September 20th, 2020
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In Oestend, the night can be deadly.

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How do you rest in peace when you're stuck between two worlds?

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What happens when your blind date is an alien, and it goes so very wrong?

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Dodging tazer-happy liberationists, her beloved daughter, goats, and a grumpy-hot tour guide, single mom Ava races Spain, hoping to find her missing father before itís too late.

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She has no time for a player, but is this cowboy the real thing?

April Kirby

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18 comments posted.

Re: Sunrise Point (12:24pm February 5, 2013):

Angel's Peak. I love your books and so does my husband Which is a good thing because he doesn't read alot of books.

Re: The Norse King's Daughter (11:42pm October 1, 2011):

I think i was in a reading slump about twice. what i do is watch romantic movies. I know sounds strange but it gets me out of the slump. I also like to change books around so i wont get into a slump. what i mean by that is i will read historical's for a few days then i will switch to paranormals, then contemporary's. it seems to keep me reading. I will also reread older books like I must of read the Mallory series by Johanna Lindsay 4 times, I love your Viking series 1 my fav is The Outlaw Viking & the Tarnished Lady.

Re: Red's Hot Cowboy (4:08pm August 24, 2011):

When I was little i loved anything to do with the west. growing up watching Bananza, and alot of western movies. I was crazy over Clint Eastwood. to me cowboy's are real men ruff, tuff & sexy as heck. thats why i read alot of cowboy romance book's. if wil marshall was holding my leg like that well i would put my other leg around him & say let's go for a ride cowboy. yee haw lol.

Re: The Christmas Clock (5:30pm November 16, 2010):

I love a book that puts you into the Holiday spirit. sometimes i get that baa humbug who needs Christmas moment after trying to figure out what to get who for Christmas, spending money you really cant afford to spend, planning out a menu for Christmas dinner, putting up with crowed's & sending out presants to family across the states. it can put a person in a bad mood. but i'll just pop me some popcorn make me hot chocolate & snuggle up with a good christmas story. it put's me right back in the mood for Christmas. I'm reading one right now called Call Me Mrs. Miracle by Debbie Macomber I'm only on the first chapter but i'm loving it. The Christmas Clock is a wonderful heart grabbing story I just wished it was longer. I just cant seem to get enough of kat's writing.

Re: The Bride's Necklace (4:01pm September 18, 2010):

The old saying is never judge a book by it's cover, but i have to say i am guilty of it. i'll see a cover & if the guy doesn't appeal to me i put it back down without reading the back. so the necklaces on the front of the books are a great idea because 1. their pretty. & 2. the cover matches the title. it took me no time to get hooked on the series.

Re: Wicked Highlander (5:55pm September 16, 2010):

Ive always been partial to the Irish/Scottish tales of the selkies (seals that can shed their skin to become humans. I know they couldn't be real but wouldn't it be exciting if they were true? of course i like alot of greek tales but Scottish/Irish tales are far more romantic wouldn't you say?

Re: Monster in Miniature (1:18pm July 30, 2010):

It really depends on what i'm in the mood for. My moods vary from week to week, one week i could be in the mood for Historical romance the next paranormal, next mystery. when i'm sad i grab a sandra hill book because i know it will cheer me up. so see what ever i'm in the mood for.

Re: Beautiful People (2:26am April 22, 2010):

I Love humor in romance books & movies. Sandra Hill Books always make me laugh. when i'm feeling depressed i always pick up one of her books. i dont care if i have read it a million times. Hugh Grant always makes me laugh so of coure i pick one of his movies.

Re: On The Steamy Side (1:10am March 25, 2010):

oh yea theres another one which i love its To Beguile A Beast By Elizabeth Hoyt

Re: On The Steamy Side (1:05am March 25, 2010):

Kat Martin Has Children in some of her books, The Christmas Clock is a lovely story. also Brenda Joyce has children in some of her book's. The Masquerade is my favorite. There are others to but my mind has gone blank. so no i dont think children ruin the story i sort of love when children are involved.

Re: Chick with a Charm (12:49pm February 21, 2010):

I love all animals but i would have to say i'm a cat person. All my life as far as i can remember we had always had a cat in the house. but i have a story about a cat that i loved dearly. her name was Rosie she was given to me as a kitten & I spoiled her rotten. she was a beautiful orange & white cat. I had her for about 2 years then one horrible day the neighbours dogs killed her. broke my heart. a few years later we had moved, after we unpacked a calaco cat came to our door she looked hungry so we took her in & fed her. put an add in the paper but no one claimed her. so we took her to the vet for shot's & check up. thats when we found out she was pregnant. when it was time for her to give birth she wouldn't leave my side. so i watched her have the babies. the babies that came out were grey & white, but the last to come out to my surprise was Orange & white. I was so excited till i seen the mother was having trouble with her, the head of the baby was stuck, the mother started getting frantic and was trying to pull the baby out by the toe but doing so she was actually pulling the toe off. so i had to stop her and i put my hand on the baby and wiggled the head out. well the baby was fine but i knew in that instant i was keeping that kitten, because it had the same markings as my old Rosie plus it was also a girl. it was almost like the old Rosie came back to me. as you can guess i named her Rosie. I had her for 7 years spoiling her rotten. I kept her in the house never letting her out. but about a year ago she started getting sick. I rushed her to the vet he kept her over night, the next day he gave me the worst news of my life rosie had a brain tumer & i had to make the decision to put her down. I must of cried for a week. but then i got to thinking she came back to me once maybe she'll come back to me again. so now i'm waiting to see if she does come back to me.

Re: The Edge of Winter (12:08pm February 21, 2010):

My absolute favorite summer book is Lisa Kleypas "Secrets Of A Summer Night. it's the first book in the Wallflower series. it captures you from the start & is hard to put down. the wallflower series is all seasons, first book Summer, 2ed Autumn, 3ed winter, 4th spring, then the last is Christmas. if you haven't read them i highly recomend them.

Re: The Betrayal Of The Blood Lily (5:37pm February 20, 2010):

I'm a Florida native & i always dreamed of a snowy day. then one day we moved to Georgia & i got my first taste of real snow boy ways i excited. then later we moved to Colorado & to my surprise more snow. now living here for almost 3 years i'm not to sure i like snow very much. so what do i do on cold snowy days well if i'm not dreaming of my home in Florida i'm in my reading room lounging on the couch rapped in my snuggie, cup of hot chocolate on the side table, reading a hot romance, which by the way warmes not only my soul but my whole self. thats the best escape ever. plus i escape alot of my worries also. my husband would come in the room and tries to tell me something i just say umhum thats good. he shakes his head & walk out. later he tells me you know i can come in the room and tell you i just cut off my pinkie and you would say umhum thats good. thats how rapped up in books i get. lol

Re: Viking in Love (1:31am February 4, 2010):

My first book i read of Yours was The Tarnished Lady , & I was Hooked so I went out & bought every Book I could find. I loved the Viking series 1 the Outlaw Viking was my Favorite. the new series sounds great & can't wait to read them. Thanks for the great reading Sandra. The Vikings will always be my favorite of books.

Re: Santa Honey (2:00pm October 24, 2009):

I agree 100%. I had no idea someone could pirate a book till i read this. thats just wrong. Me i dont really care for ebooks. i love going to a book store, the smell of new books and the coffee of course, taking your time reading the backs of books and yes spend more money than you should but thats the fun of it. theres nothing better then sitting back covered up with a nice cup of tea or chocolate reading a great book.

Re: Mr. Perfect (6:09pm July 16, 2009):

some peoples taste are diffrent than others. I try not to go by reviews or hypes because i found out what they like sometimes i dont like. and what they don't like i like. so it depends on taste. that goes for books or movies. as for authors. my favorite is johanna lindsay i love most her books but there are a few that its hard for me to get threw the first few chapters.

Re: Loving a Lost Lord (9:17am July 16, 2009):

I agree with you. my English ancestors were probley sheep sheerers or chamber pot cleaners something like that. but i love to read about the snob's of the ton and how an uneducated or even educated, poor woman can bring them to their knees. Angle rouge was my first book to read of yours and i loved it so much i started collecting all of them. now that i have read each and every one i would have to say my favorite would be Thunder and Roses. it's like you had put so much of your heart in that book. so i just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful stories.

Re: Dragons Prefer Blondes (8:50am July 16, 2009):

it would have to be Batman. I love a man with a little mystery to him. dont for get super sexy voice and body. he would surely fit in the Tall dark & handsome catagory wouldn't you say? oh and dont for get he's utterly Wealthy! cha ching.

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