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"COLD FURY defines the modern romantic thriller."�-�NYT�bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz

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Romance writer and reluctant cop navigate sparks during fateful ride-alongs.

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A child under his protection�and a hit man in pursuit.

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Courtney Kelly sees things others can�t�like fairies, and hidden motives for murder . . .

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Reunited in danger�and bound by desire

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Journey to a city that�s full of quirky, zany superheroes finding love while they battle over-the-top, evil ubervillains bent on world domination.

Kathleen Bylsma

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What ever book strikes muy fancy and there are many!
May 28, 2015

376 comments posted.

Re: A SEAL Always Wins (7:33pm February 27, 2020):

Dedication to duty, country and family.

Re: Calling on Quinn (7:23pm February 27, 2020):

This series sounds great! Love the interview!
I lean toward salty but a touch of sweet is always good.

Re: Beach Haven (7:53pm February 14, 2020):

What a great introduction to you! I'd love to hit any of the
beaches along Hyway 10!, along the Pacific Coast Hyway from
WA., OR, and CA.
Love the introduction to you and your writing!

Re: The Solid Grounds Coffee Company (7:47pm February 14, 2020):

No fictional characters but my late husband and Winston
Churchill would be my choice. This recipe is going to be a
keeper! Thanks!

Re: Cold Nose, Warm Heart (7:16pm February 5, 2020):

I've many from fish-yes, they are very responsive, lizards,
dogs, cats, horses, cows, ducks and chickens! Loved them
all and currently have a rescued Toy Fix Terrier, seniors,
both of us.

Re: The Kissing Game (7:05pm February 5, 2020):

Oh this is going to be Fabulous! And what a fun interview!
My son and his wife are in Maui right now. She did the
bride's and her ladies hair for the wedding.

Re: A Cowboy Never Quits (4:57pm January 12, 2020):

Great interview with Cindi! Having been around horses and
hors people for many years, I know the devotion it takes.
The magic a good farrier can work is amazing!

Re: Always Look Twice (4:45pm October 13, 2019):

I particularly like the golden hue the light takes on. The
fresh, crisp air is a treat, too, along with the colorful
Quite the recipe! Thank you.

Re: Capturing the Heart of a Rock Star (7:49pm September 10, 2019):

Small town second chance romance is right up my alley. And ,
at the moment, I'm hooked on R&R romance!

Re: I've Got You, Babe (9:21pm September 3, 2019):

Great interview! I really like your car history since I'm
a,former NASCAR super sticker. Rebuilt a '57 Buick
Roadmaster and loved my '56 Ford convertible!Both had
rolled, tucked And pleated upholstery!
Looking forward to reading your book.

Re: Call Her Mine (4:45pm August 19, 2019):

Oh man, Melissa! You got me again! Tru Blue is one of my all
time favorite book s and this one is going to join, I'll

Re: Rules of a Rebound (4:40pm August 19, 2019):

I think we match dietarily as well as me enjoying your
books! Congratulations on the new book!

Re: Unbreak Me (4:36pm August 19, 2019):

Holy Cow! I love this! Heading to the top of my TBR list!

Re: A SEAL Never Quits (6:39pm July 30, 2019):

What a fascinating look at your family history and love the
answer you gave your husband!

Re: No Heartbreaker Required (7:45pm June 14, 2019):

I think I just fell a little bit in love with your husband.
My late husband and I had such a relationship and I miss
him. Thank you, Viet Man.

Re: Smooth Moves (7:55pm May 22, 2019):

Oh man! I agree with you and the new book sounds fabulous!
Thank you!

Re: Love Under Construction (7:53pm May 22, 2019):

Clearly, we a perfect match! ;-)
Thanks for the introduction and interview.

Re: Smitten by the Brit (7:49pm May 22, 2019):

What a lovely interview! Thank you!
I love the premise! And also very fond of humor!

Re: The Summer Cottage (6:07pm March 26, 2019):

This is going to be a good read! Thanks.

Re: In Her Sights (6:02pm March 26, 2019):

Katie, your books are so good. I'm looking forward to
reading this!

Re: Let Me Love You (5:41pm March 3, 2019):

Alrighty, then! Just my cuppa! Thanks for the introduction
and excerpt.

Re: One Night Gamble (4:07pm January 20, 2019):

"Condoms for her Grandma"......what a set-up! Seriously,
your books are so "real"....Love them and now I know the
derivation of your accent!

Re: Just Once (4:00pm January 20, 2019):

I would think we match: unforgettable characters, Kleenex
and faith in love.

Re: Decoy Date (3:31pm December 12, 2018):

Your muse comes first! And we do the the same when in the
throes of creation! Keep it up! Your books are great!

Re: You Had Me at Cowboy (3:49pm December 5, 2018):

I'm always nervous for the characters when they're trying to
hide things. Thanks for the review.

Re: Feels Like Falling (5:14pm November 19, 2018):

Ok. We've been matched! Your requirements are my
requirements! ;) This sounds SO good

Re: The Silent Wife (4:18pm November 14, 2018):

No lies. Corrosive! But complex characters and family
problems resolved satisfactorily are just the ticket. Match!

Re: Cowboy Christmas Jubilee (5:22pm October 30, 2018):

Okay! I am hooked! This sounds delightful and I've
experienced what you've described!

Re: Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses (5:18pm October 30, 2018):

Pretty much sums it up but print for me.

Re: Just This Once (4:03pm October 16, 2018):

I love this trope! Thanks for the opportunity.

Re: Wild On My Mind (9:07pm October 5, 2018):

Animals and second chance romance! Perfect. Thanks for the
background info. Your grandparents sound wonderful!

Re: Rocky Mountain Cowboy Christmas (6:40pm September 27, 2018):

Darn it! Don't stop now! This sounds great. Different from
the SAR books.

Re: It Started in June (4:12pm June 1, 2018):

I love this premise! I'm glad you took the chance! Thanks.

Re: Beyond Control (10:05pm May 30, 2018):

What a fun research trip. Looking forward to reading this
book. Thanks.

Re: Flight of the White Wolf (4:35pm March 31, 2018):

Not afraid to fly. I live in Alaska! But very afraid of the
TSA and all the uproar they cause.

Re: The Librarian's Vampire Assistant (9:37pm March 10, 2018):

Absolutely delightful article. Movie fav is Vampire LeStat
and Bella Lugosi versions! Loved Charlaine Harris!

Re: Beneath the Surface (3:45pm March 7, 2018):

My mother's world war two chocolate upside down cake!

Re: Xavier: The Contract (9:20pm March 1, 2018):

What a fun interview! Thanks!

Re: By a Charm and a Curse (12:56pm February 20, 2018):

Now this sounds interesting! Thanks.

Re: Betrayed (5:45pm February 13, 2018):

In The Vines and Touch of Red, thank you!
Great choices, though!

Re: Let It Be Me (3:53pm February 8, 2018):

Well, now! Better late then never! Thanks.

Re: A Family for the Rancher (6:32pm February 7, 2018):

The values you wrote of are what the cowboys ow are
examples of. Thanks.

Re: Beyond Danger (3:09pm January 31, 2018):

Family reunion! Your party sounds fabulous!

Re: All We Knew (3:04pm January 31, 2018):

I'm so glad you were able to keep infidelity out of the
story! That wasn't the point, the point being keeping the
marriage alive and happy.

Re: Secret Agent Surrender (6:18pm January 17, 2018):

I like your reasoning! Thanks!

Re: Eye of the Falcon (6:44pm January 11, 2018):

Oh wow! Don't stop now!

Re: Cowboy SEAL Homecoming (3:54pm January 9, 2018):

Hmmmmm. Love Blake from Sarina Bowen s books, Plato Jones
from Robert Warren book, Sam what's his face-the actor
spring to mind and Sam from Merline Lovelace books.

Re: Collision Course (3:10pm January 4, 2018):

Still snickering over number three! Great plan, otherwise!

Re: Collision Course (4:28pm January 3, 2018):

Number three is a hoot! Love Marie's books. Thanks.

Re: Hard Landing (8:11pm December 29, 2017):

Whoa! That's a tease! Thanks!

Re: Honey-Baked Homicide (6:48pm December 12, 2017):

Kristan Higgins tried the charcoal toothpaste with
startlingly funny results! You should read her blog. I love
getting surprise boxes.

Re: Jace's Jewel (3:24pm December 9, 2017):

This is going to be a good read!

Re: The Power of a SEAL (3:21pm December 6, 2017):

Swimming in pools, lakes and oceans. Yes, snorkeling. I've
been surprised by those dratted jellyfish, no matter how

Re: Undercover Attraction (5:43pm November 28, 2017):

Susan Mallery's Fools Gold, Jenna Suttons jeans family, Jill
Shalvis books families.

Re: Believe in My Heart (5:40pm November 28, 2017):

Listening to A Christmas Carol while decorating the tree.

Re: He Loves Me ... KNOT (3:47pm November 17, 2017):

Just the right combination for me! Love the cover, too!

Re: The Right Kind of Reckless (9:22pm November 16, 2017):

I love the way characters take over and grow. I understand
what you mean. Thanks.

Re: Betrayed (3:50pm November 15, 2017):

I read rather than see the movies.

Re: The Unreal Boyfriend (3:25pm November 9, 2017):

Oh man! This sounds SO good. Thanks.

Re: The Billionaire's Secrets (3:53pm November 8, 2017):

Oh my! Love this! Must read.

Re: Totally His (3:39pm November 5, 2017):

Love this book! Thanks.

Re: Sugar Pine Trail (1:03pm October 28, 2017):

Sadly, it was the Christmas prior to my husband's death. We
still were optimistic at that time, so we brought Christmas
to him in the hospital. Despite the circumstances, we
celebrated with a great deal of joy and hope. That's what
counts, regardless.

Re: Ready for Wild (4:22pm October 18, 2017):

New to me author but not for long! Great excerpt! Must read!

Re: Burn for You (4:18pm October 18, 2017):

Holy Cow! I MUST read this book! Thanks.

Re: Once Upon A Ghost (6:15pm October 12, 2017):

Don't forget Barry White!!!! He could sing a shopping list
and it'd be romantic!

Re: The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck (5:22pm October 10, 2017):

Remains of the Day Anthony Hopkins and Emma what's her name.
But love Out of Africa, too!

Re: Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas (7:50pm October 7, 2017):

Oh boy! What a treat this sounds like! Thanks! :)

Re: Shining Through (3:58pm October 4, 2017):

Nailed it! ;)

Re: At the Heart of It (3:51pm October 4, 2017):

Oh man! Cannot wait to read this book! Thanks for the

Re: At the Heart of It (3:50pm October 4, 2017):

Re: One Summer Night (3:46pm October 4, 2017):

Love Buffy! Spike rules!
One all time fab movie is not well known, but outstanding!
Captain Newman M.D. Gregory Peck, Bobby Darin, Tony Curtis
and more!

Re: Billionaire in Her Bed (12:21pm September 27, 2017):

I love this interview. Thanks and the picture is great!

Re: Running Into Love (12:19pm September 27, 2017):

Poor grooming is a deal breaker! Clean is paramount! I agree
with your criteria, too.

Re: March Wind (1:02pm September 21, 2017):

I agree wholeheartedly, having been widowed far to young!

Re: The Last Move (12:55pm September 21, 2017):

Oh oh. Mary knows how to tell a story.

Re: Fool Me Once (12:53pm September 21, 2017):

I love this except! Thanks for sharing. Must read!

Re: On the Chase (2:19pm September 17, 2017):

I'm so excited to read this book and , yes, , I agree. To
the point I reread the article! :)

Re: On the Chase (3:46pm September 12, 2017):

Absolutely! This is why I love her books!

Re: Oh, Henry (4:42pm August 31, 2017):

I love Mimi' s books! Just read Tailored last night! Thanks.

Re: Elliott Redeemed (4:40pm August 31, 2017):

Mary J Williams writes a great rock series, too! I agree
with you and your list! Thanks!

Re: An Anchor on Her Heart (4:11pm August 28, 2017):

What an amazingly well articulated article! Thanks so very
much for this and nice to meet you!

Re: Ten Days With the Highlander (1:12pm August 17, 2017):

Quite the statistics re sheep vs people! Thanks.

Re: The Sweetest Burn (6:44pm July 28, 2017):

Aside from your characters, agree that Mercy, Anita, Jane
Yellowrock and Gin are great strong females.

Re: Suddenly Engaged (4:11pm July 26, 2017):

What a great excerpt! Now I have to get the book! Thanks.

Re: The Strawberry Hearts Diner (3:44pm July 19, 2017):

Chicken and dumplings or bacon and eggs!

Re: Indigo Lake (3:41pm July 19, 2017):

Your books do make the world a better place! Thanks.

Re: The Bet (6:00pm July 13, 2017):

Great interview and introduction. Thanks!

Re: A New Leash on Love (5:57pm July 13, 2017):

Every animal I've owned is/was r rescue-including the gecko.
Cows, horses, cats and all my wonderful dogs!

Re: Just The Thing (5:54pm July 13, 2017):

Some angst is necessary for some stories to advance. As long
as it's not the entire story, it's fine. BTW, as a mother of
twins, this book rings a bell.

Re: Secret Agent Surrender (5:28pm July 11, 2017):

Whoa! This is a great premise!

Re: Something Borrowed (6:02pm June 23, 2017):

What a great premise! I've never seen this one before! No,
I've never been set up at a wedding.

Re: The Nanny Arrangement (3:54pm June 18, 2017):

I'm lucky to have an imaginative mind so that the authors
words build the picture in my mind's eye. Sometimes, the cover
photos don't match the verbal description. Thanks.

Re: The Wrong Kind of Compatible (3:45pm June 18, 2017):

This sounds like so much fun. Thanks for the introduction and
interview! Nice to meet you, Kadie!

Re: I'm Not in the Band (4:19pm June 15, 2017):

Thanks for the introduction. I'll be reading this!

Re: Police Protector (3:36pm June 13, 2017):

Love this premise. Thanks for the interview.

Re: The Right Ranger (6:44pm June 11, 2017):

I'm with you! Have to have the funny!

Re: Beyond Reason (5:45pm May 31, 2017):

I love the trip you and your sweetheart are taking.
My idea of a great trip is a cross country railroad trip. I
also enjoyed the railroad trip along the Pacific Coast just
101. Beautiful! Can't wait to read the new book!

Re: Viable Threat (7:03pm May 30, 2017):

This is what I like about series : secondary characters get a
chance to grow!

Re: The Darkest Corner (3:08pm May 26, 2017):

I love this article. Thanks.

Re: Gone With The Ghost (4:51pm May 24, 2017):

We all make mistakes ;)

Re: Playing the Spanish Billionaire (4:49pm May 24, 2017):

You've certainly revealed thievery in a new light to me!

Re: Brazilian Capture (7:00pm May 23, 2017):

My favorite is "Captain Newman M.D." , older movie w Gregory
Peck and Bobby Darin.

Re: Alone With You (8:10pm May 14, 2017):

Thanks for the introduction and excerpt.

Re: Sweet Southern Trouble (11:27pm May 10, 2017):

I'd say the breeding of good manners regardless of the

Re: Bombshell (5:28pm May 2, 2017):

Oh man! What a setup! Thanks.

Re: Whatever You Need (1:09pm April 29, 2017):

Thanks for the interview. It was most interesting. I will be
looking for the books.

Re: The Hangman (12:41pm April 26, 2017):

Oh my. This is going to be a great read. Thanks so much for
the excerpt.

Re: Getting Laid (12:38pm April 26, 2017):

Oh boy! This sounds SO good.Thanks for the introduction and

Re: Emergency Attraction (3:50pm April 22, 2017):

What a good interview and excerpt. Thanks for the

Re: My Kind of You (6:17pm April 19, 2017):

What fun. I'm sure to check out this book!

Re: Passion Relapse (6:15pm April 19, 2017):

Thanks for the introduction and interview. Will be sure to
look for your books.

Re: The Chocolate Comeback (6:07pm April 19, 2017):

I love this! Thanks. I know I'll be reading this.

Re: A Frying Shame (6:57pm April 17, 2017):

Twilight zone indeed. Foreshadowing! Thanks for the

Re: Wanted and Wired (7:32pm April 14, 2017):

I'd forgotten James Bond car as well as Kitt. :)

Re: The Attraction of Adeline (7:23pm April 14, 2017):

Johnny Depp should be the first choice. He has the range.

Re: Wanted and Wired (5:40pm April 12, 2017):

Favorite car(s) are muscle cars.

Re: Wanted and Wired (5:39pm April 12, 2017):

I really like this premise and am looking forward to reading
this. Thanks.

Re: The Wedding Planner's Baby (5:35pm April 12, 2017):

Well, that's a problem. Thanks for the introduction.

Re: Grounds for Seduction (5:32pm April 12, 2017):

Oh, that's wicked! ;) Love it! Thanks for the excerpt and

Re: Stalked (9:33pm April 11, 2017):

O.K. Now I'm hooked.Thanks for the introduction.

Re: Wasp (9:31pm April 11, 2017):

I love this. What a lovely idea, Kitchen Grandmothers. .

Re: Saving Mercy (9:23pm April 11, 2017):

I have written fan letters, bragged on authors on Facebook,
reviewed the books, and yes, both Kristen Ashley's male
protagonists and Suzanne Johnson's Sentinel-JeanLaFitte are
real to me.

Re: Her Scottish Mistake (9:17pm April 11, 2017):

What a coincidence! And also fun. Thanks.

Re: Wanted and Wired (9:14pm April 11, 2017):

Wowsers. Thanks for the introduction and excerpt! Love it.

Re: Somebody's Baby (3:40pm April 5, 2017):

What a good read. I love the reasoning and look forward to
reading this.

Re: A Star to Steer Her By (5:32pm April 4, 2017):

Great article. Thanks. This sounds SO interesting.

Re: Meant for You (9:02pm March 28, 2017):

I love working in the garden! So rewarding and I agree, it's
good for you.

Re: Reeling in Love (8:59pm March 28, 2017):

I agree! The most rewarding experience in teaching is seeing
the students make the connection. Thanks.

Re: Seduced by Sin (5:51pm March 27, 2017):

Boy, did you nail it! My whole life! Even with family, though
I know they love me. Thanks for the article.

Re: Pekoe Most Poison (5:47pm March 27, 2017):

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on characters! I love this
series! I've read every one!

Re: The Bad Boy Next Door (3:26pm March 23, 2017):

All of Kirsten Ashley' s guys!

Re: Hard to Protect (4:58pm March 21, 2017):

An that's what a well written story should do! I'd wear
shutting down a haunted house with pride!

Re: Doctor?s Dilemma (4:55pm March 21, 2017):

Succinct definition-nicely done! Nice to meet you, too.

Re: No Magic Moment (10:05pm March 17, 2017):

Well now, the horns of a dilemma! Love the lists follies!

Re: Pekoe Most Poison (6:01pm March 16, 2017):

Your Tea Shop series is one of my all time favorites! Thanks
for the article re atmosphere and "getting it right".

Re: America's Next Reality Star (5:58pm March 16, 2017):

This is an interesting premise. Thanks for the article.
Looking forward to reading this!

Re: Stalked (7:24pm March 13, 2017):

Love this. Thanks.

Re: The Billionaire Takes All (7:22pm March 13, 2017):

Oh boy! Thanks for the excerpt. This sounds so very good.

Re: Her Secret Ranger (10:38pm March 8, 2017):

This is a different take on this trope and I like it! Thanks!

Re: Stealing Mr. Right (10:36pm March 8, 2017):

"Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less": I think that qualifies.
Darn good book!
Read ever author but one you mentioned & enjoyed reading them!

Re: Talk Cowboy to Me (10:32pm March 8, 2017):

I think it has to be Pallidan first, then Matt Dillon-both
radio & TV.

Re: Wedding Date Rescue (6:30pm March 7, 2017):

I love small tow living. Great sense of community. Thanks.

Re: Single Malt (6:29pm March 7, 2017):

Not a fan of m/m books but sure do want some Southern food! ;)

Re: Pushing Her Luck (6:22pm March 7, 2017):

Thanks for the opportunity.

Re: For the Bear's Eyes Only (3:32pm March 4, 2017):

It's always eye opening to find out what people are really
thinking, or I think case, "not" thinking, but reacting
Sorry you had to deal with that.
Just carry on doing the best you can. Your stories are
redemptive and translate into you life as you live it.

Re: Never Enough (4:05pm March 2, 2017):

Very moving. Thank you for all you do for the military and for
your service.

Re: Chain Reaction (4:19pm March 1, 2017):

You broke it down perfectly.

Re: Love Taker (4:08pm March 1, 2017):

It would be the 1950s Portland Oregon.

Re: Jordan Reclaimed (5:05pm February 28, 2017):

I like Kristen Ashley Colorado Mountain Men series. There is
also a another e series that has throw away kids forming a
family and band that I love! Just wish I could remember the
author an d title! :( Both series emphasize family is what you
make it.

Re: Chain Reaction (4:49pm February 28, 2017):

This column is spot on! I love the way you emphasize trust and
absolute understanding. Without it, there can be no lasting

Re: Heating It Up (4:45pm February 28, 2017):

Thanks for the introduction! Hadn't heard of this series but
will be looking for the books, now.
Guest house in Antarctica?

Re: Reckless Hearts (3:32pm February 15, 2017):

Well now!

Re: A Shot With You (5:59pm January 11, 2017):

I love your research explanation!

Re: Blazing Hot Cowboy (7:12pm January 3, 2017):

Wowsers! Thanks for the excerpt! Sounds great!

Re: Wind River Rancher (5:42pm December 27, 2016):

Thank you for the back story. This is the reason your stories
ring true!

Re: Sleigh Bells Ring (4:40pm December 17, 2016):

I love stories involving siblings! I a so love Christmas
stories! Happy Christmas to you.

Re: Wind River Wrangler (5:12pm November 29, 2016):

I cannot imagine anything worse than being stalked. I have had
it happen to me and the feeling of being helpless is

Re: Snowbound with Mr. Wrong (1:56pm November 19, 2016):

Same ornaments every year, plus one exclusively ours...listening to A Christmas Carol on the record player while decorating the tree...incomparable.

Re: Restoring Christmas (1:52pm November 19, 2016):

I love this column on seeing the possibilities and bringing them to fruition! always hope!

Re: Picture Perfect Wedding (5:59pm November 15, 2016):

I love this interview and hearing there will be more Mystie
Bottom stories! This sounds SO good! Looking forward to
reading this.

Re: A Sure Thing (2:53pm November 9, 2016):

Like you: Good coffee and Good chocolate....caps intentional! Good books and new releases by fav authors! Seeing my children and grandchildren and what the heck...the rest of my family's smiling faces!

Re: Christmas Tsar (9:55pm November 3, 2016):

Felicitations on your 51! publication! Outstanding!
Being a former rider, this polo series sounds wonderful.
Looking forward to reading the series.

Re: A Family Under the Christmas Tree (9:44pm November 1, 2016):

My great aunt was Norwegian and we kids would go over to their
house to make all the traditional Norwegian holiday treats I
still do!

Re: Beautiful Crazy (9:36pm November 1, 2016):

Bergman and Bogart Casablanca, Spencer Tracey and Hepburn in
most of their movie f r starters!

Re: Rule Breaker (9:32pm November 1, 2016):

Congratulations on your freshman release! Here's hoping for
many more!

Re: A Family Under the Christmas Tree (10:43pm October 30, 2016):

My mother made her fruitcake, the only edible not to mention,
delicious, fruitcake in the world! Served with home made hard
sauce! Yum! Also mincemeat pies. Now my niece does the
fruitcake & mince pies using my mother's recipes.

Re: Can't Help Falling (8:58pm October 14, 2016):

Very interesting trope. I've not heard of it being used
before. Clearly, it works! Congranulations on y o I'd second
I can well imagine how worrisome your second w Ulf be!

Re: Right Billionaire, Wrong Wedding (5:54pm October 12, 2016):

This sounds like a great read! Thanks for the introduction and

Re: The Witch and the Dead (6:23pm October 10, 2016):

Well now, Heather, this is going to be fun! Thanks for your

Re: All Laced Up (1:34pm October 9, 2016):

Despite this being a young adult book, not only does it sound
good but the passion rule applies!

Re: Silent Night Shadows (5:05pm October 8, 2016):

Now I take controlled risks, unlike my younger, carefree days.
E.g. taking dog for walk during Rutting season when I know of
two cow moose in my area. Also knowing bears haven't gone to
bed yet, no snow.

Re: Every Bride Needs a Groom (6:15pm October 7, 2016):

I'm bone on bone in my spinal column. Non surgical because of
my medical history and allergic to all the usual meds,
including steroids. Pain is my middle name, laughter is my
first! If I didn't have this sense of humor, I'd fold my tent.
Your books and others like it are just the ticket!

Re: Hold Your Breath (6:06pm October 7, 2016):

Good question, Joy!

Re: Hold Your Breath (4:12pm October 6, 2016):

I think we've all covered most of the questions.

Re: Saving Jake (7:05pm October 5, 2016):

I don't know how I missed you with all my reading, but I have.
This situation will be remedied!
I really enjoyed reading this.

Re: Hold Your Breath (8:46pm October 4, 2016):

Forgot to add that, like Diane above, I'd like to know if part
of you is in your characters! ;)

Re: Hold Your Breath (8:44pm October 4, 2016):

I can readily understand the idea that the characters spring
fully formed in your mind. This happens to me and I'm not an
author! I see somebody, hear something or poof-there he/she
is! Loved your thoughts.

Re: Always With You (5:12pm October 3, 2016):

A lasting, loving relationship requires work from all parties
involved. It can be done and is worth the work!

Re: Only Her (4:49pm September 27, 2016):

At the moment, my 17 year old Parson Russell terrier has me.
;) He too, is a rescue, as all m y dogs and cats have been. I
even rescued a gecko! Loved that guy!

Re: Seducing the Tycoon (2:07pm September 21, 2016):

What a fabulous story! No wonder I lie your books so much! Thanks!

Re: The Darkest Link (2:23pm September 15, 2016):

Hugh Vickers' "Great Operatic Disasters". Always a re read for
me on a bad day.

Re: A Cowboy Christmas Miracle (9:16pm September 6, 2016):

All year round!A good story is a good story, regardless of the

Re: My Wild Irish Dragon (5:04pm September 2, 2016):

This is a new to me author. I can see I have some catching up
to do! Interesting premise in the Firefighters series.

Re: Betrayed by a Kiss (7:05pm August 29, 2016):

I know exactly what you mean re memories of mine vs my
mother's, and for that matter, other family members! Thanks
for your thoughts.

Re: Reckless in Texas (6:58pm August 22, 2016):

There is no valid relationship without sacrifice. Each has to
adjust to the other or why bother trying? Love is give and

Re: Reckless in Texas (6:28pm August 18, 2016):

I love to see how conflicts like these can be resolved to
everyone's satisfaction, even an especially when it requires
sacrifice. This is real life.

Re: Knocked Out by Love (8:47pm August 16, 2016):

Preach it, sister! I'm widowed now and would like to meet
someone for friendship, at the least. No idea how to go about
it, other than word of mouth.
Your book sounds great!

Re: Clock and Dagger (4:29pm August 15, 2016):

Not entering but loved this interview! I have two antique
clocks and am fortunate enough to have a clock maker to tend

Re: For Love or Money (8:10pm August 14, 2016):

Seeing the happiness of other family members in their daily
lives gives me joy.

Re: For Love or Money (7:35pm August 10, 2016):

My family, including the four legged ones, and unexpected
kindness from strangers.

Re: Trouble Walks In (5:54pm August 9, 2016):

Have you read "Saving CeeCee Honeycutt" yet? Great read!

Re: Break of Day (5:45pm August 9, 2016):

Just bought Break of Day and am looking forward to reading At
First Light! Was unaware of Just this Night so will have to
search it out.

Re: The Best Friend Bargain (5:42pm August 9, 2016):

The attitude of everyone! So much more cheerful and upbeat!
Not to mention the beauty of nature's bounty, as well as
nature in her more wilful days ;)

Re: Trouble Walks In (7:00pm August 8, 2016):

Actually have read and enjoyed Cohen, too, so I've only missed
one of the authors who are going with you! Great guest column
by M.L. Buchman in today's newsletter! Love all his series!

Re: Heart Strike (5:59pm August 8, 2016):

Kicking back with my son and his family. They've been my rock
since I was widowed. When my sweetie was still on this side of
the sod, we hung together and did whatever struck us as fun.

Re: Rodeo Summer (6:12pm August 5, 2016):

I love the reasons you enumerated re cowboys. This sounds like
a very good read!

Re: Kickin' Up Dust (6:08pm August 5, 2016):

So heartbreaking. I can't wait to see how the HEA comes about.

Re: Gatlinburg Getaway (6:04pm August 5, 2016):

Mandazi and baguettes sound fabulous! I agree with you
regarding travel and the food experience!

Re: Gone Too Deep (1:59pm August 5, 2016):

Willingness to change!

Re: May the Best Man Win (7:34pm August 4, 2016):

I must read this!

Re: Trouble Walks In (7:23pm August 4, 2016):

Can't go wrong with M L Buchman, Feehan, and Julie Ann Walker. I'll have
to red the other two! Enjoy your holiday!

Re: Here and Now (6:18pm August 2, 2016):

This sounds like a kick to read! Thanks for the introduction
and interview plus excerpt!

Re: The Earl's Wager (6:29pm July 29, 2016):

A fellow Alaskan! Although I love romances, when I read the
last Georgette Beyer and a couple of other authors, I switched
to contemporary.

Re: Totally, Sweetly, Irrevocably (6:25pm July 29, 2016):

We used to have the same kind of store and then it closed. :(
I still miss it! Love those huge cups!

Re: Triple Score (11:09pm July 23, 2016):

Dialogue is what makes the book/authors do me. You are
absolutely spot on re reading aloud to verify the flow! Thanks
for your thoughts! :)

Re: No Falling Allowed (6:51pm July 21, 2016):

Additionally, I like the clarification of the NA designation.

Re: No Falling Allowed (6:49pm July 21, 2016):

O.K. Now I must read this! Thanks.

Re: Heart of Steel (6:47pm July 21, 2016):

Jackie Gleason and Alice. Loved them! Bluff exterior hiding
marshmallow hearts!

Re: This Loving Feeling (6:45pm July 21, 2016):

Oh my. It sounds as if Miranda has another winner on her
hands. Lucky us! :)

Re: Devil and the Deep (6:41pm July 21, 2016):

How very lucky to Skype with Julie Ann Walker. It would have
been fun to join in!

Re: Cowboy Player (5:12pm July 20, 2016):

Medium for steak, hot for love making ;)

Re: The Millionaire's Gamble (1:21pm July 20, 2016):

Well now, this is an interesting twist. I've not heard of this
before. Now I'm curious and must see how it plays out!

Re: Bound to the Bounty Hunter (1:14pm July 20, 2016):

Truly enjoyed the introduction and interview. This book will
be a must read. Thanks.

Re: Playing By Her Rules (2:02pm July 14, 2016):

Now this is one I'm going to want to read! Thanks!

Re: Cadence Falls (9:57pm July 12, 2016):

Love the totally true made up facts! Especially the part about
your butt 4-5 feet below your feet!

Re: Daughters of the Bride (9:52pm July 12, 2016):

Oh Susan. I'm really looking forward to reading this! I love
the way you say what we women think a n d feel!

Re: From This Day Forward (2:05pm July 11, 2016):

Oh, this sounds so good! Of course, it's Lauren Layne

Re: Beg For It (2:00pm July 9, 2016):

Not too sure this is my cup of tea....have to think on it...

Re: Always My Girl (8:08pm July 6, 2016):

Looking forward to reading this! My favorite family series is
Nancy Martin's Blackbird Sisters. I'm shattered the publisher
says no more. I, too, love the Fool's Gold series.

Re: Almost Like Being in Love (4:06pm July 3, 2016):

Spontaneously! One never knows when the occasion will arise.

Re: Almost Like Being in Love (5:47pm June 28, 2016):

My late husband and I loved to stream fish in remote
locations. They were always beautiful, secluded and so

Re: Tough Luck Hero (5:43pm June 28, 2016):

Well, this is a fine kettle of fish! Have to see this play

Re: All I Want (2:51pm June 26, 2016):

Love the Animal Magnetism series and everything Jill writes!

Re: Driven to Temptation (5:46pm June 22, 2016):

Be able to physically do what I want, when I want. Pain has
taken that away from me. Books take me away from the pain.

Re: Kill Devil (5:43pm June 22, 2016):

I can tell you one must be ever vigilant re evil. It is so
easy to slide down that slippery slope: e.g. today's political
climate and , I use the term loosely, societal mores.
Frighteningly apparent.

Re: Fan The Flames (5:37pm June 22, 2016):

Loved Hold Your Breath which is one of the many ways I
procrastinate! ;)

Re: Ready to Fall (5:26pm June 22, 2016):

This sounds delightful! Love the interview! Will be reading!

Re: Driven to Temptation (4:02pm June 19, 2016):

Reading...hardly a secret...gardening...not secret either....chocolate ganache cake..again, no secret...guess my life is an open book ;)

Re: Fan The Flames (3:59pm June 19, 2016):

Vry good at postponing the must does...shame on me! Always "one more chapter", oops...have to answer text, oh rang, darn, the dog want's out, oh no, I forgot!

Re: The Hang Up (3:51pm June 19, 2016):

Oh, do I want to read this! Yes, indeed! love the research!

Re: Fan The Flames (6:19pm June 15, 2016):

I say"later", say one more day won't hurt, think of something
else to do first, run an errand instead, think I'll read 'just
o be more chapter ;)'

Re: Dead End Street (12:06pm June 14, 2016):

This sounds like an interesting read. Adding to my TBA/TBR

Re: A Premonition of Murder (12:02pm June 14, 2016):

Have not read the Dream Club series but loved the Talk Radio

Re: Jordan's Return (1:34pm June 12, 2016):

Sticking with my choices of secluded beach, mountains and lake house. Wish I could sit long enough for road trip!

Re: Rock Steady (1:21pm June 12, 2016):

Here's hoping I'm selected!Again, thanks for such a great
explanation of your labors!

Re: Test Drive (2:19pm June 8, 2016):

Oh, I love this...wish I had picked up a copy at the bookstore! Must do so!

Re: Jordan's Return (2:17pm June 8, 2016):

the beach first-hoping it's relatively secluded, then the mountains, then the lake are my choices! Thanks for the interview!

Re: The Firefighter's Refrain (9:27pm June 7, 2016):

My late husband. Not only did he love and cherish me, more
importantly, he loved and reared my twin boys as his own . He
was beloved by them, all their friends and his CO-workers-all
while enduring kidney failure and transplant. He lived a full

Re: Rock Steady (9:09pm June 7, 2016):

Thanks for sharing your story of the process and birth of your
labors! Very interesting! Congratulations!

Re: Ring of Fire (7:22pm June 2, 2016):

Johnny Cash is incomparable in the variety of songs, emotions
and length of career. Waylon Jennings was a friend of his and
you can see they were two of a kind.
I love the premise of this book. Looking forward to reading

Re: Devil and the Deep (7:08pm June 2, 2016):

Wow! Now that's an excerpt! Yes, please.

Re: What The Heiress Wants (12:05pm May 29, 2016):

Australia firs t choice, Ireland second choice! Both exotic in
their own way!

Re: Foolproof Love (7:05pm May 26, 2016):

The iconic scene in When Harry Met Sally!

Re: Tommaso (7:02pm May 26, 2016):

Well, this sounds like a great story! I love humor and kickass

Re: Rush (3:35pm May 21, 2016):

Like your process

Re: Shelter for Elizabeth (7:54pm May 17, 2016):

How interesting! I'm so glad you wrote this story and will be
looking for it!

Re: The Misbehaved (7:48pm May 17, 2016):

And don't forget their compassion and calmness during all
calls-fire and/or medical emergency. Outstanding!

Re: Mister O (2:55pm May 16, 2016):

I really hope to be selected as a winner this time...I love romantic comedy....both print and movies...

Re: Killer Kale Chips (2:49pm May 16, 2016):

What wonderful pictures. I've seen pelicans and herons when my parents lived in Seattle on the beach. Here in AK, I've had black bear and cubs on my deck, a every big!!!!! grizzly on my deck, ermine, lynx and needless to say: moose and calves. Whales-beluga and great whales and mountain goats as well.

Re: The Seduction of Kinley Foster (4:55pm May 14, 2016):

Laughing when someone walks into a glass wall or misses the
chair while trying to sit . Shameful.

Re: Mister O (4:52pm May 14, 2016):

And of course, Kimberly Kincaid and Kate Meader. :)

Re: Mister O (5:29pm May 13, 2016):

Did I mention Kristina Higgins? So funny. And Lori Wilde.

Re: Mister O (7:04pm May 12, 2016):

Oh, I forgot about Jennifer Crusie! For shame. Although not
considered romantic comedy, Dayrnda Jones series is o hoot,

Re: Mister O (6:27pm May 11, 2016):

I've read only one of the above listed but have made note of
the others! I truly want to read The Big O!
Jill Shalvis, Meghan Quinn, some of Kristen Ashley-depending
on the series , Susan Mallory are among my favorite authors
for romantic comedy!

Re: Seducing the Fireman (6:17pm May 11, 2016):

Having worked with Fire fighter/First Responders all my years
in the E.R., I can attest to the above. Aside from the fact
that I know many as friends.

Re: Mayday (6:05pm May 10, 2016):

Love your viewpoint! Good for you!
Question: Will there be print editions of your book? So much
easier for me to read.

Re: Flash of Fire (2:02pm May 9, 2016):

And this is exactly why I read your books! I've already bought Flash of Fire and now must check out your new series.

Re: Lovegame (1:59pm May 7, 2016):

This really sounds really good and I'm glad you perservered!
Thank you!

Re: Broken Ground (5:17pm May 6, 2016):

Not a book I would read but I am fascinated by the back story.
So true, the generational differences and yet that attitude
still lurks in the background.

Re: Every Bride Has Her Day (10:34pm May 4, 2016):

Well said!Weddings always give hope and joy!
This book sounds SO good! Thanks for the introduction and
article. :)

Re: Protecting the Quarterback (6:46pm May 3, 2016):

Now that's a recipe!
A good conflict story. Great!

Re: The Society (6:42pm May 3, 2016):

I must say I agree with you regarding "bad boys". I've known a
few, some who Don the persona, some who really are a waste of
space ;) I love your summation!

Re: Close To You (2:17pm April 29, 2016):

Seeing my first of the season crocus and daffodils bloom made me happier than a box of budgies!

Re: Love Walks In (7:54pm April 20, 2016):

Scuba diving would be it for me: Deep water

Re: The One That Got Away (6:29pm April 19, 2016):

Thanks, AJ, for this excerpt and your thinking behind the
trope. Adding to the must read list!

Re: The Real Thing (9:28pm April 8, 2016):

Yes, I did have boots. Horses and cattle, too.
Gotta have them when you're working stock. They give you

Re: Conspiracy Boy (2:46pm April 7, 2016):

Love this column....try to define love in all it's complexity...

Re: Wanting More (12:24pm April 3, 2016):

Happy Birthday! Wonderful that you are still carded! ;)Our family tradition is the birthday "kid" selects the menu for the birthday feast. It carries on to this day, despite the fact the birthday "kid" has grandchildren!
I hope you had a marvelous celebration!

Re: Best Friends with Benefits (6:09pm March 25, 2016):

I've never been to a high school reunion...although I'd like to, just to catch up with old friends.

Re: Romancing the Ranger (6:05pm March 25, 2016):

A day is not complete with out makes my life complete

Re: Romancing the Ranger (12:26pm March 21, 2016):

Yesterday, I wound up listening to country was a particularly bad day for me and country supplied the proper blend of upbeat and enduring :)

Re: Romancing the Ranger (12:03pm March 20, 2016):

Especially after a stressful day, if I put upbeat, happy music on, I sing and dance my way out of the stress!

Re: Romancing the Ranger (12:49pm March 18, 2016):

Yes, it does! I use music to exhilarate me, soothe me, cry good tears, cry sad tears and just about anything else. It most assuredly affects my mood!

Re: True Peril (3:39pm March 11, 2016):

Now this will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Re: Shadowed By Grace (3:37pm March 11, 2016):

I'm holding hands with you. Paper is my preference,e only if
that's the only way I can get it & then, it won't be read
until I travel.I have even ordered POD, when available.

Re: True Peril (1:03pm March 7, 2016):

Boy! That was beyond a bad day! I'm so sorry!
I do love how you salvaged it with the saying and I'm going to incorporate it into my life.

Re: A Father's Second Chance (10:08pm March 4, 2016):

Yes, I've read sweet romances as well as gritty, alpha, and second chances
romances. All things being equal, I like when my people work through their
problems to achieve their HEAs. I really don't need an anatomy lesson in
my romances 😉

Re: London Tides (9:58pm March 4, 2016):

I hope that my protagonists realize their shortcomings and strive to
overcome them so that they can live full lives leading to HEA!

Re: Island Hope (9:47pm March 4, 2016):

Heroes are men who step up and perform honorably and to the end all that
is needed to correct any wrongs, support those who need the support and
accept that, sometimes, they need support too, then accept it

Re: Jump Cut (7:25pm March 1, 2016):

Men are 'black or white' while women see the big picture.

Re: Jump Cut (9:34pm February 29, 2016):

Exactly! You've nailed it! Stream of conscious writing re your character
allows her/him to grow & become 'real' in the story. Loved this discussion!

Re: Thirty Nights (2:21pm February 27, 2016):

I love him! He's not into making a big deal of himself and all about helping others! Thank you!

Re: Taking the Score (2:31pm February 24, 2016):

I have to admit I love Kate Meader and read anything of hers I can get my hands on!

Re: The End of the World (6:35pm February 19, 2016):

I do dream off places but they a l ways take a sinister cast

Re: The Bride Wore Starlight (9:15pm February 17, 2016):

These animals always inspire the characters by their existence/endurance and allow the characters to develop into their full potential, which is why I'll never miss one of these books!

Re: You're Still The One (9:10pm February 16, 2016):

Zip line...I'm not a fan of heights, nor me not being in control...this ought to take care of two things ;)

Re: The Secret to Hummingbird Cake (12:48pm February 14, 2016):

Well, now, that is an interesting but never to pass my lips recipe! What a fun read. thank you!

Re: Accidentally in Love with the Biker (12:43pm February 14, 2016):

I had just as much fun reading this the second time around as I did the first!

Re: Always Watching (8:08pm February 13, 2016):

Discovering a new author whose voice resonates with animals, flowers, swimming and my fantastic family....

Re: How To Wrangle A Cowboy (8:05pm February 13, 2016):

Mother went to a poker game with her girlfriend who was to meet her boyfriend at the airplane hanger where he worked. that's where she met my father.

Re: Accidentally in Love with the Biker (7:57pm February 13, 2016):

What a fabulous introduction to you! Thank you! I love it!
I have to confess, I yard my carcass from bed to pee, as well. That's not to say I don't love my authors and would probably make an ass of myself if I had the pleasure of meeting them!

Re: How To Wrangle A Cowboy (7:53pm February 11, 2016):

I'm going to have to find out how my grandparents met...both maternal and paternal were fresh from the old country: Germany and Ireland and I've never known.
My parents met over a poker game in the airplane hanger where my father was manager. Mother attended with her best friend who was dating one of the guys!

Re: Wrecked (7:30pm February 11, 2016):

Good for you! Real life is really l life!
Love this premise and am looking forward to reading this!

Re: Tattooed As Trouble (7:30pm February 9, 2016):

Oh boy! She's not going to be happy!

Re: Rock-a-Bye Rescue: Guarding Eve & Claiming Caleb (7:27pm February 9, 2016):

I agree, the setting is everything in a story line...

Re: Love Walks In (8:29pm February 6, 2016):

Clearly, it's a key to something important in her life....what? We'll find out when we read the book!

Re: Love Walks In (12:35pm February 5, 2016):

She's involved in something and what she desperately needs to resolve the situation is in that suitcase.

Re: Thin Ice (12:23pm February 5, 2016):

A surprising blossom in an unexpected place, a piece of music I hadn't heard in years, an unexpected smile/ many mundane things can bring joy!

Re: Until I'm Yours (12:54pm February 4, 2016):

I have so many flawed heros/heroines that it would be impossible to chose...each achieves redemption in his/her own way....always intriguing!

Re: Love Walks In (1:05pm February 3, 2016):

Ha! Now she's really in a pickle! How is this going to play out? Knowing Samantha Chase, we'll be on a 'chase' to see! ;) dying to read this!

Re: A Fallen Hero (1:00pm February 3, 2016):

Wow! this sounds very angsty...will I have the strength to read it?

Re: By Break of Day (12:58pm February 3, 2016):

I've become so fond of every person you've 'created' in your books: both series....I am so invested in how they develop and find out who they really are when push comes to shove...and that they can accept themselves as they are allowing them to grow with others. thank you for your evocative writing...not so mention, heart pounding action!

Re: By Break of Day (2:22pm February 1, 2016):

I found you in the Warriors project and fell in love with your people...they've become mine, now...and thank you for the Fire Hawks series!

Re: Hell on Heels (12:24pm January 30, 2016):

Being a fan of Victoria, this is an interesting article. Thank you!

Re: Hallowed Ground (12:19pm January 30, 2016):

I, too, wish to thank you for the sacrifices made. I lost my husband of 42+ years to Agent Orange from his service in Viet Nam. The longing to have him with me is incredible but needs must.

Re: Copy Cap Murderer (12:14pm January 30, 2016):

What a fun interview. I agree that what you write reflects a bit on the writer since the impetus seems to come from within, when writing.

Re: Storm Damaged (4:28pm January 28, 2016):

No too sure I buy this premise...hmmmm

Re: Rustler's Moon (1:28pm January 27, 2016):

Adding to my wish list...thank you!

Re: Into the Fury (2:09pm January 26, 2016):

Really enjoyed this interview. Delighted in hearing how Kat met her
husband. This book, of course, is on my list for sure! Thanks!

Re: Daisies for Innocence (7:55pm January 25, 2016):

A new series to me on garden flowers and their power! Looking forward to it!

Re: A Ghoul's Guide to Love and Murder (7:54pm January 25, 2016):

I loved this book, even though it's the last in the series...

Re: Loving Her Crazy (12:07pm January 23, 2016):

You've made Chicago sons so appealing, I'd pick there!
Besides, my nephew & his bride are serving their residencies at the same
hospital so is get a chance to see them!

Re: Remaking Ryan (7:04pm January 22, 2016):

I love seeing things I would never have had a chance to see because of flying. That's why I love train rides so much!

Re: Montana Wild (7:02pm January 22, 2016):

I love the ability to be able to adapt to new surroundings and if I had friends/family who needed me, I'd be there, wherever there is!

Re: Heartsong (6:59pm January 22, 2016):

Now this sounds like a very interesting conflict resolution! Esp if it involves HEA!

Re: Remaking Ryan (12:02pm January 21, 2016):

Although one tries to plan for problems, if one approaches it knowing there will be problems, one can enjoy the adventure...that being said, the worst part for me is having to use the facilities and there are none around or they are so dirty, one doesn't wish to use them! Nice to read your essay!

Re: Montana Wild (7:50pm January 20, 2016):

If family needed me, I'm there, or any of my dearest friends...they all live in the lower 48 so it would be a shock since I'm in AK.

Re: New Year at the Boss's Bidding (9:51pm January 19, 2016):

Added to Goodreads snowbound tropes!

Re: Where She Belongs (6:43pm January 1, 2016):

This sounds right up my alley. Thank you for the intro!

Re: Seized (9:37pm December 29, 2015):

Thank you for the introduction. I'd not heard of this author before but will be reading now.

Re: Thicker Than Water (7:05pm December 28, 2015):

New author to me, too...thanks for the intro...this sounds well worth reading!

Re: Divorced, Desperate, and Daring (12:39pm December 23, 2015):

If in the kitchen, the flour canister dumped/thrown at him!
Doused in flour will stop anybody!

Re: Divorced, Desperate, and Daring (11:39am December 22, 2015):

Contents of the cat litter box! That's stop him!

Re: Divorced, Desperate, and Daring (12:58pm December 21, 2015):

Any aerosol spray is a handy weapon...guaranteed to burn the spam out anyone's eyes...

Re: Slamdunked by Love (12:50pm December 19, 2015):

"Hold On" Passenger...I listened to that every day as I commuted to the hospital and back, unless I spent the night.

Re: Justified (12:42pm December 19, 2015):

The poignancy of your Christmas memory strikes a deep chord with me. My husband was in the process of leaving this world two years ago, at this time. I'm still finding it difficult to face the Season he loved so much without him, but cherish the family members/friends who brought Christmas to us to celebrate in the hospital.
Helping my mother with her Christmas fruitcake and hard sauce preparation is another memory I cherish. This is a light fruitcake, unlike the store bought atrocities ;)

Re: Shame of Thrones (1:40pm December 18, 2015):

I think she just might ;)

Re: Slamdunked by Love (1:39pm December 18, 2015):

"I Believe In Miracles" Hot was a miracle we found each other....42+ yrs until his untimely demise....

Re: Shame of Thrones (5:13pm December 17, 2015):

And therein lies the question;)

Re: Slamdunked by Love (5:10pm December 17, 2015):

"If I Die Before I wake, Feed Jake"...a moving song about humanity....Springsteen's "Philadelphia"....same reason...

Re: Slamdunked by Love (7:06pm December 16, 2015):

"I Want to Kiss You All Over"....the best lover I ever had used that technique and I still miss that song...also Springsteen's "Baby I'm On Fire"...same reason...that lover set me afire :)

Re: Love, Dogs And Other Catastrophes (12:06pm December 13, 2015):

So very pleased to meet you. Yes, animals do add so very much to a person's life...makes no difference what's there to be loved and love given back.

Re: Love, Dogs And Other Catastrophes (12:02pm December 12, 2015):

For the New Year, a successful outcome for a family member...that would be the greatest gift.
So nice to meet you and yes, animals always increase the richness of one's life.

Re: Dirty Billionaire (6:06pm December 9, 2015):

This might be a bit too much for me...thank you for letting me know!

Re: Malibu Secrets (12:19pm December 5, 2015):

I absolutely love this! MK is exactly correct in grabbing life by the reins and steering it in the direction she wants to go! I, too, find laughing at myself the easiest thing to do. If I didn't, I wouldn't survive. Humor helps us cope with the worst of all situations and I don't care if people look at me funny! I love that her sweetie enjoys her antics!

Re: Target Engaged (11:54am December 2, 2015):

Oh my gosh! there are so many books that make me do a happy dance when I get them...not the least of the, yours!, now that I've found you! I'm so happy you joined in the Wounded Warriors anthology, otherwise, I probably would have been longer in finding you. Already have the next firefighters and this book in my TBA list! Thank you for such great characters and to your sweetie for being your alpha reader!

Re: Target Engaged (12:45pm November 30, 2015):

Happy Book Birthday! I was so delighted to discover you in the Wounded Warriors anthology and have been searching you out assiduously! If you write it, I read it!
Expecting Gini Koch latest Alien and Diane Kelly's next Paw book, along with Suzanne Johnson's next Pirate...

Re: Crazy Little Thing Called Love (6:39pm November 28, 2015):

"Ugly green but really good" casserole...spinach, broccoli, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, onions and what ever else you want to throw in...delicious and the little love eat, not knowing they are getting their vegetables...;)

Re: His New Jam (6:28pm November 28, 2015):

My favorite trope is when people meet having heard of each other and forming preconceptions that are not remotely close to the truth.

Re: Deep Down (5:25pm November 25, 2015):

Never had uni but have gotten sea cucumbers along the beach in WA and AK...this sounds like a very good read, curious to see how they outsmart the loan shark, b/c you know they will ;)

Re: Lone Star (9:46pm November 24, 2015):

Wow! What a wonderful introduction to your book! I'll never look at travel quite the same way again! Congratulations on your new book!

Re: Midnight Wrangler (9:42pm November 24, 2015):

What a cool story! Names are critical, in my opinion, too the character. If the name doesn't fit, the best writing in the world will not salvage the story, as I'm sure aware, since you create the characters!

Re: What Lies Behind (6:04pm November 23, 2015):

I think my favorite so far, who I discovered through paperback, Is J.A. Jance and her J.P Beaumont series, but then there's Susan Wittig Albert and her China Bayles series, and Stuart Woods and his Stone Barrington....I MUST many! So nice meeting you!

Re: White Colander Crime (6:01pm November 23, 2015):

I'm fascinated by the descriptions of the tools...I'm familiar with some of them from my grandmother's collection but you've introduced me to so many. Thanks!

Re: Controlled Burn (12:34pm November 22, 2015):

I love it when elderly relatives decide to match's always an interesting read!

Re: Once Upon a Power Play (1:49pm November 18, 2015):

I just like men who are adrenaline filled, goal driven and willing to compromise when it comes to love. Any sport will do...

Re: Easton's Everything (1:46pm November 18, 2015):

I like series mostly, because I get interested in the peripheral characters and want to fine out more about them. The more I think about it, the more I realize I tend to read series, predominantly :)

Re: Chance of a Lifetime (1:41pm November 18, 2015):

I would put tops on my wish list a chance for all my family to gather together for a at least a week at a warm, sunny beach stress, just fun and reconnections!

Re: Dream Caller (1:04pm November 15, 2015):

I know dreams play an important part in one's life...would that mine were not so bizarre! They are so startling, they awaken me and I have a difficult time getting back to sleep since they tend to recycle. If I could understand what they were telling me, it would be more manageable. Usually, I'm left will a feeling of foreboding and peril...not a good way to spend the night :( Thank you for your experiences.

Re: Tangled Pursuit (12:58pm November 15, 2015):

Now I know why your books ring so true.
Good for you for pursuing your dreams....we women can do just about anything when we decide that's what we want to do it! Thank you for the background you've given us. I really appreciate you all the more!

Re: How to Lose A Bachelor (12:47pm November 10, 2015):

This just sounds like so much fun...I'm anticipating reading it!

Re: His Kind Of Trouble (12:43pm November 10, 2015):

Oh, I HAVE to read this! Thanks for introducing me to this book!

Re: Wicked Edge (12:41pm November 10, 2015):

What a fun read! CeeCee sounds like my kind of girl!

Re: The House on Primrose Pond (12:35pm November 10, 2015):

Anew to me author and a lovely introduction. What an excellent philosophy...all tasks are easier when taken in manageable bits.

Re: Killer Run (12:56pm November 9, 2015):

I should think this to be well worth reading. I enjoyed the interview, as well. Thank you both!

Re: Asylum (6:51pm October 31, 2015):

I had a neurological development that caused facial axial drooping, ocular and olfactory hallucinations, lasting approx. six months acutely. Had every test for every test docs could think of and they came up with nothing. I still have axial facial asymmetry but that seems to be it. I think it's a variation of post encephalitis syndrome but that has had very little research done on it, unlike post polio syndrome.

Re: His Work of Art (6:45pm October 31, 2015):

What a fun idea! I love this intro to a new to me author and a very interesting new trope!

Re: Racing Hearts (5:27pm October 28, 2015):

I, too, find Southern men that accent! This was a very good interview and I thank you! I will also be on the look out for Melissa's book.

Re: I'll Never Let You Go (7:01pm October 27, 2015):

Holy cow! You really know how to wind a person up! I HAVE to have this book to know how it comes out! Thanks, I think! ;-) I should know pick the best excerpts!

Re: Look Both Ways (5:28pm October 26, 2015):

Secret compartments says it all. That's all I need to make me curious enough to read this.
Thank you

Re: A Moment of Weakness (12:33pm October 22, 2015):

O.K. So how does he get out of his less than honorable profession-working for a crime boss- and become the father his daughter needs and the man Laurel deserves?

Re: Looking for Mr. Good Witch (1:03pm October 21, 2015):

I am so dreadfully sorry to learn of Joyce's death. My deepest sympathies to Jim and the family...the world id a poorer place with out Joyce and her incomparable joy of life. Bittersweet to come upon this posting today.

Re: Kissing Her Crazy (4:31pm October 18, 2015):

Laughter is extremely important. If you can't laugh, you can't live. Life is full of absurdities and being able to recognize that, laugh and laugh at yourself is prime.
I gather, then, we can expect humor in "Kissing Her Crazy"....which makes me wonder what a "crazy" is ;)

Re: Wedding Date for Hire (9:15pm October 17, 2015):

I knew when I walked down the aisle with my first husband but went through with it anyway because he was the only man my parents liked. Five years of alcoholism and abuse from him later, I left. Subsequently met my late husband whom my parents did NOT like(at first) and were wed 42+ years until his untimely demise. BTW, my parents became so fond of him, I accused them of liking him better!

Re: A Gala Event (4:36pm October 12, 2015):

I absolutely love this series...I can't remember where I found the first book of this I read, but I was hooked. I'm looking forward to the next installment. I especially love learning about apples, varietals and cultivation thereof!

Re: Dodging Temptation (1:03pm September 17, 2015):

I love the 'caterwauling' much like my late husband, couldn't carry a tune in a bucket but didn't stop him! Gotta love that!
This is a great tease and now, you've done it again...must read!

Re: Fatal Frenzy (12:38pm September 14, 2015):

I just read "Line of Scrimmage" last night. Marie Force's books are well worth reading. I, too, am behind the curve but I will be catching up! Love her books!

Re: Every Bride Needs a Groom (7:40pm September 11, 2015):

Out of bed, into the bathroom for a pit stop and into my bathrobe, then out the front door with the dog...while he's performing his duties, I'm staring at the night sky....this morning blessed with an array of the neon pink, green Aurora, while saying my prayers, thanking God for another day and for all the kindnesses He has granted everyone, praying that I might be useful in some small way during the day. Then into the house, feeding the dog, making the coffee and reading the paper. Thank you for the intro to Janice.

Re: All Of Me (12:39pm September 2, 2015):

This is one I'm going to have to read. Thank you for the intro!

Re: Vows of Revenge (8:05pm September 1, 2015):

I love it when turn about is fair play.

Re: A Ghostly Demise (1:04pm August 30, 2015):

I'll be darned! Thought I'd posted a comment earlier but don't see it. Guess that's what retirement-all of three weeks-does to you! I plan on volunteering at several organizations, all involving reading in one way or another: either tutoring, actively reading to people or introducing them to the joys of reading.

Re: Food Baby (7:23pm August 29, 2015):

My favorite sandwich is a layer of peanut butter, a layer of tuna, a layer of peapods and then about a pound of mixed greens! It's delicious! I've proven it to co-workers! Additionally, I absolutely have to have a piece of toast after I eat ice cream, just have to have one!

Re: Island Dreams (12:54pm August 14, 2015):

Many years ago, Salt Spring Island was my getaway. It is now a trendy, with it place, just the kind of place I avoid like the plague. I sympathize with Chase a great deal. The premise resonates with me.

Re: Merger of the Heart (10:53pm August 13, 2015):

It wasn't that my husband was picky-except for being the eldest of 11 so wouldn't eat chicken at OUR house-but that he was allergic to so many odd foods and also had kidney disease. It was a challenge to prepare meals that were tasty, colorful and satisfied his dietary restrictions. After his transplant, it was much easier to feed him, more a matter avoiding his allergens.

Re: Hot Point (10:47pm August 13, 2015):

The "Red" series...well, two anyway, with Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis and so many others. Not a movie series but the best TV series I've seen in years :The BlackList with James Spader. Superlative! BTW, we spent every summer at Cannon Beach! My grandfather was a former State Senator of OR.

Re: (7:33pm July 13, 2015):

The "Charlie Moon" series....Charlie Moon and his Shaman grandmother....she set him riddles he needed to follow to solve the problems. I think David and Amy Thurlow are the authors. Additionally, J. A. Jance's J.P. Beaumont series whose partner is wheelchair bound.

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