June 27th, 2017
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Weddings and Homicides, June Top Reads

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This hard-bodied football star is used to scoring.

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Take the shot…or take a chance?

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A young widow dares to love again in the heartwarming conclusion of the Ardent Springs series.

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“Unforgettable characters and a high-octane plot …” —Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW

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In Summer Dance, bestselling author Nan Rossiter brings together characters from her acclaimed novel Nantucket in a powerful, heartwarming love story that bridges past and present.


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Cocoa Beach
by Beatriz Williams
"Drugs, rum runners, lies, in lush, tropical Florida"
Posted June 26, 2017

1917, residing in New York City, Virginia Fortescue, 21, has a dark, family secret concerning her father's past that she is eager to escape. Her solution is to volunteer to drive an ambulance for the American Red Cross. Arriving in France, Virginia is assigned to drive a HUNKA TIN Read more...

It's Always the Husband
by Michele Campbell
"Death ties three college friends together through betrayal"
Posted June 23, 2017

Three freshman roommates at elite Carlisle College in Belle River, New Hampshire could not be more different. From New York City, Kate Eastman, is beautiful, rich, a trust fund darling who is wild, spoiled and used to getting whatever she wants. She loves alcohol, drugs and sex and lots of Read more...

Finding You
by Jo Watson
"Can Jane find forever on the beaches of Santorini"
Posted June 23, 2017

Waking up one Wednesday morning, Jane Smith feels like she is about to suffer a breakdown. Something is missing from her life. What is It? Days away from her 25th birthday, she is Dr. Plain Jane Smith. Jane graduated recently and readies herself to help her father in his dental Read more...

Goodnight From London
by Jennifer Robson
"A winner!"
Posted June 23, 2017

Summer of 1940, Ruby Sutton, is working as a staff writer for the 4th most popular weekly newsmagazine in New York City called THE AMERICAN. Summoned to the office of the editor, her boss, Mike Mitchell, Ruby immediately thinks she has "stepped on somebody's toes" in her scant six Read more...

The Girl With The Make-Believe Husband
by Julia Quinn
"A smashing finale"
Posted June 14, 2017

Cecilia Harcourt lives with her father in a quiet village in Derbyshire, England. Single and rather bored with her lifestyle, she writes often to her beloved brother, Thomas, who is serving in the military in the American Colonies. Thomas writes often about his buddy and best friend, Edward Rokesby, who Read more...

Dating You / Hating You
by Christina Lauren
"Sexy romantic romp in La La Land"
Posted June 14, 2017

Evie Abbey lives in Hollywood and is enjoying success as an agent for 5 star celebrities. She works at P&D for Brad Kingman, who is head of Features. He is a difficult boss. Condescending, sexist, holds grudges and not an easy person to admire. It is Friday after a Read more...

The Girl With The Make-Believe Husband
by Julia Quinn
"War, Heartache, And Forever Love"
Posted June 13, 2017

Cecilia Harcourt lives with her father in a quiet village in Derbyshire, England. Single and rather bored with her lifestyle, she writes often to her beloved brother, Thomas, who is serving in the military in the American Colonies. Thomas writes often about his buddy and best friend, Edward Rokesby, who Read more...

I See You
by Claire Mackintosh
"I Dare You Not To Be Scared Of I See You!"
Posted June 8, 2017

Zoe Walker is heading for home from work via the Underground as she does every night. A straphanging lifestyle, Zoe is annoyed when the train stops and does not continue on. She picks up a copy of the Gazette and thumbs through it to the shoddy advertisements. Suddenly she is Read more...

Six Impossible Things
by Elizabeth Boyle
"Regency tale of spies, murder, kidnapping and love"
Posted June 8, 2017

In London, 1811 England's enemies are on their doorstep and the Home Office is busy trying to capture the spies and thieves stealing and selling valuable State secrets. Rosalie Stratton is a female spy, known only as Asteria. Her spy guise is a sexy yellow, low-cut gown, a Read more...

The Lilac Bouquet
by Carolyn Brown
"Bittersweet Tale Of Love, Family, Feuds And Happy Endings"
Posted June 5, 2017

Emma Jo Massey, 21, lives in a trailer with her granny, Tandy Massey, and has a dream. In her small town of Hickory, Texas, everyone knows everyone's business. For three generations, it is common knowledge that the Massey women had children out of wedlock. It is time for Emma Read more...

Beach Lawyer
by Avery Duff
"A thrilling debut"
Posted May 17, 2017

BEACH LAWYER begins with a prologe finding Robert Worth, 31 (and change), an attorney with the prestigious firm of Fanelli & Pierce, in jail. His turbulent tale begins there and then goes back eight months in time to tell his story. Robert has been working hard at Fanelli & Pierce for five Read more...

Stolen Beauty
by Laurie Lico Albanese
"World War II Story Of Love, Lost Art And Endurance"
Posted April 27, 2017

In glittering Vienna in 1903, Adele Block, a Jewess from a wealthy family, loves art and wants to study everything about art. However, in that era, it is unacceptable for women to study. Her role is to marry and raise a family. When she meets Ferdinand Bauer, a very wealthy Read more...

The Marriage Lie
by Kimberly Belle
Posted March 30, 2017

In THE MARRIAGE LIE Iris and Will, married seven years, have made the decision to have a family. They are baby making in their dream-come-true Victorian house. Will presents his wife with a little red box from Cartier. Inside is a gorgeous trinity ring, three bands of tiny Read more...

Staying for Good
by Catherine Bybee
Posted March 29, 2017

Drinking stolen tequila, three best friends, Mel, Jo and Zoe are celebrating their graduation from high school, sprawled around inside the pathetic trailer that is home for Zoe in STAYING FOR GOOD. They talk about the predictions for them via their high school yearbooks. Mel manages honors in her grades Read more...

Crowning Design
by Leila Meacham
"Mystery, Romance, CROWNING DESIGN Has It All!"
Posted March 5, 2017

The engagement party for Roger Lawson and Deborah Stanridge at posh Lawsonville Country Club is an elegant rose-colored extravaganza completely choreographed by his mother, Estelle Lawson. It irked Roger, who asked for a small, intimate fete. He explains, "I feel like I am being buried alive in cotton candy Read more...

The Worthington Wife
by Sharon Page
"Poignant Tale Of 1920S Sparkles!"
Posted March 5, 2017

In 1926 England, Lady Julia Hazelton is a modern woman. Julia has been in love twice and lost. Her beloved fiance, 6th Earl of Worthington, Anthony, was killed at Somme. Before he left for the war, he and Julia made future plans for Worthington Park, his cherished home. He made Read more...

The Passenger
by Lisa Lutz
"A psychological stunner that shocks!"
Posted February 12, 2017

THE PASSENGER has an unforgettable heroine who has so many names and aliases, I had to keep notes. Tanya Dubois is taking a shower when Frank, her husband of seven years, falls down the stairs, killing himself. When Tonya finds him, she tries to revive him but knows it is Read more...

by David Rosenfelt
"When Officer Doug Brock is shot, he risks losing more than his life"
Posted February 6, 2017

BLACKOUT begins at the Peter Pan Motel in New Jersey when Doug Brock, New Jersey State Police Officer is on to something. He calls his partner and best friend, Nate Alvarez, telling him, "I got him, Nate. This time I've got him. Get the FBI and get Conyers." Gun Read more...

The Billionarie Next Door
by Jessica Lemmon
Posted January 12, 2017

Rachel Foster's life in Chi-town needs to change fast! First, her boyfriend, Shaun, not only cheated on her with a girl in the office, he stole her marketing ideas and presented them to their boss. He got the promotion she was seeking. She quit the job and ended Read more...

Liar's Key
by Carla Neggers
Posted January 10, 2017

LIAR'S KEY is the sixth in the Sharpe & Donovan series by action filled writer Carla Neggers. This installment centers around FBI agent Emma Sharpe, a retired agent who gets to close to the fire by Read more...

Pat Pascale

So many boats out on the Lake and I love the put-put of a small outboard and soon a VROOOOOM of one of the fancy Donzi beauties showing off its' stuff. On my perch above the water, I pick up a new beauty and turn the page to start another exciting adventure. There is nothing sweeter! Happy summer!

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