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Movie costumer Joey Jessop discovers a Hollywood diva's deadly secrets.

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Intelligent. Kind. Must like children. Passable looks. A man of means. Must make us laugh . . .

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She won�t quit until she gets justice.
He won�t stop until she�s safe.

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Julia Vargas is a cop with a mission.

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Every romance needs a bit of mischief. . .

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Passion has its own demands...and love, its wondrous possibilities...

Leanna Morris

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November 27, 2010

88 comments posted.

Re: Love Walks In (10:16pm April 16, 2016):

I'm definitely not a dare devil. I prefer the "safe" way! I
cannot imagine not having fear in doing these things you
mention. I'll stay safely on the ground with my book!

Re: The Seven-Day Target (12:21pm April 29, 2013):

I love romantic suspense novels. They hold me interest with the suspense and emotional ties woven into the novel

Re: Deck the Halls With Love (9:14pm January 30, 2013):

Interesting...and I have always thought authors had "preplanned" their characters and where the story was going. Keep up the great work!

Re: The Autumn Bride (9:07pm January 30, 2013):

I don't belong to a reading group. I'm a retired librarin who enjoys not having commitments to live by, but I thoroughly enjoy the entertainment provided by my reading! I cannot imagine a life without books/reading. Your book sounds great..

Re: The Casanova Code (3:15pm June 18, 2012):

Looking for man with the following traits: Honest, kind, personable, sense of humor, handsome, good listener. Enjoys peace and quiet as much as good conversation.

Re: The Homesteader's Sweetheart (12:18pm May 30, 2012):

I don't recall reading a book about a single Dad but the concept sounds very interesting to me.

Re: A Gentleman Says "I Do" (10:54pm May 25, 2012):

This sounds great...really would like to read it!

Re: The Taming Of A Scottish Princess (12:39pm May 23, 2012):

I like the gentle seducer. Perhaps he takes his time, is subtlely working his way into your life, your affections. His moves seem to "sneak upon you"!

Re: Deadly Secrets, Loving Lies (4:47pm May 18, 2012):

How about take-charge, Thor?

Re: Sanctuary Cove (10:39pm March 28, 2012):

This sounds like a great read! Books/reading are my favorite
pasttime...Thanks for the great giveaway.

Re: Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel (11:49am February 28, 2012):

School(S) have changed in so many ways...from classes taught, class size, teachers, building size, etc...yet the outcome is the same: to teach students not just from books, but how to get along and compromise, etc....

Re: The Rogue Pirate's Bride (8:03pm February 24, 2012):

I enjoy romance novels but never questioned myself as why? Guess maybe it's the "take me away" aspect of the story...and of course I like happy endings!

Re: The Angel Of Blythe Hall (11:26pm December 30, 2011):

An unexpected "gift" is receiving a card in the mail from
someone I've not heard from in a long time!

Re: The Highlander's Heart (4:44pm November 16, 2011):

I like him tortured by a leading lady...
Book sounds great....love these type of novels!

Re: Until There Was You (5:08pm November 15, 2011):

I really enjoy your books. Thanks for the chance to win!
[email protected]

Re: North of Need (9:43am November 6, 2011):

Sounds super...I really want to read this book!

Re: Engaged in Sin (5:39pm November 5, 2011):

Wow...sounds like an engaging read! Thanks for the chance to
win it!

Re: Radiant Desire (10:05am October 30, 2011):

I think of an alpha as one who not only is confident, but
strong both physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.
Brad Pitt...a cutie but not an alpha!

Re: Flawless (3:17pm October 20, 2011):

Oh yes, bad boys can be redeemed. Any lines they cross should
be ones they would not recross...so that there is a happy

Re: Utterly Charming (11:12am October 19, 2011):

I love Cinderella...

Re: Chosen By Fate (11:36am October 9, 2011):

I agree..I like books that don't fit into just one
genre..making for a more exciting read!
Thanks for the interview..very interesting.

Re: Roommates (5:37pm October 4, 2011):

Enrique, Ian, Justice
[email protected]

Re: Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rock Star (3:38pm September 21, 2011):

Sounds great...a twist to what is "normally" written!

Re: Tempted (11:54am September 15, 2011):

I can't think of a damsel in distress in particular, but I
like those that are the type of people one wouldn't normally
think of as a "damsel in distress"...such as a strong woman
who needs help occasionally.

Re: No Proper Lady (4:38pm September 12, 2011):

Sounds like a great read! And I love the cover!

Re: Deep Disclosure (9:34pm September 7, 2011):

I live in the now...you can only live a day at a time, you can't change the past, you can plan for the future, but you can't live it until it's here!

Re: Deadly Descent (3:42pm September 5, 2011):

I've not ready any Military Romance before, but this one sounds exceptional!

Re: Ward Against Death (10:51am August 27, 2011):

I am fortunate in that I'm retired from my dream job. From about the age of 8 on I wanted to be a librarian. I was able to make that dream a reality. I'm now retired from that job but still have a huge love of books and reading!

Re: Red's Hot Cowboy (10:30am August 24, 2011):

I love cowboy stories...and this one sounds great!

Re: The Bone House (6:59pm August 22, 2011):

I agree with you about a book having to catch me from page 1 and continue...no lagging, no delay in interest, etc.
I really enjoy psychological thrillers, too!

Re: The Orphan Sister (3:12pm August 17, 2011):

My summer has gone by quickly. My husband has been in
treatment for cancer, so 2 days a week we drive a 60 mi
rountrip to his treatments. This seems to take the whole
day. We were able to take 3 of our grandkids for a 9-day
vacation to Pigeon Forge. It was great! Things are looking
up for us so hoping to have a wonderful fall! And of course,
I've read several books over the summer..that's my

Re: The Landlord's Black-Eyed Daughter (8:31pm August 10, 2011):

I like happy endings...they make me feel good!

Re: A Gentleman Never Tells (6:59pm July 25, 2011):

Certainly sounds like the type of story I could immerse myself
in and get "lost"!

Re: Touch If You Dare (8:25am July 21, 2011):

Woo Hoo...Sounds great!

Re: A Spark of Death (8:03pm July 15, 2011):

Sounds intriguing..would love to win to read it!

Re: When One Night Isn't Enough (4:47pm July 14, 2011):

Yea, I'm afraid I do have an internet addiction...especially
to blogs about books! I could spend all day on here. I know I
spend too many hours at the computer but I do enjoy it! I'd
love to read your books and hope I win!

Re: The Crepe Makers' Bond (12:10pm July 13, 2011):

Wow..what a topic! I don't consider myself physically a
beauty...beauty is only skin deep, but it helps ones self-
esteem, I think. I am friendly, reliable, caring...I think
my family and friends would agree to that. I'm a little
apprehensive in unknown situations and not always very
outgoing in those circumstances...Some days are just better
than others. Think it's that way for most people.

Re: Magnificent Passage (9:55am July 12, 2011):

Great giveaway...Would love to win and read it!

Re: The Doctor Takes A Princess (7:49am July 8, 2011):

Anyone who has children has dealt with cranky
babies...including me. I would usually cuddle them, and rock
them while humming to them. Sometimes it would
help...sometimes not!

Re: Dying For Justice (9:38am June 28, 2011):

I fear something awful happening to my grandkids and illness
or death of my sons.

Re: Under a Desert Sky (8:50pm June 19, 2011):

Happily ever after, means you have achieved the goal you set
for yourself or someone else. It means you are satisfied with
the end result.

Re: Frostbound (4:56pm June 7, 2011):

Sounds really good...would love to read it!

Re: Cover of Darkness (10:17am June 5, 2011):

This sounds interesting and very good. Would love to read it!

Re: Forced to Kill (10:15am June 5, 2011):

This sounds "on the edge of your seat" great!

Re: Dirty (9:49am May 22, 2011):

Self published books are fine..a great opportunity for an
author to start getting their works published..and as long as
it's good quality, correct grammar/spelling, etc.

Re: Grimoire (8:54pm May 15, 2011):

I enjoy the secondary characters...they add depth and reality
to a novel..sometimes they are more interesting than the main

Re: Grimoire (11:30am May 15, 2011):

I think secondary characters are just as important, sometimes
more important, to the story. They often lend believability
and a more "real" aspect to novels.

Re: Deadly Promises (9:28pm May 12, 2011):

I am proud of every person in our military. They make such
huge sacrifices for us.

Re: Deadly Promises (8:57am May 9, 2011):

Suspense stories...I love that!

Re: The Hat (8:55am May 9, 2011):

Interesting interview. Book sounds intriguing. Would love to
read it!

Re: Love Drunk Cowboy (3:06pm May 4, 2011):

Trading high heels for boots wouldn't be too difficult. I do
not like high heels...and I am a country girl!

Re: My Favorite Countess (10:03am April 28, 2011):

I don'thave a particular doctor, but do love drs in books and movies!

Re: Hidden Embers (9:10am April 22, 2011):

I love spring also...the brightness of colors in nature, the
smell in the air, the warmth of sun after cold winter, but I
also love summer and fall. Winter is my least favorite season,
except that spring follows!

Re: It Happened On Maple Street (4:20pm April 19, 2011):

I'd love to win and read a true romance story...

Re: A Marriage of Inconvenience (2:44pm April 16, 2011):

I like to feel like I have some control over certain issues in my life, but I am not a control freek...although I know people who are...drives me crazy!

Re: Drip Dead (3:54pm April 14, 2011):

I don't blame you for being nervous/apprehensive. Kids can be so critical, yet I am sure they were interested in what you had to say. It's important for adults to "reach out" to kids and talk with them like you did. I bet you created an interest in many of them to read more and possible try to "author" or write more.

Re: Vowed In Shadows (10:29pm April 11, 2011):

Not sure who I'd be by name, but it would be someone who is
totally feminine, wealthy but happy, and I'd have a totally
romantic partner who appreciated me for my worth as a person
and a woman!

Re: Deadly Ties (1:45pm April 10, 2011):

Wow...this sounds great. Everyone, at some time in their life,
has to make that one difficult choice...some lose, some of us
win. Would love to read this book..

Re: A Song For My Mother (11:54am April 9, 2011):

Interesting blog. Thank you for sharing.

Re: Haunting Desire (4:13pm April 6, 2011):

I enjoy time travel, legends/myths. This would be a good
series for me to read!

Re: Rock Hard (9:58am April 4, 2011):

Ooowee..would love to win this exciting read!

Re: The Return Of Black Douglas (1:24am April 1, 2011):

This book looks great...and I love the cover!

Re: Play Me (9:29am March 29, 2011):

I like love scenes without profanity, "naughty words", and too
much detail..I prefer to "imagine" the scene rather than read
about it in it's entirety!

Re: Angel Sister (2:13pm March 18, 2011):

Love this author's books..can hardly wait to read this one!

Re: So Close The Hand Of Death (10:03pm March 15, 2011):

Interesting! Would love to have a copy to read.

Re: Angel's Rest (2:09pm March 12, 2011):

Series sounds great...beautiful covers, too!
Thanks for the chance to win.

Re: A Taste of Seduction (10:22am March 11, 2011):

Wow...you are a strong person. Hope you can continue enjoying
better health.

Re: Taste Me (3:28pm March 9, 2011):

Belated congratulations on you 2009 Daphne Paranormal Winner
and Golden Heart paranormal finalist under the title
Underbelly. Interesting information about some of your
favorite authoring teachers.

Re: Scandal of the Year (1:44pm March 4, 2011):

Interesting interview into the genre creativity. Thank you for

Re: Wicked Seduction (4:41pm March 2, 2011):

Nothing wrong at all with fantasy in your life...as long as it
doesn't actually take over your life. I think you are very
creative with your fantasies...keep on writing!

Re: Beneath The Night Tree (5:18pm February 18, 2011):

First loves might be hard to forget, but I wonder if they are
really as we "remember" or if they are an imaginative person
who meets much of our criteria romantically? Suppose it
depends on how old one was at the time. My REAL love is my
husband of 41+ years!

Re: Love Me If You Dare (10:33am February 14, 2011):

I love Valentine's Day...it's a reminder of how important my
husband is to me...and also a reminder of all the people in my
life that I love!

Re: Breaking the Rules (11:38am February 12, 2011):

I'll be drinking my usual: unsweet iced tea, as I don't drink
alcoholic beverages.

Re: Everyone Loves A Hero (9:45am February 2, 2011):

I'd like to think I"d be heroic, but oftentimes one would
freeze in thought or action. Still, I'd like to think I'd the
right thing!
Great interview..

Re: The Irish Princess (8:15pm February 1, 2011):

I do like the author,Karen Harper, but haven't ready anything
by her for a while...would love to read this.

Re: Burning Darkness (9:20am January 31, 2011):

Romance and suspense...a perfect combination for a novel!
Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Re: Wild Man Creek (3:05pm January 29, 2011):

Sounds great...definitely on my TBR list! Love Robin Carr.

Re: Deadly Heat (4:37pm January 22, 2011):

I like all kinds of romance novels..time travel, historical,
edgy, humorous...but I like romance novels with suspense
probably the best. (I don't care for the paranormal as in
vampire-type stories...just a bit too "over the edge" for me!)
Enjoyed your interview..thanks for the insight!

Re: Pleasure Me (7:41am January 14, 2011):

Love being "taken away" from everyday life and into another time/place.

Re: Wicked Seduction (10:25am January 11, 2011):

Jade Lee: Loved the interview...interesting...and I'd love to read your books!

Re: Cowboys Never Cry (8:38pm December 30, 2010):

I find it interesting that no one person is a single person in your life, but is made up of the different facets of different people. Interesting!

Re: Deadly Identity (8:10pm December 30, 2010):

I've never really thought about writing but so admire those who do..and am thankful for the authors who pen the books that interest me. Can't imagine life without reading!

Re: Gemini Night (5:57pm November 27, 2010):

Sounds like a great read!

Re: Catching Moondrops (10:32am October 16, 2010):

Fireflies in December

Re: The False Friend (10:22am October 16, 2010):

Bee season

Re: The Smuggler And The Society Bride (11:14am August 4, 2010):

Sounds like a hot summer read! I'd love to win this one!

Re: The Smuggler And The Society Bride (10:31am August 4, 2010):

Sounds like a good read...I like books that have passion, yet they overcome adversity to a happy ending, and preferably not in the far future. I do like stories set in the current time or past..I like time travel where they travel back in time to another era for romance, too!

Re: The Ark (10:26am July 29, 2010):

Sounds like an interesting and entertaining read!

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