September 25th, 2022
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Only 99˘

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A by-the-book lawman tangles with a stubborn young woman

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A wedding party is missing! It's up to Alaskan State Trooper & K-9 partner!

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A bad-boy on his best day and a predatory wolf on his worst

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He thought he had the perfect plan…

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The lies unravel…

Stacey Smith

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131 comments posted.

Re: Puppy Christmas (8:48pm November 15, 2019):

I hope to get a new phone.Happy holidays!

Re: A Phoenix Is Forever (9:12pm March 31, 2019):

Sound great I so want it to go with my other ones by you.

Re: Flight of the White Wolf (8:50pm March 31, 2018):

I'm afraid but it's the fast way to get places. but as a
teen went to see my grandpa by my self was so scared my
stomach was a mess for days after I went on the plain.

Re: Romancing the Ranger (10:16pm March 23, 2016):

I would listen to music as a kid to help me do my day's don't because I get headaches and sound
make's it worse.

Re: SEAL Wolf in Too Deep (9:02pm February 6, 2016):

a tranquilizer would be the safest idea.

Re: Duchess By Mistake (9:01pm April 25, 2015):

I like them it makes for a entreating story line.

Re: Meet the Earl at Midnight (9:43pm May 23, 2014):

did have to give up freedom/my own place to take care of my

Re: Hot Rock (11:41pm February 25, 2014):

the bad boy image and the love of music that thay just show
when they sing.

Re: Otherworld (11:23pm November 26, 2013):

my dream is to travel the world and see all the cool places in

Re: Aloha Rose (11:14pm November 26, 2013):

reading books about places and times of old is one of my
favorite thing to do.yes place & times are in portent as a
character some times in a good book.

Re: Hunter's Moon (8:57pm October 29, 2013):

Werewolves,Vampires and Witch's are my fave for this time of
year.but in books lately I read Werewolves the most.

Re: Rugged Hearts (11:36pm July 24, 2013):

my Family is the biggest influence in my life.and still
are.not always in a good way but they always wore there for

Re: Reckless (11:32pm July 24, 2013):

My Favorite Action Movie is Die Hard

Re: Moonlight (11:04pm July 24, 2013):

I love Both.But Shifter's just a little more then vampires

Re: The Geek Girl And The Scandous Earl (11:51pm March 14, 2013):

Congrats on your Release.sound like a real fun read.Can't wait
to read it someday.

Re: Kissed By A Vampire (2:40pm October 28, 2012):

I love those type of books and can't wait to read yours.

Re: Mistletoe Cowboy (12:40pm October 27, 2012):

they become real to me and I hate to louse them so bad that my
favorite books are series.

Re: Secrets Of A Wedding Night (1:06am September 29, 2012):

don't know the card game but do love a smart hero as long as they don't look down on the not as smart people.hate that in a
smart person.

Re: Magic Gone Wild (2:08am August 31, 2012):

I love crazy out of control stories like this.can't wait to
read it.

Re: Creating Fate (1:05am July 24, 2012):

some reason I can't remember one thing right now but I have
always believed in my gut in-stinks just hope that there
always right!LOL

Re: Under His Protection (3:29pm April 29, 2012):

in books I love them do not know how I would in real life?
But Can't get a nuff of them in books.

Re: The Vampire Shrink (12:28pm April 27, 2012):

I Lived with a Few infested Houses but no ghost ever
tried to hurt any one just move things around and messed with
the lights and stuff.

Re: Ward Against Death (3:59am August 27, 2011):

Ever Sences CSI Started I Wanted to Be a Crime Scene Investigator.

Re: Night Walker (2:57am July 19, 2011):

I Would only live Forever if the one I love Would live Forever two and then it would have to be a ever lasting love because forever is a long time.

Re: The Devil in Disguise (2:17am April 23, 2011):

I Like book recommendations,& giveaways,Enything funny could alway use a laugh.
Hope you have a great Easter Weekend.

Re: What I Did For A Duke (4:00pm March 10, 2011):

I love your Books and Can't wait to read this one sounds Hot!!

Re: Double Cross (1:02am December 22, 2010):

I would fill like I Just fit in with this book.

Re: The Bride's Necklace (3:31pm September 19, 2010):

I Like the covers and would love to own the Necklace Very nice.Heres hoping thay sell Well for you.

Re: Nemesis (4:39pm August 28, 2010):

it's been over the 100's here two ecept to day it's raining and in the 70 that a big change I guess I will injoy it for as long as it stays here.I'm reading Cursed to Death by L.A.Banks to catch me up for I can read her new book to the series Never Cry Werewolf.

Re: Dark Warrior Untamed (4:33pm August 28, 2010):

I love all the Heros in christine Feehans Books and in Sherrilyn Kenyon books and there is to meny more two count

Re: The Burning City (3:36am July 20, 2010):

Yes i like sidekicks bat man and Robin where a good one.Got to have somebody you can talk to when stuff goes down.

Re: Tomb With A View (3:30am July 20, 2010):

I believe in ghost.lived in a few haunted house in my life.Does not scare my ok once when my stuff animal was in mid air.ater that I got rid of that one never could see that one the same way again.

Re: Ice Cold (3:56am July 13, 2010):

spooky.But i like spooky.Can't wait to read it.

Re: To Conquer a Highlander (3:53am July 13, 2010):

My room is so full of books there on every wall some where between 1000 and 2000 books.It's crazy.Then there are the spoons for all the places that i have been. and the nic nacs that are on all the spot on the book case that is not tooken by books.The list can go on and on.

Re: Crush On You (2:45am July 7, 2010):

I love all the movies whit best friends finding love there great.I see you have one of my faves up there in picture some kind of wonderful good movie.I think that is the name of the movie.and I like it in books two.all most happen to me but he went in to the army and came out a diffrent person so sad.

Re: Night Myst (10:07pm June 4, 2010):

Christine Feehan wrights the Carpathian series and A Drake sister Series and i love both of them.and there is a few others that i like that do that to.I like to keep and open mind on new sereis from my Favorite authors.

Re: Dead in the Family (5:34pm May 29, 2010):

I plan on get thing Christine Feehan's Dark Peril and Water Bound &Sherrily Kenyon's No Mercey and Silent Truth and Infinity to read this summer.

Re: His At Night (2:56am May 26, 2010):

Its true i learn lots of things its to bad that i can't remember eny of them really my memory is that bad.but it makes it nice for reading books over again its almost like the book is new for me.

Re: Haunting Warrior (11:32pm May 12, 2010):

I love time travel book and that does look like a hot one.I agree whit the one that they would go back en time to meat a highlander that would be so sexy hot.But then i would change my mine because of no bath tissue and other inportent to me things like pads,clean water,Doctors and things.We live in a good time i think the future may be better.that is the ? is it not will it be better.

Re: Rule's Bride (11:29pm April 24, 2010):

your books are so great to read can't wait to get them.

Re: Building Iphone Apps With Html, CSS, And Javascript (11:24pm April 24, 2010):

This may sound weird but when i'm reading a book and decide i do not like it i fill that i let the book down if i dont finsh it has filling or some thing.I'm so weird

Re: Silent Truth (2:10am April 20, 2010):

My Passion has always been reading I was one of thouse kids that was a lways in the corner reading or at the libery bring home books be the i just buy them by the i hope you keep on wrighting because i will allway need more books to read.

Re: Dead Head (1:26am April 14, 2010):

That sounds like some fun I would love to go on the lam for awhile.

Re: Demonkeepers (1:20am April 14, 2010):

I Wish i could tell you but have not read your books.thay do look like something i would read but right now can't aford books.maybe some day i will get to read them.

Re: Big Bad Wolf (2:05am April 10, 2010):

I have had that problem before .well i tell you after i read the in the order thay came out then i go back and read them in the order that they sould be in.some time they will have the right order of things on a authors page but not allways.

Re: The Darcy Cousins (9:43pm April 5, 2010):

wow did not no that a Character could get so out of hand.but i guess that is what makes a story good.

Re: An Earl to Enchant (2:15am March 30, 2010):

Sher now that you but me on the spot i can't renember a one of them.I will more then likely go all night trying to think of them.

Re: Something About You (1:29am March 20, 2010):

Beleve it or not my favorite movie is Die Hard the sence of humer in a bat spot make the movie great and i think Bruce Willis is hot in it.your book looks like fun.

Re: The You I Never Knew (3:15am March 15, 2010):

I would perfer to Laugh mostly and a good author for this is Sandra Hill and Lynsay sands.but i do read the other type some times

Re: The You I Never Knew (3:14am March 15, 2010):

I would perfer to Laugh mostly and a good author for thais Sandra Hill and Lynsay sands.but i do read the other type some times

Re: SEALed with a Ring (5:18pm March 5, 2010):

sorry brain dead.What i was to say it looks like a fun book.and i can't wait to read it.put i bush comment before eny of that came out.silly me.

Re: SEALed with a Ring (5:16pm March 5, 2010):

Re: Seeing Red (1:06am March 1, 2010):

Because I had moved lately and had a lot to do unpacking I read a old Fave whit some new books on the end of the set that i have not read by Christine Feehan one of my favorite book whit the word game in all there titles.if you like that tipe of book you can not go wrong whit this Author.

Re: Accidentally Demonic (12:30pm February 17, 2010):

Sounds like some crazy books you got going here but that just makes them more entresting I've been call crazy my self.

Re: Promise Me Tonight (9:47pm February 13, 2010):

I pic the Charmer I love the book Pleasure for Pleasure good choice

Re: Catch Of A Lifetime (9:49pm February 2, 2010):

That sound funny.Can't Wait to check them out.sounds great.

Re: Hold On Tight (12:12pm January 27, 2010):

I'm always looking things up to find out waht they meny or to help me spell word that i do not know how to spell.

Re: The Keepers Of Sulbreth (2:36am January 16, 2010):

Yes I have pick up Books just on the title.But the cover art is more likely to get me.but what draws me the most is if some author i like say good things about a book.

Re: Fugitive (10:09pm January 6, 2010):

Love the Interview was Fun to Read.Look like it will be a fun book to read.Happy New Years!!

Re: Come Hell Or High Water (9:58pm January 6, 2010):

Looks like a great to mastakes Can't think of enything right now.Hope your having a Great new Year.

Re: Dangerous Highlander (11:42pm January 4, 2010):

I think you should have more say in the book naming but listen to there idea to.But I like the name so far to the books that you have written.
Happy New Years!!

Re: The Beautiful Being (4:01am December 17, 2009):

I alway new that writing Was hard and I did not have the talent people think because i read all the time and love book that I should wright but there is a talent in it that i know that i do not have I whis i did.But I love the work that Authors but to there books and look up to them.Happy Holidays

Re: Wild Heart (3:45am December 15, 2009):

was that sounds like know fun at all.hope your book does good.and you have a Great Holiday Season.

Re: The Gift (3:37am December 9, 2009):

My Fave is when i surprise my nieces whit some thing they wanted bad but they new that the stores were out and people where paying a lot on the over the computer to get but they did not know that I already sent for the things that they wanted three mounts before from finger hut and they where so surprised that they got there furbes that was when furbes where big because they had just come out that summer.thay love there little talking furballs for less then a year but for awile thay where happy kids grow out of things fast.

Re: My Unfair Lady (2:34am December 4, 2009):

Your book sound great.I wish I could wright but as it is my spelling is so bad some days that the spell checker does even know what I'm trying to spell.and that is just one of my problems.But I love reading i'm glad i have know problem reading like i do spelling.I just love books sence I was a little girl.

Re: Scorched (4:05am December 2, 2009):

Condrats on your book coming out looks great.allready add to my list of books to get.

Re: Sex Drive (4:00am December 2, 2009):

I love Series thay never can go to long.Have you read Lynn Kurland she has about 16 books or more that all go to getter and there great there is some time travel in them that just makes them more fun to fallow.and Hannah Howell has a seventeen book set whit highlanders in it that is a great read.there is fifthteen books by Sandra Hill that are great and fun that go to getter Whit time travel and Viking that is great .and if you love paranormal there is about seventeen books or so that is by Christine Feehan that are great i love them there are Vampires in them.

Re: Dark Lover (1:07am November 30, 2009):

Paranormal is my fave but not my only Genre I read lots of types of book.I do have a Keeper Book Case in fact it takes the hole wall of my room up.I do reread Books I happen to love series and every time a get a few new book to the series i will read all the rest of the books that go to the new ones first the read the new books.

Re: Captive of Sin (3:41am November 24, 2009):

I Like Angle From Buffy as a Fav tortured Hero on a book it would be Dageus MacKeltar from The Dark Highlander By Karen Marie Moning

Re: Stolen Heat (3:15am November 20, 2009):

I don't mind Secondory Romance and some times there given there own story in the next book.I like when a lot is going on in a book and in a set of book it makes your fill like there your friend and family and you want evrybood to be happy in the end of the book.I can't renember wright now one of my books that had a secoundary romance but i think it was a Christine Feehan book.

Re: Over My Dead Body (2:24am November 16, 2009):

Now your making me miss my grandma to.she always made every present you gave seem like you gave here the crown jewels.I miss her

Re: Wild Blue Under (2:08am November 9, 2009):

wow sounds like a wild book.have to add it to my list of books to get.

Re: Rainwater (2:59am November 7, 2009):

I don't watgh book trailers often enless there part of a contest.I'm to bissy to watch them.but there are some nice one's out there out of the one's that i saw.
[email protected]

Re: Captive Desires (3:55am November 2, 2009):

I want Vampires to be real and the good guys.there so sexy.Have you red Christine Feehan there is some sexy Vampires in those books.
[email protected]

Re: Final Approach (4:13am October 30, 2009):

I know what you mean I stock up on Chocolates right now to the bests prices for candy is at this time.and what I don't like I give to my nieces and nephew.
[email protected]

Re: Santa Honey (3:13am October 23, 2009):

That's terrible what are we going do do with out choices and ways of finding new authors?some time I go to Bitten by book and here to find new authors but a lot of people do not have combuters out there.
[email protected]

Re: Possess Me At Midnight (3:50am October 22, 2009):

Liked your Post just hope that some day I find out how to Fall in love.Romance makes you think that there is some one out there for every makes me hope.
[email protected]

Re: My Wicked Vampire (3:10am October 20, 2009):

I love Humor Whit Drama one of my Fav Movies is Die hard and That has some funny spot in the mist of some action Drama.And I love your Books have not got them all but the one's I have I love.
[email protected]

Re: Finger Lickin' Fifteen (5:32am October 17, 2009):

Just a nuff to make me fill it.Christine Feehan makes you fill the places that the charaecters are at in most of her books.
[email protected]

Re: A Marquis To Marry (3:36am October 14, 2009):

Sounds great can't wait to get all three books I like to read books in a set so I always wait to get them all before read but I'm definitely going to get them butting them on my list to get as son as I can list of book that I need You should see my list it takes a hole tablet there is so many books out there to get I just no there is know way to read every thing in my life time I just hope there is a big library in haven.
[email protected]

Re: The Hunt (4:07am October 12, 2009):

Congrats on Your Book The Hunt looks like it will be a great read can't wait to get it but it on my list of books to get.
[email protected]

Re: The Promise (2:38am October 11, 2009):

I've been wondering for years how to read all the books that I want to read.the pile of books to read is getting so carried away that's its almost half as mush books as I have read the just collecting dust why I keep buying more and more books I dont think I will ketchup whit my reading I by faster then I read.I can tell you one thing I can get entire series before I read them if they wait in the pile long a nuff.
[email protected]

Re: Can't Stand the Heat (3:25am October 7, 2009):

I think it would be great for you to put a short free story on your page. that would be sweet for the holidays.
[email protected]

Re: A Dark Love (5:39am September 30, 2009):

Congrats on the book.I defently have spidey sense but I'm still trying to see if there is a guy out there that does not set it off.
[email protected]

Re: Lucky Break (5:21am September 29, 2009):

Some time I like Humor and some time I like something Scary about this time of year you think of scary because of Halloween and funny is good to if you can get them togetter.
[email protected]

Re: Shades of Twilight (4:18am September 27, 2009):

I have never been to a book signing but I would love to go to one I live in a small city on top of Ca. not miny authers vist here and if that do I don;t no about it.But I have won some contest were authors have sent me signed books so I have a few.
[email protected]

Re: A Christmas Ball (10:15pm September 21, 2009):

2)My Favorite food is Turkey in that time of year.(9)My Favorite Holiday Movie is Rudolf the Red nose Rain Dear.
is that how it's spelled ?Well It's allways been my fav.
[email protected]

Re: What I Did For Love (4:21am September 19, 2009):

I start whit a cup of cold tea some pillows to hold up the book whit because when your going to read for a few hours books can tire your arms out.and I read mostly at night while other are a sleep for I can read [email protected]

Re: Beast Warrior (4:36am September 16, 2009):

I love werewolf books got done reading seven of the wolf tale books By Kate Douglas a few days a go and now I'm reading a few books by Karen Whiddon right now Whit werewolfs in them the one I'm in right now is her third book called Dance of the Wolf.I think its the third .I only just learnd about your books But I'm deffently going to get your books as soon as I can Thay look Good.
[email protected]

Re: Table Manners (3:55am September 6, 2009):

I will be reading Wolf tales 6&7 By Kate Douglas this weekend the last of the set I have been readiing the set all week and catching up on my e-mail that I have fallen behind on.
[email protected]

Re: Highland Rebel (4:37am September 3, 2009):

I have Been lost Between the pages of abook like that when reading and it seems the book goes buy so much faster then.them are the best books when you can get lost in them.I have done it but right now i can't renember witch ones thay were sorry.
[email protected]

Re: Dragons Prefer Blondes (4:33am August 29, 2009):

I don't watch interviews very often have lots of thing to do all the time and don't have much time on my hands but thease are some author I have been wanting to no more about.I just love paranormal and I no I will love there book .I have been getting some of there books but i like to get all of a set before I read them so i have not read them yet.because I dont have all of them yet but im working on it.
[email protected]

Re: The Treasures Of Venice (4:52am August 28, 2009):

well when my neice was born7/11/93 and my outher neice was born on 10/11/95 was great for me and when my nephew was born on 11/11/04 see a link thay were all born on the 11th strange but true but thay are my lifes joy I love them.
Happy Annivery on your books.
[email protected]

Re: Haunting Beauty (4:43am August 28, 2009):

I would If I could keep my memeryof the stuff that I had went true that way I would keep on change my past and make my life what it should have been if i had been smart when i was young.
[email protected]

Re: Feels Like The First Time (4:39am August 26, 2009):

my fav costume is a red short jump suit and a tail and some little horns for my head because I fill a little devilish tonight.when I was a kid I like being a witch .to represent myself right now it will have to be a combuter now thats a hard costume but I'm allways on the combuter latly.
[email protected]

Re: Air Time (3:41am August 25, 2009):

I hope its still to happen because I have not met the man for me yet.he would have to be something diffrent because I'm not the normal run of the mill girl I have strange taste in books and movies.more sifi tipe of stuff with some paranoramal mixed in well I hope he's out there the guy for me.
[email protected]

Re: In the Master's Bed (4:37am August 24, 2009):

Well right now its my nephews first year of school every kid takes it different but he likes school now me I did not like school when i was a kid until fifth and sixth grade when all i could think about was boys at the school.I guess that's why I'm always ready romance.
[email protected]

Re: Gordath Wood (4:12am August 23, 2009):

that happens to me all the time I would be watching a show a night and then start thinking of the book and the nect thing you the the show is over and i dont no what went on.the book can take over me and i will have to run to the store to get all the auther books in the set.
[email protected]

Re: To Tempt The Wolf (4:16am August 20, 2009):

I'm a reader not a writer but if I was a writer I would try some thing diffrent a half werewolf half vanpire trying to find there place .
[email protected]

Re: Tortured (2:58am August 18, 2009):

sounds real deap and looks like a great story cograts on your new release.
[email protected]

Re: Beloved Vampire (4:03am August 17, 2009):

I love vanpires have not read yours yet but have listed them in my list of books to get when I can.Have you read Christine Feehan I love her books I think you will like them.
[email protected]

Re: Bad Moon Rising (2:32am August 9, 2009):

I have never been to a book signing I don't drive and i get most of my suff on line.I don;t think that eny one good has come to where i live that i no of .But I would love to go to her signing I love her books I would love to go to a singing whit Christine Feehan,Sherrilyn Kenyon,Karen Marie moning, I can go on and on I love lots of Authers.
[email protected]

Re: Nothing But Scandal (3:39am August 7, 2009):

I always take part as the heroine in every book I read .I like a heroine that is braver then me and spunky-er and more out spoken I like being for awhile some body that I'm [email protected]

Re: Dark Hunger (4:14am August 5, 2009):

I have live in a house were thing would move and light would go on and of it seem normal to me because i live around that type of stuff all the time win i was little now that I'm older and live in lots of house where nothing is going on i see that it was strange .it just seem like apart of life when i was young that ghost where all around us.
[email protected]

Re: Seduce Me (3:10am July 29, 2009):

I like your trailer to your book looks like its going to be a good book to read.
[email protected]

Re: Waking Nightmare (4:42am July 22, 2009):

May seem strange but I want to be a ghost hunter.have you seen there show on syfy.I would love to be one of the taps team.I live in a few house whit ghost so I'm not afraid.I would love to be a writer to but i do not have the talent your lucky you do go luck whit your nect book.
[email protected]

Re: Earth Guys Are Easy (5:05am July 15, 2009):

My fav oldies may not be as old as some but its the eye of the tiger.I was born in 1970 so it was my mom that was in the sixtys shy allways love to talk about the sixtys she love that time in histry i mist it by a little.
[email protected]

Re: The Beach House (4:19am July 12, 2009):

what a good story there are some authors I whould love to meat my self that have made me see life diffrent lee.

Re: Object of Desire (3:37am July 9, 2009):

sounds like a very hot read and full of passion look forword to reading it soom [email protected]

Re: Dragons Prefer Blondes (2:36am July 9, 2009):

out of the two it would be batman for me to.but for a diffrent one it would be Wolverine.
[email protected]

Re: The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society (4:06am July 6, 2009):

The books by gerry Bartlett i was hoping for a set of books that i could not but down but this set of books where all right but not as good as i was hoping for.from [email protected]

Re: The Scot And I (3:52am June 25, 2009):

wow they all sound great cant wait to read them.are at lest win i get back to that type of book wright now I reading about vanpires and paranormal but when i get back to that type of book its on my list to [email protected]

Re: Seducing an Angel (2:53am June 23, 2009):

I read many of you books and i hope to read many more I love the way you get them to fall in love and work it out and how they are going to see if each other loves the other one.cant wait to read your next [email protected]

Re: Dial Emmy For Murder (2:19am June 20, 2009):

Sounds like a odd way to wright a book but what ever works for you got to be good because it's working
[email protected]

Re: The Texas Twins (4:08am June 2, 2009):

ow i love puzzles it's the one's whit colers that are to much the same that get me but lots of colers that i can get.grad torino my step dad wants that movie i sent for it for him it looks like some thing that he will like.

Re: Beneath Bone Lake (8:54pm May 28, 2009):

I can't take Spiders they give me the creeps and some time make me screem.
[email protected]

Re: My Forbidden Desire (2:32am May 26, 2009):

I think after they are born they should change every time there mom Do for the first year that way thay can always feed them.
[email protected]

Re: Let It Ride (9:48pm May 11, 2009):

I will spend more time catching up on all the books that are pilled up all over my room and time on the [email protected]

Re: Killer Cuts (3:06am May 9, 2009):

there is some good books coming out this month how can i get them all?so many to get and never a nuf money to get them all.

Re: Killer Cuts (3:17am May 3, 2009):

oh good Sherrily Kenyonand Dainna love came out whit a new book got to get that.Nancy Haddocks & Lara Adrian book looks good to.
[email protected]

Re: The Madness Of Lord Ian Mackenzie (3:19am April 29, 2009):

Yes i love that set of book whit miles vorkosigan in them have not read them in a few years but thay where fav moive hero is bruce willis he allways saves the day why being a mest up guy in his life.
[email protected]

Re: Paradise Valley (9:59pm April 11, 2009):

I just started a ten book set by Lynsay Sands thay are great light hearted books about a family of vanpires.and i spend alot of time playing on the computer these days not so much time wacthing movie's

Re: Dragonbound (10:46pm April 7, 2009):

Do not know how to help you for over 20 years all a read was sci fi books and loved them and now i read all romance books and love them so its a hard desishen i love both. have not read your book yet but i know i will love it when i do.

Re: Kiss Of Darkness (6:24pm March 28, 2009):

Loved the little bit iread so far want more.glad you where here to blog today whit us.

Re: Kiss Of Darkness (6:13pm March 27, 2009):

That books sound hot.have one of your books and the rest of them are on my list to get.I love paranormal books.hope to win need more of your books.

Re: Would-Be Witch (7:50pm March 17, 2009):

My fav is sunnydale from Buffy the vanpire Slayer.
I love all the people in that show.

Re: Scandal (4:11pm March 6, 2009):

I like to read historical and I like favorite historical is a set of books stephanie laurens I like set because they are all connected and you get it to the characters better and they become like a family to you. the longer a set the better.

Re: Safe By His Side (7:43pm March 5, 2009):

The docters are allways tell me to Exercise and i never get around to it.and i hate thaking showers intill im in them then i love the hot water but getting myself to go take one is the hard part.I do not think vanpires are out but i love all paranomal books all kinds of paranormal stuuf out there to read.

Re: Between A Rock And A Heart Place (6:13pm February 24, 2009):

I would be a wolf.

Re: A Perfect Darkness (5:41pm February 24, 2009):

I think that they are paranormal myself.and I love all paranormal books.the sranger the better.I like people that are diffrent.
from stacey smith

Re: Vexing The Viscount (5:31pm February 13, 2009):

Looks like a great book and i love her auther books.
from stacey smith

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