February 24th, 2024
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Rumors aren't the only thing that will stir when Abigail returns to Boone County, Texas.

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From Loss to Love: A Pilot and an Artist's Colliding Worlds

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Caffeine and Commitments: Stirring Up Love in San Francisco

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"Her biggest fan �has a fatal obsession."

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Bloodlines and Boardrooms: A Paranormal Romance of Power and Passion

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A new, action-packed adventure that blends science-fiction technology and magical fantasy elements with a touch of historical romance.

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Re: SEAL My Home (4:26pm March 21, 2015):

SEAL of My Heart is the best looking cover (looks realistic, not like a male model posing) and the flag is pronounced. I do not care for the covers eliminating the guy's full head shot (#5 & #6 which look like same guy used in #2's cover; very repetitious. They don't all have to be shirtless showing muscles. Storyline sounds great, and I'd love to read this book.

Re: The Perilous Journey of the Not-So-Innocuous Girl (3:45pm March 21, 2015):

I'd prefer wearing pants. Sounds like a good adventuresome story, and I haven't read any steampunk novels before. Gadgets, dirt, grime, grease, cobwebs on my journey await me!

Re: Chasing the Runaway Bride (3:27pm November 22, 2014):

Having a job and family. This sounds like a good book we'd enjoy reading, and a new author to get to know. Thanks!

Re: A Broken Kind Of Beautiful (5:47pm April 25, 2014):

Katie, we are practically neighbors. I live close to Madison, WI. (if you still live around that area that you attended school) in Janesville. I especially enjoy reading about people that share their wealth with others in need that I read stories about nearly everyday, to help sick children with their medical surgery expenses needed, homeless people with food or lodging, heroes rescuing people, etc. These are truly beautiful people.

Re: East of Ecstasy (7:29pm April 24, 2014):

Enjoy reading series books and revisiting characters from the previous books and how they've progressed in their lives. Congrats on finishing 14 great books!

Re: A Shot of Red (7:19pm April 24, 2014):

I've never won a vacation lottery. I have a sister-in-law that did. She knew a woman that wanted to go to Israel and travel around and told her she'd pay for her entire trip if she'd please go with her. They rode around on camels and visited many places.
I'd have to say, I'd really enjoy partaking in nos. 7 & 9 on your list of things you did in Switzerland. Sounds fun!

Re: Home to Stay (5:03pm March 29, 2014):

Two come to mind, Brothers and The Next Three Days. These were both very good and had very heart-pumping moment scenes in them (unforgettable).

Re: Dyed and Gone (4:52pm March 29, 2014):

Great uses. I like the idea of keeping thin cords secure with them it's great (like cell phone recharging cords that tangle). Will have to give some of these a try and pass these ideas along.

Re: Bite Me (4:39pm March 29, 2014):

I have not read any of your books in this series. I am sold already, just reading everyone's comments about how great your books are, so I am writing down the titles of all of these, so I can get started! There are a few authors I've wondered how they got there...Christine Feehan and Terry Spear.

Re: Winter in Full Bloom (4:21pm March 29, 2014):

This sounds like such a fascinating story, which I would love to read. I haven't read much inspirational fiction, which is something new for me to try.

Re: The MacGregor's Lady (7:24pm February 6, 2014):

Grace, how do you go about selecting your names for the characters for your books? Do you use some you've heard while on your travels? Asher MacGregor is a nice sounding name (but haven't heard Asher used much in the U.S.).

Re: Teacup Turbulence (6:33pm January 28, 2014):

Both of your books sound great and would love to read these with all of our extremely cold winter days. There's nothing better than having some good books on hand.

Re: Everlasting Enchantment (5:09pm December 7, 2013):

I'd like to be a black panther or a dragon shape-shifter. Both are awesome. I like your book cover and your book title. Would love to read this book!

Re: Rugged Hearts (6:40pm December 4, 2013):

I so enjoy hearing about people and their random acts of kindness, especially when it comes to people so less fortunate. I think so many people forget about little things that mean so much to others this time of year. I think I feel most grateful to help someone or do small favors (esp. for the elderly).

Re: Hustlin' Texas (6:33pm December 4, 2013):

HUSTLIN' TEXAS sounds like a terrific cowboy read. Enjoyed reading the excerpt, and want the book now!

Re: Otherworld (7:32pm November 25, 2013):

My dream would be to run my own business one day. This sounds like a good book I will be sure to read.

Re: Texas Tango (4:51pm November 16, 2013):

Texas Tango sounds like a fun cowboy story I'd enjoy! Looking forward to reading it. Would love one of those cowboy boot ornaments...thanks for a great giveaway!

Re: Daughter Of The God-King (4:30pm November 9, 2013):

Congratulations on your new book, Daughter of the God-King. This sounds like a very captivating mystery, and I like that it takes place in Egypt with archaeology as the story unfolds. Can't wait to read it and experience the journey!

Re: Promise Me Texas (4:12pm November 9, 2013):

This sounds like such a good exciting book for all to enjoy and one that would be hard to put down! So many thrilling, tense moments!

Re: Scion of the Sun (3:57pm November 9, 2013):

You've been very busy writing 43 books in 10 years! That's quite a big accomplishment. I haven't read any of your books yet, but this one sounds excellent and I look forward to reading it. I do enjoy reading YA books (esp. paranormal ones) which have so many unusual twists in them. Congrats on your latest, Scion of the Sun!!! Great cover!

Re: Born Wild (4:52pm November 3, 2013):

BORN WILD sounds like a great bikers suspense story with action and romance. I'd like to read your entire Black Knights series. Sounds great!

Re: Christmas Quilt (4:47pm October 20, 2013):

Sounds like a great holiday story that can be enjoyed by everyone. Great book cover!

Re: The Butterfly Sister (4:41pm October 19, 2013):

I enjoy reading mystery/suspense/thrillers. THE BUTTERFLY SISTER definitely fits the bill for a good mystery read! I would love to read this Oct. Sounds excellent!

Re: Shades Of Mercy (7:11pm September 12, 2013):

This sounds like a great book. I haven't heard of the Maliseet Indian tribes before, but I'm sure I'll learn a little history and facts just by reading your book which can take me back in time!

Re: Traces Of Mercy (6:50pm September 12, 2013):

This sounds like a great historical fiction story set in the post-Civil War. I haven't read anything with a character having memory loss before. Our memories are special to each of us. Looking forward to reading this book.

Re: When Mountains Move (7:44pm September 11, 2013):

Congrats on winning the Christy Award and being a bestselling author. Both these books sound very good! Looking forward to reading them.

Re: A Rancher's Christmas (5:57pm August 27, 2013):

Christmas stories can be enjoyed all year round. My must haves for a town (western town), would be a bakery, old-fashioned diner, soda fountain, town hall/dance hall, second-hand store, and a used book store and/or library. This looks like a great book!

Re: Cowboy Seeks Bride (2:16pm August 24, 2013):

Cowboy books are my favorite books to read, and series are great with spin-off series (with some of the previous characters). Your books are GREAT!

Re: Last Chance Reunion (6:50pm August 21, 2013):

Enjoy reading suspense and romantic suspense. I like paranormal too. I think you've got a great list.

Re: Three Days on Mimosa Lane (6:26pm August 15, 2013):

When I was 7 yrs. old, my father and his friend were going to work, when his friend had a seizure behind the wheel of his truck while driving, and they were both killed. The truck went off an overpass down to the highway below. My mother was left to raise 7 children alone. It was very difficult for her at age 48, and she didn't have a job and didn't know how to drive. She relied on us and her brother to take us to church and for groceries. I was the youngest so I stayed living at home to help out. She never moved on or dated in all those years, so I know it helped her to have the company. When I moved from our home in my mid-thirties, she lived in an apt. with all elderly residents and made friends, then later, into a nursing home for a couple years until she passed away at age 86. I never felt that I sacrificed much, and would not change a thing looking back on it.

Re: Once Upon A Tartan (5:50pm August 15, 2013):

You are quite a bright, talented woman to be successful at being a lawyer and a great author! I would much rather read than attempt trying to write a book. I don't think I could accomplish getting over 300 plus pages written. I don't own an e-reader and so many authors offer free books now. Thanks so much for the chance to win one!

Re: Taken by the Vampire King (5:49pm August 12, 2013):

I think the fear and danger along with their supernatural powers, is most intriguing about vampire stories and movies. I'd like to read your books in this series.

Re: A Cursed Embrace (5:30pm August 12, 2013):

As the saying goes, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." So happy you did, and congrats on getting published and never giving up on your dreams (esp. after all those rejections). Covers are great!

Re: A Little Bit of Charm (5:11pm August 8, 2013):

It sounds like you had a little taste of Amish life while doing your research while on vacation. It's always interesting to learn more facts about their lifestyle to incorporate that into your books which most people are curious about.

Re: The Passion Of The Purple Plumeria (5:24pm August 6, 2013):

I enjoyed reading your interesting post. THE PASSION OF THE PURPLE PLUMERIA sounds like another great book you've written, and I'd like to read.

Re: A Brew to a Kill (5:06pm August 6, 2013):

Coffee with a Coffeehouse mystery...what could be better! Sounds like a wonderful book and a great giveaway!

Re: Plain Fear: Forgiven (4:39pm August 3, 2013):

Bad boys are the most interesting to read about and how and why they got to be that way to give themselves that bad reputation. These three books sound great, and a little paranormal makes this Amish series quite unique!

Re: Baden-Powell's Beads: London (6:29pm July 31, 2013):

I truly enjoyed reading how you got started writing and disciplined yourself to do it daily at a set time. I think if you're committed to something, you will succeed at it (as in any job you have a strong interest in). Your books sound great, and much success with them!

Re: Traveling Light (4:14pm July 27, 2013):

I found your post very interesting. I think many are people watchers. When a guy is dressed up in a suit and tie pumping gas, driving an expensive car, you take notice and wonder what his occupation is. When you see a guy walking the highway in 90-degree weather wearing a dirty winter coat, carrying a large duffel bag, with dirty, messy hair, you automatically think that man must be homeless. Your thoughts carry you away, and I can see how they could be incorporated into a very good novel.

Re: The Outcast Prince (5:05pm July 26, 2013):

Enjoy paranormal books. Enjoy antique hunting and think this sounds like a book I'd thoroughly enjoy reading!!

Re: Rugged Hearts (7:21pm July 24, 2013):

I think my older brother had a huge influence on getting me interested in wanting to learn all about and start collecting muscle cars. I enjoy reading auto collector books and magazines and going to antique auto shows around the state I live in. Cars today aren't built like they were before the 1970's.

Re: Reckless (7:11pm July 24, 2013):

I like the Tom Cruise movies in which he did his own stunts. Ghost Protocol and Mission Impossible 4. He does a great job and it's amazing that he insists on doing these dangerous scenes himself. I also like all the movies that Hugh Jackman is in. He's a great actor.

Re: Magic Rises (6:00pm July 17, 2013):

Your series sounds very interesting and fascinating. Your book covers are great! I know I'd enjoy reading these this summer!

Re: Merger to Marriage (4:05pm July 13, 2013):

The chocolate factory assembly line episode is definitely my favorite. Very funny! I think all her facial expressions she could make were very funny when she'd get herself into all types of situations. You can never tire of watching a repeat episode of Lucy. They're all good and amusing. Love conflict in stories.

Re: Ignited (5:27pm July 12, 2013):

Your books sound great! Enjoy suspense books of this type. Thanks!

Re: Jungle Fire (5:38pm July 11, 2013):

I like variety. The setting is important for a good, interesting story. Think I prefer an exotic setting over a small town (so I'd prefer reading a jungle novel).

Re: The Medic's Homecoming (6:43pm July 8, 2013):

I enjoy paranormal movies, real-live taped encounters with ghosts and hauntings, zombies, werewolves, demons, etc. I want to watch the zombie movie, Warm Bodies. I saw previews for this movie and it looks great!

Re: Masters of The Cats: Collaring The Saber-Tooth (5:23pm July 2, 2013):

Enjoy reading outside on the patio during the nice summer late afternoons and early evenings or inside relaxing in a comfortable chair. Love barbequing and fireworks which is the best way to spend the 4th of July.

Re: Exposed (4:01pm June 29, 2013):

This looks like a great series and I'd love to read EXPOSED!Always enjoy reading a good suspense book!

Re: Smoking Hot (6:24pm June 27, 2013):

Congratulations on your 23rd book. Sounds like another great one! Would love to win it and read Raine and Dillion's story.

Re: Wish You Were Here (5:27pm June 27, 2013):

I remember reading many comic books as a kid in the summers, going to the library, fishing, and hiking. Enjoyed reading about all your fond memories of summertime, Amanda.

Re: All Out of Love (6:49pm June 25, 2013):

That was a fun quiz but geared for females. My girlfriend picked mostly D's so that would put her with you, Lori. She likes cowboy romances. Great contest!

Re: If The Shoe Fits (5:52pm June 21, 2013):

Love oldies and rock 'n roll music. Lots of the groups...Beatles, Boston, Fleetwood Mac, etc.

Re: The Look of Love (5:46pm June 21, 2013):

Just realized all your book titles are named after songs! Looks like a great series anyone would love to read!

Re: Billion Dollar Cowboy (5:19pm June 14, 2013):

Another great looking cowboy book for sure. Always love great cowboy stories and Carolyn does a wonderful job on every one she writes! Would be so great to win this one.

Re: The Summer I Became A Nerd (5:24pm May 24, 2013):

I am a nerd when it comes to collecting muscle car magazines and die cast cars, rock 'n roll oldies music CD's, and cool lighted beer signs. Like books too!

Re: A Highland Werewolf Wedding (7:09pm May 9, 2013):

These books sound great..haven't read any of them yet. Terry Spear sounds like a terrific author from the number of books she's written and having bestsellers!

Re: The Collector (5:51pm April 25, 2013):

Thanks for the book recommendations. The Collector sounds like a very interesting paranormal book.

Re: Thrill Ride (5:00pm April 23, 2013):

Sounds like a great series, and I want to read more!!

Re: The Summer He Came Home (4:27pm April 20, 2013):

The rocker groups that have made a lasting impression upon me are...The Beatles, The Doors, ZZTop, Kiss, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Guns N' Roses, and Kansas (to name of few of my favorites). Great giveaway, thanks!

Re: Speak No Evil (5:20pm April 17, 2013):

This sounds like a very good romantic/suspense/thriller, and the type of book I'd enjoy with a great storyline and setting focused around the area you grew up!

Re: A Method to Madness (5:10pm April 16, 2013):

Your books sound great--I'm anxious to read this interesting story about the Purple Gang and how they got started and operated.

Re: Flirting Under A Full Moon (5:53pm April 12, 2013):

Enjoy werewolf books....this looks like a great one!! Can't wait to read it!

Re: Lush (7:11pm April 3, 2013):

Haven't read any food-related books, but this series sounds like a good one to start with!!

Re: Once Tempted (5:41pm April 1, 2013):

Your first Silver Creek Novel, Once Tempted, sounds like a great story! Most of my road trips have been to go camping and hiking. It's always fun sitting around a campfire or bonfire in the evenings relaxing and having great conversations with family and friends.

Re: Revenge On Route 66 (5:11pm March 29, 2013):

The one I was surprised to learn about is Superman being on Feb. 29 (how ironic--"leap year")LOL Guess, he misses out on a few--he's busy leaping for the skies to save the planet!

Re: Identity Crisis (6:17pm March 27, 2013):

I enjoyed reading your post today about art forgeries, especially everything about Corot. I found this very interesting. There probably have been some that have found what they thought was of great value, wasn't, when they chose to sell their artwork.

Re: The Geek Girl And The Scandous Earl (3:29pm March 17, 2013):

This sounds like a fun read. Jamie, geek girl, has quite an adventure ahead of her with Micah, Earl of Dunnington! Time travel (romance or historical) is so interesting to read. You've written a great one and something very different too. Great job and much success with it!

Re: Buried In A Bog (3:14pm March 17, 2013):

I've never been to Ireland or County Cork. It sounds like you've visited many times and learn more each time. What an adventure! The countryside always looks beautiful in photos, in books, and on TV. I worked with a friend who took a trip there, and kissed the "Blarney Stone" (for good luck, I believe). Everything is so green and gorgeous. It's great to write a book with the background information you've incorporated into it.

Re: Out Of Circulation (7:00pm March 11, 2013):

This cozy mystery--#4 sounds like a great one, and I hope it does as well as your first one did for you! Would love to read it and catch up on the others. You are a new author to me. What other books have you written?

Re: The Survivor (4:40pm March 8, 2013):

Keeping the outside lights on to light up your home and yard at night prevents someone from coming up to your home to commit any crime including vandalism. They will be deterred. Be sure to put away yard tools and bikes, etc. before dark. Always be extra careful walking to your car from a bank, especially. A would-be robber may assume you have a lot of cash. Never open up your wallet wide enough for anyone to view the amount of cash you have when checking out at a store, since you may then be setting yourself up. There are too many jobless individuals these days and they take desperate measures. Keep your cell phone charged and handy in your pants pocket where you can quickly grab and use it. Don't be afraid to yell and scream loudly for help and even run away getting attention. Anyone doing something wrong will less likely continue doing so when you're attracting a lot of attention. Never take walks alone, especially on secluded walking trails. Many assaults occur in these areas.

Re: Wait Until Dark (6:15pm February 28, 2013):

Enjoyed reading all your background info that you shared. Your characters and storyline sound great for your latest book #3 in your Nightstalker series. I think this would be a book I wouldn't want to put down!

Re: The Chieftain (5:49pm February 28, 2013):

What a great photo of the faery glen (like something out of a movie). I'm sure Scotland was amazing, and helps incorporate new ideas for your books. A lot of history and lore can be learned traveling. I'm going to check out your website.

Re: Cowboy Tough (5:31pm February 28, 2013):

Bobby Mote really went through a lot of pain toughing it out for his buddies (that's really being "cowboy tough"). Enjoy reading about cowboys and would love reading your book which sounds great!

Re: Scorned Justice (5:08pm February 23, 2013):

Two of my favorite revenge movies were UNFAITHFUL and FATAL ATTRACTION (since they were unforgettable, both were so good)! Your books sound good in this series.

Re: Murder Hooks a Mermaid (4:28pm February 17, 2013):

There are so many places I'd enjoy visiting and seeing. At the top of my list would be Hawaii and New Zealand. Thanks for the opportunity for a chance to win your great books!

Re: The Moses Quilt (5:44pm February 16, 2013):

This is such a great concept you have come up with for the writing of this book by combining history with an interesting new story. Hardships and struggles from the past generations (along with ingenious inventions) make our country a greater place for us to live in and appreciate more what they've done to give us what we have today.

Re: The Eldritch Conspiracy (6:46pm February 13, 2013):

The books are usually always better than the movies, because too much is left out of the story, that's a little dissappointing when you've read the book first. If the movie is done well, then I can overlook that.

Re: Wildcat (6:37pm February 13, 2013):

"Lose anything? Whoa...looks like you've found my missing horse!" Sounds like a good book and great series.

Re: A Howl For A Highlander (6:20pm February 13, 2013):

Get a tropical drink, head down to the beautiful beach for a walk along the ocean, then jump in and go for a swim! So looking forward to reading your book and catching up with the others!

Re: Perfect Misfits (4:15pm December 22, 2012):

These books sound great and I like dark fantasy/paranormal and happy endings!

Re: What The Cat Saw (4:45pm November 11, 2012):

This sounds like quite a unique, mysterious book with a great storyline to it. What a fun book to read for everyone, especially cat lovers!

Re: Heart of Danger (4:27pm November 11, 2012):

I would have to say aliens or nuclear war for TEOTWAWKI would be my two favorites. I have watched apocalypse movies of which several haven't seemed too far fetched in reality. War of the Worlds really makes you think! I'm sure I'd enjoy reading all your books.

Re: Tall, Dark, and Divine (6:23pm October 15, 2012):

Sounds like a great book and uniquely interesting! Thanks for the great excerpt and giveaway!

Re: Shattered Silence (4:00pm October 14, 2012):

Would love to read your Texas Ranger stories (modern day cowboys) and just as interesting as those of the old wild west days. Shattered Silence sounds great!

Re: The Shadowy Horses (5:45pm October 13, 2012):

Dialect is an asset to the story to give it authenticity. This sounds like a great read and looking forward to reading this one and finding out more about your books!

Re: In Rides Trouble (5:46pm September 7, 2012):

These sound like good books. I enjoy motorcycles and would enjoy reading, 'IN RIDES TROUBLE' and get started in your series.

Re: Magic Gone Wild (5:45pm August 31, 2012):

This book sounds magical and fun. Who didn't enjoy "I Dream of Jeannie?" Everyone should enjoy this one and the others in your series! Thanks for the contest!

Re: Blame It On Texas (5:05pm August 26, 2012):

Humor lifts a persons spirit, and it's always enjoyable to read a book that brings a smile or laughter, which makes the author truly unforgettable!

Re: Seducing Cinderella (5:51pm August 12, 2012):

Gina, Congrats on your new release! Any of the tropes are good to read about and make a compelling story.

Re: The Bull Rider's Brother (5:45pm August 12, 2012):

I absolutely love cowboy romances...they're especially good stories, and my favorite to read about and enjoy the State Fairs, bull-riding, and small towns in the mix. Sounds like your off to a great start with your writing!!!!!!

Re: Hell On Wheels (5:31pm August 10, 2012):

CONGRATULATIONS on the debut of your first book HELL ON WHEELS! A romantic suspense about an ex-military biker, sounds like a wild adventure (as I'm sure the two to follow in this BKI series will be also)!

Re: Hearts Of Darkness (4:39pm August 9, 2012):

This sounds like an excellent book to read, and I enjoy books of this type. Keep writing (and write faster...since this is a trilogy--lol)! Much success with this lst one! I CAN'T WAIT TO READ IT!

Re: A Brew To A Kill (6:33pm August 7, 2012):

Looks like I have some reading catching up to do with your Coffeehouse Mystery series. It's great that A BREW TO KILL is appearing on bestseller lists. KUDOS! I sure would love to win this and the cool mug (great prize)!

Re: The Last Victim (5:07pm August 6, 2012):

LOVE YOUR BOOKS! They're always fantastic--you must be doing something right by trusting your own instincts. THE LAST VICTIM sounds awesome. THANKS for the chance to win this book from one of my very favorite authors for 31 yrs.

Re: Wild Texas Rose (4:51pm August 6, 2012):

WOW!! What an accomplishment--CONGRATULATIONS on your 35th book! The cover for WILD TEXAS ROSE is very attractive and probably one of the nicest I've ever seen!! Thanks for the opportunity to win this great book (which will be another memorable good story)! THANKS for your great writing, Jodi.

Re: Going To The Bad (3:46pm August 5, 2012):

It's sad to have to sacrifice and lose a valued, beloved character but sometimes necessary for the main character's growth, even though it's a difficult decision to let go (I'm sure). Enjoyed your blog and looking forward to another great book to read!

Re: Married By Midnight (4:59pm August 3, 2012):

I generally read books in a series as they come out. When there are long lapses between, I almost forget about them. I enjoy authors who write their series books within 6 to 12 months to keep it fresh in my mind, from what I remember when I read the previous book. Sounds like you'll have a few more books in this series. Best wishes with your great writing!

Re: Wicked At Heart (5:21pm July 29, 2012):

This dark, emotional tale of a dark tortured hero sounds like quite a good read! Going to look for this book! THANKS for the great post!

Re: Rosi's Time (4:06pm July 27, 2012):

I read an excerpt from your book Rosi's Castle which sounded very good. Enjoy books about castles and ghosts (paranormal happenings). I know I'd enjoy this book and Rosi's Time even if they are YA Fantasy. Thanks for the chance to win and continued success with your writing!

Re: Dark Crossings (6:41pm July 11, 2012):

The Amish way of life is simple, old-fashioned living, hard-working and interesting beliefs and ways. Very enjoyable to read about, even when fictional. I would enjoy reading this!

Re: Her Forbidden Hero (6:29pm June 19, 2012):

Military hero stories are great to read about and much more appreciated when true facts come forth throughout the story by the author. Homework is important. I want to read this one!
Just recently watched the DVD movie, Memorial Day (anyone who knows of a hero or someone that's served in the military during wartime would appreciate this one)! A good, touching story.

Re: Cursed (6:20pm June 14, 2012):

This sounds like an intriguing book I'd love to read from a new author!

Re: Kiale Dream (7:05pm June 12, 2012):

This book sounds great, thanks for giving me the chance to win it!

Re: A Fatal Fleece (5:32pm June 11, 2012):

Since my girlfriend love to knit and crochet and is an avid reader, this is just the book for her!

Re: Home For The Summer (6:59pm June 4, 2012):

I spent a lot of time fishing, hiking, exploring and camping with my brothers and friends. Enjoyed reading comic books. Love the memories of those days! Hope to win your book.

Re: Where There's Smoke (5:40pm May 25, 2012):

A little soul stealing after being kicked out of hell...I can't wait to read this great paranormal book!

Re: The Zen Man (4:02pm April 19, 2012):

Really enjoyed many of the old detective (PI's) on tv... especially Columbo, MONK, Perry Mason, Mannix, and Magnum P.I. THE ZEN MAN sounds very interesting and I want to read!

Re: The Wolf Who Loved Me (6:02pm April 12, 2012):

I don't tell anything I want kept secret, but I'm good at keeping other people's secrets. Weston Hadley has one...he turns into a wolf! This book sounds too good.

Re: Mariana (5:40pm April 12, 2012):

I think it's best if the author let's the story remain in its original rendition, only correcting spelling and grammatical errors if re-releasing the book. Many books are printed with a few errors. Mariana has a great story-line, and a book I'd like to read and enjoy!

Re: One Hot Cowboy Wedding (6:16pm April 9, 2012):

Cowboys are fun and enjoyable to read about. Enjoy all your cowboy books, especially all the Spikes and Spurs series. Would love to own a copy of 'One Hot Cowboy Wedding'...your books are the B E S T, Carolyn, hands down!

Re: Trouble Me (6:01pm April 9, 2012):

Sounds like a really great book and would enjoy finding out what awaits Rob pursuing Jade with her troubled past! I need to read this one!

Re: Woodrose Mountain (6:04pm April 5, 2012):

This book sounds very good...not every book has to have an all-over happy story. Characters experiencing something traumatic and going through it with them, gives insight to how they deal with their problems for their road to recovery, and may have a HEA ending. Would enjoy winning a copy of this one just to find out! Thank-You for the chance!!!

Re: In Search of Lucy (5:52pm March 31, 2012):

Road trips are always enjoyable and an adventure. Always enjoyed hiking and camping on ones I've taken and taking in the great sites. I know I'd enjoy this book.

Re: True Highland Spirit (4:47pm March 31, 2012):

Like my heroine or hero to be brave, spirited, strong-willed and have flaws. A woman warrior story sounds like a great read!

Re: A Light On The Veranda (5:53pm March 30, 2012):

This story sounds great as I really enjoy a good ghost story. The pictures are very good and gives a little insight to Natchez. We can all learn through books because of authors that give us accurate descriptions to arrive at their setting and premise for an intriguing story.

Re: Sanctuary Cove (7:26pm March 28, 2012):

The small town atmosphere is less hectic and much more peaceful, along with beautiful surroundings to enjoy. Reading is relaxing and so is living in a small town, which makes for a good descriptive story that's uplifting. TV doesn't have enough of that to appreciate and the Undercover Boss show is one that does just that.

Re: The Chase (7:11pm March 28, 2012):

I enjoy a great mystery and your book sounds interesting. I like Castle and Hawaii Five-O.

Re: The Wings Of Morning (6:18pm March 26, 2012):

Sounds like a book I'd enjoy reading with the era in which it takes place and the history.

Re: Assassins In Love (6:54pm March 22, 2012):

Great idea to have imaginary world settings!! This sounds like the book I'd like to read!

Re: Believe It or Not (5:47pm March 22, 2012):

I don't think there has ever been a time that I abhorred a name that it changed the way I read a book. There have been a couple that didn't seem right for the character, but after getting further into the story, I just accept the name as I become more familiar reading it again. The name doesn't ruin the story.

Re: Cassie's Grand Plan (6:53pm March 20, 2012):

I enjoy all our parks and beautiful ice age trails to walk or bike on. I have seen all types of small animals, deer, and a variety of birds while walking along these trails. I always enjoy all our antique auto shows during the summer and fall months and our fair.

Re: The Needle In The Blood (5:47pm March 17, 2012):

The history depicted in a tapestry in artful images definitely holds a few hidden messages. This book sounds like a great read.

Re: Sketch a Falling Star (6:39pm March 12, 2012):

I'd have to say I wish there was more time in a day...after working and eating supper, it's easy to fall asleep reading or watching TV and wondering where that half-hour went, that I never realized I'd lost dozing off. I can't excuse it as any alien abduction, even though, I do believe those happen to a few select people. Your book sounds great, and I hope for the chance to win and read it! Much success with this latest book.

Re: Dire Needs (4:34pm March 5, 2012):

This sounds like a great new series to read. I do enjoy reading sequels in a series I like, because it gives me something to look forward to reading in the next book when it's released. Stand-alones that a really good that end abruptly, leave you wanting more to read on, should be a series. I've read a few like that.

Re: Clobbered By Camembert (4:06pm February 25, 2012):

Love cheese and when shops and food stores have cheese samples, because it's the best way to find out if you like them. Have always enjoyed a good grilled cheese sandwich, too, along with soup. Like mysteries and even better with food! Thoroughly enjoyed your blog and your research for your books, which I will have to check out.

Re: Spin (4:29pm February 10, 2012):

Kate's love interest is HENRY. Thanks for the contest!

Re: The Lord Of Illusion (3:46pm February 3, 2012):

I would choose the ability to find lost items, water and glimpses into the future. It would be so helpful to know where misplaced and lost items were (rather than spending hours looking for something) and would like to know the future and what it would be like when I'm no longer around to see and live it for myself. Especially, future inventions and explorations and discoveries.

Re: Alpha Instinct (6:31pm February 2, 2012):

Enjoy the imaginative world of paranormal romance where anything awaits from the norm and gives the edge and excitement to every story, and the escape from reality! Love books that are different and entertain the mind!

Re: Fever (5:43pm January 25, 2012):

FEVER sounds like a great book! I didn't make any resolutions, but I do set forth goals for myself and usually accomplish most of them, which gives a person a good feeling. Congrats on your upcoming new release! Good luck with it and Cindy with all her books.

Re: Dreamers (3:59pm January 21, 2012):

If someone asked me to tell them about myself, I'd have to say that I'm a hard-worker. I love to be at work and be really busy and don't mind working overtime. After a plant-closing from a job I held for 20 yrs. and a layoff from a plant I worked at for nearly 5 yrs., I discovered, in a hurry, that the idle time between jobs isn't for me. I'm a dreamer of better things to come and found out you have to do for yourself, since family doesn't help you out or care as much as you thought, when the going gets tough (even when you've been there to help them out when they needed it)! DREAMERS sounds great and a book to enjoy.

Re: Sex, Lies and Surveillance (6:22pm January 19, 2012):

Enjoy watching spy movies and reading spy novels. My favorites were The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (United Network Command for Law & Enforcement) with Robert Vaughn as Napoleon Solo. Also, really enjoyed Maxwell Smart with Don Adams and James Bond, especially those with Sean Connery.

Re: Dylan (3:41pm January 15, 2012):

I enjoy cowboy and western books. I think this is a series I'd really enjoy. Thanks!

Re: Pretty Persuasion (5:12pm January 11, 2012):

I usually finish a book I'm reading. I don't rate the books I've read, but do recommend them when they're exceptionally good, and I think someone else would enjoy reading the book. I have read new books with good reviews. With so many new authors, it's a good idea to have ratings from those that have already read the book.

Re: A Demon Does It Better (6:47pm January 3, 2012):

I wouldn't mind hanging out inside a critter for awhile, if I could change back when I wanted. Think it would be a great experience to be able to fly like an eagle and soar high in the sky, then be able to change to another animal, at another time, to experience what they do.

Re: Sweet Reward (6:29pm January 3, 2012):

Tortured characters make the story so much more interesting to see what circumstances they must deal with and what changes them through gaining the trust of another. This series sounds great!

Re: Lover's Leap (5:13pm December 29, 2011):

Emily, you've been very busy writing! Keep up the good work! I think the Eternity Springs novels (4 so far) sound really good...keep the series continuing. Great covers and titles! Congratulations!

Re: Mozart's Last Aria (6:44pm December 28, 2011):

I enjoyed the blog and Mozart as a well-reknowned composer, peaks my interest to read this book and find out more about him. This sounds well-written and researched with the crime involved in this historical (yet fictional) story. Thank you for writing it!

Re: Lady Seductress's Ball (4:41pm December 20, 2011):

I really like the candy cane cookies that look and taste like candy canes since they're rolled in crushed pieces of candy canes, and peanut butter cookies with peanut butter cups in the centers or the ones with the chocolate kisses. The chocolate creme de menthe brownies are great too, at Christmas...love those with the green layer and then the choc. frosting on top. Now, I'm hungry! Cookies go well with reading books, cause reading gives you the munchies, especially, since so many stories have chapters referring to food in restaurants, stores, gardens, carnivals or fairs, etc.

Re: Sleight Of Paw (4:41pm December 19, 2011):

I haven't liked many photos taken of me. Perhaps, it's a good thing that many are from a distance and not close-ups! So many are taken when you don't expect it, then friends are passing them around for everyone to view at a later date(surprise)! I'd rather be the one taking pictures, than in them. Most look worse than your drivers license id photo! Yours look great.

Re: How To Worship A Goddess (5:36pm December 13, 2011):

Winter is great for hockey and tobogganing. Never played this sport but enjoy watching it being played. Don't always enjoy shoveling all the snow when it's over 6" all at once--that's for the birds (great for snowmen)!lol

Re: Dreaming Of The Wolf (5:44pm December 8, 2011):

My favorite meal is macaroni-cheesy/chicken casserole. It's very good and easy to make. Requires 2 cups (macaroni, cooked, one can cream of chicken soup, 1 cup milk, 6 oz. shredded cheddar cheese, and one or two pcs. leftover cooked chicken (one chicken breast is enough). Just combine everything and microwave in a 2-qt. covered baking dish, 15 min. or cook in oven 350 degrees for 30 min. It's a good meal (comfort food). Your books have nice covers and something I'd enjoy reading.

Re: Wild Thing (3:49pm December 5, 2011):

I believe opposites attract often and sometimes these relationships work very well and sometimes they do not after just a couple years. There has to be love, patience, understanding, trust and give and take to succeed.

Re: Beyond The Darkness (4:49pm December 4, 2011):

I'm working a changing my career and goals. The job market is pretty tight, but I'm optomistic. I've settled for many menial-paying jobs in the past. Your books sound terrific and I would enjoy reading these.

Re: Acquainted with the Night (6:24pm December 1, 2011):

This book sounds really good. I'd love to read it. Enjoyed your thorough excerpt of the book! Thanks.

Re: Hot Zone (6:19pm December 1, 2011):

What's on my Christmas wish list is finding a good job and then, I might then have some money to buy a few gifts to give. Everyone keeps getting laid off, due to cut-backs. Manufacturers aren't doing as well as they once were. I keep searching and am keeping my hopes up and fingers crossed. I need some books to read to fight the boredom! Thanks for the contest.

Re: She Can Run (5:25pm November 29, 2011):

I like mysteries, suspense, thrillers with some romance to them. Your book sounds good and thanks for the contest.

Re: Waking Up Dead (5:30pm November 26, 2011):

Your book definitely sounds like one I'd like to read and am happy you got through writing it, with what you've been through with the recovery for use of your right hand. The book cover is awesome!

Re: The Spy Who Left Me (4:31pm November 25, 2011):

It won't be long and everyone living where they have snow and blizzards will be thinking how they'd wished they lived in Hawaii! I will be freezing, loading lots of packages onto trucks (gifts for Christmas from relatives) and dreaming of sitting in front of the fireplace with a good book to read and eating Christmas cookies.

Re: Until There Was You (4:59pm November 17, 2011):

Enjoyed the post! Love the story already of second chances, bad-boy image to be popular, (memories of those kids in high school) and prom and the outcomes. The book sounds great--would love to win it.

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