April 23rd, 2014
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April showers = Book Reading time!

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Can he come home again to the Plain life?

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Is sacrificing herself the only way to stop this evil?

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Is Homecoming turns out more than new dresses…murdersacrificing herself the only way to stop this evil?

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Vampires aren't real...or are they?

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Is your first love worth a second chance?

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Win it all, or lose it all


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Cold Snap
by Allison Brennan
"Three Kincaid stories each with a unique mystery to solve and villain to vanquish."
Posted December 9, 2013

COLD SNAP is an atypical addition to the Lucy Kincaid series but just as thrilling and exciting as any book from Allison Brennan. Set in the days just before the entire Kincaid family gathers in San Diego for Christmas for the first time in many years, COLD SNAP is basically Read more...

Girl Trouble
by Miranda Baker
"Erotica for the 21st century."
Posted November 30, 2013

With the Come Again series, centered on a group of old and new friends with ties to the sex shop Come Again, Miranda Baker writes erotica for the 21st century. Though she generally adheres to the boy-meets-girl expectations of the romance genre, Ms. Baker has crafted intriguing characters Read more...

A Case of Possession
by Kj Charles
"An exciting addition to an enthralling series."
Posted November 10, 2013

I am fascinated by K.J. Charles\' A Charm of Magpies series featuring Stephan Day and Lucien Vaudrey, the Earl Crane, and set in an alternate version of Victorian England in which magic is an acknowledged presence in the world. Stephan is a justiciar who polices abuses of magic and Read more...

Fatal Strike
by Shannon McKenna
"Full of the sexy and suspenseful chills and thrills we've come to expect."
Posted November 10, 2013

Fans of Shannon McKenna's McCloud series have learned to love geeky, techy, not-quite-as-tough-and-handsome-as-the-brothers Miles Davenport. While his contribution to each mission has always been valuable, it has often been background support. When he last went on a covert operation, Miles was Read more...

The Bride Wore Size 12
by Meg Cabot
"My favorite former-pop-star-turned-assistant-dorm-director-amateur-sleuth is back!"
Posted October 26, 2013

My favorite former-pop-star-turned-assistant-dorm-director-amateur-sleuth, Heather Wells, is back and determined to have a murder free academic year so she can focus on getting her long-delayed bachelor\'s degree and planning her wedding to Private Investigator Cooper Cartwright. As is typical in Heather Read more...

by Dee Henderson
"A compelling story populated with intriguing characters who believe in God, justice, hope and responsibility."
Posted October 6, 2013

Bryce Bishop, a Chicago coin dealer, is thinking and praying about feeling bored and dissatisfied with his life when he encounters a mysterious woman waiting for him outside of his shop. He is horrified when this woman, Charlotte Graham, leads him into the store next to his and he discovers Read more...

Drawn Together
by Lauren Dane
"I loved every word...and have already re-read it multiple times."
Posted October 6, 2013

Raven Smith, the straight-talking tattoo artist who has woven her way through the Lauren Dane's Brown Family saga, is someone the other characters either love or distrust. She lives her life honestly and by her own rules, something not everyone understands. Raven is loyal to those she loves Read more...

Speak Of The Devil
by Allison Leotta
"Absolutely a must read!"
Posted August 6, 2013

Allison Leotta has become my go-to author when I\'m in the mood for a legal thriller. SPEAK OF THE DEVIL more than satisfied my craving for a well-crafted and suspenseful story full of unexpected twists and turns. I am a life-long reader so it takes a Read more...

by Laura Griffin
"All the edge-of-your seat thrills I've come to expect."
Posted July 31, 2013

Maddie Callahan, forensic photographer at the Delphi Center crime lab, never expected that her side-business taking engagement and wedding photos would put her life in danger. After photographing a couple in the park, Maddie is mugged and almost hit by fleeing vehicle. When the FBI starts asking questions, she Read more...

Wicked Beat
by Olivia Cunning
"A perfect addition to the Sinners On Tour series."
Posted July 31, 2013

Rebekah Blake is worried about her brother Dave who is recovering from an accident that may have left him paralyzed (see Hot Ticket). She's thrilled, though, to be asked to fill-in for him as Sinners' front of house engineer. Rebekah needs a chance to prove she Read more...

The Magpie Lord
by Kj Charles
"I loved every minute of it!"
Posted July 15, 2013

I don't typically read m/m romance or books with paranormal themes so I'm not exactly sure what drew me to THE MAGPIE LORD, the story of a man who falls in love with the magician he hires to remove the evil haunting him. Maybe it was the Read more...

Willing Sacrifice
by Joey W. Hill
"Emotionally rich and ridiculously sexy...an excellent addition to the series."
Posted July 13, 2013

Fans of Joey W. Hill's Knights of the Boardroom series have wondered about super-efficient admin Janet Albright and sexy limo driver Maxwell Ackerman. In WILLING SACRIFICE, we're treated not only to their backstory but to their discovery of each other as more than co-workers. Ms. Hill Read more...

by Christine d'Abo
"A quick, sexy romance"
Posted July 11, 2013

Shy, slightly agoraphobic and insecure Petra Clark expresses herself through her blog, Sexcapades. Via her alter ego PC, Petra encourages woman to embrace their sexuality. Unfortunately for Petra, her blogs and reviews are based more on research than action. After her last disastrous relationship, Petra is staying away from men Read more...

The Last Word
by Lisa Lutz
"All our favorite Spellmans, their friends, and all the crazy, dysfunctional shenanigans we've come to love."
Posted July 9, 2013

Things aren't going well for poor Izzy Spellman. Things have gone downhill fast since she staged a hostile takeover of Spellman Investigations. Forced into the role of employees rather than owners, her parents have gone on strike. Given that Spellman Investigation's offices are located in her parent's Read more...

One Sweet Ride
by Jaci Burton
"An entertaining addition to the Play-by-Play series."
Posted July 9, 2013

Gray Preston loves fast cars and has built Preston Racing from the ground up, not relying on his family's wealth or his father the senator. Gray believes his father is a selfish, narcissistic politician. When Evelyn Hill shows up to convince Gray to use his fan base to support Read more...

by Allison Brennan
"All the excitement and suspense I have come to expect."
Posted July 9, 2013

Since the beginning of the Lucy Kincaid series, Allison Brennan has hinted at the secrets that have been hanging over Sean Rogan; secrets that could potentially land him in jail for a long time. Sean has been quietly waiting out the clock on the statute of limitations so he could Read more...

by Josephine Myles
"JUNK is an emotionally rich and compelling story of two men striving to clear the clutter to make room for true love."
Posted July 9, 2013

I stumbled upon the 1959 movie Gidget the other day. It's a fun if old-fashioned movie that I don't feel particularly compelled to watch, except for the ending. I love the last few minutes. In one scene, Gidget, heartbroken that she's lost the boy she loves Read more...

Green-Eyed Lady
by Chuck Greaves
"A suspenseful and witty legal mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end."
Posted June 19, 2013

U.S. Senate candidate Warren Burkett is intrigued by the beautiful green-eyed lady he rescues from a dangerous situation. Being married does not stop him from going home with her and ending up naked in her bed... we'll actually not her bed. When Burkett is accused of breaking Read more...

The Cupcake Diaries: Sweet On You
by Darlene Panzera
"Who doesn't love cupcakes?"
Posted June 16, 2013

Andi Burke is looking for a way to support herself and her daughter before they are evicted from the house they love. All their hopes rest on the plan she hatches with her sister Kim and best friend Rachel to open Creative Cupcakes. When they struggle to find financing, handsome Read more...

Opposing Forces
by Adrienne Giordano
"A can't-put-it-down romantic suspense."
Posted June 12, 2013

I've enjoyed following Adrienne Giordano's Private Protector series since her debut novel, Man Law. The latest book in the series, OPPOSING FORCES, has not dethroned Relentless Pursuit as my favorite book in the series because, well, Billy Tripp is awesome! However, this story featuring Read more...

Maria Munoz

One of six children, and the middle daughter to boot, I very rarely got control of the television while growing up. So I entertained myself by reading, and found a passion that has lasted a lifetime. My love of reading comes from my love of language. Words fascinate me. David Tennant is my favorite Dr. Who, in part, because he regularly plays with words (Allons e!). My favorite book is The Time Traveler's Wife because I love the lyrical quality of the writing. I read many different genres, but lean towards contemporary romance, romantic suspense, cozy mysteries, and anything humorous. I can always be found with a book and never hesitate to pull it out if I have time to kill. In addition to my day job, I am a copy editor for FreshFiction, and co-host of the Fort Worth chapter of the DFW Tea book clubs.

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