July 13th, 2024
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Carolyn Brown | Reading Cowboy Romances

Red's Hot Cowboy
Carolyn Brown



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Second in a smokin'-hot cowboy trilogy from award-winning, bestselling author Carolyn Brown, whose cowboy and country music romances are building her audience with every book.

Spikes & Spurs #2

August 2011
On Sale: August 1, 2011
Featuring: Pearl Richland; Will Marshall
384 pages
ISBN: 1402253613
EAN: 9781402253614
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Also by Carolyn Brown:
Coming Home to Paradise, October 2024
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Just a Cowboy and His Baby, August 2024
The Sawmill Book Club, July 2024
Sisters in Paradise, May 2024
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Good morning to all you wonderful folks at Fresh Fiction! Now that I’ve met you, visited with you and broke bread (fajitas do count as bread, don’t they?) with you, it’s even more special to be here today. Thank you so much for inviting me to visit with everyone about my newest release, RED’S HOT COWBOY, the second book in the Spikes & Spurs series. It’s on the bookshelves now in all the major book stores, online stores, ebook stores and Wal-Mart. Don’t you just love the cover with all those beautiful bright colors and that sexier than hell cowboy?

Wil and Pearl take center stage in RED’S HOT COWBOY. Neither of them was ready for that Christmas Eve, let me tell you. It hit them both right between heart beats like cupid’s sharp little arrow.

Wil Marshall wasn’t looking for trouble, honest he wasn’t. He was only looking for a place to stay after a winter storm knocked out the electricity at his ranch. The hunky cowboy had no idea that he’d get tangled up with a sassy red head or get himself messed up in a murder investigation that night. He might have endured the cold and the dark if he’d realized that staying in the Longhorn Inn that night would throw him into a tailspin worse than staying on a bucking bull for eight seconds.

Pearl Richland wanted a change but she didn’t reckon on cultural shock when she decided to leave her high powered job and go to work for herself running the vintage motel her great aunt bequeathed her. She misses her party life and her friends and she damn sure doesn’t have time for chaos, but it arrives on Christmas Eve in the form of one sexy cowboy who puts her on an emotional roller coaster going so fast that she can’t even breathe.

Writing this book was so much fun that by the time I reached the last scenes I hated to see it come to any end. Wil and Pearl were absolute hoots to get to know. Both of them wanted to dominate the story and they sat on the loveseat behind me and fought about who would tell what happened next. They were such an inspiration that every morning I sat down at my computer and wondered just what fusses, fights, hissy fits and love scenes would happen that day.

I’ve been asked where I get my inspiration to keep writing cowboy romance. There are several things that inspire me but my characters are the first on the list. If they are spicy, sexy hot, and bull headed that makes for some really hopping scenes. If they live, fight and love with red hot passion, they are the right characters for me. If they overcome all the obstacles I throw in their way between the first day they meet and the HEA, then they keep me inspired day after day until together we get their story told. And if when the book is finished my readers sigh and wish for one more chapter, then my inspiration has worked.

But what happens when my characters are lazy and want to sleep or pout all day? That’s when country music comes into play, quite literally. I wake them up with Sara Evens, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Sugarland, Alan Jackson, and Josh Turner. And if they don’t open their eyes and start to work with me with those artists then we go further back and listen to some George Strait, George Jones and Floyd Cramer’s tinkly country piano music. That nearly always does the trick. My characters get their boots on and their feet to tapping and before long we’re right back to fusses, fights, hissy fits and hot love scenes.

However, if they are really in a pout, then sometimes we have to go for a long ride. It’s amazing how bored they’ll get sitting in the back seat of the car. I guarantee within a hundred miles they are whispering in my ear and telling me exactly how to write the next scene. In one five day road trip out to the panhandle of Texas I plotted out three books. That was an experience! Three sets of characters piled up in the back seat all wanting to tell me what happened next in their upcoming books.

In RED’S HOT COWBOY, we didn’t have to resort to the road trip. Wil and Pearl both liked country music so we got along just fine. I’d put on some Blake Shelton singing "Hillbilly Bone" or "Delilah" and Pearl would dig out her red cowboy boots and we’d be off to new adventures.

So tell me what inspires you to read cowboy romance? Hot cowboys? Sassy heroines? What would you do if Wil Marshall (look at the cover one more time) was holding your leg and looking at you like he could have you for breakfast, dinner and supper?


He wasn’t looking for trouble...

But when the cops are knocking on your door, trouble’s definitely found you. And this is where Wil Marshal finds himself after checking into the Longhorn Inn. It could be all a big mistake, but Wil’s not getting much sleep. Then the motel owner—who is drop dead gorgeous and feisty to boot—saves him from an even worse night behind bars. Now he owes her one, bit time...

But trouble comes in all shapes and sizes...

Pearl never wanted that run-down motel, but her aunt didn’t leave her much choice. And then this steaming hot cowboy shows up looking for a place to rest. Next thing she knows, she wants to offer him more than just room service. But if he calls her Red one more time, he won’t be the only one accused of murder...

Sparks are definitely flying and before long, the Do Not Disturb sign might be swinging from the door...


Carolyn Brown is an award-winning author who has published 36 bestselling romances for the library market. She now writes bestselling single title cowboy and country music mass market romances. Born in Texas and raised in southern Oklahoma, Carolyn and her husband now make their home in the town of Davis, Oklahoma. Carolyn’s next book, DARN GOOD COWBOY CHRISTMAS will be in stores in October 2011, followed by ONE HOT COWBOY WEDDING in April 2012. For more information, please visit www.carolynlbrown.com.

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86 comments posted.

Re: Carolyn Brown | Reading Cowboy Romances

It is definitely the hot cowboys that make me read them! The tight faded jeans, tight or no shirts, the boots, etc are just great.
(June A, Manning 12:08pm August 24, 2011)

If my leg was being helf like that, I would melt on the spot!
(Kathleen Bianchi 12:16pm August 24, 2011)

Blogs to me are "garbage in, garbage out." I prefer just
'fill in the blanks" sweepstakes....Who has time to read
all this stuff?
(Clydia DeFreese 12:51pm August 24, 2011)

If he were looking at me like that I would be wondering what the midnight snack look is going to do to me...lol

I love cowboys because they are definately MEN but they always seem to be gentle giants and gentlemen.
(Patti Paonessa 12:51pm August 24, 2011)

Hi =)
Great blog post! Red's Hot Cowboy sounds like a great read, i'm adding it to my TBR list! What I love about a cowboy romance is when the cowboy is tough and sexy, and can melt your heart all at the same time. I like a gentleman cowboy that's still a little rough around the edges.
(Amanda P 1:20am August 24, 2011)

Yehaw! I love your cowboys!
Good luck and happy writing!
(Tracie Travis 1:56am August 24, 2011)

This sounds like an enjoyable book. I've even got some boots of my own I can wear to feel more prepared for a cowboy. I can only remember about trying to ride once as a young teen--I was too far from the ground and I never had any rhythm to go bouncing in a saddle. But that, I guess, makes the cowboy an even better fantasy.
(Sigrun Schulz 2:27am August 24, 2011)

I love a good cowboy. Can't wait to read your book. Wil sounds
right up my alley.
(Gayle Oreluk 3:12am August 24, 2011)

There is just something about "bad" boys that can make a lady's heart skip a beat. They have to be gentlemen though and cowboys just fit for me.
(Kathleen Yohanna 4:14am August 24, 2011)

If it's half as good as One Lucky Cowboy, I'll be thrilled.
Sounds like a real hot read.
(Karen Gervasi 6:12am August 24, 2011)

I love cowboys. They are big and strong. Most are a little bit crazy but have a great sense of laughter.
(Alfredo Reyes 6:21am August 24, 2011)

I read a great review on another blog and would love to read this. Thanks
for the giveaway!
(Lisa Garrett 6:35am August 24, 2011)

Cowboys and love! What fun.
(Marjorie Carmony 7:03am August 24, 2011)

Would love to read this book. Sounds great!!
(Victoria Kondovski 7:35am August 24, 2011)

I love that the Cowboys are the main topic but what about us Cowgirls that are just as tough as all of the men.
(Cheryl English 7:46am August 24, 2011)

Gotta love a good cowboy romance!
(Debra Czarnogursky 7:58am August 24, 2011)

Just bought this one last weekend and can't wait to start it.
Sounds like a great one and I Love Cowboys and Country Music.
(Beverly Rhodes 8:18am August 24, 2011)

Love those cowboy romances! nothing like a man in chaps and a stetson! (and preferably nothing else)Can't wait to read this one, love Carolyn Browns books!
(Deborah Rudd 8:28am August 24, 2011)

So glad I stopped by - Carolyn your books are awesome. Please keep writing them.

Thanks for 2 chances to win a copy of "Reds..."
(Pat Lieberman 8:29am August 24, 2011)

Good morning everyone! Mercy but some of you get up early! I'm on the road today...research trip for the next hot cowboy book...but I'll be in an out all day.
Thanks to everyone who has commented and good luck to everyone on the contest.
Love it that y'all all (that's plural for all of you to those of you who might not understand Redneck LOL) love cowboys as much as I do.
And Cheryl, if it weren't for cowgirls, those old cowboys wouldn't be as tame as they are. It takes a spicy cowgirl to tame a cowboy and Pearl is just the woman to put the reins on Wil Marshall.
(Carolyn Brown 8:30am August 24, 2011)

The early bird sometimes get the worm. LOL. Hope so anyway. Again thanks for the chance. What are you working on next?
(Pat Lieberman 8:34am August 24, 2011)

Love the cover! If that hot cowboy was holding me like that and giving me those smouldering looks there is nothing I wouldn't do for him!
(Jody Hollenbeck 8:35am August 24, 2011)

Pat: I'm on a research trip this week...from North Texas to Dodge City, Kansas, back through the panhandle of Texas to see the Palo Duro Canyon and then home to write two more cowboy stories. Dewar O'Donnell's story will involve the Dodge City trip; Creed Riley (Ace's bother) the Palo Duro part of the trip. Then I will work on my second woman's fiction (First will be out fall of 2012 and published by Sourcebooks).
(Carolyn Brown 8:47am August 24, 2011)

You can't read enough great cowboy stories. Not only to you get a great story but you get to visit places that are wonderful sites of history.. Thanks so much for the adventure...
(Heidi Shafer-Wilson 8:53am August 24, 2011)

For me, I would have to say that I enjoy the way of life. It's more laid-back than city life, and that makes it more interesting and easier to get into the characters. I've always loved cowboys anyway, so this is really a no-brainer. If a cowboy were to grab me like the one on the cover, I could guarantee you I wouldn't be standing like the girl on the cover!! I would have already fainted from the passion, or got "the vapors!!" lol The cover is great, and I know I'll love the book!! Congratulations!!!!
(Peggy Roberson 8:58am August 24, 2011)

I look forward to reading your book, love the cover, makes you want to reach right for it! Can't resist an open shirt and muscles!
(Deana Connelly 9:02am August 24, 2011)

Definitely the cowboys.
(Pam Howell 9:04am August 24, 2011)

I just love a cowboy romance book...totally my favorite!! and the answer to the other question..well I would probably melt!!
(Dawn Staniszeski 10:18am August 24, 2011)

It's that all masculine, muscle rippling, tanned and quiet male that's packaged in a partially opened shirt and jeans that does it for me. Sigh... (Someone get me a fan!)

As for what I'd do - I think I'd start with wanting to swoon and the rest - ummmm - well a lady can't tell :)

Thanks so much for the chance!
(Theresa Dunlap 10:25am August 24, 2011)

I love cowboy stories...and this one sounds great!
(Leanna Morris 10:30am August 24, 2011)

I'd have to say all of it combined w/ the wit & humor you write them w/. You mean after I got over being dumbstruck he was looking @ me like that? A lady never tells...:)
(Ivy Truitt 10:37am August 24, 2011)

Carolyn Brown would be a new author for me. Love the cover, red cowboy
boots!?! Yes. Sounds like a fun read. What would I do?? Yes, thats easy. Lean
back and pay attention. :-)
(Lisa Hutson 10:49am August 24, 2011)

I read a lot of cowboy stories, love them!
(Wilma Frana 11:19am August 24, 2011)

I love Carolyn's cowboy books, but the msytery aspect of this one really appeals to me.
(Anne Muller 11:28am August 24, 2011)

I read cowboy romances because their lifestyle is different from mine. If
I'm reading for escapism, I'd rather be in new to me territory.
(Cheryl McEwen 11:46am August 24, 2011)

Hot Cowboys...I love the way they treat a lady...love the manners that are hard to find anymore...Thank you!!!
(Leisa Prater 12:01pm August 24, 2011)

Sounds like a fun read.
(Brenda Jann 12:01pm August 24, 2011)

I love cowboys!
(Beth Elder 12:03pm August 24, 2011)

Always wanted to live in the west--never happened. Now I can't even travel to
visit. Did once as a child and loved those wide open spaces and friendly people.
Thanks to cowboy stories I can visit in my mind.
(Sandra Spilecki 12:06pm August 24, 2011)

i grew up in Wyoming and Montana and started my reading career with Louis L'Amour so cowboys have always been a huge part of my life. when i discovered that i could also have them in romance that sealed the deal for me.

i just finished reading the first book in this series for the 2nd time(it was that good) and i can't wait to read this one. the cover is beautiful and i can't wait to get to know these 2 and the hotel as well as i did the watermelon farm.
(Tammy Ramey 12:38pm August 24, 2011)

I live where business and suits and ties are the norm. It is fun to read about cowboys because they are so far removed from this. I would love to win a copy of the book!
(Susan Davco 12:55pm August 24, 2011)

This book sounds fantastic! I love cowboy books!!
(Debra Wright 1:00pm August 24, 2011)

Oh, yeah! Those tight faded jeans!! Le drool. Le pant. Le sigh.

Actually, the first books of yours I ever read was the "Honky Tonk" series, and I'm still not sure why the first in that caught my eye at my late lamented Border's. Whatever the reason, I'm sure glad it did, and you have become an auto-buy for me, whenever I can afford books!

Thanks for the contest!


(Lynn Rettig 1:25pm August 24, 2011)

Hi, Carolyn, and welcome! You are a new author for me, but I am hooked. I love cowboy stories because of those sexy hot cowboys waiting to be tamed, and the sassy heroines who tame them. If Wil was holding my leg and looking like he'd like to have me for breakfast, dinner, and supper I would either smile and say, "I'm yours" or I'd faint -- maybe even both.
(Cathy Phillips 1:33pm August 24, 2011)

Have enjoyed your cowboys in the past... looking forward to meeting more of them! Who does not want to read about sexy cowboys!
(Colleen Conklin 1:39pm August 24, 2011)

Hot cowboys are always a good read! Thanks for the contest!
(Nicole Caroen 2:06pm August 24, 2011)

looks like a very interesting book.sounds like it will be steamy
(Tracey Taylor 2:11pm August 24, 2011)

sounds like a fun book!
(Marguerite Guinn 2:18pm August 24, 2011)

Your book sounds fantastic! Thanks for the opportunity to read it!
(Edwina Cowgill 2:20pm August 24, 2011)

I love me some cowboys. I have been hearing a lot of good things about this book and I would love to read it.
(Gail Hurt 2:54pm August 24, 2011)

I'm in the mood to read about a cowboy!
(Diane Sallans 3:17pm August 24, 2011)

What is it about bad boys and cowboys that makes us women so sappy for them? To tell the truth, I don't know. I just know that it is fun reading. Keep them coming! Can't wait to read this one.
(Constance Biller 3:20pm August 24, 2011)

Save a horse ,ride a cowboy.
(Deb Pelletier 3:53pm August 24, 2011)

I like reading books with cowboys because they are such honest, hard-working, sexy men! Congrats on the book Carolyn. I can't wait to read it.
(Christine Arcidiacono 4:04pm August 24, 2011)

Sounds like a great read.
(George Ferris 4:06pm August 24, 2011)

When I was little i loved anything to do with the west. growing up watching Bananza, and alot of western movies. I was crazy over Clint Eastwood. to me cowboy's are real men ruff, tuff & sexy as heck. thats why i read alot of cowboy romance book's. if wil marshall was holding my leg like that well i would put my other leg around him & say let's go for a ride cowboy. yee haw lol.
(April Kirby 4:08pm August 24, 2011)

Sounds like a great book,I love reading stories about cowboys.
Thanks for giving me a chance to win your book.
(Linda Hall 4:30pm August 24, 2011)

I love reading cowboy books and watching cowboy (westerns) movies. What inspires me was my Dad who always had one he was watching on TV or a book he was reading. He loved John Wayne movies and didn't ever tire of seeing them even if he'd watched them before and he loved that hot red-head, Maureen O'Hara too. So I didn't have a choice as to what we'd be watching growing up. I always loved the settings with the cowboys and horses. I loved horses, so when my Uncle bought property and horses, I couldn't wait to jump on the biggest one and go riding. Even though I was 14, and thought I knew how to ride a horse from watching TV, I didn't. I slid off saddle and all to the ground after galloping around so fast, I thought we were going to run into the fence. I guess, I needed some lessons and more instructions first. I loved Clint Eastwood and every movie he was in too. So that and the fascination of cowboy life, is almost a fantasy for most women. The cover on the book quickly attracts me to a good hot cowboy read. Yours are great!
(Linda Luinstra 4:32pm August 24, 2011)

Cowboys have that male thing about them and look good in boots.
(Alyson Widen 5:09pm August 24, 2011)

i love cowboys because they are rugged manly and knbow what a
good days hard work is and usually know how to treat their
women :)
plus they are usually pretty sexy too .. whats not to love
about a mna who rides horses for a livin ?
(Rachael Kennedy 5:31pm August 24, 2011)

i love cowboys and then i been reading Diana Palmer
and then cowboys are great and then they can get in
trouble and then who know your book great
(Desiree Reilly 5:38pm August 24, 2011)

I like the wide open spaces of the west---and the cowboys, too, of course.
(Sue Farrell 6:03pm August 24, 2011)

WOW, Carolyn, those red boots grab the attention!!
I pick up books by the cover and then read what the story is about. Would reach for this one fast. I love those cowboy stories and this one sounds yummy!!!
(Rosemary Simm 6:05pm August 24, 2011)

Vintage motel, sounds fun!
(Lisa Elwood 6:14pm August 24, 2011)

cant wait to read!! love cowboys!!!!!
(Jennifer Beck 6:14pm August 24, 2011)

The cowboys do it for me every time and I know what you mean when you say how much you got done when driving in West Texas. We lived there for almost 20 years and you can't believe what I got done while in the car.
(Maude Allen 6:19pm August 24, 2011)

What inspires me to read cowboy romance is definitely the hot cowboys and the
sassy heroines. If Wil Marshall was holding my leg and looking at me like he
could have me for breakfast, dinner and supper, I'd invite him right on in and tell
him bon appetit.
(Barbara Elness 6:20pm August 24, 2011)

I love reading books with hot cowboys - and yours looks great
(Kay Swederski 6:25pm August 24, 2011)

I just got home from my research trip to find all these wonderful comments. Lord, I think it's better than my birthday and Christmas all rolled up together. Thank you everyone for stopping by today...comments like this are what makes me gear up to start a brand new hot cowboy romance come Monday morning! I sincerely hope that Red's Hot Cowboy gets you in the mood for a few more!
(Carolyn Brown 6:31pm August 24, 2011)

Sounds like a great read. Would love to win this book.
(Karen Triolo 6:34pm August 24, 2011)

Must admit those cowboys in their jeans and tight shirts are a sight to behold.
(Diane Sadler 6:46pm August 24, 2011)

Love the cowboys in western gear and their drawl and all out sexiness. I enjoy your books!
(Helen Livermore 6:48pm August 24, 2011)

Great post! You certainly got my attention. As an avid reader
with disabilities, reading and escaping into another world is
my favorite thing to do. I would absolutely love to win this
giveaway and go escape...ahhhhh;0)
(Jeannette Laframboise 7:34pm August 24, 2011)

Cowboys are soooo much better than just badboys! Want to read this book!!!!Thanks for a chance to read it.
(C.M. Biller 8:23pm August 24, 2011)

I'm so into the hot and hard working (and very muscular) cowboys. They have
the loyalty, the cute little dimple in their chin and the mysterious eyes. Whew, is
it getting hot in here?
(Val Pearson 8:24pm August 24, 2011)

Hello again...y'all are simply great commenters! Love the idea of it getting hot! Maybe I should talk to my publicist about packaging the books with a coupon on the back for a free bag of ice!
Glad some of you are already reading my cowboy books!
(Carolyn Brown 9:07pm August 24, 2011)

I didn't read cowboy romance until I found Lorelei James. Then I was hooked. I like that the cowboys are earthy and a little rough around the edges. I like all heroes to be a little rough around the edges.
Thanks for the giveaway!
(Jennifer Beyer 9:17pm August 24, 2011)

OMG!! I love Carolyn Brown!!!! I read her her "Honky Tonk" series when I saw "My Give A Dame's Busted". I love the title so much I look up the rest of the books in her series and read them all in 1 week. Then even before I finished I ordered her "Lucky" series. My god she is funny, and boy oh boy do I love her cowboys!!! P.S. Check out her website she has some amazing receipes on it also, her "Gooey Cake" is to die for and her punch is addictive. I promise you will not be disapointed!!! Good Luck everyone!!
(Elizabeth Rodriguez 9:35pm August 24, 2011)

This book would make a great gift for my mom-in-law. She is a 'cowgirl' now living in AZ!
(Chari Nilles 9:39pm August 24, 2011)

Hot cowboys AND sassy heroines... Can't enjoy a book if I don't like both the hero and heroine...
(May Pau 10:18pm August 24, 2011)

Car trips and Blake Shelton. Characters to love. Best days ever.
(Lisa Kendall 10:24pm August 24, 2011)

We will be taking some road trips in the next few weeks. It looks like I now have a couple of books I can pick up along the way.
(Monique Santos 10:27pm August 24, 2011)

Cannot wait to read this book! Can I borrow those red boots, oh and the man??!!
(Sherie Lagarde 10:53pm August 24, 2011)

Hey, it's great to see more folks arriving at this blog party! Elizabeth, glad you liked those recipes. The punch has showed up at our family affairs and showers for the past...whew! I almost said how long and it scared me! I love car trips and Blake (did I mention that he and Miranda make their home in my home town of Tishomingo, Oklahoma). I'd love to hear from all of you if and when you read my cowboy romance. Drop me a note at [email protected]
and for those of you who haven't heard me shouting from the roof tops, Love Drunk Cowboy made both the NYT and the USA Today best seller lists! And Sherie, I met the lady who owned the real pair of boots this summer in NYC. Great experience when my publisher brought her over and introduced her to to me!
(Carolyn Brown 11:22pm August 24, 2011)

I love cowboy stories. There is something about them that make me melt. Yours sound awesome.
(Dawn Roberto 5:04pm August 26, 2011)

I fell for a handsome man with a southern accent when I was young and I love reading about cowboys with their southern or Texas charm, unusual lingo and they are usually represented as handsome hunks and I can always see them that way! Love cowboys.......would love to read your books!
(Brenda Rupp 6:45pm August 28, 2011)

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