March 20th, 2023
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In a Stalker’s Sights…unless they can stop him.

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A delightful story of a love that defies time

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He’s a murderer and believes he’s the most evil creature on earth.

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A Valentine’s Day promise sixteen years in the making…

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An outcast finds a dying man who changes her life.

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He’s already lost one woman he loved…he’s not about to lose another.

Marissa Yip-Young

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212 comments posted.

Re: Puppy Christmas (8:45am November 16, 2019):

Books )

Re: A Shot of Murder (2:46pm April 10, 2019):


Re: The House by the Lake (10:41am April 1, 2016):

A murder

Re: Always Watching (2:19pm February 13, 2016):

Books and postcards

Re: The Cowboy's Bride Collection (10:49am February 12, 2016):

Yummy cowboys

Re: Forever Dusk (6:13am February 12, 2016):

fear since you never know what you do

Re: How To Wrangle A Cowboy (2:49pm February 10, 2016):

No my dad's died before my parents were married and my
mom's died when I was little.

Re: To the Stars (2:47pm February 10, 2016):

Looks interesting

Re: Into the Fury (7:28am February 10, 2016):

Singin in the rain

Re: A Father's Second Chance (6:04am February 6, 2016):

Good books

Re: A Father's Second Chance (6:03am February 6, 2016):


Re: Thin Ice (6:19am February 5, 2016):

A good bool

Re: Until I'm Yours (6:32am February 4, 2016):

Pride and Prejudice

Re: Love Walks In (6:28am February 4, 2016):

Sounds interesting to read

Re: Will's True Wish (3:22pm February 2, 2016):


Re: By Break of Day (10:10am February 1, 2016):

Sounds like a interesting read/

Re: Hannah's Choice (6:01am January 28, 2016):

I used tp live and work in Southern Maryland which has a
large Amizh and Mennonite community.

Re: Remaking Ryan (6:29am January 21, 2016):

The long drive.

Re: Enchantment of a Highlander (6:38am January 20, 2016):

Sounds interesting read.

Re: Heir To The Duke (6:35am January 20, 2016):

superglued lock on my locker in schook

Re: Montana Wild (6:33am January 20, 2016):

having the perfect man pursue you

Re: Taken by the Highlander (10:07am December 30, 2015):

Quiet night at home.

Re: Divorced, Desperate, and Daring (6:25am December 21, 2015):

purse strap

Re: Justified (3:00pm December 18, 2015):

Helping mom make them. The one year when all her grandkids
were little I made them beforehand and they thought she
made them. They only know last decade and they are in
their 30-40's now~

Re: Slavemakers (10:13am December 17, 2015):

Do not have a favorite. Sometimes

Re: Slamdunked by Love (6:10am December 16, 2015):

Missing you

Re: True Deceptions (6:06am December 16, 2015):

I tend ti think too far into a plot in my head that O cant
seem to write it.

Re: Shame of Thrones (6:03am December 16, 2015):


Re: A Skeleton in the Family (9:58am December 15, 2015):

Looks like an interesting read.

Re: Pouncing on Murder (6:45am December 14, 2015):


Re: Love, Dogs And Other Catastrophes (6:42am December 12, 2015):

A new year better health for my 91 yr old mom who had
shingles and fell up the stairs and dislocate her

Re: Carry Me Home (6:34am December 12, 2015):

Russell Crowe

Re: The Royal Conquest (6:17am December 10, 2015):

Love can strike om first sight.

Re: In The Company Of Wolves (6:11am December 4, 2015):

Fall for him.

Re: Somewhere in Time (6:10am December 4, 2015):

No but sounds good.

Re: In Search of Scandal (10:30am December 2, 2015):


Re: Rebel Bride (5:57am December 2, 2015):

Sounds good

Re: Here Today, Gone Tamale (6:52am December 1, 2015):

Nice interview

Re: Target Engaged (10:12am November 30, 2015):

Too many to pick one.

Re: Crazy Little Thing Called Love (6:24am November 28, 2015):

my mom sponge cake

Re: Deep Down (6:26am November 26, 2015):

I have never tried Uni.

Re: What Lies Behind (6:43am November 23, 2015):

Different places

Re: Katie in Waiting (10:26am November 20, 2015):

Usually we lust make them round.

Re: Soul's Prisoner (6:16am November 20, 2015):


Re: Resist (6:08am November 19, 2015):

Read minds.

Re: Chance of a Lifetime (10:22am November 18, 2015):

No I don't have a list.

Re: My Soul to Keep (2:05pm November 17, 2015):

Not many maybe a classic book.

Re: Easton's Everything (10:12am November 17, 2015):

Standalone novels since sometimes I think series tend to be
stretched out.

Re: Once Upon a Power Play (10:10am November 17, 2015):

Love how fast they can skate~

Re: Murder Under the Mistletoe (10:04am November 16, 2015):

Reading. listening to music, chocolate.

Re: The Courtship of Utopia Miner (3:07pm November 14, 2015):

Regency romance.

Re: A Gentleman for All Seasons (1:31pm November 11, 2015):

The balls.

Re: Hidden Impact (9:56am November 6, 2015):

Peanut butter cookies.

Re: Dangerous Tidings (9:54am November 6, 2015):


Re: When Fall Fades (5:54am November 6, 2015):

Worst case scenarios

Re: Forever And Always (10:15am November 4, 2015):

Sounds like a good story.

Re: Blowback (10:00am November 2, 2015):

An old object that has its own history which draws two
strangers togethet.

Re: Beyond The Cherokee Trail (5:24am October 30, 2015):

Visits to Ocean City, MD

Re: Asylum (5:21am October 30, 2015):

dont have any

Re: Single Wicked Wolf (5:09pm October 29, 2015):

No I don't.

Re: Promise to Keep (9:54am October 23, 2015):

The Plain mentality.

Re: Deadlock (5:53am October 22, 2015):

A small fish name Blue

Re: Illusion (5:50am October 22, 2015):

No supernatural experience either.

Re: Duke of Scandal (6:12am October 21, 2015):

Bad boys

Re: The Girl in the River (6:09am October 20, 2015):

No never been to London

Re: Welcome to Hickville High (6:01am October 16, 2015):

I have not had the chance.

Re: Dragon Coast (10:35am October 15, 2015):

No I would not

Re: First Time With A Highlander (5:39am October 14, 2015):

No I have not

Re: The Survivors (5:42am October 12, 2015):

No problem

Re: Mystery Rider (6:12am October 10, 2015):

I have not

Re: Keeping Christmas (10:03am October 9, 2015):

I read almost any fiction.

Re: Wild Sky (5:45am October 8, 2015):

my imagination

Re: A Silver Wolf Christmas (5:43am October 8, 2015):

Whatever he desires

Re: Nameless (5:32am October 7, 2015):


Re: First Season / Bride to Be (5:57am October 6, 2015):


Re: Thunder On The Plains (5:54am October 6, 2015):


Re: Dark Before the Rising Sun (5:52am October 6, 2015):

Of course

Re: This Love of Mine (5:51am October 6, 2015):


Re: Eye of the Ninja (6:15am October 1, 2015):

not really .

Re: Love Somebody Like You (6:02am September 30, 2015):

Music is always in the background

Re: Smart, But Dead (1:54pm September 28, 2015):

I tend to write crazy stories will end up dead in odd
manners like a piano falling through a ceiling.

Re: Woman of the Mists (1:47pm September 25, 2015):

Sounds interesting.

Re: Sway (1:46pm September 25, 2015):

Sure I read almost anything.

Re: Flames (6:05am September 25, 2015):

Reading books

Re: Dragon: The Tower Of Tamerlane (10:05am September 24, 2015):

No I have not heard of scene change.

Re: Shooting Dirty (5:55am September 23, 2015):

sexy billionaires

Re: Sing for Me (5:20pm September 18, 2015):

Perhaps the near miss events around my life. Train
derailment evacuation, tornoda the hit the town I live, a
serial killer around DC/MD/VA, of course 9/11.

Re: Ties That Bind (5:50am September 18, 2015):

No I'm not a writer

Re: Taming His Rebel Lady (9:58am September 16, 2015):

Place yourself in close quarters where your bodies can make

Re: Every Bride Needs a Groom (9:29am September 11, 2015):

Coffee and breakfast then read.

Re: Reservations for Two (5:45am September 11, 2015):

Sometimes I crave the food even when it kills people ~

Re: A Widow's Salvation (5:34am September 9, 2015):

Jot ideas when it comes to mind.

Re: Never Broken (10:06am September 8, 2015):

No I dont.

Re: Avelynn (10:05am September 8, 2015):

I don't have a favorite historical couple.

Re: Royal Flush (10:24am September 7, 2015):

The shows

Re: The Girl in the Glass (10:22am September 7, 2015):

Most definitely~

Re: A Geek Girl's Guide to Murder (10:20am September 7, 2015):

I like math.

Re: The Good Neighbor (10:19am September 7, 2015):

I usually keep my writings a secret from people.

Re: Last Chance Cowboys: The Drifter (6:01am September 4, 2015):


Re: The Highlander's Bride (9:45pm September 2, 2015):

Inieresting storyline.

Re: From One Night to Wife (6:12am September 2, 2015):

My dad

Re: From Russia Without Love (10:00am August 31, 2015):

Ben Affleck

Re: The Thorn Bearer (6:08am August 28, 2015):

The characters.

Re: Food Baby (6:06am August 28, 2015):

Pickles with icecream~

Re: A Ghostly Demise (10:03am August 27, 2015):


Re: Bring Me To Life (10:02am August 27, 2015):

Not really a fan of anyone.

Re: Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. (10:00am August 27, 2015):

Sitting in the sun.

Re: Little Pretty Things (6:03am August 24, 2015):

Library staff

Re: Moments of Truth (5:39am August 22, 2015):

Take a few minutes for myself an breath.

Re: Newport (5:41am August 21, 2015):

they give the plot something extra

Re: Cold as Ice (5:39am August 21, 2015):

Kinsey Malone

Re: Wolf Trouble (6:06am August 20, 2015):

Hard to say since I have no significant other.

Re: Last Chance Hero (10:11am August 19, 2015):

Sailing with family in Florida and my five year old nephew
wanted to pee. shall we say peeing off the side of the
boat in the water~

Re: Craving's Creek (6:19am August 19, 2015):

By readimg

Re: Lady Emily's Exotic Journey (6:16am August 19, 2015):

Journeys to foreign lands

Re: At Ease (1:48pm August 18, 2015):

Favorite word unique.

Re: Falling for the P.I. (5:40am August 18, 2015):

Does not bother me.

Re: Island Dreams (5:15pm August 14, 2015):

Centre Island near Toronto, Canada

Re: The Bones Will Speak (2:05pm August 14, 2015):

I like romance in foreensic thrillers

Re: Darkest Misery (6:25am August 13, 2015):

Sexy, satyr boyfriends

Re: The Great Estate (6:02am August 12, 2015):


Re: Penalty Play (6:01am August 12, 2015):

Good plot and characters

Re: Merger of the Heart (5:56am August 11, 2015):

I used to be

Re: The Wiregrass (2:24pm August 10, 2015):


Re: Hot Point (6:28am August 10, 2015):

I dont watch much movies

Re: Agent N6: Dylan (11:40am August 9, 2015):

Depends on the storyline

Re: Falling for Texas (9:42am August 7, 2015):

Good characters.

Re: The Assassins of Altis (5:53am August 7, 2015):

A Separate Peace

Re: Summoning Sebastian (10:22am August 6, 2015):

I;m not into series.

Re: A Peach of a Pair (1:37pm August 5, 2015):


Re: A Radical Arrangement (5:43am August 5, 2015):

Hospital for Sick Kids

Re: Red Blooded (5:01am August 4, 2015):

My high school english teacher :)

Re: Fudging the Books (5:45am August 3, 2015):


Re: Torrents of Destruction (5:41am July 31, 2015):

Murder mysteries

Re: Where the Moon Shines Brightest (5:39am July 31, 2015):

Yeah an area in Toronto.

Re: The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts (6:05am July 30, 2015):

The people I have met

Re: To Mate an Assassin (6:02am July 30, 2015):


Re: A Rancher of Her Own (5:53am July 29, 2015):


Re: Do Not Forsake Me (5:51am July 29, 2015):


Re: Calamity Jayne and the Sisterhood of the Traveling Lawn Gnome (9:51am July 27, 2015):


Re: Lone Rider (5:43am July 27, 2015):

Peanut butter cookies

Re: No Safe Harbor (5:59am July 24, 2015):

No I have not.

Re: Nowhere to Hide (5:34am July 22, 2015):

Hopefully I would not fall apart.

Re: Naked (5:29am July 22, 2015):

No I have not bake one nor tried one :(

Re: Double Mint (6:19am July 21, 2015):

Sure sounds different.

Re: School's Out for Murder (5:28am July 20, 2015):

I always turned homework in.

Re: Deadly Dye and a Soy Chai (5:25am July 20, 2015):


Re: Once Upon a Heist (5:39am July 18, 2015):

Happy endings.

Re: As Waters Gone By (10:01am July 17, 2015):

I haven't in years.

Re: Pretty Dark Sacrifice (2:26pm July 16, 2015):

Chord Overstreet as Jeff

Re: Once And Again (5:43am July 15, 2015):

I dont have a secret place.

Re: Caged (5:39am July 15, 2015):


Re: The Empress Game (5:40pm July 14, 2015):

I do not have one.

Re: (9:51am July 13, 2015):

Holmes and Watson

Re: Center of Gravity (9:50am July 13, 2015):

Yeah I can read like 100 books a month.

Re: Hope Harbor (5:30am July 10, 2015):

Nancy Drew

Re: Change Of Heart (5:28am July 10, 2015):


Re: The Rescued (5:27am July 10, 2015):


Re: Merger of the Heart (10:13am July 7, 2015):

Snuggling while watching a movie.

Re: Butter Off Dead (6:02am July 7, 2015):

Postcards started as a child

Re: SEAL Wolf Hunting (5:53am July 2, 2015):

risky venture?

Re: The Tide Watchers (10:01am June 30, 2015):

Life is definitely stranger than fiction.

Re: Mint Cookie Murder (5:02pm June 29, 2015):

Sounds yummy~

Re: Murder Under the Desert Moon (6:05am June 29, 2015):


Re: Four-Patch of Trouble (6:03am June 29, 2015):

Freedom of speech

Re: The Ticket (9:59am June 26, 2015):

I cant think of on

Re: Dead Dog Like Me (9:58am June 26, 2015):

I dont have one.

Re: Girl Spoken For (9:56am June 26, 2015):

Missing You John Waite

Re: Bushel Full Of Murder (5:12pm June 23, 2015):

beefsteak tomatoes

Re: The Spring Bride (5:30am June 23, 2015):

Romance is about happy ever afters.

Re: Motion for Malice (2:08pm June 22, 2015):


Re: The Breaking Point (9:34am June 22, 2015):

Sounds like an interesting read.

Re: A Matter of Time (5:49am June 20, 2015):

Sugar by Maroon 5

Re: Oathkeeper (5:45am June 20, 2015):


Re: Snow White Lies (5:43am June 20, 2015):


Re: Justified (5:42am June 20, 2015):

Family reunion picnics in the park

Re: Desperate Measures (5:40am June 20, 2015):

Mint tea

Re: Courtship of the Cake (5:39am June 20, 2015):

chocolate chip

Re: SEAL's Code (5:54am June 18, 2015):


Re: Outlaw Hearts (5:51am June 18, 2015):

I don't have a favorite.

Re: Beyond The Cut (10:04am June 16, 2015):

It can happen.

Re: Collared For Murder (10:03am June 16, 2015):

Making them drink water from the bathroom sink~

Re: Come and Take It: Search for the Treasure of the Alamo (1:44pm June 15, 2015):

Step siblings.

Re: Murder on Amsterdam Avenue (1:42pm June 15, 2015):

A little romance does not hurt.

Re: Alive (6:08am June 12, 2015):


Re: Five Brides (6:07am June 12, 2015):

Dont think I could.

Re: Murder Freshly Baked (6:06am June 12, 2015):

Victim who has lots of enemies.

Re: Love's Rescue (6:03am June 12, 2015):

Rakish Rogues

Re: London Tides (6:01am June 12, 2015):

To escape into other worlds.

Re: Shadow Fires (9:52am June 11, 2015):

Yes that what makes them attracted to each other.

Re: Daughter of Valor (9:50am June 11, 2015):

My parents.

Re: Never Resist A Rake (6:07am June 10, 2015):

candlelight picnic

Re: Men Under Fire (9:52am June 8, 2015):

New Orleans

Re: Reunion of Souls (9:41am June 6, 2015):

I read more fiction. Non fiction if it is really something
I'm interested in.

Re: The Choosing (5:55am May 22, 2015):

Marissa Yip-Young 5-22-15

Re: The Artisans (5:44am May 19, 2015):

Peanut butter cookies ;)

Re: A Leopard's Path (6:07am May 14, 2015):

Happy endings~

Re: Shadow Fires (6:05am May 14, 2015):

I dont have a favorite.

Re: Up the Hill to Home (5:46am May 12, 2015):

Characters that make me cry.

Re: The Thorn Bearer (5:55am May 8, 2015):

The characters and I usually read the end no matter.

Re: Cottonmouth and The End (5:53am May 8, 2015):

Unexpected things that are out of the blue.

Re: Summer of the Oak Moon (5:45am May 7, 2015):

I do especially Regency.

Re: A Touch of Passion (6:01am April 24, 2015):

The Battle of Waterloo took place in now known as Belgium.

Re: The Last Heiress (5:56am April 24, 2015):

Sounds interesting to read.

Re: The Art of Losing Yourself (5:53am April 24, 2015):

Sometime but things happen for a reason.

Re: Nobody's Goddess (5:52am April 24, 2015):

Interesting battle.

Re: The Wood's Edge (5:49am April 24, 2015):

The Wood's Edge looks like an interesting read.

Re: Duchess By Mistake (5:45am April 22, 2015):

Sometimes they might actually work more than most.

Re: Cupcakes and Crushes (5:43am April 22, 2015):

My family is like crazy at times but we are there fpr each

Re: Where the Staircase Ends (9:53am April 16, 2015):

Singing in the Rain I love Gene Kelly movies. Math favorite
subject.Purple. Italian anything pasta. Yes they would
pass the friendship test.~

Re: Wicked Stitch (9:55am April 14, 2015):

I love old houses they all have their own history of the
people who lived there.

Re: The Cozy Cookbook (9:52am April 14, 2015):

Sounds yummy.

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