April 17th, 2021
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"Engrossing procedural…gorgeous Greek life”—Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW

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A lottery winner uses her good fortune to save a local pet sanctuary, but when a body is discovered on the property, she just might be in the doghouse

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A dashing suitor must decide if love and marriage are mutually exclusive

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These members of the peerage are young, beautiful and full of trouble... the sort that might just get a lord or lady ruined.

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In a scorching novel of obsession and revenge, Mary Burton ignites fear in the heart of a woman targeted by a killer who knows her secrets.

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A mountain search-and-rescue mission turns into a fight for their lives.

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When he sets out to regain his family’s heritage, he never expects to lose his heart.

Glenda Martillotti

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157 comments posted.

Re: Tempest (1:05pm March 26, 2020):

Honestly any romance without a ton of angst is a comfort
read for me.

Re: The One for You (3:09pm December 31, 2019):

Exercises more and organize the house

Re: Risk It All (3:08pm December 31, 2019):

I like both. I love the mountains when it isn't snowing.

Re: Puppy Christmas (12:13pm November 16, 2019):

I think Santa should bring me all these books by all these
great authors!

Re: More Than a Phoenix (12:16pm October 1, 2018):

If romance novels don't have value, why do so many of us read
them? Romances have gotten me through many rough times in my

Re: Highland Conquest (10:03pm February 21, 2018):

I'd love to travel to Scotland and spend several months there
roaming the country. Being surrounded by people speaking in
that wonderful accent is a bonus!

Re: Beyond Danger (11:15pm January 31, 2018):

I doubt that I'll ever be invited to a party like that one!
My favorite parties are ones that aren't huge and where most
everyone knows everyone else.

Re: The Girl Who Saved Ghosts (11:00pm October 22, 2017):

I generally like sequels especially if I really liked the
original and want to find out more about the characters.

Re: Highland Flame (10:46pm September 24, 2017):

Honestly, I've read way to many excellent romances set in
Scotland to pick just one scene or book.

Re: Just The Thing (10:47pm July 16, 2017):

I don't think it's necessary in all romances - even though
there is a lot of it in real life

Re: Scandalous Ever After (10:31pm July 16, 2017):

For me the best part of travelling anywhere (other than
possibly the destination) is that I will have lots of time to

Re: The Wrong Kind of Compatible (11:35pm June 22, 2017):

Great post, Kadie. Sadly, I've heard many of them. . .
Living in the Austin area (nerd central) helps. ;-)

Re: Jordan's Return (10:24pm June 13, 2016):

State and National Parks in the Mountains. :-)

Re: I Dream of Dragons (9:15pm April 24, 2016):

Read or when there are enough people around, we play games.

Re: Romancing the Ranger (11:00pm March 21, 2016):

Pretty much an music with a good - and quick - beat helps
me work faster. The slow stuff makes it hard to move

Re: Highland Spitfire (11:54pm February 24, 2016):

I can't think of a favorite one off the top of my head, but
it does bother me when there is no - or very little -
attempt to keep a book and characters in "it's time".

Re: To Catch a Rake (8:16pm February 22, 2016):

I Love that he always has a soft spot and tender heart - no
matter how hard he tries to hide it!

Re: The Best of Both Rogues (1:18am August 31, 2015):

Tough question. It would depend on the guy and how good
his reason was for being a jerk. ;-)

Re: The Curiosity Keeper (8:23pm July 6, 2015):

I love reading historicals so there are plenty of
Regencies in my TBR. I'm currently reading Vanessa Kelly's
Renegade Royals Series!

Re: Against the Tide (11:55pm June 10, 2015):

I've still only got them on my wish list, but I'm VERY
impressed with Rafe!

Re: Never Resist A Rake (11:48pm June 10, 2015):

With kids? Any time it can be the two of us without
interruptions is nice. ;-)

Re: 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake (1:16am May 6, 2015):

Happy Birthday, Jade! Also, Happy Cinco de Mayo! Hope you
were able to get some good Mexican food and some excellent
celebratory drinks!

Re: Make Me Up (8:56pm February 18, 2015):

I've never had a make over - it could be fun as long as I
don't have to subject to world to me with no makeup!

Re: A Killer Retreat (8:54pm February 18, 2015):

Orca Island sounds amazing! (Especially since it has a
great pet store too!) Though, I think I'd prefer to wait to
visit until high summer!

Re: Always a Rogue, Forever Her Love (11:37pm September 18, 2014):

Great little excerpt! Your books are all on my wish list

Re: My Highland Spy (1:35pm August 27, 2014):

As much as I don't want to judge someone, it is hard not to
be affected by first impressions (appearance as well as
actions). That said I like to think that I let subsequent
interactions drive a relationship more than those initial
ones. :-)

Re: Ain't She Sweet? (11:39pm August 16, 2014):

Great analysis of Sugar Beth, Sarah. I'm with Marcy, not sure
how I missed Sugar Beth's book. It's on my buy list now. :-)

Re: The Traitor (11:46pm August 13, 2014):

Thanks for another great excerpt, Grace! I don't think I've
ever heard the description of the 3 stages of women and their
love before. It is pretty accurate when you think about it.

Re: Ready to Wed (10:52pm July 23, 2014):

We've had all sorts of names for different dogs and cats --
sometimes the critter has lived up to their names (so think
twice about names). We currently have Bounder a golden
retriever who does indeed bound everywhere, and Bandit a
torti cat who had a reverse bandit mask in light blonde over
her eyes who is a little thief. We've got several other
furry ones, but they don't do as good a job living up to
their names.

Re: Accidentally Married on Purpose (11:35pm July 17, 2014):

There was no space on the walls of the room I shared with my
sister because of all the pics she had of Shawn Cassidy, the
Bay City Rollers, David Bowie and other 70s 'heartthrobs'.
She was older and meaner so she got her way. Luckily we
agreed on our love for Duran Duran later on.

Re: The Captive (11:31pm July 17, 2014):

As with all your books Grace, The Captive is wonderful! August
and September can't come soon enough!

Re: How To Lose A Lord in Ten Days or Less (11:08am July 16, 2014):

Well, reading is number one on the list since I can manage to
read a little whenever I have a few minutes. I enjoy
gardening - but I also need very hardy plants, spending time
with my family, and hiking. I'm looking forward to reading How
To Lose A Lord. :-)

Re: The Longest Night (12:27pm July 16, 2014):

I like that the heroine is the person best able to cope with
the extreme conditions! Looks great. As far as trading the
heat for a frozen winter, I think I'm best off living in Texas
and mentally escaping the heat. The reality of that cold
weather isn't for me. :-)

Re: The Heart's Game (11:51pm July 9, 2014):

I laugh every time I see that "How to offend..." photo -
absolutely love it!

I'm not a hardcore geek, but I am one. I actually had a
traumatic moment today at work. I thought a customer had a
soccer jersey on and then I read it and told her I loved it.
The mental trauma occurred when the girl (in her mid-20s)
who just started work today didn't know what Quidditch is or
what 'Weasley' meant on the back. O.O I'm scared to ask if
she knows anything about Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek,
LOTR, Hobbit,or even Princess Bride or Supernatural.

I'm proud to say that my husband and I have raised to geek
kids. And I'm thrilled that my daughter doesn't understand
how 'mainstream' geekdom is now compared to when I was her
age. :-)

Re: Firewall (11:35pm July 9, 2014):

Great post DiAnn! It would be wonderful if every author
followed these steps! (Too bad they don't teach this enough in
school. :-) )

Re: The Return of the Rebel (10:57pm July 8, 2014):

It has to draw me in so that I can block out all the other
people on the beach or by the pool and lose myself in the
story. ;-)

Re: Then Came You (5:37pm July 3, 2014):

Love the teasers! Especially the last one. I do so love Jill's
Animal Magnetism series! :-)

Happy Independence Day everyone!

Re: Find My Way Home (11:32pm July 1, 2014):

How can we get anything done if we don't multi-task? Great
post. :-)

Re: Full Exposure (11:30pm July 1, 2014):

Usually, the one I am reading about at any given time. :-)

Re: How To Marry A Cowboy (11:26pm July 1, 2014):

Love your books, Carolyn! Twenty 23 years ago, I came to
Texas for a temporary job assignment with full intentions of
heading back home. Instead, I met my husband and as they say,
the rest is history. :-)

Re: Crimson Heart (10:05pm June 28, 2014):

I do love that cover! Thanks for the insights I loved the
bit about making up stories about people in traffic.:-)
Totally (or mostly totally) unrelated I was in REI today
getting hiking boots and saw a guy wearing a denim kilt and
those toe shoes that are so popular.... he also had on black
socks. I'm sure there's a good story behind it.

Re: Once Upon A Kiss (10:03pm June 25, 2014):

Loving these excerpts!

Does a dinner with the boyfriend's boss and his wife count
as a dinner party? Ex-bf was trying VERY hard to be
sophisticated and impressive - ended up being a total jerk
and insulting boss's wife.

Re: Mischief By Moonlight (9:56pm June 25, 2014):

Different personalities are fine - actually great so I've got
variety in my reading. The important thing is that both hero
and heroine are kind and honorable.

Re: Thornbrook Park (9:52pm June 25, 2014):

Hi Sherri, I'm guessing you did a bit more research than just
watching Downton Abbey.... I'm definitely putting this on my
wish list. :-)

Re: Up to Me (11:34pm June 24, 2014):

Strong argument for being friends before dating. :-)

Re: Montana Bride (1:50pm June 24, 2014):

I love a great interconnected series where each book is a
standalone, but the author manages to make me really want to
read the other books because the characters are so compelling.
Sounds like you manage despite a few mishaps along the way. :-

Re: This Year's Black (1:01am June 24, 2014):

Loved the 5 facts. :-) This Year's Black sounds awesome!

Re: Romancing the Rumrunner (10:56pm June 12, 2014):

Perfect list!

Re: Hunter By Night (10:55pm June 12, 2014):

Amazing cover! One way or another I am going to get this book!

Re: The Troublemaker Next Door (10:58pm June 11, 2014):

Wow I'm impressed you wrote the first draft so quickly! I've
read a few excerpts and am impressed. The Troublemaker Next
Door has been on my wishlist for awhile. Happy release day!

Re: Wicked Temptation (11:08pm June 4, 2014):

Hmmm when I grow up (if ever) I think I'd like to be a travel
writer and get paid to travel all over the world. :-)

Re: Honor Reclaimed (11:26pm May 27, 2014):

IMO, books would be pretty boring if authors ONLY wrote about
what they know from personal experience. :-D

Re: Shadowed By Grace (11:53pm May 23, 2014):

Thank you for a wonderful post. Let's hope more people stop to
take time to remember the meaning of the holiday!

Re: Meet the Earl at Midnight (11:48pm May 23, 2014):

Yes, but nothing that wasn't worth it.

Re: Lady Gone Bad (1:03am May 20, 2014):

Only in books! I'd like to visit, but I know I'd be a
seriously rebellious woman if I were stuck in that time. :-)

Re: The Duke's Obsession (12:01pm May 18, 2014):

I wouldn't have thought of using them as a springboard for
creativity. It makes very good sense since scents can evoke
all sorts of emotions and memories.

Re: Wakeworld (11:01pm May 15, 2014):

I like to fool myself that I'd be a wise, independent one, but
more likely I'd be the type that needed to be reminded to stop
eating. :-D

Re: Her Perfect Mate (10:55pm May 15, 2014):

I love the premise of this book and series! If the blurb and
the cover hadn't already convinced me I want to read it, the
excerpts I've read on your tour would have. On my wish list!

Re: Frisky Business (10:52pm May 15, 2014):

AWWW What a sweet story. You are definitely right about the
whole knowing your faults being a big plus in having a
successful relationship. I can't imagine getting into a
relationship where I had to change the guy for happiness. I
dated a guy once who was constantly trying to change me. It
didn't work. :-)

Re: What The Groom Wants (8:37am May 6, 2014):

If you can't have fun with writing, why bother? The answer was
obviously 'all of the above' plus extra man candy! Thanks for
the early morning laugh! :-)

Re: Don't Blackmail the Vampire (11:26pm May 1, 2014):

Oh yeah. Make them work a bit harder for their HEA. :-)

Re: Stop Dragon My Heart Around (11:23pm May 1, 2014):

I had to laugh at that picture. My son's bearded dragon would
be really frustrated at not being able to get at the chicks.

Love the names your boys came up with!

Re: The Miracle Thief (10:09pm April 24, 2014):

I believe anything is possible.

Re: Wild About Her Wingman (11:19pm April 23, 2014):

Queso & tortilla chips (throw in salsa and guacamole & life is
perfect). Some quiet time and a great book go perfectly with
the food.

Re: Rustler's Heart (10:57pm April 22, 2014):

My version of "salt of the earth" is a kind, loyal,
hardworking person who may or may not have baggage, but is
always trying to do the right thing and make their part of the
world a better place. He or she regrets it when they do mess
up because hey, they are only human.

Re: Weighting for Mr. Right (3:39pm April 19, 2014):

I like that your heroine does have the same complicated life
we all have one way or another. And yeah, sometimes the
hardest thing to do is permit yourself to admit that you
screwed up on a something and need to start over -- usually
the relationship things are the hardest to admit to.

Few people truly realize that your weight is only one aspect
of your health. It sounds like you make that a good theme
in this book. Thanks!

Re: An Unexpected Sin (3:31pm April 19, 2014):

Great perspective. Most history classes neglect the actually
people involved in historical events and how the event
affected them and their families.

Re: A Plain Man (11:27pm April 18, 2014):

My stepmother was raised in Lancaster, PA. She loves stories
about the Amish community. I will have to tell her about your

Re: Home to Stay (12:04pm April 17, 2014):

I live in the suburbs of a rapidly growing town outside of a
city. It is home,, but it is my family and friends that make
it so.

Re: Second Time's the Charm (12:00pm April 17, 2014):

My wedding ring counts as one to me. I'm lost without it.
It broke ones -- totally snapped where it had been sized
many years before. I was a basket case while waiting for it
to be fixed. It is a little too big right now, but I can't
stand the thought of being without it while waiting for it
to be sized. Luckily I have an engagement ring to keep on
the wedding band. :-)

Re: Small Town Spin (11:05pm April 14, 2014):

Recently some entitled teen sued her parents for tuition. As
a side note she ended up with a full ride scholarship...

Re: Love in Straight Sets (12:08pm April 14, 2014):

If I don't care about either team or individual in any matchup
I cheer for the underdog just because someone needs to. :-D

Re: The Ace (12:06pm April 14, 2014):

The most exciting play of the game is when you are there in
person to see it... It doesn't matter too much what it is as
long as it is a game changer - hopefully in your team's favor
-- and you have good seats!

Re: One Bite Per Night (11:21pm April 10, 2014):

Yay! Count down time for One Bite Per Nite!! Wonderful
excerpt! Thanks and Congratulations!

Re: A Perfect Distraction (10:12am April 9, 2014):

An all white house would be a disaster for me!! Too many
critters, kids (friends of kids), and school projects over
the years! Not to mention my total lack of grace. ;-)

I could never decorate an entire house with only one color.
I have a variety of colors - every room has walls with a
different color or at least variation on color -- I've got a
couple rooms that are different shades of green. My house
doesn't have large windows, so we don't have a lot of
natural lighting. Because of this we've stuck to lighter
shades for the walls just so we don't get that closed in
feeling. :-)

Re: Desiring Lady Caro (10:07am April 9, 2014):

Hi Ella! I had to laugh at the excerpt. Did Caro enjoy her
view the rest of the way up the stairs as much as Huntley
had? (More importantly, will she admit it to herself?)

I'm glad your muse and Caro decided to cooperate!

Re: Rising Assets (11:23pm April 4, 2014):

Moving again would make me crazy. We last moved when my son
was 4 and daughter 2 -- they are currently 19 and 18. I've
sworn that if my husband ever wants to move he has to drug
me and show the house with me passed out in our bed. I will
NOT participate. :-)

Also, 2 faced people who kiss up and complement everything
about you to your face when you both know they don't like
you. Please people. Let's just be honest.

Re: The Red-Hot Chili Cook-Off (12:02pm April 4, 2014):

Hi Carolyn! I've got an adaptation on your jalapenos that I
love. Like most of my recipes, I don't have exact
measurements - my husband gets really aggravated when he
tries to make something I do because of this. ;-)
Jalapenos (stemmed and de-seeded)
Shrimp (deveined)
Block of your favorite cheese
1 slice of bacon per jalapeno (or more if you love bacon)

Stuff each jalapeno with a shrimp and cheese. Wrap with
bacon and secure with toothpick. Grill until bacon is crispy
and cheese is melted. Shrimp will cook during this time
too. Enjoy!

Re: How to Handle a Cowboy (8:03am April 3, 2014):

I love series as long as each book can be read as a
standalone. And who doesn't love a cowboy?

Re: Turned (11:58pm March 26, 2014):

I've read a few excerpts from Turned and the chemistry
between Ty and Ana is awesome!

Re: Pretty Reckless (11:32pm March 24, 2014):

Awww. Don't make me pick a favorite! There are quite a few
literary cowboys I love as well as movie/TV ones! (Let's not
even mention the real life ones. ;-) )

Re: In the Dark (7:43pm March 22, 2014):

With the right guy (at the right time in your life) you can
have it all.

Re: Deep in My Heart (11:48pm March 19, 2014):

This year I made sure I wouldn't break any New Year's
Resolutions. I didn't make any. ;-)

Re: Turned (11:43pm March 19, 2014):

Great excerpt!! Turned is on my wishlist!

Re: Stealing the Groom (11:37pm March 19, 2014):

Loved the excerpt! I adore friends to lovers books. :-)

Re: Her Summer with the Marine (12:59pm March 18, 2014):

I adore character driven stories - it's the people who make
a book interesting. I also do like series especially those
based in a small town... the recurring characters help pull
everything together. I don't like when you have to read the
series in order and can't miss a book - I prefer when each
book is a complete standalone story as well as a part of the
whole. :-)

Re: Shadowed By Grace (11:29pm March 14, 2014):

All I need for perfect reading time is uninterrupted time
and one of my tech devices (paperwhite, phone, tablet,
computer, etc) or a real book of course. If I don't have
much time, it is all still good, since I usually have
something with a kindle app with me.

Reading friends? A couple of the ladies I work with, a few I
used to work with, and quite a few online friends all have
good recommendations and make for great book conversations.

Re: Dating, Dining, and Desperation (11:21pm March 14, 2014):

I moved to a small town when I was 10 and lived there 15
years. There were good and bad things about it, but mostly
good. :-)

Re: The Bride Insists (11:17pm March 13, 2014):

What darling little babies! Sorry distracted by baby
animals. ;-) UM, movie Black Sheep? No I haven't seen it,
but it sounds like a contender for SyFy channel movie nite.

Re: Desperately Seeking Suzanna (11:12pm March 13, 2014):

What a sweet excerpt!! My favorite dessert? Anything
chocolate. Chocolate and fruit even better (tho, I'm not a
huge fan of chocolate and oranges for some reason...)

Re: The Rancher's Second Chance (4:44pm March 12, 2014):

Everything on your list plus: their innate respect for
others especially women - a true cowboy will always hold the
door open for a woman; and of course their honesty and

Also, you can't forget the physical -- love those boots and
jeans. :-D

Re: The Rebel Pirate (11:53pm March 4, 2014):

Too many wonderful authors to choose from.... I just finished
Jennifer McQuiston's What Happen's In Scotland and Summer is
for Lovers. She's on my fav author list now!

Re: Degree of Risk (7:16pm March 2, 2014):

Wow. Super intense book! And what an awesome cover!

Re: The Chance (10:54pm February 27, 2014):

Your story of your husband and your differences made me
laugh. I'm with you -- sleep is most enjoyable after 6 am.

Re: Must Love Dukes (10:51pm February 27, 2014):

OH Lord, so very many to choose from. How about when I was
very young - kindergarten age. I tripped on my shoelace and
cracked my skull open on a concrete step. My mom was
bringing dinner to a Teen Challenge drug rehab home. All
the teenage boys gathered around an commented on my bleeding
screaming self. I still remember the "Cool Look at all the
blood" and "Think She's Gonna Die?" type comments. I still
have the scars. :-)

Re: Hot Rock (11:14pm February 25, 2014):

Maybe there is something to all the seniors
saying rock and roll would lead to the ruin of a
generation by tempting them to live beyond the
edge. ;-) There's jist something about a man
who can move to the beat of a variety of

Re: The Temptation of Laura (11:08pm February 25, 2014):

Rachel, I love your excuse to visit Bath! We were
there once several years ago and I loved it! I'd
love to go back and spend more than a day
exploring the area!

Re: The Trouble With Honor (11:03pm February 25, 2014):

Whst a great excerpt! I love that Honor got the best of the men!! I can't
wait to get my copy!

Re: Between the Sheets (10:51pm February 24, 2014):

I'd love to be able to listen in on your conversations. They
sound like a lot of fun! (Eating lunch is always good too ;-)

Re: Mint Juleps and Justice (11:34pm February 22, 2014):

Oh Nancy, I am so sorry about your husband! My thoughts and
prayers are with you! I can only imagine what you are going
through right now.

Re: Oath of the Brotherhood (11:25pm February 21, 2014):

Oooo Very interesting! Love the cover too!

Re: The Cowboy's Mail Order Bride (6:19pm February 20, 2014):

Awww, Carolyn I love your personal romance and am happy that
it worked out for you! I would have been terrified! I'm a
transplanted Texan after coming here for a temporary job
assignment that introduced me to my husband of 22 years. :-

I adore your books!

Re: Lord of the Sea (9:24pm February 19, 2014):

No one is perfect so a perfect hero can't exist. Of course
there are people who are perfect for each other - if they
are lucky enough to find each other their lives can be close
to perfect. ;-)

I love that you've included a hero with a learning
disability and that you show it can be overcome! Thanks,

Re: Once In A Lifetime (9:13pm February 19, 2014):

So very sweet and romantic! It takes a real man to be able
to face - and comfort -- a crying woman!

I loved the excerpt it definitely made me want more!

Re: Once Upon a Masquerade (12:28pm February 15, 2014):

I'm with Colleen -- I like variety in my reading heros! It
all depends on my mood as to what kind of hotness I want to
read about. Although I am not into the 'forced seduction'

Re: Much Ado About Jack (11:26pm February 13, 2014):

I do love your "What would ______ think" articles, Christy!
I'm not sure Shakespeare would be too horribly surprised by
Jane Austen after all he lived during the reign of
Elizabeth. And I agree with others that he'd find
inspiration from the Regency.

Still love, love, love the cover of Much Ado About Jack!!

Re: What The Groom Wants (11:20pm February 13, 2014):

I'm guessing D because as much as I like B, B is so very
predictable. :-)

Re: Deep in My Heart (11:16pm February 13, 2014):

Loved the advice segment -- lots of fun! I'm thinking the
River Walk helped San Antonio win for romantic city. My
husband and I have gone down a few times for our
anniversaries as have a ton of my friends. :-)

If you ever manage to teach your pups to plug in and use a
vacuum, please share with all of us. It would make life so
much easier. :-D

Re: A Minute on the Lips (1:13am February 10, 2014):

As a girl I fell in love with Almanzo Wilder. Not only was he
a strong self reliant farmer, he was an excellent horse
trainer, and he was so patient with Laura when she was
clueless about her feelings for him. :-)

Re: What The Groom Wants (1:18am February 7, 2014):

LOL Laughing too hard to think of any that haven't been mentioned. . . .
Maybe if I sleep on it..... ;-)

Re: Miss Molly Robbins Designs A Seduction (1:13am February 7, 2014):

Thank the Lord and modern science that we don't have to rely on those

I love the cover and the excerpt! Miss Molly sounds like a great unique

Re: The MacGregor's Lady (6:10pm February 6, 2014):

There's no accent I'd choose to listen to over a Scottish one!! And
Gerard Butler, mmmm. I guess it's ok with you Grace if I pictured him
while reading The Bridgroom Wore Plaid. :-)

Are you going to have a series related to the MacGregor Trilogy similar
to your Lonely Lords and its tie in with the Wyndhams? PLEASE??

Re: Love in the Library (11:56pm January 29, 2014):

Hi Cheryl!

In books, I really have no preference -- I love both types
as long as they treat their heroine well. They do have to
be smart -- there's nothing attractive to me about a guy who
can't think his way out of a cardboard box that's open on
one side. :-)

Re: The Splendour Falls (1:21pm January 25, 2014):

I dreamed of travelling to England and did go with my husband
and kids. My dream didn't include children since I was very
young when I first wanted to travel, but the reality was so
much better having them there.

Re: Wishing On Buttercups (1:17pm January 25, 2014):

I believe that everyone has insecurities some of us are just
better at hiding them from others and ourselves. :-)

Re: Resisting the Hero (12:19pm January 20, 2014):

I do love the falling in love totally by accident stories! All three of these look like great fun books!

Re: Sadie's Secret (12:02pm January 18, 2014):

I adore historical fiction that is based on real history! I do think that Mr. Pinkerton isn't given enough credit for realizing women could do some things better than men -- especially since so many people don't know that he employed women as more than secretaries.

Re: Between A Rake And A Hard Place (9:05pm January 16, 2014):

My vote is for a rustic house party. You can always have a
ball at a house party with the neighbors attending. It
doesn't have to be a crush in town to be romantic. :-)

Re: One Rogue Too Many (8:56pm January 16, 2014):

My very first crush was in 1st Grade ( yeah, I know way
early). His name was Stephen and we were born on the same
day. His older sister was in some of my classes --
California in the 70s doing experimental educational. She
tried to ecourage it with plans of a wedding in the future
which completely freaked me out. :-D

Re: Shadowed By Grace (10:24pm January 10, 2014):

Your blog is a great testament to how much has changed in the
world over the past 70 or so years. I love how you did your
research for the book.

Re: The Magic Between Us (1:18am January 9, 2014):

Congrats on finding the key to getting your son to love
reading! I was lucky that my kids have always been voracious
readers. Percy Jackson is a wonderful series. Rick Riordan is
amazing. You may want to try out the Artemis Fowl series by
Eion Colfer as well. My kids both loved them. They are a
sophomore in college and a senior in high school and they
still read the latest in the Percy Jackson books.

Re: Lord Of The Hunt (1:12am January 9, 2014):

I am not at all fond of the romances that end badly. If I want
tragedy, I'll grab a tragedy to read. :-)

Re: Compromising Willa (1:09am January 9, 2014):

I love it! Bonus excerpts! Compromising Willa looks great!
It's been on my wish list since I saw the first blurb.

Re: The Groom's Gamble (9:00pm January 6, 2014):

My fav is THE GROOM'S GAMBLE! Of course the others are all
pretty picturesque as well.

Re: What the Heart Wants (8:54pm January 6, 2014):

I lived in Georgia for many years and there was a lady who
could 'conjure' away warts.... among other talents. One of
the tricks was that after she worked her little spell, you
couldn't think about the wart or the spell for a week or your
wart wouldn't fall off. Easier said than done. :-)

Re: The Temptation of Lady Serena (11:05pm January 4, 2014):

OMG Ella! I adored this scene! I love that both families are
making him work for Serena!!

Times certainly have changed! I like having more freedom
than our Regency sisters. I can't imagine letting my brother
decide my fate!!

Re: The Scandal in Kissing an Heir (9:29pm January 2, 2014):

Love, Love, Love the excerpt!! I have to get this book!

Re: The Bad Boy Billionaire's Wicked Arrangement (9:27pm January 2, 2014):

If I were younger, and more importantly - single, I'd like to
meet him at a New Year's Eve party and be with him at the
stroke of midnight! :-)

Re: Sunroper (9:18pm January 2, 2014):

Hi Natalie, I think most of us read as an escape from normal
life... I know I do. I don't blame you for writing about
things other than normal day to day life. :-)

Re: Paws For Murder (9:12pm January 2, 2014):

I love the title of the book! I'm thinking that the whole
series will be interesting (especially since I work in a pet
store. ;-) )

Happy New Year!

Re: Murder on the Orient Espresso (10:28pm December 28, 2013):

Looks like a fun little mystery. Who wouldn't want to escape
the snow in Wisconsin for Florida? A convention makes a good
excuse. :-)

Re: Freezer I'll Shoot (10:25pm December 28, 2013):

I generally don't make resolutions -- except when I resolve
not to make any ones that I won't keep so I don't make any at
all. ;-)

Re: Meet the Earl at Midnight (12:53pm December 19, 2013):

It's not weird to me or to most of the people on this blog,
but every Christmas there was at least one book in our
stockings. Some of my friends thought it was totally bizarre
that I was thrilled.

Santa has continued that tradition with my kids.

Re: Bite Me, Your Grace (10:14pm December 17, 2013):

OMG I love the premise of Bite Me Your Grace! Definitely on
my wish list!

I'm with you on being irritated with people who think
Twilight is the first real vampire type books that were
popular -- or good (don't even get me started on that train
of thought ....)

Re: A Breath Of Frost (10:09pm December 17, 2013):

I haven't read a ton of historical fantasy mostly because
there isn't as much of it available. This looks great!

Merry Christmas!

Re: Gentlemen Prefer Mischief (9:27pm December 15, 2013):

Loved the interview with Lord not-so-Perfect! The book sounds

Re: Last Chance Proposal (11:12pm December 10, 2013):

We always do the big family Christmas on Christmas Eve -
usually at my in-laws since my mother-in-law loves to do the
big huge feast thing. Christmas day is much more laid back and
relaxed with sandwiches and visiting other family members to
see what Santa brought the kids.

Re: Tangling with the CEO (11:08pm December 10, 2013):

I like both. Sometimes together. Sometimes separate.

Re: Undressing Mr. Darcy (11:06pm December 10, 2013):

I'd be up for an educational show as well. Do we have to
stick with one model??

Re: Billionaire Blend (12:16pm December 4, 2013):

Love a great book! Can't live without coffee! The Laughing Man
Coffee sounds like a great way to help others. :-)

Re: Down Range (10:44pm December 3, 2013):

Thank you for your service!

Also, thank you for doing all the research and making sure you
have technically and emotionally accurate books.

Re: Black Widow Demon (8:46am November 30, 2013):

I'm horrible about sticking with a show. I do love Doctor Who, Big Bang
Theory and Myth Busters. . . . When I get a chance to watch them.

Re: Three Timeless Loves (8:40am November 30, 2013):

To the time when Stonehenge was still being used. I'd love to know for
sure why they built it.

Re: A Change of Heart (9:26pm November 28, 2013):

Happy Thanksgiving!! I think you are right about either just
being a writer or not being one. I know people who want to be
published, but just don't have the commitment to actually
revise their work after asking for editing and other input.

Re: Home for Christmas (1:04am November 26, 2013):

We try to decorate the house and tree Thanksgiving weekend,
especially now that my son is in college. No matter what else
goes up it isn't really Christmas unless my Nativity carved
from olive wood is up.

And, yes I uave had to rescue pieces from the fur babies on
occasion. :-)

Re: The Wedding Game (9:44pm November 24, 2013):

I'm pretty sure my husband (and kids) would have a problem
with that. Even if that weren't the case, I'd have a lot of
conditions and I think I'd be a little more greedy depending
on the guy.

Re: Reign (9:23pm November 24, 2013):

I've eaten calamari -- including the tentacles but not ever
tried the ink anything. I'm wondering if you have to cook
everything for everyone.... that's a ton of work especially
if you add in the exotic (for us anyway) dishes.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Re: Lycan Gladiator (12:48pm November 24, 2013):

There aren't many books set in ancient Rome. This one looks
good. I'm glad I stopped by today and discovered it. :-)

Re: A Song At Twilight (7:57pm November 18, 2013):

A Song at Twilight sounds great! There really aren't a lot
of historicals out there where both the hero and heroine
work however I can name a couple really good ones:

-- Jade Lee's What the Bride Wore has a working couple - he
make material and she buys it for a friend who owns a dress
shop. Actually, the whole A Bridal Favors series has working

-- Shana Galen's Lord and Lady Spy Novels (and Novella) all
have spy couples as protagonists.

-- Grace Burrowes' The Virtuoso has a working younger son --
musician and piano maker and a widowed heroine who raises
and sells herbs to make ends meet.

-- Lauren Royal has a working heroine in Amethyst and the
hero does much of the manual labor restoring his home (don't
think his work counts though). She also has a architect
hero in Rose but the heroine doesn't work.

Re: Dangerous Connections (11:48pm November 15, 2013):

Love the premise of a computer geek being without electronics!
(Of course when it happens to little ol' me it's not so hot.
O.O I have to feed my cyber addiction.)

Great excerpt! Thanks for sharing today1

Re: The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh (11:32pm November 13, 2013):

Love the history lesson as well as the excerpt! Secret Life
looks like a great book!

Re: Bulletproof (11:28pm November 13, 2013):

I love their code of honor and their willingness to sacrifice
everything for all of us. The hot body that comes with the
constant workouts doesn't hurt either. :-)

Re: Have You Any Rogues? (11:24pm November 13, 2013):

Ha! Great story!! More evidence that guys tend to be clueless
about so many little details. ;-) Loved the excerpt.

Re: A Midsummer Bride (9:55pm November 2, 2013):

I love the intelligent, kind, and willing to stand up for
herself heroine! Not the doormat, obedient ones.

Re: Born Wild (9:27pm November 2, 2013):

Wow, looks like a great book! Very intense.

Re: Norse Jewel (1:57pm October 27, 2013):

Sounds like a great book with a great twist.... I do get bored
with books that follow the same old storyline. :-)

Re: The Wicked Wallflower (12:46pm October 27, 2013):

When I was younger, it seemed like every crush I had was
either totally oblivious to my existence or just thought of me
as a friend. Twenty two years ago, I found someone who could
be both best friend and love.

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