February 27th, 2020
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Night time can be frightening, especially when you’re all alone.

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He wanted revenge but found love instead.

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Some promises are meant to be broken, Some vows are forever…

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Can the course that they’ve set for the future handle a slight detour...?

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The famous bells are ringing a hero’s welcome when a former army captain returns home...

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"A cracker of a read—her best yet!"—B. A. Paris

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Trading favors, battling wills, and winning love

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Bound by love. . .torn apart by secrets.

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Will a blackout change everything for these unlikely lovers?

Anne Muller

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96 comments posted.

Re: Hot Rock (12:29pm February 26, 2014):

I think it's the combination of all the factors mentioned,
plus anyone successful has that certain aura that makes them

Re: Tempted by the Soldier (12:27pm February 26, 2014):

Books in many genres including romance, ice cold diet coke
and chocolate.

Re: Scion of the Sun (1:48pm November 4, 2013):

I've been reading YA for years, I'll even occasionally read
a younger book despite not having kids. Bunnicula sounded
fun so I read it. Took about 10 minutes and I wouldn't
really recommend it to other adults, but it was cute. I've
cut back a bit in the last year because I found myself
becoming too critical, what appeals to a 15 year old in
terms of relationship drama both between friends or more
than friends was becoming grating to a 50 year old woman. I
did give up on the last Twilight book and have not seen the
movies, but I enjoyed Harry Potter in both forms and love
Rachel Caine's Morganville Vampire series.

Re: My Lady Quicksilver (3:40pm October 4, 2013):

I'm sure my parents probably knew/found out when I lied, but I
can't remember any serious consequences. As an adult, I don't
feel the need to lie..... though I might not volunteer

Re: Honeymoon To Die For (4:01pm September 11, 2013):

The cover leads me to pick up the book and read the blurb so
it does influence me. If the cover looks "cheap" like a
cartoon illustration verses life like covers, I'm definitely
more negative.

Re: Taken by the Vampire King (11:31am August 12, 2013):

The bad boys with that hint of danger.

Re: A Method to Madness (12:28pm April 17, 2013):

You're a new to me author too. I do enjoy mysteries and crime novels.

Re: Speak No Evil (12:27pm April 17, 2013):

Happy release day. I love romantic suspense so Speak No Evil sounds like a great read.

Re: Hot Ticket (2:16pm March 1, 2013):

A good friend is there in the good times and bad and helps. A good friend is critical (no "yes" types for me), but doesn't beat you down.

Re: Thread On Arrival (2:32pm January 15, 2013):

Congrats on the latest release. I've been on a real cozy kick since the fall and I've really enjoyed this series so far...despite my complete lack of interest in sewing or embroidery. I have taken a couple of cake decorating classes so I have more in common with Daphne.

If I win, I'd like Nook (ePub).

Re: Finding Home (1:37pm January 14, 2013):

Congrats on the new series, Lois. I really enjoyed your Christy McMullen mystery series.

Re: Christmas Confidential (11:05am November 28, 2012):

We don't do Christmas any more. My mother got fed up with us not joyfully celebrating it the way she wanted to and the work and said no more. Since we were all teens and above by that time, we were all quite thankful, not that we've ever voiced that to her. I remember my dad coming up to me the first year after her edict and whispering "Isn't it so much better?"

If any of us had kids, I'm sure we'd do more of the traditional stuff, but I much prefer the calm season we now have from the highs and lows of before.

Re: Losing Control (9:26am October 24, 2012):

I read about 90% linked books/series. It's a bit like revisiting friends when I read the next book. My most favorite series are the ones which feature the same characters in the lead role because you get to know them better and better in each book. I read series in many genres. The top two right now are in the urban fantasy genre: The Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews and The Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs.

Re: Run The Risk (12:24pm October 10, 2012):

Sherilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter books have a bit of both the good and bad guys walking on the other side of the line.

Re: Diary of a Vampire Stripper (10:41am September 26, 2012):

I loved Vincent Price's voice. It's nice to read a post about the attractiveness of men can be based on more than just a cut, ripped body (but please give me those covers anyway ;-) ).

Re: A Home For Nobody's Princess (12:56pm September 25, 2012):

Being with any of my immediate family makes me feel at home, no matter where we are.

Re: Boyfriend From Hell (12:24pm September 24, 2012):

This series has a totally new plot line for me. Sounds really interesting and I love kick ass heroines.

Re: Deadly Little Lies (10:22am September 18, 2012):

I don't have any comfort books, but I do re-read a couple of series because I like them so much and I see something new every time I read: The Kate Daniels series, The Mercy Thompson series and The Southern Vampire series. They all have female leads and have the same main characters throughout the series. I think they're my favorites because I've seen the characters develop.

The only childhood books I revisit, maybe once every 10 years, Is Gone Away Lake and it's sequel.

Re: Blaze of Winter (10:33am September 17, 2012):

I try to plan so I don't need major help, like having renter's insurance and a health plan with a savings account so I can save to cover my cobra payments if I ever lose my job. When I do ask for help, I defintiely try to reciprocate.

Re: The Curse (1:24pm September 16, 2012):

I am only buying ebooks, but I still have paperbooks that I plan to keep until they disintegrate. My library offers ebook downloads as well as regular books. The selection of regular books is MUCH better, so I still read primarily paper books from the library, but when I buy, it's ebooks because of the space issue.

Re: Treacherous Toys (9:07am September 5, 2012):

I've enjoyed your various series over the last couple of years. This post reminded me to go back and look up the ones I've missed especially since I'm on a cozy kick right now.

Re: In the Line of Duty (11:29am August 27, 2012):

I disagree with your brother in law too. I want a manly man who respects that I'm not helpless.

Re: Allergic To Death (1:55pm August 18, 2012):

I've been on a real cozy kick lately. I started reading mysteries when I was kid because my mother did, then I graduated to a whole host of genres, but find myself needing to read msyteries, specifically cozies again. I enjoy the variety of hooks: bookstores, restaurants, coffee shops, candle making, needlecraft, B&Bs etc. I've requested both books mentioned from my library.

Re: Deep Blue (8:54am August 14, 2012):

I've cruised over 250 days, mostly cruises of 21 days or more versus short cruises. I really enjoy the food, shows and the not unpacking and packing every day. I actually enjoy them more now that I don't try to do very activity like I used to. Over the years though, the additional charges for everything is starting to add up.

Never pay full price for a cruise, there are lots of places to hunt online for bargains.

Re: West of Want (2:31pm August 8, 2012):

Possession which had a lot of passion in it.

Re: The Last Victim (2:03pm August 7, 2012):

Congrats on the debut of a new series. I enjoy both paranormal and suspense books, so it's great to have them combined in a series.

Re: A Brew To A Kill (2:01pm August 7, 2012):

Is Max going to be a new love interest (wanted or unwanted) for Clare or her daughter? I really enjoy the series and have learned a lot about coffee, but not enough to actually drink it or enjoy it personally.

Re: Can't Hurry Love (2:20pm August 1, 2012):

Now that I'm getting older, I like them in their late 30's early forties. james Garner is an example of a guy who was great looking when he was younger, but even better with some age on him.

Re: Take it Like a Vamp (11:44am July 25, 2012):

I have tried and tried to read Anne Rice and give up after a few pages. I am, however, a fan of The Southern Vampire series, upon which True Blood is VERY loosely based. I do enjoy True Blood now that I don't try to compare the two. Eric is a favorite from both. As for the Winchester's, Dean is my pick, only wished they showed them both off a bit more. More shirtless scenes please!

Re: Creating Fate (2:44pm July 23, 2012):

Not right, but definitely when something was wrong.

Re: The Officer Says I DO (2:07pm July 19, 2012):

I can't think of any that are funny. At my university, we use lots of acronyms for depts., so many that most of us don't know what they stand for just in my college alone.

Re: It Begins with a Kiss (8:51am July 3, 2012):

Sounds like at least one of the books in the series will have some humorous elements which I always enjoy.

Re: First Do No Evil (1:56pm July 2, 2012):

Depending on my mood, I like a little to a lot in my suspense as long as it fits with the storyline..

Re: Wicked Nights (9:14am June 29, 2012):

Curran from the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. He is taunted by the heroine and we first meet him as a 5' (at the shoulders)tall lion. An impressive start.

Re: Invitation To Scandal (9:22am June 26, 2012):

Joe Mangaiello's wife or girlfriend. He is so hot.

Re: Kiale Dream (8:46am June 13, 2012):

I much prefer the sexy human type aliens to the little green men.

Re: A Fatal Fleece (9:28am June 11, 2012):

Congrats on your new release. You're a new to me author, so I went to the library's website and requested Death by Cashmere to give your series a try.

Re: Chase Me (8:39am June 7, 2012):

Roarke is one of my favorites too. At the top of my list is also Curran from the Kate Daniel's series. Cole from Nalini Singh's Psy/Changeling series appealed too because he didn't know how to woo a woman, but gave it his all.

Re: Copycat Killing (3:35pm June 6, 2012):

Nope, I'm not the type to have celeb crushes, embarassing or not. In real life as a teen/young adult, I kept my crushes on the down low so I was never embarrassed either.

Re: Diamonds Are Truly Forever (11:38am June 4, 2012):

I'm a responsible adult, so I don't lie now, but as a kid, I think I was pretty good at it. Instead of white lies, I simply try to get avoid negative situations or questions. When pushed, I will tell the truth as gently as possible. "I liked your other hairstyle better." Instead of "OMG, did you use a weed whacker on your head?!?"

Re: Seeker Of Shadows (11:26am May 30, 2012):

J.D. Robb and Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels series have me hooked from page 1.

Lovely Bones bored the tears out of me. The Twilight series was a snore and I finally DNF the last one. I read all of the Harry Potter books, but felt they could have been edited to about 400 pages each when they started getting ridiculously long. I know some fans loved every blessed word, but not me.

I have Shades of Grey, but I'm not actually looking forward to reading it, same with Dragon Tattoo. I'm sure I'll read them both...some day.

Re: Beauty and The Best (2:16pm April 30, 2012):

Nothing as good as your story or Jeannine's marine. I used to work with some third world co-workers who bathed once a week, OMG the smell after 4 or 5 days!!! (And we worked with the public.) One of them was married to the sister of one of the other guys who looked like a much shorter version of Tom Selleck (when he looked his best). He showed me a picture once and I almost fainted. She looked JUST like her brother, honestly, I thought it was him in drag. They also lived in a really remote part of an eastern european country and she was wearing a dress circa 1875. Honestly, I don't think I was ever more stunned in my life.

Re: The Vampire Shrink (12:58pm April 27, 2012):

Well, when one of my cats died after 18 years, I could swear at night I heard her meow in the livingroom and jump on the bed. (I had no other cats at the time.)

That's about it for ghostly experiences.

Re: The Zen Man (2:12pm April 17, 2012):

I would never consider Sherlock Holmes hot in any way as he's been portrayed on the screen. To each her own though.

Spenser from Robert B. Parker is hot, tough and erudite. I never got his relationship with Susan though. I could see myself being frustrated with him though. He seemed to be a little passive aggressive. Hawke would probably be too much for the likes of me.

From tv there was Thomas Magnum, Tom Selleck at his peak of physical perfection. Even my mom lusted after him (ewww).

Re: Assassins In Love (1:57pm March 22, 2012):

Cruise ship definitely, when there's no body it's easy to get away with murder.

Re: Sticks and Stones (12:52pm March 21, 2012):

My mom wanted to write a romance with me when we took a long cruise. OMG! Could you imagine writing a sex scene with your mom?!? Of course, I suppose we could have written a "clean" romance. But what's the point of that?

Re: A Seal In Wolf's Clothing (3:46pm March 16, 2012):

I thought hot and sexy. I immediately thought Navy SEAL and wolf shifter two hot and sexy characters in romance.

Re: Hellsbane (5:17pm March 15, 2012):

I listen to very little music and usually only in the car during my commute, but this year I've switched to listening to books on CD.

If I have to focus, no music or books, but if it's a menial task like pitting together kits for work, I do listen to books on CD. (Thank you public library, at $50-120 a pop, I couldn't afford them.)

Re: Dire Needs (12:42pm March 5, 2012):

I definitely read mostly series, but I consider some series really stand alones. You know, those romances where the characters from one book aren't in the second book, and future lead characters get maybe a couple of sentences to set them up for the next book and the backstory is so loosely connected that they're really stand alones.

Re: King of Darkness (9:00am February 22, 2012):

I like the smell of coffee brewing, but I hate the taste. I get my caffeine in the form of Diet Coke, but I try to limit the "hard stuff" to two cans a day then switch to caffeine free.

Re: Stud (7:51pm February 8, 2012):

No movies and tv shows (like True Blood) do not come close to what I imagine when I read a book. I really did enjoy the Potter movies' visual style though and probably enjoyed them more than the books, cause most of the books were 200-400 pages too long in my opinion.

Re: Alpha Instinct (10:31pm February 2, 2012):

Congrats on your new release next week!

I like paranormal romance for the escapism it provides into a different world in terms of what beings may exist. I also like the danger these beings provide.

Re: Touch Me (12:18pm January 30, 2012):

I love friends to lovers stories or sibling of best friend to lover stories.

Re: Double Dare (1:06pm January 27, 2012):

Stacie hasn't seen some of the Chicago cops I've seen. I think fitness requirements disappear after training.

I'd agree that any profession where they use their hands and have to stay fit.

Re: Fever (2:22pm January 25, 2012):

Congrats on making your debut soon. The cover is great which is the thing that makes me pick up a book to read the blurb or pause to read an excerpt.

I no longer do resolutions too. I can remember the last goal I set for myself, I'm a roll with the breeze kind of person.

Re: Sex, Lies and Surveillance (3:31pm January 19, 2012):

James Bond, no matter how dated, will be the ultimate spy to me. (The Sean Connery version)

Re: Risking Trust (11:07am January 11, 2012):

I wish we could edit comments after we post, I hate typos. That should be I've READ a lot of good books...

Re: Risking Trust (11:06am January 11, 2012):

I know exactly what you're talking about when you mention the zone. I can't remember the last time, it's been so long. I've ready a lot of good books in the last couple of years, some where I stayed up late to read just a little bit more or to finish, but nothing that put me in the zone.

Re: Pretty Persuasion (2:21pm January 9, 2012):

I don't rate them unless I'm motivated by some reason to write a review (usually in response to another one I've read). I used to feel compelled to finish a book, but in the last couple of years, I've stopped forcing myself...as much. I still read far longer than I should sometimes.

Re: Demon Crossings (8:34am January 5, 2012):

I haven't read any PR with a Norse backdrop, sounds interesting.

I don't really pay much attention to the changing of years except for grumbling when I write the wrong date on checks.

Re: Hot Rain (12:34pm January 4, 2012):

It's not for me, but I've heard of some success stories. Just meet (once you finally do)in a public place. If it was a family member of mine, I'd probably have the individual checked out by a PI or at least do some kind of search of my own.

Re: How To Worship A Goddess (10:59am December 13, 2011):

To me a hot hockey player would have all his own teeth, but from what I read, that's not too likely. ;-)

Re: Mistletoe and Margaritas (12:07pm December 10, 2011):

I like the 4 seasons. I lived in NJ until 11 and I didn't notice how much more snow NJ gets than IL. I'm thankful I live in IL when I hear about how bad the winters have been on the east coast in the last few years.

Re: Shield of Fire (11:40am December 9, 2011):

My mother always choose children 8-11. She thinks that people choose children and toddlers or teens and the 8-11 years olds get less attentiom. I'm not sure that's true, but it's the thought that counts and someone will be happy.

The youngest in our family is 38, so I can't help you with gift suggestions. I think Renee's suggestion of gift certificates to a multi chain fast food restaurant is good.

Re: Dreaming Of The Wolf (10:31am December 8, 2011):

My go to meal is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on wheat bread. I have them for breakfast or dinner (and lunch). The protein and fat keeps me full longer, yet it's a lighter dinner. I eat about 4 a week.

Otherwise it would be spaghetti. I hate jarred sauces and it's quick to make my own using a can of tomato puree and spices, simmer for 15 min. while water boils and noodles cook. If I don't nuke and add sausage or hamburger (add to sauce then cook sauce 15 more minutes), I sprinkle on mozzarella cheese and nuke 1 min. to melt cheese.

Re: Wild Thing (2:51pm December 7, 2011):

I think opposites do attract as long as they have the same core values. If they are too opposite the initial attraction will probably turn to dislike.

Re: Hunter Of Shadows (1:08pm December 2, 2011):

BTW, I was sitting next to my younger brother (early 20's probably) when the twist in Crying Game happened. OMG! I thought he was going to have a stroke. Even though I knew, it was still kind of shocking.

Re: Hunter Of Shadows (1:07pm December 2, 2011):

I had heard about the Crying Game twist, but not the one in Sixth Sense and was surprised. In a book, it was one of Charlaine Harris' mysteries when she killed off a character, first he was wounded but help was coming, but after help came he died anyway. It was a WTF?!? moment. She has done the same in two of her other series, but this was the first time.

Re: Darn Good Cowboy Christmas (3:19pm November 4, 2011):

Santa, please bring me a kindle, doesn't have to be the Kindle
Fire, just a regular one would do.

Re: The Last Rising (2:56pm September 17, 2011):

I enjoy reading about menages, but there have been several times I've spent more time trying to figure out the logistics (where are all the hands, how can the body bend like that, etc.) of what's happening, than enjoying the writing, particularly when there are more than 3 involved. And, come on, even if all the guys weren't bi, there has to be some cross touching. That's never addressed.

I also wonder how the characters would really feel, doesn't someone feel left out, doesn't the woman sometimes feel like a piece of meat? That's when it's time to switch to something else.

(Toe sucking, I've read that in a couple of stories. There can never be anything erotic about that to me. Nope.)

Re: Diaries Of An Urban Panther (10:27am August 31, 2011):

If a family member or good friend wasn't with me, I'm sure I'd run. As an older sister, if someone I cared about was with me, I'd protect them first (hopefully, by getting them to haul a$$ too).

If it was some"thing" from a horror movie, like Diane B. above, there'd probably be some leakage too. lol

Re: Secrets: Desires Unleased (5:44pm August 25, 2011):

One of my cats loved to rip and chew up rolls of toilet paper when he was a kitten. One day he was wrestling a MONSTER roll of toilet paper complete with growling. It was actually a roll of paper towels which was longer than he was. What. a. mess. I still ocassionally come home and find a roll of paper towels shredded and all over the floor and he's 4.

This same cat loves foam ear plugs. I had a pair in one night, and as I slept they fell out. He comes out of the bedroom growling with something in his mouth. I pry his mouth open and there was a foam ear plug. He knows which drawer I store them in and tries to get in it. He can smell them in my backpack when I bring some home and I find his butt and tail sticking out of the pack as he's hunting them down. He loves to play fetch, I throw and he actually brings them back. We would play fetch for over an hour a day when he was younger, 10-15 min. in the morning is enough for him now, but he still plays with it by himself, tossing it into the air with his teeth. When they get really punctured and ratty, I let him drawer dive for a couple of new ones. He's even "washed" them in the toilet.

Every once and a while a wily ear plug escapes the house and I find it in the apt. hallway or my car or in my backpack. I'm merciless and back it goes into play.

Re: Red's Hot Cowboy (11:28am August 24, 2011):

I love Carolyn's cowboy books, but the msytery aspect of this one really appeals to me.

Re: Hidden Embers (5:20pm April 22, 2011):

My favorite season is fall. I don't like extreme heat or cold and it tends to be drier than spring. The changing leaves are nice too.

Re: A Taste of Seduction (3:43pm March 11, 2011):

You certainly made lemonade out of your lemons.

Re: Taste Me (10:40am March 9, 2011):

Charlaine Harris for her world building in the Southern Vampire series. The same with Ilona Andrews with the Kate Daniels series. (Shockingly, considering how I love kate Daniels, I couldn't finish the first Bayou book.) Donald Westlake's humorous crook capers never failed to make me laugh and the humor wasn't forced.

So many people love Anne Rice, but I have never, ever been able to get past the first 10 pages of her books. My sister has the problem.

Re: The Mysterious Lady Law (5:45pm February 4, 2011):

I read a ton of books by men. Some of my favorite are: Jim Butcher, Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston and Joe Lansdale. I read sveral female authors whose main characters are male and I wonder why never a female (Rob Thurman for one). Dean James writes a mystery under a woman's name about a female waitress which I enjoy. I also like his vampire series where the main character (male) writes bodice rippers. I don't care what gender writes about what gender as long as it's a good story.

Re: Immortal Champion (2:59pm January 27, 2011):

Pure escapism. I like happy romances, not a weeper with a happy ending romance. I don't want to read anything that makes me sad.

Re: Deadly Heat (2:21pm January 22, 2011):

I seem to prefer dark romance more right now, but they can have a touch of humor too. I still like a light, fluffy book every now and again especially when I start having dark dreams, then I know I have to lighten up for a while.

Love your Kensington books, I'll have to give this new series a try.

Re: Pleasure Me (4:55pm January 14, 2011):

I love a quick, breezy read which provides me with a couple hours of escapism.

Re: Wicked Seduction (2:06pm January 11, 2011):

I don't suffer from your madness. I hope you recover soon.
Too funny.

You must have been really into it to give your teenage daughter carte blanche with your purse!

Re: Mercy Kill (3:55pm January 10, 2011):

I don't know that Id use the word "empower", but I have been educated. I talked my mother into opening her car door with a slat from her blinds and I know never to get in a car with a stranger because the statistics of surviving is minimal.

Re: Marked By The Moon (11:17am November 4, 2010):

I like the traditional, 100% evil monsters for the hero and heroine to fight. I also like the monsters that can be redeemed with the love of a "good" woman. Vamps are still my fav (since I was 7), but shifters are up there.

Re: Lord Lightning (1:05pm October 7, 2010):

Congratulations on your first published book!

Nice clarification and beautiful book cover.

Re: Seducing The Duchess (5:33pm October 6, 2010):

I'm still a bit embarrassed to admit I read them to coworkers who ask what I'm reading. I'm even more embarassed to check out erotic romances from the library (I couldn't believe our district bought them, much less the quantity they do). It's frequently the title more than the picture which is the most embarrassing.

Re: The Spy Who Saved Christmas (1:45pm October 4, 2010):

I read and travel (and read while I travel).

Re: Tomb With A View (10:43am July 19, 2010):

I love the series and just finished Tomb with a View and passed it on to my sister and her boyfriend. It's one of the few series they both read.

I don't believe in ghosts, but if they exist would love to see one (a benevolent one).

Re: The Keepers Of Sulbreth (10:32am January 15, 2010):

I have absolutely picked up a book or gone to a website to find out more about a book with an intriguing title. Usually a title that is funny.

I can't say I've paid too much attention to characters' names. About the only characters' names that stand out to me are Lori Foster's. Her male characters tend to have staid, common names like Joe, Bryan, Sam. (Probably cause they're not paranormal/fantasy which I read a lot of and skews my view of names.)

Re: Sex Drive (12:00pm December 3, 2009):

I like series because I like revisiting characters and learning more about them and finding out what happens to them. I usually prefer mystery series to romance series because mystery series usually incorporate multiple characters in the story line and use them repeatedly so we see them progress. Most of the romance series I read move from main character to main character barely mentioning or involving the previous leads. And new characters are briefly mentioned just so they can be used as a lead in the next book.

Some series can last a long time provided they stay fresh but true to the original ideals that made them popular. I agree with Susan above about the Anita Blake series. It's wandered way, way off it's original path and not to the better.

Re: Scorched (3:47pm December 1, 2009):

I am really looking forward to reading Scorched, loved Ravenous.

Re: Stolen Heat (3:45pm November 19, 2009):

I like secondary romances. Sometimes the secondary couple are even more interesting to me than the primary couple. This happened recently and I'm racking my brain trying to remember the title or author. (It'll come to me late tonight, I'm sure.) Sometimes when there's a secondary romance that's it, the author never goes anywhere with it past that book (usually it's been resolved in someway...marriage), but I love it when a great secondary couple get their own book.

Re: Final Approach (2:41pm October 30, 2009):

I don't have kids and I average 2 trick or treaters a year. (And I live in an apt. building with 90 apts. A GOLD MINE for candy when I was a kid. Plus it's all indoors.) I'm convinced one year I'll get the mother load and not have enough candy. So, I usually have three bags (two usually make it to the big day). This year to stay away from the stuff, I bought 4 FULL SIZE Hershey bars (Walgreens, .29 ea.)and got a 10pk of Wendy's frosty coupons, the 6 oz. sample size for $1 a pk....I'll enjoy any left over coupons too. I also have a 42 ct. box of something reasonably good: Orville Redenbacher's 100 cal. Smart Pop bags. I never thought the Hershey bars would make it this long, only 24 more hours! I'm saving at least two Hershey bars for my two regulars who come every year.

Re: Beloved Vampire (4:07pm August 17, 2009):

I don't like whiny characters in any genre...unless they're killed off, ;-).

Wasn't Richard Anita's boyfriend in a couple of books before he got mixed up with Jean Claude and the Circus? That series has developed into a case of too much no-holds eroticism to the detriment of the story.

Re: Breaking Loose (10:53am August 13, 2009):


How funny! I e-mailed another author earlier in the week saying Anne Mather was my favorite Harlequin author. I remember reading my first Harlequin Presents, which was written by her way, way back in the day and being shocked by how spicy it was. Oh mama, how things have changed from that one sex scene between a couple married for convenience which would be considered PG-13 now. Love the series, but liked the covers for Cutting Loose and On the Loose better than the earlier and later ones. Why did they not stick with the more real life look?

Re: Seeing Red (5:05pm July 27, 2009):

We lived in a number of suburbs in two different states when I was growing up, so I have no home town or attachments to any place. My parents made an effort to keep us in the same school districts so we could attend one high school until graduation. I like the access suburbs provide to a big city and it's amenitites. I can understand the appeal of a small town provided there's good employment opportunity.

Re: Earth Guys Are Easy (12:34pm July 15, 2009):

I was fairly young during the 60s and 70s, but I remember the tie dyed t-shirts my uncle made us. He never left his hippie days behind.

To prevent so many squash next year, nip off some of the flowers if you don't use chemicals and stuff them. Stuffed blossoms were really popular a year or two ago in restaurants. I don't have a recipe I've tried, but a google search brings up tons.

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