November 27th, 2021
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A spy tracker & code breaker team team up to search for saboteurs, and her safety becomes his first priority.

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Kari Stuart is roped into helping out at a dog show--but soon finds she’s bitten off more than she can chew when her best friend is framed for murder

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Sela falls hard for Theo, only problem, he doesn't love her back

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Society's most exclusive invitation

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Is she bold enough to embrace a wild Scottish ride?

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A spy and an assassin

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Will the secrets of their pasts continue to rip them apart?

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The magic of Christmas, the power of forgiveness, and the importance of family

Kathleen Bianchi

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152 comments posted.

Re: Wild Encounter (11:38am October 7, 2012):

I would do every thing I could think of except hurt someone else or committ a crime.

Re: Construction Beauty Queen (3:22pm September 29, 2012):

I don't have any small town memories, living there. I have always lived in medium to large cities. Like NYC and Las Vegas. I also lived in the largest city in NH whiched I loved. I used to travel up north to repair computers in small towns and the people were so friendly.

Re: Secrets Of A Wedding Night (10:20pm September 28, 2012):

I love authors that do research. So then I get to learn something new. I know nothing about faro, except hearing the name in books.

Re: Deadly Little Lies (8:39pm September 18, 2012):

I know I read alot as a child but I can't remember any books until jr high. I loved John Steinbeck, his small books back at that age. And many of the other classics. My first and favorite romance was GONE WITH THE WIND and I read that in the summer before 9th grade. Fantastic, wasn't it! I have reread SHOGUN many times. Oh, I loove dark chocolate, so you can send some anytime now.

Re: A Lady And Her Magic (2:47pm September 14, 2012):

My first toy love was my hugh stuffed dog with a scottish plaid body. He was called Scottie, of course.

Re: Death Where The Bad Rocks Live (3:51pm September 3, 2012):

I think personal experience as a law officer beats research any day. Your book sounds like it will be a good one.

Re: Death on a Longship (2:17pm September 3, 2012):

I also love learning something new. That's why novel's are so helpful, they give the background of different aspects of life and industries that you are unaware of. I look forward to reading this book, I know nothing about the sea.

Re: Every Breath She Takes (2:12pm September 3, 2012):

Your a new author to me. I am glad that previously you didn't write about vampires. That would be what I would like to win..

Re: Plain Fear: Forbidden (7:00pm August 31, 2012):

I have never read a vampire story. So I quess an Amish one would be a good place to start.

Re: Florentine's Hero (2:01pm August 25, 2012):

Well this will be a first for me, I have never read an Indulgence book before. I think I will be reading them soon.

Re: Sweet Deception (2:50pm August 13, 2012):

I'm a bit of a hoarder, I am most stubborn about having my stuff thrown away.

Re: A Brew To A Kill (8:31am August 7, 2012):

Congratulations on your new book. Hope you have great sales. Thank you for a chance to win your book.

Re: The Last Victim (4:47pm August 6, 2012):

go with your gut, always.

Re: The Last Victim (2:29pm August 5, 2012):

This was a very interesting post. We so often let others dictate what we should be doing. I am glad you have put an end to that foolishness and are going with your gut.

Re: Going To The Bad (2:21pm August 5, 2012):

sometimes people have to go in a story to make a point. It is very sad. Shocking when reading it though.

Re: Going To The Bad (8:42pm August 4, 2012):

I hate to see a favorite character die!

Re: I Own The Dawn (8:28pm August 2, 2012):

I think some of the most special moments are spent with your grandchildren.

Re: Four Sisters, All Queens (3:53pm July 14, 2012):

I love to learn about history but find historical novels the best way. The Queen's being sister's is fasinating. It doesn't sound like they listened to there mother when she said family first, though.

Re: Jesse (8:01pm July 13, 2012):

I don't have any grandmother memories so I made sure I was around making them with my granddaughter. We have a special relationship.

Re: Jesse (7:58pm July 13, 2012):

I didn't have grandmothers so I hope I made up for it by being the best grandmaw I could be!

Re: Gwen's Ghost (1:32pm July 12, 2012):

It was amazing how well you two worked together so far apart! No e-mails, unbeliveable. I am so glad the book turned out so well. I really look forward to reading this one.

Re: Heiress Without A Cause (2:34am July 4, 2012):

I look forward to reading your books, they sound exciting. You knowledge of the time periord is amazing.

Re: It Begins with a Kiss (8:30pm July 3, 2012):

I'm going to have to wait for the black pig! I am going to get your book's starting with the first trilogy.

Re: Lady Amelia's Mess And A Half (2:52pm June 28, 2012):

I can't help but think of Rhett Butler and Scarlet O'Hara, but that didn't turn out well at all.

Re: Invitation To Scandal (4:47pm June 26, 2012):

Mary, the mother of Jesus. In one of the day's that he was teaching in the 3yr period before his death.

Re: Starlight (12:08pm June 25, 2012):

Polly 1st, 4th and 5th paragraph and Alex 2nd and 3rd

Re: The Most Improper Miss Sophie Valentine (8:15pm June 22, 2012):

I just loved reading your comments on the book. The title alone is so tantelizing. It really sounds like a fun read.
Thanks for giving us a chance to win your book.

Re: The Casanova Code (6:12pm June 18, 2012):

Wanted a strong Christian man in his 60's with no children currently living at home. Has to have a good sense of humor. Looks not important,in a relationship, charater is.

Re: Grill Me, Baby (1:51pm June 16, 2012):

My mother was a fantastic cook, everything she made tasted great. But the funniest thing crossed my mind with your question. I loved pastina, little noodle with lots of butter. It was a comfort food for me.

Re: The Wild Wood Enquiry (12:08pm June 14, 2012):

I think it is a village circle in the center of town.

Re: A Fatal Fleece (4:29pm June 11, 2012):

I haven't read any of your books, so I am going to do what Anne Mueller suggested. Get book #1 out of the library and read it. I stil would like to win this book, though!

Re: Chase Me (3:47pm June 7, 2012):

My favorite romances are along the lines of GONE WITH THE WIND,EVERGREEN, VIOLETS OF MARCH and WITH THIS RING. Don't know any of the above authors

Re: Copycat Killing (3:31pm June 6, 2012):

My only crush is my husband.

Re: Diamonds Are Truly Forever (1:26pm June 4, 2012):

I try to get out of a direct question that I don't want to answer rather than say something I would rather or lie. I absolutly hate liars. I have know three pathological liars in my life and it is just unbeliveable to be around them. So I don't make a good liar at all and I'm happy about that.

Re: Home For The Summer (1:19pm June 4, 2012):

Home for the summer for me was at my cousin Kitty's house. It was wonderful. A nice green neighborhood full of big trees. We would go bicycle riding,play monopoly and life with all the other kids. We swam in the girl across the street's pool. It was a glorious time. Nothing bad happened. I just grew up. Moved away and got married.

Re: Her Highness, The Traitor (2:09pm June 1, 2012):

I love reading historical fiction that is well researched.

Re: The Taming Of A Scottish Princess (5:53pm May 23, 2012):

I love a hero who is a reader, a thinker, and - of course - brilliantly successful in his field. It doesn't hurt if he's also tall, dark, sexy and has a six-pack abs like Explorer and Egyptologist Michael Hurst. Your words of course!

Re: Deadly Secrets, Loving Lies (4:18pm May 18, 2012):

Haven't seen the movie, I would much rather read your book.

Re: The Courtesan's Lover (11:54pm May 17, 2012):

I feel I need to read HIS LAST DUCHESS before I dig into this book. They both sound great with Francesca seeming so human already. I can't wait to find out who loves her. She needs to be loved. Also the cover alone would make me buy this book.

Re: Karma (3:17am May 8, 2012):

KARMA Serendipity sounds the most intesting to me, The long longing for Liza and her not even being aware of it.There eventually getting togething so romantic,

Re: The Fallen Woman of Vil?gos (11:09am April 16, 2012):

Yes, I think deja vu is real though it has never happened with me in a love situation. This sounds fasininating with the man never wanting to let her go. I definately want to read this!

Re: Woodrose Mountain (12:08pm April 4, 2012):

This month's ALL YOU magazine had three articles of women who had serious illness. The articles were all uplifting because they talked about how they cope and overcome there illness in there day to day life. I like the fact that you do that in your books also.

Re: Wedded In Scandal (6:03pm April 3, 2012):

I've never read one of your novel's but I love the cover's. I just bought one and haven't started it yet. This book sounds delightful. I love the idea of women owning a business in that time period. I really like a series, so I am looking forward to reading this one.

Re: In Search of Lucy (2:50pm March 31, 2012):

I'm a terrible person to go on a road trip with. Car rides put me to sleep. I sleep like a baby the whole trip. The poor driver (my husband) is always lonesome.

Re: True Highland Spirit (5:52pm March 30, 2012):

I like strong women but I haven't really thought about going as far as being a warrior. But why not, Mulan works for a Disney princess!

Re: Sanctuary Cove (5:00pm March 28, 2012):

I look forward to reading your book. I like reading about real people in real towns. Not hollywood and not vampire's, yuk.

Re: Sex, Lies and Contracts (4:33pm March 23, 2012):

Sounds like quite a mess, but I'm sure it will all work out for the best in the end. I hope so anyway, I like happy endings.

Re: Sticks and Stones (9:22am March 21, 2012):

I think my sister-in-law and I would make a good team. We could come up with some good stories.

Re: Sketch a Falling Star (11:23pm March 12, 2012):

I went to bed in September in 10th grade and woke up in January. Obviously I was there at home nobody missed me but to this day all that time is a blank for me. I'm 59 now. I asked doctor's but they just look at you strangely. I had a brain tumor removed when I was forty that I was born with, I'm blaming it on that. Even though the doctors said no.

Re: Against The Night (3:35pm March 9, 2012):

I think books inspire movies vs movies inspiring books.

Re: Sweet Enemy (2:03pm March 6, 2012):

The first "accidental" touches.

Re: Ride With Me (6:31pm February 13, 2012):

I have very sensitive taste buds, can't eat anything remotely spicy. So I have never dared anyone about food but sex is another thing entirely.

Re: A Scandalous Countess (11:07pm February 10, 2012):

Don't have any experience reading Georgian time period, so I can't say which I would like better. All though the lack of bathing in the Gorgian period is a real turnoff.

Re: A Fitting End (10:54pm February 10, 2012):

A customer service center.

Re: Hold Me If You Can (2:05pm January 26, 2012):

I'm sorry to hear that the hero's were tortured into becoming the "perfect" mates. But I quess anyway you can get them will do.

Re: Falling For The Fireman (2:33pm January 24, 2012):

When my children were preschoolers we lived near a firestation and would walk past there. The firemen were always so nice to the kids and let them come near the firetrucks.Thats my kind of sexy.

Re: Scrumptious (3:22pm January 16, 2012):

I always wanted to be a Mom and luckily got my wish and better than that is being a Grandmaw!!

Re: Dylan (8:57am January 15, 2012):

If I was that brunette with a lasso around me I would want to kill the cowboy and my friends that set me up!

Re: Bride By Mistake (2:38pm January 10, 2012):

This poor girl has been dreaming of her husband for eight years! And then he tries to annul the marriage! The pain and the interesting story that will insue. I can't wait to read this.

Re: A Demon Does It Better (9:42am January 3, 2012):

If I was my dog I wouldn't mind. She is so adored, it wouldn't be bad to be pampered and it would be interesting to see the world through her eyes.

Re: A Promise Of Safekeeping (1:55pm January 1, 2012):

P.S. with the exception of autographed books - I love autographed books. I pay extra to get them. There is just something special to me about having an authors signature on there book.

Re: A Promise Of Safekeeping (1:53pm January 1, 2012):

I collect books. My new years resolution is to go to kindle only because i am drowning in books.

Re: The Angel Of Blythe Hall (1:54pm December 30, 2011):

One of the most beautiful unexpected gifts I received was from a beautiful loving girlfriend. My friend was very poor. She took a cutting from a plant I gave her and grew a full size beautiful plant and gave it to me on my birthday. It was the best present I have ever gotten.

Re: Lover's Leap (3:03pm December 29, 2011):

I haven't read any of your books yet but I am definately going to be putting you on my IBR list! I love autographed books, I sure hope I win.

Re: Mozart's Last Aria (9:35pm December 27, 2011):

I really enjoyed your blog, the book sounds great. I can't wait to read it. Like everyone else I think the cover is phenomanal.

Re: Finding Felicity (10:24am December 23, 2011):

TO Peggy Roberson, I pray that you and your sister reconcile soon. It is a wonderful season to forgive and remember Jesus came to save us all.

Re: Wedded In Scandal (3:18pm December 22, 2011):

My number one time waster is the computer, I spend hours on it every day. I get about two humdred emails a day. Sales, author blogs, book blogs - which is where I get my TBR list. I just finished THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS, very good and I read about that of RIF. My biggest waste of time is the freebie/frugal sites. The second biggest time waster, I am ashamed to admit, is I take Nap's. I am always tired. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I don't think it is a waste of time but I just bought every Laura Lippman book and plan on hitting those come January for a marathon. I also just downloaded two of your books on my brand new kindle.

Re: Dreaming Of The Wolf (4:41pm December 8, 2011):

I like to cook, so I'm the only one cooking at my house. Love the cover on the book.

Re: Hellsbane (4:37pm December 8, 2011):

Unless we go East it is just my Husband and I. So there is no tradition when we stay home. A roast chicken or a Rib
Roast and no decorations. bah humbug.

Re: Beyond The Darkness (10:06am December 4, 2011):

"The one thing I hope you take away is that you should follow that meandering path of life. Wherever it leads you will be another adventure, and isn’t that why you’re here?" I think that is what I did in my life and it got me in a mess of trouble!!

Re: Busted in Bollywood (7:55pm December 3, 2011):

I can't wait to try out my new Kindle. Look forward to reading your ebook.

Re: Hunter Of Shadows (2:46pm December 2, 2011):

What really happened with the Elephant in WATER FOR ELEPHANTS was a big surprise for me.

Re: Miss Darcy Falls in Love (4:08am November 28, 2011):

It is always interesting when there are two choices for a woman's love life. This sounds like an interesting read.

Re: The Storm That Is Sterling (11:40pm November 23, 2011):

I don't know if other people would consider him a tortured hero but I think Dr Zhivago was. I would love to spend Thanksgiving with my grandchildren. Not happening this year, though.

Re: The Highlander's Heart (5:54pm November 16, 2011):

I'm a Campbell (orginally) and David sounds great to me.

Re: Until There Was You (6:21pm November 15, 2011):

It is always interesting to me when people re-meet after many years. This sounds like a very interesting read. Good luck on your next book

Re: Knight of Runes (12:41pm November 14, 2011):

I love time travel stories. This sounds like an interesting one.

Re: Because Of You (12:40pm November 14, 2011):

Sounds like a great book to read about a real hero.

Re: Genie Knows Best (5:11pm November 10, 2011):

Your a new author for me. This sounds like a great book to start with.

Re: North of Need (9:53pm November 6, 2011):

This sounds like a fantastic read. As Sarah May mentioned earlier with her description of her husband, I have married my price charming also. Twenty years and I love him more every day. But the snow king sounds dynamite!

Re: Engaged in Sin (9:53am November 5, 2011):

I really appreciate a book that is well researchedl

Re: Darn Good Cowboy Christmas (12:56pm November 4, 2011):

Santa please, please let my husband get off work for Christmas.

Re: Falling Together (4:54pm November 1, 2011):


Re: Enchanted Destiny (7:41pm October 31, 2011):

I enjoyed the interview with Jake. The cover is fabulous. I really am looking forward to reading this book.

Re: Haunting Embrace (1:23pm October 22, 2011):

I love the idea of time travel. With my ancestors from Ireland this seems like the perfect book for me.

Re: Utterly Charming (11:30pm October 19, 2011):

My favorite fairy tale is SNOW WHITE, because I just loved those dwarf's. I'm probably going to check out the new tv series.

Re: Against The Storm (3:06pm October 17, 2011):

It is hard to imagine writing 50 novel's! Congratulations.

Re: Chaos Tryst (8:52am October 2, 2011):

I was on my third date with a man when we were driving home from Boston. He looked at me and said "I've been very patient with you, I usually have slept with my dates by this time". May I say, Big yeww, gross me out. This was in the '70's and I know there was free love flowing but "patient"!!

Re: Murder By Mocha (6:15pm September 20, 2011):

I am addicted (no joke) to raspberry zingers! I try to offset it with sugarfree jello but the zingers win everytime.

Re: The Rake And The Recluse (9:13am September 18, 2011):

This is new to me. I am looking forward to "seeing" it.

Re: The Last Rising (10:38am September 17, 2011):

I also love when the hero and when my hero whispers against my neck/ear. ooh,wee does that send shivers up and down my spine.

Re: To Sketch A Thief (10:33am September 17, 2011):

I had picked a name out for a boy for my 2nd child but not a girl. The boys name was picked by rolling four alphabet block's, lol. Then my daughter was born and my mother called and said that her mother was born on that day. Wala, she had her name, Mary Catherine! I loved it. Otherwise it was going to be Jolene after a country music song that was popular at that time.

Re: Diaries Of An Urban Panther (10:40pm August 31, 2011):

HI, I just tried to buy your e-book for 99 cents and it was listed as $3.99! I really like the 99 cents better.

Re: Diaries Of An Urban Panther (10:33pm August 31, 2011):

I'd be RUNNING. Thanks for the great buy on Kindle. Can't wait to read your book.

Re: Seduce Me (1:32am August 31, 2011):

Getting to the sex scene is what is important to me. Is there the sexual tension build up? Does it seem real? Thats whats important.

Re: Ward Against Death (12:39pm August 27, 2011):


Re: Red's Hot Cowboy (12:16pm August 24, 2011):

If my leg was being helf like that, I would melt on the spot!

Re: Lucky Girl (4:04am August 23, 2011):

My first date was in fourth grade with Danny Perkins. He was quite handsome. He came right on time and we walked up two avenues to the movies together. A sweet date. He even invited me back to his apartment.

Re: The Bone House (1:18pm August 22, 2011):

I have never read one of your books and now know I have been missing a real treat. The two book descriptions given are definately going to make me put this on my TBR list! I loved your interview also.

Re: The Orphan Sister (11:22am August 17, 2011):

My childhood summers, 50yrs ago, were spent playing with my cousins. They are the happiest memories of my life.

Re: Fezariu's Epiphany (12:31pm August 13, 2011):

Interesting God descending into evil instead of the Angel's!

Re: Spycatcher (12:02pm August 11, 2011):

I think your life is more interesting than any fictional character you could write about. But your experience will make the book come alive.

Re: Only Mine (1:29am August 4, 2011):

Only Yours is the 2nd book in the series.

Re: The Marked Son (10:25am July 31, 2011):

I love the cover, too.

Re: The Marked Son (10:23am July 31, 2011):

I got all my questions answered on Good Reads. Congratulation on a near perfect score!! It really makes me anxious to read this book.

Re: The Marked Son (10:17am July 31, 2011):

This sounds very interesting. Would this be considered suitable for high school students? Is this going to come out in paperback? My sister has a bookcase overflowing with books for her students.They love this type of book.

Re: Night Walker (6:06pm July 18, 2011):

I feel comfortable knowing I have eternal life in Jesus Christ. Much better than hanging around in my old (now decreipt) body.

Re: The Crepe Makers' Bond (6:12pm July 13, 2011):

I always considered myself average in looks until I gained an enormous amount of weight, now I am a D-.

Re: Runestone (5:22pm July 9, 2011):


Re: Missing Persons (1:07pm June 25, 2011):

I"ve never met a psycopath but I have definately met many that have come close to the defination.

Re: Forced to Kill (11:15am June 4, 2011):

This sounds great, I drive an hour to work and naturally an hour home. I will enjoy listening to your book.

Re: The Gin & Chowder Club (9:17pm May 31, 2011):

I really enjoy teary books. I am sobbing right along with the characters. It truly brings an ache in your heart, I loved Prince of Tides.

Re: Wickedly Charming (11:26am May 16, 2011):

ha, ha sounds like a great twist on childrens fairy tales. Love to see it in print. Good luck with your writing.

Re: Grimoire (8:23pm May 15, 2011):

You can't write a book without secondary characters, it would be dead, dead, dead. I love the secondary characters poping thier head up in the story. When they change the main character. I also love it when they are continued in the next book.

Re: Love Drunk Cowboy (12:35pm May 4, 2011):

Don't think I would wear cowboy boots well, I have wide feet and never can get anything to fit, including high heels lol

Re: The Legend Of Michael (10:36am May 2, 2011):

Alpha or Beta it depends on the story. Michael sounds hot!

Re: Heart of Deception (5:54pm April 29, 2011):

I've never worn hats, I hate the feeling of being pressed down on.

Re: The Alchemy of Desire (6:20am April 25, 2011):

An alpha male is nice especially with an interesting woman character in the picture.

Re: The Devil in Disguise (5:24pm April 23, 2011):

I sometimes buy a book because of its cover, yours is a winner.

Re: Hidden Embers (10:34pm April 22, 2011):

Early Spring when we have some cool weather here in Nevada.

Re: Tangled Threads (2:27pm April 18, 2011):

I just keep my husband company watching tv, I am more interested in reading.

Re: A Lot Like Love (12:37pm March 24, 2011):

I just love the idea of a fbi romance.

Re: Hummingbird Lake (12:07pm March 22, 2011):

I love the cover of your book. I know I will enjoy reading it.

Re: An Unlikely Countess (12:05pm March 21, 2011):

a book based on a true story is the best of all.

Re: Angel Sister (9:22am March 18, 2011):

The book cover and title draws you into wanting to read your book.

Re: It Happened One Bite (1:17pm March 14, 2011):


Re: Seducing The Governess (2:52pm March 8, 2011):

Ilove historical romance and it is the history that draws me in more than anything. I really aprectiate all the background study you do for your books. I look forward to reading this one.

Re: Animal Magnetism (8:47pm March 5, 2011):

I must be getting old, I don't see that much eye candy anymore. Or it just could be my husband is all the eye candy I need. I look forward to reading your book it sounds great.

Re: Wicked Seduction (12:26pm March 2, 2011):

I can turn a character on and off even when I am not reading about him!

Re: Against the Law (12:10pm March 1, 2011):

I have never read any of your books and now I am going to go get the triolgy. Good luck on your writing and I hope you finally realize that you are a star.

Re: RiverTime (4:49pm February 16, 2011):

I loved the cover of your book. The section to read of the book was terrific. I could see her standing up on the beach - not knowing the hunk around the corner waiting for her.

Re: True Colors (5:10pm February 13, 2011):

I usually don't watch T.V. so I have never seen your shows. I do enjoy reading and look forward to your new sexy book.

Re: Breaking the Rules (8:01pm February 12, 2011):

I have only had alcohol three times in my life, with diasterous results. I would order my usual lemonade. Those sexy guy on the cover make for great dreams.

Re: Dangerous Secrets (6:01pm February 11, 2011):

There is a book called WOULDA, COULDA, SHOULDA and it is the story of my life. I still can't get off the circle. I was 16 and pregnant and felt very forced to marry my husband, even though I knew it was a big mistake. Two children later the marriage was over after being beaten almost to death. I always look back and think .. what if?

Re: Society's Most Disreputable Gentleman (2:47pm February 9, 2011):

I love the screamingly great sex with a Rake, then I wake up. ha, ha. Bad boys are very exciting but not someone I want to marry. I really want to read your new book. Thanks for the contest.

Re: Everyone Loves A Hero (8:21pm February 2, 2011):

My hero is not so big and famous as your hero but is everything to me. Mine is my best friend,and lover. I would trust him with anything. But I really want to read your book..just love romance.

Re: Haunting Jasmine (10:32am January 30, 2011):

The idea of having the setting for the book in a bookstore is so appealing. I love bookstores - they are one of my favorite places to go. It would be so exciting to go to a haunted one. Your book sounds great! Can't wait to read it.

Re: The Werewolf Upstairs (2:51pm January 28, 2011):

I like reading in all types of weather. I really appreciate authors for giving me such pleasue and new worlds to explore.

Re: Eternal Prey (11:56am January 26, 2011):

I love a rough hard shell on my alpamale than underlies a soft person underneath. It is wonderful when the women puts him under her spell and shows his soft side.
I would really like to get these novel to read and pass on to my sister to read. She is a highschool teacher with a large library for her students. There number one choice is paranomal.

Re: Deadly Heat (4:15pm January 22, 2011):

Fire Fighters seem like such a great topic. I usually lean to law enforcement romances, ie Kylie Brant, which definately have a dark side.

Re: Dreams' Dark Kiss (6:05pm January 18, 2011):

My daughter is my muse, she is so accomplished but has been through so many hardships to get to this point. I admire her stick-to-it-ness.

Re: Pleasure Me (3:29pm January 14, 2011):

I totally lose time and place and become one with the book. I look forward to be pleasured by a younger man!

Re: Wicked Seduction (8:28pm January 11, 2011):

It sounds like a pretty stressful life with all those deadlines, I look forward to this book.

Re: The Fire In Ember (7:01pm January 10, 2011):

I am curious what is it that Ember is hiding from?

Re: Fatal Justice (1:32am January 6, 2011):

This book sounds so exciting hut I want to go back to the beginning and get the other books to read.

Re: Real Vampires Have More To Love (3:31pm January 4, 2011):

Humor and a number of boyfriends, what could be better>

Re: Pay Up (11:41am December 23, 2010):

Making a mistake with a neighbor and a friend could turn out to be diasterous.

Re: The Irish Warrior (7:33pm December 21, 2010):

I haven't read your book yet but an Irish Warrior sounds perfect to me. I'm Irish and I like historical novels with some passion thrown in to boot, yipes.

Re: The Winter Sea (8:38pm December 20, 2010):

Wow, I am tired just reading about all the research. But that makes the book all the more enticing. I love the mystery and the history. I look forward to reading this book.

Re: Precious and Fragile Things (10:31pm December 17, 2010):

I take it three months is how long Gilly is held captive?

Re: Her Kind of Hero (1:21am November 24, 2010):

I can't say my husband and I were terrific friends than lovers. It was the other way around. We are now best friends. I would and do trust him with everything including my life. He knows the same about me. We have never had to worry about another person coming into the picture because we are both truly loyal.

Re: Deadly Intent (3:09pm November 10, 2010):

This book sounds like it has it all. A fascinating job as a forensic linguist. A woman with a personal background of being kidnapped as a child and now using that experience to help others. AND ROMANCE.

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