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Rumors aren't the only thing that will stir when Abigail returns to Boone County, Texas.

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From Loss to Love: A Pilot and an Artist's Colliding Worlds

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Caffeine and Commitments: Stirring Up Love in San Francisco

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"Her biggest fan �has a fatal obsession."

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Bloodlines and Boardrooms: A Paranormal Romance of Power and Passion

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A new, action-packed adventure that blends science-fiction technology and magical fantasy elements with a touch of historical romance.

Gladys Paradowski

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Lots of Books on Handl, Reading as Fast as I Can
June 16, 2010

142 comments posted.

Re: The Snow Globe (11:24pm March 12, 2015):

I guess I didn't touch the second "s" in sounds hard enough.

Re: The Snow Globe (11:23pm March 12, 2015):

The Snow Globe sound intriguing! I am especially curious about the secrets of the cook and the housekeeper. LOL

Re: The Sheikh's Sinful Seduction (8:07pm March 8, 2015):

Enjoyed the excerpt. Must read the book.

Re: Spring Brides: A Year of Weddings Novella Collection (8:00pm March 8, 2015):

Boy, I am ready for Spring, even reading about it. we have had a dreary siege of weather. Spring Brides may just be my salvation. LOL

Re: The Vigil (7:37pm March 8, 2015):

I said I would never become disgusted with emails, but I have. Someone must have sold my email address.

Re: A Memory Of Violets (12:27pm February 21, 2015):

The very word "violets" is romantic for me. I love them. But I had no idea that those who sold them so often had handicaps or one sort or another. I also mentally pictured older women selling them in London rather than children.

Re: Soul Of The Fire (12:24pm February 21, 2015):

I am often totally amazed at the research some authors go to in order to write their books. One can indeed learn so much by reading.

Re: Claimed by the Sheikh (12:21pm February 21, 2015):

My dream I guess was to be a school teacher. I even earned a high school teacher's certificate in college, but right after graduation I found a job with an oil company and never used the certificate. I still help a lot of folks with the manuscripts.

Re: Against The Sky (12:09pm February 21, 2015):

I have always thought that Alaska would be a great place to visit. My husband went there with the Air Force, but I have never had the opportunity.

Kat, when I see your name, I always think of my daughter and I having donating toys to your cause.

Re: Rescuing the Texan's Heart (11:57pm February 20, 2015):

Ouray sounds delightful, but I enjoy the "fairy tale" towns, too. Often the characters in those stories wouldn't be used in a true setting.

Re: Penthouse Prince (11:54pm February 20, 2015):

I liked your reasons for loving a single mother. They truly do have a tough job and experience is the best teacher.

Re: Dead Man Walker (11:52pm February 20, 2015):

Do humor and dead bodies truly mix well? LOL

Re: Chasing Desire (11:49pm February 20, 2015):

I laughed at your experience using your hubby's computer. But you have to do research, now don't you....LOL

Re: Once Upon a Grind (12:35pm December 8, 2014):

My favorite fairy tale is Cinderella.

Re: Hard to Come By (11:47pm November 27, 2014):

Yes,this would be my first book about an amputee, but winning would be interesting.

Re: Her Summer with the Marine (4:27pm March 18, 2014):

I love the plot. It sort of reminds me of my own love story that turned out great.

Re: The 1st Wife (9:18pm August 10, 2010):

Yes, I have recently met someone who is encouraging me and she is already playing an important role in my life.

Re: A Highland Duchess (9:15pm August 10, 2010):

I sm always amazed by the different plots that romance authors come up with. My hat's off to all of you!

Re: Such A Pretty Face (9:58pm August 5, 2010):

This book certainly sounds different and interesting. Knowing someone who is fighting heavy weight, it sounds so real. The person I know had been a ballet dancer for years with a major troupe and then she married a man who lives to cook. My husband made the comment that she is now "two ballet dancers." She, too, has a beautiful face, but I know only two well what caused her weight gain, since I have had the pleasure of eating some of her husband's cooking. He is one heck of a cook and I am sure the fabulous meals he prepared were hard to resist.

Re: The Smuggler And The Society Bride (2:23pm August 4, 2010):

I am sure the confeence was a lot of fun. I have attended conferences in the past of folks with like-interests and I always enjoyed them so much.

Re: The Goddess of Fried Okra (12:53pm August 4, 2010):

I too appreciate the strengths of women and enjoyed reading your blog.

Re: Monster in Miniature (8:51pm July 31, 2010):

I read a bit of everything, so I wander all over the place when I am in a bookstore. I glance at the subject signs, but don't let them stop my browsing. I always wind up buying books I didn't come for. But since I know three individuals who read mysteries exclusively, I think having a sign say "Mysteries" would be a great help to them. And I don't think bookstores are putting down mysteries by leading folks to them. Most all books in a bookstore are literature of one type of another, except for calendars and such, so a sign saying "Literature" doesn't tell one much.

Re: Veil Of Night (2:36pm July 31, 2010):

Interesting info about the getogether and no wonder you overslept. Authors sound like a great bunch of individuals.

Re: The Ark (12:21pm July 29, 2010):

Those events certainly are coincidences. I can imagine how you felt reading about them since they fit so closely to the book you had written. Maybe you are a bit psychic? LOL

Re: Barely A Lady (4:19am July 28, 2010):

I haven't read about a villain lately, but I do enjoy a contrast between the bad guy and the good guy. Maybe the fellow trying to steal the hero's girl might be considered a villain in the story I am currently reading, but he definitely isn't equal to the hero. LOL

Re: The Millionaire Meets His Match (11:27pm July 26, 2010):

To cut his toenails?

The list was fun.

I have no intention of joining Facebook. I've heard too many things about that site.

Re: Love and Scandal (10:10pm July 23, 2010):

Your mother was not totally wrong. The wild sexual antics of today were not around in the past before the pill and abortions.

Re: Knight Of Passion (10:08pm July 23, 2010):

The phrase "my knight in shining armour" did not become universally familiar without reason. We all love knights both in history books and love stories. Refering to one's personal hero as a knight is a distinct compliment.

Re: The Tutor (12:37pm July 22, 2010):

Just noticed you are one day ahead of Texas. It is still July 21st here.

Re: The Tutor (12:33pm July 22, 2010):

Ah, that wonderful age of 21! And sexy nights to look forward to! The book has to be a winner.

Re: Tomb With A View (2:58am July 21, 2010):

No, I don't believe in ghosts, but I remember a house that children in our neighborhood always thought was haunted.

Re: Moonshine (2:55am July 21, 2010):

Friends add a lot to a story as they do in actual life.

Re: Ice Cold (2:17pm July 18, 2010):

I have never been to a book signing, but planned to if one were ever held at the bookstore in our nearby mall. I kept listing that bookstore at sites asking for my favorite bookstore. Now I have heard recently that the bookstore is no longer in our mall. Boo! Hoo!

I just finished reading two books by Jean Brashear and loved them both. I gave both books 5-stars at Bookreporters Word of Mouth. Those books are part of Jean's NASCAR Series and are Extreme Caution and Black Flags, White Lies. I have never been a NASCAR fan and was highly surprised at how much I enjoyed the books.

Have fun at your trip to RWA. Getting together with friends is always a ball. That is what I did Saturday. I didn't do any housework either. I went out of town to attend a birthday party for a good friend.

Re: Suck It, Wonder Woman! (11:30pm July 17, 2010):

I have never heard of Olivia Munn, but then I'm not a guy. LOL

Re: Revenge for Old Times' Sake (11:35pm July 16, 2010):

People talking on cell phones in public places can be such a nuisance that I am happy to learn that they serve a purpose for writers. From now on I will think of them that way. LOL

Re: Murder in the Abstract (1:09am July 15, 2010):

Boy, do I remember a certain bad bod. He was handsome as all get out and left a string of broken hearts in his wake.

Re: Fortunate Harbor (1:05am July 15, 2010):

I don't recall ever reading a novel that dealt with friendship. Most such books are sort of advice type books or poetry. But I find an idea like yours intriguing. Friends are such an important part of life. Just think how terrible life would be without friends.

Re: Ice Cold (2:14pm July 13, 2010):

Boy, the thoughts of such event are spine-chilling indeed. And for a plot it is such an unusual one. Congratulations!

Re: The 1st Wife (2:37pm July 9, 2010):

What struck me about your blog today was the fact that we have to be on guard about evil people regardless of where we are. I had my purse snatched when I was just walking across a parking lot going to the grocery store. Since the purse had two straps, both of which were over my left arm, the assailant drug me with them and my left arm and leg were injured. I don't know if the straps finally broke or if he cut them. I was holding onto a small child with my right hand, so couldn't use it in any way. A friend of mine had her purse stolen from her car while she was visiting her husband's grave at the cemetery. You don't realize what all you have in your purse until you lose it, nor how much trouble it is to replace the items.

Re: The Wild Irish Sea (6:01pm July 8, 2010):

Just read the top ten reasons and you sold me.

Re: Money, Honey (10:24pm July 7, 2010):

My opinion of romance stories is just the opposite of what you mention. I am simply astounded at the different plots and backgrounds that romance writers come up with. The book I am currently reading, Captive of Sin, by Anna Campbell, has a very unique hero and story. I haven't quite finished the book but I have been totally captivated. The "75-cent words" that I find in romance stories make it obvious that the writers are not nincompoops.

Re: Crush On You (11:34pm July 6, 2010):

Yes, I do enjoy the friends-to-lovers theme in books. I feel that knowing each other well before marriage improves the chances of marriages lasting and the happily-ever sounds more probable in a book.

Re: Home is Where the Bark is (9:34pm July 4, 2010):

Your books sound wonderful! I, too, love dogs. We have a terrific yellow Lab sleeping right outside our den window as I am typing this. Dogs are so loyal and lovable. I'd be suspicious of anyone who didn't love dogs.

Re: Dark Embers (3:27pm July 3, 2010):

Dragons? It must have truly been an experience writing this book.

Re: A Cutthroat Business (3:27pm July 2, 2010):

I had two friends who decided to go into the real estate business, but soon gave it up because they were afraid of many of the circumstances with which they were faced. I am confident that entering empty houses was one of them. But the book sounds intriguing.

Re: Her Sheik Protector (11:47pm July 1, 2010):

I have two books just beside my computer at present, so checked the first lines in them:

Ivan Rasmussen looked at his world as if he were the Almighty himself... Some Girls Do, Leanne Banks (Definitely a keeper book.)

The woman known as Margaret to her fellow volunteers at the animal shelter stepped out of her ex-housekeeper Gerty's serviceable sedan in the shelter's caliche parking lot...Extreme Caution, Jean Brashear (Haven't had a chance to read this one yet.)

And from the book I am currently reading:

Kitty Biedermann hated Texas...Affair With the Rebel Heiress, Emily McKay (That first sentence certainly caught this Texan's eye and the book is proving very interesting, too.)

Re: The Fire Lord's Lover (10:10pm June 30, 2010):

I enjoyed your message, but couldn't help thinking about how expensive such a wardrobe would be today and how hard it would be to get a man to wear it.

Re: Rapture Untamed (12:29pm June 30, 2010):

I enjoy both, but some times it is hard to obtain all the books in a series and that leaves one wondering what happened in the missing books.

Re: Dark Flame (5:37pm June 27, 2010):

Sounds like everything ended up great even with you getting lost. Also, sounds like there was a great crowd and an enthusiastic crowd at the book signing. Congratulations to all three of you!

Re: Hidden Wives (4:05pm June 26, 2010):

I just finished reading The Truth About Lord Stoneville, by Sabrina Jeffries. I enjoyed it very much.

Re: Sworn To Protect (3:17pm June 26, 2010):

I had a hard time getting to comment here. Tried yesterday, but could not get the comment box to open.

I like women who are intelligent and willing to try new things; but not women who are cocky, hate men or constantly yell "I am a feminist." There is nothing wrong with being femiNINE.

Re: Fatal Affair (12:38pm June 25, 2010):

I like sincerity and hate conceited guys. He doesn't have to be a duke or such; an everyday fellow is fine with me.

Re: Tempting a Proper Lady (6:36pm June 23, 2010):

I am always amazed at the quality of writing in romance novels. I find myself in awe of how romance writers can come up with such interesting and totally different plots when there are always a hero and a heroine and a happy ending. I love reading romance novels. The people who disparage them simply don't read them.

Re: The Devil She Knows (8:39pm June 22, 2010):

A hero can trsvel, but it is nice to know where he calls home. But don't make the whole story about locations and no plot. I like to finish a book one I start it and I suffered through a recent one. The author spent so much time describing the background that there was very little plot. I had read over 100 pages before there seemed to be any action. I was relieved when I finally finished the book.

Re: The Lies We Told (10:43pm June 18, 2010):

I think the trailer does a neat job of portraying the book. But I can understand why such a trailer is hard to build.

Re: Stolen Son (10:26pm June 17, 2010):

Interesting aspect of writing. I am trying to finish a book that is truly lacking in excitement. I read over 100 pages before anything happened. Too much just background. Books need incidents to make them interesting.

Re: Death Threads (10:54pm June 15, 2010):

Your characters are intriguing and I fully agree that interesting characters make the story.

Re: Lip Service (8:51pm June 14, 2010):

I wish I could get my yard back in shape after the long freezes and too much rain devastated it. I wish we could take some short vacations trips this year.

Re: Crush On You (2:29pm June 10, 2010):

I don't recall exactly what dress I was wearing when I met my husband, but I am sure it was a dress for I met him in church and that is what I always wore to church. I do recall how I innocently once made a date angry over what I wore. He was taking me to a football game where his college was one of the teams playing. I wore a beautiful new green blouse, but, oh my, green was one of the school colors of the opposing team. He waited until the next date to give it to me about my mistake. Why he didn't give me a chance to change blouses when he first picked me up for game, I will never know. But he did teach me to find out the school colors before dressing for a football game. I remember that until today.

Re: Desire Me (2:11am June 8, 2010):

Of course I meant to say "hid" clues, not hit them. Maybe I am up too late. LOL

Re: Desire Me (2:09am June 8, 2010):

Yes, our church group of youngsters were sent on a scavenger hunt a bit different than the one you describe. Adults had previously hit clues all throughout the neighborhood...under rocks in people's yards, in mailboxes, etc...and each numbered clue led us to the next clue. When we finally found the last clue it led us to a park far away from our church, where more adults had planned a fun picnic for us. We had a blast! I also had a similar experience to yours regarding politics. A college government class I took happened to occur at the time men were trying to become the candidates for President for the different parties. The professor had us research everything we could find about all of the potential candidates...in newspapers, magazines, radio ads, wherever... We had to decide which man we liked the best and be able to defend our choice both orally and in a written report. It was great and it did, as you mention, make us very interested in the election. Some of the students were old enough to vote. I wasn't.

Re: I Love This Bar (7:36pm June 3, 2010):

This Texan has to read this series. Every book sounds terrific. Congratulations and I think your readers do to "hog wild" over your books. Who could blame them?

Re: The Making Of A Duchess (12:42pm June 3, 2010):

No, I have never pretended to be someone else; but in a story like yours, the ides sounds intriquing.

Re: Strange Neighbors (12:05pm June 2, 2010):

Your group sounds wonderful and what great friendships you are making. May you all succeed in your endeavors.

Re: Ancient Whispers (2:29pm May 31, 2010):

For someone who is naturally shy, it took me out of my comfort zone to take an active part in a fight to protect our neighborhood from the actions of a mayor who is currently running for governor of our state. Alas, the extremely-wealthy developer we were up against was the mayor's financial supporter and we eventually lost our cause; but we did protect our neighborhood for almost four years.

Congratulations to you for winning the well-deserved The American Title competition.

Re: Dead in the Family (1:21pm May 29, 2010):

I read a hodgepodge of genres, so can't really say just which ones I will be reading this summer. I also need to catch up on reading the magazines I subscribe to. Where does time go?

Re: Die Twice (5:50pm May 27, 2010):

I love to try new restaurants. The meal mentioned here would never appeal to me, but I am sure I would find something on the menu I would like just as I am interesting in your book.

Re: Band Of Angels (7:44pm May 24, 2010):

I love to travel but have not had too much of an opportunity to do so. I tell everyone that "G" stands for Gladys and "G" stands for go. I never miss an opportunity to travel and I love to read books that "take me some place I have never been."

Re: Silent Truth (12:27pm May 24, 2010):

Man, I can't imagine having to cease all contact with people in my life and the location that I am from.

Re: Lover's Knot (1:22am May 21, 2010):

I found your story of how you developed Lovers' Knot facinating. It seemed to come from such a simple beginning of the wrist being held. Writers must be constantly on the alert for inspiration, so hearing how simply it can sometimes start is intriguing.

Re: The White Shadow Saga (2:09am May 20, 2010):

Man, the more I read about the efforts authors have to use to get established in their writing profession, the more I am in awe of their pursuing their dream. There is so much competition that it has to be discouraging to a beginning author.

Re: On Folly Beach (3:00am May 19, 2010):

I wish I knew more about my family's history. A relative of my husband has made a book of his side of our family. Such family histories are so nice to have. Good luck at sorting threw the many photographs.

Re: Web Of Lies (10:52pm May 17, 2010):

My favorite genry is contemporary, but I have started to explore other types of late.

Re: A Thread So Thin (9:49pm May 16, 2010):

I never had an imaginary friend when I was a child, but I did know children who did and it sort of puzzled me because those imaginings seemed so real to them. But books are always my friends. I read all sorts of things and have recently read Robyn Carr's Moonlight Road, so I am familiar with the Virgin River you mentioned. I keep trying new authors and different types of stories. I enjoy most of them and I certainly enjoy reading.

Re: A Thread So Thin (9:45pm May 16, 2010):

Re: Silent Truth (10:34pm May 15, 2010):

Getting together with friends and even meeting new ones can be such fun. I was at a getogether today with those who graduated from my High School (called the Tiger Lunch Bunch.) We chatter like magpies and the hotel has delicious food. The only problem today was that rain poured down and on the way home we were tied up for hours by a bad wreck. An eighteen-wheeler was totally demolished and the driver had to be rescued from the cab, but luckily he seemed to be fine. But there were parts of that rig scattered for a block on the freeway and the four-lane road became a one lane road on a busy, rain-soaked Saturday in Houston traffic. What a mess!

Re: Getting In (12:09pm May 14, 2010):

All sorts of funny things happen at college. I transferred schools and needed only one semester to have a minor in French. When I was registering at my new college the guy told me they didn't teach French, that everyone there took Spanish. Finally he said he would take my name and it they had enough to sign up, they would open a French class. Luckily they did.

Re: Haunting Warrior (3:26pm May 12, 2010):

I would go back to my high school days, but I would hope not to be so bashful. I missed out on a lot that I could easily have been a part of.

Re: Sex Drive (9:58pm May 10, 2010):

I read both magazines and books and chiefly for diffrent reasons. My magazines are more about housekeeping and gardening. I read all sorts of things, but mostly romances. I especially love romances with a touch of humor, but I read every romance book I get my hands on.

Re: A Thread So Thin (5:15am May 9, 2010):

I like more adult stories and would be disappointed without a HEA.

Re: The Jaguar Prince (2:27am May 8, 2010):

If it works, it works. LOL

Re: In Shelter Cove (6:01pm May 4, 2010):

Comtemporary romances are my favorite and the every day guy may also be my favorite. I sort of get tired of dukes. I like cowboys and boys next door. LOL

Re: His Border Bride (6:53pm May 3, 2010):

Heroes come in different packages and have different attractions. Bad boys are fun, courageous heroes inspire, cowboy heroes are interesting occupationally. I'd say that I like a dose of all kinds. Variety is the spice of life...and literature.

Re: Think Twice (1:14am May 2, 2010):

I have been very involved in things in April and haven't read my usual number of books. I did read Moonlight Road by Robyn Carr. Lots of characters in that book and lots of details. I have a number of mystery books waiting for my attention. Maybe May won't be a busy as April.

Re: The Swimming Pool (4:43pm April 28, 2010):

This was a truly interesting interview. I felt like I knew the author by the time she answered the many questions. Congratulations to both Holly and Jennifer!

Re: Chasing Perfect (4:33pm April 28, 2010):

I was born and still live in Houston, but I love small towns. I attended college in both Abilene and Huntsville. The bad thing about big cities is the lack of really knowing people. Abilene has three different colleges and the residents benefited so much from those schools that they truly appreciated the students. When you walked down the main street (Pecan Street)in Abilene the folks you met said, "Hello." This doesn't happen in Houston. The folks in Abilene might resent being called a small town, for it is truly growing, but I truly enjoyed my years there. Huntsville was a little too close to Houston and I came home almost every weekend and didn't get to enjoy that town as much.

Re: Just Like Me, Only Better (5:59pm April 27, 2010):

I sm rather surprised that none of the authors seemed to list "patient" or "persistent." The way I keep reading about how long it takes an author to first get published and even how long it takes between when a book is submitted and when it is accepted, I feel that "patience" and "persistence" must be a requirement for authors more than any other qualities. I just read where one author stated that "After 21 years, I am an overnight success." It seems to be a frequent type of comment by authors.

Re: Rule's Bride (12:27pm April 24, 2010):

Love the bride theme. Alas all weddings aren't as expected and can make for some interesting variations. Yours sound delightful.

Re: Building Iphone Apps With Html, CSS, And Javascript (8:21pm April 18, 2010):

I keep a book going all the time and love reading all sorts of books; but the problem some times is finding time to read. I hate to stop reading before ending a chapter of a book and lately I have run into some books with overly-long chapters. I appreciate shorter chapters. I seldom stop reading a book even when it doesn't prove interesting. I guess I just like to finish what I start.

Re: The Firefighter's Secret Baby (7:37pm April 16, 2010):

There are a lot of unsung heroes who aid our lives today and honoring them in a book is a reminder of that. Congratulations on doing a superb job with your Heroes.

Re: Shadow Games (6:40pm April 16, 2010):

Missed out on this one. Found it one day late it seems.

Re: The Mage In Black (9:05pm April 12, 2010):

I have loved reading since very young. I recall how we kept the Nancy Drew books passing from student to student without them ever getting back to the shelves in the Junior High School's library. We promised them from student to student. In elementary school Dr. Suess' books take the crown as students' favorites. Reading certainly helps youngsters to make better grades in school. I keep a book going all the time now.

Re: Big Bad Wolf (4:42pm April 10, 2010):

I can't help you with your problem since I haven't read the books. I can sympathize, however; for the last two books I have read were evidently parts of series and I was supposed to know the past about the characters. It was so hard to keep up with who characters were. I found myself going back and rereading pages, trying to decipher if I had even seen the character mentioned earlier in the book. Truly disconcerting. I was left feeling just as you are.

Re: If I Were Your Woman (3:25pm April 9, 2010):

"Touchy subjects" are a fact of life. To itnore them is to keep one's head in the sand.

Re: On Shadow Beach (8:48pm April 6, 2010):

I have often wondered why, since females buy most of the romance books, so many covers have females pictured with extremely low-cut necklines of their gowns. Males might gawk at the covers, but I doubt if many buy them.

I like scenic covers. The colors just attract my eye. They also portray an idea of the setting for the book. Legs don't attract me, since I am not a male. Cartoonish covers attract my attention because I like humor and expect it when the cover has that slant.

Unshaved guys turn me off in person or on book covers.

Re: The Darcy Cousins (8:48pm April 5, 2010):

The problem I have had regarding characters in the book I just finished and the book I am reading now is that the author keeps introducing so many new characters that I find myself checking back to see if that character has been mentioned in the book prior to that time. It makes the story hard to follow.

Re: Just Fooling Around (1:23pm April 2, 2010):

I haven't heard of an April Fool's joke being played on anyone in ages. People are more concerned about the state of the nation at present, I guess. Maybe school students might still employ April Fool pranks.

Re: Aries Rising (12:07pm March 27, 2010):

I enjoyed the "inside look" at how to select and contact an agent. There is so much to getting started as a published writer. It is all interesting to learn about. Thanks for your facts.

Re: Almost Home (10:30pm March 24, 2010):

What is the difference between a trade paperback and a norman paperback? I like paperback books, but am unfamiliar with the prior one.

Re: Big Girl (10:29pm March 21, 2010):

I have read so many adult novels that I can't begin to recall which was the first one and I have read novels from so many different authors that I started keeping a written list of all the books I read and the authors. It is interesting to look over the list from time to time and remember the best books.

Re: Something About You (1:37am March 19, 2010):

This story sounds wonderful! It is so different from anything else I have ever read. I am totally intrigued! What a plot!

Re: Forget Me Not (11:05pm March 16, 2010):

You are a 'girl' after my own heart! It makes life more interesting and definitely more bearable if we break from the routine and have fun! (Your books are fun, too!)

Re: The Stolen Crown (9:51pm March 15, 2010):

History can be fascinating as your blog shows. Times past were so different from today and tommorrow will doubtlessly be as equally different from today.

Re: The Scarlet Lion (9:16pm March 11, 2010):

I had never considered music as playing a part in writing. I do get songs in my mind and find it almost impossible to get rid of them at times, but I don't believe I do this while reading. I concentrate on what I am reading However, to each his own. Whatever works for you.

Re: The Wild Marquis (11:36pm March 10, 2010):

Four living and loving parents? That excapes me at the moment. If I can think of one later, I will return and post it. Right now I am burning the midnight oil. LOL

Re: SEALed with a Ring (5:40pm March 5, 2010):

I was reared a Baptist and in the past Baptists did not dance. That has changed, but I, too, was an adult when I took ballroom dancing and I felt I had missed out on meeting a host of friends by not being about to dance while growing up. I had not attended dances held by the drill team of which I was a member nor had I attended my Senior prom. Your book sounds great and certainly has an unusual angle.

Re: Plaster And Poison (6:37pm March 4, 2010):

I am a native Texan, but don't recall ever hearing about a Chandler, Texas. I am going to check that out. The story sounds very intriguing.

Re: Truly, Madly (12:57pm March 3, 2010):

I believe in love at first sight. Anyone who reads about the lady whom JFK told he loved her the first time he met her would believe in love at first sight. He was engaged to Jacqueline at the time he met his true love and it is sad to read his letters to the lady he was forced by circumstances to forsake and marry Jacqueline. And the lady fell for JFK also and kept the letters he wrote to her. Yes, love at first sight is possible.

Re: Naked Edge (5:36pm March 1, 2010):

Of course, I have already admitted that I am shy, but I would be a coward at signing up for an online dating service. It seems to me it would be so easy for anyone to give false answers to questions. But since you admitted doing so, did you meet anyone interesting?

Re: Naked Edge (4:17am March 1, 2010):

I was terribly shy but I married the most-popular, exrtroverted boy from our high school and it has worked out beautifully. He has got me out of some of my shyness and I am happy for that.

Re: Seeing Red (4:24am February 28, 2010):

I just finished reading When She Flew by Jennie Shortridge. It was very different from anything I had read lately and I did enjoy it. The author had been inspired to write the book because of a true event that had happened, but said she fictionalized it.

Re: The Mane Squeeze (6:54pm February 27, 2010):

I read a bit of everything. I love humor, travel topics, gardening, romance, you name it. I love fiction, but prefer the plot be realistic. I want the characters to be real people. I keep a book going all the time.

Re: Cowboy Trouble (5:06am February 26, 2010):

I got laugh out of you starting with chickens and winding up with a romance. What would I like to see? A hero that isn't six-feet tall. I am only five-feet-two-inches and looking up at a guy over six feet would give me a crick in my neck. I don't believe I have ever read a story where the hero was a farmer, yet there are lots of farmers in our country and they fall in love.

Re: The Texan's Happily-Ever-After (3:23pm February 25, 2010):

This has been an unusual winter. Rain has come so often in Houston that my yard has not dried up all winter. We have had snow twice and usually have none. The tropical plants in my yard are black and make the place look like the setting for a horror movie.

As to the emotional items you put in your books, they make the plot seem real. Things as you write about do happen and real people have to deal with them. Lives are not always a bed of roses.

Re: Easter Promises (7:47pm February 24, 2010):

I tried knitting, but never got past the flat stage and into sleeves and such. But I have crocheted just about anything one can. And, as you mention with knitting is great for calming one's nerves. I also love gardening, both flower and vegetable gardening. And reading, of course. I keep a book going at all times. My problem is too many interests. I find I need more than 24 hours in a day. LOL

Re: Take Me If You Dare (4:58am February 23, 2010):

So many nominees and award winners have made outrageous speeches that the Academy Awards have become political soap boxes, not what they were intended to become. I don't watch them.

Re: The Edge of Winter (8:01pm February 21, 2010):

I have been keeping a written list of the books as I finish them and I glanced through them to look for seasons in the titles. The only one I had listed was That Summer by Joann Wolf. I have read over 100 books since then, so don't recall the details of the book right off, but am confident that a slight glance at a review or such would bring the plot back to mind.

Re: The Betrayal Of The Blood Lily (11:03pm February 20, 2010):

We even had some snow in Houston, believe it or not, and they say we could get more this week. With February going into its last week, that sounds impossible.
Anyway, where do I go to get away? In books I have traveled all over the world, but, alas, not actually. I do enjoy the backgrounds in the many books I read. I have quite an imagination and I can mentally picture myself visiting all of the places I read about. The book I am currently reading has me in Colorado.

Re: Kayla's Daddy (4:59am February 18, 2010):

I dearly love books with humor included and it sounds like I would find it here. It is true: Laughter is the best medicine!

Re: Kayla's Daddy (4:47am February 18, 2010):

I found the idea of a newscast giving you and idea for a book interesting. So often authors are asked where they get their ideas. Your experience proves they get them in just all sorts of unexpected ways.

Re: Promise Me Tonight (7:47pm February 13, 2010):

I wonder how many across the country have been snowed-in for Valentine's Day before. I guess everyone saw where there was snow in 49 out of our 50 states this week...the exception being Hawaii and they checked the top of the volcano there hoping to make a record of snow in all 50 states. No snow was found on the top of the volcano even though there has been snow there in the past.

Re: Promise Me Tonight (7:32pm February 12, 2010):

You certainly put in a good plug for all of the types and I love variety. I think I met all of them at times. LOL

Re: The Dead Travel Fast (9:09pm February 11, 2010):

The title of a book is the second thing a buyer notices after the picture on the oover (if there is a picture). I think it would be great fun to be able to think up titles for books, but it would necessitate having to read the stories first if one wasn't the author. That would be time-consuming if it required reading a huge number of books.

Re: Raining Cat Sitters And Dogs (3:39pm February 10, 2010):

Blaize, your story should be very encouraging to beginning writers or even more-experienced ones. I am sure that rejection slips have to be very depressing after hours of slaving over any writing, but "keep on keeping on" seems to be what is required to be successful in writing as elsewhere.

Re: The Cowboy From Christmas Past (6:28pm February 9, 2010):


I agree that writing a short story would be harder than writing a long one, but I enjoy short stories that can be finished in, of course, a shorter time. But it was your experience with the scam artist that rung a bell with me. I was in a dollar store recently buying snacks that my dog loves. As I was checking out, the young clerk was talking to another clerk and kept saying something about a $100 bill. I later read in the paper about a guy who had been going all over our city and as he was checking out any place, showing a $100 bill to let the check-out person see it, but all the time chatting up the clerk. He actually never handed the $100 bill to the clerks, but he ended up getting them so engrossed in his spiel that they gave him back change for a $100 bill. He successfully pulled this scam throughout the city. The next time I was in the dollar store, there was a huge sign displayed saying "We do not accept $50 or $100 bills in payment." I knew then that the clerk I had seen earlier had been a victim of that scam artist written about in the paper. Sad to say, there are always crooks.

Re: Tragedy At Two (4:58pm February 9, 2010):

My daughter is the one who is truly into mystery stories. She reads them constantly and her favorite book store handles mystery stories only. I read mysteries, but lean toward romances. However, small village settings especially interest me. I get tired of castles, princes and wealthy Italians.

Re: Island Of The Swans (11:09pm February 8, 2010):

I had never heard the term "through line" before. Of course, I have heard of books having a theme. I read books for entertainment or enlightenment, and you will now have me looking for a theme. LoL

Re: Viking in Love (1:49am February 4, 2010):

I just took time to jot down the names of all the authors you mentioned and plan to take a look at their book lists. In answer to your questions about what author I might have just discovered, that would be Allie Boniface. I just finished reading her One Night in Boston and loved it. She made the characters and settings so real, gave such interesting details. The book was truly hard to put down.

Re: Catch Of A Lifetime (5:37pm February 2, 2010):

I dearly LOVE puns! I find myself saving them from the newspaper jokes and pasting them in my scrapbook. And I am in awe at your majoring in languages. I took Spanish in junior high and French in college, but I feel like I remember so little of either. I keep telling myself that I will brush up on both, but time keeps going by, and I haven't done so.

Re: Drive Time (9:36pm February 1, 2010):

It is funny that I come here and the subject is Secrets. Less than an hour ago I was tempted to tell a secret, but decided it was better not to do so. But this was an interesting topic and the book sounds equally interesting.

Re: Down By The River (4:16pm January 31, 2010):

I drifted from new books in January and read Parick Swayze's biography, The Time of My Life. He was pretty frank about his faults and boasts. The new author (for me) is Allie Boniface. I have started her book, One Night In Boston, and it is hard to put down and do anything else. She makes her characters and the situations just seem so real and you are anxious to learn what comes next.

Re: Hasta La Vista, Lola! (1:26am January 30, 2010):

You seem to have embraced the Latino life well. Do you speak the language fluently? Does hubby proofread your writing?

Re: Forbidden Heat (2:28pm January 28, 2010):

I found your research sources fascinating. It actually amazes me at times the research authors do regardless of the subject matter.

Re: Hold On Tight (9:17pm January 26, 2010):

I have a fairly good vocabulary, but whether or not I take time to look up a word in a book that I don't know the meaning of varies. Perhaps time is a factor. Often I can take a fairly educated guess as to the meaning of the word. But too many what I call "seventy-five cent words in a story or article will cause me to say, "Forget this." I will never forget the saying, "An educated person isn't one who knows big words, but is one who can explain the subject so that anyone can understand it."

Re: Dead Head (4:00pm January 21, 2010):

I love red! I have lots of it in my closet. My tamer colors are beige or tan. I go for brown rather than black for more formal occasions. You sometimes run into a room full of black. Enjoy your red dress. I bet you get lots of compliments on it. Let us know how you felt and any comments. Okay? Have a great time!

Re: Succubi Like It Hot (3:30pm January 20, 2010):

Road trips can be fun, especially with interesting companions; but, as you say, they can include some unexpected adventures. I love to travel.

Re: Wild Heart (12:46pm December 16, 2009):

I found your details and honesty very interesting and educational. I fully agree that to become a published author one has to love the job. There are likely to be many periods of discouragement. The current economic conditions have to be disheartingly, too; for there are so many people out of work. Many things besides books are not selling as much as in the past. I wish you the very best of luck in your chosen career of writing. Your books bring lots of pleasure to lots of readers. Merry Christmas to you and anyone reading this.

Re: Rainwater (9:09pm November 7, 2009):

I do enjoy book trailers. You seem to have hit it lucky with getting the car and the character in one deal, especially when the car had to be such a special one. Your hubby must be very willing to help. Did you hug his neck? LOL

Re: Love At First Flight (1:00am July 4, 2009):

I loved the interview. And the idea of two people meeting on a plane and somehow discovering they weren't as well-matched with their intendeds as they had thought is a fascinating plot. I look forward to learning all the details.

Re: A Little Light Magic (6:52pm May 26, 2009):

I am the baby in my family, but there was a seven year gap between my sister and me. We were too far apart to ever do many things together. When she was dating, I was considered a pest. Ha!

Re: Last Gasp (6:03pm April 9, 2009):

Suspense if fine, but true crimes can give one goosebumps and cause one to lose sleep. It is funny that many are more afraid when in the country, since most crimes occur in the cities.

Re: The House on Tradd Street (7:59pm November 23, 2008):

I have been trying to enter your swps. at Fresh Fiction. I read the excerpt but could find no place to enter the answer to the question. Where do I enter the answer to the question?

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