February 8th, 2023
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Anti-drug activists are being sabotaged by the very substance they abhor. Kindle Unlimited

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The homicide cop with a passion for justice returns!

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First in new series

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A bomber on the loose, are they the next victims?

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Her deal with the tycoon from her past will save her from destitution!

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A fun foray into the London Season; Her lessons in flirtationůCould work too well!

Sharon Extine

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78 comments posted.

Re: A Lord Apart (10:25pm March 31, 2019):

Haven't dug into my family history, that's why I read about
other peoples family history. Loved the description of the
book and looking forward to reading it.

Re: Chocolate a la Murder (6:11pm March 11, 2019):

Love mysteries. Can't wait to read. Thanks.

Re: Earl to the Rescue (1:44am November 30, 2018):

Loved the excerpt. Looking forward to reading. Thanks.

Re: Flight of the White Wolf (2:12pm March 31, 2018):

I'm not afraid but I don't like it.

Re: For the Bear's Eyes Only (1:36pm March 4, 2017):

To change the world you have to start at the bottom no
matter how small, it will matter. Recycle, don't litter, be
courteous to other people, lend a helping hand to others.

Re: An Enchanted Spring (4:41pm May 31, 2016):

I love to read history and time travel always has history, usually with some problem the time traveler has to solve or not disturb.

Re: Into the Whirlwind (4:33pm May 31, 2016):

Love your books. Will be reading "Into The Whirlwind" soon. Thanks.

Re: Murder at Lambswool Farm (11:39pm May 10, 2016):

My biggest fear is high places. I can't even stand to look out the windows of a tall building. If I stay at a hotel I try to get a lower floor or keep the windows covered. Thanks.

Re: Hold Your Breath (1:59am April 25, 2016):

I love Blueberry tea when I read.

Re: I Dream of Dragons (1:54am April 25, 2016):

No problem. I always keep my Kindle charged so I can read anytime, day or night even when storms take out the electricity. Thanks.

Re: Enchantment of a Highlander (1:18am January 20, 2016):

Very good description of "Enchantment Of A Highlander." I like books set in Scotland so I think I will be reading it soon. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Re: Heir To The Duke (12:58pm January 20, 2016):

Loved the excerpt. Can't wait to read "Heir to the Duke." Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Re: The Royal Conquest (12:01pm December 15, 2015):

Yes I believe you can fall in love at first sight. My Mom and Dad were married for 68 years and from the story it was love at first sight.

Re: A Different Side (11:01pm October 5, 2015):

Great series. Definitely on my reading list!

Re: Shadow Fires (2:26am June 13, 2015):

Even though people are opposite, life can work out if both of them try hard enough. Sometimes you can't always get your way and what you want--compromise.

Re: Murder Freshly Baked (2:13am June 13, 2015):

I like more than one suspect and maybe a few deaths that are really murders.

Re: Five Brides (2:04am June 13, 2015):

I don't think I would buy a wedding dress with a group of strangers but I might with a group of friends. The only problem would be to get a group of women the same size and shape. Loved your idea and would love to read your book. Thanks.

Re: Never Resist A Rake (1:53am June 13, 2015):

A romantic evening is snuggling on the couch. He's watching TV while I read.

Re: Siren's Call (12:50pm March 22, 2015):

Love mermaids and loved your excerpt. Great to hear it has a connection to an Indian legend. Will be reading all your books.

Re: Make Me Up (10:10pm February 16, 2015):

I think I would do a makeover but not have it filmed. Your book sounds great. Hope to read it soon. I want to know who killed Natasha?

Re: New Year's in Napa (11:17pm November 28, 2014):

No, I don't have a second chance story but I love to read about them. It's so great when love finally gets together. Will be looking forward to your book.

Re: Soulfire (7:56pm October 22, 2014):

Love dragon shifters and would love to win your contest. Have a Happy Halloween!

Re: Saving Gracie (5:35pm August 24, 2014):

As I get older every day I slow down more and more. I might be slowing down but I always take time to relax and read a good book. I like to keep my mind active, love to read.

Re: Across the Line (5:25pm August 24, 2014):

I love hockey(Red Wings) but I've never read a book about hockey. Would love to read one. Thanks for having the giveaway.

Re: The Irresistible Miss Peppiwell (3:28am August 14, 2014):

Unusual collection.

Re: Across the Line (3:22am August 14, 2014):

Would love to get either of these books. Thanks for having the drawing.

Re: Shenandoah Dreams (6:15pm July 4, 2014):

I would go exploring. I'd want to know where I was and how I got there. My life isn't that exciting just everyday stuff. Probably in my version I wouldn't have the great looking guy--so I'll have to read your version. Sounds like a great book.

Re: Mad About You (1:17am April 4, 2014):

Love to read about friends to lovers. Especially when the relationship creeps up on the lovers. Your book is a must read.

Re: Dyed and Gone (1:12am April 4, 2014):

Congratulations on the new book. Loved to read about what bobby pins could be used for. My mother uses the large bobby pins to save her place when she crochets--it works great.

Re: Dash of Peril (1:05am April 4, 2014):

Love your books. The excerpt was great. Can't wait to read "Dash of Peril."

Re: The Winter Bride (1:00am April 4, 2014):

I love to read about Beta heroes. They're more of a challenge to the heroine and their books are usually funnier. I'd like more Beta heroes.

Re: The Rancher's Second Chance (3:12am March 14, 2014):

Love your top ten list and agree with everything. Thanks for the contest and love your books.

Re: The Rebel Pirate (10:03am March 5, 2014):

A few of my favorite writers are Eloisa James, Sabrina Jeffries, Jade Lee, Lucy Monroe, Jillian Hunter, Elizabeth Boyle, Mary Balogh and many many others.

Re: Lord of the Sea (5:22pm February 20, 2014):

I've read many of your books and I think you've got the perfect hero down pat. I always love your hero's. Charles de Montforte is my favorite. Can't wait to read these books.
Keep Writing!!

Re: The Tycoon's Socialite Bride (5:15pm February 20, 2014):

I think I like a little of both. I get enough of reality in my job so I don't read total real life situations but I don't like total fantasy. I would say your book is a very good happy medium and one I would read. Best of luck on your book and thanks for the giveaway.

Re: The Cowboy's Mail Order Bride (5:04pm February 20, 2014):

I love stories with mail order brides. I don't know if I could just meet a guy for the first time and marry him but the stories are great. Will put your book on my "to read" list. Thanks for having this giveaway.

Re: Much Ado About Jack (3:27pm February 14, 2014):

I think he would be stunned at first. Everything he new was gone or it had changed but his writers inspiration would kick in and he would do what all writers do best--write.

Re: What The Groom Wants (3:08pm February 14, 2014):

I think B is the one, but all could work. Love your books!

Re: The Groom's Gamble (8:02pm January 5, 2014):

Though all the covers are "to die for" I think "The Groom's Gamble" is the best. Love your books.

Re: The Temptation of Lady Serena (12:56pm January 5, 2014):

Ella, I also love the Regency Era. "The Temptation of Lady Serena" will be on my "to read" list. Thanks!

Re: Paws For Murder (2:59pm January 2, 2014):

Can't beat a good mystery. "Paws For Murder" sounds great, can't wait to read it. Best Wishes.

Re: The Bad Boy Billionaire's Wicked Arrangement (6:32pm December 31, 2013):

Loved your excerpt. If I were to meet a bad boy billionaire I think I would like to meet him on vacation--I'll be in Las Vegas later in the year so I'll be looking for him. Happy New Year Everyone!

Re: The Scandal in Kissing an Heir (6:18pm December 31, 2013):

Loved your excerpt. It sounds like a fabulous read. Happy New Year!

Re: If Wishes Were Earls (10:12pm December 30, 2013):

Loved the excerpt. Will be on my "to read" list for the new year.

Re: Meet the Earl at Midnight (1:08pm December 20, 2013):

My sister and I send the same card every year. It's not signed. It really started out as a joke. Years ago I received a beautiful card with no name--she forgot to sign it. This year I put it in a large envelope and sent it to her family. Next year she will send it back to me. This has been going on for about twenty-five years. Merry Christmas!!

Re: Gentlemen Prefer Mischief (2:59pm December 13, 2013):

Great excerpt. Can't wait to read it. Thanks for having the giveaway. Merry Christmas!!

Re: Wicked Little Secrets (2:56pm December 13, 2013):

Loved the excerpt. Will be on my Christmas list. Best of luck with writing--you are a writer!! Merry Christmas!

Re: Billionaire Blend (2:03am December 3, 2013):

Loved the excerpt for "Billionaire Blend" and you get recipes with the book,too. Can't beat that. Wrote to Santa and told him I wanted an ebook of "Billionaire Blend." Merry Christmas!!

Re: Have You Any Rogues? (3:01am November 15, 2013):

Loved your excerpt. Your books are the ones I read over and over. Keep up the good writing!!

Re: Bulletproof (9:49am November 13, 2013):

Military Heroes know what needs to be done and then do it.
Read your excerpt and it sounds like a great book. Will definitely be on my "to read" list.

Re: The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh (10:54pm November 11, 2013):

Love the Regency Era. Great excerpt. Will be on my "To read" list. Keep writing!!

Re: Scion of the Sun (11:58pm November 4, 2013):

Congratulations on the new book. Sounds like a great read.
Will put it on my "to read" list.

Re: A Cowboy for Christmas (11:54pm November 4, 2013):

Christmas Eve is always at my house. Family and friends all drop over to share memories. Everyone is welcome.

Re: Once a Rake (2:42am October 31, 2013):

This time period is so unique. Beautiful clothes, lovely ladies, charming gentlemen--it's make believe but the stories are all great. Love your books. Keep writing.

Re: Never Underestimate a Caffarelli (6:04am October 27, 2013):

I work in a hospital so it's not unusual to see someone in a wheelchair. Most of the time you can stop for a short conversation or just to say "Hello." People like the feel wanted not invisible.

Re: Norse Jewel (5:53am October 27, 2013):

I like a twist if it helps with the plot. It makes reading more interesting.

Re: To Wed A Wicked Highlander (10:30pm September 20, 2013):

I love Spring, Summer and Fall, but I dread Winter. It's cold and I'm not as young as I once was. The cold makes me ache all over. I can only hope we'll have a mild winter.
Best of luck on your book. Keep writing!!

Re: How To Entice An Enchantress (8:00am September 18, 2013):

Love your books. Would love to win this one. Keep writing!

Re: Virtual Heaven (10:15pm September 5, 2013):

Your book sounds great. Will definitely be on my "to read" list.

Re: Against The Odds (8:47pm December 19, 2012):

It's a tradition for the whole family to go to midnight mass.

Re: Love Thy Sister (2:52pm December 12, 2012):

Thanks for sharing that look into your life. It's great to hear you always wanted to write. Best of luck in the future and great success. Merry Christmas.

Re: Holiday Buzz (5:11pm December 5, 2012):

Love mysteries. "Holiday Buzz" sounds like a great read and I like the idea of the recipes--can get some great recipes this way. Best Wishes for "Holiday Buzz" and have a Merry Christmas!!

Re: A Christmas Bride / Christmas Beau (12:52pm November 28, 2012):

I love Christmas. There's something magic about this time of the year. Love your books. Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Great New Year!

Re: Taming the Outback (12:04pm November 25, 2012):

Love Libby, great excerpt. Best of Luck with "Taming The Outback."

Re: Mistletoe Cowboy (1:38pm October 27, 2012):

Yes, when I read a book the characters do become real; especially if there is a good story behind them. I also like to keep up on previous characters in new books. It's like finding out what the relatives are doing. "Mistletoe Cowboy" sounds like my kind of book.

Re: One Night with a Hero (1:21pm October 27, 2012):

I agree with your list of ten reasons to read books with military heros, these are real men. Good luck on your new Hero Series!!

Re: Lady X's Cowboy (9:59am October 8, 2012):

NO, I never had to hide my romance novels. Everyone knew what I read and no one seemed to really care. I always carry a book or Kindle/Nook wherever I go. Love to read!!

Re: Secrets Of A Wedding Night (2:47am September 28, 2012):

Smart hero's are always interesting and sexy. Don't know a thing about Faro.

Re: Seduction's Shift (12:04pm September 23, 2012):

Panther shifter--Great! Sounds much better than the average wolf.

Re: Charming Blue (11:57pm September 21, 2012):

Loved all your books! Can't wait to read "Charming Blue."

Re: Where There's A Will (11:54pm September 21, 2012):

Can't wait to read "Where There's A Will." It sounds great--Just the kind of story I love!!

Re: Going To The Bad (1:10am August 5, 2012):

Love your books. This one sounds great. Hope to win a copy.

Re: The Most Improper Miss Sophie Valentine (7:35pm June 22, 2012):

Loved the excerpt. Just know the book is just as good. Can't wait to read The Most Improper Miss Sophie Valentine!!!

Re: Her Forbidden Hero (5:24am June 20, 2012):

Don't write it if you can't get the details right even though it is a work of fiction. The basic story should be correct. It makes it more real.

Re: Honorable Rancher (5:17am June 20, 2012):

I LOVE to read. When I was growing up we lived out in the country--nothing else to do. Now I read for enjoyment, relaxation, knowledge and just plain fun. Thanks for the contest. Love to win.

Re: Kiale Dream (4:27pm June 13, 2012):

Thanks for the excerpt. It was great. Can't wait to read the whole book. I know it's going to be a great success. By the way I think aliens probably look just like us so your idea is right on. Love it!!

Re: Diamonds Are Truly Forever (7:08pm June 4, 2012):

I'm a terrable liar. I blush, stammer and look guilty. It's best to tell the truth. This way you don't have to tell more lies to cover the origional lie. If you can't tell the truth don't say anything.

Re: Wedded In Scandal (5:30pm April 3, 2012):

Love your books. Can't wait to read Wedded In Scandal. Love to win the contest. Keep writing!!

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