October 21st, 2017
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Suspense, thrills and love in October Best Reads

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If only life came with instructions.

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There is nothing in the universe the cursed dragon, Falcyn, hates more than humanity . . . except Greek humans.

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No bodices were harmed in this historical romance.

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Together we'll save the world...Unless we kill each other first.

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“The Wrath Is Coming.” But They Don’T Know Where—Or When.

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PREORDER this sexy & emotional story about a single dad wild with grief and the strong survivor he hires as his nanny!


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SEAL Wolf Undercover
by Terry Spear
"She stole his heart -- when she shot him!"
Posted August 18, 2017

Jillian Matthews, a wolf shifter, a former Army intelligence officer and an investigator had actually joined her brother for a little vacation but the local alpha asked for her to help the USF (United Shifter Force that is run by the recently found Jaguars) investigate some troubles. The accidental shooting Read more...

Bad Deeds
by Lisa Renee Jones
"There could be a high payment due for some BAD DEEDS."
Posted August 18, 2017

Okay, let me warn you right off the bat that BAD DEEDS has one of the worst cliffhangers I have ever encountered. The others of the Dirty Money series hung you out also but this one leaves you with your Read more...

Before the Dawn
by Cynthia Eden
"Will blood win or will it be love after all!"
Posted August 18, 2017

This book, BEFORE THE DAWN, should have a warning label on it. Do not start reading before you go to bed because you will be up all night reading. It is not a can't put down book ... it is a don't you dare put me down book. Tucker Read more...

Wicked Bite
by Rebecca Zanetti
"The grizzly bear meets his match and his mate!"
Posted August 1, 2017

Searching for those who are making the drug Apollo, former council member of the Coven Nine, Nessa Lansa finds herself seeking out the leader of the Grizzly Motorcycle Club. She is there for a number of reasons. She promised Bear's sister Simone that she would see if she could Read more...

by Thea Harrison
"Love will free him and bind him."
Posted July 17, 2017

Instead of being on stage playing her hearts music, Sidonie Martel finds herself in a mystical world. Kidnapped and put into the hands of the evil Queen of the Fae Isabeau with only her music to protect her, but soon to lose even that. To survive and hope to some Read more...

Lucian's Delight
by N.J. Walters
"'Delightful' vampire read"
Posted July 8, 2017

Delight Deveraux has never had an easy life but she has done well for herself and her little brother, now a healthy teen. If it were not for the horrifying nightmares that keep recurring, everything would be fine. During one of her nightmares she is rescued only to awaken and Read more...

by Julie Garwood
"She hacked right into this agent's heart."
Posted July 8, 2017

Allison Trent is extremely WIRED to puzzles and computers, and with those abilities hacking comes easily. Though she prefers to call it "visiting." She never takes anything for herself but still worries that someday she will be caught. Between working on her degree in college, modeling on the side and Read more...

Intense Pleasure
by Lora Leigh
"An intense and hot read"
Posted July 8, 2017

Summer Calhoun, aka Summer Bartlett has finally had enough and has quit her job with the C.I.A. after being forced to kill a friend who betrayed her. She's had enough and is ready to go home. Esteban de la Cortez Falcone aka "Falcon" her partner and his Read more...

Thunder Wolf
by Heather Long
"Enforcers are stretched thin ... but still find love."
Posted July 5, 2017

The Enforcers are basically chasing their tails. The Volchitsa (Russian) Wolves attacks seem indiscriminate, but even one attack is too many. John Nelson has been doing double his usual work when it comes to his Lone Wolves. Rules are very strict for wolves that do not stay with their pack Read more...

Fuel for Fire
by Julie Ann Walker
"The world might need him but he needs her."
Posted July 5, 2017

The twisted world of terrorism, CIA and governmental hypocrisy, lies and truth, is the bottom line and part of what will be the FUEL FOR FIRE in this edition of author Julie Ann Walker's Black Knight Inc. series. Dagan Read more...

Wicked Kiss
by Rebecca Zanetti
"A wild and wicked ride!"
Posted July 3, 2017

Victoria "Tori" Monzelle has been working as an informant for the DEA, but getting kidnapped and dragged around by guys who claim to be witches isn't part of the deal. She doesn't believe in magic and nonsense, but when Adam Dunne comes to her rescue she starts to Read more...

The Legend
by Donna Grant
"This Son of Texas finally comes home!"
Posted June 27, 2017

Delta Force Colonel Wyatt Loughman known as THE LEGEND to his team mates, has been pulled from his duty and dropped back home to find his aunt and uncle dead and his father is missing, kidnapped and on top of it all the woman he can never forget, Callie Reed Read more...

by Sarah Castille
"The last thing either expected was to find love."
Posted June 27, 2017

For police woman Gabrielle Fawkes there is only one thing that is holding her shattered world together and that is revenge. Her husband was killed by a drug lord and all she can think about is getting the guy. At least until a chance shooting sends her to the hospital Read more...

Red Wolf
by Jennifer Ashley
"The red wolf and leopard find each other ... finally."
Posted June 14, 2017

Dimitri Kashnikov is a red wolf shifter, a fighter, bodyguard and tracker. He has a speech impediment so to make up for this, he fights in whatever format needed to get the job done and shut people up. Jaycee Bordeaux is a leopard shifter who sometimes follows the rules but Read more...

by Cynthia Eden
"This book will have you asking "who are the monsters?""
Posted June 14, 2017

LOST (Last Options Search Team) is an agency that does exactly what it it sounds like -- it searches for missing children and and people. Ana Young knows firsthand what it is like to be abducted and tortured but she and her twin survived now they are agents for LOST. She Read more...

Silver Silence
by Nalini Singh
"SILVER SILENCE will immediately grab you, hold you and not let go"
Posted June 14, 2017

Working to unite a divided world, Silver Mercant has much to learn. Use to unemotional clear thinking she finds herself thrown into a chaotic, wild world and that is due mostly to the alpha of the Stone Water Bears, Valentin Nikolaev. He has chosen her and will not allow her Read more...

Wolf Hunt
by Paige Tyler
"A Dallas SWAT member in NOLA faces love and danger."
Posted June 14, 2017

Remy Boudreaux returns to New Orleans with three of his SWAT team for training with the local cops. He doesn't expect anything but to enjoy the sights and sounds of home. The first night in town he finds himself on a strange WOLF HUNT and finds not a wolf Read more...

Physical Forces
by D.D. Ayres
"An Aussie, a pet detective and danger equals love."
Posted June 5, 2017

Macayla "Mac" Burkett is known as the pet detective. Her job is to find missing/lost animals and she is very good at it. She has an affinity with them and it turns out that she might have what is called a PHYSICAL FORCE with a human male that crosses Read more...

Dying Breath
by Heather Graham
"The Krewe is back with another fantastic story!"
Posted June 5, 2017

Vicki Preston, survived an attack by a serial killer, with a little help from a ghost and a young Boston patrol officer. This was the first time she had ever seen this ghost but years later he is still a constant companion, even when she was away from home in Read more...

A Perfect Obsession
by Heather Graham
"A killer obsessed with perfection"
Posted June 1, 2017

Kieran Finnigan, is a psychologist and co-owns the pub Finnigan's with her family. She tries to stay out of trouble but trouble seems to find her. When a killer with A PERFECT OBSESSION, who is going after beautiful women involves her twin, Irish families being as they are Read more...

Annetta Sweetko

I was born in Texas but have spent more years in Ohio, due to the fact that my soul mate, John was an Ohioan. We've been married 42 years with two children Andrea and John and a cat Lil' Buddee. I own more books than I can count and read almost any genre.

80% Professional Reader


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