March 24th, 2017
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Great March books to "roar" about!

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A bachelor, his left hand now sports a gold wedding ring.

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Could finding love be his greatest scandal of all?

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True love is even better the second time around.

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The renegade cowboy returns

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Do they have the recipe for true love?

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sweeping WWII thriller set at an English country house, described by Lee Child as "like binge watching a great British drama on Masterpiece Theater.


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by Donna Grant
"Dragon bones leads a scientist to real dragons and love."
Posted March 15, 2017

Dr. Faith Reynold is an archaeologist who comes across a skeleton of a dragon. But dragons were only ever myths. While working to clear the site she comes into the sight of the very man who can explain what the bones signify, but can she possibly believe that dragons were Read more...

by Sherrilyn Kenyon
"Dragons, humans and gods of Olympus ... what more can you ask for?"
Posted March 5, 2017

Illarion doesn't have any warm feelings toward humans. He was dragon born but forced to serve humans as a mount in their army and become human ... all against his will. Exiled and having lost the only thing he ever loved he finds he has a chance to get back Read more...

by Sherrilyn Kenyon
"Dragons, humans and gods of Olympus ... what more can you ask for?"
Posted March 5, 2017

Illarion doesn't have any warm feelings toward humans. He was dragon born but forced to serve humans as a mount in their army and become human ... all against his will. Exiled and having lost the only thing he ever loved he finds he has a chance to get back Read more...

Justice Ascending
by Rebecca Zanetti
"Post-apocalyptic romance at it's best!"
Posted February 27, 2017

Tace Justice is a Scorpius virus survivor and slowly the good ol' boy is disappearing and he's becoming dark and dangerous. This Vanguard medic is trying hard to fight the darkness that is changing who he is. Everyone can see JUSTICE ASCENDING, as he becomes faster, smarter but there Read more...

Hard to Handle
by Christine Warren
"A good twist in an already great series."
Posted February 27, 2017

Michael Drummond is a pub owner with four ... count them four ... sisters. He's trying to mind his own business but keeps getting dragged into something or other by them. But when he finds himself in a battle of good vs evil with the sexiest being he has ever met Read more...

Power Game
by Christine Feehan
"She came to save him and finds unbelievable love!"
Posted February 17, 2017

Captain Ezekiel Fortunes is a Ghostwalker and member of a rescue team planning to go to Indonesia to take back hostages. He is stronger, faster and smarter than the average officer but he has never been one to play the POWER GAME until someone walks into his life and changes Read more...

Under Pressure
by Lori Foster
"Warning, contents might explode 'Under Pressure'"
Posted February 6, 2017

Body Armor Security Agency doesn't give in to threats and attempts on their clients and neither does Leese Phelps. They are all UNDER PRESSURE to protect Catalina Nicholson even if it is possibly from the man who hired them. Cat knows a little too much about the goings on Read more...

by Jacquelyn Frank
"Intriguing, beguiling world of energy vampires"
Posted February 6, 2017

Rafe DaSilva is the right hand to the queen of the energy vampires (evamps). They are beings that soak up the sun and, and, on rare occasions, from the energy of humans around them. them. The secret to the evamps good health is that the humans must be clean without Read more...

The Hero
by Donna Grant
"Amazing first foray into contemporary/action genre."
Posted January 5, 2017

Owen Loughman has been pulled out of a mission and helicoptered back to his father's ranch to find his aunt and uncle dead and recently. He has no problem with seeking out the killers and he knows how big it's going to be when his brothers are also Read more...

Winter Halo
by Keri Arthur
"Fascinating world and amazing characters."
Posted January 5, 2017

Tiger is a dechat, a super soldier who has survived when few of her kind were allowed to. She only wants live a quiet life with her little ghost friends but it is not to be. With children going missing and being experimented on she has no choice but to Read more...

by Elle Kennedy
"A steamy return to the world of outlaws and enforcers"
Posted January 5, 2017

Author Elle Kennedy takes us back into her apocalyptic world that pits outlaws against the council, who have RULED the people with an iron hand for too long. Reese was part of that world, until her mother's death and her own escape. She has tried to build a city Read more...

The Protector
by Donna Grant
"Hard hitting, contemporary drama"
Posted January 3, 2017

Orrin Loughman has been kidnapped and his sons are pulled from their missions and plunked down on their family ranch. Now they must work together to find him and protect the world from a bioweapon that could cause havoc on every nation. Good thing that one of the brothers is Read more...

Kill Without Shame
by Alexandra Ivy
"Heart pounding suspense and steamy romance rolled into an outstanding read."
Posted January 3, 2017

Lucas St. Clair left his politically inclined family and the one woman he would ever love and joined the military. In the service, he with four other men survived a Taliban prison and returned to open the civilian run ARES Security. When he finds a man from his home town Read more...

by Lisa Renee Jones
"Volatile and surprising finale"
Posted January 3, 2017

Ella Ferguson had awakened in an Italian hospital with no memory. Kayden Wilkens was at her side having found her unconscious in an alley. The past has been coming back in bits and pieces and some of it she preferred not to remember. The only constant is Kayden and the Read more...

Drakon's Promise
by N.J. Walters
"Half dragon-half human ... what more can you ask for?"
Posted January 3, 2017

Darius Varkas is half human, half dragon ... a drakon. For centuries he and his brothers have lived their lives avoiding an ancient order of Knights of the Dragon. These people want to imprison the drakon's for their blood. It is a cure for diseases and prolongs a human's Read more...

Wolf Unleashed
by Paige Tyler
"Who could be better for a veterinarian than a werewolf?"
Posted November 25, 2016

Alex Trevino, has a secret, well everyone who is a member of the SWAT team has one. They are werewolves, but they are very good at their job and at hiding the truth. He is just going along with life, training with his team and enjoying life when he meets Read more...

Seneca's Faith
by Abigail Owen
"She's the answer to the safety of their world."
Posted November 25, 2016

Seneca Delaney is a shifter unable to shift. Having faced rejection all her life, even from her own father she finds herself once again on the sidelines watching her sister about to marry. It wouldn't be so bad except Gage stirs something deep inside her, something unexpected and frightening Read more...

Dirty Little Lies
by Lora Leigh
"In her collapsing world, he is all she has to hold on to."
Posted November 25, 2016

Grace Maddox has become a marked woman with danger nipping at her heels. She isn't even sure she can depend on her family, because it is for their sins that she has been targeted. When she is attacked in her own home a hero comes running to her side Read more...

Hard Rules
by Lisa Renee Jones
"Get ready for a new sexy, power player with Hard Rules"
Posted November 25, 2016

Shane Brandon wants to change the family business dealings, he wants to be legit. No more lies, no more corrupt dealings living only by his own HARD RULES. He has a problem his own brother likes the crooked life and doesn't want to change. Into this world walks Emily Read more...

When All The Girls Have Gone
by Jayne Ann Krentz
"Mystery, suspense and love rolled into one delightful read."
Posted November 25, 2016

Have you ever felt like you were a puppet on a string? I did when I picked up WHEN ALL THE GIRLS HAVE GONE and author Jayne Ann Krentz pulled me along this intricate read. She is a true master in the suspense/mystery/romance art form so of course Read more...

Annetta Sweetko

I was born in Texas but have spent more years in Ohio, due to the fact that my soul mate, John was an Ohioan. We've been married 42 years with two children Andrea and John and two cats Meowee and Lil' Buddee. I own more books than I can can count and read almost any genre.

80% Professional Reader


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