August 8th, 2022
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A mysterious story of inter-generational trauma.

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For a woman obsessed and a killer in her shadow, remembering the past becomes a mind game in a novel of psychological suspense

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Danger and Mistletoe are a Deadly Combination

slideshow image
Danger and Mistletoe are a Deadly Combination

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Vicious evil stalks two Guardians of Eternity, waiting to attack where they never expected . . .

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New state. New job. Same inner demons.

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A shapeshifter and member of the Blackfoot tribe, rescues a beautiful woman, but the signs in the stars tell him her arrival in his world is not accidental.

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Must he kill her to punish the murderer?

Irene Menge

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125 comments posted.

Re: Killer Characters (7:39pm May 25, 2017):

Cozy mysteries are such fun. Having grown up in a small
town near the Jersey Shore, I can practically recognize
these characters.

Re: Brazilian Capture (7:35pm May 25, 2017):

Gone With The Wind, The Wizard of Oz, The African Queen.
Can't think of any more. Hmm. Interesting that they're more
than 75 years old. Wonder what that says about recent books
and movies. Are there any good ones?

Re: Wanted and Wired (6:53pm April 13, 2017):

I've always liked KITT from Knight Rider. Always useful and
a fun sense of humor.

Re: Saving Mercy (6:49pm April 13, 2017):

I have never sent fan mail, but I have sent a thank you
when I've received a book that I've win in a contest and I
have posted complimentary reviews on Goodreads and Amazon
when I've particularly enjoyed a book.

Re: Girl in Disguise (5:17pm March 9, 2017):

Wyoming, the first state where women could vote (1869).

Re: For Deader or Worse (5:12pm March 9, 2017):

I enjoy learning what happens to the characters 'after the
wedding'. How they cope with the transition after the
courtship is over.

Re: When Water Was Everywhere (10:37am February 24, 2017):

I've read a number of historical novels set in New York
City in centuries past. Amazing to think that about a
century ago (or less) there were still farms on Manhattan
Island. Now only asphalt and skyscrapers bloom where once
were lush fields and forests. Why do humans think their
"progress" improves this world?

Re: Restoring Christmas (9:12am November 24, 2016):

I love old homes. So much more personality than the new,
'cookie cutter' houses that no one seems to have designed
with love. I can't wait to read your book.

Re: Picture Perfect Wedding (1:24pm November 18, 2016):

So many fun characters in small towns.

Re: A Sure Thing (3:01am November 14, 2016):

I like coffee, good books, all the seasons of the year,
vegetables from my garden, home made mint iced tea in the
summer, hot chocolate in winter, fuzzy slippers, spending
time with my son and grandchildren and I love horses.

Re: How To Impress a Marquess (2:55am November 14, 2016):

Love the dreams. They sound sort of like mine.

Re: Crazy for Her (9:41am October 28, 2016):

My first horse's name was Druid. He's been gone nearly 40
years, but I will miss him always.

Re: The Rebel Heir (7:46pm September 9, 2016):

When it's time to celebrate, my son pick's me up and
takes me to his home so he, my grandchildren and I can
celebrate together. For holiday celebrations, I am
usually there for several weeks.

Re: A Cowboy Christmas Miracle (7:43pm September 9, 2016):

I read holiday stories around the holidays. And since I
save the books I enjoy, I must start before Halloween.

Re: Roadside Assistance (7:41pm September 8, 2016):

It sounds like a book I would really enjoy.

Re: What the Duke Doesn't Know (7:39pm September 8, 2016):

Can't remember the headline, but it was about the launch
to visit an asteroid and collect samples to bring back.
My comment was to cheer them on.

Re: Break Every Chain (5:58pm August 26, 2016):

Blended genres hold my interest.

Re: For Love or Money (4:16pm August 14, 2016):

Sharing nature with my family brings me joy.

Re: The Theory of Deviance (3:57pm August 14, 2016):

Be careful what you share on Facebook. You never know who
will be reading.

Re: Heir To The Duke (7:26am January 23, 2016):

Had a very realistic furry fake mouse. Would put it in a
sleeping friend's hand or on their neck. Amusing when they
woke up.

Re: Enchantment of a Highlander (7:18am January 23, 2016):

I am trying to regain my health and fitness. I also must
contend with people screaming in my head demanding that I
write their story. Once I accomplish the first, I will
begin working toward the second.

Re: Justified (1:21am December 25, 2015):

My favorite holiday treats are sandbakkels, a Scandinavian
cookie sort of like a tart shell. Can be eaten unfilled
like a cookie or filled with something yummy. Our family
recipe has been passed down for nearly 150 years.

Re: Divorced, Desperate, and Daring (1:19am December 25, 2015):

The t-bone from a devoured t-bone steak. Easy to hold and
nice and pointy. Slash and stab and poke in the eye.

Re: In The Company Of Wolves (3:19pm December 7, 2015):

He'd have to undergo something similar to fraternity
hazing from his peers and lengthy period of mentoring and
training from the elders. Probably something like growing
up in ancient Sparta.

Re: Easton's Everything (4:02pm November 20, 2015):

I like both.

Re: Once Upon a Power Play (3:49pm November 20, 2015):

I love combined training riders because they are strong,
sensitive and love horses as much as I do.

Re: Single Wicked Wolf (8:29pm October 30, 2015):

I don't have a favorite, but I enjoy when a supporting
character end up the main character in his own story. It
is always nice to see the development of a character in
his own right.

Re: Asylum (8:25pm October 30, 2015):

Living in New Jersey, the spookiest, scariest thing I
can think of is the Jersey Devil. One night when I was
driving home from helping a friend repair his hunting
cabin in the Pine Barrens, I reached a point on the
deserted road where the road made a sharp right turn.
As I approached this turn, there was a very tall and
very old pine tree ahead of me. It was around 9 p.m.
and the October night was pitch black. I noticed two
red points of light about 20 feet up in the pine tree.
I didn't think too much about it right then because I
was concentrating on navigating the turn. But as I got
closer to home, I started to think. I had never seen
an animal's eye shine red. I couldn't have been a deer
because it was too high up and their eyes shine green.
It wasn't an owl because the 'eyes' were too far apart
and owl's eyes don't shine red either. The same
applies to bobcats although they can climb trees. I
couldn't imagine what kind of animal it might have
been. I told my mother about it, but she had no
suggestions. The next day I called my friend and told
him about it. He chuckled and told me that I had seen
the Jersey Devil. I don't know if it was true because
my friend did love to tease me, but his explanation is
as good as anything I can think of. If one searches
the internet for the Jersey Devil, one finds that
there have been innumerable sightings for several
hundred years. Including sightings, even in daylight,
by police officers, firemen and even a mayor. My mind
remains open. However, I do try to avoid dark and
deserted places when I'm by myself and I always remain

Re: Promise to Keep (7:42pm October 25, 2015):

I like to read Amish fiction because the lifestyle is
somewhat appealing.

Re: Deadlock (3:43pm October 23, 2015):

My first pet was an English Setter named Jamie. Actually,
my father owned him and he was supposed to be a hunting
dog, but he was actually MY dog since he only hunted for

Re: Smart, But Dead (8:46pm September 30, 2015):

People, even my son, say I'm weird but I'm not sure
why. Perhaps because I'm a horse person. Perhaps
because I love fossil hunting. Perhaps because I enjoy
teaching my grandchildren useful things like how to
use a microscope. Perhaps because I believe ETs are
possible. Is that so weird?

Re: Flames (8:33pm September 27, 2015):

The love and support of my family.

Re: Ties That Bind (4:55pm September 18, 2015):

I'm an aspiring writer. I know what my story is. I
know my characters, the time period, the settings and
the history. I have a fairly good outline in my head.
I've done tons of research and know a great deal about
the subject and theme. Unfortunately, I avoid getting
truly started. I only have half of the first chapter
actually written.

Re: Reservations for Two (2:09pm September 11, 2015):

Descriptions of anything, whether it be food, fashion,
scenery, etc. help flesh out the story and allow the
reader to engage more in the story and use their own

Re: Avelynn (2:38pm September 10, 2015):

President James Madison and his wife, Dolley. She
defined the role of First Lady. An interesting person,
her favorite flavor of ice cream was oyster. I can't
imagine I would like that. It probably tasted like
cold, congealed oyster stew.
I don't really have a favorite historical fiction
couple. There are so many and most are intriguing in
one way or another.

Re: Never Broken (2:31pm September 10, 2015):

My give name is Irene, who was the ancient Greek goddess
of peace.

Re: A Remarkable Kindness (10:10pm August 26, 2015):

Slowly falling in love with a few obstacles in the way
makes for an excellent story.

Re: Newport (5:42pm August 23, 2015):

I enjoy supernatural elements, especially things like
animals that can communicate telepathically with humans,
people who have paranormal abilities, items that have
strange powers associated with them, but not really blood
and gore.

Re: Lady Emily's Exotic Journey (5:31am August 22, 2015):

I am a student of ancient history, so the exploits of
Victorians like Austen Henry Layerd have always fueled
my dreams. However, we forget that quite few British
noblemen were involved with our westward expansion
establishing enormous ranches, participating in
businesses that funded railways, cataloging native
fauna and their habitat and many other pursuits.

Re: A Radical Arrangement (11:55pm August 6, 2015):

Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation.

Re: Red Blooded (11:53pm August 6, 2015):

High school French teacher.

Re: A Peach of a Pair (11:51pm August 6, 2015):

Champagne cocktail

Re: Midnight on the Mississippi (8:29pm August 4, 2015):

I would probably love Aiken, SC or another place that
doesn't have frigid winters and where I can have horses.

Re: Fudging the Books (8:16pm August 4, 2015):

I enjoyed visiting the Outer Banks years ago with my
parents. I'd love to take my son and grandchildren
there, but I'm afraid it probably isn't as peaceful as
it was then. I love visiting places of historical
interest as long as there are nice family restaurants,
fun things to do and no malls within 20 miles.

Re: To Mate an Assassin (6:02pm July 30, 2015):

The natural world, horses and my grandchildren inspire

Re: The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts (5:59pm July 30, 2015):

I currently like in a senior citizens mobile home park
and some of the things I see would make lovely
humorous fiction. Like a month or so ago when I saw
someone in an SUV towing a push lawn mower down the
street on a rope. Why not put it in the back of the
SUV. The hatch was open and the back was empty. Or the
previous owner of my home who lived here with his
daughter and bought the home across the street for his
wife. Had dinner with her every night, too. He fought
in WWII and brought his wife home from France after
the war. Or the woman who takes her dog for a walk in
a baby stroller. There are some interesting characters

Re: Calamity Jayne and the Sisterhood of the Traveling Lawn Gnome (4:20pm July 29, 2015):

I'm passionate about horses and my son and grandchildren.
I'm trying to get up the nerve to attempt writing an
historical (perhaps, hysterical) novel. I promise myself,
"Some day!"

Re: Lone Rider (7:57am July 29, 2015):

My mother made the best oatmeal raisin cookies. I wish I
could find her recipe. I don't know what she did, but I
have tried so many recipes and never get anything
resembling the cookies she made. I've been trying for 30

Re: Double Mint (12:18pm July 25, 2015):

I love books, but I'm not particularly attracted to
casinos. I think a book club meeting in one of the
private dining rooms at Monmouth Park Race Track would
be fun, though. Plenty of time between races for book
club business and horses are so much more fun than
slot machines.

Re: No Safe Harbor (12:12pm July 25, 2015):

I haven't been to a handfasting, however the practice, as
Thomas Pennant describes it, sounds eminently practical.

Re: Naked (12:00pm July 25, 2015):

I have never made a honey cake, but the recipe sounds
delicious. Perhaps I will make one for my son's birthday
next month. Depends on if I'll be visiting him for his
birthday. Which depends on whether or not he'll be
working that weekend.

Re: Once Upon a Heist (3:07am July 18, 2015):

I read fairy tales because they are a good escape. And,
unlike real life, the good guys usually win in the end.

Re: Mint Cookie Murder (12:00pm July 1, 2015):

Where was all this fun when I was a Girl Scout?

Re: Murder Under the Desert Moon (11:42am July 1, 2015):


Re: The Spring Bride (8:00pm June 23, 2015):

I love romance because there is always hope. No matter
what happens, you can almost always expect the ending to
be positive. An escape from real life.

Re: Motion for Malice (7:56pm June 23, 2015):

For fun, I do things with my grandchildren. We play, take
nature walks and do easy crafts and scientific
experiments. When I can't do that, I'm reading.

Re: Courtship of the Cake (3:29pm June 22, 2015):

Carrot cake with whipped cream cheese frosting.

Re: Outlaw Hearts (7:35pm June 20, 2015):

There are several Regency family sagas with intriguing
family members and I also enjoy the McKettrick saga.

Re: SEAL's Code (7:28pm June 20, 2015):

I enjoy learning interesting historical facts. In an
historical romance they help to define the characters.

Re: Snow White Lies (4:11pm June 19, 2015):

Top is determination, followed by adapability.

Re: Justified (4:09pm June 19, 2015):

I have so many good childhood memories I can't simply
pick just one. I loved crabbing off the dock in the
evening. I enjoyed Indian relic hunting with my
mother. I was never happier than when I was roaming
with my dog, Jamie. I will never forget riding in my
first horse show and pinning well in all my classes.
There are many more.

Re: Desperate Measures (4:03pm June 19, 2015):

In the summer, I always have a jug of iced tea in the
fridge made according to my mother's recipe steeped
with fresh mint and with lemon added. I've been
drinking it all my life at least 65 years). If I want
something comforting, I always turn to jasmine tea.
The aroma is soothing and it tastes so good.

Re: Collared For Murder (9:11pm June 17, 2015):

My cat seemed to think she was my mother. If I was in
the bathroom too long, she would hop on the keyboard
to make it beep so I would rush out to save my
computer. If I was at the computer too late, she would
jump on my lap and then lie on the keyboard until I
would lie down to rest. And then she would groom my
face with her raspy tongue until she was satisfied I
was clean. Free dermabrasion.

Re: Come and Take It: Search for the Treasure of the Alamo (9:04pm June 17, 2015):

I like love stories between rivals or between aristocrat
and commoner or rich and poor.

Re: Murder on Amsterdam Avenue (9:01pm June 17, 2015):

I like a little romance in a mystery. It makes me care
about the protagonists more and gets me more involved in
the story.

Re: Night Tremors (9:00pm June 17, 2015):

It doesn't matter to me what the original crime was. I
simply like a tale with danger and suspense and a
perpetrator and motive are hard to guess. As long as
there are clues throughout that make me think "I should
have figured that out!" at the denouement.

Re: Never Resist A Rake (6:02pm June 12, 2015):

A late afternoon/twilight trail ride followed by a quick
meal we make together eaten by candlelight.

Re: Alive (5:58pm June 12, 2015):

My favorite celebration drink is my mother's recipe for
home made egg nog, made from scratch the old fashioned
way (with plenty of rum). But for hot weather, sangria is
just perfect.

Re: Murder Freshly Baked (5:54pm June 12, 2015):

Murder, mystery, romance and danger are all important in
a good cozy.

Re: Against the Tide (5:53pm June 12, 2015):

I've only read about Nick, but if the other ones are
anything like him, they're winners, too.

Re: Daughter of Valor (5:47pm June 12, 2015):

Anyone who risks their life to save others is a hero to
me. Soldiers, firefighters, search and rescue teams. I
pray for them and their families.

Re: Champion of Entean (5:40pm June 12, 2015):

I don't have a particular favorite theme. One of my
favorite authors was Anne McCaffrey. I've also been a
trekkie for nearly 50 years. (Jeez, is that possible?)
And isn't it interesting that what once was sci-fi is
now becoming sci-fact. Just think of Jules Verne, or
computers, communicators, tricorders, etc. There are
even folks working on transporters!

Re: London Tides (5:33pm June 12, 2015):

I read fiction because non-fiction doesn't let me escape
to worlds I can only dream of.

Re: Love's Rescue (5:31pm June 12, 2015):

I don't have a favorite type or occupation for my heroes.
I simply expect my heroes to not be too arrogant and not
think of the heroine as 'the little woman' but cherishes
her strengths and accepts her as an equal.

Re: Shadow Fires (4:38pm June 12, 2015):

It doesn't surprise me when early conflict leads to
attraction. I think you learn to 'know' your 'enemy'
better than someone to whose faults you are blinded by
'love'. And there really isn't anything much worse than a
boring relationship.

Re: Passionately Yours (9:25pm May 28, 2015):

So far, I like Olivia, but Caro sounds very like me. A
rebel at heart.

Re: Against the Tide (9:21pm May 28, 2015):

A leisurely trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway taking side
trips to the small towns along the way.

Re: SEAL My Home (12:20pm May 22, 2015):

If they weren't aligned with the corrupt government, I
would have them protect us against the government. Did
you know that the 'tent' camp they established for
victims of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey had a tall
fence around it with the rows of barbed wire at the
top curving inward, rather than out, and armed guards
at the gate? To keep the 'inmates' in rather than keep
out those who did not belong. And there was a curfew
and you could not get out of that place without
authorization once you were in. And this is weeks and
more after the storm. Doesn't the ordinary citizen
deserve protection from the government? A wounded war
veteran was denied a permit to purchase and own a
hunting firearm simply because he was wounded. The VA
divulged his medical records to whomever approves
these permits. And if one's bank account is below a
certain amount, one can be denied a permit also. So
the rich can have weapons and the criminals don't
bother with permits, but the ordinary law-abiding
citizen who has never been arrested for anything can
be denied a permit simply because he doesn't have a
lot of money. Sorry for the rant, but I am incensed at
how our elected officials, who are supposed to be
public servants, take advantage of their position to
line their pockets at our expense. A certain governor
in a Mid-Atlantic to Northeastern state spent more
than $87000 of the taxpayers money buying snacks at
MetLife Stadium over the course of three years. Nearly
$30k per year. It boggles the mind to think of the
mound of hot dogs that must be. Not to speak of the
$90k he spent on groceries at Wegman's, ShopRite, etc.
And this came out of his state accound, not his
salary. It is sad when we need protection from those
who are supposed to protect us.

Re: Shadow Fires (8:05pm May 14, 2015):

I think Rita Mae Brown's Mrs. Murphy series is a lot of

Re: Greek Gods Bearing Gifts (8:51pm May 9, 2015):

Hercules and Xena were sort of fun. I enjoy Outlander and
Bones, but I somehow keep seeing Angel instead.

Re: The Thorn Bearer (8:35pm May 9, 2015):

My father was born in 1900 and my mother in 1903. I
remember reading about both the Lusitania and the
Titanic and asking my parents what they remembered
about all that. My father was a doctor and my mother
was a nurse. My mother went to 'normal' school and
taught in a one room schoolhouse in North Dakota to
earn enough money to pay for nursing school. She was
not the typical subservient woman of those times. I
love historical detail in books. I think it makes the
story more 'believable' and makes us understand why
the characters behave as they do.

Re: 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake (8:11pm May 8, 2015):

Your post gave me a great many chuckles. Hope your
birthday was a blast. Love the excerpt. Sounds like
another wonderful book.

Re: Duchess By Mistake (2:12pm April 24, 2015):

Romantic marriage of convenience stories are always fun.
However, I don't think I'd accept a marriage of
convenience, myself. I'd like to chose my own fate.

Re: Double Cross (2:39pm April 18, 2015):

What fun! I can just imagine it. Why don't you write the
script for a muscial?

Re: Wicked Stitch (8:12pm April 15, 2015):

My mother was born on a farm in Wisconsin in 1903.
They had no modern conveniences. She taught me how to
make candles in the candle mold her family had used. I
have several 'crazy' quilts made from fabric scraps
from clothing, etc. that her mother made. The seams
between pieces are beautiful stitched with fancy
embroidery stitches. I'm learning to spin on my
grandmothers spinning wheel. I'm so glad to learn
these things. In today's world we are much too
dependent on technology and I worry about the effects
of a coronal mass ejection destroying the power grid
and any other of several true disasters that could
conceivably occur.

Re: The Cozy Cookbook (8:04pm April 15, 2015):

Homemade Cole Slaw
1 head of cabbage shredded
1 lb. bag of carrots peeled and finely shredded
1/2 cup sugar

Combine cabbage and carrots in a large bowl. Add sugar
and lemon juice and stir well. Cover bowl and let sit
in refrigerator for at least one hour. (Sugar draws
the water from the cabbage and carrots and if you put
the mayonnaise in too soon, the results will be
watery.) Add mayonnaise and stir well. Repeat until
the cole slaw is creamy. Add more lemon juice as

Re: SEAL My Home (1:06am March 24, 2015):

I think the cover of Seal of My Heart is the most
attractive. An intriguing combination of sultry, sexy and

Re: A Killer Retreat (1:32pm February 18, 2015):

I love reading stories set in places I recognize. Or
places, I've never been and probably will never be able
to visit.

Re: Dominic: The Prince (1:21pm February 18, 2015):

Heroes are difficult to find. There are many with some of
the attributes of heroes, but most serious flaws, too.

Re: Fortune's Horizon (1:17pm February 18, 2015):

Sounds like an interesting alternative to Regency or
Victorian England. I like heroes with a code of honor,
even though it may simply be their own. A rake ready to
be reformed is always my choice. Reliability and
unselfishness are important traits.

Re: Ain't She Sweet? (6:36pm August 21, 2014):

A friend gave me one of this author's books, but it's still on
my TBR pile waiting. This post has persuaded my to put it on
the top of the pile. Thank you.

Re: Romancing the Rumrunner (11:41am June 11, 2014):

My idea of a hero is simply someone who steps up when they're
needed. Sounds like a marvelous read. I enjoy Western romantic

Re: Heart of Highland Warrior (11:37am June 11, 2014):

This is a great series. Can't wait to read Heart of a Highland

Re: Out of Bounds (11:36am June 11, 2014):

Sounds like wonderful heroine! I have stories clamoring inside
my head trying to get out. Congratulations on your courage.

Re: The Troublemaker Next Door (11:32am June 11, 2014):

Would love to be an author. Might have the skill. Might have
the creativity. I just don't have the courage. Congratulations
on your success.

Re: The Roses Underneath (10:16pm January 31, 2014):

Yes. Great works of art are nearly priceless and should be
saved if at all possible. Unfortunately, if there were a
global catastrophe, a cache of food-producing seeds and/or
viable animal DNA would have to take precedence even over da
Vinci's masterpieces. If those who were expected to
appreciate great art starved to death, the effort would be
futile. Of course, the concept of great arts and letters
would be retained and passed on to future descendants of
those who survive.

Re: The Wedding Game (10:05pm January 31, 2014):

Sounds like the proverbial comedy of errors. Would love to
see how they clean up the mess. What fun!

Re: A Lady's Secret Weapon (2:13pm October 18, 2013):

This sounds like a marvelous read. Not the typical historical
romance. I love the thought of espionage and romance. Sounds
like fun!

Re: Command Performance (8:46am October 8, 2013):

This sounds like a marvelous book. I had no idea that our
soldiers were actually riding horses against the Taliban. I
have always wondered why there wasn't still a cavalry
especially in terrain where other vehicles cannot go. They are
more maneuverable and much quieter.

Re: Jungle Fire (1:26pm July 10, 2013):

I love any really good story, but if the setting is exotic or unfamiliar I'm drawn to it because I love to learn about new places and cultures.

Re: Pennsylvania Patchwork (1:23pm July 10, 2013):

The Amish country is wonderful and the food is marvelous. I think the Amish occasionally do leave Lancaster because I know there were some Amish who came to Monmouth County, NJ to build a barn for someone. I know they didn't come by buggy. I envy them. I hate this rat race of modern life and the disconnection from family. I will put this book on my TBR list and I thank you for this giveaway.

Re: One Day in Apple Grove (2:26pm June 13, 2013):

I've never had the opportunity to attend a Reader's Event, but I would love to.

Re: Billion Dollar Cowboy (2:23pm June 13, 2013):

Sounds like a marvelous read. Wish someone would make me an offer like that.

Re: Kissing the Maid of Honor (4:57pm May 22, 2013):

Sounds like lovely fun!

Re: The Summer I Became A Nerd (4:55pm May 22, 2013):

Since I'm an aging nerd, I'd probably love this. Thank you.

Re: Flora's Wish (4:52pm May 22, 2013):

This sounds marvelous! I love the location, the villain sounds like fun and Pinkertons(?). I can't wait to read this.

Re: The Sword Dancer (4:47pm May 22, 2013):

This sounds fascinating. I love historical fiction and am glad to see something other than European history. The Tang dynasty sounds very interesting.

Re: Stealing Harper (11:20am May 7, 2013):

Thank you. I have put these books on my TBR list. They sound like marvelous reads.

Re: Identity Crisis (12:53pm March 29, 2013):

I was an art major in college. We used to take trips to museums to sketch and I remember thinking at that time that it would be so simple to create fakes by creating 'studies' of know works. As long as you could perfect the technique and had access to materials from the proper period, or could fabricate them also. I can't imagine that records were kept of studies and surely there are many early works that have not been documented.

Re: The Forsaken (4:40pm March 26, 2013):

I believe in angels although I don't think I've ever seen one. However, when life's misfortunes threaten to overcome me, something always seems to happen to pull me out of the fire. Sometimes I wish the good fortune would happen a little earlier before the bad things start happening.

Re: Sins of a Ruthless Rogue (4:35pm March 26, 2013):

Sounds like a marvelous read! What a wonderful adventure in Russia. Sometimes the most unfortunate events give rise to the most exceptional inspiration.

Re: The Survivor (3:32pm March 5, 2013):

I live in a senior citizen mobile home park. The security is non-existent. Recently, they got a security guard who drives around the park. But only in daylight?!? And he does not know who belongs and who does not. There have been several instances of home invasions here and no one has been caught. I would like to set up a neighborhood watch so that residents are more aware. I would also like to have a meeting at the club house with a speaker from the police department who could give us some good information. I would suggest that those who are having someone come in to appraise or purchase something would let a neighbor know and ask them to keep watch.

Re: Real Men Don\'t Break Hearts (11:40am January 23, 2013):

Reformed bad boys are always the most fun. I love details about characters. They help you understand the characters' feelings and behavior better.

Re: Falling for her Fiance (11:35am January 23, 2013):

A love of beauty, a sense of humor and an intrinsic honesty are absolutely necessary. He must also respect the fact that I have my own interests and goals and not expect a second mother or an unpaid maid.

Re: South Of Surrender (5:54pm January 9, 2013):

All I can say is "WOW"! I had a horse farm for 30 years. Sadly no gods came around. I can't wait to read South of Surrender and I will surely run out and get the first two in the series. How have I missed these????

Re: The Billionaire's Christmas Baby (5:37pm December 27, 2012):

I'm unemployed. My car died. My mobile home had damage from Sandy. Had no power for more than 14 days (lost all the food in the fridge). My son, who is also unemployed, lives too far away for me to visit him and my grandkids very often. So what am I grateful for? Hope. If there were no such thing as hope, many folks would give up. Hope keeps us going through the dark times because there is usually something good that happens.

Re: Secret Santa Baby (5:27pm December 27, 2012):

Sounds like a fun Christmas tale. Thank you for the giveaway.

Re: Betrayed by Shadows (12:00pm December 17, 2012):

Bad girls can be strong in character and able to take care of themselves. They are not necessarily evil.

Re: Just A Cowboy And His Baby (4:15am December 14, 2012):

Cowboys make the best heroes and the heroine sounds like a perfect match.

Re: Taming the Outback (6:29pm November 25, 2012):

Gotta be a feisty woman to be a heroine. Never heard of a timid heroine.

Re: In The Barrister's Bed (11:38am October 9, 2012):

Barristers sound like an interesting change from the usual Regency. Although the all-powerful noblemen may be romantic, it is nice to have the opportunity to read about something else.

Re: A Home For Nobody's Princess (2:32pm September 25, 2012):

Home is where you can relax and be yourself. It could be a place or a group of people or simply a state of mind.

Re: Against The Night (9:29am March 9, 2012):

I don't have a favorite movie; I have many favorites. I love the John Wayne westerns (including North to Alaska). I enjoy the Star Wars and Star Trek movies. The African Queen was marvelous. I roll on the floor with the old Cary Grant comedies. I loved Some Like It Hot with Tony Curtis (the first movie I ever saw). I think my favorites are movies with strong men and women who could be conceived as role models.

Re: A Scandalous Countess (5:31pm February 11, 2012):

I enjoy the Regency period because it is less restrained than the Victorian. However, I would rather live in the late Victorian because they were finally getting rid of corsets and I cannot imagine wearing 40 lbs. of clothing as they did in previous periods. And the Victorian Era had some more modern conveniences like flush toilets, gas lighting, etc.

Re: Lady Seductress's Ball (7:05pm December 19, 2011):

There is a certain correlation between cookies and books! At holiday time, I make a lot of cookies that my mother used to make. Fortunately, each variety takes a while to bake. So I can spend the time they are baking to read. (Obviously I cannot get involved in something that would keep me from removing the cookies at just the right degree of doneness.) And once my cookies are finished, I naturally have to give them the taste test. My favorites are sandbakkels and meringue kisses.

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