justice (8:19pm October 18, 2010):

Reading is also an escapt for me and I read all kinds of books but the ones I can't put down are the ones that grab you from page one.

Re: Grave Witch (11:45am October 16, 2010):

I think death can be a character but I'l not sure about a hero. I'll have to thinh about that one. But WOW your book sounds GREAT.

Re: Highland Hellcat (11:43am October 16, 2010):

I have two Mt. Dew and Coffee,
Just LOVE them.

Re: Silver Serenade (3:23pm October 14, 2010):

I like a villain in a story the more you hate him the better and a good villain makes the sstory becouse you cannot hate him for he is doing what he must.

Re: Backstage Pass (4:29pm October 13, 2010):

No cats in our house all dogs but I get my kitty fix when I volunteer at my local animal shelter and I love the cat rooms.

Re: The Secret History Of The Pink Carnation (4:23pm October 13, 2010):

I have yet to read any of her book but thay look good and I think I'll picking one up on my next trip to the book store.

Re: Sazerac Seduction (9:25am October 11, 2010):

I agree with some of the other ladies about great eyes smart, kind but I would a pantie dropper smile you know the kind. ;0)

Re: Sloane Hall (9:23am October 11, 2010):

I like the others do not think it matters if it's a well written book.

Re: Two Lethal Lies (11:32am October 9, 2010):

Storycasting what am idea I love it what fun, now my mind is rolling trying to figure out who fits what I seen in my mind.

Re: The 2nd Lie (8:39pm October 8, 2010):

Ouch I know it's been said but we all hope that you will have a speedy recovery.

Re: Lord Lightning (4:12pm October 7, 2010):

Book sounds great and congrats an the book hope you sell ALOT!!

Re: Seducing The Duchess (10:23pm October 6, 2010):

Congrats what a rush to be able to see your book in the stores. I'm new to romance buy I should have been reading them sooner.

Re: Friday Mornings At Nine (8:14pm October 5, 2010):

I think we all have what if's some place in our lives no matter how good we have it now.

Re: The Spy Who Saved Christmas (12:42pm October 5, 2010):

I love reading , gardering and my kids oh and reading:0)

Re: Runes (12:38pm October 5, 2010):

What a book I can't wait to read it.

Re: Dark Road To Darjeeling (11:25pm October 3, 2010):

I read all the time and always have books with me with my e-reader it makes it easy to carry books.

Re: Building Magic (11:24pm October 3, 2010):

Books sound great and the covers are HOT HOT HOT.

Re: Sinful in Satin (3:38pm October 1, 2010):

I hardly ever remember dreams or nightmares,I guess I'm just odd.

Re: The Spurned Viscountess (2:27pm September 30, 2010):

I am a new fan of gothic romance I started out as a Si-Fi fan and moved on to romance as i got older and now I read all I can get my hands on.

Re: When Wicked Craves (1:46pm September 29, 2010):

I am a farm girl and have never lived in a city beut I do love reading about city life.

Re: The Bride's Necklace (10:31pm September 27, 2010):

I like it when the cover looks to be part of the story and your seem to do just that.
I am a new fan of yours and I must say you are now one of my fav's. Keep the GREAT books coming. (we love them)

Re: One Touch of Scandal (3:54pm September 26, 2010):

I volenteer at a cat and dag rescue 3 days a week and I love it! That take great care of the critters and find good homes for them.

Re: The Echo of Violence (9:57pm September 25, 2010):

I think creative authors can come up with ideas from all kinds of things from News & papers to stories thay hear and everywhere thay look. And I am in aaah of them but I do enjoy reading there books.
Your book sounds good I'll need to add it to my must read list.

Re: Love Me (3:51pm September 24, 2010):

I like both but a sexy chest is ALWAYS nice to look at ;0)

Re: For the King's Favor (7:05pm September 22, 2010):

I also love historical romance but think that it would be hard to wright about real people becouse how do you get their personality just perfect? I'm looking forward to reading you book it sounds good.

Re: Secrets Volume 29 Indulge Your Fantasies (10:37pm September 21, 2010):

I have always dreamed about going to Scotland and I hope you have a great time.

Re: Captured by Desire (4:24pm September 19, 2010):

I agree with Peggy.

Re: Feline Fatale (9:41am September 17, 2010):

We have 3 dogs and I want a cat, I also volunteer at a shelter and LOVE it but I have a hard time not taking them all home with me but I can't so I clean up after them then love them and go home.

Re: Rebel (9:14am September 15, 2010):

I really love this kind of romance being a new to romance person that has always loved fantasy, this the kind I would pick up first.

Re: Burning Up (9:07am September 15, 2010):

I wish I had started sooner but have only been reading romance for 2 years, But I do remember my grandmother reading romance, she always had a book by her chair. I guess it runs in the family.

Re: Just One Taste (3:47pm September 12, 2010):

I hope you enjoy your e-reader as much as I do mine.

Re: Stolen Son (1:13pm September 11, 2010):

True Heros need to have morals and a code that they hold themselves too,How they handle challenges (and a smoken hot body helps :o) for us girls)

Re: Warrior (10:02am September 7, 2010):

I am looking forward to picking it up, Sounds like a fun & Fab book

Re: Royal Blood (4:02pm September 5, 2010):

Your books are fun , I just historical fiction.

Re: Thrilled to Death (10:18am September 3, 2010):

Crime novels a fun to read< I love how thay keep you on the edge and you can't put them down

Re: Dark Deception (10:45pm September 1, 2010):

Your cover is HOT HOT HOT sounds and looks like a great book. Just the kind I like.

Re: Atlantis Betrayed (5:43pm August 31, 2010):

WOW what a fun thing to do! Hope you enjoy all that Japan has to offer, It will be alot of stress but I'm sure once the move is done you will enjoy learning all kinds of new things.

Re: Guarding Grace (9:03pm August 30, 2010):

I like it when writers put a twist on Vampire stories and make them a little human it makes for a good read

Re: Bond With Me (8:15pm August 25, 2010):

WOW book sound great, just the stuff I enjoy reading.

Re: Assassin's Heart (11:06am August 24, 2010):

I like some of the others are not sure but I have had times when it felt like I had been there before or just meeting someone and feeling like you have known them for ever.

Re: Nemesis (1:01pm August 22, 2010):

I live in Ore. and the weather have been great this summer with just a few hot days but I love it here.

Re: Don't Cry (12:57pm August 22, 2010):

I like all who have posted have a LARGE TBR file but its so fun to get book and I always have a bunch to choose from depending on my mood and what I feel like reading.

Re: Whisper Kiss (8:06pm August 20, 2010):

I love your books I've only just started reading them, Thay are fun and enchanting, real page turners

Re: Hero (12:38pm August 20, 2010):

*I also could never tear into someones work, I feel that we seem to forget that we all think different, have a different process in the way our minds work, we all need to take that into account when we read a book. If it not to your liking then that dose not mean that someone else would not enjoy it.

Re: Amelia Island's Velvet Undertow (12:33pm August 20, 2010):

That sounds like a good idea if you have a hubby that would look at the book mine would just think it was one of mine and not give it another look

Re: The Star Necklace (11:15am August 17, 2010):

I agree with Peggy but I also think that it is sad that we are so closed minded as a whole.

Re: Rule's Bride (8:13pm August 16, 2010):

I enjoy series book and I love LOVE your Bride series (o.k I love your books) and hope you keep the books coming,
I'm a big Fan.

Re: Roast Mortem (6:19pm August 14, 2010):

Our volenteer fire dept. has one each year and I love going to it, It raises money for the Dept. and you get to meet the people who are there for all of us.

Re: Mission of Hope (6:16pm August 14, 2010):

WOW what a great twist on things! your book sounds great

Re: Home is Where the Bark is (11:30am August 12, 2010):

I enjoy cooking so I do like it when heroines can cook also,
I do not like helpless women.
We need to be able to cook and kick butt.

Re: Hell, Yeah (1:06pm August 11, 2010):

I loved your book and hope to read meny more by you.

Re: A Highland Duchess (9:05pm August 10, 2010):

I am amazed at how creative people like you are! I enjoy your books keep them coming

Re: The 1st Wife (3:31pm August 9, 2010):

Your book sounds great and I hope to read it soon

Re: The Quick and the Thread (11:48pm August 8, 2010):

I enjoy getting my books signed, The ones that I go to are the authers that I love and read there books over and over.

Re: Such A Pretty Face (5:00pm August 5, 2010):

I do beleive I'll be down loading this book today

Re: The Smuggler And The Society Bride (4:59pm August 5, 2010):

Book sounds like a fun read, so meny books so little time but I'll be adding you book to my list of books to read

Re: The Unexpected Son (12:48pm August 2, 2010):

I feel that we all need to try to accept others and teach our children the same.

Re: Monster in Miniature (9:21pm July 30, 2010):

I enjoy all kinds od books and love reading

Re: Barely A Lady (2:17pm July 27, 2010):

I do not have a Fav but I like you love a good villain and you do villians great and I enjoy your books alot, Thank you for books that make us hate and love the villian at the same time. Congrats on the new boos

Re: The Millionaire Meets His Match (2:35pm July 26, 2010):

Sounds like a fun book and I will be adding it to my summer list

Re: Knight Of Passion (5:29pm July 23, 2010):

I Love your books amd the way you twist and turn a story. Thank you for keeping the books coming

Re: The Tutor (1:04pm July 22, 2010):

7 hot Nights and days too !!
What an idea< I'm sure there are people who get that kind of stuff but not me and I'd LOVE to give it a try. I enjoy your books keep them coming

Re: Love and Scandal (12:59pm July 22, 2010):

My fav historical time is Regency also I agree with Yadira

Re: Moonshine (12:58pm July 20, 2010):

I think the reason that we all love when the main character has a BFF to help them is becouse we need that BFF to talk to, help us through lifes hard times, so when the heroine has one she is more real to the reader thus we love them

Re: Suck It, Wonder Woman! (12:53pm July 19, 2010):

I would never beleive of men reading angthing other then gun or hunting mag but then I married a red neck farmer.

Re: Ice Cold (12:47pm July 19, 2010):

Sat are my catch up days anything that I did not get done during the week I do on that day and then in the evening we ( the family) do fun things, If I nothing to play catch up on then I READ

Re: Revenge for Old Times' Sake (7:52pm July 17, 2010):

I am a frelly light sleeper , no way would I not notice a dead man being put into my bed.and I love to watch people we are strange.

Re: Fortunate Harbor (11:58am July 15, 2010):

It sounds like you like to write about life I know that my girlfriends are close and help one another through all kinds of things and love like sisters. Your book sounds great

Re: Murder in the Abstract (3:05pm July 14, 2010):

I dated ALOT of bad boys being a preachers kid thay loved me and I had a ton of fun but I married a good boy and he is a great hubby and father so now I just read about bad boys and love that.
Your book sounds great I'll be adding it to my summer list.

Re: Ice Cold (2:23pm July 13, 2010):

Book sounds Fab to me.

Re: To Conquer a Highlander (10:40pm July 12, 2010):

I love reading and quilting (longarm)my kids and gardening

Re: The 1st Wife (12:17pm July 10, 2010):


Re: The Wild Irish Sea (3:04pm July 8, 2010):

I love just about any Irish romance and yours sounds GREAT I will be down loading it in the next week or so.

Re: Money, Honey (11:59am July 7, 2010):

I used to be one of those people, I was a Sci Fi or merder mystery gal but then I was at a freinds for a week with no books and she had a historical romance and I loved it, I was done with it in 2 days and I got hooked :)

Re: Crush On You (5:48pm July 6, 2010):

Friends to Lovers are great stories but I have never known any in trie life the few times I have seen it the friendship was never the same and the lover part did not last eather.

Re: Unchained (12:44pm July 5, 2010):

My Favorite fanily tradition is Easter, we all have a GREAT breakfast and the little kids hunt eggs, the bigger kids have prize hunt and the adults just get to laugh and talk. It is the best.

Re: Home is Where the Bark is (12:18pm July 5, 2010):

I have three dogs that are like my kids, I love them so much we had four but three weeks ago we had to have my big Rotti(Yogi) put down due to cancer, I miss him so much he was 12 and had been a great friend and protecter of the house and mom. He will be missed a great deal.

Re: Dark Embers (1:51pm July 3, 2010):

Sounds like a fun new series and I am looking forward to reading it.

Re: The Fire Lord's Lover (6:14pm June 30, 2010):

Your book sound gooood and i can't wait to read it. Undressing any man is so fun and I feel that it schould be done sloooowww.

Re: Rapture Untamed (11:31pm June 29, 2010):

I enjoy series most of all, I love following character through several stories , I come to love or hate them.

Re: The Master & the Muses (1:02pm June 28, 2010):

I agree with Tina about what a hero should be but add ripped and that is him.

Re: Tempting a Proper Lady (12:40pm June 24, 2010):

I read historical romance to go back to a time when love really was somthing and men were real men

Re: Smooth Talking Stranger (11:07pm June 20, 2010):

My Dad passed a long time ago but I do have a wonderful father-in-law that is a great guy. I am blessed

Re: The Lies We Told (2:50pm June 18, 2010):

WOW I loved the trailer and the book sounds FAB

Re: Stolen Son (12:29pm June 17, 2010):

challenges and conflicts are the things that keep you from putting the book down and I love them.

Re: Dragon Unmasked (12:27pm June 17, 2010):

I have two favs when it comes to romance first is paranormal and then historical
I have been lucky and have been able to read all I wanted from the time I fell in love with reading at the age od 17 and I read Clan of the cave bear and I have been a reader all this time.

Re: Seducing the Knight (3:08pm June 12, 2010):

WOW what a great excerpt!! I will be reading this book, I love historical romance and really love it when it is well written. I am looking forward to reading you books.

Re: Crush On You (2:42pm June 11, 2010):

We meet at a friends and I was wearing the cutest little swimsuite and i walked through to go lay in the sun and was told that I had a great ass by the cute guy sitting in the corner, We started dateing later in the summer and now we have been married for 23 years.

Re: The 1st Wife (4:02pm June 9, 2010):

Ialso live is a really small town and at times it is great and at times it is not so great that is if you do NOT want all to know you whole life.

Re: Desire Me (11:25am June 8, 2010):

My kids last year for christmas did a hunt for me around the house for their gift to me it was a ton of fun for them amd myself, Your book sounds great and fun all together and I'm sure it is going to be a hit.

Re: Guardian (7:47pm June 7, 2010):

Your Saga's sound good and i like it when the auther takes the time to map out how all familes all work together.

Re: Blown Away (11:20am June 7, 2010):

I love to read and in May I did not get as meny as normal due to the fact that we had 3 B- Days in May(yes all 3 of my kids were born in the first 10 days of may and no it was NOT planned)But I did get 10 books done and I loved them all. I have yet to get a e-reader but I hope to have one soon.

Re: Night Myst (10:41am June 4, 2010):

I have just found you books about a year ago and have read two, I enjoy your style and have no dought that you can wright two series at the same time and yes you are cheating on your old series but how fun can that be LOL Have fun and run with it.

Re: I Love This Bar (11:51am June 3, 2010):

Sounds like a GREAT series and i think I'll go get one.
I have yet to read your work but I will soon.

Re: The Making Of A Duchess (11:41am June 2, 2010):

When I was young my girlfriends and I used to trade names and act like one another when we would go out.Now that I look back I think it was silly but we had fun at the time. I do love these kinds of books that are fun to read, I can't wait to pick yours up.

Re: Strange Neighbors (12:29pm June 2, 2010):

You are so blessed to have a group to be there for you when you need them and to build those life long friendships,

Re: Ancient Whispers (2:49pm May 31, 2010):

WOW what a way to get pub. CONGRATS. I do think I need to read your book cuz I'm sure you are talented to have won agin WOW

Re: The Journey Home (3:04pm May 30, 2010):

My Mom was a wonderful cook and I cook just like her so just about daily I think about her and have carried on things like homemade cinn rolls for christmas, My kids wake up to the smell of cinn rolls baking on that a.m just like I did. Thay is just one such memory that I want my kids to have due to thhe fact that I love them in my childhood.

Re: Dead in the Family (2:58pm May 30, 2010):

I read several different genra's but i just make a list with all genra and that way I get a varried book list.
This summers list is long but being a farmers wife I have time is tha summers.

Re: Blown Away (2:54pm May 30, 2010):

I also love trilogys thay are fun, What I do is read them as thay come out then when the next one comes out I reread the the first and so on its alot of reading but I love it so it works for me.

Re: His Border Bride (11:31am May 28, 2010):

I won this givw away and the book was WONDERFUL I LOVED LOVED LOVED it and would ask all to add it you their summer Read List it is worth it.

Re: Die Twice (5:42pm May 27, 2010):

I have never been to Chicago but I've heard alot of good things about the City and I'm sure it is a great setting for your book. Die Twice sounds like a good read.

Re: His At Night (7:04pm May 25, 2010):

I love Historical fiction and read it often and have learned alot of things and I respect the work that wrighters put into their books so we can learn something new while we enjoy the story. Keep the books coming I enjoy your style of wrighting.

Re: Band Of Angels (9:40am May 25, 2010):

I am a bolter and I enjoy it,
I love learning about my family and the things thay did in there lives. I am adding your book to my summer must read

Re: Lover's Knot (3:08pm May 21, 2010):

I think it is amazing how some peoples minds and love how eneryone processes this differently, I do not think I could come up with the stuff that authers do but I do enjoy reading it. Your book looks good and I'll be adding it to my summer book list.

Re: The White Shadow Saga (1:50am May 21, 2010):

WOW sounds like alot of work but anything in life worth having is worth working for. Keep sending great books our way

Re: Shade (4:03pm May 19, 2010):

Thank you for reviewing young adult books. I'm a Mom that reads what my kids do so I know what going into their heads and you save me time by your reviews. Thank you Agin

Re: Sex And The Single Earl (1:20pm May 19, 2010):

I love a small town setting for stories but living in a small town is not always great due to the fact that it is hard to keep your life to your self. The other side of that is that small towns are a close as a family and are there to support you when you need.

Re: On Folly Beach (9:16am May 18, 2010):

My grandmother had a bottle tree outside by her porch and all the glass were in the process of changing colors it was wonderful.I also love to scrap but do not have the time, Your book sounds good and I plan to add it to my read list.

Re: Web Of Lies (7:29pm May 17, 2010):

My fav is Paranormal but urban fantasy is a really close second, I have just found your books and am loving your style of wrighting and am looking forward to reading more of your work.

Re: A Thread So Thin (11:27am May 17, 2010):

I did not have a imaginary friend but did have alot of brothers and sisters so I always havd a body to play with or a friens when needed we are a close family but now when I need to escape I lookto aithers like Christine Feehan ,Linda Howerd and Jean Johnson are just a few thatseen to take me away from my stresses when needed.I also enjoy Cheryl Brooks. Love this topic it made me think about how bllessed I am to have a great childhood :)

Re: Silent Truth (12:26pm May 16, 2010):

I would love to attend sounds like a load of fun and meeting or seeing some of the best authers would be as my daughter wouls say just to totaly cool.

Re: Getting In (11:32pm May 13, 2010):

My first one to go to callage is going to be senior next year so we will be starting all that fun stuff year and I'm not looking forward to it at all but I'm sure it will be worth it in the long run.

Re: Haunting Warrior (10:59am May 12, 2010):

Oh I could fall for a man like that!!! I love the historcal romances and love a hero that is rugged and buff from work and those Scots could make aa girl go weak in the knees! So YES if I could go back in time it would be for a man like your Rory MacGarth in a New York min.

Re: Some Like It Rough (9:33am May 10, 2010):

I like magazines but I love books.
Magazines are for me to be read when I have to listen to hubby or kids while reading BUT a book is when I close all out and loose myself into what I'm reading and I love it when the author is that good so good that I live and breath that book and just can NOT put it down. Your books do that for me, keep the GREAT books coming!!

Re: Live To Tell (9:22am May 10, 2010):

I married into a REALLY large family that we live 900miles away and when we are there thay plan thing back to back so we can be involved in as much family activities as possible while we are there and I understand that but that is when we miss the most stuff and are late to most things. I love my In Law Family but that drive me crazy

Re: A Thread So Thin (6:27pm May 8, 2010):

I read YA and enjoy alot of it but I have YA's in my home and read everything thay do so I know what thay are reading. And I would tall all to at least try a YA book you might just be pleased and enjoy it.

Re: The Jaguar Prince (10:02am May 6, 2010):

LOL you are too funny it must be great to be able to think of things like that becouse I never could have, I'd have trown a rock at the bird to scar it away, the cat would have had learned how to play with the dog, LOL just joking but I love to see how other peoples minds work and yours is great.

Re: Touching Darkness (9:44am May 6, 2010):

We are farmers and the best seeing the feild start to grow and the worst spreading fetarlizer, That is the crappiest job on the place!

Re: Rumor Has It (9:13am May 6, 2010):

I live in a small town and you are sooo correct about how all think thay know all about you but when in truth they really know nothing.
The book sounds like a fun read and I'll be adding it to my list.

Re: In Shelter Cove (12:34pm May 4, 2010):

I'm Not sure how I like the hero being an everyday guy in the books I read but I know that thay are out there in life and I love reading about those people in the news but in my books I LOVE the alpha male.

Re: His Border Bride (3:44pm May 3, 2010):

I LOVE LOVE love the wounded
hero with just a little bad boy in him.

Re: Beautiful People (1:36pm April 22, 2010):


Re: Silent Truth (10:29am April 20, 2010):

MY passion Is LIFE you only live once so I beleive that ywe need to put our all into anything we do and enjoy it.
And have passion for Life and all that life has to offer.

Re: Demonkeepers (12:35pm April 15, 2010):

My next book will be Night Keepers, I have it sitting waiting for me to finish up my current read, and from what I have been hearing this is a GREAT series and I'm reading as fast as I can so I can start this book. I'll post to let you know how much I like it.

Re: Shadow Games (12:26pm April 15, 2010):

I am in the process of reading my first book of yours Silent Witness and am loving it as a new fan i am enjoying your style of wrighting and look forward to reading more of your work. Keep the books coming.

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