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"COLD FURY defines the modern romantic thriller."�-�NYT�bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz

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Romance writer and reluctant cop navigate sparks during fateful ride-alongs.

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Free on Kindle Unlimited

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A child under his protection�and a hit man in pursuit.

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Courtney Kelly sees things others can�t�like fairies, and hidden motives for murder . . .

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Reunited in danger�and bound by desire

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Journey to a city that�s full of quirky, zany superheroes finding love while they battle over-the-top, evil ubervillains bent on world domination.

Denise Holcomb

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Barefoot On The Sands
May 28, 2015

May 28, 2012

147 comments posted.

Re: Tempest (1:28am March 26, 2020):

romance books always are a comfort to me

Re: An Inconvenient Duke (9:06pm February 27, 2020):

I love a great plot with authentic settings.

Re: A Cowboy Never Quits (5:29pm January 12, 2020):

heartwarming, truly american, and a hard working man felled
by a woman

Re: Finding Home Again (12:29pm November 18, 2019):

wonderful interview

Re: Puppy Christmas (2:37am November 16, 2019):

I think he should bring me a bundle of books or a new
washer and dryer.

Re: The Reluctant Rake (12:17pm October 31, 2019):

would love to visit Regency England if I were part of the
Ton to enjoy the lifestyle for a day.

Re: A Christmas Home (2:23pm October 11, 2019):

the butterscotch beans sound really tasty and would be
great with the Slow Cooker Puerto Rican Style Pork Tacos

Re: The Christmas Spirits on Tradd Street (2:21pm October 11, 2019):

sounds like another winner!

Re: Always Look Twice (2:18pm October 11, 2019):

love the cooler weather and fall colors, though the leaves
aren't cooperating much this year

Re: Once Upon a Cowboy Christmas (2:17pm October 11, 2019):

Can't resist a hot guy in a cowboy hat.

recipe sounds delicious!

Re: Heiress Gone Wild (2:16pm October 11, 2019):

I have the ingredients to make pot roast on Sunday.

Re: How To Love A Duke in Ten Days (3:16pm August 22, 2019):

fantastic interview--loved the book, too! (read an ARC)

Re: On the Market (3:30pm August 7, 2019):

My favorite gift was the Barbie townhouse.

Re: Love at First Bark (4:55pm August 1, 2019):

I love stories with dogs or other pets.

Re: Protect the Prince (12:56pm July 14, 2019):

enjoyed the interview--love the nail polish color

Re: How to Write a Romance (12:53pm July 14, 2019):

I enjoyed the article and interviews with the editors

Re: No Heartbreaker Required (11:20pm June 16, 2019):

sometimes, my husband brings home a treat from a bakery
near his office

Re: Wicked Highland Ways (4:45pm June 5, 2019):

my favorite season is Autumn, but Spring is fun with all of
the flowers.

Re: A Lord Apart (1:40am March 29, 2019):

I'm able to trace my family history back several centuries

Re: The Summer Cottage (1:46pm March 26, 2019):

sounds like a wonderful book--loved the excerpt!

Re: One Night Gamble (6:20pm January 16, 2019):

I don't gamble and am more likely to play rummy with

Re: Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish (1:20pm December 14, 2018):

love reading Christmas stories

Re: You Had Me at Cowboy (2:01pm December 6, 2018):

great excerpt--love cowboys

Re: The Last Outlaw (11:17pm September 15, 2017):

Darcy and Lizzy

Re: These Healing Hills (11:13pm September 15, 2017):

sounds like a lovely story

Re: Last Gentleman Standing (11:13pm September 15, 2017):


Re: A Family Under the Christmas Tree (12:23pm October 30, 2016):

making cookies and fudge for Christmas

Re: Text Me, Maybe (11:33am August 16, 2016):


Re: The Infamous Heir (11:23am March 25, 2016):

I have learned to say no.

Re: Counterfeit Countess (12:22pm September 2, 2015):

love it! looking forward to it!

Re: The Boyfriend List (3:23pm August 18, 2015):

love the excerpt! Jeannie writes great books!

Re: Meet Me At The Beach (2:48pm February 24, 2015):

never had a working partnership :)

Re: Against The Sky (11:38pm February 4, 2015):

sounds like a great series

Re: As Gouda as Dead (11:37pm February 4, 2015):

my wedding

Re: A Stitch in Crime (12:43pm February 4, 2015):

both are must-haves

Re: Rough Rider (12:42pm February 4, 2015):

1. Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the
rear, or a fool from any direction.

Re: Earls Just Want To Have Fun (12:41pm February 4, 2015):

sounds wonderful!

Re: Carrying His Secret (12:40pm February 4, 2015):


Re: Impulse Control (12:11pm January 24, 2015):

I'm definitely a Scorpio

Re: Dreaming of Love (12:10pm January 24, 2015):

love, children, friends, faith, books, home, car,
mountains, beach, the South--the surprise is that I value
these more than others value their ties to their cell
phones and social media

Re: How to Plan a Wedding for a Royal Spy (8:46pm January 18, 2015):

happy new year! congratulations!

Re: More Than A Duke (8:45pm January 18, 2015):

alpha male, strong female

Re: How to Plan a Wedding for a Royal Spy (12:37pm January 15, 2015):

loving the story

Re: Stages of Desire (5:33pm January 14, 2015):

sounds like a wonderful read

Re: In Hot Water (5:31pm January 14, 2015):

sounds like a fun read

Re: Pretty Shameless (10:45pm January 12, 2015):

wear cowgirl boots

Re: A Single Kiss (10:10am January 8, 2015):

Christmas movies like Love, Actually and The Holiday a
keepers for me.

Re: Two Week Seduction (11:24pm January 5, 2015):

chocolate and books ;)

Re: A Fine Summer's Day (11:23pm January 5, 2015):

looking forward to the new release. enjoyed meeting you
last year!

Re: Playing With the Drummer (5:19pm January 4, 2015):

unchained melody

Re: You're So Fine (1:44am January 2, 2015):

I must have the HEA!

In 2015, I want my family to be healthy, and me, too!

Re: The Last Cowboy In Texas (5:38pm December 18, 2014):


Re: Once Upon a Grind (7:59pm December 7, 2014):

snow white

Re: Waking Up Joy (7:57pm December 7, 2014):

I used to borrow my mom's romance novels, then she started
buying me the teen versions or she let me read the ones she
had from the 60s--mostly about nurses

Re: All I Want for Christmas is You (8:38pm November 11, 2014):

laughter is good

Re: A Christmas In Bath (6:14pm November 7, 2014):

great list!

Re: Two Week Seduction (11:25pm November 6, 2014):

love autumn--my birthday and thanksgiving!

Re: A Rake By Any Other Name (11:24pm November 6, 2014):

rhett butler is my favorite rake

Re: Lady Elinor's Wicked Adventures (11:21pm November 6, 2014):

Devil: Cookery. to prepare (food, usually minced) with hot
or savory seasoning:
to devil eggs.

Re: Hollywood on Tap (11:14pm November 6, 2014):


Re: A High-End Finish (5:57pm November 4, 2014):

my favorite hobby has no impact on the world

Re: Promise to Cherish (1:35pm October 26, 2014):

My mom's family was Old Order Brethren, and I know some of
her uncles served in the civilian public service
(conscientious objectors) during WW II, too.

Re: What The Groom Wants (11:40pm October 23, 2014):


Re: For Love of the Duke (7:01pm October 16, 2014):

fun excerpt

Re: He's So Fine (7:00pm October 16, 2014):


Re: Hometown Heroes: Hotter Ever After (8:53pm October 13, 2014):

great anthology for a wonderful cause!

Re: By Winter's Light (8:52pm October 13, 2014):

cool info!

Re: Cowboy Boots for Christmas (5:24pm October 10, 2014):

sounds great

Re: Two Week Seduction (12:08pm October 7, 2014):

crazy squidge

Re: Last Chance Family (12:07pm October 7, 2014):

ah, Brett

Re: In Your Dreams (12:37pm October 3, 2014):

love stories with "normal" people.

Re: The Lady's Disgrace (11:18pm September 12, 2014):

I love historical romance and I loved history class--I was
a history minor!

Re: Enemies on Tap (8:50pm August 28, 2014):

what a nice thing to do

Re: My Highland Spy (8:47pm August 28, 2014):

ooh, love the teaser

Re: No In Between (3:27pm August 24, 2014):

cool cover

Re: Ain't She Sweet? (5:35pm August 18, 2014):


Re: One Night of Sin (3:48pm August 10, 2014):

I hate when there's a scene that doesn't really translate into
the book. Make me wonder--was something edited out, did I miss
something, why??? ;)

Re: The Highlander's Bride Trouble (5:14pm August 9, 2014):

nice excerpt

Re: Two Week Seduction (2:17pm August 6, 2014):

love it

Re: Catnapped! (10:53pm July 28, 2014):

cool book!

Re: The Captive (9:00pm July 23, 2014):

sounds lovely

Re: Two Week Seduction (8:58pm July 23, 2014):

you're so funny--and a great writer!

Re: How To Lose A Lord in Ten Days or Less (6:21pm July 16, 2014):

paper crafting, reading

Re: A Doctor for Keeps (6:54pm July 5, 2014):

I avoided someone in the grocery store. My friend didn't
tell that knowing her sister was having a baby was a secrer-
-if it was a secret, then why did she tell me. I knew her
sister's brother-in-law. Congratulated him. oops. saw the
look of surprise and quick recovery. My friend's sister let
her have it and then she of course was mad at me--again, she
never told me it was a secret. saw her sister in the grocery
store and went the other way--didn't want a confrontation.
The bro-in-law was always nice to me.

Re: Two Week Seduction (6:51pm July 5, 2014):


Re: Then Came You (6:50pm July 5, 2014):

love it!

Re: Mischief By Moonlight (7:40pm June 27, 2014):

loyalty, honesty, humor, love

Re: Once Upon a Highland Autumn (5:45pm June 19, 2014):

sounds like a great read!

Re: Her Eternal Rogue (1:04am June 18, 2014):


Re: Once Upon a Highland Autumn (1:03am June 18, 2014):

oh, wow!

Re: Wedded In Scandal (4:23pm June 5, 2014):

I saw some of the pix on what you chose!

Re: To Charm a Naughty Countess (2:16pm May 23, 2014):

I love you!

Re: Meet the Earl at Midnight (2:15pm May 23, 2014):

not a specific thing--I did have to move to another state when
I got married. but that wasn't a sacrifice.

Re: What The Groom Wants (1:13pm May 6, 2014):

all of the above

Re: Searching for Perfect (10:49pm April 30, 2014):

it's always fun to see characters in a series; one that comes
to mind is Fool's Gold.

Re: A Shot of Red (11:53pm April 23, 2014):

wow--I won a trip to Knott's Berry Farm Amusement park for the family--all-expenses paid.

Sounds like you had a fabulous trip!

Re: Home to Stay (12:58pm April 18, 2014):

my family

Re: Dash of Peril (2:26pm April 3, 2014):

I like unpredictable!

Re: The Winter Bride (2:24pm April 3, 2014):

I love muffins, I've been in a book club, I don't mind the occasional beta male, or a walk on the lighter side of romance.

Re: Moonlight on My Mind (4:27pm March 30, 2014):

loved it and love Jennifer's books

Re: Dyed and Gone (4:26pm March 30, 2014):

actually knew most of these--remember the jewelry from the 70s

Re: The Rancher's Second Chance (11:19pm March 13, 2014):

Love just about everything in a cowboy character.

Re: Sapphires Are an Earl's Best Friend (10:18pm March 6, 2014):

Of course--all the time; but, I can't think of a decent example at the moment.

Re: What The Groom Wants (5:03pm March 6, 2014):

fun post!

Re: Must Love Dukes (3:54pm March 3, 2014):

bad hairs days

Re: The Chance (3:29pm February 27, 2014):


Re: The Temptation of Laura (3:42pm February 26, 2014):

sounds like a wonderful story

Re: The Trouble With Honor (3:40pm February 26, 2014):

looking forward to this book

Re: Between the Sheets (3:40pm February 26, 2014):

would love to watch you two banter about

Re: The Cowboy's Mail Order Bride (6:20pm February 20, 2014):

sounds wonderful

Re: Lord of the Sea (10:05am February 20, 2014):

an alpha man with a heart--and a sense of humor

Re: Once In A Lifetime (11:53am February 19, 2014):

romantic--love it!

Re: High-Heeled Wonder (4:54pm February 17, 2014):

I've read a lot of nice comments about this book on blogs

Re: What The Groom Wants (9:42pm February 13, 2014):

love the series


Re: A Minute on the Lips (4:38pm February 9, 2014):

Rhett butler

Re: The MacGregor's Lady (5:41pm February 8, 2014):

oops, castle

Re: The MacGregor's Lady (5:41pm February 8, 2014):

favorite caste, favorite cottage

Re: What The Groom Wants (5:38pm February 8, 2014):


Re: Love in the Library (11:41pm January 30, 2014):

alpha, but I like beta, too

Re: One Rogue Too Many (1:00pm January 16, 2014):

yes, it was long ago, but I remember :)

Re: Between A Rake And A Hard Place (12:59pm January 16, 2014):

I love both!

Re: Now or Never (5:25pm January 15, 2014):

never to late for love

Re: What the Heart Wants (5:43pm January 8, 2014):

happy Old Christmas!

Re: The Groom's Gamble (5:41pm January 8, 2014):


Re: If Wishes Were Earls (6:19pm January 2, 2014):

all of your covers are beautiful

Re: The Bad Boy Billionaire's Wicked Arrangement (6:23am January 2, 2014):


Re: Home for Christmas (9:43pm November 28, 2013):

loved this story

Re: Snowbound With The Soldier (2:43pm October 10, 2013):

received a book from a friend

Re: Secrets Of A Scandalous Marriage (6:51am October 9, 2013):

very cool story

Re: True (10:25pm May 31, 2013):

College was good and bad. I treasure the memories, but I'm glad
those years are behind me.

Re: The Practice Proposal (10:31pm May 13, 2013):

I don't follow any particular sport to have a favorite

Re: Angora Alibi (10:29pm May 13, 2013):

A good photographer tries, most people point an shoot--no
effort to take a great photo.

Re: Acadian Waltz (10:21pm May 13, 2013):

Love your definitions

Re: Night Demon (7:06pm April 14, 2013):

Intelligence in a hero--yes!

Re: Beautiful Bastard (3:32pm March 10, 2013):

there are no indie books stores near me, there is a B&N, but I rarely shop there. sorry, I prefer amazon for print and kindle reads. I tend to have amazon gift certificates to spend. I am within 150 miles of Nora Roberts's store--but am too busy on the weekends with kids' sports to visit when an author I ove is there.

Re: A Killing Touch (3:24pm March 10, 2013):

I never liked playing truth or dare, too. Too many mean girls at pajama parites.

Re: A Risk Worth Taking (3:23pm March 10, 2013):

I like both memes

Re: Stranger on Raven's Ridge (3:21pm March 10, 2013):

I haven't clicked my heels enough to have the "yellow brick road" moment

Re: Out Of Circulation (3:20pm March 10, 2013):

sounds like an interesting read

Re: A Howl For A Highlander (11:14pm February 14, 2013):

Sit, read, and people-watch for the Highlander

Re: The Autumn Bride (11:49pm January 31, 2013):

love book groups, but mine broke up--all seemed to be too busy

Re: Return Of The Border Warrior (11:37pm October 18, 2012):

As much as I love Jane Austen novels, I love the movie adaptations, too. I'll watch them over and over again.

Re: More Than A Stranger (3:59pm June 2, 2012):

**true Scot**, sorry, I'm used to typing my husband's name and put in an extra "t"...and ignore the other typos--forgot to proof

Re: More Than A Stranger (3:56pm June 2, 2012):

go--itwould be a wonderful trip and experience...I knew a true Scott growing up and he was hot! Thye might not be, but you're the storyteller and he can be anything you imagine him to be!

Re: The Courtesan's Lover (9:15pm May 18, 2012):

sounds like a great read

Re: Somebody To Love (1:00am April 26, 2012):

I moved when I got married--about 45 miles from my hometown--but even that short distance was too mcuh for some of my friends to overcome

Re: Stay (11:00pm August 16, 2011):


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