December 3rd, 2020
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Their fake relationship will end when the new year begins...or will it?

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Lord Lucifer -- Lady Diana -- All or NOTHING

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The Past Never Stays Buried

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He’ll do anything to protect a baby in jeopardy…

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She's an undercover angel

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If you're on his list, you're as good as DEAD

Ann Unger

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Valentine Memory
February 1, 2008

111 comments posted.

Re: Wicked Highland Ways (10:53pm June 1, 2019):

spring is great

Re: Let Me Love You (7:45pm March 3, 2019):

sounds like a great books to read

Re: One Night Gamble (10:05pm January 19, 2019):

I love going to horse races

Re: A Billionaire Wolf for Christmas (2:48pm October 1, 2018):

love your books

Re: Cowboy Charm School (9:21pm September 7, 2018):

get out of debt

Re: To Marry a Texas Outlaw (9:50pm November 15, 2017):


Re: Betrayed (9:49pm November 15, 2017):

see the movies

Re: Elliott Redeemed (6:28pm September 1, 2017):

anything from the 80's music

Re: Wrong Side of the Paw (6:26pm September 1, 2017):

people sitting in the back of the truck

Re: Muffin to Fear (6:24pm September 1, 2017):

i love blueberry muffins

Re: An Anchor on Her Heart (6:23pm September 1, 2017):

looks like a good book to read

Re: For Deader or Worse (7:44pm March 7, 2017):

i love to read sounds like a great book to read

Re: From a Paris Balcony (6:42pm October 17, 2016):

seen the pictures maybe had to leave in a hurry. sounds
like a great book to read

Re: Can't Help Falling (6:38pm October 17, 2016):

sounds both like a great book to read

Re: Race the Darkness (6:36pm October 17, 2016):

being a car accident

Re: What the Duke Doesn't Know (12:06pm September 12, 2016):

just look at the new books to read

Re: Roadside Assistance (12:05pm September 12, 2016):

sounds like a good book

Re: The Rebel Heir (12:02pm September 12, 2016):

with friends and family

Re: Her Rogue Alpha (12:01pm September 12, 2016):

i would do anything for my mom and dad would be

Re: A Cowboy Christmas Miracle (11:58pm September 11, 2016):

i read all the time

Re: Rose Bride (1:17pm July 15, 2016):

love the cover sounds like a great book to read

Re: To Love A Wolf (2:04pm June 10, 2016):

new Independence Day movie.

Re: Rock Steady (2:01pm June 10, 2016):

i can't wait to read this

Re: The Bones Will Speak (1:30pm June 10, 2016):

i want to read this

Re: Vendetta (1:26pm June 10, 2016):

i would love to read this!

Re: Grace Triumphant (4:23pm May 13, 2016):

sounds like a good read

Re: Seducing the Fireman (4:22pm May 13, 2016):

they are hot sexy men

Re: Outlaw Cowboy (4:21pm May 13, 2016):

time travel romance vampires

Re: Mister O (4:20pm May 13, 2016):

catherine coulter the end game

Re: Murder at Lambswool Farm (4:18pm May 13, 2016):


Re: The Seduction of Kinley Foster (4:17pm May 13, 2016):

reading books

Re: His to Keep (9:46pm March 2, 2016):

the shows

Re: One Texas Cowboy Too Many (9:43pm March 2, 2016):

i have to read the rest.

Re: Jump Cut (9:37pm March 2, 2016):

sound like a great book to read!

Re: Thirty Nights (9:28pm March 2, 2016):

is this guy real wow

Re: An Amish Market (9:26pm March 2, 2016):

honest respect and faith

Re: Always Watching (9:43pm February 15, 2016):

books and a lot of music and chocolate

Re: The Cowboy's Bride Collection (9:41pm February 15, 2016):

my dad was my hero for all time

Re: Forever Dusk (9:38pm February 15, 2016):


Re: To the Stars (9:36pm February 15, 2016):

great book to read

Re: Here Today, Gone Tamale (9:24pm December 1, 2015):

i want to read this book

Re: Target Engaged (9:19pm December 1, 2015):

anything esp j.d.robb books

Re: Asylum (11:19pm November 1, 2015):

i had one seizures in 2009 i don't remember it.But i do
remember going to the hospital a litle mom heard
it,and she told my dad,and i have been talking the medience
ever since.

Re: Beyond The Cherokee Trail (11:12pm November 1, 2015):

i would like to know about my side of the family since they
came from ireland, and i know some of it, but not all of

Re: Single Wicked Wolf (11:08pm November 1, 2015):


Re: Minotaur (6:27pm October 2, 2015):

trying to finish things i keep putting off

Re: Love Somebody Like You (6:25pm October 2, 2015):

i listen to all kinds of music

Re: Smart, But Dead (6:23pm October 2, 2015):

i don't cook in my family.

Re: Eye of the Ninja (6:21pm October 2, 2015):

books and vampires

Re: Every Bride Needs a Groom (11:11pm September 13, 2015):

watch tv go back to sleep.

Re: Reservations for Two (11:08pm September 13, 2015):

sound like a great book to read

Re: Serpentine (11:04pm September 13, 2015):

i don'tknow maybe someone new

Re: Fudging the Books (12:08pm August 3, 2015):

the beach

Re: Where the Moon Shines Brightest (11:54am August 3, 2015):

pittsburgh pa

Re: Torrents of Destruction (11:52am August 3, 2015):

time travel romance

Re: SEAL Wolf Hunting (9:10pm July 3, 2015):

i am the settled down type

Re: Caught (9:00pm July 3, 2015):

sense of humor and great listner

Re: Her Greek Doctor's Proposal (8:46pm July 3, 2015):

we get rain at least once a day in florida, i would love
to go to england

Re: The Tide Watchers (8:44pm July 3, 2015):

anything can happened from day to day

Re: A Matter of Time (12:06pm June 20, 2015):

any music

Re: Outlaw Hearts (12:04pm June 20, 2015):

not sure of any know , but i do read a lot

Re: Beyond The Cut (12:00pm June 20, 2015):

it can happened they got married with 2 months of knowing
each other.

Re: 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake (3:48pm May 6, 2015):

Happy Birthday! I can't wait to read your book!

Re: Duchess By Mistake (7:14pm April 24, 2015):

i like to choose my own fate

Re: The Last Heiress (6:54pm April 24, 2015):

i would love to go to irland and france, and travel with my
family. and go to all the places where my ancestrey lived.

Re: The Wood's Edge (6:08pm April 24, 2015):

My reading

Re: Heartbreak Cove (10:43pm March 7, 2015):

sounds like a great to story to read

Re: The Vigil (10:41pm March 7, 2015):

i would never say i love unless i meant it

Re: New Year's in Napa (2:13pm December 1, 2014):

sound like a great book to reding, i am ready for a second

Re: Always a Rogue, Forever Her Love (2:59pm September 18, 2014):

this sound like a great book!

Re: A Doctor for Keeps (11:12pm July 3, 2014):

i say hi if i know the person

Re: Don't Blackmail the Vampire (2:49pm May 2, 2014):

sounds like a really good book

Re: With a Vengeance (5:06pm April 7, 2014):

this book sounds good to read

Re: Playing It Close (5:03pm April 7, 2014):


Re: Rugged Hearts (4:06pm December 4, 2013):

I am grateful for my family and friends

Re: Hustlin' Texas (3:56pm December 4, 2013):

sounds like a great book to read on a snowy night

Re: Billionaire Blend (3:39pm December 4, 2013):

sound like a great book to read

Re: Born Wild (11:27pm November 3, 2013):

sounds like a good book to read!

Re: One Night in the Spa (12:57pm October 8, 2013):

its looks like fun

Re: The Highlander's Desire (8:57pm September 1, 2013):

i love story with a twist time travel romance

Re: Unforeseeable (8:52pm September 1, 2013):

sounds good to read i would love to read this

Re: Sweet Revenge (11:00pm June 3, 2013):

rough around the edges

Re: A Wedding In Springtime (12:29pm May 2, 2013):

rugged highlander

Re: Heart Of Iron (12:21pm May 2, 2013):

someone who treats everyone like shes the one for him

Re: Once Tempted (11:06pm April 1, 2013):

my road trip was moving from pa to florida in one day 17

Re: Identity Crisis (11:02pm April 1, 2013):

sounds like a grat book to read

Re: The Christie Curse (10:39pm March 3, 2013):

i would love to work with my mother on a book

Re: Into the Spotlight (10:27pm March 3, 2013):

book sounds great

Re: Beyond Valor (6:34pm February 2, 2013):

sounds like a great book to read

Re: Lucky Break (5:55pm September 1, 2012):

i grew up in a small town, you get to know your friends and
neighbors when you need them.

Re: Death Where The Bad Rocks Live (5:54pm September 1, 2012):

sounds like a good book to read.

Re: I Own The Dawn (11:43pm August 2, 2012):

book sounds great laughter

Re: The Princess and the Outlaw (10:55pm July 1, 2012):

going to new orleans for a trip with cousins and family

Re: The Rodeo Man's Daughter (9:14pm March 1, 2012):

i cant wait to go back to my reunion

Re: Spin (4:57pm February 2, 2012):


Re: Alpha Instinct (4:44pm February 2, 2012):

i love books that are different

Re: Hot Rain (11:17pm January 4, 2012):

I Don't know if i would trying on line dating. sounds like a
great way to meet people maybe

Re: Wild Thing (4:49pm December 5, 2011):

opposites attract often

Re: Hushed (4:48pm December 5, 2011):

Re: Hushed (4:47pm December 5, 2011):

your book sounds good

Re: Tall, Dark And Cowboy (1:29pm November 7, 2011):

i have move a couple times but family is always near me

Re: Roommates (5:01pm October 4, 2011):

micheal is my favorite name

Re: Serendipity (4:20pm September 1, 2011):

bad boys are fun to read about

Re: Night Veil (8:24pm July 1, 2011):

superman he is hot!

Re: Wicked Seduction (6:37pm March 2, 2011):

I love your books! Fantasy! Can't put them down!

Re: Atlantis Betrayed (11:42am September 1, 2010):

can't wait to read this, I just finishing reading the last one you wrote, it was great!

Re: Dark Deception (11:32am September 1, 2010):

sounds like a good book to read

Re: Dark Legacy (8:03pm April 1, 2010):

sounds like a great book toread!

Re: A Certain Wolfish Charm (7:54pm April 1, 2010):

i love to read your books!

Re: The Highest Stakes (7:49pm April 1, 2010):

sounds like a great book to read!

Re: Fool Moon (7:22pm October 25, 2009):

I would love to hear a audio book when I'M driving!

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