May 30th, 2023
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A Prim Bookseller�
A Tough PI Ghost�
A Hauntingly Good Mystery!

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She�s got a knack�for roping in hearts.

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A mother and daughter learn to endure life�s twists and turns as they grieve a loss and face an uncertain future.

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Will their cruise turn deadly?

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Heart stings can be the most dangerous wounds of all...

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She disappears on the eve of her wedding. Can he find her?

Vickie Couturier

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Precious Memories
November 27, 2010

Playing Outside
April 20, 2010

114 comments posted.

Re: Destiny's Surrender (1:07pm April 8, 2020):

ive been reading a lot of childrens books to my
grandchildren to keep them occupied

Re: Burn For Me (6:54am April 1, 2020):

im not a ebook reader,i like to listen to audio books when
traveling but i always have a real book in my purse ,i miss
going and seeing the covers of books and the smell of a
real book

Re: Love Under Protection (5:29pm March 25, 2020):

I enjoy reading espcially this past week being home bound

Re: Tempest (5:25pm March 25, 2020):

i love feel good books,,ones that make you feel nice after

Re: The Operator (5:30am March 11, 2020):

my grandma had a party line back in the 60s and we used to
easedrop on everyone conversations

Re: Sweet On You (4:45pm February 28, 2020):

ive been to nyc and not interested in going back,,the only
thing i saw good was Cats on broadway,that was amazing,,i
am a very rural small town girl

Re: You Had Me at Wolf (4:43pm February 28, 2020):

i enjoy the romance and fairy tale endings ,,i know its not
real but it makes you feel good inside

Re: An Inconvenient Duke (7:11pm February 26, 2020):

I love when the man can come and save the day like back in
the old west

Re: Calling on Quinn (11:12am February 25, 2020):

Im not seeing the question but i like sweet too

Re: A SEAL Always Wins (12:20pm February 24, 2020):

a hero in uniform,,to me is a hero because to get those
types of jobs you have to work hard and want to help others

Re: In Search of Truth (12:19pm February 24, 2020):

V is for Valor,,i like to think i am strong and brave when

Re: Veiled in Smoke (9:48am February 20, 2020):

sounds so good ive been trying for days to comment

Re: The Solid Grounds Coffee Company (7:34pm February 14, 2020):

anyone who loves me enough to come visit

Re: Beach Haven (7:33pm February 14, 2020):

a cruise to anywhere

Re: Storm from the East (1:50pm February 13, 2020):

I love pears,,i have a pear tree that i let the local
Mennonites come and pick,they make pear butter and always
bring me a case cause i give them the whole tree to pick

Re: Lady Hotspur (1:48pm February 13, 2020):

red velvet cake

Re: Fair Weather Enemies (10:15am February 12, 2020):

i love that they manage to make it through life without

Re: Highland Sword (10:14am February 12, 2020):

cooking ,,im not good at baking

Re: The Winter Companion (10:14am February 12, 2020):

I love a peanut butter cookie

Re: Forbidden Promises (4:29pm February 11, 2020):

mymama used to make those salamond patties,,,my favorite is
to read about people getting second chances later in life

Re: Once Upon a Sunset (4:25pm February 11, 2020):

a good steak and baked potato

Re: Defending Zara (11:01am February 10, 2020):

i like milk chocolate or white chocolate

Re: Forever Strong (11:00am February 10, 2020):

a nice dinner out with not kids just adults

Re: The Kissing Game (5:27pm February 4, 2020):

sounds just great

Re: Lucky Chance Cowboy (8:10pm February 1, 2020):

loved lassie,,and bengi and Rin Tin Tin

Re: Wicked Cowboy Wolf (6:32pm January 30, 2020):

sounds like a very good read

Re: Cold Nose, Warm Heart (6:03pm January 28, 2020):

I know i love my little dog,he has been my best friend this
past year through some rough stuff

Re: Whiteout (6:02pm January 28, 2020):

one of my favorite types of books to read

Re: Inherent Truth (6:01pm January 28, 2020):

that sounds so good,,i dont have a favorite

Re: Malfunction (6:00pm January 28, 2020):

sounds interesting to me,ive seen the star wars movies but
havent read the books

Re: Secret Mountain Hideout (7:54am January 25, 2020):

sounds like a book i cant put down once I start reading

Re: Murder at the Arts and Crafts Festival (8:20am January 19, 2020):

I love seeing the tallent and all the different items that
can be seen

Re: Lean on Me (9:13am January 10, 2020):

sounds so good

Re: Loki Ascending (9:16am January 9, 2020):

sounds very interesting,,dont know that ive read a book
like this before

Re: A Cowboy Never Quits (2:52pm January 4, 2020):

I was raised in the country where we had horses,so that add
a cowboy and a great combination

Re: The One for You (9:24am January 1, 2020):

going to try to be healthier this new year,make better
choices,,2019 was a rough year,,on Valentines day my
husband told me he was filing for Divorce

Re: Pathfinder (9:23am January 1, 2020):

sounds so good,,fingers crossed

Re: Risk It All (9:25am December 30, 2019):

sounds like a good read

Re: A Wedding in December (6:21am December 6, 2019):

my favorite is seeing it thru the eyes of my
grandchildren,the excitement

Re: Wish Upon a Cowboy (6:23pm November 29, 2019):

sounds amazing to me

Re: Virgin River (1:00pm November 24, 2019):

i love when i see any books become a movie or a
series,,havent been disappointed yet too many to mention

Re: The Goddess Gets Her Guy (9:47am November 21, 2019):

Fall is my favorite season

Re: Wolf Rebel (9:45am November 21, 2019):

we are huge Mickey fans at my house

Re: Puppy Christmas (8:45am November 15, 2019):

wow,,they all look amazing,,love Christmas books ,my all
time favorite all year long

Re: Longing for a Cowboy Christmas (8:12am November 13, 2019):

oh wow,,this book and these authors sounds amazing,i love
Christmas books ,an our tradition is pancakes on Christmas
morning before gifts

Re: The Reluctant Rake (9:13am October 30, 2019):

sounds very good,,i love this type of book

Re: Dark Awakening (12:01pm October 17, 2019):

sounds very interesting look forward to reading it

Re: Heiress Gone Wild (10:43am October 12, 2019):

sounds like a book i would enjoy reading

Re: A Christmas Home (9:22am October 11, 2019):

one of my favorite authors,,love reading your books

Re: Graveyard Shift (10:02am October 10, 2019):

sounds very good to me

Re: Once Upon a Cowboy Christmas (8:27am October 8, 2019):

i love Christmas books and thanks for the recipe

Re: Always Look Twice (7:57am October 7, 2019):

sounds good to me

Re: Capturing the Heart of a Rock Star (4:55pm September 11, 2019):

sounds like such a goodbook

Re: I've Got You, Babe (8:43am September 2, 2019):

sounds like a really good book

Re: How to Cross a Marquess (10:36am August 28, 2019):

i could really get lost in a book like this,,just let me be
with a cool drink and a book and im in heaven

Re: Temptation (8:22am August 27, 2019):

yes had several crushes on upper classmen when in school

Re: Moon Water (8:32am August 21, 2019):

sounds very interesting,would love to read it

Re: Unbreak Me (7:18am August 19, 2019):

really sounds like such a good book

Re: The Book Charmer (8:25am August 8, 2019):

sounds like a really great read

Re: The Time for Murder is Meow (8:22am August 8, 2019):

we just recenly lost our rescue cat Named Bugg, had him for
over 12 yrs

Re: On the Market (7:16am August 6, 2019):

sounds like a really fun book to read

Re: Last Chance Rodeo (3:07pm July 30, 2019):

would love to read this

Re: Love at First Bark (3:06pm July 30, 2019):

i would love to read this

Re: A SEAL Never Quits (7:45am July 29, 2019):

that sounds really interesting

Re: The Sweetest Things (9:42am July 26, 2019):

Thankgiving a time of family and lots of flove and TUrkey
and dressing

Re: Fast Lane (6:31am July 24, 2019):

sounds interesting

Re: The Body in Griffith Park (5:13am July 16, 2019):

what a great ,interesting article

Re: Protect the Prince (7:48am July 14, 2019):

was a interesting article

Re: How to Write a Romance (7:47am July 14, 2019):

very interesting article

Re: Accidentally in Love (7:28am July 5, 2019):

sounds very good

Re: Where Dandelions Bloom (8:02am July 2, 2019):

sounds very interesting from what ive read

Re: The Evil that was Done (7:53am July 1, 2019):

sounds very interesting

Re: Cold Aim (7:57am June 30, 2019):

sounds so interesting,my family is in law enforcement as
well and i love reading books like these,my Uncle was
Sheriff,and my son in law is a Deputy

Re: Cowboy in Wolf's Clothing (9:57am June 21, 2019):

sounds interesting havent read any of them yet

Re: Bloodsucking Lawyer (8:24am June 19, 2019):

how interesting,no i havent read any of these books before

Re: No Heartbreaker Required (8:22am June 12, 2019):

nicelist,,always good when the hubby gets involved

Re: Wicked Highland Ways (12:32pm June 2, 2019):

Spring is my favorite time ,,love the flowers and all the
trees with buds ,and the weather

Re: Love Under Construction (12:41pm May 21, 2019):

sounds like a winning combination,,would love to read this

Re: Apparent Power (8:11am May 10, 2019):

very interesting

Re: Pure Chocolate (8:34am April 19, 2019):

very interesting,,i havent heard of this series of books

Re: American Duchess (10:53am April 17, 2019):

I love those old portraits and pictures sounds and looks

Re: The Summer Cottage (8:48am March 27, 2019):

sounds really interesting

Re: In Her Sights (8:47am March 27, 2019):

sounds like a book I would really enjoy reading curled up
on the couch

Re: A Lord Apart (8:46am March 27, 2019):

sounds like a book I would really enjoy reading

Re: Chocolate a la Murder (8:47am March 12, 2019):

sounds like a good book,,id love to read

Re: A Bound Heart (6:16pm January 20, 2019):

sounds like a really good book,love the cover too

Re: Just Once (6:15pm January 20, 2019):

sounds like a very good book

Re: The Conspiracy (9:41pm January 16, 2019):

sounds very interesting,and one i couldnt lay down until

Re: One Night Gamble (9:40pm January 16, 2019):

this sounds like a very good book

Re: Texas Legacy (9:39pm January 16, 2019):

oh my goodness,those books sound very good

Re: Night Of The Flood (7:25pm January 5, 2019):

we have some traditions but not as many as i had as a child

Re: Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish (8:40am December 13, 2018):

love the cover and sounds like a good book

Re: Decoy Date (8:10am December 11, 2018):

sounds like a nice read for me

Re: You Had Me at Cowboy (9:47am December 5, 2018):

i love me some good cowboy reading

Re: Earl to the Rescue (9:10am November 28, 2018):

sounds like a book id love to read

Re: My Forever Home (4:54am November 27, 2018):

this sounds like my type of book,,id love to read this

Re: Feels Like Falling (6:14am November 19, 2018):

this sounds like a great read

Re: The Silent Wife (6:27am November 15, 2018):

this book sound so good

Re: Distant Memory (6:24am November 15, 2018):

sounds like my kind of book,i love reading

Re: Never Let Me Fall (7:33am November 8, 2018):

sounds very interesting,i would love to read this

Re: Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses (9:45am November 1, 2018):

sounds very interesting,i love reading books Christmas ones
are my favorite

Re: Cowboy Christmas Jubilee (9:44am November 1, 2018):

sounds very interesting,i love reading books expically
Christmas ones

Re: Wolf Rising (9:44am November 1, 2018):

sounds very interesting,i love reading books

Re: Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses (5:31am October 30, 2018):

i love the cover,this looks and sounds like my kind of book

Re: Cowboy Christmas Jubilee (5:31am October 30, 2018):

that looks and sounds like such a good book

Re: Just This Once (6:41pm October 19, 2018):

sounds like my kind of book

Re: Wild On My Mind (7:53pm October 4, 2018):

sounds like just my kind of book,,i love reading just
before going to bed

Re: A Billionaire Wolf for Christmas (5:46am October 1, 2018):

sounds like a really good read for me,i toally love
Christmas themed books my favoriet

Re: More Than a Phoenix (5:45am October 1, 2018):

Romance novels are my favorites ones,this sounds like a
really good read for me

Re: More Than a Phoenix (6:30am September 28, 2018):

i love romance books always been my favorites

Re: Mistletoe in Texas (6:30am September 28, 2018):

this sounds like a book id really enjoy reading

Re: A Billionaire Wolf for Christmas (6:29am September 28, 2018):

sounds wonderful to me i would love this

Re: Rocky Mountain Cowboy Christmas (6:28am September 28, 2018):

sounds wonderful to me

Re: A Family Under the Christmas Tree (5:29pm October 30, 2016):

my mom always cooked from scratch,,her cornbread dressing
was awesome,,took me years to beg the recipe from her

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