November 26th, 2020
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Romance and adventure. Passion and revenge. Blood Moon.

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Asritakalpalateeka. Revelations.. the tree with 12 kinds of fruit.

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Someone is trying to kill the Earl of Merton

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She thought she had it all figured out.

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Four bestselling authors create joyous romance around the Thanksgiving holiday

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14 heartwarming Amish Christmas stories from 14 of your favorite Amish authors.

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A secret no one dared whisper…

Cynthia St. Germain

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105 comments posted.

Re: Burn For Me (7:40pm April 2):

I think I miss not being able to touch a book immediately. I have been doing a lot of reorigaizing books

Re: Tempest (9:08pm March 25):

I think I turn to a book that will cheer me up just a little and not deal with possible is going on in my life. And especially a book from author I enjoy.

Re: The Operator (6:33pm March 11):

I don't think I would, but if something at the beginning is said then maybe.

Re: Calling on Quinn (6:14pm February 26):

I love both, then the balance each other. Can't have one without the other.

Re: A SEAL Always Wins (6:33pm February 24):

What I love about a hero in a uniform is they stand for the underdog but also show to the world that honor above all else is important to them.

Re: In Search of Truth (6:31pm February 24):

"C" Crafty.

Re: Veiled in Smoke (6:22pm February 19):

Thank you for a chance to win & read this wonderful book.

Re: The Solid Grounds Coffee Company (7:44pm February 14):

If I could do a cup of coffee again with anyone it would be with my mom, aunt and grandmother. They all have been respectively gone for almost 20 years.

Re: Beach Haven (7:41pm February 14):

If I was to take a romantic vacation it would be to a cabin in the woods and second would be the beach.

Re: The Winter Companion (5:20pm February 12):

I love a good chocolate chip or peanut butter cookie.

Re: Once Upon a Sunset (9:09pm February 11):

A wonderful meal of our favorite foods.

Re: Defending Zara (6:54pm February 10):

I am a big Three Musketeers Bar fan, but anything in Hershey Dark Chocolate is good.

Re: Forever Strong (6:53pm February 10):

Since I am single I take my great niece & great nephew for the night or weekend and let them go out and the kids & do cool movie & dinner together

Re: Lucky Chance Cowboy (8:55pm January 31):

I remember watch Lassie growing up. And Lady & The Tramp.

Re: Whiteout (9:09pm January 28):

I can't imagine but in such cold conditions.

Re: Cold Nose, Warm Heart (9:05pm January 28):

We have 2 cats and have had dogs in the past but not right, but I do enjoy visiting my friends dogs.

Re: Lean on Me (6:43pm January 10):

I haven't really thought about it yet. Nothing really big planned for this year.

Re: Loki Ascending (5:36pm January 9):

I would love to become invisible.

Re: A Cowboy Never Quits (6:18pm January 3):

I love a good cowboy romance because you get to see the closeness of family.

Re: Pathfinder (5:56pm January 1):

I love cowboy romance because a lot of the time you find they are in small towns or areas with good people.

Re: The One for You (5:16pm December 31):

I haven't really thought a resolution. If anything I would love to get a lot more scrapbooking & doing genealogy on my family

Re: Risk It All (8:04pm December 30):

I prefer the mountains, you have a chance to get cooler.

Re: A Wedding in December (6:00pm December 6):

Spending time with family and friends that I don't always get to see.

Re: Wish Upon a Cowboy (4:06pm November 29):

This sounds like a wonderful read. They sounds like wonderful characters and look forward to reading it.

Re: Virgin River (6:22pm November 22, 2019):

Jennifer Faye wrote a series that based on area north of where I live in New Mexico and I think they would be great movies.
But any good romance would be great also.

Re: Wolf Rebel (7:54pm November 21, 2019):

I am a Minnie fan. Looks wonderful.

Re: The Goddess Gets Her Guy (7:53pm November 21, 2019):

I like Spring because of renewals and the fall getting ready for the holiday season.

Re: Puppy Christmas (8:41pm November 15, 2019):

They all look good. Books or a gift card for more.

Re: A Christmas Home (2:02pm October 12, 2019):

All I can say is Yum!!!

Re: Once Upon a Cowboy Christmas (6:23pm October 8, 2019):

Slow cooked meal & a cowboy or a cowboy in a book. Who can't beat it.

Re: Always Look Twice (9:22pm October 7, 2019):

Sounds really good, what I like about fall is the changing of the colors of the trees, and also where I live it means The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Re: Capturing the Heart of a Rock Star (6:19pm September 10, 2019):

I think we would be great author reader match. I love small town romances.

Re: I've Got You, Babe (5:44pm August 30, 2019):

This looks like such a wonderful read. Thank you for sharing the story.

Re: Temptation (8:07pm August 27, 2019):

I had a couple of crushes in school, but I was kinda shy.

Re: Unbreak Me (6:46pm August 19, 2019):

This sounds like such a wonderful read. This is going on my TBR pile right now.

Re: On the Market (5:18pm August 6, 2019):

Books or gift cards for books. And stuff for crocheting

Re: Love at First Bark (4:38pm July 31, 2019):

I love dogs, I grew up with them always in my homes.

Re: Last Chance Rodeo (4:36pm July 31, 2019):

This looks like a wonderful read.

Re: A SEAL Never Quits (4:34pm July 31, 2019):

This sounds like a great book. Can't wait to read.

Re: A SEAL Never Quits (10:20pm July 29, 2019):

This sounds like a wonderful read.

Re: The Sweetest Things (9:12pm July 26, 2019):

I think my favorite holiday is Easter. Because of the renewal of all things. I can remember dressing up with matching dresses with my little sister and the the little white Mary Janes, the only thing different was the color of the ribbon on our dresses.

Re: Fast Lane (5:45pm July 22, 2019):

This like a wonderful read. Thank you for a chance.

Re: Cowboy in Wolf's Clothing (3:00pm July 14, 2019):

I love the review and whole storyline. It's on my TBR list. Thank you for a chance.

Re: Cowboy in Wolf's Clothing (4:17pm June 20, 2019):

This looks like a very intrigue story. Thank you for a chance.

Re: Love Under Construction (5:01pm May 22, 2019):

I love the thought behind how your write and the kinds of books I would love t read.

Re: Death Blow (4:49pm April 10, 2019):

We are a match.

Re: A Shot of Murder (4:48pm April 10, 2019):

I have tried Whiskey a few years ago. It is something that is very smooth if you get the right kind. Look forward to reading this book

Re: Night of the Highland Dragon (7:26pm June 6, 2015):

I think my favorite would be a cat of some kind.

Re: Reunion of Souls (7:07pm June 6, 2015):

I read both fiction and non fiction.

Re: 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake (7:05pm June 6, 2015):

I would say d

Re: More Than A Duke (5:04pm January 15, 2015):

Someone who is loving and caring

Re: Secrets and Sins: Raphael (9:34pm May 4, 2014):

I have learned to swear less because of my great-niece and great-nephew live with me and I don't like to swear around them.

Re: My Not So Super Sweet Life (8:50pm April 26, 2014):

Would love to win this.

Re: Shadowed By Grace (11:54pm March 16, 2014):

My niece Katherine and my best friend Mary, and her daughter Jazmine. We love to share books.

Re: Dating, Dining, and Desperation (11:53pm March 16, 2014):

I use to live in a small town, I would love to live in one again.

Re: The Duke's Quandary (11:44pm March 16, 2014):

The hero in my life was my grandfather. He always made sure that we could always protect ourselves and always told us that he only wanted the best for us.

Re: Charm and Consequence (11:20pm July 15, 2013):

Love to read the book

Re: Once Tempted (4:11pm April 2, 2013):

I love to take road trips because you can experience a lot and see a lot. I love the cover.

Re: The Christie Curse (4:46pm March 3, 2013):

I would love to have been able to written something with her before she had passed.

Re: In From The Cold (6:04pm February 3, 2013):

The books looks exciting to read and the dogs look like they are ready go enjoy that snow.

Re: Fallen Angel (9:15pm December 29, 2012):

I am grateful for my family and my wonderful friends.

Re: A Little Bit Wicked (9:14pm December 29, 2012):

Happy New Year!!! Love the giveaway. Organize family genealogy

Re: Deliver Me From Temptation (1:03pm December 21, 2012):

I love a great story with a good heroine in the story line

Re: Waltz With A Stranger (1:02pm December 21, 2012):

I love romance stories.

Re: A Seal At Heart (4:23pm December 14, 2012):

My family which includes my niece and her husband and their 2 children.

Re: Just A Cowboy And His Baby (4:22pm December 14, 2012):

Thank you for all the wonderful books you brings to us to read.

Re: Holiday Buzz (1:22pm December 7, 2012):

Very interested in reading.

Re: Rancher's Son (1:21pm December 7, 2012):

Sounds like a wonderful books to read

Re: Wish Upon A Christmas Star (6:05pm December 2, 2012):


Re: Wish Upon A Christmas Star (6:05pm December 2, 2012):

We would sometimes have white christmas

Re: Heart Of A Texan (12:24pm November 30, 2012):

Because they work hard and look good in those tight jeans.

Re: Double Time (12:23pm November 30, 2012):

I love my country, but I do listen to other kinds.

Re: Christmas Confidential (3:47pm November 28, 2012):

Getting together will all of the family and extended family and spending time together and hearing all the family stories, and what is going on with everybody.

Re: Holiday in Crimson (4:16pm November 24, 2012):

Family makes Christmas magic for me

Re: Wolfishly Yours (4:00pm November 23, 2012):

This books sounds wonderful and would love to read

Re: Unmasked (6:17pm November 20, 2012):

Sounds like a wonderful read

Re: Ashes Of Twilight (3:20pm November 17, 2012):

I enjoy the steampunk genre. Thank you for bringing it to us.

Re: The Twelve Clues Of Christmas (2:30pm November 11, 2012):

I really enjoy Christmas. I loved to read books about it also.

Re: Heart of Danger (2:57pm November 10, 2012):

Love the sound of the book. Would enjoy the read.

Re: What The Cat Saw (2:56pm November 10, 2012):

I love cats. They are very curious. I love that about them, they are bored with anything.

Re: Enslaved (1:46pm November 9, 2012):

You have to feel for the damaged hero no matter how much he is damaged you need to bring him back.

Re: Conjure (11:13am November 2, 2012):

Would love it

Re: The Warrior (1:20pm November 1, 2012):

I have always wanted to stay in an old castle just to get the feeling of how people use to live in them.

Re: Death In The Floating City (6:02pm October 30, 2012):

Sounds like a wonderful novel to read.

Re: Kissed By A Vampire (2:46pm October 28, 2012):

This looks wonderful

Re: Mistletoe Cowboy (1:43pm October 26, 2012):

I like Carolyn's books. I have read them and I love them.

Re: Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight (1:42pm October 26, 2012):

Christmas stories are a once a year special thing. Thank you for them.

Re: Tempting the Best Man (2:07pm October 24, 2012):

Confident men are very sexy, you know that you will be safe.

Re: Abigail And Mistletoe (2:45pm October 22, 2012):

This is wonderful giving us what made you write. And this book looks wonderful

Re: Lady X's Cowboy (1:04pm October 8, 2012):

I love to read romance novels, especially historical ones, it lets you travel through time and enjoy yourself.

Re: Wild Encounter (3:02pm October 7, 2012):

I want to read this

Re: Contract For Marriage (1:42pm October 4, 2012):

I would prefer not to confront unless needing to. Can't wait to read your book

Re: Secrets Of A Wedding Night (4:19pm September 28, 2012):

I love regency romance novels. Thank you.

Re: Diary of a Vampire Stripper (1:21pm September 26, 2012):

This sounds like it will quite interesting.

Re: Boyfriend From Hell (12:02pm September 24, 2012):

Sounds like a wonderful read.

Re: Got Game? (12:06pm September 22, 2012):

I love the Olympics. And it was wonderful that there were so many more women on our team this year.

Re: Enemies at the Altar (2:14pm September 20, 2012):

I do think that they are related.

Re: Deadly Little Lies (1:01pm September 18, 2012):

I the "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" was one of my favorite books when I was a kid. My other one was reading the Diary of Anne Frank. I loved to read, I had a teacher you made reading fun and my family were really big readers, so I don't remember there not being books in the house.

Re: The Curse (3:22pm September 16, 2012):

I love my autographed copies of books. I love having my kindle but sometimes I just love the feel of a book in my hands.

Re: One Wrong Move (12:09pm September 12, 2012):

This looks like a wonderful read. I hope that I win, and enjoy more of your writings.

Re: Temptation In A Kilt (11:34am September 8, 2012):

I love reading about the bad boys. They make for a good story line.

Re: When You Give A Duke A Diamond (11:33am September 8, 2012):

I love heroines that are strong and that stand up for themselves. Because that shows that women have not always been meek.

Re: A Cup Full Of Midnight (11:12am September 6, 2012):

It sounds like a very interesting book to read

Re: Relentless Pursuit (3:35pm August 20, 2012):

Thanks Nancy, I love your books. Couldn't tell you any one character that I love because they all are good,

Re: Allergic To Death (1:39pm August 18, 2012):

I love mysteries and I think that this book would be good.

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