September 25th, 2022
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A by-the-book lawman tangles with a stubborn young woman

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A wedding party is missing! It's up to Alaskan State Trooper & K-9 partner!

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A bad-boy on his best day and a predatory wolf on his worst

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He thought he had the perfect plan

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The lies unravel

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195 comments posted.

Re: Heiress Gone Wild (5:53pm October 13, 2019):

I love making Irish Beef Barley Stew in my slow cooker. Another good recipe is
chicken gnocchi soup. Yum!

Re: Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish (6:17am December 15, 2018):

Hi Grace! Loved your books for more than a decade now! Met you at HRR
a few years ago. Are you planning on going back ever to HRR?

Re: How the Earl Entices (1:54am September 14, 2018):

Hi Anna! I loved your other books on audio and I’m sure I’ll enjoy this just
as much! Book hugs!

Re: Romancing the Ranger (11:01pm March 21, 2016):

I think music sometimes helps drown out other sounds that I would find
annoying otherwise.

Re: Romancing the Ranger (11:33am March 18, 2016):

Getting distracted by books and Goodreads.

Re: Will's True Wish (10:58pm February 4, 2016):

No animals in our house. But, I do feed the wild birds outside. Does that count?

Re: Murder Freshly Baked (10:53pm June 12, 2015):

Some attraction as a side element, but mostly local charm.

Re: Stirring The Plot (10:06pm October 2, 2014):

Sounds like a winner. Thanks for the sneak peek!

Re: A Winter Wedding (11:15pm September 6, 2014):

Historical romance is so much fun to read!

Re: My Highland Spy (9:44pm August 29, 2014):

Looks like a winner! First impressions are hard to shake, that's for sure.

Re: Saving Gracie (1:43pm August 24, 2014):

I didn't really start to appreciate small things, like the wonder of a dandelion
until after my girls were born. They are now in college!!

Re: The Captive (1:09pm July 20, 2014):

I love your books, Grace. I own post of them. Thanks for writing such engaging

Re: Muffin But Murder (9:06pm June 30, 2014):

I am a relatively newcomer to cozy mysteries. i love them because they are just
good clean fun!

Re: Heart of Highland Warrior (11:10pm June 12, 2014):

I love highlander books! thanks for the post!

Re: Against the Wild (7:07pm May 26, 2014):

Hi Kat! Love you books!

Re: Everything to Lose (10:22pm May 20, 2014):

Hi Andrew. I've loved your books ever since The Jester!

Re: The Duke's Obsession (7:15pm May 18, 2014):

Sounds like a great idea!

Re: The Trouble With Honor (9:01pm February 26, 2014):

Hi Julia! I loved all your other books and listened to them on audio.

Re: Lord of the Sea (9:57pm February 19, 2014):

What great covers! IT's refreshing to see some gorgeous guys on the covers
without swooning girls.

Re: Lord of Swords (7:45pm February 17, 2014):

Your books sounds wonderful. I'm celebrating 22 years with my dear old hubby
next month.

Re: Much Ado About Jack (1:15pm February 16, 2014):

No question, he would have been a Jane Austen fan!

Re: Once Upon a Masquerade (1:13pm February 16, 2014):

I like warriors - or historical soldiers.

Re: The MacGregor's Lady (7:33pm February 8, 2014):

Hi Grace! We just bought this book at Barnes and Noble today. Can't wait to read
it. A kindle version would be nice too. :)

Re: Love in the Library (10:11pm January 30, 2014):

Congrats on your new release. Sounds great! Thank you for the giveaway!

Re: The Splendour Falls (9:45pm January 25, 2014):

Congrats on the new release! Sounds exciting.

Re: Sadie's Secret (6:45pm January 18, 2014):

I love these types of books. Thanks!

Re: Between A Rake And A Hard Place (11:15pm January 17, 2014):

Is Connie Mason one of your psuedonyms?

Re: One Rogue Too Many (11:15pm January 17, 2014):

Barry Manillow. :)

Re: The Groom's Gamble (8:42pm January 5, 2014):

Happy New Year!

Re: The Temptation of Lady Serena (8:50pm January 3, 2014):

Sounds great!

Re: The Scandal in Kissing an Heir (12:49pm January 1, 2014):

Congrats on the new release! I loved your first book and look forward to reading

Re: Freezer I'll Shoot (9:45pm December 29, 2013):

Great resolutions! I'd like to eat more healthily and exercise more often (at least
twice a week).

Re: Legend Of The Highland Dragon (7:20pm December 6, 2013):

I had to be a secretary for several years while I was putting myself through
college. I have great respect for them!!!

Re: Everlasting Enchantment (7:12pm December 6, 2013):

I'm always calling my husband Tony the Tiger, but he doesn't much look like
one. :)

Re: Rugged Hearts (7:05pm December 6, 2013):

I wasn't much into westerns until this year when I read one of Lori Handeland's. It
was great. So, I'm thankful for westerns!

Re: Upon a Winter's Night (10:12pm November 7, 2013):

I love having dinner with extended family - in particular my four sisters.

Re: Once a Rake (9:20pm October 30, 2013):

Hi Eileen! I love your books! My first historical romance was the anthology, A
Season in the Highlands.

Re: Murder At Hatfield House (10:55pm October 21, 2013):

I love historical especially when there is a mystery thrown in. Your book sounds

Re: Run The Risk (11:09pm October 16, 2013):

Hey, Lori! Any new Servant books coming out?

Re: Secrets Of A Scandalous Marriage (10:35pm October 8, 2013):

I loved your debut novel and I'm really looking forward to reading others!!

Re: It Takes Two To Tangle (10:36pm September 12, 2013):

I'm with Molly - I love your books!

Nicknames are OK as long as you don't have old men still called Billy or Jimmy.

Re: The Blood Gospel (9:21pm August 30, 2013):

I listened to the book on CD of this a few months ago and really enjoyed it. Good

Re: The Highlander's Desire (9:17pm August 30, 2013):

I love Highlander stories! My favorite fairy tale was always Beauty and the Beast,
even before Disney made its version.

Re: A Brew to a Kill (6:30pm August 6, 2013):

I really love cozy mysteries. Thanks for the post!!

Re: The Passion Of The Purple Plumeria (6:29pm August 6, 2013):

I loved your THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE PINK CARNATION! So much that I have
two copies - one to lend out to friends and family and one for my own
enjoyment. :) Thanks for the post!

Re: Wish You Were Here (4:09pm June 29, 2013):

Congrats on your new release! I started reading passionately when I was 15 years
after abdominal surgery and I was cooped up in bed for 3 months. Been hooked
ever since!

Re: It Had To Be You (9:10pm June 5, 2013):

I love audio books! Thank you so much for the listening preview!

Re: The Secret Life of Lady Julia (7:46pm May 26, 2013):

I agree with Molly - your book sounds wonderful!
One of my secrets is I've done it in a few odd places... :)

Re: Last Chance Book Club (9:18pm April 7, 2013):

Pride and Prejudice is a book I've read probably 10 times. Thanks for the

Re: Darius (9:12pm April 4, 2013):

Hi Grace! I love your books and can't wait to read this one too.
Burying problems is never a good idea.

Re: Secrets of a Runaway Bride (8:43pm April 2, 2013):

Congrats on the new release! I loved your first book and look forward to reading
many more from you.

Re: Sins of a Ruthless Rogue (7:50pm March 26, 2013):

What a wonderful experience you had! I had my high school daughter be an
exchange student in Germany this past summer and she had a wonderful time.
Nothing like what you experienced, but fun nonetheless. Thanks for the post!

Re: Trouble In The Tarot (9:58pm March 16, 2013):

I love humor in books, especially in cozy mysteries. I read to escape my every
day life, so without humor why read them?

Re: Her Knight's Quest (9:46pm March 16, 2013):

Your books sound really good. I'd love to read one.
My favorite secondary character is Peabody from the JD Robb "in Death" books.

Re: Deck the Halls With Love (7:31am January 30, 2013):

Hi Lorraine. I have several of your novels and love them! I can't read your other books too.

Re: Finding Home (11:21am January 13, 2013):

Hi Lois. I love your historical fiction books. Thank you for the sneak peak of you latest book!

Re: The Missing Manuscript Of Jane Austen (9:07pm January 6, 2013):

This book sounds so good! I have a few of your books and really enjoy them. Can't wait to read it!

Re: Live And Let Love (10:41pm December 28, 2012):

Although he's not technically a spy, I'd love to meet Indiana Jones.

Re: Waltz With A Stranger (11:32pm December 21, 2012):

I love the Bennett Sisters because I am one of five sisters myself - with only 7 years between us from oldest to youngest.

Re: Captive Of The Border Lord (10:51pm December 20, 2012):

We always bake cookies on Christmas Eve. I wish I had something more interesting to tell!

Re: Against The Odds (10:24pm December 19, 2012):

We always bake cookies on Christmas Eve.

Re: The Bridegroom Wore Plaid (11:08pm December 6, 2012):

This book looks wonderful! Congrats on its release!!

Re: Heart Of A Texan (7:11pm November 30, 2012):

I like cowboy stories because even if it's set in present day, there is an old code of honor with cowboys of a gone by era.

Re: Sultry With A Twist (8:44pm October 20, 2012):

I keep seeing this book everything. Congratulations!

Re: Against His Will (4:46pm October 15, 2012):

Sounds great and just like a book I'd enjoy reading. Thanks for the giveaway!

Re: The Shadowy Horses (9:32pm October 13, 2012):

I don't mind some dialect and phrases from the area and time, but too much makes it hard to follow.

Re: In The Barrister's Bed (5:49pm October 9, 2012):

Regency is fun and I like Victorian too.

Re: Lady X's Cowboy (10:13pm October 8, 2012):

About the only time I "hide" one of my books is when the cover is a really old one from the 80's and it has Fabio or someone like him on the cover. :)

Re: Treacherous Toys (9:47pm September 5, 2012):

Mysteries are some of my favorite stories!

Re: Bruja Brouhaha (4:02pm August 24, 2012):

Sounds great! I just love cozy mysteries.

Re: Hearse And Buggy (9:08am August 17, 2012):

I love mysteries. Your book sounds wonderful!

Re: Sweet Deception (9:28pm August 13, 2012):

Congrats on the new release! Love your books and smart heroines!

Re: The Last Victim (9:14pm August 7, 2012):

I flat-lined when I was 15 over 30 years ago. I use to see ghosts right afterward, but not so much any more. I believe ghosts are generally good spirits and your ancestors coming for a visit (or watching out for you).

Re: Lord Of Fire And Ice (9:59pm July 5, 2012):

I love historical romance and fiction books, especially when they have an element of the supernatural. I'd love to read your new book! :)

Re: My Lady Mage (8:34pm July 3, 2012):

Your book sounds wonderful and just like something I'd love to read. I always enjoy it when historical fiction has a touch of the supernatural!

Re: It Begins with a Kiss (8:33pm July 3, 2012):

Your book sounds wonderful and just like something I'd love to read. I have a few of your books already!

Re: Starlight (10:24pm June 25, 2012):

I'd love to win Starlight. It's your best cover yet!

Re: Sins Of The Angels (6:10pm June 24, 2012):

You can say the same with readers. I read to escape and imagine a life that is not my own - way better with super powers!

Re: The Most Improper Miss Sophie Valentine (9:49pm June 22, 2012):

I love books like this!

Re: Undead And Unstable (9:05pm June 15, 2012):

Of course we are the most important - without us and books that we buy, writers wouldn't write the type of books that we buy. I've been with you from the very beginning - before fish, mermaids, werewolves, split personalities and Alaskan royalty... Love you!!

Re: Chosen Ones (10:23pm June 8, 2012):

Congrats on your release!

Re: Copycat Killing (10:12pm June 6, 2012):

I love comfy mysteries! Can't wait to read this.

Re: More Than A Stranger (9:52pm June 2, 2012):

Definitely go. You will feel so "at home" if you go and inspiration will hit you. I've been to Ireland twice and Scotland once and want to go back! No other place draws me like these two places.
I'd love book marks and your new book! :D
molly_wilsbacher at

Re: The Taming Of A Scottish Princess (10:13pm May 24, 2012):

I love nerdy heroes!

Re: The Reason Is You (8:34pm May 22, 2012):

I love the first comment. :) I like the butterflies in the tummy when you are near the person you have a crush on.

Re: Night Walker (10:34pm May 16, 2012):

I keep seeing this book every where. I think that's a good sign!

Re: Kiss Of The Goblin Prince (4:45pm May 13, 2012):

Great cover! Sounds like a good read.

Re: Karma (10:26am May 8, 2012):

I don't want too much drama. Definitely light hearted fun.

Re: The Proposal (11:07pm May 4, 2012):

This new series sounds wonderful!

Re: Untouched (8:52pm April 20, 2012):

1, 6 and 10 for me, please.

Re: The Fallen Woman of Vil?gos (8:46pm April 16, 2012):

I frequently have deja vu. It sometimes gives me goosebumps!

Re: Illicit Intuitions (10:26pm April 10, 2012):

No thanks. I can barely keep up with blogs and FB.

Re: Lessons After Dark (9:22pm April 6, 2012):

I simply loved No Proper Lady. Can't wait for this one!!

Re: Wedded In Scandal (10:22pm April 3, 2012):

Someone once told me that kids are your greatest joy and your greatest disappointments. I agree with that.

Re: Fever (9:17pm March 7, 2012):

I agree with so many of these! I love them!!
I frequently tell my husband, "Your opinion is noted." What it means is,"There is no way in H*LL I'm going to go along with that."

Re: Sweet Enemy (8:45pm March 6, 2012):

Hi Heather! I'm in the middle of Sweet Enemy and I love it. Can't wait for your next one!

Re: Donovan's Bed (9:23pm February 26, 2012):

I love historicals. Haven't quite gotten into the digital book age though. I cherish my paperbacks too much.

Re: Clobbered By Camembert (4:00pm February 25, 2012):

Yummy! I had Camembert for the first time this Christmas. I went back to buy some more and they were sold out. I was told that cheese was only "seasonal" and to come back next year. :(

Re: The Rogue Pirate's Bride (3:59pm February 25, 2012):

This book sounds wonderful. I'd love to read it.

Re: A Fitting End (11:06am February 11, 2012):

Would reading books about seamstresses mean more to me if I sewed? I did enjoy an Elm Creek Quilt book even though I've never quilted.

Re: Chosen By Sin (10:03pm January 31, 2012):

Sounds like a great read!

Re: The Stubborn Dead (12:55pm January 29, 2012):

My collecting habits have changed over the years. I started off with Teddy Bears, but since they are large, I quickly ran out of room. Then, Boyds' Bearstones - I could have a museum I have so many bears and Bearstones. Then, I started collecting Belleek fine Parian china, which is where I am currently.

Re: Fever (9:59pm January 25, 2012):

Congrats on the new release! How exciting. Do you write for fun, or is it a chore?

Re: Falling For The Fireman (8:26pm January 24, 2012):

I've had a few friends that were firemen over the years. Very upstanding men.

Re: Sins Of The Highlander (8:13am January 14, 2012):

Sounds like a great read. I love Highlander stories.

Re: Sweet Reward (9:57am January 2, 2012):

My favorite tortured hero is Sam Starrett from the Troubleshooters series by Suzanne Brockmann.

Re: A Promise Of Safekeeping (1:07pm January 1, 2012):

I've collected many things over the years. Right now I love sheep!

Re: Mozart's Last Aria (7:48pm December 28, 2011):

Mozart is my favorite composer. This book sounds so interesting! I'd love to win a copy.

Re: The Nine Lives Of Christmas (10:42pm December 24, 2011):

I have a few Christmas books I'm looking forward to reading, like The Christmas Shoppe. :)

Re: Finding Felicity (9:13pm December 23, 2011):

Happy holidays to you too!

Re: Lady Seductress's Ball (8:42pm December 19, 2011):

There is something about munching on a good cookie while curled up on the couch with a good book. :) I love wedding cookies - the ones covered in powered sugar and crushed pecans.

Re: The King's Mistress (10:49pm December 17, 2011):

I remember being in high school and loving the idea of being kissed under the mistletoe by one of my crushes. Unfortunately, boys never got into the spirit.

Re: Shadowlander (10:35am November 11, 2011):

I have several. I love the Sherbrooke Bride family from Catherine Coulter's series.

Re: North of Need (11:20pm November 6, 2011):

Sounds like a wonderful man. Too bad they are not really like that. :)

Re: Liver Let Die (10:49pm November 5, 2011):

I named my daughters old fashioned names so they could have a choice of nicknames.

Re: Engaged in Sin (10:47pm November 5, 2011):

Sounds like fun!

Re: Always a Temptress (10:20pm November 3, 2011):

I love Eileen's books. I own the other two and would love this one too!

Re: The Virtuoso (8:47pm November 2, 2011):

Hi Grace!I loved the Heir and the Soldier, so I'm really looking forward to reading this book too!

Re: Embrace The Highland Warrior (8:06pm November 1, 2011):

Having Irish Ancestors, I definitely believe in ghosts and the supernatural. :D

Re: Radiant Desire (1:42pm October 30, 2011):

I think Angelina is the alpha in that relationship!

Re: Romancing The Countess (9:57am October 29, 2011):

I visited Ardmore, Ireland after reading a Nora Roberts trilogy. :)

Re: His Last Duchess (11:03pm October 27, 2011):

Book sounds good. I'm usually into Regency and Highlander periods, but I'm willing to give Tuscany a try!

Re: Haunting Embrace (6:08pm October 23, 2011):

Hi Erin! I got my copy of Haunting Embrace in the mail yesterday. Can't wait to start reading it! Yippe!!!!

Re: Flawless (12:24pm October 20, 2011):

I definitely think bad boys can be redeemed. I hate stories with infidelity in them though. I think if someone cheats on a spouse or a girlfriend, they will surely do it again.

Re: Utterly Charming (3:35pm October 19, 2011):

My favorite fairy tale is Beauty and the Beast. Even before Disney did its adaptation, I loved this story. And, yes, I will be watching Once Upon a Time.

Re: Against The Storm (11:11pm October 17, 2011):

Hi Kat! I love your historical stories. Never read the suspense ones, but I'm willing to give one a try!

Re: The Norse King's Daughter (9:40pm September 29, 2011):

When I get into a novel slump, I usually read an anthology or two, or I'll put in book on tape (CD). I one a few dozen and that usually breaks my slump.

Re: Jennifer's Garden (8:30pm September 25, 2011):

Being a professional prior to being married, and three failed engagements, I always struggled with what makes the perfect husband. I'd love to read your version!

Re: To Sketch A Thief (10:00pm September 17, 2011):

How fun! I love names and have done exactly as you describe. When reading Harry Potter before there were any movies, or listening to Jim Dale's audio books, I had no idea how to pronounce Hermione's name. I read it like Hermie - oanie. After a while I just skipped her name and started saying "H" only. Thank heaven for Jim Dale who set me straight with the 4th book and all those after. :)

Re: Secrets: Desires Unleased (10:43pm August 25, 2011):

Sounds like fun. I always enjoy reading "cat and mouse" stories.

Re: Lucky Girl (9:40pm August 23, 2011):

My first date was a trip to a traveling circus that was in town. It was so long ago!!

Re: Fall From Pride (12:14pm August 20, 2011):

Hi Karen! I met you a few weeks ago and was so intrigued! I'd love to read this book.

Re: The Orphan Sister (9:04pm August 17, 2011):

I use to spend my summers at our local city park swimming pool.

Re: The Vampire Next Door (12:18pm August 15, 2011):

Your books sound wonderful! And a happy ending is a must in the books I read. I read to escape my real life....

Re: Spycatcher (9:22am August 11, 2011):

Sounds interesting. I enjoy reading suspense books. Is there much difference between a suspense and a thriller novel?

Re: The Lady Of The Storm (11:27pm August 4, 2011):

Your covers are very unusual. Electric even. Sounds like a good read!

Re: Too Hot To Touch (11:00pm August 3, 2011):

Love the cooking references!

Re: Undead And Undermined (6:01pm July 22, 2011):

Hi MaryJanice! I've been a big fan from the very beginning of your publishing career. We were even in on your first Jennifer Scales novel! Keep 'em coming!

Re: Touch If You Dare (11:03pm July 21, 2011):

What great cover art! He's sexy as all get out and we don't really even see a face!

Re: Night Walker (9:40pm July 18, 2011):

Sounds like such a good read. Count me in!

Re: A Spark of Death (9:13pm July 15, 2011):

Ooooh! Sounds so good. Like an old Agatha Christie novel. Can't wait to read it.

Re: The Crepe Makers' Bond (12:36pm July 14, 2011):

People have told me that I'm aggressive, but I don't really see myself that way. My mother in law and even my mother tend to be tough. They are the type who never wait their turn and go to the front of the line. To me that is being aggressive, I'm more the let's see what happens person. But something I'd like to do is try my hand at art or writing.

Re: Magnificent Passage (11:39pm July 12, 2011):

An Old-fashioned Bodice Ripper? Count me in! I loved your necklace trilogy and a few others of your historical fiction trilogies.

Re: Just One Season In London (12:01pm July 12, 2011):

Sounds like a great read. I'd love to try it out!

Re: Loved By A Warrior (11:34pm July 6, 2011):

Great question! I have no idea. I have always heard that when you die, your ancestors come to bring you over to other side. I never believed this until I had a near death experience and saw a room full of people dressed in old fashioned dress. Later than summer I saw an old picture of a woman who led the crowd, and it turns out it was my Grandmother's Grandmother!

Re: Wild and Unruly (4:15pm July 2, 2011):

Recently, I read Erin Quinn's Haunting Beauty and Haunting Warrior - both involving TT and changing the past. Both are set in Ireland, which is one of my favorite places on earth. I also really enjoyed reading Son of the Morning by Linda Howard and the Outlander series by Dianna Gabaldon. Although I really enjoy reading these books, I don't believe in TT.

Re: A Courtesan's Guide to Getting Your Man (9:43pm May 26, 2011):

This sounds so good and just like the type of book I'd love to read. Can't wait!

Re: Deadly Promises (1:08pm May 8, 2011):

Anthologies are the perfect stories to read at lunch time when you don't have time to invest a few hours. Thank you for writing a few!

Re: A Marriage of Inconvenience (11:32am April 16, 2011):

I'm not too freakish when it comes to my control, but I'm definitely the person in charge of my house. If I was "in control" my house would be a lot neater and cleaner!

Re: Deadly Ties (10:01pm April 10, 2011):

Hi Vicki! I don't really have torn loyalties. I don't really get along with my mother in law, but lover her son dearly.

Re: Haunting Desire (10:26pm April 6, 2011):

I just love the Celts. I like the legend of the fish women who come on land to mate with men and then go back to the sea after the child is born, leaving the men with the babies.

Re: The Return Of Black Douglas (10:46pm April 1, 2011):

I love Celts and Highlander stories! Bring 'em on Elaine!

Re: Play Me (10:21pm March 29, 2011):

I'm more of a "closed" door girl. Soft and not too descriptive.

Re: What I Did For A Duke (9:54am March 10, 2011):

Your books sound great. Someone already answered, but it's Susan.

Re: Seducing The Governess (12:19pm March 9, 2011):

Historical fiction is my fave and I do learn things I didn't know!

Re: Staying At Daisy's (11:51pm March 7, 2011):

Sounds good to me! I love the UK and everything European. The Holiday is one of my favorite Christmas times movies, even if Jude Law is a cad in real life! :D

Re: Animal Magnetism (10:53am March 5, 2011):

Very cute cover! I love it when men have a soft spot for animals!

Re: The Mistress' House (5:00pm February 10, 2011):

I really enjoy reading stories with intertwined love interests and where more than one couple end up together at the end of the story. I feel like they are a "bonus" to the main story.

Re: The Mysterious Lady Law (8:54am February 5, 2011):

On of my favorite female characters written by a man is Cassiopeia Vitt by Steve Berry. She tends to be in many of the Cotton Malone stories and she's strong, sassy and very dangerous. She's amazing!

Re: Nocturne (12:30pm January 14, 2011):

I might. I know I've felt a physical attraction right off the bat, but is that true love. I don't think so.

Re: Wicked Seduction (9:02pm January 11, 2011):

I know when I'm really stressed at work I tend to get short tempered and bitchy. At home, I definitely have a short fuse. So, I can relate!

Re: The Fire In Ember (9:55pm January 10, 2011):

Historical romance is my favorite type of story. It doesn't really matter if it's western or regency. About the only kind I don't like is Georgian. :)

Re: Fatal Justice (7:30pm January 6, 2011):

Congrats on your new release! Sounds very entertaining!

Re: Haunted Honeymoon (9:10pm December 27, 2010):

I'm a huge historical fiction fan. I really like Scottish romance and some Regency. Occassionally I'll read something like Steve Berry that has historical elements in it. :)

Re: Wolf Fever (6:24pm December 15, 2010):

Sounds great to me!

Re: Icecapade (9:47pm December 13, 2010):

sounds like fun! I enjoy a little mystery with my fiction/romance. Especially when it involves historical romance. :)

Re: The Ghost Hunter (1:35am December 11, 2010):

I'm a huge historical romance fan. If it has ghosts or time-travel, I enjoy it even more. Scotland is probably my favorite setting.

Re: Outrageously Yours (7:31pm November 30, 2010):

Your book sounds wonderful for two reasons. I just love the Victorian era and stories surrounding Queen Victoria. And, I love stories where the hero is a little awkward and nerdy. :) I look forward to reading it! One question, do you need to read book #1 to know the story or to follow book #2? Many related stories can be read as stand alones, but I've read several of Nora Roberts trilogies where you can't just pick up book 2 and read it because there is an underlying story or problem that is unfinished until the trilogy ends. (I really hate those kinds of books). Thanks!

Re: A Darcy Christmas (4:38pm October 23, 2010):

Historical romance is my favorite genre. And I absolutely love Pride and Prejudice!

Re: Grave Witch (8:54pm October 17, 2010):

Congrats on your new release! Sounds interesting. I'm always willing to give a new genre/book/author a try.

Re: Warrior (7:43pm September 11, 2010):

I had plans for some R&R and ended up with a migraine. I've been a slug all day!

Re: Desperate Deeds (10:42pm September 8, 2010):

I remember my first romantic suspense fondly. It was Linda Howard's Mr. Perfect. I've been hooked ever since. I then read much of her backlist including Son of the Morning, which got me hooked on Scottish historical novels too. :D

Re: Royal Blood (1:53pm September 5, 2010):

This time frame has always intrigued me. The Great Gatsby and all. You're books sound like a really good time. I'll have to give them a try!

Re: Don't Cry (11:51am August 22, 2010):

I have an entire TBR library! Working full time, plus carting 2 teenaged daughters around to after school activities doesn't leave much leisure time. I actually look forward to out of town business trips so I can listen to a book on CD!

Re: Whisper Kiss (11:49am August 22, 2010):

I really enjoy dragons and always have. I'm not sure it's the fire breathing capabilities or not that enchants me. Maybe it was the movie DragonHeart w/ Sean Connery that entranced me.

Re: The Goddess of Fried Okra (10:29pm August 4, 2010):

I definitely believe in recycled souls.
My daughter has a gift for dance and
neither myself nor her father have a
bone in our bodies that can keep time
and "feel" the music. It turns out my
great grandfather use to be a master
dancer on Broadway!

Re: The Ark (8:21pm July 29, 2010):

Your book sounds wonderful!

Re: The Wild Irish Sea (9:24pm July 8, 2010):

I'd love to win a copy of this book! Ireland
is my most favorite place in the whole
world. :D

Re: Dragon Unmasked (3:38pm June 16, 2010):

I can so relate to this article! I love
to read, but life prevents me from
doing it as much as I like. Like you, I
work a full time job, which usually
ends up being 50+ hours a week
(plus 2 teenagers). I almost always
have a book with me at lunch,
where I read "brain candy" type of
books - light hearted historical
romances usually. I save the meater
books for my commute, when I
listen to books on CD. Audio books
are my saving grace, because I can
listen to them while waiting to pick
up my kids, or during walks in
evening, or working in the yard.

Re: Desire Me (10:24am June 8, 2010):

I love books like this! I like to try to figure the clues out and rarely do I guess them correctly. :) Thank you so much for posting today so that I know more about your books. They sound wonderful!

Re: Blown Away (11:19am May 30, 2010):

I read trilogies as they are released
and get frustrated for having to wait in
between releases. My favorite trilogy is
the Ardmore series by Nora Roberts
(and Irish Born). I loved Ardmore so
much, I actually went there a few years
ago while vacationing in Ireland!

Re: His At Night (9:14am May 26, 2010):

Congrats on your new book! Sounds

Re: Web Of Lies (9:28pm May 17, 2010):

I love historical paranormal. I'm not
really into vampire stuff, but I really like
strong female characters and a little bit
of magic. The older the better - 14-15th

Re: The Jaguar Prince (12:44pm May 8, 2010):

What great inspiration! I lived in LA
for 12 years and it really was a
concrete jungle. I now live in Ohio,
and I'm constantly amazed by the
variety of birds and animals. I've
had a fox and a red tailed hawk in
my backyard. Congrats on your new

Re: Big Bad Wolf (8:28pm April 10, 2010):

I'm with you about not liking to read
books out of order. Sometimes I read
a book not really knowing that it's part
of a series though, like the "in Death"
series by JD Robb, or the
Troubleshooters series by Suzanne
Brockmann. Once I realize that it's
part of a series, I'll read the rest of
them in order.

Re: Aries Rising (11:22pm March 26, 2010):

I never gave writing much thought, but
my 2 daughters have both mentioned
that they'd like to be novelists when
they grow up. How'd I end up in this
situation? They love to read! Thanks
for the insights!!

Re: The Stolen Crown (7:56pm March 16, 2010):

I love reading books with elements
of history. I like to feel like I'm
learning something. Sometimes we
get lucky if at the end of the book
the author tells what's real and
what's fiction, like Steven Berry.
If it's got romance also, all the

Re: Take Me If You Dare (12:28pm March 7, 2010):

I'm hopeful that Kathryn Bigelow wins
best director. I also hope that Avatar
wins best picture. I'm usually more of
historical romance fan (Go Young
Victoria for all categories it is
nominated in!), but Avatar moved me
like no other film had in a long time.
I'm not a big sci-fi fan and I hated the
Lord of the Rings series, but I
absolutely loved Avatar. Maybe it's the
"yoga" in me. :)

Re: Lake Magic (9:36pm March 2, 2010):

I am such an Olympics junkie too! It's
like I don't know what to do with
myself now that they are over.

I definitely remember the first
romance novel I read-it was actually
the first book I read that didn't include
comics. :) It was The Promise by
Danielle Steele when I was in college. I
couldn't put it down and I read until 5
am. I then immediately went to yard
sales looking for all of her books. I've
outgrown her style for sure and prefer
historical fiction now, but I'll never
forget that one book that got me
hooked on reading.

Re: Hold On Tight (10:13pm January 26, 2010):

Congrats on the new release. I just love
military men!!

Re: My Dearest Mr. Darcy (8:17pm January 7, 2010):

I really didn't like Bella's birthing
sequence. It reminded me too much of
the first Alien movie. When reading it,
that's the image I saw in my mind. Yuck!

Re: My Dearest Mr. Darcy (8:14pm January 7, 2010):

I know this is probably not what you are
looking for, but I loved the movie Junior
and the birthing scene in there. I just
wish mine were so comical! :)

Re: Beast Warrior (9:34pm September 16, 2009):

It all sounds so interesting! I'd love to become familiar with your books!

Re: When A Man Loves A Weapon (2:33pm August 16, 2009):

So many books, so little time!

Re: Killer Cuts (4:49pm May 30, 2009):

If only I didn't work so I could spend all summer reading! I love historical romance, so Mary Balogh's book would be great!

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