June 27th, 2022
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Summer reads begin in June!

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Two determined souls plumb the dark depths of the past in order to forge a brighter future--together.

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"He could see her face. And she couldn’t breathe…"

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Can a chance meeting open a grieving heart to love?

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When the going gets tough, the tough get their hands dirty.

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Channeling Indiana Jones, author Kat Martin pairs a woman in search of her family's truth with a hard-hitting professional treasure hunter!

Jean Benedict

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116 comments posted.

Re: Mistletoe in Texas (2:45pm September 25, 2018):

Your book sounds great!!

Re: Rocky Mountain Cowboy Christmas (2:44pm September 25, 2018):

I would love to read your book.Sounds great!!

Re: Last Chance Cowboys: The Rancher (4:13pm March 27, 2018):

cowboys are so rugged and strong.

Re: Highland Conquest (4:08pm February 21, 2018):

Love your books about a sexy Scot

Re: The Girl Who Saved Ghosts (2:00pm October 24, 2017):

I love sequels as long as they follow your rules

Re: Ready for Wild (1:46pm October 24, 2017):

After reading the excerpt I want to

Re: Highland Flame (2:24pm September 25, 2017):

Highland Flame had lots of great scenes so hard to pick just one.

Re: An Anchor on Her Heart (12:31pm August 27, 2017):

Looks like a great read so hope I win.

Re: Dressed to Confess (12:30pm August 27, 2017):

Love to read a good mystery so hope I get to read yours.

Re: Crowned and Dangerous (12:27pm August 27, 2017):

Love a good mystery so hope for a chance to read yours.

Re: Addressed to Kill (12:26pm August 27, 2017):

Love a good mystery so looking forward to reading your bok.

Re: A Tangled Yarn (12:23pm August 27, 2017):

This is a book that I would love to read!

Re: The Day the Angels Fell (12:15pm August 27, 2017):

Looking forward to reading your book!!!

Re: The Sweetest Burn (4:15pm July 30, 2017):

Great super power would be to see the future!!

Re: Killer Characters (3:09pm May 26, 2017):

Your book sounds like a great read!

Re: Brazilian Capture (2:58pm May 26, 2017):

Gone with the Wind

Re: Restoring Christmas (4:00pm November 21, 2016):

Looking forward to reading your book

Re: Snowbound with Mr. Wrong (3:56pm November 21, 2016):

singing carols with friends

Re: Reckless in Texas (3:18pm August 19, 2016):

Love is worth all sacrifies

Re: Viking Warrior Rising (3:10pm August 19, 2016):

Congratulations!!lets go out for a night on the town.

Re: His Prairie Sweetheart (7:41pm July 29, 2016):

Like John Wayne but love all cowboys.

Re: Unbreakable Hope (7:39pm July 29, 2016):

This looks like a real HOT summer read.

Re: Title Wave (12:39pm June 23, 2016):

would love to read your book.

Re: Into the Whirlwind (2:05pm May 26, 2016):

Wow!!2 great books for my summertime read.Hope I win!

Re: Tommaso (1:59pm May 26, 2016):

Would love to read your book!!

Re: Hold Your Breath (12:16pm April 21, 2016):

my favorite drink is an Old Fashioned

Re: Miriam (12:45pm March 19, 2016):

My Mother was my Miriam.She lived a full life and passed away at the age of 102 years old

Re: Romancing the Ranger (12:40pm March 19, 2016):

Music helps you relax and puts you in a better place

Re: The Lingering Grace (12:36pm March 19, 2016):

Sometimes I still want more after the happy ending if the characters are really engaging

Re: How Willa Got Her Groove Back (12:32pm March 19, 2016):

I have never watched a web series.Guess I am old fashioned and usually just read books.

Re: The Real Thing (12:24pm March 19, 2016):

My brother as he is always there when I really need him

Re: True Blue Seals: Zak (3:41pm February 23, 2016):

No they are always on duty as a Navy Seal.

Re: Chicken Soup & Homicide (3:39pm February 23, 2016):

I have eaten alligator, escargot,and blood sausage. scrapple is a favorite of mine.

Re: An Amish Market (3:33pm February 23, 2016):

This is a book I would love to read

Re: The End of the World (3:31pm February 23, 2016):

I dream about places I would love to visit.

Re: To the Stars (3:29pm February 23, 2016):

Would love to read your book

Re: Slavemakers (12:08pm December 21, 2015):

I love Stephen Kings books so your book would be a great one to read.

Re: Justified (12:05pm December 21, 2015):

Love homemade Christmas cookies and always look forward to this Christmas treat.

Re: A Skeleton in the Family (12:02pm December 21, 2015):

I prefer books hands down but audio books were great for my Mother in her later years as she lived to be 102 years old.

Re: Lucky Shot (3:24pm November 24, 2015):

Turkey noodle soup

Re: What Lies Behind (3:22pm November 24, 2015):

Stephen King

Re: With Every Breath (3:10pm November 24, 2015):

I would love to go to Poland as relatives live there

Re: Promise to Keep (11:26am October 27, 2015):

I love to read Amish fiction as it brings me to a more simple time and God comes first.

Re: Moments of Truth (3:10pm August 21, 2015):

When I get bogged down with details I just stop and take a deep breathe.Helps me refocus.

Re: Newport (3:07pm August 21, 2015):

The Newport series sounds great and I hope to win

Re: Cold as Ice (3:04pm August 21, 2015):

Your book sounds great and looking forward to reading it

Re: Wolf Trouble (3:01pm August 21, 2015):

no significant other but want to win

Re: Last Chance Hero (2:58pm August 21, 2015):

A family trip through the Great Smokie mountains

Re: Craving's Creek (2:56pm August 21, 2015):

Reading a good book

Re: Lady Emily's Exotic Journey (2:53pm August 21, 2015):

I love all Victorian adventures.Thanks for the chance to win your book.

Re: Falling for the P.I. (2:50pm August 21, 2015):

I enjoy books of all kinds ,kids or without.

Re: School's Out for Murder (7:05pm July 22, 2015):

Always did my homework so never had an excuse.

Re: Deadly Dye and a Soy Chai (7:03pm July 22, 2015):

I want a great stylist with great ideas for me.

Re: Double Mint (7:00pm July 22, 2015):

I do not think that kind of setting would be great as it would be too distracting.

Re: Nowhere to Hide (6:57pm July 22, 2015):

Hopefully with family support I would make it through.

Re: Naked (6:54pm July 22, 2015):

No I have never baked a honey cake but sure would love to.

Re: Come and Take It: Search for the Treasure of the Alamo (1:12pm June 15, 2015):

I love them all .Makes a great story

Re: Murder on Amsterdam Avenue (1:10pm June 15, 2015):

I love a good romance in a mystery as it gives the story another dimension

Re: Night Tremors (1:06pm June 15, 2015):

I like a mystery that keeps me guessing whodoneit until the end

Re: Love's Rescue (1:02pm June 15, 2015):

I like a hero with a kind soft side but still strong

Re: London Tides (12:57pm June 15, 2015):

I read fiction as it transports me to another place and time

Re: Murder Freshly Baked (12:54pm June 15, 2015):

I like murder ,mystery and romance.Always makes a good read

Re: Alive (12:51pm June 15, 2015):

I love a good glass of wine

Re: Five Brides (12:47pm June 15, 2015):

The adventure sounds great but sharing a wedding dress ,I would have to think about

Re: What Caroline Wants (2:31pm May 24, 2015):

secluded cabin

Re: The Choosing (2:28pm May 24, 2015):

be kind to everyone

Re: Shadowed By Grace (2:14pm May 24, 2015):

What gives me hope is seeing good deeds people do for each other

Re: A Touch of Passion (11:30am April 23, 2015):

present day Belgium

Re: Cupcakes and Crushes (11:28am April 23, 2015):

Family is always very important

Re: Duchess By Mistake (11:27am April 23, 2015):

All relationships need a lot of work

Re: SEAL My Home (12:43pm March 22, 2015):

Sounds like a great read

Re: Siren's Call (12:42pm March 22, 2015):

I hope to get a chance to read your book

Re: Andrea and the 5-Day Challenge (12:41pm March 22, 2015):

Your book sounds like a great read

Re: The Fairyland Murders (11:49am January 25, 2015):

I would love to read your books.

Re: A League of Her Own (1:56pm December 21, 2014):

Looks like a great read

Re: If the Shoe Kills (3:06pm November 17, 2014):

Having family over for Thanksgiving day dinner Then later put out my Christmas decorations.

Re: Soulfire (11:32am October 23, 2014):

I really love all heros

Re: Saving Gracie (11:34am August 23, 2014):

Retirement makes one realize that life is to be enjoyed

Re: Thief of Glory (11:31am August 23, 2014):

Thanks for the chance to read your book

Re: Once Upon A Kiss (11:54am June 26, 2014):

love to read your book.always embarrassed to laugh at a silly joke

Re: Mischief By Moonlight (11:52am June 26, 2014):

I love for them to have a great sense of humor plusloyalty

Re: Rose House (11:48am May 25, 2014):

I live in Wisconsin and go to Chicago every Year. That is a highlight .Such an interesting city. Your book sounds great.

Re: The Paris Time Capsule (12:39pm April 28, 2014):

This sounds like a book I would really enjoy reading

Re: Free Falling (12:37pm March 17, 2014):

Sounds like an very interesting book

Re: Much Ado About Jack (8:58pm February 13, 2014):

I think he would be surprised then pleased.

Re: What The Groom Wants (8:55pm February 13, 2014):

my guess is D Thanks for the giveaway

Re: Repossessed (2:22pm January 20, 2014):

Your book really sounds like a good read

Re: How Beauty Met the Beast (12:19pm December 22, 2013):

Your books sound so interesting.

Re: Restless Spirit (12:17pm December 22, 2013):

your books sound so interesting. Hope I win

Re: Restless Spirit (12:16pm December 22, 2013):

Re: Cinderella Screwed Me Over (5:43pm October 24, 2013):

Cinderella as she is just sooo sweet and love able.

Re: Milkshakes, Mermainds, and Murder (4:59pm October 24, 2013):

I saw will Smith at a hotel I was staying at in Hollywood

Re: The Wicked Wallflower (4:57pm October 24, 2013):

Looking forward to reading this book

Re: Dirty Trick (4:37pm September 25, 2013):

Apples !!I love them a lot plus good for you.

Re: Wish You Were Here (2:08pm June 28, 2013):

When I was a kid I would go to the local library and read all the books I could get my hands on all summer long.

Re: Detour to Dusk (1:18pm April 28, 2013):

I would love to read your book!!

Re: Sins of a Ruthless Rogue (11:20am March 26, 2013):

This sounds like a book that I would really enjoy reading!

Re: The Forsaken (11:16am March 26, 2013):

It is comforting to know that angels are looking out for us

Re: Jake (7:10pm February 26, 2013):

A great western read is fun and a sexy cowboy is a plus!!

Re: Murder for the Halibut (4:38pm January 27, 2013):

Your books are for me. I love a great read!!

Re: Christmas On Mimosa Lane (4:19pm December 26, 2012):

Every year my best friend and I would take our sleds and go to the woods to get our fresh fir branches to make our own wreaths for our front doors.

Re: Christmas Confidential (3:39pm November 28, 2012):

We always get together and have a special dinner. Family has always been big on family traditions and they get passed on down from generation to generation.

Re: Midnight Exposure (2:15pm October 29, 2012):

I am an avid reader and would love the chance to read your book.

Re: Kissed By A Vampire (2:11pm October 29, 2012):

I am an avid reader and would love the chance to read your books

Re: A Home For Nobody's Princess (3:41pm September 25, 2012):

Home is where family gets together and shares .

Re: Immortally Yours (4:27pm August 27, 2012):

I am an avid reader and want to thjank you for the chance to win one of your books

Re: Finding Her Son (11:19am May 28, 2012):

I have never read any of your books but this one could be the start of a wonderful realationship in reading!!

Re: Tangle Of Need (11:14am May 28, 2012):

this looks like it would be a series that I would love to read. The characters are great!

Re: Under His Protection (11:52am April 29, 2012):


Re: Double Dare (8:46pm January 27, 2012):

any man in a uniform, it makes them look sexy to me

Re: The Norse King's Daughter (4:59pm September 29, 2011):

I am always looking for a new book to read and I really get worried when I only have a few left in my personal stash!!!

Re: Missing Persons (3:57pm June 25, 2011):

this book sounds like a real thriller and I would enjoy reading it!!

Re: The Devil in Disguise (5:22pm April 23, 2011):

I love to see all the new books coming out

Re: Hidden Embers (5:19pm April 23, 2011):

I would love to read one of your books,they look like a real fun read. We all look forward to Spring and the flowers,

Re: Immortal Champion (6:05pm January 27, 2011):

I read because I love the way it all takes me away to another place!!

Re: The Winter Sea (4:54pm December 20, 2010):

I would love to read one of your books. They sound very interesting. I love to read it is my fun time.

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