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"COLD FURY defines the modern romantic thriller."�-�NYT�bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz

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Romance writer and reluctant cop navigate sparks during fateful ride-alongs.

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Free on Kindle Unlimited

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A child under his protection�and a hit man in pursuit.

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Courtney Kelly sees things others can�t�like fairies, and hidden motives for murder . . .

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Reunited in danger�and bound by desire

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Journey to a city that�s full of quirky, zany superheroes finding love while they battle over-the-top, evil ubervillains bent on world domination.


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The Life Intended
by Kristin Harmel
"Reaching for the future doesn't mean forgetting the past"
Posted February 22, 2015

Kate Waithman had lost her husband to a tragic death over ten years ago, but Kate cannot let go of the love, the beautiful loving memories of her husband. Kate must find a way to move forward without forgetting the cherished memories and happy times she shared with her husband Read more...

Land Of Dreams
by Kate Kerrigan
"Our Lives are forever Changing!"
Posted January 24, 2015

 Ellie Hogan an Irish immigrant is living the American dream! She's living in peace and comfort on Fire Island, New York, painting art for the very wealthy. She believes that her life on Fire Island will last forever, especially after losing the two men in her life she loved Read more...

What the Lady Wants
by Renee Rosen
"True Love will Never Die!"
Posted January 10, 2015

In 1871, Chicago, Delia Spencer is attending a ball, even though she is only seventeen years old, she feels herself being drawn to Marshall Field who owns a dry goods place where all top society women go to purchase their clothing. Marshall always has the newest designs from France and Read more...

Prescription for Life
by Richard Furman
"To Live a Healthy Life!"
Posted January 4, 2015

PRESCRIPTION FOR LIFE is a very well written book on healthcare, which I must say, has sent me on a diet after reading it. Quite a few great tips in eating healthy, tips that may help so many people live a longer life, stronger lives without medication. The author cautions Read more...

No Tomorrow
by Tom Wood
"He knows how to kill but does he know how to protect?"
Posted December 27, 2014

Victor lives his life as if there will be no tomorrow, for the business he is in calls for it. Victor's old friend who had betrayed him, Norimov a Russian gangster pleads with Victor for his help in keeping his daughter safe from being killed. First, Victor must find Read more...

What Has Become Of You
by Jan Elizabeth Watson
""Never assume that you have all the answers""
Posted December 12, 2014

Vera Lundy accepts a substitute teaching position in an upscale private high school for girls in Dorset, Maine. Her new position is teaching English. This is a change in her life, for she's used to teaching other courses to college students. She's quite surprised at the intelligence of Read more...

The Last Heir
by Chuck Greaves
"Blood is Thicker then water, or Oil and Water"
Posted November 26, 2014

Chateau Giroux Wine, located in California is owned by Philippe Giroux, the King of wine making. Recently, Philippe has lost a son to a most tragic death, but he and others don't believe his son Alain is dead. His other son Phil who will turn forty soon is left Read more...

Rocky Mountain Miracle
by Christine Feehan
""True Grit and A Miracle""
Posted November 22, 2014

Cole Steele and his younger brother Jase, share nightmares that have been left due to the tortures of their brutal father's ways. Cole had been much younger when he escaped the horrific tortures that their dad had placed on them, but now has returned to the family ranch in Read more...

Yankee in Atlanta
by Jocelyn Green
"A Nation Divided by War, but Love Blooms!"
Posted November 22, 2014

YANKEE IN ATLANTA takes place during the American Civil War... 1864 to be exact. Soldier Caitlin McKae, yes, Caitlin, a very young women is wounded in battle serving in the Union Army. In every way possible she convinced the Union Army that she was a young man. She now finds Read more...

Driving Lessons
by Zoe Fishman
"A life changing moves sends Sarah on a search for herself"
Posted November 12, 2014

Sarah who is an executive at a New York Cosmetic firm is so relieved when her husband Josh is offered a new job in Virginia. Sarah is fed up with the city life and looks forward to their new life in Virginia. As Josh fits right in to their new Read more...

A Sense of Entitlement
by Anna Loan-Wilsey
"Getting Away With Murder?"
Posted October 26, 2014

I enjoyed A SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT very much and it kept me guessing. Hattie Davish who is a traveling secretarial writer for the wealthy has a bit of experience in helping to solve many mysteries, arrives at Newport, Rhode Island with Sir Arthur and his family. Sir Arthur explains to Read more...

All For A Sister
by Allison Pittman
"Some Family Secrets Could Free The Soul"
Posted October 19, 2014

This wonderful read takes place during the Roaring Twenties! A time in history when women cut their hair short and styled it into cutie curls! Feathers in their hair, dresses that were short with flapping material and very happy times for some, and hidden secrets for many. Celeste DuFrane is Read more...

The Story Keeper
by Lisa Wingate
"Going Home"
Posted October 5, 2014

Jen Gibbs a successful editor in New York lands herself a great job with a book publishing company. The aging owner of the company still believes in keeping the "slush pile", which is stacks and stacks of hand or type written manuscripts collected through the years and he will continue Read more...

Find Her, Keep Her
by Z.L. Arkadie
"A Broken Heart Can Heal!"
Posted September 26, 2014

In this beautifully written contemporary romance, Daisy Blanchard who is a travel writer, finds out that her best friend is now engaged to Daisy's long time and current boyfriend. Now if that doesn't break someone's heart, maybe an arrow would do? Daisy must get away from the Read more...

The Virgin Of Clan Sinclair
by Karen Ranney
"Her writings are full of it possible she's still a virgin?"
Posted September 15, 2014

In 1875 Scotland, Ellice Traylor has a wild imagination about passion, lust and love. She privately writes a book on the adventures of her imagination. She's fully aware that her book will bring nothing but scandal to both her and her family. Her mother expresses her feelings that Ellice Read more...

by Candace Camp
"He wins the wager, but is that all he wins?"
Posted August 17, 2014

In the year 1746, in a game of chance, Jack Kensington from London wins an estate located in the Highlands. Something drives him to travel all the way to see his winings. He is quite surprised to meet the beautiful Isobel sister of the man Jack won her family estate Read more...

The House on Blackberry Hill
by Donna Alward
"An inheritance can change your life in more ways than one"
Posted August 16, 2014

Abby Foster has been left a mansion by a family relative she never knew. Everything is so new to her in the small town called Jewell Cove on the coast of Maine. Everyone knows all the old stories that Abby needs to hear about her secretive part of the family Read more...

Just One Thing
by Holly Jacobs
"Finding peace and the ability to love again!"
Posted August 2, 2014

Lexie McCain an artist who has lost so very much in her life, now spends her days weaving the story of her life into beautiful tapestry in a small work room attached to her cottage. Some days she paints but most days she weaves the good and the bad from Read more...

My Lady Highlander
by Nancy Lee Badger
"From the past to the present and back again can their love endure all time"
Posted August 2, 2014

MY LADY HIGHLANDER is a great read of passing through time from Scotland 1603 to modern day New England. Isobel MacHamish who was helped to escape marriage to her ex lover who had broken her heart back in Scotland 1603, to the present day in New England. She works at Read more...

The Hurlyburly's Husband
by Jean Teule
"Romance Historical"
Posted July 30, 2014

This historical romance, taking place in France 1663 was a very interesting read. I learned quite a bit of France's history by reading this most enchanted story, THE HURLYBURLY'S HUSBAND from author Jean Teule. A unique love story of the Marquis (Louis) de Montespan and his new wife Read more...

Joanne Bozik

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Flower from my dear hubby
May 7, 2012

Childhood Sweethearts
February 13, 2011

119 comments posted.

Re: The Summer He Came Home (6:50pm April 18, 2013):

Oh I loved the Doors and Jim was amazing, sadly died from over dose and I also love musice, rock stars, Bon Jovi, you name it!!!!!! Music is good for the soul!!


Re: Darius (2:06pm April 4, 2013):

This was quite learned and very interesting!


Re: If You Give A Rake A Ruby (2:30pm March 21, 2013):

I love Shana's reads and would love to win!!!


Re: Shadows And Strongholds (2:29pm March 21, 2013):

I love, love historical reads and all genre's. But your book hits the spot for me!! Would love to read it!


Re: Buried In A Bog (7:47pm March 18, 2013):

Late getting mine in, but I'd love to live in Ireland!!!!!!

Re: Falling Into Paradise (7:47pm March 18, 2013):

I love bad boys in books and real life! lol

Re: Gold Fire (3:25pm February 23, 2013):

I admire your confidence in yourself and your works. I am a reader of all genre's. Cowboys are just sooooooo sexy, sounds like a good read to me. Good Luck!

Re: Gold Fire (3:22pm February 23, 2013):

I loved the Movie Death Wish with Charles Bronson. And there's a newer movie on demand (tv) that my daughter in law has told me about, but I have not seen it yet.

Now, your book, I'd love, it's right up my alley!!!!!!!!!

Re: The Moses Quilt (1:35pm February 16, 2013):

I live in a small town in New Jersey and during WWII there was an ammo factory located in our town. It was owned by the Russians and the Germans blew it up. One woman saved so many lives, she was the receptionist for the company. Only one marker lay at the ruins of the factory. I'm fighting for a much larger momument for her. She deserves so much for saving so many happy you told of Harriet Tubman.

Re: For The Love Of A Goblin Warrior (5:33pm January 3, 2013):

This read sounds very interesting and I love the old and the new!

Re: The Ravenous Dead (6:43pm January 1, 2013):

I'm thankful of having my 2 sons and their wives giving me 5 beautiful grandchildren.

And I'm thankful for every toop over seas in our military that is not killed or wounded.

I'm thankful for all the many friends I've made through the year and the fun times we've had, may they continue.

Also, thankful that I've become a book reviewer for Fresh Fiction. Met so many good people hear and I am so addicted to reading and to give others joy from my reivews.......

Good health to all and happiness abundance!!!!!!!!!

Re: Scotsmen Prefer Blondes (3:47pm July 22, 2012):

I love historical romance for many reasons, of course the love romance, but the times back then were more layed back. Not rushing all over the place...........innocence

Re: Four Sisters, All Queens (6:57pm July 15, 2012):

I love history, take me there and I'm happy!!!!!

Re: The Taming Of A Scottish Princess (7:04pm May 24, 2012):

I love my hero's anyway I can take I live my live precriously through reading lot's of books!!!!!! Love Historial Romance and many other genre's.......

Re: Untouched (3:13pm April 21, 2012):

Sounds great to me and for me!!!!!!! hahaha

Re: The Fallen Woman of Vil?gos (7:56pm April 16, 2012):

Yes, I have a long lost love and I sometimes think of where he is, married? etc? I believe everyone has one.........

Re: A Plain Death (6:37pm April 14, 2012):

I admire and respect all the hard work authors must do to put together a good read and there are so many!!!!!! Congrads!!!!

Re: Texas Pride (1:24pm March 8, 2012):

Yes, reading romance has added spice to our lives. We are married 41 yrs now and I love Romance books.......adds spice..........

Re: The Widow's Revenge (5:26pm February 18, 2012):

When I think of Nuggets I think of chicken nuggets at McDonalds, which I don't eat.........lolol Although gold nuggest sounds much better, yes, they do!!

Re: A Scandalous Countess (6:20pm February 12, 2012):

I love both era's........I am addicted!!!!! Times of innocence that we shall never see again........loved the clothes and more slower pace of horses over cars, trucks, etc.........I wish I could go back in time........

Re: Far from Here (3:24pm February 4, 2012):

My creations are of my mind, when I read the books of authors. My mind creates how I see and feel what the author writes........addicted to reading!!!!!!!!!

Re: The Angel Of Blythe Hall (8:09pm December 30, 2011):

Our new granddaughter!!!!!!!!!!! She was due next week, she arrived on the 28th!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPIE!!!!

Re: Darn Good Cowboy Christmas (5:53pm November 4, 2011):

What I want most is good health for me and my family and friends!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Radiant Desire (2:21pm October 30, 2011):

Yes, confidence, is a big player in alpha males, but I also like them built strong, tall, they can have dark or light hair........intelligent a must!!! Loving, caring, oh I can go on, can't I?

Re: If You Hear Her (2:47pm October 27, 2011):

Halloween is my second best holiday, but Christmas is my first!!!!!!!!! Love them all!!!

Re: Ecstasy Untamed (2:45pm October 27, 2011):

Clockwork Orange, an older movie, but a strange, weird one, but we liked it!!

Re: His Last Duchess (2:44pm October 27, 2011):

Your Sussex Village souns nice and peaceful. In fact, yesterday I was up in Sussex New Jersey yesterday visiting my mom in law here in the states!!!!!! I am addicted to Historical Romance and would love to read your books!!!!

Re: Unleashed (2:22pm October 11, 2011):

A cute Golden Retreiver being loved and catered too by a loving family!!!!!! lolol

Re: Urgent Care (9:33pm October 2, 2011):

Ooh, your books sound great!!!

Re: The Norse King's Daughter (3:32pm October 1, 2011):

I make sure I never, ever run out of books!!! I've read all the authors you've read, and I reach out to authors and different genres at times. Recently, I've discovered Sandra Brown, great thriller, romance author!!!!!!!

Re: Murder By Mocha (6:13pm September 21, 2011):

This is one of the reasons I love, love Goodreads for learning of authors or new authors is fantastic!!!!!!! Your books sound great, right up my alley!! Bring on the Latte!

Re: The Rake And The Recluse (12:31pm September 18, 2011):

I wish you much luck on your new book and I will look for it!!! Sounds like a great idea to include graphics, wow, great! But please don't enter me in contest, I am not an e reader, love my paperbacks or solid thank you!!

Re: The Last Rising (6:58pm September 17, 2011):

My moment!!! hahaha, ok you asked for it!! Well this happened yrs ago. My hubby was out late one night with friends. I was sound asleep and awoke to very sensual love making!!!!! Well, you asked me right? lol, no lie, I must have been in a coma, but his foreplay had me ready, set and go.........

Re: No Proper Lady (2:38pm September 12, 2011):

Sounds like a yummy read!!!!!!!! A new world is what we all need

Re: Lord and Lady Spy (3:18pm September 10, 2011):

I'd love Liam and Kate Blanchard!

Re: The Wedding Affair (5:55pm September 7, 2011):

Wow, I had a doll house when I was a little girl, but your's rocks!!!!!!!!!! Would love to read your books!!!!!

Re: Sweet Justice (5:29pm September 4, 2011):

Your welcome Christy.......

Re: Bel Air (5:27pm September 4, 2011):

What I love best is life, then I love chocolate/vanilla ice cream!!!!!!!!!!

"Everyday above ground is a good one!!!!!!!!

Re: Sweet Justice (12:42pm September 3, 2011):

Oh and forgot to say, your books are now on my menu!!!!

Re: Sweet Justice (12:41pm September 3, 2011):

Congrat's!!! I do love Sandra Brown's villians!!!

Re: Lady Of The English (1:56pm September 2, 2011):

This story of the 2 ladies sounds like a very good read!! Love history!!!!

Re: Serendipity (5:43pm September 1, 2011):

I love the Gamma kind of a guy!!!

Re: Redeeming The Rogue (12:53pm September 1, 2011):

I am not an author, but an avid reader. Once I finish a book and become saddened that there should be more, more for a character to find their love, etc, then I alert the author and ask, "Will you please be writing of that character".

Re: Diaries Of An Urban Panther (12:47pm September 1, 2011):

Poop my pants!!!

Re: The Bone House (12:26pm August 23, 2011):

This is one of the reasons I do love Goodreads, I am introduced to authors I've never known or have ever had the chance to read their works. As with winning a book not long ago from Sandra Brown, (Thriller, etc.), now I've bought several of her books and loving them.

I will look for your books!!!

Re: The Edge Of Grace (1:58pm August 22, 2011):

It's a tough business being an author, but when you do come to the light at the end of the tunnel, you will have fans who adore your works....

Re: The Edge Of Grace (1:22pm August 21, 2011):

I admire and respect most if not all authors who do their reseach before and during writings of their books. Author's work extremely hard, have fantastic imaginations, and I honor them!!!!!!

Re: Desire and Deception (6:04pm August 19, 2011):

Everyone has has inner strength, but some never learn to use it for the right reasons. I was lucky, for I had a great childhood, great parents, but some of my friends and cousins were not so lucky. But through the years, I've learned so much about people and their strengths and weakness's......I've helped many, but some just like to stay as they are, so I don't push. It's for them to use their inner strenght.......and hey, give a smile to a stranger and you get many back!!!!!!

Re: Love Me Twice (6:34pm August 18, 2011):

Actually, I am still a good dancer, would love to read your book. On Goodreads I've found myself new authors!!!!!!! Love it!!!

Re: The Orphan Sister (5:41pm August 17, 2011):

So far, my Summer this year has been filled with saddness and happiness. My sister became ill, but no she's on the road to recovery. Good news, we have 2 grandsons and now will be having a grandaughter come January!!!!!!!! How wonderful life is and enjoying my pool, friends and family and good books!!!!!!!!

Re: Deadly Obsession (3:48pm August 16, 2011):

Congrad's on your first chile, a true blessing!!!!!!

I will always love the strong, well built, good looking hero who saves and loves a woman!! Call me old fashioned, but love the hunks, the strength, the muscles, and the great sex!!!!!!!!! Hero's are my fav's.........

Re: Only Mine (3:51pm August 10, 2011):

Love your Fools Gold series, what a town to live in......

Re: The Landlord's Black-Eyed Daughter (3:48pm August 10, 2011):

I love happy endings for the world is not full of happy endings. Too much war, unrest, saddness, etc. At least in happy ending books, I feel at peace with myself and the world!!!!!!! Addicted to reading and loving happy ending, then I can sleep at night!!!!!!!!

Re: Making Waves (2:22pm August 9, 2011):

Gerard Butler, yum, yum!!! Books sounds like a good read!!! Kate Blanchard is great also.............Good luck!!!

Re: Midnight Fear (3:51pm August 7, 2011):

Your books look tempting, I've never had the pleasure of reading them, thanks for the heads up! Joanne

Re: The Lady Of The Storm (4:09pm August 4, 2011):

The human mind is yet still at great mystery and I as many others see characters in books as we choose too, I would believe. When I read a book and feel as though I am standing with the characters, then that book is a 5 star........sounds great!

Re: Notorious (5:51pm July 29, 2011):

You know I've read all of your books and look forward to reading more!!!!!!! Joanne B

Re: What A Goddess Wants (2:54pm July 28, 2011):

Writing is your passion, reading is mine!!!!!! Keep 'em coming!!!!!!!

Re: A Gentleman Never Tells (3:12pm July 25, 2011):

Sorry to say that I've never read your books and Historical ROmance is my fav of all genres......but what does make me frustrated in many books I read, are the mispelling of words, especially when there are many........yrs ago I had worked for a local newspaper and catching errors wasn't fun.lolol

Re: Undead And Undermined (2:25pm July 22, 2011):

Now you have my attention!!! Would love to read your books!!

Re: Magnificent Passage (6:11pm July 12, 2011):

Kat I love all your books!!!!! And this one sounds like another great one!!! BTW, I still love to read books, when men were men, and women were women....I still love to read when a men protects his woman, not the other way around for sure!!!!!!! I'd better take care on what I write, some won't believe my old ways.......lololol

Re: Runestone (2:51pm July 9, 2011):

OK, first I love height in a man, since I'm married to one that 6'6"... Well built/strong, intellegent, funny, witty, loving, outward love/lot's of hugs and kisses without asking for them. Eyes are very important, for you can read all emotions in them, as one commenter said, the eyes are the windows to the soul........... Must be good in the bed.....lolol

Re: Never Cry Wolf (2:14pm July 3, 2011):

The eyes a true tell tale sign of a wolf!

Re: Never Cry Wolf (2:59pm July 2, 2011):

Yes, when I have to shave all that hair off his, how we are married 40 yrs.......believe me, he is a and I do plenty of growling myself.....

Re: Fallen (5:29pm June 29, 2011):

Sounds great!!!!!!! Do you ever bring your dreams to your books? Like if you awake and you remember what you'd been dreaming?

Re: Night Veil (1:08pm June 28, 2011):


Re: Dying For Justice (1:08pm June 28, 2011):

I fear having weak politicians who are putting greed before the safety of we American Citizens.....I fear that when the time comes for our politicians to take drastic measures to protect us, they will fail.........

Re: The Dark Enquiry (2:35pm June 26, 2011):

Yes, Deanna, I've heard of these situations taking place back then.......lot's of disease went around also.......but I do love the Victorian times. Wish I could go back for a bit, live it, then But I do that in my books!!!!!

Re: Missing Persons (2:49pm June 25, 2011):

This book sounds like a movie maker!!!!!! I wish you well in sales and look forward to reading it!!!

Re: A Ghost of a Chance (7:09pm June 24, 2011):

Oops! I missed the post and yes I am psychic........

Re: Louisa And The Missing Heiress (2:48pm June 15, 2011):

I love my life precariously through Historical Romance books!

Re: Hard Bitten (5:31pm June 14, 2011):

Love, love, love vamps!!!!!

Re: Oscar Wilde And The Dead Man's Smile (2:33pm June 13, 2011):

My hubby and I are fans of Oscar, love, love his writings and sounds like we'd love yours!!!!!! Wonderful!!!!

Re: The Soldier (1:28pm June 3, 2011):

Oh but I do live my life vicariously through my authors books!!!! Oh how I'd love to be a herion from one of the books, but be able to

Re: The Darkest Sin (1:20pm June 1, 2011):

I am not a traveler, but I will answer your question. I would take in as many historical sites as I could. The tower first!!! Then the grand parks, the beautiful England country side!!! Oh heck, I'd need a month or 2!!!!!!! lol Good luck with contest!!! If I do win, you can send me one of your read!!!!! lolol But do let someone win it who likes to travel!!!!!! Good luck!!

Re: Awaken The Highland Warrior (6:03pm May 18, 2011):

Looks like a very good read, my kind of read!!!

Re: Love Drunk Cowboy (1:26pm May 4, 2011):

Love cowboys, bring it on!!!!!!!!!

Re: Total Abandon (3:22pm April 30, 2011):

I still prefer my paperbacks!!!!!!!!

Re: My Favorite Countess (2:26pm April 28, 2011):

Love Dr. House on tv..........

Re: Never A Gentleman (3:17pm April 27, 2011):

I've never read your books, but now I will. They sound like good reads of my sort!!!!!

Re: Tangled Threads (2:24pm April 18, 2011):

My secret addictions? Himmmm, now let's see. I do have many, but that will take a few posts! lol OK, here's 1 of them. When I go food shopping, I always get my hubby a sweet treat, but since I am always on a diet, I have my secret Chocolates that I hide for me. Lady Godiva, oohhhhh, and I YUM, YUM eat them up. Of course I eat them curled up with a steamy romance!!!!!!!! lol

Re: A Marriage of Inconvenience (4:16pm April 16, 2011):

I am not a control freak, but my husband has been trying for 40 yrs to be......lolol

Re: Drip Dead (3:56pm April 14, 2011):

I am interested, I've never seen your books. They look like good reads!!!!!!!! I do hope I win we all

Re: Cowboy Fever (3:25pm April 14, 2011):

I would love to be married to Brett Butler (Clark Gable) from Gone with the Wind and continue the story as me being the herione.

Re: Cowboy Fever (5:28pm April 13, 2011):

Pau and Roarke for me!!!

Re: A Song For My Mother (12:54pm April 10, 2011):

I wish my mom were here to swap books once more.

Re: Deadly Ties (12:54pm April 10, 2011):

After my mom passed away 29 yrs ago, my sister and I did not speak to each other for many yrs. On her death bed, my mom asked us to please get along. That we don't have to see each other all the time, but be friends.......well after 5 yrs of not speaking we both got together and now thankfully we are loving sisters my mom would have loved to see. So now, we both respect love for each other and our familys and friends. Life is too dear and too short.

Re: The Shadow Guard (2:33pm April 5, 2011):

This is an interesting question and a very hard one to answer......if the character (hero) is not described and even if he is, I still imagine a tall, dark and very well strong built........yum yum

Re: Play Me (4:01pm March 29, 2011):

Love as much wording to describle what's happening in love erotic!!!!!!!!!!! Heck, I'm married 40 yrs and hey, the man slow down after a while, so I enjoy it in my reads!!!!!! lololol

Re: Laird of Darkness (2:01pm March 23, 2011):

I don't like e books, love paper backs, but I'll join in.. I love a herione who is different, strong in spirit, goes after what she wants, and I love, love erotic

Re: Angel Sister (1:01pm March 19, 2011):

Interesting for my father served in the US Army in World War II as a cook............amazing.....I must say that I've read your Historical Romance books, but not the others........well I'm in it to win it!!!!!!!

Re: An Unlikely Countess (12:57pm March 19, 2011):

I've always been sort of a rebel growing up against those who think they are better then anyone. And it would not bother me if both the hero and Heroine went from riches to rags as long as they were happy and in to eat,etc...........I wouldn't enjoy reading of them living on the streets.......lolol But maybe they can start their own plantation, etc........and become rich in their own right.

Re: So Close The Hand Of Death (5:17pm March 15, 2011):

This book sounds like lot's of fun thriller reading!!!!!!! I'm in to win!!!

Re: What I Did For A Duke (2:02pm March 10, 2011):

The spiders name is Susan

Re: Taste Me (12:56pm March 9, 2011):

Love Ann Rice books, she's great!!

Re: Staying At Daisy's (6:22pm March 7, 2011):

Wow this looks like a great read!!!!!!!!

Re: Scandal of the Year (3:07pm March 4, 2011):

Love your books, love contests!!!!!!!!

Re: Against the Law (1:36pm March 2, 2011):

I have read many of your books, love them all and looking forward for more!!!!!!! Always page turners!

Re: Beneath The Night Tree (1:48pm February 18, 2011):

Childhood sweet hearts, now married 40 yrs..........happy and still in love!!!

2 grown sons and 2 grandsons, with 2 daughterin laws.

Re: True Colors (1:25pm February 13, 2011):

I am just getting into vampire books, haven't read yours yet, looking forward to it.......thank you. Joanne

Oh I lied, I have read some.....Twilight, all of them and one other Vamp book.........but I do like them......

Re: Breaking the Rules (6:07pm February 12, 2011):

Love my decaf coffee!!

Re: The Mistress' House (2:03pm February 10, 2011):

Ah, sounds like a great contest and book!!!

Re: Everyone Loves A Hero (2:38pm February 2, 2011):

I love books of all gene, I read about 3 -4 books per week, Barnes and Noble love

Re: Haunting Jasmine (3:20pm January 30, 2011):

Excellent! This novel sounds so good. OK am I a winner? lolol

Re: Eternal Prey (2:31pm January 26, 2011):

Your books look very tasty!!! So I am leaving this comment in hopes of winning this wonderful contest! Joanne

Re: At Hidden Falls (5:32pm January 25, 2011):

I love to read for I then forget any problems I may have or all the tragic events happening in our world. Reading is like taking a tranquilizer to me. I live my life precariously through

When I read, I go places I dare not go in real I read 3 -4 books per week..........

Re: Dreams' Dark Kiss (3:53pm January 18, 2011):

I remember when my mom read to me.........still wish I was that little girl sometimes.........

Re: Real Wifeys (6:00pm January 15, 2011):

My soul mate I've had him for 40 yrs

Re: Pleasure Me (5:59pm January 14, 2011):

I love my life precariously through my books reads!!!

Re: Kiss At Your Own Risk (1:30pm January 12, 2011):

Now this book I'd love.......never read your books and look forward to reading them, if I dont' win, I will buy.

Re: The Fire In Ember (3:44pm January 10, 2011):

I love Historical Romances for there's always a happy life, it's not always that way....

Re: The Fire In Ember (3:43pm January 10, 2011):

Re: Fatal Justice (2:16pm January 6, 2011):

Happy New Year to you!!!

Re: Cowboys Never Cry (3:45pm December 30, 2010):

Happy New Year!!! And keep the books coming!!!

Re: Unguarded (2:40pm December 11, 2010):

I've never read your books, and it looks really good.

Re: Outrageously Yours (6:33pm December 1, 2010):

I look forward to reading it.

Re: Gemini Night (12:22pm November 28, 2010):

I admire and respect all the hard work, research and time that authors put into their, love to read those books, pls keep'em coming!

Re: Motor City Witch (12:17pm November 26, 2010):

I've never read your books to be honest, but it sounds like a good read that I'd enjoy.

Re: An Accidental Seduction (3:16pm October 28, 2010):

My hero would be my older son who served in the Marines, during the Persian Gulf War..

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