February 21st, 2024
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Rumors aren't the only thing that will stir when Abigail returns to Boone County, Texas.

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From Loss to Love: A Pilot and an Artist's Colliding Worlds

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Caffeine and Commitments: Stirring Up Love in San Francisco

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"Her biggest fan �has a fatal obsession."

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Bloodlines and Boardrooms: A Paranormal Romance of Power and Passion

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A new, action-packed adventure that blends science-fiction technology and magical fantasy elements with a touch of historical romance.


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The Liar
by Nora Roberts
"What a tangled web we weave when we set out to deceive"
Posted April 14, 2015

Is there anyone who hasn't told a lie? Anyone who hasn't been lied to at least once? Be honest, because everyone has, but hopefully it was nothing as hurtful, and not to the size and quality of what Nora Roberts has written of in her newest book THE Read more...

The Second Sister
by Marie Bostwick
"You can't go home again...or can you?"
Posted March 31, 2015

Sibling rivalry, is there any amongst us who hasn't experienced this is one form or another? I know that in my life I have and occasionally still do even as an adult! Sibling rivalry is the at the heart of Marie Bostwick's new book, THE SECOND SISTER. Lucy Read more...

Obsession in Death
by J.D. Robb
"Friend or Foe? Eve Is about to Find Out..."
Posted February 3, 2015

OBSESSION IN DEATH is the latest installment in the In Death series by J.D. Robb. As I've noticed in the last few installments, Eve is gaining confidence not necessarily in her ability to do the job but in her willingness to call people friend...and to Read more...

Festive in Death
by J.D. Robb
"The holidays are upon us...will they be happy for all or is danger lurking?"
Posted September 13, 2014

I know that without a doubt there are tons of fans of J.D. Robb, and that when a new book is available they are without question eagerly at the door of their local bookstore, or eyeing their electronic reader eagerly anticipating getting their hands on what J.D. Robb Read more...

I Want To Hold Your Hand
by Marie Force
"Hannah's love is large enough to be spread around to all"
Posted May 31, 2014

Are you a fan of small town contemporary romances? If you are and haven't yet discovered Marie Force then I suggest you run out to your nearest bookstore and get not only I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND, but the first book in the Green Mountain series All You Read more...

Apart at the Seams
by Marie Bostwick
"An Interesting Look at Relationships"
Posted April 23, 2014

APART AT THE SEAMS is the newest book by Marie Bostwick. It's part of her long running Cobbled Court Quilts series. (If you're new to Ms. Bostwick's books don't worry you can read this and not feel lost at all). If you're like me you Read more...

The Collector
by Nora Roberts
"Clear Your Schedule...The Collector Will Keep You Reading Until the End"
Posted March 30, 2014

When you decide to sit down to read THE COLLECTOR by Nora Roberts you'll want to be sure you've got a fully charged e- reader (if that's your format choice), an appropriate snack, large drink, and a comfortable reading spot, because once you start The COLLECTOR you Read more...

Concealed in Death
by J.D. Robb
"The Weather is Frightful...So Grab A Delightful Book"
Posted February 1, 2014

As it's February I'm confident that most of the United States (and perhaps other places around the globe) are firmly entrenched in winter. Is there a better way to spend a cold day or two than wrapped up in a comfy throw, a cup of your favorite hot Read more...

Thankless In Death
by J.D. Robb
"Sometimes Being Weary of Friends and Family Members is Better For Your Life"
Posted August 4, 2013

Are you like me and eagerly anticipate each new In Death book by prolific author J.D.Robb? If so then like me I believe you won't be disappointed with the newest title THANKLESS IN DEATH. Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and Eve and Roarke will be hosting a traditional Read more...

Whiskey Beach
by Nora Roberts
"Once a Shadow of Suspicion is Cast What Will it Take to Remove it"
Posted May 7, 2013

Eli Landon's family has lived in Whiskey Beach for generations. They are outstanding citizens of the community who have grown a business, and who have the respect of all. Eli is no different, or is he? Eli has for all intents and purposes abandoned his heritage until two very Read more...

Between Heaven And Texas
by Marie Bostwick
"Mary Dell's Long Awaited Story is Heartouching, and Leaves Readers Yearning for More"
Posted April 7, 2013

Every now and then we as readers discover an author that pulls at our heartstrings and makes us want to forget our real lives and delve into the story and characters that they have created. For me one of these authors is Marie Bostwick. I have to admit that when Read more...

The Perfect Hope
by Nora Roberts
"Love Will Find a Way"
Posted January 3, 2013

Do you have an auto buy author who you practically stalk bookstores for on release date? If you're like me you have several, but one of my all time favorites is Nora Roberts. Release date for THE PERFECT HOPE book three in the Inn Boonsboro trilogy could Read more...

Calculated In Death
by J.D. Robb
"Embezzlement is Not Only Illegal it Could Prove Deadly"
Posted December 23, 2012

Are you like me, and ready to sit by the fire with a favorite blanket wrapped around you, a favorite drink by your side, and a good book in your lap? If you answered yes to any of these questions then I suggest CALCULATED IN DEATH. As fans know this Read more...

Don't Say A Word
by Beverly Barton
"A Gritty Romantic Suspense to Keep You Turning Pages"
Posted August 5, 2012

Last year when I heard about the death of Beverly Barton I was not only sad for her family, but for people like me who love her romantic suspense. Therefore when I heard that her legions of fans would be getting one last book I couldn't wait to get Read more...

Delusion In Death
by J.D. Robb
"When Terror Strikes, Eve and Her Team bring it to its Knees"
Posted August 5, 2012

DELUSION IN DEATH is 35th book in the In Death series. It's truly amazing to me that J.D. Robb can continue to come up with different and interesting ways for murder to happen, and that we as readers find each one plausible. As with any long running series Read more...

Barefoot In The Sand
by Roxanne St. Claire
"Is a Hurricane the Beginning or the End?"
Posted June 23, 2012

Fans of Roxanne St. Claire might be disappointed that she has strayed from her romantic suspense into the world of straight contemporary romance, but for fans of contemporary romance having a bestselling author dipping their toes into that world is totally awesome! With the release of Barefoot in the Sand Read more...

Carolina Home
by Virginia Kantra
"Touching Introduction to the Dare Island Series"
Posted June 23, 2012

A very long time ago I discovered Virginia Kantra, and fell in love with her writing As she changed the focus of her writing to a genre that I'm not a huge fan of I allowed her to fall off my buy list. Then I discovered that she was Read more...

The Good Father
by Diane Chamberlain
"In The Face of Adversity...What Would You Do?"
Posted June 23, 2012

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself homeless, penniless, and without the one person you could depend on to support you no matter what? This is the situation that Travis Brown finds himself in. He might be able to cope, but for the fact that he is the Read more...

Woodrose Mountain
by RaeAnne Thayne
"An emotional roller coaster of dealing with your own demons."
Posted May 28, 2012

Woodrose Mountain is the newest title from author, RaeAnne Thayne. It returns readers to the small Colorado town of Hope's Crossing, where in Blackberry Summer we met Taryn, a young girl seriously injured in an accident that killed another, and seriously impacted the town overall. Taryn has made about Read more...

Ties That Bind
by Marie Bostwick
"A warm story of starting over and discovering yourself."
Posted May 23, 2012

In her newest release, THE TIES THAT BIND Marie Bostwick takes readers back to the Cobbled Court Quilt Shop and the town of New Bern. This time the story focuses on the church and their need for a new pastor, as well as Margot, quilt shop employee who is unmarried Read more...

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109 comments posted.

Re: All Out of Love (8:49pm June 25, 2013):

My answers too were all over the place! I am taking it to
mean that all the authors listed were amongst my favorites
because I do love them all! Now I have to leave here and go
to the store to get your new book!


Re: The Blue-Ribbon Jalape?o Society Jubilee (8:23am March 7, 2013):

This sounds like a very fun sexy read. I can't wait. Loved the interview


Re: Murder Hooks a Mermaid (5:55pm February 17, 2013):

The one place I've always wanted to go is London. I'm fascinated with the history, the theater, and the monarchy.

Re: Live And Let Love (5:32am December 28, 2012):

Ahhh..what we all want...a hero who puts us above everything including his own safety and health!

Re: Return To Willow Lake (3:57pm September 4, 2012):

It was interesting to read about your office/commute and where you find your inspiration. I wish my commute were as easy as yours...unfortunately it does involve a car, traffic, and time. The upside to that is I have discovered audio books, and have been able to increase my reading thusly. I was so excited to see a new book coming out by you, and can't wait!


Re: Too Hot To Touch (1:54pm August 3, 2011):

Can't remember my first crush, but I do remember my first real love. When he broke up with me it broke my heart! We tried a reconciliation, but at our tender ages it just didn't work.

Good luck with your new title. Can't wait to read it!

Re: It Happened On Maple Street (2:23pm April 19, 2011):

It truly is an amazing story, and that you're willing to bring it to the public so that others may recognize themselves and potentially get help to remove themselves from the same sort of situation is amazing beyond words.

I have read the story and could hardly put it down.

Can't wait to have the opportunity to spend time with you again in November. I was pretty excited to see your name on the list.

Re: At Hidden Falls (6:22pm January 25, 2011):

I think that my mom caused my love of reading. Even as she lay dying recently she was asking for her book. I couldn't believe she was that desperate for it, but she was. When questioned it wasn't because she wanted to read it, but because she had stashed money in it, and wanted to give me money for dinner.

Because of mom I try (not always successfully) to read at least a few pages every day, and like an American Express Card I don't leave home without my book.

Can't wait for your new book! I loved Silent Run and Silent Fall!

Re: Stroke of Midnight (4:19pm January 24, 2011):

When you said "branding" I thought I was going to get a bit of a lesson in how to "brand" something. That's where I'm at in my life at the moment...trying to figure out how to brand the place I work for.

Oh well, when I need a break from the stresses of figuring out the whole "branding" thing it sounds like I can find the break I need in your new book. I love humor in books, so when I finish posting this, I'll be off to Carina Press to check out more of your book.

Re: Dark Angel, The Chosen, Soulmate (5:49pm December 26, 2010):

I have to say if you want to move to adult paranormal you have to try Dark Lover
by J.R. Ward. I'm not a paranormal reader for the most part, and this is one I
coudn't put aside!

Re: Casting About (8:43pm November 8, 2010):

I like when fiction can cross over into reality. It's one of
the reasons I love women's ficiton, because I can read
about different characters living things that I might
have experienced or might yet experience. If we have a
shared experience I enjoy reading what decisions they
made to get a resolution, and if it's something I think I
might yet experience it's a good lesson to take forward
into life.

Re: One Touch of Scandal (10:55am September 26, 2010):

If I clean something at home I might reward myself with a chapter or two of a book.

Unfortuantely I don't bake!

Hmmm...maybe a nap is a good reward curled up with a dog. Now you've really got me thinking!

Re: Guarding Grace (3:13pm August 30, 2010):

Since I'm somewhat new to reading about vampires, and don't know the "rules" about them, I think that authors should have the liberty to write their vampires in any way they wish to.

I believe the only problem comes when an author is known for writing their vampires a certain way, and then for whatever reason abandons their own rules and world and goes off on a different tangent.

Re: Don't Cry (12:52pm August 22, 2010):

It's so nice to know that I'm not the only one with a TBR out of control! I'm sure that there are worse things that
I could be addicted to! As long as my hearing and eyesight hold out I'll give it my best shot to get everything in
my TBR read or listened to!

Re: Home is Where the Bark is (6:51pm August 12, 2010):

I am not a cook, but like to think of myself as the heroine in my
family's life.

I do wish I could cook, but as I have a small kitchen, and really don't
like the idea of cooking it's just not going to happen!

Re: The 1st Wife (7:23pm August 9, 2010):

When I read the blog and saw I was
mentioned I felt really special, and
since I've been sick since returning
from RWA it was quite the boost I
needed to be included in some great
comments about Sara and all that she
and FF do.

Today I was sorting my cards and what
not that I got at RWA and had two
magnets of your bookcovers. I was
pretty excited about that. Thought
about putting one up at work, but
decided my boss might not like it, so
put it back in my purse to bring home
and put on my fridge and the fridge
my husband uses for his Diet Mt. Dew!

Re: Money, Honey (2:44pm July 7, 2010):

I saw someone say they started reading the J.R. Ward books. I have to admit paranormal is not my typical thing. I did read the first one and was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it. Didn't like book 2 as much, and haven't yet found the motivation to move on, but it's on my TBR shelf.

I love books that give me romance, humor, and suspense as I feel Money Honey must do.

Thanks for blogging with Fresh Fiction and telling about your story.

Re: Dark Flame (10:21am June 27, 2010):

Glad to see you're having some great experiences being the FF intern! It's a good
picture of you and Allyson.

I don't read YA but my future DIL loves it, so always looking for things that I
think she might like. Thanks for the report and for helping me out while I'm on a
mini vacation this weekend.

Re: Smooth Talking Stranger (11:31am June 20, 2010):

How sad to never have had a father. Unfortunately my father and I didn't get along well, but he
was there on some of the more important days of my life. He has been deceased a long time
now, and unfortunately my one son doesn't remember him, and my other son never met him.
Like some of you I only knew one grandfather, and he also gave me books, and I still have those
books he gave me.

Re: Think Twice (4:47pm May 2, 2010):

While reading comments I saw that someone read What The Librarian Did. I read that last month, and was introduced to an
author to watch. I'm really glad to see so many people reading Robyn Carr. Due to the thoughtful friends I have I'm going to
be able to read two of Robyn's older books very soon! I can't wait.

I still haven't read book three from J.R. Ward, so will be putting off her newest for a long while. Just really not into paranormal,
and if I am in that mood I'm reading Dakota Cassidy, Michele Bardsley or Jaye Wells. I'm also anxious to delve into Nora
Roberts new Bride book.

Re: Just Like Me, Only Better (9:42am April 27, 2010):

I have two sons who couldn't be more different from each other if they tried. Neither has settled on a career choice, but as long
as they can support themselves I'll be happy!

Re: A Thread So Thin (4:52pm April 26, 2010):

Are there things in my life I wish I could change? For sure! I tell people all the time about them, and some of
them my friends consider shocking. However the life I lead is the one I'm leading because of the choices I
made, so I guess I'll take the choices I made because overall I'd say it's going fairly well.

Can't wait to read the new title! I'm also excited you'll be in Dallas and I'll have the chance to meet you.

Re: Building Iphone Apps With Html, CSS, And Javascript (7:29pm April 17, 2010):

I also read books for review, and find myself thinking of it as work sometimes. This year I'm trying a
bit harder to also read more for just me! However, as most of you have commented...I will read a
review book to the bitter end regardless of what I think, but I did have one book that was just so poorly
written, and jumpy from scene to scene that I did ask if I really had to finish it.

If the review book is that horrid, I would suggest asking whoever you report to what your options are,
because I'm sure that most of us would rather read a more positive review than a negative one, but the
best reviews are the ones that are totally honest, and therefore I hope you're being honest about your
enjoyment level of a book.

Re: The You I Never Knew (10:29am March 14, 2010):

Diane, I recently read Moonlight Road by Robyn Carr, and I wouldn't say that it was a sad ending, but it made me tear up!
So while I understand your theory it doesn't always work!

Deb, I'm a huge cry baby at movies! My husband was watching Mr. Holland's Opus yesterday, and while I love that movie
I told him I couldn't watch because it always makes me cry.

Tracy, I'm off to check out the title you recommended. Thanks!

Re: The Edge of Winter (5:45am February 22, 2010):

Sigrun, It's so funny you found a LaVyrle Spencer title because even though she no longer writes, I so badly wanted
to include her, but didn't take the time to keep looking. I loved her stuff when she was writing, and am so sad that I
have nothing left in my pile by her.

I also read One Summer by Robards, Summer in Eclipse Bay by Krentz, and Summer Island by Hannah. I love
Hannah! One Summer is the first book I read by Robards, and hooked me.

Thanks to everyone for your contributions!

Re: The Edge of Winter (7:58pm February 21, 2010):

Trudy glad you liked the snow picture, but unfortunately the beautiful house isn't
mine. It's a friends! Isn't it lovely?

Re: The Edge of Winter (6:24pm February 21, 2010):

Want to tell everyone thanks for stopping by. You're all so good for my ego!

Re: The Edge of Winter (5:26pm February 21, 2010):

Jane, I have both those books in my pile! I think I'm waiting for all the books to release in the Freethy
sereis first. I'm currently reading a Crandall book, so I just might have to move on and read some more of
her soon!

Re: Drive Time (7:06pm February 1, 2010):

Sometimes I do better at keeping a secret than others!


Re: Down By The River (2:00pm January 24, 2010):

Jill, when I read Dying Scream I didn't know it was part of a series either! I
know it mentioned past histories, but I guess I was too stupid or
something, that even then I didn't put it together. It wasn't until someone
point blank told me that I learned it was part of a series. I immediately
went to the Kindle store, and bought Cold Case Cop which is a Harlequin
release and tied to Dying Scream. I wonder what the other title is. I think
she told me at the time, but now I of course don't remember.
Hmmm....time to go to Burton's website and see if I can figure it out!

Re: Down By The River (12:24pm January 24, 2010):

I can't believe that I forgot Sherryl Woods and her Sweet Magnolias. I'm
really looking forward to the new books in that series that are releasing
this spring.

Thank you to all who took the time to come and comment.

Re: Rogue Stallion (4:34pm January 23, 2010):

I haven't a clue either, but I do read Cathie Linz's single title
releases and even they seem to be slow in coming.

Re: Snow Angels (2:33pm November 30, 2009):

The Virgin River series is not nearly as daunting as coming into say the In Death series by Robb, and while I like both if someone only wanted one I would go with The Virgin River books every time!

I don't reread and therefore don't have a favorite book to pull and read this holiday season, but I have already read read holiday books from Macomber, Wiggs, and Van Liere. I have several more in my pile by a variety of authors. It shal lbe intersteing to see whether or not I get to them this year.

Got to think on the favorites of the year! My first impulse is to say not much, but then I think back on what I read and know that there were some standouts. Do they have to be copyrighted in 2009?

Happy Holidays to all!

Re: Rainwater (11:41am November 6, 2009):

I haven't really done the book trailer thing myself, but after hearing about the making of this one I'm intrigued.


Re: Lucky Break (9:07pm October 4, 2009):

Tammy, thanks for the pick me up regarding my blogs.

I'm so jealous of all of you who can put the chores first! That's way too hard, and not fun!

Re: Lakeshore Christmas (4:33pm September 25, 2009):

I love booksignings, and the chance to mee the authors. I hope they don't go away! If you ever come to the DFW area I'd be at your signing.
I'd even rearrange my work schedule


Re: What I Did For Love (5:32pm September 19, 2009):

I usually have the TV on when I'm reading. I also spend a bit of time IM'ing with my friends, so I read between messages. I
used to read at red lights, but now I do audio books, so I don't read at the lights anymore.

Re: Table Manners (6:44pm September 6, 2009):

I manged to do some laundry, clean my boys' bathroom, get Mike to vacuum the living room, got Brian to clean his floor, buy groceries, take
Mike to lunch, and finish Red White and Dead, and Table Manners! I even snuck a nap in there on Saturday. Now I've got several reviews to
write, and the decision to make about what to read next!

Sounds like everyone has had a great weekend. Cindy, I read Dark Lover and loved it. Read the second in the series, and was like eh! Now I
can't bring myself to read the third!

Re: Red Hot Lies (6:48pm August 30, 2009):

Thank you for all the comments. I don't know if I'm feeling more into this story because of the 1st person point of view, or because it's set in Chicago
and even though I haven't lived in there what seems like forever, it is where I was born and raised. It's almost like going home again without having to
suffer the stresses of traveling!

When I log in and see all the comments I'm always grateful to all who have taken a few minutes of their day to respond, because it's a huge huge HUGE
ego boost to see that I have come up with something that people feel compelled to comment on. Thank you one and all!

Re: Red Hot Lies (11:50am August 30, 2009):

Today's comments seem to be that as long as the book is good and well written no one minds which point of view the
story is told from. I'm glad to see that so many people are willing to read no matter what. I however can't help but
wonder where all the people with strong opinions are.

A special shout out to Jamie...I've had a really rough week personally, and your comment really brought a smile to my
face. Thank you!

Re: Hot Pursuit (5:52am August 3, 2009):

Carrie, I picked Hot Pursuit because it was being discussed in one of my groups. I checked Black Hills because it was a newer release, and I had
just finished reading it personally. (I read my own copy which was a gift from a friend), and I checked Burn by Linda Howard because again it was
a newer book by someone I think is popular. I didn't include those stats or the stats from the other systems I checked because I didn't want to
bog the post down in stats. I also checked a 4th book that unfortunately I don't remember the title of....guess it made a big impact on me! I
didn't check any paperback releases.

I've found all the comments to be interesting and appreciate them all.

Re: Hot Pursuit (12:02pm August 2, 2009):

Joyce, when I was doing this article I got all my info from the internet. I love being able to get online and see if they have a
book, and then being able to put a request in for it.

As someone (sorry forgot who) mentioned, I think that renting a book for a small fee would be a good way to help the libraries
boost funds. I used to know a person whose library did that.

Re: Hot Pursuit (11:12am August 2, 2009):

Cheryl, yesterday my son and I were discussing his Manga collection. He wants to redo his
room, and no longer wants his bookshelf. I had previously asked him if he really wanted to
keep his mangas, and he did. Now he has an e-reader and uses that for his mangas, so I
asked again do you really want to keep them.

We have agreed that he will donate them to our local library. I told him they would either
decide to put them into circulation or sell them at the upcoming library sale, and use the
money to buy new books. I'm glad to know that if he doesn't want them they'll go to a good

Re: Hot Pursuit (11:09am August 2, 2009):

Thank you for all the comments. Looks like small towns appear to be harder hit than larger areas which is what I would
expect. Perhaps when I was doing my research I should have tried to find a smaller town. Now it does have me curious.
I wonder if I should have tried to find a library out of my state, as I'm told Texas is faring better than the rest of the
country with the economic situation.

I do agree that it would be horrific to be enjoying a series and suddenly have it pulled from under me because of lack of
sales, or whatever other reason the publisher can dream of to pull the plug.

Enjoy your day!

Re: It Happened One Night (11:32am July 31, 2009):

The cover of Simple Wishes catches my attention every time I see it.

However, the one thing that recently caught my attention was what authors weren't being ordered by libraries. That led to a bunch of research on my part, and some interesting discussions at the DFW TeaReaders montly dinner this last week.

Re: Seeing Red (6:49am July 28, 2009):

I didn't grow up in a small town, but I lived in a smaller town for my college years, and for a couple
of years after. Even after I moved I would return because my inlaws were still there. There's
something reassuring knowing that even though you might not know people or remember them,
that they remember you. Even 20 years later, and 10 years past the time my last inlaw passed away
when there was a death in our family we got cards from the people in that town who knew us when!

While I like living in a big metroplex I could be quite happy in a small town too!

Re: Waking Nightmare (1:28pm July 22, 2009):

At the end of the day I think being a lottery winner, and having someone to do the cooking and cleaning for me so I can sit home and read to my heart's delight sounds like a great job!

My closer reality would be getting back into a classroom and influencing the little minds of today, into becoming great minds of tomorrow. Each year when the new school year starts up again, and I work on updating curriculum for my staff I realize how much fun I'm not having working as an administrator instead of in a classroom.

Re: Bending The Rules (5:40pm July 20, 2009):

My emotions are somewhat dependent
on what is going on around me.
Yesterday I was talking to my mom on
the phone, and realized our
relationship has taken a turn that isn't
what I would want, and she'll never
come here again, and when we hung
up I cried. So I guess that means I'm

Re: Bending The Rules (5:40pm July 20, 2009):

My emotions are somewhat dependent on what is going on around me. Yesterday I was talking to
my mom on the phone, and realized our relationship has taken a turn that isn't what I would
want, and she'll never come here again, and when we hung up I cried. So I guess that means I'm

Re: Black Hills (4:33pm July 18, 2009):

Next year can I be the mascot instead of Peaches?

Re: Mr. Perfect (5:42pm July 12, 2009):

Thanks to everyone for commenting. It's interesting to see how many love Harry Potter and Twilight.
Hmmm wonder what it is I'm missing.

Barb even though I haven't read the second Cain book I'm totally jealous you got to read the third!

Re: Mr. Perfect (1:21pm July 12, 2009):

Jill and Jo...I've only heard one person say they didn't like the
Virgin River books, and I was so disappointed in that. Yesterday
I found out a good friend hadn't ever read them. I'd love to help
her out, but mine are autographed and no one is touching them!

Jo..I have the Body Mover books, and I love Bond, but I've not
read a one yet!

Re: Mr. Perfect (12:20pm July 12, 2009):

It's interesting to see that several of you have picked young adult books as the ones you
read and loved because of the hype. I read the first three Harry Potter books, but read them
aloud to my class, and I don't think they're really read aloud type books. Anyway..just
haven't found the motivation to move on.

I'm getting a lot of mixed comments about the Twilight books, and since it's not my typical
genre have been putting them off. I think I'll be waffling for a long time to come!

Re: The Beach House (10:45pm July 11, 2009):

I'm sorry to hear I missed what sounded like a truly inspirational event. I could have used
some inspiration this week.

Re: Dragons Prefer Blondes (10:49am July 8, 2009):

I knew that the fact I wasn't up on Superhero, and action movies would someday bite me on the bottom, and here it is someday! I have no idea who I'd pick because I don't know enough about anyone!

Re: The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society (5:45am July 6, 2009):

Maggie, I had totally forgotten about Bridges of Madison County, but that was another I read because of the hype, and was sure I would
love because it sounded like such a me book. I read it and went huh? I read another book by the same author before all the hype and
went huh again? Haven't read him again.

I hope I didn't insult anyone who hasn't heard of Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society because I really thought that everyone had
to have seen it mentioned somewhere, or at least seen it on the promotional tables at the bookstores.

Re: The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society (6:50pm July 5, 2009):

Mary, I'm sorry that you didn't like The Ocean Between Us because I loved that one!

Elaine, I still more often than not feel that I need to finish every book I've read, but i have given up on two in the last couple of years.

Cheryl, I'm sorry Dark Lover didn't work for you, but it makes me feel better that I haven't managed to get past the let down of the second one.

Re: The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society (2:55pm July 5, 2009):

I haven't read Da Vinci Code or Twilight books. I keep hemming and hawing about listening to them, but keep seeing that so many
people whose opinions I trust think the books were so-so and I don't have time to read or listen to things I don't think I'll truly enjoy.

I was pleasantly surprised when I loved the first In Death book, but the whole series has been ups and downs as I think many long term
series might be.

Forgive me for not remembering who, but I just finished What I Did For Love by SEP, and while it was a pleasant enough read I find that
like Match Me If You Can I found myself caring more for the secondary characters than the primary ones. I've been trying to see if she
has a new one forthcoming, and haven't found anything! Wonder how often she releases.

As for Evanovich. I read books 1-7 all in a row, and personally found them to be less than funny somewhere between book 4 and 5. I
have for sure read 8 and maybe 9, but I'm behind. Debating with myself about listening or reading the rest. For sure won't be rushing
out to be the new one in hardback since I'm so behind.

Thanks to all for your opinions and posting here today!

Re: The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society (11:56am July 5, 2009):

I haven't read many of the books mentioned thus far. I did however try a book by Katie MacAlister,
and while all my friends thought it was just hysterical, and loved it, I had a hard time finishing it.

A friend emailed me off this blog and said it was a great topic but she didn't feel she could post
because she's not had a book disappoint her because she doesnt' buy by hype. I told her I often
don't buy because of the hype, but do tend to move things up because of the hype. A book that got
a lot of hype and I finally decided I had to read because of it was Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard. I
loved it!

Another I read because of the hype was Dark Lover. I fully expected to hate it because I'm not
typically a paranormal reader. I surprised myself with how fast I read it, and how much I enjoyed it,
but the second in the series dragged, and I've yet to find myself with the motivation to want to read
the third.

Re: Everywhere She Turns (4:23pm July 4, 2009):

No real comment, just a stupid story. I went to a bookstore today and saw your new book.
Didn't buy it because I had a coupon for Borders. Got to Borders, and totally blanked out
on who I was looking for! I hadn't realized the book was out. Then came home to see
this blog,and was like that's the book I wanted! Now I either have to be lucky enough to
win, or I have to hit Amazon!

Thanks for taking time out of your holiday to post here today.

Re: Loving a Lost Lord (9:53pm June 28, 2009):

I must be an idiot! I can't at the moment recall reading any book, and thinking I've read somethign very similiar before.

However, I do recall hearing that there are only so many plots in the world, and therefore they get told again and again and yet again!

With my comment you now have more comments than I had when I came over here!

Re: A Thread Of Truth (5:18pm June 21, 2009):

So glad to hear that so many of you don't let typos keep you from a story you are enjoying. I think that if a
story is well written, and you feel a connection to the characters then the typos usually aren't really

As for those of you who haven't read Marie Bostwick, and are thinking you might. I suggest you learn my
lesson, and not wait as long as I did from when Sara was recommending her, and dive right in. This is a
rare author who can write a series and keep each book stand alone enough that you don't feel lost, and
unless you were told as I was (and yes, I still read out of order) wouldn't even necessarily realize you were
reading a series. Those are rare in my opinion (was going to say book, but thought that was just too bad a

Re: Queen Takes King (10:01pm June 20, 2009):

Sorry to have missed both events! I don't read Rachel Caine so sorry to have missed the chance to see if she could have persuaded me as some
other authors have. I'm also sorry I missed Gigi because I listened to The Starter Wife and would have liked to have heard her to see if she's like
other authors I know and talks like she writes.

Thanks for the pictures so at least I can pretend I was there!

Re: Undead And Unwelcome (8:27am June 15, 2009):

It's been interesting to see the lists, and to realize who is on so many lists, and who I've actually had the honor of meeting.

Some authors listed, such as Kenyon are people who write in sub-genres that I don't typically read, but after having met her, I had to buy her books just to show support of her because she was such a nice person!

Those of you who get to go to RWA and meet your favorite author enjoy! Think of me stuck in the Dallas heat wishing I was there instead!

Re: From Friend To Father (8:22am June 15, 2009):

I don't really know why I read romances but I think it was a natural transition from my young adult books that always seemed to have a happy ending to the happy endings of romances.

I'm sure that many romance readers read other genres but gravitate to romances for many if not all the reasons you list, but like your students I know what life is about, and that's why another genre I love is Women's Fiction because it's nice to get a touch of reality every once in awhile that the HEA isn't always there.

That said...life without the romance novel in my life would be rather sad and boring, and I appreciate the fact that you and others like you see the world and are able to turn it into a romantic thing to take me away from my troubles.

I'm rambling and I hope I make some sort of sense!

Re: Undead And Unwelcome (7:15pm June 14, 2009):

Wendy, even though I forgot to email you I'm glad you found this part of the cyber world. Now that you have I hope
you come back soon!

Re: Undead And Unwelcome (5:51pm June 14, 2009):

Thank you to all who have responded! I really appreciate it.

Re: Final Approach (8:38pm June 8, 2009):

This was a great topic, and I wish I had thought of it!

I'm guilty of telling my husband I'll come to bed at the end of the chapter, and he falls asleep...wakes up
and says are you coming? I say at the end of the chapter. Took him years to realize how many more
chapters I was reading while he slept!

Re: The Red Pony (6:00am June 8, 2009):

All these comments have been so interesting! I wonder why Alcott was never required reading in my lessons? If she had been maybe I would have actually read
Little Women. I didn't read Nancy Drew or Little House either. However, I introduced one of my students to the Little House books and she couldn't get enough.
She read them all, and then turned around and read them again. Her mom finally had to buy her her own set!

Reading all these comments reminds me of books I read and had forgotten about!

As I pass the required reading table today I do feel as though reading has changed since I was in school...but is that better or are the children of today totally
missing out on the classics?

Re: The Red Pony (4:26pm June 7, 2009):

I think The Great Gatsby was one of our required reads. I remember having to read Catcher in the Rye and we had to have parental permission before
we could do the book! When my oldest was in school I had to sign permission for him to read a certain book. I don't remember which one it was, but it
had something to do with the Viet Nam War, and the reason I had to sign was because of the deragtory language used in referring to the Vietnamese

Peg...my kids don't like reading either. I think Brian my youngest is going to have to take a reading class next school year. It will be interesting to see
how it turns out.

Re: The Warrior (7:41pm May 24, 2009):

For anyone interested Fiddler On The Roof was beyond fantastic. If you live in an
area where it's going to be seen it's well worth the ticket price! Be warned
because you'll want to buy tickets for other shows they're bound to be
advertising, and you'll be humming Fiddler songs long after the show!

Re: The Warrior (10:13am May 24, 2009):

As of this posting I haven't gone, but I do have a ticket for the 2:00 show today. I also bought myself a good seat and
valet parking.

Are you feeling better?

Re: Dragons Prefer Blondes (4:20pm May 23, 2009):

I like to know what is coming but I'm more a fly by the seat of my pants sort of person.

I usually try to read review books first but I am behind there too!

Re: Pretty in Plaid (12:30pm May 17, 2009):

LIllie, I always try to get my husband out the door early! I start getting him moving like 15
minutes before the time I actually want to leave! He has managed to learn to get out when I'm
having to take him to the work in the am, but there is some nagging on my part, but it is

Re: Pretty in Plaid (11:03am May 17, 2009):

Julie, I love being early for work on the days that I open. That means I get time in the building all alone, and can get things
done with no one asking me for anything. There are things that my boss wants done, and she's learned not to ask me to do a
big project in the middle of the day because I will always wait until a day I open and do it then when no one is around to bother

Mary, what book signing did you go to?

I'm glad to see that most people are early birds. I work with people who are always late, and seem to have no remorse about
that, and I can't stand to be tardy! If I'm going to be late I try to call and let the person know.

Re: Mistress (6:24pm May 16, 2009):

Ok...I don't like strange and hard to pronounce names. I was thrilled when Harry Potter came to the large screen so I could hear how to
pronounce the names.

I agree with Michelle, I don't like when audio books switch narrators not so much because of the change in how they pronounce words,
but because I get used to hearing the characters in one voice, and I don't like hearing them in a new one!

Re: Comfort Food (6:06pm May 3, 2009):

Comments have been really interesting today, and I want to thank everyone for taking the time to share!

When I come and see all the comments I get a really good ego boost, so thanks for that!

Yesterday I did set aside my book I was reading for a new one I was given. Today I did finish that new one, and it
was hard to finish because I was crying, so for one friend that means she won't like it. (she doesn't like the ones
that make me cry)

Well, I can now go back to the book I started yesterday and set aside!

Hope you all have a great week!

Re: Sunset Bay (12:03pm May 2, 2009):

I'm glad that someone had to cancel from the tea today because it created a spot for
me after my original weekend plans got cancelled. I've read several of Susan's
books, and am looking forward to the opportunity to tell her I've enjoyed them! I'm
also excited because even though I had left a book to be signed in my absence I
took some time today to hunt down some more to get signed! I'm coming fully

Re: Behind The Shadows (3:48pm April 27, 2009):

It's nice to know I'm not alone in my need for retail therapy. Maggie I admire you ability to stay away from retail therapy!

Nothing was said to me at work which was both good and bad. Good because I would have had to have spoken my mind about the situations that made me storm out to begin with, and bad because I feel like my boss thinks those situations are all in my head, and I know they're not, and that by sweeping them under the carpet so to speak that they'll take care of themselves which isn't true either!

For the record I finished Behind The Shadows by Potter today and it was great!

Re: Behind The Shadows (6:30pm April 26, 2009):

Donna, really nothing better than having a great UBS near you. I'm so lucky to have a bunch! Shauna that's terrific that you got a bunch of treasures
for 25 cents! Enjoy them!

Re: Behind The Shadows (4:20pm April 26, 2009):

I didn't replace my copy of Behind The Shadows because it wasn't lost...just left at work, and I wasn't going back to get it! I mostly like to browse the
bookstore and then check Amazon to see if i can get the book calling my name for my Kindle. It's interesting that almost everyone said books are the best
retail therapy. However, I think Melissa had a great idea...sheets and towels! I'm awful about buying new ones, but when I do I'm in heaven. I love the feel
of new sheets and towels!

Thank you to all for coming and commenting! Good luck in the contest!

Re: Comfort Food (8:05pm April 25, 2009):

Well, so far I haven't read Krentz/Quick's Arcane series...so no comment there, but I know I'm far from ready for Carr to leave Virgin
River or Susan Wiggs to leave Avalon New York the setting for her Lakeshore Chronicles Series.

Re: Take Me Two Times (7:39pm April 20, 2009):

I too totally enjoyed Take Me If You Can, and anxiously awaited the sequel. I recently downloaded it to my kindle, and now you tell me
there's another coming. Now the decision is to wait and read both together or to read this one and then be mad I didn't wait? Decisions
Decisions Decisions!

Re: The Promise (4:52pm April 19, 2009):

Merri, Kathleen, Shauna, Becky, and Janet thanks for sharing how you got your start in reading. It’s very interesting to see how many things
different readers have in common and how different they are!

Re: The Promise (4:49pm April 19, 2009):

Margay , that sounds like a great picture. I don’t think my family took any pictures of me reading or not! I don’t really remember if I was ahead of the class or not when doing the
required reading, but I know that while I’m raising non readers my one son is ahead of his class in their current read Brave New World.

Cheryl, you and others have mentioned Nancy Drew, and when I was young I didn’t like her. Now I am fussy about my mysteries but I read some…much more than I remember
reading when I was younger.

Debbie, I don’t recall having any records with my books, but when I taught Kindergarten I had a listening center and was always ordering cassettes and books for the kids to sit
with headphones on and listen. We all loved it! I had enough copies of the book for everyone in the center to have their own copy.

Billie Jean, I still have some of my childhood books as well. I never read the Little House books, but when I was teaching one of my students checked one out, and was totally
hooked. Her parents had to buy the set for her!

Desiree I went to daycare too from an early age, but I don’t know if that’s where I learned to read or not. I know a bunch of people are hooked on Garwood, but I’m still way
behind on her.

Mary, I’m glad your teacher read to you I remember the second grade teacher reading to us, and those are the first chapter books I had to own. When I taught I read to the class
whenever I felt like, but we always ended the day with reading!

Lynn, It’s great that reading was so encouraged at your house. My boys hate it, and it was suggested I model more for my oldest. I looked at that counselor and said I read 100+
books a year how much more modeling would you like. She had no comment of course!

Re: The Promise (6:28am April 19, 2009):

Sara should the mood ever hit Mr. Popper is a great story. It's really about a man who has a dream and finally achieves it, and his
family helps him even though it does require some sacrifice!

Leslie, I know many people talk about reading with the flashlight under the cover, I for one don't recall ever doing that. Is it fun? Did I
miss out on a childhood ritual?

Kim, look at all the great books and series you don't have to wait for! I hope you enjoy reading as much if not more than your friends.

Re: The Accidental Human (2:20pm April 12, 2009):

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to one and all for taking time from your Easter Sunday to come and comment on my topic. I have loved reading all
the comments, and hope you come see what pops into my head for next week!

Re: Paradise Valley (7:19pm April 11, 2009):

Took a long time to read because of life and company but I did enjoy Promises In Death. I really enjoyed Hot, so I look forward to finding time to read The Love of
Pete if you think it was better. Now I'm reading Rewriting Monday by Jodie Thomas, and have to find more time to read because I am really enjoying it.

I'm not really much of a movie person, so spare dollars here will be going to books or maybe even shoes!

Re: The Inn at Eagle Point (10:37pm March 31, 2009):

Got my copy today! Can't wait to read it!

Re: The Accidental Human (6:33am March 30, 2009):

Thank you for the comments and suggestions. Maggie it's so funny that you mentioned Hamilton, because Yvonne and I did buy a book by her
yesterday, but it was for another friend of hers who loves her. It's a rerelease, but it said it was her debut novel, and the dedication was to her
Grandmother, whose first name escapaes me, but her last name was Gentry. I just then made the assumption that that is where Merry got her last name,
and that was a little piece of trivia I hadn't known.

Christa, you're like me...when I recommend something, and someone reads it I sit on pins and needles waiting to hear what they thought! I'm always so
relieved when they liked it at least as much as I did, and you don't want to see my Snoopy Dance if they liked it more!

Laurie, I need to remember to email you when I have time...I think I need to know what Clare books you're talking about.

Donna, I think you and I have very similiar tastes, so I'm off to go check out some titles!

Ilene, glad the cheesecake squares were a hit! Next time I'll get more!

Re: Book of Sudoku (11:57am March 7, 2009):

Sorry, but in this case a book by any other name was not a book. It was a puzzle book, and once a puzzle is done, you can't share it, or redo it.
Therefore tearing the pages, cracking the spine, eating while puzzling the answers is not anywhere close to mistreating a great or in some cases not so
great work of fiction.

Re: Turn Coat (7:01pm February 21, 2009):

Hope everyone had a great time! I spent the day at the bowling center. Where
else would I be on a Saturday?

Re: The Secret Life of Bees (3:57pm February 8, 2009):

I had no idea how that so many people were so passionate about the idea of books versus movies! Thank you to one and all for making this a lively
and interesting discussion.

Since I'm really somewhat particular about my movies anyway I think I'll stick to spending my entertainment dollar on the book and wait for a movie to
hit DVD.

Re: Made To Be Broken (12:26pm February 8, 2009):

In case Marcia is still lurking around...loved The Butterfly House! I did it in audio and found myself sitting in my car after I arrived at my destinations.

Sara, The Forster book is out, and I'm going to try to make myself ignore the distractions of life and get it finished today. I just know I'm at a great part!

Re: The Secret Life of Bees (12:24pm February 8, 2009):

Thanks to one and all for the comments. I really appreciate everyone coming to visit!

As for me...I think I'll read a book or see a movie but usually not both! If I happen to read the book, and then see the movie it's usually with a good
spread of time between the two, and I don't know that I remember enough about the book to say whether or not the movie followed it closely. A new
thought...do you have a favorite book/movie combo as someone(sorry forgot who) mentioned they do with Gone With The Wind?


Re: Made To Be Broken (8:03pm February 7, 2009):

My bookmark is so jealous that you read the next Carr books. Good thing I didn't know that this afternoon when I was visiting with
you! My bookmark is in The Private Concierge by Suzanne Forster, and it's really getting good!

Re: Evil Without A Face (5:18pm January 29, 2009):

My use of the computer has changed over the years and probably not for the best...oh well! I'm really looking forward to reading this new title.


Re: Wicked Burn (5:00pm January 26, 2009):

I'm not an author either, and never would have the desire to be one. I do however contribute to a blog, and when it's my turn to blog I go out and make
sure everyone I know knows that I have a new blog up! How exactly just depends on what opportunity I'm presented with, and if I think that opportunity
could lead to someone checking out my blog!

Re: Whisper of Warning (5:23pm January 24, 2009):

Martha, unfortunately this isn't my blog. My blog posts tomorrow, and I'm upset that I didn't write
about the great book club meeting this week. Hope you like what I did write about though!

Dawn...if I've inspired you to write a blog that's a great compliment, and just what I needed for a
pick me up today.

Re: Thread of Fear (5:07pm January 24, 2009):

Well, being a part of the book club that has dinner at your house I have to say how much I enjoy it. The part about book converts
is oh so true! I had never read or thought I had an interest in reading Eileen Dreyer, and then talked to her and now all but one of
her books resides in my TBR.

Would I have read Laura Griffin as soon as I did? Probably not...but I read it, enjoyed it, and have even convinced my friend
Yvonne she has to read it!

Lastly the group discussed an author for a phone in, and I said ooops there goes my resolution to read the author each month.
However, you all convinced me that there would be one book by the author that I would enjoy, so I went home, and that book is
now part of my Kindle library.

For those of you who don't have a book club...hope you find one, and I hope it clicks as well as our does, because even when we
argue it's all in good spirit!

Re: Obama (9:07pm January 18, 2009):

Maggie, somewhere in my son's room I think he has a wrestling biography. I was reluctant to buy it because I was
sure he wouldn't read it, and I know he read a few pages, and gave up!

Re: Obama (5:50pm January 18, 2009):

Donna, I don't think you carried on at all. WWII probably played a part in many families lives, and I've often
wondered about those Brokaw books, but unfortunately not enough to take time away from my fiction!

Re: Obama (2:13pm January 18, 2009):

As is being pointed out the media has changed so much that do we really need to read a
biography to learn about someone these days? I know that I'd rather lose myself in a good
piece of fiction, than learn something new!

Re: Thread of Fear (7:58pm January 4, 2009):

Thanks to everyone who posted! It's amazing to think that so many of use really have basically the same resolutions. I
have broken the no new book one already....but I have had an amazon g.c. since before Christmas that I was waiting to
spend, and now am trying to spend it down....so did I really break the resolution since it's not my money?

As for the word challenge. That's something that is happening in one of the yahoo groups I belong to. Each month the
challenge is to read a book that has the preselected word in the title. It's not in any way tied to the 100,000 challenge
that Harlequin is doing. It's simply a challenge the group started to help generate some book discussions, and I thought
sounded fun especially because I had a book that fit the word on my shelf, and miracle of miracles even knew exactly

Thank you all again for checking out the blog and once more I hope everyone has a great 2009!

Re: Shadow of Turning (5:27pm December 28, 2008):

Shhh...don't tell anyone but I haven't read The Private Concierge yet! I have however read the other two you
listed and enjoyed both!

Good luck in getting through your unread TBR!

Re: Shadow of Turning (11:02am December 28, 2008):

Pam, thank you for the ultimate
compliment! That was just too too
nice to say!

Paula, I just wishlisted that Tabke on a
trading site, and the next day it came
up for me. So now it's on the way.
She's in on of my yahoo groups, and
appears to be a nice person.

Livia, I hope you let me know what you
think of the Norman. I could hardly
put it down!

Hope everyone has a happy healthy
new year!

Re: A Virgin River Christmas (9:30am October 27, 2008):

These have been some very interesting comments, and are proving my thoughts to be somewhat wrong. I really thought more people purchased books over and over to have all the different covers and editions. I'm seeing that the book buying dollar is a being used a bit more frugally than that.

I have a lot of autographed books, but they're buried in my regular book pile. Maybe I need to find some time to reorganize and proudly display them especially when they're as beautiful both inside and outside as the Virgin River and Grace Valley books.

Re: A Virgin River Christmas (6:56pm October 26, 2008):

I can guarentee that the Virgin River
books have great covers and
inbetween the covers great stories.
However I do know that the new Grace
Valley books have great covers, but no
clue as the story. I haven't read them

Thanks to all who commented!

Re: Take Me If You Can (4:00pm September 1, 2008):

Meredith, I have a great friend who
supplied me with a g.c. and I have
been busy trying to figure out which
books to buy.

Donna, hope you're all settled in now.
I think good food always makes any
day special....not just birthdays!

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