May 30th, 2023
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A Prim Bookseller�
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A Hauntingly Good Mystery!

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She�s got a knack�for roping in hearts.

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A mother and daughter learn to endure life�s twists and turns as they grieve a loss and face an uncertain future.

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Will their cruise turn deadly?

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Heart stings can be the most dangerous wounds of all...

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She disappears on the eve of her wedding. Can he find her?

Donna Holmberg

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Melfina's Magic Cake
June 14, 2010

159 comments posted.

Re: The Rancher's Second Chance (9:15pm March 12, 2014):

I like their down to earth expectations, they say it like it is. Of course, their habit to "say it like it is" tends to make them rather rough around the edges and in need of some feminine balancing in their lives.

Re: Darkside Sun (9:12pm March 12, 2014):

As a child, I read the "Little House On The Prairie" books, and my first romance book was the one where Laura first falls in love with Almanzo.

Re: Baden-Powell's Beads: Aksum (10:16pm February 3, 2014):

I love books that help me learn about other cultures. Even if the characters and storyline are fictional, writers always include lots of interesting true facts for me to learn. :)

Re: The Wedding Game (10:14pm February 3, 2014):

I love attending weddings and being close enough to the bride and groom to meet with them ahead of time and remind them to simply breathe. There can be so much stress when you're arranging your own wedding that they get completely overwhelmed. I think every bride should have candid photos done and at least one video tape of the reception so she can laugh and smile and even cry about it if she wants, then move on into the happy marriage.

Re: Risk Taker (10:11pm February 3, 2014):

Being a military brat, I also love a good military story. I think this is one amazing group of soldiers, and they make great heroes/heroines.

Re: Songs of Shenandoah (4:48pm January 11, 2014):

If a book manages to draw me so far into the story that I start to "imagine" the scenes and picture the characters in my mind, then I call it a keeper and it goes on my "re-read" bookshelf. If I can empathize with or feel a sense of connection to the storyline, then I find myself wanting to know more and then I end up just hoping that it is one book in a LONG series of stories.

Re: Shadowed By Grace (4:44pm January 11, 2014):

Having gone to Rome, Italy on my honeymoon, I'm dearly in love with that country and all of it's history. Of course, hubby and I are really into WWII and all the history behind it, so this book plays into two of my passions. I'd love to read it.

Re: Needing Her (10:57pm December 27, 2013):

There was this one teacher in high school who ran the detention class, and he apparently had problems dealing with the two adopted Vietnamese girls in our class. One of them had braces because she suffered from polio in her early years, and this cruel teacher loved to "bump" her crutches and make her stumble and sometimes fall. He was very sneaky about it so he didn't get caught by the other teachers, but we kids spotted it quickly, so we took our own action... I got eight members of the football team to help me get him to stop. Every time we caught him messing with her, we picked up and moved the teacher's VW Bug to a different spot in the parking lot so he had to search for it. Then we left a note on his desk saying every time he messed with Sarah, we were going to mess with him. After moving the car about a dozen times, he quit messing with Sarah. Yes, it was a prank, but it was for a good reason.

Re: Her Accidental Boyfriend (11:27pm October 15, 2013):

It certainly has.... I introduced my girlfriend to one of my male friends, and she introduced me to one of her male friends, and six months into our relationship, I found out I was good friends with list last girlfriend... and she had nothing but nice things to say about him (they just weren't a good match). Luckily, we are a great match, and have been together for nearly 14 years now (married for nearly 9 of those years).

Re: Death Of A Schoolgirl (11:24pm October 15, 2013):

The classics are called classics for a reason... they're timeless and they never loose that wonderful quality that makes you want to open them and read them all over again. I love reading the classics and updated classics to the ladies in the nursing home because they bring back memories of days gone by, and everyone always seems to find something in the story that they "didn't remember from before". LOL

Re: Plague Ship (11:17pm October 15, 2013):

I love the comprehensive explanation about how the realism of the story would make such a huge impact. I'm one of those readers who will, in fact, subconsciously pick the incorrect details out of a book or movie instantly, without having to think about it. Too many inaccuracies instantly puts me off and can cause me to put a book down permanently. Mind you, when I'm reading true fantasy, it's easy to imagine anything is possible, so I don't have problems with that at all. If you're going to write about a realistic subject, you have to be REAL. I'm very interested in reading this book.

Re: Damek's Redemption (10:51pm September 9, 2013):

I think if I had to pick, I'd go for the werewolf... after all, I am a "Team Jacob" fan. :)

Re: Never Say No to a Caffarelli (1:13am September 2, 2013):

I'm an fan of tea and scones, especially cranberry orange scones with orange glaze... yummy!

Re: The Highlander's Desire (1:12am September 2, 2013):

I've got to say that the movie Enchanted is probably my favorite... old school meets reality.

Re: The Blood Gospel (1:10am September 2, 2013):

This would be a foray into whole new territory for me, but I'm always willing to try an unusual path and experience something new.

Re: The Arrangement (9:51pm August 24, 2013):

Books with wounded heroes are very popular at the nursing home where I do my volunteer reading sessions... possibly because there a lots of guys in my sessions. You'd be surprised how many senior men enjoy a good romance book.

Re: Apocalyptic Moon (9:48pm August 24, 2013):

Ok, I've never been a fan of the zombie craze, but I've never approached it from this angle before. I might have to rethink my position. :)

Re: Surrender To Sultry (9:45pm August 24, 2013):

Gotta say, I love this line... One tiny ballet flat whispered against the asphalt, then the other. She pivoted to shut the car door before clasping both hands behind her back and peering up at him beneath long, blond lashes.

Re: Between (1:13am August 10, 2013):

"What if..." these are two of my favorite words because they open up the mind to imagination and dreaming, plans and goals. Nothing is too difficult to get through if you can just remember that "what if" is there to show you that there can be better days ahead. Thanks for reminding me of how much I love those two words.

Re: Love On A Midsummer Night (1:11am August 10, 2013):

One nice thing about books, you can use them to jump into the future or back into the past. A skilled writer can have your mind creating worlds of magic inside your head, and I do love magic (and fairies and princesses too). :)

Re: Pattern for Romance (10:26pm August 7, 2013):

Creativity is such an integral part of people's personalities, so I love reading all the details and trying to picture in my mind what that character would be like in my world and if I would like them or be likely to regularly interact with them. It is always great to meet a character and feel like they are "friend" material.

Re: A Little Bit of Charm (10:23pm August 7, 2013):

Being from Pennsylvania, not too far from Amish territory, and now having lived in Delaware for over 20 years (where there are plenty of Amish all around me), I find their different culture style to be charming and endlessly interesting. There is nothing that draws me more than a chance to learn about a new people or culture or country.

Re: Winter in Full Bloom (10:21pm August 7, 2013):

It's funny, but your story shows just why I am so able to keep a positive attitude in my daily job as a children's services social worker in a family court setting. I don't take any negative behavior personally without first being 100% sure that it truly is aimed and (and earned) by me. My clients are usually not happy to see me, and are normally stressed tot he max BEFORE they meet me. I've never thought about parlaying this skill into writing about people or experiences. Thanks for the lesson.

Re: Reckless (10:29pm July 25, 2013):

I saw a show on Stuntmen/women and it talked about how many actors and actresses actually do a lot of their own stunts. What really amazed me was when I originally found out that Jackie Chan does pretty much 100% of his own stunts. I couldn't believe how many times he's been hospitalized and how many bones he has broken over the years.

Re: The Outcast Prince (10:12pm July 25, 2013):

Paranormal books allow my imagination to branch out and create new's like the thrill a scientist would feel at discovering another dimension. When I'm entrenched in a book, my imagination is wide open and I get a chance to expand my fantasies.

Re: A Spy to Die For (10:08pm July 25, 2013):

I have to admit that the thrill of spy stories gets to me every time. I'm hoping to get to read this one day.

Re: The Medic's Homecoming (1:56am July 8, 2013):

I'm 50/50 on Zombie stuff... I've gotten a bit sick of it, but am still drawn to a truly well-written story.

Re: Thrill Ride (3:31am April 21, 2013):

I like to cover and the excerpt, but the two photos posted here of the hero and heroine just didn't do it for me. I guess I just like slightly more mature characters. LOL

Re: A Man for All Seasons (3:30am April 21, 2013):

I do believe in angels, and I feel I have two guardian angels who often keep me out of trouble - my grandmother and my little brother.

Re: Speak No Evil (11:09pm April 17, 2013):

Just curious, if there was one place you could go today (that you've never been to before) where you think you would be able to gain inspiration for a new book, where would that be?

Re: March With Me (9:27pm April 8, 2013):

As a military brat, I too was not exposed to the types of behavior spoken about in this book. In spite of that, I have heard many other talk of their experiences, and it makes me want to cry inside to know how hateful people can be just based on something like their race.

Re: Once Tempted (11:01pm April 1, 2013):

My honeymoon was a trip around the world that I won in an essay contest, and our second stop was Beijing, China and it was the most amazing experience. Being there among the most ancient culture and monuments they have really made me get interested in history... for the first time in my life. Now I'm interested in ALL kinds of history and other countries. It turned on a switch somewhere in my mind that simply won't turn off.

Re: Second Chance (10:58pm April 1, 2013):

Everyone gets an "oops"... but some of us need a few backups to get us through the years.

Re: A Shot Of Sultry (11:04pm March 28, 2013):

My hubby let me sleep in one mother's day, and while I was sleeping, he did ALL the housework, fed the kids, fed the dogs, and brought me lunch in bed. AMAZING!!!

Re: Identity Crisis (11:00pm March 28, 2013):

Good copies make it possible for low-income art lovers like me to enjoy great paintings, but I rseriously protest to true fakes. I have more respect for an honest imitation and won't hesitate to buy one that appeals to me.

Re: Lord of the Keep (10:45pm March 23, 2013):

Covers are very important to me when initially choosing a book to look at and read the blurb on. If I don't get drawn to the cover,I don't pick up the book.

Re: Nickeled-And-Dimed To Death (10:44pm March 23, 2013):

I say if you have the skill and talent to write it, then you're meant to write it. Go for it!

Re: Shadows And Strongholds (9:02pm March 21, 2013):

I visited the Great Wall of China and heard the history of the manpower it took to build it and what it takes to maintain it in a manner true to its original construction. This history of this ancient country, and viewing some of its oldest parts really made me realize how young our country and our heritage here in the USA really is, and it made me more determined to learn about the history of America and how our nation developed.

Re: If You Give A Rake A Ruby (8:57pm March 21, 2013):

quirky, sense of humor, rugged, honest, intense - that would be my top 5 for a hero

Re: Her Knight's Quest (7:53pm March 16, 2013):

My favorite secondary charachter is "Jenks" from Kim Harrison's "Hollows" series. I nearly spit my drink out of my nose laughing when Jenks said "Tink is a Disney *hore." This is a paranormal series, and I really like paranormal romances. :)

Re: Trouble In The Tarot (7:14pm March 16, 2013):

Yest to humor (in any type of book), and yes to romance in mystery novels.... it gives you a dual track to follow so you never get bored.

Re: The Blue-Ribbon Jalape?o Society Jubilee (12:33pm March 7, 2013):

Can you tell us how many books you are planning for this series?

Re: The Turncoat (12:31pm March 7, 2013):

Love and hate are both strong emotions that tend to be linked. You can't really hate someone you don't have some kind of relationship with (you CAN dislike them intensely), and you can't really love someon you don't have some kind of relationship with (you can lust after them or like them or even idolize them, but not TRULY love them). Both emotions involve our entire attention, so they make for excitement.

Re: The Christie Curse (5:37pm March 3, 2013):

Nope... my daughter is too much of a drama queen and anything she would write would not be realistic enough. Unfortunately, my mother has no interest in writing anything, so it would be a no go there too. I could see sitting down and writing a book with my son, because he has a real talent for it.

Re: Protector (5:36pm March 3, 2013):

I take books with me everywhere. I have a stack of what I call "disposable" books (ones in bad shape I've bought for cheap at yard sales) that I can read and simply leave behind or pitch when going places like doctor's office.

Re: Jake (9:13pm February 26, 2013):

I used to think of farmers and farm life as being the most romanting thing ever (just from reading the books, of course), then I had a chance to work as a support person for a Eurpoean Rodeo Cowboy Association (ERCA) chapter in Mainz, Germany... wow does life ever wise you up fast. There's still a lot of romance involved for me, but I know realize exactly how much hard work goes into maintaining a farm and caring for farm animals. There is much to be admired about a successful farmer/rancher, etc.

Re: Silence Of The Llamas (1:22am February 26, 2013):

So great to hear an author put it out there on the line... you're HUMAN - just like those of us in the rest of the world! In crowds, or places where people sit and wait, it is inevitable that people will "listen in" to random conversations, and I too find them great fodder for writing materials.

Re: Greta and the Goblin King (6:46pm February 24, 2013):

I'm a fan of fall and winter... mostly the beginning of fall when the leaves are changing and falling, and the height of winter when there's a ton of snow on the ground (hah... like I get any snow in Delaware). I guess that's why I plan to retire to Maine in about 9 years.

Re: Scorned Justice (6:44pm February 24, 2013):

Blue Smoke by Nora Roberts is the first book that comes to mind. I wasn't sure if I woul dlike it, but I ended up loving it. It's an interesting premise, because most of the time people end up holding grudges that overpower their ability to build anything like love.

Re: The Mistress Memoirs (10:00pm February 20, 2013):

I would have liked to read a little more, that was pretty sketchy info... not enough that the excerpt would entice me "have" to buy the book, but maybe enough to make me look for another blurb on the inside or on the back of the book.

Re: Murder Hooks a Mermaid (8:56pm February 19, 2013):

Just come visit each one of us who posted, andy you'll have a cheap vacation all across the country. Make Delaware your first stop, and come visit me!

Re: Murder Hooks a Mermaid (4:10pm February 17, 2013):

As a military brat, I spent my youth travelling all over the place; then, as an adult I discovered sweepstakes for trips, and in the past 8 years I've won three - two to Mexico and one that I used as my honeymoon trip (the big one). My honeymoon was a 22-day trip around the world. We left Delaware and went from San Francisco, CA to Beijing, China to Bangkok, Thailand to Rome, Italy to Normandy, France to Paris, France to Maastricht, Holland to Amsterdam, Holland and then home. It was a trip of a lifetime, and I loved every minute of it, but I still dream of an Alaskan cruise and a visit to Australia. I enter sweepstakes for trips about 40 times each month, so odds are I'll win another trip one day.. maybe this time it will be another dream trip.

Re: The Moses Quilt (8:20pm February 16, 2013):

There are many heros abnd heroines from bygone times that aare well deserving of such stories, and it is nice to see someone start the process of writing them.

Re: The Eldritch Conspiracy (8:41pm February 12, 2013):

I think books made into movies are great... but I much prefer to see the movie, THEN read the book. Otherwise, I agree with Gladys' that the movies is seldom as good as the book because the movies just can't match human imagination.

Re: Seven-Night Stand (10:05pm February 9, 2013):

I consider myself extremely fortunate in that my honeymoon was a 22-day trip around the world that I won in an essay contest - it was the Grand Prize. I visited San Francisco, Beijing, Bangkok, Rome, Normandy, Paris, Maastricht (Holland), and Amsterdam. As you'll note, only one city required me to specify which country it was in. Additionally, I was a military brat until the age of 21, and I spent nearly 12 years living in Europe (Germany and Holland) and I got a chance to travel to all kinds of places in Europe. This life of travel has given me a wealth of visual memories of gorgeous places and cultures to weave into my romantic dreams. Unfortunately between the ages of 21 and 39 I did no traveling at all, and I haven't really travelled too much since the honeymoon 8 years ago, so it is probably a good thing I'm able to read descriptions in a book and mentally picture myself wherever the hero and heroine are - for a short while. I love books set in locations I've never been, because I can live vicariously through the character's eyes.

Re: Treacherous Temptations (9:48pm February 9, 2013):

It would be impossible to believe that romance has not existed in each historical era, so I love it when a writer/author can manage a seamless incorporation done in such a balanced way that you can truly imagine that the write is writing about a true person's experience. Way to go... I'd love to read this book.

Re: To Brie or Not to Brie (11:56pm February 6, 2013):

My muse is actually my grandmother, who always said, let your imagination run wild, but keep it legal and moral too. She encouraged me to try new things and experiment with new art forms, and I owe her a lot.

Re: In From The Cold (9:29pm February 3, 2013):

Visiting a place cold and snowy enough to go dog sledding is a dream of mine. My nephew just got stationed at Eileson AFB in North Pole, Alaska, so I'm dying to get up to visit him and take a try at it.

Re: Beyond Valor (9:25pm February 3, 2013):

Being a military brat myself, I simply LOVE books that involve military men. A man in uniform makes a woman's heart beat faster to start with, so I love having military men (and women) as the heroes and heroines of love stories. There aren't enough writers of contemporary romance using military people or situations in their stories. Personally, I'd love to read a couple paranormal or time-travel stories involving military settings/characters... HINT, HINT! LOL

Re: Deck the Halls With Love (12:05pm January 31, 2013):

Sometimes I see a "best friend" or a sibling in a family group that warrants a possible follow up. I love it when you get a series of books based on a first book so you can tie the characters all together. Reading each book makes you anticipate and enjoy the next one even more.

Re: Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect Match (10:25pm January 28, 2013):

Many years ago, I actually met my first husband through a personal ad. Once I met him, we discovered we had friends in common, but as you said... what is presented up front is not always the truth of what you're getting. It took me 6 years to figure out the reality, but when I did, I RAN from that situation. Now, I'm nearly 13 years into my relationship with the man I've been married to for nearly 8 years (both anniversaries are 2/12). Dating that way works for some people, and my best advice is hold out until you really get to know the other person... no jumping in with the first sizzle.

Re: Murder for the Halibut (10:19pm January 28, 2013):

My insecurities are based on the physical side effects of my PCOS and Diabetes. I try to teach my juvenile clients and my own kids to love themselves and to let rude coomments about them just slide off their backs and ignore them, but I'm far less successful at following my own advice.

Re: Beeline To Trouble (8:35pm January 19, 2013):

Juicy parts keep the mystery from being too over-dramatic and dry. Plus, don't you know that all the best mystery action scenes always seem to happen just before or just after the romantic scenes. LOL

Re: The Wicked Wedding Of Miss Ellie Vyne (8:42pm January 17, 2013):

I love hearing about how writers I admire first got inspired. It helps me put my own writing in perspective.

Re: Thread On Arrival (8:37pm January 15, 2013):

Great... now, not only do I want to win a free paperback copy of this book, but I also want to read the rest of the storyline. Are the participants in the various book or the books themselves tied together by relationships or the same town or anything like that?

Re: Doomed (8:33pm January 15, 2013):

Not sure whhich legend or part of mythology it comes from, but I like the story behind the movie Clash of the Titans. This one encompases several stories run together, I think, and it really lends itself to the making of a great movie.

Re: Finding Home (7:48pm January 13, 2013):

Some of my all-time favorite memories are the memories I have of me reading to my grandmother, who was blinded and immobilized by Diabetes... but it never slowed her brain or restricted her heart. She was my mentor and my role model, and I'll never forget the things she taught me and how much she loved me.

Re: Birthright (7:46pm January 13, 2013):

Histories help us develop a sense of where we come from andhow we got to where we are at. I deal a lot with adopted children, and not knowing their past is a really stressful thing for most of them. It really makes me grateful for how much knowledge I have about my past.

Re: Kiss Of The Betrayer (7:40pm January 13, 2013):

I struggle to balance my work, family, and volunteer activities, and it gets really tough sometimes. Everyone wants my time, but I have to set priorities, so everyone can't win. In the end, I keep the peace and usually manage to balance it so everyone comes out mostly happy.

Re: Thrill Ride (11:19pm January 10, 2013):

Can I just say that the backside view on the cover of "Rev It Up" makes me want to slap and grip that gorgeous butt (outside of the leather, of course... this is a public post). Whew... did I just get a hot flash?

Re: Waking Up With A Rake (11:16pm January 10, 2013):

I have no problem with a hero who is unheroic once or twice, as long is it is nothing grossly out of line and unredeemable, and as long as he does actually redeem himself in the end. I love this excerpt and now I really, really, REALLY want tow in.

Re: Chance Of A Lifetime (10:45pm January 7, 2013):

A new place to roam in my daydreams... I can dig it! This is a new author for me, so I'm intrigued.

Re: For The Love Of A Goblin Warrior (8:10pm January 3, 2013):

LOL... it looks like I'm not the only one who finds typos and can't help but wish they were corrected. In my case it comes from spending 10 years as a secretary before becoming a social worker.

Books like yours are a great way for me to escape and put the stresses of my daily life behind me. I get drawn into the stories and they help me put myself into a different place for a little while.

Good authors like you... they make a great impact in other people's lives. Thanks for that!

Re: Prince Of Power (8:04pm January 3, 2013):

A good cover is critical for me... That's the teaser that causes me to read the back of the book and the inside cover for more info on the story. It's the blurbs that are the final hook for me. If the blurbs don't catch me, I'm more than likely to pass on the book. If the photo doesn't catch me, I move on to other covers. Books without cover photos only drag me in if the author is already known and liked by me.

Re: Gabriel's Inferno (10:52pm January 2, 2013):

Wow.... love that approach..a man with a brain!

Re: The Ravenous Dead (10:40pm December 31, 2012):

I'm thankful that my sister, Rhonda, has so far survived double mastectomy and her first complete set of chemo treatments. Now she gets a few weeks to recover before they do the HRT treatment and then the reconstruction. I love her so much!

Re: The Seventh Victim (10:34pm December 31, 2012):

My sister lived in Austin for 20+ years... I'll have to buy this book for her so she can read about all the places she's been to.

Re: Fallen Angel (10:25pm December 31, 2012):

I'm grateful that all of my family is healthy and that my hubby and I both have jobs and we all have a roof over our heads. Life is good.

Re: Live And Let Love (10:51pm December 28, 2012):

Always love to learn about a new author or a new book. The hero sounds captivating, right up my alley. LOL

Re: Perfect Misfits (5:39pm December 23, 2012):

P.S. I found your connection and left you a comment on your website...

Re: Perfect Misfits (5:32pm December 23, 2012):

Christmas shows from my youth hold a special place in my heart. Rudolph is one of my favorites, but The Year Without A Santa Claus wins every time... come on, admit it, you know who the heat mizer is.. LOL

Re: Captive Of The Border Lord (12:09pm December 21, 2012):

My folks have stories for each of us and they have told them to us many times so we remember them and will be able to tell them to our children. In retern, we have saved memories of our children to pass along to them when they're older as well. :)

Re: Betrayed by Shadows (10:34pm December 18, 2012):

There's "bad girl" and then there's dishonest criminal... I can deal with bad girl, but it has to be one with good character. :)

Re: Deadly Patterns (10:31pm December 16, 2012):

Easy 15-minute cookies - Pre-heat oven to 350 deg. F. then take 1 quick bread mix (any flavor), mix in 1 stick of melted butter and one egg. Shape into 1 inch balls and flatten on a non-stick pan or a regular pan sprayed with non-stick spray. I use the flat bottom of a drinking glass dipped in sugar to do it (or a fork - like I do with Peanut Butter cookies). Bake for 8 minutes and remove from oven - they may not appear done, but trust me they are. They become the BEST, quickest cookies you'll ever make.

Re: Fortune's Hero (8:44pm December 13, 2012):

I would want to see what my family history is like from the point where I lived to the point I entered the future.

Re: Counterfeit Cowboy (7:41pm December 11, 2012):

My perfect hero is the imperfect hero... a guy with a flaw who is "overall" a great guy. He's easy to relate to and more realistic than the chocolate box heros you read about who you simply can't ever imagine existing, much less falling for your average girl next door. I want to read about heros and heroines who really could exist and have a feeling of authenticity to them.

Re: Love Thy Sister (7:38pm December 11, 2012):

As a military brat, I've lived in, travelled to, or travelled through many of the places you mentioned. Nothing is more exciting than rounding the corner on life to reveal the new mystery ahead. I work hard to make every roadblock life throws at me into a step into a better future for me... I see that same quality in you. I can't wait to read your books and see if your heroines have the same quality.

Re: Wish Upon A Christmas Star (5:11am December 2, 2012):

My most important wish is that I get to see my son for Christmas. He has just finished his Master's Degree and taken a full-time job, and this might be the first Christmas in his life (all 25 years) he has not seen his family for Christmas. Cross your fingers everyone.

Re: Escape (3:44pm October 21, 2012):

I love hearing about how people come up with their inspiration for books... it proves that you don't have to be some supergenius to be able to develop a storyine. You just have to have a sense of imagination and the ability to dream (well and a lot of writing skills too... LOL).

Re: Sultry With A Twist (3:16pm October 21, 2012):

Wow... so funny. I guess there are lots of people out there who don't know where to stop or when they're crossing the line.

Re: Rev It Up (3:03pm October 21, 2012):

I like books that strive to break new ground... some attempts just don't make it, but end up being really good books anyway. I do think that when it comes to certain subject lines, though, the readers need to be aware of the book's potential to be offensive to some in the realm of sexual permissiveness/deviance issues, or interms of disturbing topics like detailed incest, etc. I've read a few off-name brand publisher books that really threw me for a loop and that I know would have been extremely offensive to other book readers I know, so it is definitely an issue.

Either way, most of the well-known publishing groups have done a very good job to prevent those nasty suprises, and I seldom run into this problem.

Re: Wild Encounter (4:49am October 7, 2012):

I watch a lot of crime and forensics shows, and lot of survival type shows, and I'd love to think they help prepare me for something like this (even if only a little). Realistically, you only know once the challenge happens, but I've always been good in a crisis, so I'd like to think I'd be creative about surviving and do whatever it took to make it work.

Re: Hearts Of Darkness (11:53pm August 10, 2012):

I love a book cover that can make my imagination start up and being wondering what's behind me or just around the corner. The cover draws you in and the blurb on the back (or inside the front cover) locks the door behind you so you can't get out until you reach the end,

Re: Hell On Wheels (11:51pm August 10, 2012):

Lord love a bad boy... especially one in black leather on a sweet motorcycle. Makes my heart beat faster just thinking about it. Maybe that's why I love it when my hubby rides his motorcycle. LOL

Re: West of Want (9:34pm August 8, 2012):

Tortured gets it for me... I love this passage:

Zephyros released his grip on the platform and eased the created current until it dispersed altogether.

... because it's all about how your mind creates the imagination behind the saying... suggestive gets me every time.

Re: Finding Felicity (11:43pm December 24, 2011):

Do something nice for someone every day, and it always feels like Christmas. Make it a goal. I've been doing it for nearly 20 years now, and I always have a good day in the end, because I know I've been nice to at least one person each day, no matter how bad my mood may have been. :)

Re: Mistletoe and Margaritas (11:10pm December 10, 2011):

People often tell me I'm nuts, because I was born in Florida, currently live in Delaware, and my hubby and I have already purchased retirement property in Maine. We figure, it's just as easy to be indoors with the heat on than to be indoors with the air conditioning on. :)

Re: The Orphan Sister (11:17pm August 17, 2011):

Thanks for making my summer by helping me remember that wonderful memory.

Re: The Orphan Sister (11:16pm August 17, 2011):

As a military brat, whenever we were stateside summer meant 32 plus hour car rides to the ferry in Nova Scotia, Canada to ride across the ocean to Newfoundland, Canada to visit my relatives on my mother's side of the family. My favorite memory of those summers was the year we got on the boat and discovered a family on board that we had been stationed with in Brunssum, Holland... their oldest son was one of my deepest crushes, and I spent nearly 10 hours hanging out with him on the boat. It was there that I got my first REAL kiss... it was a dream come true, and those 10 hours fueled my teenage dreams for the next year. Oh to be young again and kissing cute guys under the stairwell on a huge, rocking car ferry.

Re: The Doctor Takes A Princess (11:46pm July 10, 2011):

My sister has three kids, the middle one had colic. She's struggle for hours to try to get him to sleep... then she'd call me. I could hold him and rock him for 3-5 minutes and he would be out like a light for the night. She loved and hated me at that moment - both at the same time. :)

Re: Luck of the Devil (11:43pm July 10, 2011):

Wow... sounds like it took a lot to get you where you are today, but you kept on plugging. Way to go! Can't wait to read your work.

Re: Runestone (9:15pm July 10, 2011):

One thing I'm really attracted to is a deep, sexy voice speaking proper english... yes, it sounds funny, but all day long I'm surrounded by people who don't know how to say a single thing in proper english (tons of street slang) and I love hearing regular language like we were taught in school. A great low-tone voice can send chills up my spine.

Re: Casting About (11:54pm November 8, 2010):

I love books, and it doesn't bother me if an author draws from truth or fiction, as long as I can drop myself into one of the character's shoes and picture it happening with some level of believability. That doesn't mean I expect things to be realistic and based only on what actually occurs today... it means I should be able to picture the storyline as logical from the perspective of the charachter.

Re: Dark Road To Darjeeling (9:20pm October 3, 2010):

As someone who loves photography and also loves to cook, I often find myself looking to recreate a scene I've read being described in a book, or recreating a meal that was described or even making a visit to a location described in a book that really appealed to me.

Re: Sinful in Satin (9:14pm October 3, 2010):

I have very vivid dreams and even sometimes can wake up and handle a phone call or whatever woke me up and go back to sleep and back into the same dream (as long as I'm not awake too long). My least favorite dreams all involve falling, and they usually wake me up. It's bizarre, because I absolutely love heights and my ultimate dream is to go skydiving. Wierd, huh? I think creative people tend to experience more intense and vivid dreams because their minds are always churning.

Re: Building Magic (9:10pm October 3, 2010):

I for one and very grateful that you "flipped the pancake" because this new story sounds delightful and I can't to read it. I'm just not very into the vampire stuff, but if I like the new one I might just have to check out the vampire one anyway. Once I find I like an author, I tend to read more of their work even if it is out of my normal genre preferences.

Re: Monster in Miniature (1:57am August 1, 2010):

LOL... I'd settle for being able to find the Mystery section in some book stores. Nothing ever seems to be set up in a logical fashion.

Re: Tempting a Proper Lady (12:53pm June 24, 2010):

Don't let it fool you... many men do like the books, they just don't TELL anyone. I read to seniors in a local nursing home, and I have "male only" sessions where they guys get to pick the book, and I've read a TON of romance books to my men's group. We just agree to "fib" about which book we actually read or read from one romance book then read from one action book, and they only tell the others about the action book. I don't know why men who enjoy romance books are so worried about others finding out... but they are.

Re: Fatal Affair (12:42pm June 24, 2010):

A tough guy with a heart of gold hidden inside is a hero who stays with me.

Re: Hidden Wives (1:11am June 14, 2010):

Another great read to add to my wishlist. Yes... let the Diabetic read about cake at 1:11 a.m. when she can't have it... make me suffer! LOL

Re: Die Twice (9:53pm May 27, 2010):

Never been to Chicago, but I'll keep it in mind for my first visit. LOL

Re: Sex And The Single Earl (12:28pm May 20, 2010):

I love books set in small towns because I always see the potential for a series to develop. In books set in a big city there doesn't seem to be as much likelihood of a series developing, which means I won't get a chance to follow those secondary characters who have also captured my interest.

Re: Small Change (3:32am May 15, 2010):

So insightful... plus that cover is so beautiful. I love the colors, they draw me in and make me wish I was on the end of that dock too.

Re: Haunting Warrior (11:20pm May 12, 2010):

What a tough decision... I think I would go forward in time and meet my daughter in 30 years to see if she's outgrown the horrible awful step-mom hating phase she's in right now that is breaking my heart. I'd want to ask her how long it took her to out grow it so I can know how many years I have to wait. LOL

Re: Silent Truth (11:16pm May 12, 2010):

Hubby and I have talked about what we would do if anything ever happened that required us to go into WITSEC... our combined answer... we have no clue. We'd have to decide when we got there. What a miserable decision to have to make. It does sound like a heart-rending book.

Re: A Thread So Thin (2:28am May 9, 2010):

Maybe I need to do more scouting of YA books though, because so many of the other readers here seem to think they're ok. Maybe someone can do a post on the best of the YA books so I can check them out. On my own, it seems like I'm only finding the 2nd rate stuff.

Re: A Thread So Thin (2:26am May 9, 2010):

A pox on you for even suggesting that Nora Roberts would take time away from writing the books I love so much to write YA books... shame, shame, shame. Don't you know that if you say it, then it might come true. Don't DO that to ME! LOL

YA books are ok, but so many of them are pure drivel that is either so over the top or so washed out that even the young adults don't want to read it for long. Yes, there are exceptions to the rule, and the Twilight series is one of them, but in general I find that the YA books are simply not "enough" to keep me going.

Re: The Jaguar Prince (2:21am May 9, 2010):

LMAO... from annoyance to ideas... gotta love nature; and you have to take your creativity where you find it.

Re: In Shelter Cove (1:43am May 4, 2010):

I like stories of ordinary Joe's who become heroes... the mechanic who rescues the heiress. The teacher who overcomes the hitman. Everyone has a streak of hero in them, so I love to see that revealed in the kinds of people I might find in life around me because it makes the story seem more real.

Re: His Border Bride (1:40am May 4, 2010):

I myself kind of favor wounded hero books because I like the idea of an imperfect hero... one who has battled and lost, only to win in the end. I'm reading Judith Lansdowne's "Mutiny at Almacks" right now and the hero is a wounded soldier who appeal to me partly because he isn't perfect.

Re: Think Twice (6:27pm May 2, 2010):

I have to agree with Barbara... I too was rather disappointed by Dragonbound by Jade Lee. This book was definitely not up to her usual standard. I can't put my finger on exactly what went wrong with it, but somehow it just never comes together quite right and I struggled to get through it.

Re: Blood Of The Demon (10:13pm May 1, 2010):

The genre has so many venues for expansion and there are so many ways to be creative with the characters that an author with skill can really work with it well. Unfortunately, I do agree that are many crappy quality books out there, so you really have to read the exerpts and get to know the quality of the authors before spending your money on the books. The imagination has no limits if your mind is open.

Re: Just Like Me, Only Better (1:29am April 28, 2010):

Wow... my son aspires to be a writer one day and he's already more that 80 percent there with those adjectives... maybe he is on the right track. LOL

Meanwhile, he's also just finishing his 4th year of college for his Bachelors in Psychology with double minors in Criminal Justice and Political Science.

Re: A Thread So Thin (1:25am April 28, 2010):

I've made many choices in my life, some good and some bad, but each choice has let me to where and who I am today. I regret very few of my decisions to such a point that I'd go back and change them knowing that making that change would cause other changes and might prevent me from having the many joys I've also experienced in my life.

Re: The Swimming Pool (12:12pm April 26, 2010):

I love being able to catch a glimpse of an author's though process and learn more about new book just released or one that I can ceep an eye out for in the future. Best of luck with Swimming Pool and with The Sweetness of Honey (or whatever it ends up being titled in the end - personally, I like that title very much).

Re: The Teaberry Strangler (12:00pm April 26, 2010):

I love to pop in on author chats and special author blog events to learn about new authors. I also find excerpts to be immensely helpful. When I'm looking at a new author, I'll tend to go look for their website and read all of the excerpts for all of the books they have posted before deciding to spend my book budget money on them. I often search or othe eBook sales for free ebooks or free novelettes so I can get a small taste of a new author's work before jumping in with the funds.

Re: In For A Penny (11:31pm April 23, 2010):

By the way, as an artist (mostly photography not much professional writing), I can tell you that your works become like your children, so any harsh attack at them does seem rather personal, and when someone tells you one is useless or not wanted (or needs a complete revamp), it does feel like you've lost a piece of you. You can't replace the original anymore than you can ever truly replace a cherished pet by buying another pet when the first one dies... the loss is always there and it does take some time to get over it. The stages of grief are quite a great way of describing the process everyone goes through when they experience a major loss in their life, whether it's the loss of a brother and four grandparents (as I've had) or the loss of a job or a house that burns down. These are all very emotional losses, and our emotions run the gamut with each of them in a nearly identical process as the grieving process.... good comparison!

Re: In For A Penny (11:26pm April 23, 2010):

First of all, I take a deep breath and remind myself that everyone has an opinion and they're entitled to that opinion. Then I try to honestly read through the review to see if there is anything in there that I can use to actually work on improving something I've written. If I find that it's all bunk and opinion with no fact to back it up, I simply thank the person for their critique and welcome them to check out my next work and see if they like it any better... I let the harshness slide off my back and not drag me down if there's no legitimacy to it.

Yes, it's had to do, but if you can be open about taking feedback, you can always overcome a harsh or unfair piece of criticism.

Re: Rule's Bride (11:18pm April 23, 2010):

That's a hint... can your next series be about grooms rather than brides?

Re: Rule's Bride (11:17pm April 23, 2010):

Wow... a triple play, and such a wonderful sounding series. I just got done reading a triple series about brides, so it would be great to be able to make a series about grooms the next on my list.

Re: Beautiful People (10:39pm April 21, 2010):

Hmmmm... I've always been a fan of dry wit and sarcastic humor in books and movies. You know, the comments that 30 percent of the people get right away, 40 percent get a few seconds to a minute later, and 10-15 percent never get at all even if you explain it to him. I love PUNS and humor based on what we know... like name humor. Good example, I'm showing photos in an art gallery exhibit next month titled "Little Shop of Flowers" where the theme is oddball or strange floral shots (a humoristic take on Little Shop of Horrors).

Re: Silent Truth (12:31pm April 20, 2010):

Life... specifically family, photography, reading, cooking, writing, crafts, and the environment.

I'm passionate about everything from that first glorious breath of air I take each morning when I wake up that say's I'm still alife, to the warm, tight hugs I give my husband every day to silently show him how much I still love him. Yes, I'm passionate about life!

Re: The Firefighter's Secret Baby (10:40pm April 17, 2010):

I love the premise of this book... probably because I'm also a big fan of In Plain Sight. This is going to be one heck of a series if this first short exerpt is anything to go by. You're a new artist for me, and now I'm excited to get a chance to read my first book by you. Hopefully I'll be lucky enough to win my first book and then just keep adding to that one.

Re: Building Iphone Apps With Html, CSS, And Javascript (10:34pm April 17, 2010):

The only reading I've ever done that has truly ever felt like work has been the forced reading I've done for school courses or the occasional miserable book that I started reading and turned out to be utterly miserable and I felt like I just had to finish it so I could throw it in the trash knowing that I've finished it. There are few books I can say that I've ever tried to read and never finished... Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard is one of them.

Re: Dead Head (11:48pm April 13, 2010):

I grew up as a military brat, where neighborhoods were like tight family groups and everyone always knew their neighbors... up one street and down the other, for blocks around. You knew the folks in your entire development and in your Dad's entire unit. Boy have times changed.

Now, as an adult, I have a lot of military brat left in me. I've moved into a small section at the back end of a housing development and set about making this small area more like our old military housing areas were. I've initiated block parties and started summer meet and greets, gotten groups of moms together to do welcome baskets for new familes, and I do small holiday presents for every single family in our little section. I can honestly say that there is more comraderie in our little group than in the rest of the entire development, and each season it gets better and better.... but who knows what lurks in that dark basement of the little old lady who bakes those wonderful chocolate chip cookies for our ice cream socials each summer? LOL

Re: The Mage In Black (10:19pm April 12, 2010):

Of course authors are always readers too... if they didn't start off as readers they'd probably hav never become authors in the first place.

Re: Reunion (10:39pm April 8, 2010):

What a great idea... each book will draw us into the next. Once we've read the first book we won't be able to resist getting the next one. Crafty... very crafty!

Re: The Darcy Cousins (11:40pm April 5, 2010):

Characters who truly are "characters" are what draw me into a story. I love a story with people who really jump out at me and leave me with memorable impressions of them long after I've finished the book. That makes me want to come back the next book in the series or to that author's next book.

Re: A Certain Wolfish Charm (11:52pm April 1, 2010):

My happily ever after drink would have kaluha, bailey's and amaretto in it along with a bunch of crushed ice and some milk... yummy

Re: A Certain Wolfish Charm (11:50pm April 1, 2010):

I cannot WAIT to read this book

Re: The Highest Stakes (11:38pm April 1, 2010):

Having lived in South Carolina, I'm intrigued by this book. I love a novel that is well researched, and one based in an area I'm already familiar with is even better.

Re: Almost Home (1:46am March 24, 2010):

I'm on a VERY tight budget and I try to buy as many books as I can because I donate them all to a the local state-run nursing home, so I prefer paperbacks because they're cheaper and I get more for my money.

Re: On The Steamy Side (1:44am March 24, 2010):

I relly love the book "Winter Baby" from the Four Seasons in Firefly Glen series written by Kathleen O'Brien.

The whole series was amazing, but the ones with kids involved always catch my heart.

Re: Big Girl (11:49pm March 21, 2010):

I adore audiobooks. I have found Danielle Steel audiobooks to be particularly good reads. The publisher always seems to do a great job at choosing the readers for their audiobooks. A bad reader can destroy a great book.

Re: The Highlander's Sword (9:22pm March 17, 2010):

In do so love a story where the hero and heroine bounce heads a few times before finally working it out. I like the stories about two people drawn to each other in spite of themselves, and the tension between them usually leads to fun interactions.

Re: Accidentally Demonic (5:59am February 21, 2010):

oops... that should have said "shape-shifting"... sorry, but I can't sleep, been up all night, and it's 5:59 a.m. so I guess it's not suprising that I can't type straight.

Re: Accidentally Demonic (5:58am February 21, 2010):

Positively adore shope-shifting books... so glad to see a whole series on them.

Re: Chick with a Charm (4:02am February 21, 2010):

I'm definitely a dog person. I have 3 rescued Minaiture Pinschers and volunteer with IMPS - which is how I ended up with 3 rescued MinPins. LOL

Re: The Betrayal Of The Blood Lily (4:00am February 21, 2010):

I go down to the old boat ramp in the town next to mine. It is a tine area right next to the water where I can sit and listen to the water, watch the animals, and simply enjoy being with nature. It's down off the beaten path and not in use since they put the new boat ramp in, so very few people go ther.

Re: The Edge of Winter (3:58am February 21, 2010):

Kathleen O'Brien did a series of books called the "Four Seasons in Firefly Glen" and gave each one a different tytle. I really love that series.

Re: The Keepers Of Sulbreth (6:33pm January 16, 2010):

A good name definitely adds flavor to a story. A hero named Biff just doesn't sound sexy no matter how you describe him. LOL

Re: The Cowboy From Christmas Past (3:32am December 29, 2009):

My grandmother was my mentor and my friend, and I miss her dearly. This post really hit a soft spot for me... plus the poem made me spit my last mouthful of tea out of my nose when I read it. Good one!

Re: Take Me For A Ride (1:07pm November 26, 2009):

My worst cooking disaster was the first year I tried to cook a turkey. I'd bought an organic one from a turkey farm, so it didn't come with the little directions sheet (I was 21 and in college at the time). I called mom and asked her how to cook a turkey and she told me how long to cook it (based on weight) and what temperature to use to cook it, but she never thought to ask, and I never thought to say that my turkey was frozen and had not been thawed. Suffice to say, we had pizza for dinner and turkey around Midnight that day... now I'm a great cook but I still make occasional mistakes.

Re: Rainwater (11:07pm November 7, 2009):

Book trailers are a great way for me to get a glimpse into what may be the next book I read. I like the ones you get in the back of books you have just finished reading, but don't think I've ever seen a video book trailer.

Re: The Cowboy From Christmas Past (8:31pm November 7, 2009):

White Christmas has always been my all-time favorite Christmas moovie. I too fell in love with it as a child and have introduced it to my children. This Christmas will actually be the first one in over 25 years where my entire family will be in one place and able to celebrate together.

Re: The Cowboy From Christmas Past (3:42am October 26, 2009):

I grew up loving Laura Ingalls Wilder, thanks for the clue in about her book. I learn so much reading things I find on this site.

Re: The Promise (1:22am October 11, 2009):

I would never give up on reading those books from the treasured authors of my past. You might, in the pro9cess of reading them, rediscover the joy that originally drew you to them. Once your son has moved on to college and a life of his own, you will hopefully find more time to fill, and reading all those wonderful books will be a great way to fill those gaps. I can still, very clearly, remember being 7 years old and sneaking into my mother's room to raid her stack of Mills & Boon books (I was reading before I turned 4, so this was not such a strange feat for me). Then in my teens I remember progressing into loving the Barbara Cartland historical books. In my 20's and 30's I was drawn to more modern and contemporary stories, especially those involving families and kids, and now, in my early 40's I find that I love books about the paranormal and time-travel. As I've progressed through each phase, I've never completely given up the past phases... I still pick up an occasional Barbara Cartland book and quite enjoy it. Don't give up on all those backlist books... but if you do, please do me a favor and donate them to one of your local state-run nursing homes. The people who live there are usually there due to lack of funds, the government has no funds to spare for things like entertainment for their senior homes, so the books help fill up their library and provide valuable entertainment for thir residents - who deserve a full and joyful life even if they don't have a lot of money.

Re: A Hollywood Ending (1:14am October 11, 2009):

Vicki Lewis Thompson, Tara Taylor Quinn, Karen Robards, Fern Michaels... I could go on an on with the many wonderful writers I consider part of my HUGE inner circle, but if I have to pick one author whom I think has grown the most, it would probably be Carly Phillips. I've always loved her work, but now it positively calls me and I can't resist buying each new book the day it comes out.

Re: My Forbidden Desire (2:21am May 25, 2009):

I'm the kind of person who spots the mistakes in movies and sees the errors almost instantly, so I too find myself wondering about things like this. I figured male werewolves must mate with humans to produce new offspring.

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