July 25th, 2024
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She won�t quit until she gets justice.
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Julia Vargas is a cop with a mission.

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142 comments posted.

Re: Flirting Under A Full Moon (8:22pm April 11, 2013):

There's nothing like having a good laugh while reading!

Re: Once Tempted (7:57pm April 1, 2013):

Our family drove from the Midwest to Colorado for my stepson's wedding in the mountains last April. Seeing the mountains fill up the entire horizon was an awesome sight!

Re: Buried In A Bog (8:58am March 17, 2013):

I have never been to Ireland but would love to go someday. My parents went a couple of years ago and their pictures were so beautiful. Your books sound great!

Re: The Geek Girl And The Scandous Earl (9:32pm March 14, 2013):

That's a great story, congrats!

Re: A Risk Worth Taking (10:12am March 10, 2013):

I like reading about both because I like it when an author can put a funny twist on dealing with kids and housework. But I also like to hear about a character going off on an adventure I'll never experience.

Re: Protector (8:28am March 3, 2013):

I take a book with me to carpool, my sons' sports practices, doctor appointments, etc.! I just wish I didn't get sick when reading in a car or I'd take them on road trips too! I love the cover of your book and I wish you much success!

Re: The Christie Curse (8:23am March 3, 2013):

Your series sounds very interesting and fun! I have no daughters but an awesome daughter-in-law who thinks just like I do. I think we would work well together!

Re: Scorned Justice (9:46am February 23, 2013):

My first thought of a movie based on revenge is The Princess Bride!!! Mandy Patankin was so great in that movie and though your book is about revenge in a serious manner, his character was hilarious!!!

Re: The Eldritch Conspiracy (6:44pm February 12, 2013):

I have been most frustrated at the movie adaptations of Stephen King books. I guess he's such a great writer that someone writing a screenplay has a hard time living up to him.

Re: The Autumn Bride (8:26pm January 31, 2013):

I don't belong to a book group, but I will share my books with friends when I love them. I do get excited when I can talk to someone who loves books to give my recommendations. I love the cover of your book and wish you success!

Re: After the Rain (8:14pm January 21, 2013):

Congrats on your do-over! I would do-over my lack of diet and exercise in my twenties. Then I wouldn't gain and lose the same 20 pounds these past 20 years!

Re: Finding Home (3:13pm January 13, 2013):

When I was a kid I studied horse books because I loved them so much!

Re: Waking Up With A Rake (7:16pm January 10, 2013):

I love it when two talented authors work together!

Re: Prince Of Power (9:23pm January 3, 2013):

I LOVE your taste in music!

Re: For The Love Of A Goblin Warrior (9:20pm January 3, 2013):

I love the cover of your book and the series sounds great!

Re: A Little Bit Wicked (9:29am December 29, 2012):

I don't set New Year's resolutions, but I am a big weekly list maker! There's nothing like drawing a line through things I've accomplished. Best of luck with your book, the cover is really cool!

Re: Secret Santa Baby (5:39pm December 27, 2012):

Your book sounds great and I love the cover!

Re: The Billionaire's Christmas Baby (5:37pm December 27, 2012):

I agree with you that having family and health is so important. Your book sounds so great, best of luck!

Re: Renegade (9:54pm December 25, 2012):

I love watching It's a Wonderful Life so much that I named my dog Bailey!

Re: Just A Cowboy And His Baby (9:04pm December 14, 2012):

I recently read my 1st "cowboy book" and loved it! I hope I can read more!

Re: A Seal At Heart (9:03pm December 14, 2012):

Of course my family, but also my best friend. She "talks me off ledges" all the time!

Re: A Christmas Bride / Christmas Beau (9:26pm November 27, 2012):

It would be an awesome Christmas present to win one of your books!

Re: Unforgettable (12:43pm November 21, 2012):

Your office sounds great and I love your attitude! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Re: Ashes Of Twilight (8:17am November 18, 2012):

I watched old Star Trek episodes with my Mom every week! I can see how that show could inspire you.

Re: How To Tame A Willful Wife (2:37pm November 16, 2012):

The characters in your books sound great!

Re: The Fangover (9:30pm November 12, 2012):

What a COOL concept for a book!!! I love music, vampires and most of all New Orleans! My husband and I did a walking tour of the Garden District several years ago and as we were approaching Anne Rice's house she drove past in a see through limo!

Re: The Twelve Clues Of Christmas (8:09am November 11, 2012):

We sing Christmas Carols at my Mom and Dad's house every year. Somehow it has become a tradition that when we sing "The Twelve Days of Christmas" that my niece and I scream Five Golden Rings at the top of our lungs!! We're a weird family but we have fun!

Re: Heart of Danger (8:15am November 10, 2012):

I love apocalypse books and shows. I'm addicted to The Walking Dead and my favorite book would be The Stand by Stephen King.

Re: Sultry With A Twist (6:45am October 19, 2012):

I'm sorry you have to deal with those awkward situations, but they make a great story and had me laughing the whole time I was reading it!!!

Re: Charming Blue (7:27am September 21, 2012):

Wow! That would drive me crazy to try to make everyone happy. I agree with you that you don't need a whole lot of sex in a romance novel. Your books sound great and I wish you much success.

Re: Immortally Yours (6:26am August 27, 2012):

I loved the Yeti losing his hair headline. PNN and the webiste are really creative, awesome ideas. Best of luck!

Re: Hell On Wheels (6:39am August 10, 2012):

It sounds like a great book and all of your covers are awesome! Have a great weekend!

Re: West of Want (5:24pm August 8, 2012):

I just LOVE a possessive hero! The cover of your book is awesome too! Thanks for the opportunity! [email protected]

Re: A Brew To A Kill (6:27am August 7, 2012):

My favorite combination...coffee and books!!!!

Re: Married By Midnight (6:32am August 3, 2012):

I usually read the series as it's being written because I'm too impatient to wait if it's something I've heard about or am interested in reading. This has backfired on me specifically with A Game of Thrones!! George R.R. Martin is driving me crazy and I feel like I've been waiting 50 years for the series to end! Good for you for sticking with your series and keeping your readers sanity in mind! BTW I love the covers of your books!

Re: The Secret Mistress (6:18am July 31, 2012):

I think it's a great idea! I was thinking of Col. Brandon from Sense and Sensibility the whole time I read your blog. I hope your new book is a great success!

Re: Sacrifice of Passion (9:42pm July 20, 2012):

Dexter is a dark hero. I've read all the books and have watched all the seasons of the show. I actually like the show better than the books.

Re: Deep Autumn Heat (6:47pm July 6, 2012):

The cover of your book is awesome! I finally commited to exercising on a daily basis too. I'm walking and running on the treadmill and trying to work up to just running. I didn't know I would like it so much! Good luck on your book!

Re: My Lady Mage (4:30pm July 3, 2012):

Your book sounds so cool! It was very interesting how you went about building the characters. I'm always in awe of writer's imaginations. Best of luck on your new release!

Re: It Begins with a Kiss (4:27pm July 3, 2012):

Eileen, I LOVED Never a Gentleman!! I also love your name because it's my sister's name too! Best of luck on your new release!

Re: Lady Amelia's Mess And A Half (9:45pm June 28, 2012):

Your books sounds great and I love the cover! My favorite star crossed lover movie is Ever After with Drew Barrymore. There are certain scenes I watch over and over again and drive my whole family crazy!

Re: The Most Improper Miss Sophie Valentine (9:04am June 22, 2012):

It takes a lot of guts to write a book so different from the norm and I commend you for that. I wish you much success!

Re: The Casanova Code (2:12pm June 18, 2012):

My only requirements would be a tall, funny man. Brown eyes wouldn't hurt either!

Re: Chase Me (8:55am June 7, 2012):

You nailed it for me with Roarke!! And after your description of Natural Born Charmer I may have to run out and get that too. Your book sounds awesome and if I'm not lucky enough to win it, it will go on my TBR list too. Best of luck to you!

Re: Soul Bound (8:09am June 5, 2012):

I have always felt that way about The Phantom of the Opera. When I saw it live I was crying at the end feeling bad for the Phantom! Best of luck with your new book!

Re: More Than A Stranger (11:39am June 2, 2012):

I would go if I were you just to see a castle and hear those amazing accents! [email protected]

Re: Night Walker (7:54am May 16, 2012):

Your book sounds awesome! It's funny, but I've been in love with Antonio Banderas for years!

Re: Pretty Amy (8:08am May 10, 2012):

I loved Liz Phair! I could totally get into a character similiar to Liz! I wish you much success!

Re: Royal Street (6:59am May 6, 2012):

This sounds like such a cool book, what a great idea! New Orleans is my favorite place, it's where we went on our honeymoon. After Johnny Depp as a pirate, of course I'd date an undead pirate!!! I wish you much success!

Re: The Proposal (7:53am May 4, 2012):

This sounds like another great series!

Re: Somebody To Love (8:01am April 24, 2012):

My fresh start wasn't unfortunate circumstances (thankfully!). After 15 years of living in a tiny house my family was able to move into a nice house with a really big kitchen. I thought I always hated cooking until I got this big kitchen and found I love it and I'm pretty good at it. My family is so happy and I'm proud of myself!

Re: Sticks and Stones (10:07am March 21, 2012):

I was smiling the whole time I read that blog! This is such an awesome idea and I hope you all are very successful! I would definitely write with my sister, we worked on a photo album/memory book for our parents 50th anniversary recently. We laughed and yelled at each other and ended up closer than ever when it was done. Sisters rock!

Re: Dire Needs (7:53am March 5, 2012):

I love reading a series and I love the phrase "biker wolf"!!

Re: A Sliver Of Shadow (11:36am February 29, 2012):

I've been watching soap operas since I was a kid, so I'm totally in to love triangles! Good luck with your new book!

Re: The Rogue Pirate's Bride (8:13am February 24, 2012):

I read romance because it's my connection to my Grandma. She would give me her Harlequin romances to read when I was around 10 years old and I've been hooked ever since!

Re: King of Darkness (8:02am February 22, 2012):

I'm drinking my morning coffee as I write this! I wish you much success!

Re: The Stubborn Dead (7:50am January 28, 2012):

I am very interested in your book. I wish you success!

Re: Fever (8:10am January 25, 2012):

The covers of both of the books are amazing!

Re: Sins Of The Highlander (7:44am January 13, 2012):

The trait that does it for me is that he's a good guy deep down inside.

Re: Bride By Mistake (9:11am January 10, 2012):

I love the concept and this sounds like a great book!

Re: Hushed (11:46pm January 6, 2012):

To use coupons more often. We spend WAY too much money on groceries!

Re: A Promise Of Safekeeping (8:52am January 1, 2012):

I throw everything away much to my husband's dismay. He keeps everything and has had a need for something he thought we still had that I threw away and it's gotten me in trouble! I do treasure keeping cards or recipes that have my grandparent's and other relative's handwriting on them. Happy New Year!

Re: The Angel Of Blythe Hall (8:27am December 30, 2011):

I know what you mean about how special an old piano can be. My Mom has her grandmother's player piano and when we were little we would put a roll in the piano and use or hands on the pedals to make the music go as fast as possible!

Re: Mozart's Last Aria (8:48am December 27, 2011):

I loved the movie Amadeus, Tom Hulce was so good in that role. Your book sounds great and I wish you much success.

Re: How To Worship A Goddess (7:15pm December 13, 2011):

I'm from St. Louis and love the Blues! We go to as many games as possible and take our 10 year old twin boys with us. We have gone to many autograph signings and I'm always so impressed how nice and polite all the big, tough hockey players are. We have a picture of T.J. Oshie just beaming at our twins when they walked up to ask him for an autograph. Hockey players are the best!

Re: Shield of Fire (11:22am December 9, 2011):

I have 3 boys, as far as what to get a teen-aged boy I'd say cologne. I know all my boys like Curve cologne and you can get that at a decent price at Walgreens. They also love getting McDonald's gift certificates. I think it's awesome that you do this BTW. I only took one tag off the tree at our church and it was to get an adult female a Barnes and Noble card because I felt a connection with her since I'm addicted to books! Have a great weekend and good luck with your book!

Re: Wild Thing (8:03am December 5, 2011):

Your book sounds awesome! I was in love with the characters just from your description. Opposites do attract because I never stop talking and my husband says about 5 words a week!

Re: Hunter Of Shadows (8:00pm December 2, 2011):

I love Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas series. When he killed off a major character, I freaked!

Re: She Can Run (8:00am November 29, 2011):

This sounds like a great book! I love mystery and romance and I love the name Jack O'Malley for a character. He just sounds cool!

Re: The Storm That Is Sterling (8:07am November 22, 2011):

Your book sounds great and I wish you much success! My favorite tormented hero is the Phantom from Phantom of the Opera. I don't know if he would actually qualify as a hero but my heart went out to him and I actually cried at the end of the story! Happy Thanksgiving!

Re: The Highlander's Heart (9:38am November 16, 2011):

I like a hero tortured by the woman he loves.

Re: Always a Temptress (8:06am November 3, 2011):

I just wanted to say that I LOVED Never a Gentelman! It was so great to have a heroine who was plain. My favorite series is the Sookie Stackhouse series. Have a great day!

Re: Ecstasy Untamed (5:43pm October 26, 2011):

I love the covers of all your books! I was just thinking about how authors come up with their ideas because I'm currently reading It by Stephen King and it is such a crazy story!

Re: Dire Threads (8:38am October 23, 2011):

It was my Mom for me too. She loved to draw and paint which inspired me too. I have shown my sons my old sketch pads and they have become good artists too! Since none of the boys look like me it's nice that they have some of my talents that I can claim!

Re: The Rose Garden (9:43pm October 12, 2011):

My favorite supporting character in a book is Mammy in Gone With The Wind.

Re: The Goblin King (10:14am October 6, 2011):

What inspires me is the cover of The Goblin King...Wow!!!

Re: The Seduction of Sophie Seacrest (5:54pm September 26, 2011):

I love brooding heroes and especially love Matthew Macfayden's Darcy!

Re: Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rock Star (12:42pm September 22, 2011):

Your book sounds SO COOL! I love Pride and Prejudice and I love music. My husband is a musician and our first conversation was about music and it was love right away! I hope your book is very successful.

Re: The Last Rising (4:16pm September 17, 2011):

Thanks for making me laugh! I hope your book is a great success!

Re: Tempted (1:00pm September 15, 2011):

Have you ever seen the movie "Ever After" with Drew Barrymore? I love the end of the movie when the prince comes riding in on his horse to rescue her and she already rescued herself and he feels kinda stupid about it. Very cute! Your books sound great and I wish you the best of luck!

Re: No Proper Lady (11:40am September 12, 2011):

The description "Terminator meets My Fair Lady" is going to catch a lot of people's interest. Good job! Best of luck to you!

Re: Sweet Justice (9:21am September 3, 2011):

I was very disturbed by the villan in The Lovely Bones. He betrayed the trust of a child and then lived next door to the family afterwards. Your book sounds great and I'm very interested!

Re: Break Out (9:02am July 4, 2011):

You had me at paranormal space opera adventure romance! I would love to read this book and I wish you much success!

Re: Fallen (9:23am June 29, 2011):

That must have had your adreniline pumping! That is so cool that you were able to put your feelings into your book. I hope you have much success!

Re: Burning Skies (8:59am June 24, 2011):

I would love to have wings to fly over traffic jams!

Re: City Of Promise (7:06pm June 23, 2011):

I know this is not the time period that you are looking for, but I always recommend Stephen King to everyone. There are so many great books by him, you can't go wrong. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

Re: A Ghost of a Chance (8:53am June 22, 2011):

I don't know anyone who is psychic, but it really interests me. I love The Sixth Sense and the Sookie Stackhouse books because of that subject matter. I'm very interested in your book and wish you the best of luck!

Re: Blood Of The Wicked (5:00pm June 13, 2011):

I totally believe in psychic ability and I love watching ghost shows. The cover of your book blows me away! Good luck in your future endeavors!

Re: Heart of the Highland Wolf (8:51am June 8, 2011):

The cover of your book is awesome and I love the premise! Your description of Scotland makes it sound so beautiful, wish I could go some day. Good luck in your future endeavors!

Re: Cover of Darkness (11:15am June 5, 2011):

I've read two books in Mary Margaret Daughtridge's SEALed series and loved them. I would love to read your series too, it sounds great! Good luck in your future endeavors!

Re: The Soldier (11:44am June 2, 2011):

My Mom means the world to me now that I have kids of my own and can appreciate all that she did for us.

Re: Jump (9:30am May 27, 2011):

What a great life you've lead! This books sounds so interesting and I'm glad you mentioned donating books to female prisoners because I would have never thought to do that. Have a great weekend!

Re: Mind Games (5:55pm May 25, 2011):

What a funny post! It's nice to know there are other people out there like me who love books so much. Your covers are awesome BTW!

Re: SEALed Forever (9:17am May 20, 2011):

I just read Sealed with a Kiss and Loved it! I plan on reading more of your books. This books sounds great and I wish you the best of luck!

Re: Awaken The Highland Warrior (9:34am May 18, 2011):

I think it's cool that this story came from a vivid dream. I drive people crazy telling them about my detailed dreams and you actually did something constructive with your dream! I hope you have great success with Awaken the Highland Warrior and all your future endeavors!

Re: Wickedly Charming (9:42am May 16, 2011):

Your husband sounds awesome and I'm so glad he talked you into writing this book!

Re: Grimoire (9:00am May 15, 2011):

I just read a book where the secondary character was kind of a spoiled brat that I didn't like. When I heard the next book would be about him I didn't think I'd read it until I read on the Internet that he went through a life altering experience and was a better person. I read the next book and ended up loving him and was so happy the author focused on him. So yes, I love secondary characters and I love when books are written about them. Best of luck in your future endeavors!

Re: Deadly Promises (8:59am May 8, 2011):

I would love to win this and be exposed to so many authors!

Re: The Legend Of Michael (9:40am May 2, 2011):

I love the alpha heroes! The concept of your book is so cool! You have a heck of an imagination!

Re: Bastian (8:11pm May 1, 2011):

That cover is awesome!

Re: Heart of Deception (9:27am April 29, 2011):

I used to read "Go Dog Go!" to my twin boys all the time. We used to walk around saying, "Do you like my hat?" and we'd crack each other up! I love that you have Hattitude! Good luck with your new book.

Re: My Favorite Countess (1:36pm April 28, 2011):

I just read When Beauty Tamed the Beast and loved the main character. Your book sounds great!

Re: The Devil in Disguise (9:06am April 23, 2011):

I love to hear excerpts on the upcoming book to get me interested and pumped up. I cannot tell a lie, I love contests and enter them all the time! Best of luck in your future endeavors!

Re: Hidden Embers (8:51am April 22, 2011):

I love Spring too because it's when my twins were born! It hasn't felt much like Spring here in the Midwest though. Congrats on your books, I'm impressed that you can do so much and still be an involved Mom. Keep up the good work!

Re: Blood Sin (9:44am April 21, 2011):

This series sounds so great! Best of luck in your future endeavors!

Re: It Happened On Maple Street (10:09am April 19, 2011):

You are very brave and strong. Good luck in all that you do.

Re: A Marriage of Inconvenience (2:41pm April 16, 2011):

I'm married to a control freak and I think only one in a relationship will work. Your book sounds awesome and I love the cover! I hope you sell a lot of copies!

Re: Collision Course (3:20pm April 8, 2011):

It was a big event every Saturday to watch Star Trek re-runs in our house. I love William Shatner! I just watched the new Star Trek movie with my kids and we loved it. I watched the Star Wars movies when I was little and read all the books.

Re: Haunting Desire (8:55pm April 6, 2011):

I can't say I know any Celtic legends, but I love the movie The Quiet Man!

Re: The Shadow Guard (9:46am April 5, 2011):

I always like to think of someone in real life to compare with the characters in a book I'm reading. I'm glad to hear that authors do that too as they're writing.

Re: Rock Hard (11:31am April 4, 2011):

I love a romance with love/hate relationships! I also went to a bunch of concerts when I was young too. I haven't traveled a 1000 miles, but I have done road trips to see my favorite band, Cheap Trick. Good luck with your book!

Re: The Return Of Black Douglas (9:15am April 1, 2011):

I appreciate when a writer does her research! I'm Welsh so I found it interesting that Scots Highlanders are similar to the Welsh. And I love time travel fiction!

Re: Play Me (9:42am March 29, 2011):

Even though I usually don't go for "hot" love scenes, I'm very interested in your book based on the excerpt. Good luck in your future endeavors!

Re: A Lot Like Love (9:40pm March 24, 2011):

I would say a slow burn because I usually like the characters to hate each other at first. I like that the main character is a twin because I have twins and know that when they are adults they will do anything for the other one. This sounds like a great book!

Re: Highland Heat (9:31am March 21, 2011):

Wow! This sounds like a great book. I love the cover and the picture of you.

Re: An Unlikely Countess (6:22pm March 20, 2011):

I like glitz and glamour and I love the photos you posted.

Re: Angel Sister (9:16am March 18, 2011):

What a great tribute to your Mom! My Mom's oldest sister lived through the Depression and they used to have to eat mustard and sugar sandwiches. She liked them so much she ate them for the rest of her life much to her neices and nephews dismay!!!

Re: Tyler (9:20pm March 17, 2011):

I love family stories that continue in trilogies. This one sounds great! Happy St. Patricks Day!

Re: It Happened One Bite (4:41pm March 14, 2011):

I think it's cool that you write as a team. The book sounds great!

Re: Angel's Rest (8:46am March 12, 2011):

I love when writers blog and talk about how a character wouldn't leave them alone in their head! I wish I had that kind of imagination but I guess I'll just have to read the product of other's imaginations! Have a great weekend!

Re: Taste Me (9:47am March 10, 2011):

I love Marion Zimmer Bradley too! Your comments about Nalini Singh have me interested because I've never read her and now I'm interested in your book too!

Re: What I Did For A Duke (9:44am March 10, 2011):

I looked all over your website for the answer and I couldn't find it. All of the excerpts of your books sound awesome!

Re: Animal Magnetism (8:48pm March 5, 2011):

That's so cool that your imagination could take off like that! Congrats on your new book!

Re: Treasure Me (5:05pm March 3, 2011):

I check Fresh Fiction everyday because I love to hear from all the different authors! I also love a book that jumps right into the action and the excerpt of your book definitely did that. Thanks for the opportunity of the giveaway.

Re: Wicked Seduction (9:40am March 2, 2011):

I think you're possessed, not crazy. I think that's why you put so much detail and love into your characters because they seem so real to you. I can't wait to read about Kit! I must admit I wasn't a fan of his in the 1st book, but since he's been through so much in this book he definitely sounds more interesting. I plan on being at your signing at Rose's Bookhouse and will see you then.

Re: His, Unexpectedly (1:02pm February 25, 2011):

I've only done a couple of road trips with my husband where it was just the two of us. Every time we are alone in a car for a long period of time I think we have so much fun singing along to songs, making each other laugh, and just reconnecting!

Re: Storm Of Reckoning (12:32pm February 19, 2011):

Your blog cracked me up!

Re: Beneath The Night Tree (6:06pm February 18, 2011):

I'm friends with my first love on Facebook. I'm glad he dumped me so I'd be available for my husband!!!

Re: RiverTime (9:55am February 15, 2011):

I really like the story line of this book, it kind of reminds me of Lost!

Re: True Colors (6:08pm February 13, 2011):

Good subject! My favorite TV couple was Maddie and David on "Moonlighting".

Re: The Mistress' House (10:05am February 10, 2011):

I'm interested!

Re: Society's Most Disreputable Gentleman (10:16pm February 9, 2011):

I love this cover because the character looks like Michael C. Hall from Dexter and I think he's HOT!!!

Re: Deadly Ties (9:29am February 7, 2011):

This was a great article that really got me interested in your books. I have prayed for those involved in human trafficking and applaud you for drawing attention to it.

Re: The Mysterious Lady Law (9:59pm February 4, 2011):

This sounds like a very interesting book! I thought Stephen King wrote a great female lead when he wrote Lisey's Story.

Re: The Irish Princess (9:17am February 1, 2011):

I love the cover of the book. I hope I win!

Re: Haunting Jasmine (9:36am January 30, 2011):

Wow! All of your books sound so interesting!

Re: Eternal Prey (1:23pm January 26, 2011):

I love that you gave Eric Northman as an example in your article because I love him! I was excited that you listed a character from the Fever series because I just bought the 1st book in that series. I would be very interested in reading your series. Thanks!

Re: At Hidden Falls (9:20am January 25, 2011):

We are so alike because I feel like I'm addicted to reading and it started at an early age for me too. My Grandma used to pass on her Barbara Cartland's to me just like your Mom did. That's a very fond memory and how I got started in romances. Thanks for the nice article and have a great day!

Re: The Paris Secret (7:30pm January 21, 2011):

I love this concept! Because I'm a book lover I've always thought highly of librarians.

Re: Kiss At Your Own Risk (2:00pm January 13, 2011):

I'm so sorry you had to go through some hard times and am glad you came through the other side okay. I would love to read this book.

Re: The Winter Sea (7:54pm December 20, 2010):

I would love to read this book!

Re: The Heir (9:32pm December 9, 2010):

I would love to win this book.

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