April 18th, 2024
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Investigating a conspiracy really wasn't on Nikki's very long to-do list.

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Escape to the Scottish Highlands in this enemies to lovers romance!

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It�s not the heat�it�s the pixie dust.

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They have a perfect partnership�
But an attempt on her life changes everything.

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Jealousy, Love, and Murder: The Ancient Games Turn Deadly

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Secret Identity, Small Town Romance
Available 4.15.24

The Accidental Human by Dakota Cassidy


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The Accidental Human
Dakota Cassidy

Accidental Friends #3
March 2009
On Sale: March 3, 2009
Featuring: Wanda Schwartz; Heath Jefferson
352 pages
ISBN: 042522595X
EAN: 9780425225950
Trade Size
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Immortality bites— new from the author of Accidentally Dead and The Accidental Werewolf.

Wanda Schwartz is raking in the dough selling Bobbie-Sue Cosmetics—and she’s a pro at recruiting new saleswomen. So, she’s shocked when a man comes to one of her in-home parties—a very hot man. Heath Jefferson is sure to put some extra spin into a lot of women’s color wheels.

When Wanda is diagnosed with a terminal illness, it doesn’t have to be a death sentence. With a werewolf and a vampire for best friends, she has options that most ordinary people wouldn’t. As Wanda ponders what to do about her mortality, Heath reveals he has secrets, and one of them is that his former bloodlust has turned into an old-fashioned lust—for Wanda. And he’s already given up too much to lose the love of his lifetimes.


72 comments posted.

Re: The Accidental Human

Sandi, my advice is go to 1/2 Price books and just start buying! You can't go wrong lol. Btw, the cheesecake was a big hit!
(Ilene Pedersen 4:46pm March 29, 2009)

Recommendations... At the moment I am reading Catherine Anderson's latest, Star Bright. Excellent reading. It is a connected book but could probably stand alone. If you or Yvonne haven't tried Jill Shalvis Instant Attraction is her latest. Paranormal is not my favorite either but some of them are very good. Julie Leto's two Phantom books, Phantom Pleasures & Phantom's Touch are very good. A third Phantom will be out at a later date, the books are connected. The first Phantom was so good I had to read the second, now I am looking forward to the next one. Among other of my many favorites are Suzanne Brockman, Cindy Gerard, Roxanne St. Claire, Catherine Mann, Cathie Linz. Is this enough selection? :-) Now names are going to keep popping into my brain.
I am surprised that at this point in time you only have one other comment.
Enjoy Yvonne's visit.
Donna McClure 6:53pm March 29, 2009)

Sounds like you've been having a pretty good time, Sandi!

As for romantic suspense recommendations (I'm not a paranormal fan) Donna's list has many of my favorites - Cherry Adair is another - one of the absolute best romantic suspense series (imo) is Pamela Clare's, with three books so far and a fourth coming in the next few months. I truly think you'll be pleased with them - let me know if you try them!
Laurie Damron 8:57pm March 29, 2009)

sounds like a wonderful time.
I don't like giving recommendations because everyone has different tastes. I always breath a sigh of releaf when someone comes away with liking a suggestion.
Christa Runge 10:31pm March 29, 2009)

I don't know if this is your cup of tea or not, but I am a fan of Laurell K. Hamilton. She got 2 different series. One is a Vampire Hunter series which her name is Anita Blake and the other has to do has a woman named Merry Gentry who is a princess of the faries I haven't read Merry Gentry yet Hope this helps.
Maggie Roso 11:12pm March 29, 2009)

Thank you for the comments and suggestions. Maggie it's so funny that you mentioned Hamilton, because Yvonne and I did buy a book by her
yesterday, but it was for another friend of hers who loves her. It's a rerelease, but it said it was her debut novel, and the dedication was to her
Grandmother, whose first name escapaes me, but her last name was Gentry. I just then made the assumption that that is where Merry got her last name,
and that was a little piece of trivia I hadn't known.

Christa, you're like me...when I recommend something, and someone reads it I sit on pins and needles waiting to hear what they thought! I'm always so
relieved when they liked it at least as much as I did, and you don't want to see my Snoopy Dance if they liked it more!

Laurie, I need to remember to email you when I have time...I think I need to know what Clare books you're talking about.

Donna, I think you and I have very similiar tastes, so I'm off to go check out some titles!

Ilene, glad the cheesecake squares were a hit! Next time I'll get more!
Sandi Shilhanek 6:33am March 30, 2009)

Sandi, now that I can think and hear myself think lol I remembered a great book form last summer. It was a first book by Sarah Addison Allen called "Garden Spells". It had a bit of magic, humor, romance and I couldn't put it down. I'm still looking for her 2nd book.
Ilene Pedersen 9:37am March 30, 2009)

Hey! on the paranormal side, I think Linda Lael Miller wrote the best vampire series I've ever read. I keep very few books, but those I guard with my life!
Ilene Pedersen 9:39am March 30, 2009)

Hi Sandi--Since I've been reading a lot of Karen Rose books lately I would recommend her. She does write graphic violence which is not for everyone but the romance in her books is very intense and makes up for the violence. Enjoy Yvonne's visit!
Mary Perry 11:30am March 30, 2009)

Sandi, I agree with Mary Karen Rose is good but also Branda Novak, Allison Brennan, Jordan Dane, Lisa Jackson, Lisa Gardner, Karen Robards and some of Linda Howard's are great romantic suspense. I'm not a paranormal fan but do read some in fact just listened to the YA "TWILIGHT" by Stephanie Meyer, my granddaughter insisted now she wants me to read/listen to whole series LOL it was OK too
Barbs Ferris 11:59am March 30, 2009)

while 1/2 price is a good place to go. i have really good luck at the thrift stores. way cheaper than a ubs. as for authors, mariah stewart is a favorite of mine
Becky Kinkead 9:52pm March 30, 2009)

I loved this book. My favorite of the Accidental series so far. It was a cannot put it down book for me. That is a big compliment from me. It went fast for me, but probably because it just flowed really well if that makes sense. I was hooked in to the story from the very beginning. I liked the first two books, but I felt you had to read further in to them to get drawn into the story.
After reading this book I want to go back and reread the first two books.
Summer Sharp 3:36pm April 5, 2009)

I notice very cute pups on covers these
days. I pick them up and check out
the back cover blurbs.
(I'd love to win!)

Happy Easter to all who celebrate!
Mary Hundley 6:57am April 12, 2009)

Very nice prize.

Happy Easter everyone.!!
Frances Filandro 7:25am April 12, 2009)

Happy Easter. My favorite book covers are ones that do not show any facial features. I like body shots and profiles but I dont want specifics on their faces. It upsets me when I am reading the descriptions do not match the pic on the cover. Thanks for the chance to win books please enter me.
Sara Hurt 8:24am April 12, 2009)

I like the cartoony covers more than the 1/2 naked covers or the torso-only covers. I think the cute covers are fun and the artist can usually get a lot more detail than a regular photograph. I will admit, I tend to pass over the people covers and will read the backs of the cartoony ones.

Titles also grab my attention. One of my favorite series was chosen because the title caught my eye. THE EYRE AFFAIR by Jasper Fforde.
V Scott 8:33am April 12, 2009)

I like covers that do not show any of the characters in the book. I want them to be the way I see them and not the way someone else sees them. I like scenery on the covers instead. This way there is no problem with discrepancies. They do bother me a little.
Carol Mintz 9:19am April 12, 2009)

I have to admit. I am one of those peopele who do judge a book by its cover. I am partial to a man with muscles on the cover. lol

I will admit sometimes the cover doesn't catch me but I will still read the back of the book to see what it is about.

One thing I will say is one thing I dont like is when the author has a picture of themselves on the back and no where can u find out anything about reading the book with out starting the first chapter. Depending on the author I will go ahead and grab the book.

Terri Heywood 9:32am April 12, 2009)

I look at the cover, I know I probably miss some good books because the cover doesn't grab me.
Marilyn Warner 10:30am April 12, 2009)

Covers do definitely draw my attention and usually one w/o people or indistinct features is one to capture my interest. I do like setting/scenery -- that usually gives me a "feel" for what may be inside. I would next read the inside cover flap if hardcover or back cover to get some information before I made a purchase. If I already read/like the author the cover probably matters less to me.
Pam Nolan 10:37am April 12, 2009)

I buy because of author and/or plot, book cover is a secondary thought. I have every type sitting in my TBR pile and I really don't care. Sometimes even the bottice ripper covers are beautifully done. I like the ones I think are called the "cut away"?? Where like 3/4 the cover is just the title and author with a little sliver of a picture teasing you and you turn back that part and there is a beautiful picture usually with the supposed hero and heroine in some type of grasp....LOL... I won't go into the fact that the female has blonde hair in the picture but in the book she's a redhead...LOL that is another topic for another day. Thanks Sandi and Happy Easter..
Shauna George 10:52am April 12, 2009)

Covers are either pretty or just there. I'm more interested in the author and the storyline. And, yes, I get very upset when the people on the cover don't match their descriptions!

DC's house? You lucky person.
Claudia McRay 11:00am April 12, 2009)

Hi Sandi, this is a great topic. I find a lot of authors do wonder about this particular subject. Personally, the cover plays some role in my decision to purchase a book, but I don't really "judge" the book by its cover. I am more apt to buy the book based on the author and any previous work I read by that person. I must say, though, that I have discovered some new authors because the cover of their books drew my attention. The title has to pull me though, regardless of the cover; if it does, it doesn't matter what kind of cover the book has. I don't usually think of the cover any more, so I never catch the discrepancy between the character description and what is actually on the cover. I must admit that when I was much, much, much younger, the covers used to capture my attention. Old historicals, especially, but that was when Fabio was the hero archetype (I hope I used that word correctly). Have a Happy Easter and I will see you at Jack's.

Peace and love,
Paula Robinson 11:05am April 12, 2009)

I'm not much of a cover person-I like to read the bc but the more eye-catching covers have better sales I'm sure.

Hope you had a lovely time at the dinner!!
Barbs Ferris 11:36am April 12, 2009)

The old adage "don't judge a book by it's cover" came about for a reason. It's human nature to do so at least to an extent.

Covers with multiple people on the front I'll usually pass over. I don't read much historical romance any more, so those are out. It DOES bother me when the person on the front is way different from the description, but the worse thing is when the author makes a tattoo or other feature a big part of the story or description and they get it totally wrong on the cover.

I like designs with no people or the torso shots with no facial features so I can use my own imagination to flesh out the characters.

Personally though,I think the title has more to do with me reading the blurb than anything, but the cover can catch my attention and make me check out the title to begin with.
Janet Beckley 12:01pm April 12, 2009)

I love book covers. I can't say I buy the book for the cover, but they have some really cool ones. I am real big into the historical covers, I love seeing a big castle in the back gound. The cover is what catches my eye to make me pick up that books and read the blurp on the back. I buy the book because of the author, blurp, and what the book is about. But I do love my covers.
Gail Hurt 12:02pm April 12, 2009)

I enjoy browsing through covers but the contents holds my interest since I read the back cover to discover the storyline.
Sharon Berger 12:04pm April 12, 2009)

Happy Happy Easter everyone:)
Bridget Hopper 12:11pm April 12, 2009)

I'm very aware of covers and often look at them as I read to see if the descriptions match. If they don't, it can actually slow me down as I try to get the images in my head realigned, lol.

This happens a lot, btw.

Suzan Forster 12:21pm April 12, 2009)

Covers don't make a difference since the story and the author are the most important factors.
Happy Easter!
Eva Minaskanian 12:24pm April 12, 2009)

In a store where all the books are shelved with the spine out I can't shop by cover. In a store that shows the cover I can walk through the aisle and see something that just grabs me the way the cover on Susanne Forster's The Lonely Girls Club did. I don't like it when even the houses on the coveer don't match the story setting as much as I don't like people on covers who don't match. Most of my books are bought on the basis of what I see on the Internet where I don't even look at the cover.

Ray Getzinger 12:26pm April 12, 2009)

I read a lot of ebooks, so I tend not to notice books covers. Not too crazy about the cartonny ones, though.
Cathy MacDonald 12:30pm April 12, 2009)

I generally do not buy by cover, but sometimes a new author will catch my eye because of the cover. Then if the blurb sounds interesting, I'll buy it. As for covers when the h/h do not match the description by the author, well, I just laugh and shake my head at the art dept of the publisher.
PS...a BBQ at Dakota's??? You are lucky, Sandi, to live in an area populated by authors. I'm jealous!!!!
Patti F 1:06pm April 12, 2009)

Covers don't matter too much since the heroine always looks like I'd like to look lol. I tend to look for authors instead. The other day I started in the "A's" and found some new authors to read. I pulled them out and started reading the backs; I'm not sure I even looked at the front cover. I agree that I hate when there is just a picture of the author and no blurb; Nora Robert's books are like that and they're about the only ones I'll buy since I always like her books. Happy Easter!
Ilene Pedersen 1:21pm April 12, 2009)

The cover definitely matters to me. I like a good-looking man or a torso shot on the cover. Also man and woman covers. Having said that, it really bugs me when the cover people don't match the character descriptions in the story. Really, really, bugs me. I would think that would be simple enough to just match the hair color. I guess that's why so many publishers have gone to just using the torso shots.
I am especially partial to covers using John DeSalvo. *sigh*

I am attracted to covers, yes, but seldom would buy one because of that. Almost everything I read are recommendations (after all, isn't that why we're on these book chat groups), and that's how I chose my books.
Janet Lewis 1:29pm April 12, 2009)

I'll pick up a book if I like the cover but it doesn't make me buy it. I will always read the blurb on the back first. And yes, if I dislike a cover but it's from an author that I really like then I'll go ahead and buy the book. I really dislike some of the more risque covers mainly because I have children in the house and hate to leave those books lying around.
Lisa Freeman 2:05pm April 12, 2009)

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to one and all for taking time from your Easter Sunday to come and comment on my topic. I have loved reading all
the comments, and hope you come see what pops into my head for next week!
Sandi Shilhanek 2:20pm April 12, 2009)

I'm like you, Sandi. I might pick a book up if it's got a really eye catching cover and read the blurb, but still might not buy it, but an equally hideous cover will have me picking it up as well, lol, just to see who was so unlucky as to have scored that cover. Very seldom do I really pay much attention to covers in regards to the story. The heroine could be a different ethnicity and I very likely might not notice once I'm reading, lol. I DO notice hotties, and think St. Martins has some of the most tastefull covers out there, but they truly don't effect my buying habits much. LOL, they might effect if I take it to work and read it in front of all the men I work with, but I'll still read it, just at home!! ;> )
Melissa Bradley 2:28pm April 12, 2009)

If the book is written by a favorite author I will get it regardless of the cover, but if it is an author that I have never read, it could influence my decision to read it.
Joyce Mandle 2:42pm April 12, 2009)

Certain covers definitely catch my notice and make me stop to read more about the books. Books with bright colors or good looking men are two things that I usually notice. It takes a great blurb, though, for me to actually purchase a book. Also, I have a long list of authors who I will buy no matter what their covers look like. So I guess covers only play a very small role in what books I buy. As to discrepancies in the hero/heroine, they don't really bother me. Once I start reading a story, I just picture whatever the author describes and the cover no longer matters.
Lori Patterson 3:17pm April 12, 2009)

My favorite book covers are the ones that are simple and not too busy. If there is just too much going on on the cover, it bothers me and I will usually skip over the book for something else, unless it's by a favorite author. Another type of cover I only pick up if it's a series or author I like is a cover that is too cartoony.
Karin Theisen 3:28pm April 12, 2009)

Hi Sandi,
Happy Easter!
Since I mostly buy books by favorite authors it doesn't matter what is on the cover. That said I still often read the back blurb to see what the book is about if I don't already know. If the author is on the back cover that is the publishers decision & there is still a blurb but maybe on the inside. My favorite covers are ones that suggest what the book is about but lets you fill in the features in your imagination. For instance, Nora Roberts has a new book coming out next month titled " Vision in White" that gives you an idea about the story without any facial details. I do hate covers that depict H/h much different than how the book describes the characters.
Thanks for giving us a place to air our likes & dislikes.
Publishers are you listening?
Donna McClure 3:53pm April 12, 2009)

Love to read and covers might snag my attention briefly, but I don't buy a book based on the cover.

I read the back cover blurb and any blurb that is inside.

Wishing each of you a very Happy Easter.!
Cindy Johnson 4:14pm April 12, 2009)

Happy Easter and other Spring
Holidays. The cover does matter to
me. It was a long tim e before I
picked up a romance novel because of
the bodice ripper covers. The male
versions out now that leave very little
to the imagination aren't much better.
I work at a small county library with a
large church going, older lady
patronage. I have to think of them
when I put books on the shelf. If
these guy's pants get any lower, there
won't be anything left to the
imagination. It isn't necessary. If the
story is good and the author known,
the book will sell. Putting a half naked
man or woman on the cover won't
make the story any better. I'm not a
prude, I read these books. That said, I
read the back cover or cover flap to
see what the story is about - that is
more important than the cover. If the
story needs an overly sexy picture to
sell it, maybe it isn't worth reading.
Patricia Barraclough 4:19pm April 12, 2009)

I admit that there are times when I will pick up a book just because of the cover if it's by an author I have not read before. Sometimes it's the title,,,,,,,,,,,,,,that's on the cover.

I get discouraged by the covers sometimes because if there are people or a person representing characters from the story on the cover they will not match the physical description of the person they are representing in the story.
Debbie Beverley 4:30pm April 12, 2009)

I have put books in my shopping cart soley based on what the cover looks like without even seeing what the book is even about. And there are times after I get it home to read, that it was not what I thought it was going to be based on the cover.

Please enter me into your contest.
Michelle Sauer 6:12pm April 12, 2009)

I try not to judge a book by it's cover, but a great cover will certainly get me to look at it and read the back cover, whereas a bad or unintersting cover I will pass over if I have not already read something by that author.
Covers can be deceiving, but so can the descriptions on the back cover. I HATE the animated, or computer graphics covers!
Carrie Divine 6:38pm April 12, 2009)

I seem to gravitate towards books that don't have people on the cover. I'm not sure why. Today's a great day, I have a day off work, so I can spend time reading and it's a guilt free chocolate day! Happy Easter.
Cindy Boucher 6:55pm April 12, 2009)

Great question! I have purchased books by authors new to me because of a catchy cover. Likewise I have purchased books with so-so covers by authors because I am familiar with them and always buy their books. Mostly it is the story that sells me on a book, regardless of the cover, although the cover may call out to me and cause me to take a second look.
Kay Martinez 7:28pm April 12, 2009)

Great giveaway!

Covers is really important when I'm
buying books by authors I haven't read
before. The title and cover is the first
thing I notice, and if I see one I really
like I almost always pick it up and read
the back blurb. Some of the covers I
really like: Taken by Sin by Jaci Burton,
No Limits by Alison Kent and Aussie
Rules by Jill Shalvis.
M E 7:56pm April 12, 2009)

I buy a book based on the author and the blurb that tells what the story is about. I do think a book's cover is important, though, because it is the "face" of the story. A lovely book cover can really attract my attention, and bizarre covers turn me off. This is especially important when it is an author that I haven't read before.
Cheryl Castings 8:50pm April 12, 2009)

I glance at the cover, read the title and author, but I perfer to read the bc or the inside page. Thanks. Happy Easter.
Laurie Green
L Green 8:52pm April 12, 2009)

I buy/read a book for these reasons in this order:

Blurb (whether on the back cover or inside the front):
Cover picture.

If it's a new author to me, than the majority of the weight goes to the title and blurbs. If the two together are still a little weak, then the cover gets factored in. And yes, like everyone else, I don't appreciate it when the bodies on the cover don't match those in the story, but that only lasts a short time, as I am able to ignore the cover once I've gotten far enough into the story.

Thanks for letting us all vent!!


Lynn Rettig 8:58pm April 12, 2009)

There a lot of covers I love, but I'm noticing a trend in the releases. All Blues, all pinks, etc...
Virginia Hendricks 10:21pm April 12, 2009)

I do have some favorite covers and covers can affect if I look at a book or not. If the covers are showing and it grabs my attention I will pick it up and see whats its about. I wont buy a book for the cover alone but I will check them out.
Donna Simmonds 10:30pm April 12, 2009)

The covers may grab my attention but it's the author or the reader reviews that will get me to buy the book. I don't remember ever buying a book simply based on the cover.

Some of my favorite covers are the ones from Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series. The art work is gorgeous!
Leslie Gladnick 10:47pm April 12, 2009)

Book covers do grab me. Its one way to find new authors. I don't buy the book just based on that though,it has to be something I would enjoy to read anyway.
Jo Anne Benware 11:30pm April 12, 2009)

I'm a fool for a book with a dog on the cover. I generally buy them. Now if it turns out there is no dog in the story. bye. bye....
Another case of the cover not agreeing with the story is Get Lucky by Suz Brockmann which another reader gave me at Dakota's BBQ. The hero in the book is a Navy SEAL yet the guy on the cover is CHUBBY. But is was a good book!
Summer Sharp 11:42pm April 12, 2009)

I guess that I should buy one (some?) of those protective covers for the books I read because it does bother me when the picture on the cover has no relation to the story. Since I alsways have several 'books in the process of being read' I would neec to buy several covers. Then I wouldn't know which book was which :>)
Karin Tillotson 7:25am April 13, 2009)

I have to admit that I've never brought a book strictly by it's cover. I've picked up books to read the blurbs because of a cover. What I dislike are cover errors -- hero/heroine with a different color hair than what's in the book or a book cover that has nothing to do with the storyline.
Danielle DeBuono 9:29am April 13, 2009)

I don't buy a book just because of the cover, but it typically is one thing that will attract me to it.
LuAnn Morgan 10:31am April 13, 2009)

I really am a "cover junkie"! lol Now that may make me pick up the book but won't make me buy it. The blurb on the back has to sell me on that.
I love the cartoon covers like the ones MJDavidson used to do and Dakota Cassidy does. I also love the ones with kick *** heriones on the fronts like J.Frost's, Jaye Wells and so forth. Then there are the sexy ones for the Erotica's, really like those too!
My pet peeve is when they put people on the fronts and they do not match the characters inside! I really enjoy LKHamilton but that cover with Micah on the front, hello! did not match Micah from the books. :(
I know several authors and I think they should have a bigger say in the covers, they know the characters, they know the storyline and they feel the passion for it unike someone just else who hasn't read the book you know.
These are really great questions and hopefully some of the publishers will read them!

Have a Great Day and Happy Reading!
Chris Jones 12:40pm April 13, 2009)

I like the cover models to resemble the characters in the book and admit to occasionally buying books b/c of the cover, although I typically read the back cover first. Sometimes a cover catches my attention, which makes me pick it up to read the back cover.
Laurie Damron 12:41pm April 13, 2009)

A lot of times I have been going to buy a book but when I see the cover I don't. If I had a protective cover I might though. It is not that I am a prude, but I don't like sitting on an airplane or someplace reading with a real racy cover, when half the time it doesn't really have anything to do with the content.
Judy Anderson 2:27pm April 13, 2009)

Hi Sandi--good topic! I buy books for the authors. I have been known to pick up a book if the cover catches my eye and read the blurb, maybe even buy if the story sounds interesting. For that reason I understnd why authors want good covers. Colorful covers appeal to me and ones with just the hero in the forefront and some smaller pictures behind. For instance I like the covers on the new Creed trilogy by Linda Lael Miller. I agree with others who are bothered by the characters not matching what they actually look like. I don't understand why that happens when the artists are given character descriptions.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter!
Mary Perry 3:03pm April 13, 2009)

I've been known to pick up a book because of its cover. I love spring colors, pinks and greens for some reason.
Shannon Scott 3:13pm April 13, 2009)

i get alot of my books at the thrift store, so i guess covers catch my eye, anything with a cowboy, or an old house. or a title that looks interesting. of course if it is an author that i love, its an auto buy, i dont care what is on the cover, and once i am reading it, i dont give the cover much tought.
Becky Kinkead 4:46pm April 13, 2009)

Hi Sandi, Good topic. I have to agree with Summer on the "Get Lucky" cover. He was more than just CHUBBY. The whole cover was downright ugly!

I do have to admit, though, that a favorite author or line could have just about anything on the cover and I would buy it. I am especially drawn to covers with babies on them. But what the back blurb says will draw me to purchase a lot sooner than what's on the cover. Or a good title.

If I do happen to notice the cover and then realize while reading that the cover does not match the story (H/h, or castle vs shack, etc) that bothers me a lot.

I didn't realize until I met a few authors that they have very little say in what goes on the covers of their books. Or even what the title is, for that matter. This would irritate me no end. I'm surprised a lot of them are still writing. I probably wouldn't be.

Hope you had a good Easter, and didn't eat too much chocolate. . .
Donna Breitkreuz 7:12pm April 13, 2009)

Oops, I forgot. I have a protective cover that I use. Not necessarily so no one can see what I'm reading, but so my husband can't tell when I'm changing books, so he can't tell how many books I actually read. . .
Donna Breitkreuz 7:15pm April 13, 2009)

With me it don't matter what the covder looks like, I based what I read on the author name, like it's a well known author I have heard about in my Yahoo reading group then I'm more likelty to check out the book.
Maggie Roso 10:09pm April 13, 2009)

I'm mostly great with covers but only one cove r that I so much wanted to find a different cover and that was Sandra Hill's book where they did a trial of putting a like 'cartoon-ish' cover on it and I laughed because it so didn't fit her Viking heroes! All the rest weren't with the cartoon cover, so that was good! LOL
Cathie Morton 6:14am April 14, 2009)

does not matter to me as long as it is a good story
please enter me thnks
Kim h 3:28am April 19, 2009)

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