July 2nd, 2022
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Kit Blakemore is ready to live again.

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“I am in awe of her talent.”—Julia Quinn

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Their marriage is fake, but their attraction is very real…

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"A chance encounter, a magical kiss - could it be what it takes to break up a decades-long feud?"

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A grump/sunshine beach read about a grouchy CEO and the girl-next-door he shouldn't want.


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Our Little Secret
by Darren O’Sullivan
"Chlling Debut Killer That Gives Goosebumps"
Posted January 3, 2021

What a smash debut for Darren O'Sullivan with this compelling psychological thriller, OUR LITTLE SECRET. He introduces Chris to us as Chris waits for an oncoming train in a deserted train station. He has a plan to kill himself and join his deceased wife, Julia. Everything has been Read more...

by Christine Mangan
"A twisted tale set in Tangier"
Posted January 3, 2021

TANGERINE is the debut novel from Christine Manger, set in Tangier in 1956. The locale appealed to me. I was eager to learn about this City in Africa made infamous for its 24 hour partying along with sex, drugs and drinking and the dark alleys that led to the Read more...

The Mykonos Mob
by Jeffrey Siger
"The Beautiful Island Of Mykonos, plus Corruption And Murder"
Posted January 3, 2021

THE MYKONOS MOB is the tenth in the Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis Mystery series and will keep you turning the pages learning about the Greek People, their culture, and corruption on the internationally renown Island of Mykonos. Colonel Aktipis started as a Read more...

The Italian Party
by Christina Lynch
"Amore Italian Style In The Siena Countryside"
Posted January 3, 2021

Americans, Michael and Scottie Messina are newly married and sent to Siena, Italy. The Ford Company (Tractor Division) has sent Michael there to sell Made in America tractors to the Italians, hoping to make their chores easier in the era just after World War II. In truth, it is Read more...

The Tide Watchers
by Lisa Chaplin
"Spy Masters, Missions, Adventure And Romance"
Posted January 3, 2021

It is during the winter of 1803 that Napoleon Bonaparte secretly plots to invade England by way of the English channel Spies are everywhere. They are French, American, but most are British. Their task is to gather any information that will stop Bony.

British Commander Duncan Alysham

A Lady in Disguise
by Sandra Byrd
"Victorian Era Suspense At Drury Lane Theatre"
Posted January 3, 2021

A LADY IN DISGUISE is a delightful story set in England in the Victorian era. It is a sweet blend of history, mystery, theatre, and a smattering of romance. Gillian Younis alone now as she has just buried her father after his mysterious death. A local well-respected cop Read more...

Sweet Tea and Sympathy
by Molly Harper
"Bless Your Heart, You Will Love This Southern Charmer!"
Posted January 3, 2021

Margot Cary has it all! She is an events planner at ELITE ELEGANCE in the Windy City. She loves her job and has a glowing reputation in Chicago. Margot is hoping with the success of her latest event that she will be offered a partnership in the Company. However Read more...

The Bricklayer of Albany Park
by Terry John Malik
"Serial Killer Hunting Pedophiles In the Windy City"
Posted January 3, 2021

From the Windy City comes a chilling tale of a savage serial killer on a mission. Stalk, then brutally murder the pedophile, after torturing and dismembering him. Stage his body and place him at a site to bring attention to his filthy crime. It will send a message to Read more...

A Coldwater Warm Hearts Wedding
by Lexi Eddings
"Who Says You Can Never Go Home?"
Posted January 3, 2021

A COLDWATER WARM HEARTS WEDDING is a charmer! Coldwater, Oklahoma is a quaint and friendly small town where everyone knows everyone else. Heather Walker has lived there her entire life. She loves her job as a surgery nurse at the small Coldwater Cove hospital, The next surgery scheduled is Read more...

A Daring Arrangement
by Joanna Shupe
"Delicious Delightful Golden Age Delight"
Posted January 3, 2021

Lady Honora (Nora) Parker is an English beauty and daughter of Earl of Stratton. Nora has a secret relationship with Robert, a poor, starving, no-future artist she wants to marry. Knowing her father will never agree to this, she arranges to be found with Robert in a compromising Read more...

The Orphan's Tale
by Pam Jenoff
Posted January 21, 2020

THE ORPHAN’S TALE is a bittersweet story set in World War II about new beginnings, friendships, dreams, and the fight for survival while traveling with a touring circus. Noe is 16 when she becomes pregnant by a Nazi soldier and in disgrace is kicked out of her Read more...

We Met in December
by Rosie Curtis
"What a difference a year makes..."
Posted January 16, 2020

WE MET IN DECEMBER is a delicious delight about second chances set in the lovely locale that is London. I enjoyed Jess and Alex's story and I am no stranger to the magic that is brought by author Rosie Read more...

Potions Are for Pushovers
by Tamara Berry
Posted January 16, 2020

A paranormal cozy mystery is usually not my cup of tea, but POTIONS FOR PUSHOVERS is the sweetest surprise! Tamara Berry is a brand new writer to me and one who has my attention. She tells a killer story with Read more...

Lake Season
by Denise Hunter
"A delightful sweet romance!"
Posted January 2, 2020

In the small, lakeside town of Bluebell, North Carolina, tragedy strikes the Bennett children. Molly, Levi, and Grace, grieving the sudden death of their parents in a car accident, band together to plot their uncertain future. The path they chose included working together to make their parents' dream come Read more...

Walk Me Home
by Liza Kendall
"A new romance series begins with second-chance romance!"
Posted January 2, 2020

WALK ME HOME is a delightful, delicious recipe for second chances at Silverlake Ranch. It comes with sugar mixed with sass. Stir in some humor along with some sadness., family loyalties and betrayals and a love story that will not Read more...

Deadly Deceit
by Natalie Walters
"Cyber blackmail, murderer strikes! "
Posted December 19, 2019

Vivian DeMarco, an ambitious journalist whose dream is the headline and big story that will boost her career. However, she was fired from her last job because she refused to write details that would ruin the reputation of the widow in her story. Harold Kennedy offers Vivian a job Read more...

The Last Train to London
by Meg Waite Clayton
"A fascinating World War II story about the Kindertransport..."
Posted December 5, 2019

THE LAST TRAIN TO LONDON is a powerful, historical novel that moved me. The era is World War II in Austria, with a true heroine, Gertrude Wijsmuller who I cheered for the entire book. She helped thousands of children escape Read more...

Tell Me No Lies
by Shelley Noble
"Gilded Age Whodoneit will delight you"
Posted November 21, 2019

TELL ME NO LIES is a historical, romantic mystery set in the Gilded Era in New York City. Lady Phil is a different kind of protagonist and one I admired. . . Philomena Amesbury, Dowager Countess of Dunbridge, aka Phil, is not Read more...

The Stylist Takes Manhattan
by Rosie Nixon
Posted November 13, 2019

THE STYLIST TAKES MANHATTAN is a frothy, fun-filled adventure filled with glitz and glamour. Amber Green is a British stylist decorating windows at the renowned department store, Selfridges. She loves her job, is creative and happy. She is in Read more...

Christmas in Vermont
by Anita Hughes
Posted November 13, 2019

It is never too early for a Christmas story especially one told by magical storyteller, Anita Hughes, a favorite of mine. Emma has a long history of breaking off her relationships, always during the holidays. This time it is with Scott. Alone in the Big Apple on Christmas Eve Read more...

Patricia (Pat) Pascale

It's a New Year and look forward to lots of good books. ALWAYS IS THE perfect time to settle in and read! read!! broken hearted and the house is too quiet. Took GOOD BOY from a Petcation and think this will be his Forever Home. Don't have his name yet but he is sweet, lovable and we will make each other happy. A chow retriever with gorgeous shadings of brown and beige and he is a charmer!

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88 comments posted.

Re: Their Unexpected Love (10:14am June 10, 2014):

Just returned from a special time in Maine. Watching the
lobstermen leave and return each day was wonderful. Got to read a really, really good book. Sweet Filthy Boy by the team of Christina Lauren. Can't wait until the sequel comes out in the fall. Fun, funny and sexy. Need I say more?

Re: Home to Stay (7:34am April 16, 2014):

We live on a lovely, large lake. It is quiet now but soon the boats will be out fishing, or just exploring the shores.
We winter in FL but ALWAYS return to home with open hearts because it is truly welcoming, peaceful and warm. It is true "There is NO place like home."

Re: Unfixable (7:22am April 16, 2014):

I fell in love with Tony, the male hero, in The Opposite of Maybe and actually reread the book because of him. He is funny and warm and loving. Finished the book last week and I am still remembering him. Best hero in many, many, many reads.

Re: A Perfect Distraction (9:08am April 9, 2014):

Our home is Victorian and we have a lot of dusty rose, peach, pink and our bedroom is RED. No wallpaper. Lots of dolls, rocking horses, and lovely antiqued furniture. Love it Many friends call it The Doll House.

Re: Shadowed By Grace (10:45am March 16, 2014):

I live in a Victorian House and my reading spot is on my lovely chaise lounge, that has seen better days. I share some of my plots of my favorite books with my husband but often send the books I love best to my Diva friend in CA, as she is a full time hospital worker..then we discuss the reading via e-mail. Keep writing!

Re: Limoncello Yellow (3:52pm January 14, 2014):

San Francisco...its' trolleys, Lombard St, the Waterfront where all the action is...love it. Just got a gift of Lemoncello from friends returning from Italia. I will open it to celebrate your new book...sounds like a good one.

Re: Shadowed By Grace (8:47am January 10, 2014):

Yes, I remember the aluminum scrap drives and also meeting trains at White Plains RR Station and selling war bonds in my Girl Scout uniform. Proud of every minute and we won the wars too. Those were the GOOD OLE DAYS.
Book sounds like you did some excellent research.

Re: Wild Violets (3:10pm January 2, 2014):

You don't sound like a left over to me.
Keep writing! Love the title.....

Re: Thrown (6:59am December 16, 2013):

Sounds like ten good reasoms to love your book. And I love horses too. Happy Holidays.

Re: The Blake Legacy (7:47am December 6, 2013):

Neat site. Ho!Ho!Ho! Off to buy gift cards for books for my family and friends. Easy for me and fun for them to select a good read for a cold winter's night. Happy Holidays.

Re: Lies that Bind (2:37pm November 20, 2013):

Keep singing...keep acting...keep writing and keep loving.
That is worth MORE than a million dollars any day.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Re: The Bitches of Brooklyn (1:45pm November 19, 2013):

We were renting a house in Maine on the ocean and I wanted to do some shelling. I had bought a pretty pair of rubber boots, floral and very stylish and not inexpensive! The first day there, I was ready for action and headed down the rocks. POW. I slipped and fell and barely made it up to the house. For the rest of the stay, these boots greeted you at the front door and now they are in a box on a high shelf. So much for my athletic side. Love your books.
Happy Holidays.

Re: A Song At Twilight (9:29am November 18, 2013):

Ah, will it be true love for Sophia and Robin? It is precisely the kind of book I love and just in time for the holidays too. Happy Holidays and keep writing.

Re: The Art of Murder (10:07am November 17, 2013):

This has all the ingrediants for a good thriller...just the kind I really enjoy. Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving,

Re: Dangerous Connections (2:33pm November 15, 2013):

The cover alone makes me want to sit right down and read it from cover to cover. Love your writing. HappyThanksgiving.

Re: Never Underestimate a Caffarelli (12:18pm October 28, 2013):

It would be painful for me and mine, BUT you could still read which is the greatest joy in my life. Keep writing!

Re: The Wishing Thread (12:12pm October 28, 2013):

When I was in high school, it was the
the "thing" to do..make argyle socks for your boy friend.
My friend taught me (kind of) and I worked so hard and finished a lovely pair and gifted my beau. A week later he brought them to me with a large hole in them. I did not twist the colors correctly and they finally just fell apart. Years later, I took knitting lessons and knit hats for newborns at the local hospital. It's fun just like reading is. Keep writing!

Re: Milkshakes, Mermainds, and Murder (9:29am October 24, 2013):

Many years ago I was shopping in Westport,CT when I passed a handsome man dressed in tennis whites. He had blue eyes that were lovely, and a friendly smile. It was Paul
Newman and it " made my day."
Your book sounds great!

Re: The Butterfly Sister (11:00am October 20, 2013):

Sounds like a keeper to me. Happy October, and Happy Happy Halloween. Keep writing!

Re: Behind the Shattered Glass (6:29pm October 17, 2013):

I would be laying the fire at 5 a.m. and the Master would come in and notice me. Then he would fall in love with me and I would be the Mistress of the Manor and live there happily ever after. I love Victorian novels and love your writing.

Re: Dirty Trick (10:14am September 26, 2013):

Zuccini bread fresh from the oven. Mmmmmm-m good. And a
copy of your latest book. Keep writing! Enjoy Fall, the prettiet time of year.

Re: Gideon's Call (4:21pm September 22, 2013):

I particularly enjoyed your story about you and your wife both ordering the books. Talk about a sweet relationship.
I, too, have that special relationship with my mate and it is wonderful. Hoping I will get to put your book in my growing collection of gems.
Keep writing!

Re: Heirs And Graces (9:01am September 16, 2013):

Rhys, love your column and I am hereby offering to be "your lady in waiting" on your next trip. I can carry your hat!
I would pack a white long skirt and some colorful tops..stay cool and be cool.
Keep writing!

Re: Against The Ropes (2:48pm September 6, 2013):

Sarah, I really enjoy a book with a plot that brings out humor. It is a special additive that I, personally, enjoy and look forward to. It is so important to laugh and enjoy!
Keep writing!

Re: Never Say No to a Caffarelli (8:57am September 3, 2013):

A moist zuccini bread, especially since we have a very ample supply in our garden presently. Congrats on your 50th. Keep writing!

Re: High Country Rebel (2:12pm August 27, 2013):

Hi Lindsay,
What a nice way to spend the up-coming holiday week-end.
You are a writer with a great voice. Keep writing.

Re: Italian Affair (6:59am August 10, 2013):

Annie, I have loved Anne of Green Gables since I was a child. I have the doll and a copy of the book in my great room and it makes me happy to see it. I miss characters, too, after reading about them. I love the high of a great plot and find myself eager for triologys so I can remain in contact with characters that are warm and loving. Italian Villa sounds like a good read.

Re: A Brew to a Kill (1:26pm August 6, 2013):

What a warm and homey site you have. It is fun to visit and you are very creative!
Your books have creative ingredients too. Keep writing!

Re: The Passion Of The Purple Plumeria (1:04pm August 6, 2013):

What a great idea. I, too, read 4-5 books a week and never write them all down. A couple of times I signed out one at the library only to discover I had read it. The library does not keep count. Thanks for the idea. Now on to new Pink Carnation Adventures.

Re: Death Al Dente (9:27am August 5, 2013):

Death al Dente sounds like a great read. I never heard of Huckleberry Chocolate..sounds mmm-mmmm good.
Moved when the house we lived in was to be sold by my grandparents when they moved to FL. I never looked back.

Re: Reckless (2:05pm July 24, 2013):

I just watched Tom Cruise in The Ghost Protocol and he did a lot of those wild stunts. I was glued watching it and would put it up there with "some of the greatest stunts."
Look forward to your read.

Re: Kissing My Old Life Au Revoir (7:08pm July 22, 2013):

I believe this adventure is meant to be for you and your husband sounds wonderful to share it with you. Nice plots coming from there and if and when you decide it's time to move on, just do that. Together you can do anything. Keep writing,Eliza, and enjoy!

Re: Raspberries and Vinegar (10:56am July 21, 2013):

My husband recently retired and took over cooking and WOW! he is good. He really cooks from scratch, creates his own recipes and best of all he makes homemade pasta that is light as air. Look forward to RASPBERRIES AND VINEGAR. You got me at the title.

Re: Rancher to the Rescue (9:36am July 17, 2013):

A "jock" and I saw all his trophys but never knew he used to get up early in the morning on special occasions to make homemade ravioli with his dad. My mouth still waters when I remember the first time I saw that platter heaped with homemade pasta. He still does it and has never given me his recipe.

Re: Winning a Bride (7:18pm July 5, 2013):

Jade, you are so funny. I like Novellas or regular book length books. I just love to read a good plot with great characters. That's how I have been spending this glorious 4th of July and it has been wonderful. Keep writing and keep making us smile!
Patricia Pascale

Re: Wish You Were Here (5:11pm June 28, 2013):

Hi Amanda,
I took a Saturday position in the Children's Room at the
library nearest our home because I wanted to tell the stories to children. My boss was an ogre but I kept at it until I graduated because I loved the children and the books. Now I tell stories to my 9 year old grandson. He loves reading and books as much as I do. Keep writing!
Patricia Pascale

Re: Rescuing Dawn (9:44am June 19, 2013):

I met my "forever friend" in church. Then she moved way across country to CA and we became e-mail buddies. She is always there for me and visa versa. Miss her smiling, beautiful face but she is ALWAYS there for me.y
Truly blessed.
Pat Pascale

Re: Paige Torn (9:32am May 27, 2013):

We moved to VA from CT 13 years ago and brought several bulbs that my mom gave us. Two were of a lovely peach color Iris that barely reproduced for the first few years here. My husband and I continued moving it and last year we could have won first prize with the huge, gorgeous Iris.

Re: With a Vengeance (5:35pm May 3, 2013):

I met best my best friend in church many, many years ago. She has since moved to the other coast but we are together via e-mail often. It is so pleasing that our e-mails have passed in space showing we are thinking of each other at the same moment. We are truly blessed.
Patricia Pascale

Re: Father By Choice (2:06pm April 30, 2013):

I enjoy children in a book if it is handled in an honest and you know how to do it. Keep Writing!
Patricia Pascale

Re: The Seven-Day Target (8:28am April 29, 2013):

Is there any other kind of genre out there more enticing?
You do it all and the other ingrediant I look for is a hero with a great sense of homor. Would love to read your book.
Pat Pascale

Re: Out Of Circulation (9:28am March 10, 2013):

I look forward to meeting Charlie and Diesel...sounds like a purrrrty neat adventure. Keep writing!
Pat Pascale
[email protected]

Re: Against The Odds (5:16pm December 19, 2012):

Growing up with two children, one girl, one boy, we would select a christmas tree ornament that depicted a "happening"
to each of them. An example, a chef holding a big cookie for our son who had to take home economics and learned how to bake cookies. A pair of figure skates when our daughter wanted to be Dorothy Hammil. They do the same with their children now and still treasure the warm memories brought when they hang their old memory ornaments.
Happy Holidays,e Kat.
Patricia Pascal

Re: The Bridegroom Wore Plaid (1:50pm December 7, 2012):

I love everything Victorian. My husband and I attended a week Elderhostel and the theme was "all things Victorian".
It was the best program we have attended and we especially loved the evening on Victorian Dancing...Oh, the gowns were beautiful beyond belief. Would love to win your book.
Happy Holidays.
Patricia Pascale

Re: Wish Upon A Christmas Star (6:02am December 2, 2012):

My wish for Christmas is to be selected to win the prize of your books. Hoping and wishing you the Happiest of Holidays.
Patricia Pascale

Re: Heart Of A Texan (10:43pm November 30, 2012):

What woman would not be charmed by a handsome cow poke in tight jeans riding into town on a white charger? It wouuld be me....dream, dream, dream.
Sounds like a great and sexy read.
Pat Pascale

Re: Holiday in Crimson (10:18am November 25, 2012):

It was our tradition to give our children an orniment for the Christmas tree that recalled something special that happened that year. A chef ornament, when our son had to take home economics; a ballet dancer when our daughter took ballet lessons. Now, married, they do the same with their children.

Re: Holiday in Crimson (9:44am November 25, 2012):

Each of our children received a Christmas ornament that recalled a special memory of the past year. Now our children have started that tradition with their children.
Fun to see and happy they enjoy a simple joy.
Patricia Pascale

Re: Got Game? (9:41am September 22, 2012):

As a golf widow, I would love GOT GAME. Even though I tried to play the game, which my husband loves, I prefer to read about it. I follow the Tour and know most of the USA Players as well as the Europeans. Willl be immersed in the Ryder Cup this week end. Go USA.

Re: The Curse (1:15pm September 16, 2012):

An avid book there is nothing more SPECIAL to me than to hold a book, especially a brand new one, in my hands. They are making the covers, and now, the inside front pages so lovely that I have several scattered around our bedroom in a book holder. Many of my friends have done the same. Had a Kindle but I like to read a book, the old fashioned way, in my hand.
Patricia Pascale

Re: The Curse (1:03pm September 16, 2012):

An avid reader and an old fashioned gal that loves to hold a book in my hands. They are so pretty now i.e. ROSES that I have put it on display in a book holder and it is in our bedroom. Many friends have copied my idea with their pretty books. Had a Kindle as a gift but prefer reading the old fashioned way...in my hands.
Pat Pascale

Re: When You Give A Duke A Diamond (4:08pm September 8, 2012):

As an avid reader especially Victorian romances, I found your information about divorces or lack of quite interesting. Something I never thought about but glad to have the inside information. Thanks for sharing your research. Look forward to 3 Diamonds and keep writing!

Pat Pascale

Re: Allergic To Death (9:26am August 19, 2012):

Have much in common with you. From CT but have kins in Paris, TN and "Bailee" was my beloved Maltese that passed after 14 years of love and devotion. And I am married to an Italian that loves to cook. Perfect combo. Keep writing,
Pat Pascale

Re: Deep Blue (8:04am August 14, 2012):

We did three cruises in three years and enjoyed them all.
BUT, had no will power when it came to the bountiful buffets and the lovely teas. I put 5 pounds on each time and still working to get it off.
Alaska was the best surprise as I felt I was going to please my husband but it is beautiful beyond compare. The most exciting thing for me was an invitation to sit at the Captain's Table Still have the photos to prove it!

Re: Wild Texas Rose (7:23pm August 6, 2012):

Love Texas..love romance....Love your characters and plots.
And my middle name is ROSE!!!! Congrats on 35 and keep chuggin'.
Patricia R. Pascale

Re: The Last Victim (10:27am August 6, 2012):

Your writing has always brought my silver linings and you are my favorite author. Spent weekend falling in love with Mick and Jason via SLEEPWALKER, followed by Mark and Jess in JUSTICE. You never let me down and I always rethink your books days after I finished the last page and my heart feela happy. Keep listening to your heart. I will always be there to listen and applaud.
I know you listen to your heart.

Re: Luscious (10:48am July 19, 2012):

I love a happy ending and feel happy for days after when I get one. It is exactly like the perfect dessert after a really good dinner.
Patricia Pascale

Re: Deep Autumn Heat (8:28am July 6, 2012):

I hailed from Woodbury, CT and enjoy small town tales. Never liked exercise, but did try CURVES in CT and later here in VA. UGH, boring. Knowing I had to do something to remain a size 10, I walk with my husband and our Golden Retreiver. Good luck on your latest and keep writing.
Patricia Pascale

Re: Lord Of Fire And Ice (7:09pm July 5, 2012):

It's mid 90's here at the lake..What better time to relax and enjoy "Lord of Fire and Ice." Keep writing!
Patricia Pascale

Re: Wicked Nights (7:32am June 29, 2012):

With a name like Zacharel, how could he miss?
Keep writing!

Pat Pascale

Re: Lady Amelia's Mess And A Half (8:21pm June 28, 2012):

It just has to be a happy ending for me. I guess that's why I have seen PRETTY WOMAN at least ten times! Keep writing!
Pat Pascale

Re: Invitation To Scandal (9:58am June 26, 2012):

I. too. love Hugh Jackman and Judith McNaught is one of my favorite authors. Perhaps I would love being you. Keep writing!
Patricia Pascale

Re: Sins Of The Angels (9:05am June 24, 2012):

Yes, I agree with number four....power. You truly have us in your complete power from page one to the last. Keep writing!

Patricia Pascale

Re: Honorable Rancher (10:04am June 22, 2012):

Reading is my passion. In high school I worked in a large library after school in the Children's Room because I got to tell stories to them on Saturday mornings. Now I am a Snow Bird in FL and the first thing I do when I get unpacked in go and join the library there. It is the best money I spend! Keep writing!
Pat Pascale

Re: Grill Me, Baby (9:30am June 17, 2012):

I was so lucky to live upstairs from my grandmother who came from Lithuania. I was like her shadow and watched her cook, pink cheeked and always smiling. But my best memories of when she showed me how to make New pickles, which only remain in the chock for 24 hours. She said, "Patsy don't touch them until then." I would creep down into the cellar and lift the plate that covered them and try one! I make them now but miss the fun of being with grandma! Plan to share this experience soon with my 9 year old grandson who, like me, loves pickles.
Pat Pascale

Re: Finding Her Son (9:28am May 28, 2012):

Oh Robin what a perfect list! And my favorite expression now is sigh-worthy.
Have a great holiday.
Pat Pascale

Re: Missing (9:50am May 6, 2012):

The Search. Love the theme and characters. Keep writing!
Pat Pascale

Re: Capitol Murder (9:41am May 6, 2012):

The Ottomon Sepulcher.
My husband and I are political "junkies" and watch all news "that's fit to print" concerning politics and the important upcoming election. I know we will enjoy your book. Keep writing!
Pat Pascale

Re: Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire (9:04am April 22, 2012):

I, too, love Romantic genres. I, too, followed in my mother's foot steps in reading choices and now my daughter enjoys them too. That's three generations and we are all going strong. Keep writing!
Patricia Pascale

Re: No Dress Required (2:04pm April 21, 2012):

Connected books are fun and I especially love your titles.
You can't miss. Keep writing!ale
Pat Pasc

Re: The Fallen Woman of Vil?gos (11:07am April 16, 2012):

Yes, I believe deja vu is real. I feel the phone is going to ring before it does many times. Your plot sounds exciting. Keep writing!
Pat Pascale

Re: Missing (9:45am March 24, 2012):

The Search Would love to curl up out at the Lake and read, read, read.
Keep writing!

Re: Sink or Swim (7:59pm March 25, 2011):

My husband and I were hooked on "LOST" and love your idea of a Reality Show as background for a mystery. Hope I can solve it before the last page. Keep writing!
Patricia R.
Smith Mt Lake, VA

Re: Emily And Einstein (7:50pm March 25, 2011):

Her step sister is JORDAN. I have heard so many great things about this book. Hope I get to win a copy.
Keep writing and always include a dog.
Patricia R.
Smith Mt Lake, VA

Re: Scandal of the Year (10:14am March 4, 2011):

Brought some sunny days up from Fl for you to enjoy and your Twist will appear as it always does and you'll be up up and away with a new plot that I will be waiting to enjoy.

Patricia R.
Smith Mt Lake, VA

Re: Pleasure Me (8:31am January 14, 2011):

Your characters are always wonderful and I fall for the leading man always...AND your covers jump off the shelf.
Keep writing. And I hope I get to win one of your books.
Patricia R.
Cape San Blas, FL

Re: The Fire In Ember (12:04pm January 10, 2011):

Happy and Healthy 2011 DiAnn. Spending the winter months on FL and nothing I enjoy more than to relax out on the prch and read a historical romance....my favorite genre. Keep writing and best always.
Pat Pascale

Re: The Winter Sea (3:06pm December 20, 2010):

Just returned from a Week at Cape May, NJ, my second. It is a very lovely location with lots of history. Perfect location for research on your new book.
Happy Holidays.
Smith Mt Lake, VA
[email protected]

Re: Simply Irresistible (8:42am October 29, 2010):

Perfect plot...a handsome builder to help make the Inn a new adventure....fun, love with some trimmings!

Re: Feline Fatale (5:56pm September 17, 2010):

What jcould be better than a mystery and a sweet dog?
Keep writing!

Re: Hidden Wives (9:45am June 26, 2010):

I have never had a reading "funk" thanks to great authors like you and others. Have a wonderful summer and keep writing.

Patricia R,

Re: Sworn To Protect (12:21pm June 25, 2010):

You have spent your lifetime writing and IU feel you are getting better and better.
Please keep writing.

Patricia R.
Smith Mt Lake VA

Re: Desire Me (11:40am June 8, 2010):

Scavenger hunts, any type, brings back wonderful, warm memories of my youth.
Keep writing.
Patricia R.

Re: Blown Away (3:41pm May 31, 2010):

Some of my favorite reading have been trilogies. I especially loved Penny Vincenzi and look forward to yours.
Happy Happy Holiday.
Patricia R.
Smith Mt Lake, VA

Re: Dead in the Family (2:26pm May 29, 2010):

I love Winston.
Have a great holiday weekend.
Patricia R.
Smith Mt Lake, VA

Re: On Folly Beach (2:07pm May 18, 2010):

So many warm memories of my grandmother..this weekend I made potato salad (her recipe) and served it in her green salad bowl that she always used to use. Memories, sweet memories...

Re: Haunting Warrior (3:39pm May 12, 2010):

I'm staying put as my Mr. Right is even cuter than Rory.
Keep writing.
Pat P.
Smith Mt. Lake, VA

Re: Sex Drive (5:57pm May 10, 2010):

Congrats on Cosmo....many more wonderful things are coming your way. Keep writing.
Patricia R.
Smith Mt Lake VA...the Land orf Lovers

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