February 23rd, 2024
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Rumors aren't the only thing that will stir when Abigail returns to Boone County, Texas.

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From Loss to Love: A Pilot and an Artist's Colliding Worlds

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Caffeine and Commitments: Stirring Up Love in San Francisco

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"Her biggest fan �has a fatal obsession."

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Bloodlines and Boardrooms: A Paranormal Romance of Power and Passion

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A new, action-packed adventure that blends science-fiction technology and magical fantasy elements with a touch of historical romance.

Lenna Hendershott

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Off to visit the Columbia Gorge!
May 28, 2015

I'm reading this Summer
May 30, 2014

Rainy Summer? Read a Good Book :-)
June 17, 2013

142 comments posted.

Re: Defending Zara (4:21pm February 14, 2020):

I've got simple tastes...Hershey

Re: For the Bear's Eyes Only (6:35pm March 3, 2017):

I know exactly what you mean Kathy/Jade. I am careful with my FB posting because I have
"friend and family" who don't get the healing and positives of the romance book genre. Your
attitude is exactly why you are on a favored author list. Keep up writing your stories of
love and the healing joy it brings. I try to pass smiles and joy to others and seek to find
ways to help others. Today I was the recipient of that from two women at our local BN
Bookstore. I can tell you I felt uplifted when I left. Get involved in what's important to
you by supporting others and encouraging those who are effective to act. If you look the
opportunities will appear when you seek them. I have faith.

Re: Her Rogue Alpha (1:25pm September 9, 2016):

Yes. I get all Momma Bear when my loved ones are in danger
;-) Thanks for the giveaway!

Re: The Bear Who Loved Me (1:23pm September 9, 2016):

I spent the weekend sewing costumes for the Historic Romance
Conference in Spokane WA in 2 weeks. We're going to have a
blast. Thanks for the giveaway!

Re: Roadside Assistance (2:21pm September 7, 2016):

I really enjoyed the first book in this series and was
eagerly looking for it in the stores yesterday...couldn't
find it anywhere except BN at full price, sigh. It's
getting so hard to find mass market books on the shelves
locally. And they wonder why the sales are down. Can't buy
if you can't find!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Re: A Cowboy Christmas Miracle (2:19pm September 7, 2016):

Year round...It's always the Christmas season of giving and
loving in my heart. Best wishes with your release

Re: Every Time with a Highlander (2:18pm August 13, 2016):

Perfect weekend is someone else cooking, a great Oregon
Stout on tap and a good book under my gazebo out back!
Thanks for the giveaway :-)

Re: Heart Strike (2:05pm August 9, 2016):

My perfect weekend...Two Kilts Porter on tap, sun out, 77
degrees, comfy lounge chair and your series on my tablet
while "my pool boy" (ha) grills steaks on the BBQ! Heaven

Re: Flash of Fire (4:22pm May 9, 2016):

I love to create! My medium of choice is fabric and textiles. I can't limit it to
any one medium as I move from one to the next. I've sewed, crocheted and knitted,
painted on canvas and fabrics, counted cross stitch, my scrapbooking is a work of
art, done jewelry and taught all of the above. It's a joy to gift someone with
either one of my creations or teach them that YES YOU CAN

Re: I Dream of Dragons (5:53pm May 2, 2016):

Thank you so much for picking me to win

Re: I Dream of Dragons (5:10pm April 21, 2016):

This is a book blog so it's no surprise that I read in down
time, lol. I also play with my cat :-) Thanks for the
giveaway! Much success with the release

Re: True Blue Seals: Zak (4:33pm February 24, 2016):

Nope, they're just like others in uniform...protectors to
the end...always watching out!

Re: By Break of Day (4:01pm February 1, 2016):

Oh you sooo nailed my thoughts on series, expecially romantic series. That's why you're the
writer and I'm the reader...I've been searching for the words to express WHY I adore reading
romantic series'. I just don't want to say goodbye to characters I've fallen in love with
and the world they inhabit! Thank you for this post.

Re: Taken by the Highlander (2:22pm December 31, 2015):

We are pretty boring in the Hendershott household...and this year I
have a miserable cold so I'm staying in...Thanks for the hours of
delightful Highlander stories

Re: One Rogue at a Time (6:51pm December 2, 2015):

D. You're right, no marriage licences etc. in regency days.
and yes you are an extrovert for sure

Re: Target Engaged (1:11pm November 30, 2015):

...Gee Cyber Monday, it didn't post all my comment so I'll try again...

What a delightful post! Happy Book Birthday

Re: Target Engaged (1:10pm November 30, 2015):

What a delightful post! Happy Book Birthday

Re: Viking Warrior Rising (8:14pm November 3, 2015):

I think I was fascinated with Vikings even before I
discovered medieval Highlanders and Pirates

Re: SEAL Wolf Hunting (9:00pm July 2, 2015):

I love reading about all the fabulous adventures but not living them in real life...so I'm a
settled down type mostly. I've found myself in the midst of a few adventures in life and that's
enough for me thank you...Hurricane Emily, Forest Fire with Red Cross evacuation... Thanks for
the giveaway and best wishes with the release and FB Party. I'll be there

Re: SEAL's Code (12:35pm June 18, 2015):

One of the reasons I found romance was because of my love of reading about people in history...I
learned a lot about history along the way! I love learning and it would be a delight to learn
about code talking in military, especially because my Dad was in Military Code School in WWII!

Re: Never Resist A Rake (2:24pm June 11, 2015):

Dinner out, evening listing to live music with a drink,
maybe dancing and home to a hot night in bed ;-)

Re: Night of the Highland Dragon (4:44pm June 4, 2015):

I adore those who purr and/or fly

Re: A Single Kiss (4:50pm January 8, 2015):

I'ts no wonder I adore your books :-) My favorite movie is Pretty Woman too! And
the authors on your keeper shelf are mine as well, lol. My favorite book, before
yours, was Highland Bride by Hannah Howell. All of her books are keepers but
Gillyanne was the rebel heroine that resonated with me. She doesn't wait for life
but goes out to get it going and is the BEST PROBLEM SOLVER with humor and
creativity! Other keepers are Bertrice Small (Skye O'Malley & Adora), Kate Pearce,
Shelley Laurenston/G A Aiken, Thea Harrison, Meljean Brook and Bec McMaster so name
a few. Thanks for the hours of delight!

Re: Betting on Fate (4:35pm January 8, 2015):

Thanks for the story and the giveaway...your books are HOT and
I'd love to win the BN card so I can get the book!

Re: Two Week Seduction (7:23pm January 6, 2015):

Emeralds :). They're really rare and good ones are expensive and I'd love to take my pick of
them, lol. Thanks for the giveaway and I'm looking forward to your next release!

Re: It's A Vampire Christmas (4:29pm December 26, 2014):

This sounds fantastic. You've combined a menage with gargoyles
and vampires...yum

Re: Dragon Her Back (6:30pm December 19, 2014):

Ah Susannah every house that has been built by the owners has it's pile of stories to
be told :-). My husband and I designed and built our home 22 years ago and we too have
stories. I was a former architecture student so we designed our perfect home and I drew
the plans...that passed the building permit process the FIRST TIME through...amazing
for my first plans! Then we found a building contractor to build it while we oversaw
the whole process to make sure all the details were done right, hah! Then we had so
many things to do ourselves. Like having 12 hours after work to put in the piping for
our underground sprinklers before they backfilled the foundation...finished up by
flashlight in the dark at 2 am. Then there was the wiring for the cable and stereo
speakers we did ourselves before the drywall went up and taking pictures of all this so
we could locate those suckers when all was said and done. Best laid plans and all that,
yah know. Didn't exactly work like we thought and that was before instant digital
cameras so we took the pictures and couldn't see how well they read because we got them
back from developing AFTER the drywall went up. We had arguments with the framers as to
how to frame the closets and bathroom doors. Listened to the foundation guys swear
about the stupid plans cause they couldn't find a starting reference spot to start the
forms. What a ride but we worked as a team for the first time and really did have a
blast doing it. Now if I get frustrated at the placement of a light switch or window I
know it's my fault, lol. Enjoy your house and Merry Christmas! I'm looking forward to
reading your series. I've got it on my Nook.

Re: Hard to Come By (7:53pm November 26, 2014):

This is definitely the first book I've read about an amputee and I'm so glad you did it. I adore how
you handle each of these traumatized guys and considering they were special forces you took their
stories and made them believable. You have a gift and I for one appreciate it. Thank you and have a
fantastic Thanksgiving!

Re: No Promises Required (6:33pm November 19, 2014):

For me it's the excitement they bring to the table. They do things that are a bit "dangerous that I'd
never start on my own but wouldn't mind being drug into ;)...the forbidden and thrilling. Then there's
the aspect of "reforming" them and turning them away from the "dark side", lol. I had my fling with a
bad-boy once and it was so hard to say bye-bye when he kept coming back into my life...

Re: My Highland Spy (6:39pm September 9, 2014):

No, never overseas...I've been to Hawaii, Victoria Canada and the Caribbean but never "across the
pond" to Europe. Someday I hope to see the great cathedrals and castles and Scotland...Best wishes
with your release! The cover is awesome, thank you Sourcebooks!

Re: The Dining Club (3:37pm September 8, 2014):

Yummy...Delilah's books are always awesome. Thanks for the giveaway ;-)

Re: His Every Fantasy (3:33pm September 8, 2014):

Oh thanks for the excerpt and the giveaway...I love menage

Re: Tempting Mr. Perfect (3:31pm September 8, 2014):

Appearently my comment was uncomplete so I'll try again...
I love menage stories! Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: Tempting Mr. Perfect (3:29pm September 8, 2014):


Re: Dirty Deal (3:00pm August 27, 2014):

THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN TO READ! I've been looking for a friend like that my whole
life...I found her two times but her time was cut short and the went to heaven. So I
search and reach out and seek to bring joy to others lives no matter how short their
stop in my life is. Rejoice in your friendship with Mike and cherish it. There is
nothing better. Thanks so much for the giveaway and this post motivates me to pay the
$3.99 steep price to get this book as your humor is AWESOME.

Re: My Highland Spy (2:51pm August 27, 2014):

Of course I do...although I try NOT to. I do give people the
chance to undue a first bad impression in all fairness. It
depends on who it is and what situation. We all make judgments
on what we see and hear. It's human nature. When we CHOOSE to
re-evaluate is what shows what's in our hearts :)

Re: Wicked Temptation (7:58pm June 5, 2014):

When I went to college I wanted to be a world class architect so I could design
homes, especially kitchens that were user friendly and not a crisis in the
making...Didn't work well for a timid girl in the early 70's, sigh. Now as a
mature adult I'd love to work in the cover department of a publisher working on
all those gorgeous romance book covers ;-)
Congrats with your release and I wish you the best success!

Re: What The Groom Wants (8:59pm May 5, 2014):

Well now I know why your books are good. You love all the same things I do. Your
inspirations are my daydreams so of course you write what I like. And with all your
snark and humor it makes life fun and that's what we want, isn't it? Happy writing
vacation and I look forward to your next installment :-)

Re: Lord of the Sea (3:47pm February 22, 2014):

A perfect hero is all about helping his lady grow into all
she can be...protecting and encouraging as letting her fly.
He's strong and is lets his lady help him grow too. Welcome
Back to the writer's world and thanks for the giveaway!

Re: Once In A Lifetime (9:36pm February 19, 2014):

It's so sweet. I knew Ben had it in him and Aubrey is a hard
one to love. He gets her **thumbs up and grin** Thanks for
the giveaway and the excerpt.

Re: What The Groom Wants (8:33pm February 13, 2014):

I'm going with D because it sounds like one of your surprise
moments. Thanks for the fun and giveaway!

Re: The MacGregor's Lady (3:19pm February 8, 2014):

I think a Scot in a kilt top's Mr. Darcy EVERY TIME. Thanks so much for the post and
the peek into a Scot's appeal. You know I'm right there with you about the change in
pace and Scotland. I like to think my Oregon is a more temperate Scotland with it's
rugged beauty and usually (not so much this year, lol) warmer temperatures ;-). Thanks
for the generous giveaway!!!

Re: What The Groom Wants (3:14pm February 8, 2014):

Hmmm, let me see. Side by side and sitting on him seems to have possibilities. Rolling
around with no one in particular being in charge seems different too. With only two
people there's not too many possibilities of someone not being in charge, lol. Thanks
for the giveaway and it's great to have a chance to win your latest book ;-)

Re: Between A Rake And A Hard Place (4:39pm January 17, 2014):

I love the house parties with the guests staying the night ;-). Those restless nights
and a trip to the kitchen can get real interesting when more than one is up at night...
If I win, I'm only looking for Dragonsong as I have the rest already. You can gift those
to someone else...See I'm paying it forward =)

Re: Lord Of The Hunt (5:54pm January 12, 2014):

I won't read an author if I know they break the unwritten romance rule and there might
NOT be a happy ending. I read romance BECAUSE of the HEA. I want to go on an adventure
and know in then end it will all work out. I won't watch certain movies for the same
reason. I love HEA's and for me they are a MUST!

Re: Prince Of Shadows (3:27pm December 14, 2013):

Great post. I've heard from other authors that the follow up books are harder too, you're
not alone in that ;-). Thanks for letting us know more of the series and good luck with
the release! MERRY CHRISTMAS and thanks for the giveaway

Re: Legend Of The Highland Dragon (1:26am December 7, 2013):

Book sounds awesome! I love stories of dragons and scotsmen. As a former secretary I
get what you mean about being pulled in 16 directions at once and expected to have
whatever the boss wanted done and on his desk already plus the copies he wanted NOW!
and smile and great the grumpy appointment walking in the door. It's a big job but
then women have been multitasking since the beginning of time, lol...and looking
great doing it! Good luck with the release

Re: Everlasting Enchantment (1:17am December 7, 2013):

I'd like to think I'd fall for a were-lynx ~ they are just so beautiful and awesome,
but my husband is more of a were-fox. He's small, agile and very wily. He's a
plotter and all is not as it seems. He is a looker though hence the fox with it's
gorgeous pelt.

Re: Once A Seal (5:04pm November 17, 2013):

I've had a great adventure as a wife and mother. Life is an adventure far away and
traveling or close to home. Thanks for taking us on a vicarious adventure through your
books! Thanks for the giveaway!

Re: Dangerous Connections (5:02pm November 17, 2013):

This series sounds delightful and I'd love to win one to get started :-)
Fish out of water stories are always fun.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: How To Handle A Highlander (2:19pm November 9, 2013):

You are so right about fibers and breath-ability. You have more patience than me to
work that hard at getting the fit right - better skills :). I can't wait to dive
into your books as I'm sure you are just as perfectionistic about the stories too.
Scots are my favorite theme to read. Thanks for the window into their costumes,
from one seamstress to another ;-)

Re: Hunter's Moon (8:02pm October 30, 2013):

Wow, I have to PICK?! I'm like Sharon Mitchell, your first comenter and I read all the
series she listed...but I'd love to have an Argeneau, or a Breed (cat or wolf), or
Harrison's Dragos of my own. Paranormal romance makes my toes curl...purr ;-) Thanks
for the giveaway!

Re: A Lady's Secret Weapon (4:02pm October 19, 2013):

I bounce between both. I tend to read a series all at once from start to current
without other books interrupting. I get saturated in the world the author has created
-- love it =)I love any genre of romance as long as I get my HEA. I have to admit I
like lots of story threads to keep me guessing. Not so fond of multiple stories
jumping from chapter to chapter though.

Re: Bare Knuckle (3:57pm October 19, 2013):

"Visiting" with friends. It feels like goodbye

Re: One Night in the Spa (7:51pm October 7, 2013):

Ah Jade, sorry about your knees but we arn't getting any younger alas...I can't even
handle yoga full bore. I'm starting out with old ladies chair yoga and hurting...I'll
get there with time and exercise =). My DH loved racketball and played a lot in our
youth. His knees got the better of him too. We also had to quite square dancing =( I
miss that but we danced "plus" with lots of flourishes and had a blast! We even messed
with the callers and got them to mess up on their calls. It was so much fun. Now we read
and forget to go to bed at night. Ah the joys of getting older ;-)

Re: Long Shot (6:48pm October 2, 2013):

I've been looking forward to this books release for 6 momths -
it's finally here!

It's also the brogue ;-) Makes my toes curl...

Re: How To Entice An Enchantress (5:32pm September 18, 2013):

A romantic gesture would depend on the man giving for me. If it was my husband it
wouldn't be a dance or a puppy, he knows I don't know how to dance or need another
"kid". If he gave me jewelry that I liked (not his likes) or a trip to Paris, I could
go for that ;-) Thanks for the giveaway! Love your stories and glad you found Hot Cop

Re: It Takes Two To Tangle (5:48pm September 13, 2013):

I so want to read this book! I have since I discovered from DANL's chat you dealt with the left-handed thing =D. I've never really had a nick name. Mine is short and unusual and I've just always been called Lenna. I had a couple friend in college who called me "Leonard" for a while just to bug me but that's it. I had a camp name in middle-high school when I was a Girl Scout Camp Counselor but that doesn't count, lol. I had a hard time coming up with one as I didn't have a nick-name, lol. Best of luck with your release :-)

Re: True Spies (5:40pm September 13, 2013):

It would be refreshing to read a book about rediscovered love or love found between two who have been married for a while. It's not a theme I've run across much in my reading history. With our aging reading demographic I thinks it's appropriate to read about older married couples rediscovering each other. The spy thing doesn't hurt either ;-) Thanks for the giveaway!

Re: Against The Ropes (4:12pm September 8, 2013):

Wonderful post. I find myself doing that. When I relate a weekend story to my
deep-water exercise group on Monday morning somehow it sounds so funny in the
retelling while at the time is was not in the least funny. How's that happen?
Thanks for the post and the giveaway. I've heard good things on the blogs
about your book :-) - Oh and I love humor in a book!

Re: The Highlander's Desire (4:35pm September 2, 2013):

I have always been fond of Cinderella stories. The one that comes to mind is my favorite
movie not a book, Pretty Woman. I love that movie. I've read several books based upon
that fairy tale but I can't tell you which because I didn't catalog them in my mind that
way... Oh and I'm fond of Beauty and the Beast. I've read two lately that the beauty was
the male character - Love having it turned on it's head! Thanks for the giveaway.

Re: Once Upon A Tartan (6:51pm August 15, 2013):

Ah Grace, Have you ever thought about writing a romance? Heavens NO! My skill set
does NOT include writing. Give me paint brushes, knitting needles, scrapbook
supplies, paint,glue gun & glitter and I'm all set to create something, not pen &
paper. My imagination works best within the textile medium. "What are some of the
skills you already have that might be helpful if you decided to take up writing
fiction?" Well, I am a great observer of human interactions and always seek to figure
out what makes people "tick". I seek to change myself - to grow out of my failings
and to do so I seek to see those things in others first. I like to see how others
deal with issues then I can turn within myself to grow. Author's writings in romance
novels often show me anther side of issues I haven't perceived and heal them in ways
"outside my box". I love reading romance. Good luck with the release -- I can't wait
to get my hands on my copy =D

Re: What the Bride Wore (1:06pm August 6, 2013):

You should have taken me with you as navagator. I'm awesome with directions and
telling drivers where to go, lol. I was trained by my husband and he's a sailor at
heart! We work as a team when traveling and it's about the only time we really get
along - ha ha. Have a great tour :-)

Re: Jaguar Fever (11:16pm August 2, 2013):

Awesome taste of the book :-). I'd love to dance like that with a cat shifter. I've
never danced with anyone like that, sigh. That's what books are for - to live through
them sometimes, lol. Thanks for the fantasy =)

Re: Tall, Dark, And Vampire (11:11pm August 2, 2013):

You've got it all there in that list...to pick just one?
I'd pick never having illness again - to be always well, followed closely by flying (a
big dream/fantasy of mine). I struggle with my health and it's affects on my daily life
and it would be awesome to not have to deal with any of that.

Re: South Of Surrender (3:11pm July 9, 2013):

Thanks so much for this post Laura. I feel strongly about books about people with
disabilities/chronic diseases. I have Type I Diabetes and wear an insulin pump. There
is lots of misinformation out there about Diabetes that you see on TV, movies and in
books. It just sets me off that the writers didn't research before they wrote. I once
worked with Jackie Ivie on one of her Vampire Assassin's League books as she made her
heroine a Diabetic. I give high praise to an author who does the research and writes
a book that someone with that syndrome would be proud of. Thank you. The biggest book
I can think of that really grabbed me is Jennifer Ashley's THE MADNESS OF LORD IAN
MacKENZIE that dealt with something so tragic and found love and acceptance through
it. Good luck with your releases!

Re: Winning a Bride (4:42pm July 5, 2013):

Awesome post Jade! You sound just like me and the "novella" is sure to please me,
lol. I love complicated. You and Jennifer Ashley write lonnnng novellas, lol.
Novella's tend to frustrate me. I love the plus to the series but they are just
too rushed in my opinion. A longer one is just fine with me. That's why I don't
read Harlequin Series romance -- just to short, simple and rushed. Thanks for
cluing us in and giving us incite to this story :-)

Re: One Night With A Rake (5:10pm June 21, 2013):

I have a cat who is really a miniature black panther. No really, he's not overweight
and weighs 20 pounds. He was 28 when he came to live with us, via our daughter who
inherited him from Grandpa when he passed. He's a huge domestic short hair with a
really long tail. He adores it when I scratch his ears and jaw with my glittery gel
fingernails. He sleeps with us and makes sure we don't forget to feed him while he
guards our fish tank. He tries really hard to get to our pleco but so far we're all
safe, lol.

Re: Flirting with Disaster (3:15pm June 10, 2013):

Fatal flaw in a hero?...Being self centered and cruel. He has to be caring and protective of the heroine. If it's all about him and his needs without consideration of her then I'm not interested. I DNF a trilogy from a big name author recently because the "hero" was an a$$ and a jerk.

Re: Dream Nights with the CEO (2:56pm June 6, 2013):

What is my day like? Depends on the day...MWF I'm up and off tho the pool for an hour of
deep water aerobics and then 3 miles on the treadmill (usually takes an hour), shower
and home. It's now noon & I finally get breakfast. Then computer internet & email trying
to win books or keep up on my authors. Then housework & errands with dinner sometime
after my husband wanders home (self employed). Evenings are reading & TV. Then to bed
sometime around 11pm. Tu/Th are without the exercise and more errand running. Housework
is put off as long as possible ;-). I hate housework but I love books, lol.

Re: Sweet Revenge (6:07pm June 3, 2013):

I like all sorts of heroes, rough or refined. It depends on
the story. They all must be loyal, protective and a hero to
their heroine though. This, like all your stories sounds

Re: South Of Surrender (2:39pm June 1, 2013):

This is so awesome. I've read several books about lead characters with a "special need".
First that comes to mind is Jennifer Ashley's THE MADNESS OF LORD IAN MacKENZIE. Then
there's Karen Ranney's latest THE LASS WORE BLACK with her near fatal crash and
disfiguration. Again Jennifer Ashley's THE SEDUCTION OF ELLIOTT MacBRIDE with PTSD.
Lastly Jackie Ivie's SHOULD THERE BE #8 of her Vampire Assassin's League with the
heroine having Type 1 Diabetes. Awesome books!

Re: Lady Vivian Defies A Duke (6:01pm May 26, 2013):

I love interconnecting series romance. To be able to visit
with old friends is awesome. I read series in order and
usually one right after the last to saturate in the
characters and world. Two authors come to mind that have
written interconnected series' are Karen Hawkins and Sabrina
Jeffries. One series characters will flow into or spur the
next =)

Re: Undone (3:06pm May 17, 2013):

I like a team player -- the hero who works with his heroine to solve problems. She's part of him and her opinions matter.

Re: Ours To Love (4:43pm May 9, 2013):

Shayla's books are always good and menage is a favorite of mine.

Re: Heart Of Iron (5:00pm May 7, 2013):

I love a hero who protects and partners with his heroine, not
smothers. He seeks to help her grow or heal. One who needs his
woman to fill the hole in his heart.

Re: Read Humane Rescue My Heart (7:00pm May 2, 2013):

The lady's rescue ranch sounds just like my daughter's dream
of someday. She's spent her life rescuing animals and getting
a BS degree in Animal Science. Someday when she has money
she'll have a place like that!

Re: Sinner's Heart (10:44pm April 4, 2013):

I always have to read a series from the first book in order.
Usually I read them from the first book to the last in the
series one after the other with no interruptions. Sometimes
I'll start a series with the first book and read to current
release if the series isn't finished. I love being saturated
in the books world and the author's details within the
world. You pick up a lot that way. Thanks for the giveaway

Re: Darius (10:31pm April 4, 2013):

I ruminate kinda like you. I chew it over in my mind and then
just let it go. Next thing I know the solution pops into my
brain out of the blue :-) I appear to be procrastinating but
I'm "chewing my cud", lol.

Re: Her Knight's Quest (2:55pm March 15, 2013):

I love secondary characters, they add richness to the story and when they get their stories either as a book or threads within the series. I just finished Larissa Ione's Demonica/Lords of Deliverance series and she did both. It was a treat to see Kynan get so much page time without his own book. Then other characters grew into their own books. Series romance is so rich.

Re: Hot Ticket (1:06pm February 28, 2013):

I've given this a lot of thought in my own life...
A good friend is someone who "gets" you and accepts you through your flaws. Someone
who will take the time to be there when you're hurting, who will do what needs to be
done when you need rescuing or help. That doesn't just offer to help but drops by with
food, cleans your house, gives you a shoulder to cry on and listen.

I've seen your books out there but I haven't looked closer. It appears there is much
more in your books than hot sex. Thanks for the post.

Re: Wait Until Dark (12:58pm February 28, 2013):

One of the fascinating things about writers and their books
is how their life experiences come into play within the
pages. I developed a love of biographies and history when I
finally got into reading as a kid. Romance brings the
characters life history to life and along the journey I
learn more about human character and how different people
deal with it. Thanks for the post and I look forward to
adding you to my author list. I don't usually trust a male
to write romance BUT your books look fascinating :-)

Re: The Chieftain (12:50pm February 28, 2013):

I adore highlanders and interconnected character romance

Re: Checkmate, My Lord (9:36pm February 23, 2013):

I love secondary characters. I'm currently reading Larissa
Ione's Demonica/Lords of Deliverance Series and it's loaded
with secondary characters. I've loved Kynan, Reaver and so
many others. Some of them will get their own books later and
some she tells their story within other's books. It's been a
delightful run! I can't wait to start yours that I've
discovered through Discover A New Love!

Re: A Howl For A Highlander (2:25pm February 14, 2013):

Wow Terry you sold me. I adore Highlander stories and I'm a big fan of shifters ;-) What's not to like combining both...

I was at Discover A New Love's chat last night and missed you. I was looking forward to getting to know you better and finding out more about your books...I'll drop you an email and find out where to start :-)


Re: Fall Into You (5:27pm January 21, 2013):

I read from the first book in a series to the last, one
after the other without interuptions (if possible). I love
catching the details the author puts into a series and I am
a bit OCD about wanting things in order, lol. I rarely jump
into a series mid way. If I do by accident, I'm searching
out the beginning of the series to read it right away.

Re: Waking Up With A Rake (9:50pm January 11, 2013):

Creative as always Mia. I love the excerpt and awesome
premise. I can't wait to read this!

Re: South Of Surrender (7:08pm January 9, 2013):

I have heard so much about your books, I can't wait to get
one. My favorite line was: "Good gods, her body was absolutely
alive with her arousal." Yummy. If I win I will be getting a
copy of your book from B&N =)

Re: Rogue Rider (6:07pm November 23, 2012):

This is the most awesome series and it's so much fun mixing
fantasy with theology ;-). Thanks for the giveaway!

Re: Enslaved (2:26pm November 10, 2012):

I don't have a specific kind of damaged hero but I do like one
that can be healed by the faithful love of the heroine. I
think many women want to rescue the men in their lives and
reading about the damaged alpha hero is a good thing :-)

Re: The Warrior (3:20pm November 1, 2012):

I derive inspiration just as you do. I'm not big into music
although I love the hero-type actors who sing. Quite a few
do and it always surprises me & thrills, sigh...I haven't
had the opportunity to visit castles but I tour ruins of all
sorts of places when I get the opportunity. I imagine the
people who were there and how the place looks in it's prime.
I visited Fort Stephens on the Oregon Coast and that was
quite an adventure! Did you know it was shot at by the
Japanese? I love reading about highlanders ~ keep it up!

Re: Rev It Up (4:05pm October 24, 2012):

I read SO MANY romance books that it's wonderful to be
surprised. That being said there are things that define
romance that can't be broken for me:

I MUST have my HEA at the end.
You can't kill off a key character that I've come to love
Don't abuse or kill animals

I adore plot twists, unpredictability and surprises. Humor
is always a plus and moves the author/series up to my HAVE

Re: Run The Risk (4:59pm October 10, 2012):

I'm going with Lothaire and JR Ward has some characters who
qualify-Adrian & Matthias in her Fallen Angels Series,
Showalter has a few in her Lords of the Underworld...I love
seeing them redeem themselves and find their inner good-guy

Re: Lady X's Cowboy (5:05pm October 8, 2012):

I know what I like to read, and I read for escape and
adventure. I have to have a HEA or I feel cheated or
dissatisfied. Therefore I READ ROMANCE of all genres. Yes
there are times I read with a book cover so I don't have to
answer my critics but they are fewer these days with 50
Shades on the book shelves.

Re: Savage Hunger (3:59pm October 6, 2012):

Wow what an adventure filled life! I'm glad to just read about
them, thank you very much, lol. I'd love to win one of your
books, they sound fascinating and full of fun. I've been
tempted to take the plunge for a while but winning one would
get me started :-)

Re: Where There's A Will (3:03pm September 22, 2012):

I love romance and I have to have my HEA, life is too hard
and the promise of a happy forever makes it easier. The Cinderella stories and Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale
themes are great especially when the heroine has grit and
backbone. I adore humor in a story also and it makes me come
back to an author again and again. I read for escape and
romance gives me smiles. Thank you!

Re: The Curse (3:15pm September 16, 2012):

I have a Nook that I bought because I felt I was forced
to...by the publishers who are NOT printing books, i.e.
anthologies or because they go to HARDBACK or TRADE SIZED
first at a more expensive price. I am VERY price sensitive
as I have a "habit to support" (I am addicted to romance
books, lol). I prefer paper books to hold and read (and have
authors sign when I get lucky) but in today's publishing
world, in order to keep current with a series you HAVE to
have an ereader unfortunately. I read both but I prefer
paper EVERY TIME (OK off my soap box now)...

Re: In Rides Trouble (1:55pm September 12, 2012):

I love books like this with the bad boy who's got a gooey
center ;-)

Re: Wrong Bed, Right Guy (12:34pm August 11, 2012):

This sound great and I love your writer's voice with a kick of
humor :-)

Re: Hell On Wheels (12:24pm August 11, 2012):

Thanks SO MUCH for the "Gift" ;-) You sold me, I have to get
this series, lol.

Re: West of Want (5:00pm August 9, 2012):

For me it's the whole package you presented, lol. It's hard to
pick just one but if pressed it would be passionate with
possessive a close second (in the book). I've heard so much
about your books it would be great to win one :-)
glittergirl54 at ymail dot com

Re: Deception (5:22pm July 30, 2012):

Yah know, that's why it's called fictional romance, lol. Real
life is real life, and fiction is to escape the real and
pretend. I loved your descriptions and it felt good to be
real...But I'd sure like to be rescued from my current dilemma, sigh.

Re: Goddess in the Middle (4:17pm July 29, 2012):

Menage is my favorite fantasy. Your description of the men
sounds rich and interesting. I love intricate stories and
menage is icing on the cake ;-)

Re: Lord Of Fire And Ice (4:20pm July 6, 2012):

Your stories NEVER disappoint and I love your vikings ;-).
Thanks for the giveaway, I have all you books so it would be
great to win one, lol! I assume this is a stand-alone and not
part of a series?

Re: Wicked Nights (5:14pm June 29, 2012):

Your characters reach out to me especially Torin ~ can't
wait for his story! Another character from Jennifer Ashley
is Ian MacKenzie "The Madness Of Lord Ian MacKenzie", that
story still sticks with me. Then there's the spunky,
spirited and way smart Gillyanne Murray from Hannah Howell's
"The Highland Bride". I adore all of Shelly Laurenston's
characters from her shifter wolves, cats and bears to her
wonderful dragons in her G A Aiken Series - can't wait for
Sept's book about Eibhear in "How To Drive A Dragon Crazy".
And lastly for brevity sake is Sandra Hill's Magnus Ericson
potency and numerous children and time traveling dilemmas in
"The Very Verile Viking" ~ I laughed until I cried with that
one :-)

Re: The Casanova Code (5:12pm June 18, 2012):

Independently wealthy, loyal & protective gentleman who loves
to travel. One who loves cats, has a sense of humor, and
enjoys reading in quiet evenings that may lead to other more
pleasurable pursuits ;-)

Re: Tangle Of Need (8:52pm May 28, 2012):

One of the major reasons I read romance (besides the HEA) is
that I do love to follow characters across series books. Yes
I always want to know what happens to the secondary or minor
characters. The do steal my heart when they appear in a
number of stories. I am tremendously curious and a series
satisfies that for me. Thanks for your wonderful stories :-)

Re: Where There's Smoke (4:30pm May 26, 2012):

I loved Dark Shadows as a kid. My Dad always made me turn it
off before he went to work, darn...I also make jewelry and am
a book addict. Ask my husband :-). I have most of your books,
winning one would be cool

Re: Under Fire (1:28pm May 22, 2012):

Thank you for writing these stories. I am in awe of any
woman who can keep it together with a husband that's in the
military. It's like being a single parent with conjugal
visits and all the worry of him being in active service. I
can't imagine...
Thanks again!

Re: Demon's Bride (5:14pm May 6, 2012):

Do I like commoner heroes? Yes! They are men who have taken
the raw materials God gifted them with and made something
out of themselves. In some of the series' I have read they
start out as a secondary character. After several books they
demand their own HEA and I love that. Sabrina Jeffries
frequently does that. Hannah Howell has the Wherlocke Series
that has most family members not titled. So yes, I agree
with you self-made men are awesome.
glittergirl54 at ymail dot com

Re: Lessons in Loving A Laird (1:01pm April 3, 2012):

Wow did you create a fantastic list. I would agree with all
your points and add intelligence and a deep commitment to
living a life pleasing to God. Few get how to incorporate
that into romance novels but much of the time it's there
just left unsaid. I think someone with all the qualities you
listed just about encompasses a man who lives a life
pleasing to God. Thanks for the giveaways, this book sounds
really good!

Re: Lessons in Loving A Laird (1:01pm April 3, 2012):

Wow did you create a fantastic list. I would agree with all
your points and add intelligence and a deep commitment to
living a life pleasing to God. Few get how to incorporate
that into romance novels but much of the time it's there
just left unsaid. I think someone with all the qualities you
listed just about encompasses a man who lives a life
pleasing to God. Thanks for the giveaways, this book sounds
really good!

Re: True Highland Spirit (3:26pm March 30, 2012):

Strong women heroes are wonderful to read especially set in
Scottish history. Somehow I think all those Scot warriors
needed strong women at their sides. I'd love to win your book
and learn about more scot women. Thanks for the giveaway!

Re: Oracle's Moon (6:00pm March 19, 2012):

I am not a writer but I am a crafter. My craft of choice right now
is scrapbooking. I have a task ~ scrapbook the latest family
vacation. I find pieces that will support that location, i.e.
papers, stickers, things brought home from the trip (fliers,
napkins, maps, programs, etc). I go through idea books for border
inspirations, internet for more information and
background/history. I temporary lay out the whole book for picture
placement and themes so I can get pictures printed out the right
size. THEN I start the book a page at a time, finishing each page
as I go. It's a slow process for me as I often "design myself into
a corner", lol. I am a lot like Peggy above when it comes from
changing things.

I want to let you know I LOVE YOUR ELDER RACES SERIES! I tell
EVERYONE about it and urge them to get your books. I blog about it
all over the internet. You can't write them fast enough for me but
then I read A LOT of books each month. Thanks for the endless
hours of adventure and smiles. Your series is the next one I will
throw in my husband's direction when he's looking for a book to
read :-). Thank you ~ from your No. 1 Fan!!!

Re: A Seal In Wolf's Clothing (4:37pm March 16, 2012):

With the play on words of course my first thought was "Huh"
seal? Then I looked more closely at the title, cover and
author and noticed SEAL. After reading Sandra Hill's Viking
SEALS it all tumbled quite quickly. This series has intrigued
me and I'd love to read more.

Re: Rule Of Three (6:43pm March 13, 2012):

Hey it's fantasy remember. These guys would be hot to live
with right?!

Re: Sketch a Falling Star (3:47pm March 12, 2012):

I completely understand. Although I am not a writer I am a
crafter. I get lost in my project and hours fly by. I don't
eat, don't know the clock is moving, can't even hear my
kids. I also do it reading a good book. Hours will go by and
I am lost in the adventure. Thanks for your great adventures
and sharing them with us!

Re: Sweet Enemy (4:51pm March 6, 2012):

I anticipate the moment when they realize the attraction. The
moment as they sample the first kiss, the give and take as
they realize they must mesh as a couple. I love to see how
couples overcome their obstacles and grow stronger as a

Re: Dire Needs (5:09pm March 5, 2012):

I am a series junkie. I love romance and it's almost always
in series. I love getting to know the characters, their
families and friends. I love eventually knowing about their
HEA and how it all worked out. I figure an author had a lot
invested in the world of a book and why not returning for a
visit. There are some worlds I'd love to live in, for
instance Lynsay Sand's Argeneau Vampires. Oh, to be a
lifemate of one of those hot vamps, ;-). I can't wait for
your new series. Thanks for the giveaway!

Re: The Rogue Pirate's Bride (12:11pm February 27, 2012):

I read romance for many reasons. The HEA is definitely #1. I
love the adventure along the way, I live it with them. I
love to escape and be someone else. I love the romance and
sex. I love having history come to life before my eyes. I
love visualizing the castles and horses and landscape and
clothing... I LOVE ROMANCE BOOKS :-)

Re: Darkest Highlander (7:34pm February 6, 2012):

So, do you like mixing magic with your history?
I am a lover of highlanders, celtic and viking themes. Magic
and fae mix VERY WELL within those aspects. I gobble up
anything that has those themes. Add a little pirates or a
sultan's harem and I'm in heaven within my imaginary
adventure. Books allow me to adventure along with the
characters and take me away from the here and now. Thanks
for giving us so many wonderful adventures.

Re: The Lord Of Illusion (4:14pm February 4, 2012):

I, like you would pick the power to heal. My mother is in
rehab right now because of falling from a stroke. She also
has emphysema and now dementia from the stresses of the last
few months of change. It's been SO hard. I am also a Type 1
diabetic and that NEVER goes away and effects all aspects of
my health. I also have vivid dreams of flying and that's
always been a heart's desire of mine :-). We seem to be
kindred spirits.

Re: Sins Of The Highlander (2:19pm January 12, 2012):

I can't pick one "must have" trait in a hero. For me besides
being a kilted Highlander, he must have a great sense of humor
and a deep velvet brogue. The twinkle in his eyes with give
away the humor. Highlanders just make my toes curl and are my
first pick on the shelf to read.

Re: Bride By Mistake (1:08pm January 12, 2012):

Wow the excerpt sold me! I like the dark and broken heroes
and a fight for a HEA. With the set up of the war rescue of
the heroine it shows his romantic-hero character no matter
how hurt he was after. This story intrigues me.

My MoC would be to a Scot like Sean Connery or the wonderful
Nathan Fillion with his smoldering looks, terrific sense of
humor and the urge to dig into a womans psyche to heal
hurts. Enjoy your new release!

Re: The Duke is Mine (2:24pm January 4, 2012):

I have terrible mid-term memory so I don't have a movie to
suggest...and my son & husband haven't picked movies lately
that are "romance friendly" to rewrite. What can I say, I'm
a reader of other's fiction - not my own. BUT that being
said, I love the "Castle" series on TV. I'd write myself
into Kate's character and fall REAL hard for Nathan
Fillion's Richard Castle. They've grown his character into a
real knight warrior.

I am looking forward to collecting your books now that I
have discovered you in the blog-o-sphere :-) glittergirl54
at ymail dot com

Re: Sweet Reward (3:29pm January 2, 2012):

I forgot to tell you my tortured hero. I just finished Gena
Showalter's Dark Taste of Rapture. Now there was a tortured

Re: Sweet Reward (3:27pm January 2, 2012):

I enjoy reading about tortured heroes that learn and become
stronger from the love of their mate. I study human nature and
through reading about others angst I grow and become more at
peace with others. I begin to understand what drives them to be
who they are and it helps me to help them. I look forward to
reading this series.

Re: Beyond The Darkness (5:46pm December 5, 2011):

Jaime ~ This comment is late as I just found this post but...
I LOVE THIS SERIES !!! and I wanted everyone who reads these
comments to know. GET HER BOOKS, the series is different than
everyone else's and I can't wait for this book about Cheveyo and
Petra. She's been teasing us for a while :-). Thank you Jaime for
sharing your writing talents and fantastic imagination with us. Life
is very interesting and God does lead us down interesting paths,
usually not the ones we expected. I thought I'd be an Architect,
instead I've done furniture store display, legal secretary, food
service manager, book keeper and most of all MOMMA. Enjoy a lovely

Re: Engaged in Sin (6:02pm November 7, 2011):

What a timely book with all the vets coming home from
Iraq/Afg. I love your books and have them all! Is this a stand
alone or part of a series? glittergirl54 at ymail dot com

Re: Embrace The Highland Warrior (3:42pm November 2, 2011):

Naw, I don't fear things that go bump in the night, I will be
careful though. My house is real secure but as a Mom I always
have an ear open. When I do hear things it's usually the kids
or the cat. I have a husband (and now son) that like to creep
up on me in the dark and say BOO! Kinda cured me...

Re: Ecstasy Untamed (11:32pm October 28, 2011):

The most imaginative movie you’ve seen has been the Matrix series. It
twisted my mind and reality so much. It made me see my world
differently and made me think "what if". And as a christian I saw it as
a kinda allegory to our perceptions on life vs. the reality of living
in Christ. Just a twist on how we view life... glittergirl54 at ymail
dot com

Re: Haunting Embrace (8:38pm October 22, 2011):

I have heard SO MUCH about this series! I adore tortured
heroes, they are so interesting and their redemption journey
is rewarding to read. Time travel brings so much confusion to
the traveler. I've often wondered how I would adapt :-).
glittergirt54 at ymail dot com

Re: Utterly Charming (11:50am October 20, 2011):

I am a Cinderella girl because I root for the underdog and I
come from money-strapped origins. I also find I am a
trailblazer in regard to things. When we went to find my
engagement/wedding set we couldn't find the setting we
wanted anywhere. We designed our own. A few years later you
saw what we were looking for everywhere! I'm the same with
purses, wallets and jewelry :-)

Re: The Norse King's Daughter (2:04pm September 30, 2011):

I've never had a reading slump. I will tire of a genre but my TBR
pile is SOOOOO big I've got a LOT to pick from. I read romance but
all genres of it. I also read a series in order from start to
finish. I found you by your VIKING titles and LOVE them - the
humor. TRY G A AIKEN'S DRAGON SERIES. It reminds me of yours with
the LARGE FAMILY dynamics and HUMOR. I'm having a BLAST!
P.S. I have all your books, but a signed one "Very, Virle Viking"
is my favorite :-)

Re: Tempted (7:10pm September 15, 2011):

I'm having a hard time with the damsel in distress as I
don't think fairy tales when I'm reading or watching. BUT if
I go way back, I think of Esther in the Bible. She was
forced into something she didn't want and ended rescuing a
nation as a one of the MANY wives of a king. I love how you
like to flip things upside down and do the unexpected!

Re: Deadly Descent (12:57pm September 6, 2011):

My favorites are SANDRA HILL and Lora Leigh. Sandra is like
Lynsay Sand's Vampires, she gets them in the funniest
situations and works it all out!. Her time traveling-viking-
seals is her Viking II series. Lora Leigh is just hot/sizzle.
I've added you to my "must-get" list :-)

Re: Diaries Of An Urban Panther (12:16pm September 2, 2011):

First I'd panic and scream, then I'd run. If it took a swing
at me I'd throw a punch but knowing me I'd miss and connect
with my follow through (with my other hand). I'm left handed
so it might work in my favor comming from an unexpected
direction :-)

Re: Redeeming The Rogue (12:21pm August 31, 2011):

Hey Debra ~ great to see you here! I'm a Tart from Tartan Ink
and I got your books from visiting with you there, so don't
enter me in the contest (unless you want to send me The
Seduction of a Duke or The Trouble With Moonlight);-) I just
wanted to say Hi!

Re: Spycatcher (1:23pm August 11, 2011):

I think the story can be more exciting than the man because you can
suspend reality and push outside "the box" of our existence. You can do
the impossible in a story. Miracles rarely happen in real life. I think
because of your life as a spy you can give us more of a "real" story
with the voice of an "exciting" writer. I would love to win this book
and share it with my husband :-).

Re: The Lady Of The Storm (4:00pm August 5, 2011):

You must be a visual as I am. I think in pictures. In the fantasy
romance genre you write it's important to get the same visual you do.
Your words do paint a picture for us. You are a word painter, I paint
with pigments and beads. Your words have a texture just as mine does,
just in a different way. Thanks for sharing your talent with us :-)

Re: Notorious (9:45pm July 29, 2011):

I would probably find a way to work without bringing attention to
myself. BUT I would also be reading that scandalous book. And knowing
me I'd be speaking my mind without tact. I try to be tactful but the
words just spill out. I don't intend to hurt but occasionly something
is taken wrongly.

Re: Chicks Kick Butt (3:41pm July 27, 2011):

I love the urban fantasy, paranormal genre. You authors can
make your own rules and work very far outside my "box". You

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