June 22nd, 2018
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Sandi Shilhanek | A Perfect Day

What a week it’s been! Tuesday I got together with a small group of people from the DFW Tea Readers group, and had a wonderful dinner of barbecued chicken, baked beans, deviled eggs, pasta salad, green salad, and not only one cake, but two! We also had a lively conversation with author Annette Blair, who writes, not only romance, but also mysteries. I didn’t realize that, so Wednesday sent me to Barnes and Nobel in an effort to attain one or two of her mysteries by using my gift card I won from author Michele Bardsley (who can be seen in November at Readers ‘n’ Ritas.)

Saturday had me again meeting the DFW Tea Readers group for a fun and lively tea. Unfortunately we were not the only people in the tea room, and when I went to the restroom I got the impression that one of the elderly ladies from the other group wasn’t really happy about how much fun we were having. See when we start having fun we tend to forget that there are others around, and we tend to get a bit loud. We’re not rude loud, just fun loving loud, and if you’re ever in the DFW area we’d love to have you!

Tea was followed by a lively productive meeting of the Readers ‘n’ Ritas committee. We welcomed a new member to the committee, and are very excited about the upcoming conference. If you haven’t yet bought your ticket it’s not too late, and the price is still reasonable…only $65 until July 15, 2010, and then goes up just a bit, so you might want to hurry and buy yours now so you can meet Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dianna Love, and Candace Havens among others in person!

By the end of the meeting we decided we were hungry once again, and needed a girls night out. Where to go? A lively discussion ended up resulting in a place that had delicious deep-dish pizza, even if the girly drinks were a tad disappointing.

It was a perfect day, of fun, work, friends, and food. How did you spend your Saturday? Did you have a perfect day? I sure hope you did!

Until next week happy page turning.

sandi shilhanek

Sandi Shilhanek

DFW Tea Readers
Readers 'n 'ritas... celebrating literary obsessions

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45 comments posted.

Re: Sandi Shilhanek | A Perfect Day

I enjoyed reading your blog about your fun and lively tea party. Some of the best times in my life have been spent loudly having fun with friends. It sure does break up the monotony in day to day living :)
(Lori Carmichael 1:53am July 11, 2010)

Washing, shopping and housework. Then as it was only my husband and my youngest daughter (17) at home, we watched Indiana Jones movies - Great fun.
(Barbara Hanson 6:30am July 11, 2010)

Come over to my neck of the woods, would love to join your tea party, but have a question - can I have coffee? LOL.
(Pat Lieberman 7:25am July 11, 2010)

Barbara I'm glad to hear that someone thinks housework is fun! I surely don't! You
can tell by my house.

Pat, You can have whatever drink you want. Yesterday I had a coke!
(Sandi Shilhanek 10:24am July 11, 2010)

I spent my Saturday reading The
Search by Nora Roberts. It's to early
to form an opinion since I am only
100 pages into the book.
(Marla Alleman 10:51am July 11, 2010)

I spent my Saturday working, running errands and then relaxing and reading a book. It sounds like your meetings are a lot of fun.
(Maureen Emmons 11:59am July 11, 2010)

Glad you had fun. Readers & Ritas sounds like fun. Too bad I can' go. I'm a crafter and have to work at shows on the weekends in the fall/winter.
I spent Saturday getting the bedroom ready for my soon to be born grandbaby. Probably spend today at it too.
(Carol Cobun 12:04pm July 11, 2010)

I tell ya, it almost sounds
like your weekend was better
than mine :) but not... cause
I went shopping! How can
anything else compare to
spending all your hard worked
for money. Ok, so maybe a
visit to Miss Bessie's
Teahouse with your fun loving
rowdy crowd ;) Have a great
(Pamela Alder 12:13pm July 11, 2010)

I spent time on the computer, and puttering around and reading When a Man Loves a Weapon by Toni McGee Causey.
(Joyce Mandle 12:18pm July 11, 2010)

My friends and I get "happy" loud too. It may seem to upset some people, but I think they are just jealous!
(Bridget Werbin 12:20pm July 11, 2010)

I went to the office and worked for 6 hrs. I got a questionably called "PROMOTION" about a month ago and am still trying to do my old job and the new duties too, so I needed to catch up on some work.

After I got home and had a little nap, I picked up the book I've been reading "Shut Up and Kiss Me" by Christie Craig and read most of the evening.
(Jill Hayden 12:37pm July 11, 2010)

I spent my Saturday on Pensacola Beach watching The Blue Angels. It was wonderful!
(Lisa Garrett 12:48pm July 11, 2010)

I spent my Saturday having a joint birthday get together with two of my three daughters, my husband, and me! We cover the July dates of 5, 9, 14, and 15. Got a Sony Daily Reader!! Had already had an overnight spa date on Thursday and Friday (which was a much needed getaway!) Have got umteen paper books to read, then want to download and play with Reader, but that will have to wait!

I want to come to R&R so bad and may be able to swing it! Would love to attend one of your teas also.

Have a good week ahead everyone.
(Betty Cox 12:54pm July 11, 2010)

I was getting over an illness but spent the day resting and getting caught up on emails and did some reading. Any day reading is a pretty good day to me!
(Maudeen Wachsmith 12:55pm July 11, 2010)

That sounds like alot of fun
(Jennifer Mathis 12:58pm July 11, 2010)

A week ago, when we were still in Texas, I would have enjoyed a tea. But now I am doing laundry and unpacking in PA :>)
(Karin Tillotson 1:04pm July 11, 2010)

My saturday was spent with a great book in hand! :)
(Colleen Conklin 1:46pm July 11, 2010)

Well, I slept in and then I watched the runner-up match of the World Cup (don't know what I'm going to do now that it's over). After that, it was a trip to the neighborhood pool and watching all the birds and alligators in the area. Finally, in the evening, I took my friend's Irish cousins for a tour of my subdivision; we were looking for coyotes. We didn't any of them but saw lots of deer and all the big, beautiful homes that are part of my community (their garages are larger than my condo). I ended the evening catching up on my book blogging and then reading. Very boring but true.
(Trudy Miner 2:07pm July 11, 2010)

This past Saturday, I got caught up in a book, worked around the house and yard and just enjoyed the balmy weather.
(Alyson Widen 2:25pm July 11, 2010)

My Saturday was spent reading and playing on the computer, no work involved. So I'd say it was a good day.
(Barbara Elness 2:35pm July 11, 2010)

My Saturday was not what I would call a perfect day but it was still good. The morning started out with reading, then Farmer's Market, laundry, more reading & some time on the computer, watched a movie in the evening & read some more. Not a bad day!

Your Saturday sounds like a lot of fun. Too bad the others couldn't smile and be glad others were enjoying their get together.
(Donna McClure 3:37pm July 11, 2010)

My faverite way to spend a Sat.
First: ALONE(I'm never alone)
then a good book and homemade cookies, OH ya that would be the best
(Vickie Hightower 3:52pm July 11, 2010)

Sounds like a great group. Wish we
lived closer. READERS & RITAS sounds
like a great conference. Wish I could
get down there. Maybe some year, my
DH and I can plan a vacation that will
put me in the area at the right time.
He can go play golf or something : )
Have spent the day cooking and
getting ready for our daughter and her
family to come over for a cookout.
We are watching the World Cup finals
and biting our fingernails. Still
scoreless. We are cheering for Spain
primarily because of the rough and
unsportsmanlike play by the Dutch.
(Patricia Barraclough 4:00pm July 11, 2010)

You had a great time. I can tell. It came through in your description of your weekend. Mine was the usual where I try and catch up with all the chores I didn't get done during the week.
(Rosemary Krejsa 4:55pm July 11, 2010)

I spent time with my children and grandchildren which is always a treat.
(Joanne Vitale 5:16pm July 11, 2010)

Relaxing since it was the last day of my vacation for 6 months at least.
(Diane Sadler 5:29pm July 11, 2010)

Saturday was spent working and then coming home to relax with a good book. With no emergencies with the former and being swept away with the latter...well, it did feel pretty perfect.
(G. Bisbjerg 5:56pm July 11, 2010)

Sounds like a wonderful time. Saturday was a day of doing chores. Not much fun but great to have done.
(Mary Preston 6:19pm July 11, 2010)

I haven't had deviled eggs in years,love them.
(Deb Pelletier 7:44pm July 11, 2010)

What a wonderful Saturday, I envy you.

I didn't do anything but read a little of Deb Salonen's UNTIL HE MET RACHEL the latest of her Sentinel Pass HSR series, listened to some Tess Gerritsen's ICE COLD and watched baseball. What a great weekend I'm having LOL
(Barbs Ferris 8:09pm July 11, 2010)

Nothing very exciting happened this weekend though I thought of all the birthdays and wedding anniversaries that have occurred since July 3. It was my brother and sister-in-law's anniversary yesterday and would have been my parents' 67th today.
As for reading, I'm trying to read Jo Beverly's backlist and have just finished DANGEROUS JOY, Rogues Book 5. Next comes THE DRAGON'S BRIDE. I'm glad our heat wave has died down somewhat and we haven't had a power outage. Have a great week everybody.
(Sigrun Schulz 8:39pm July 11, 2010)

Wish I could have joined in on the fun, but alas, I was forced to work. *smiles*. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time and maybe the mature lady in the loo was upset that she hadn't been asked to join? She coluld have been secretly reading a steamy on behind the veil of her Blah, Blah Chair meeting agenda.
Maybe, I'll be able to make it to the next tea and have a bit of fun of my own.
(Brandi Evans 9:02pm July 11, 2010)

Please enter me in your fantastic contest and please let me know when I am a winner too! God bless you with success, Cecilia
(Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 9:13pm July 11, 2010)

I well understand a group getting a bit noisy when enjoying themselves. I met once a month with a group of female Exes from my high school until the restaurant where met closed up shop. We were a noisy bunch of chatterers, but were not responsible for the restaurant closing...the whole chain of restaurants closed. I now meet in another place with a different group of Exes from my high school...this time more males than females. This group gets a bit noisy at times, too, but we meet in a hotel's restaurant and they provide us with a separate portion of the restaurant for just our group. It is much more enjoyable and we don't have to worry about disturbing any other patrons.
(Gladys Paradowski 9:39pm July 11, 2010)

That sounded like an absolutely perfect day. What better way to spend a day than talking about favorite romance books and sharing food with friends.
(Armenia Fox 9:54pm July 11, 2010)

Sounds like a great time Sandi!!! I sooo wish I could go to your meetings or to the Readers 'n' Ritas but I can't! Dang it.

Hope your coming week is just as great!!1
(Wilma Keel 10:02pm July 11, 2010)

Although I didn't have quite as much fun as you did, I spent the day reading, knitting, and weeding in the garden. Being outdoors is always enjoyable, because there are plenty of birds and butterflies to enjoy, as well as the sounds of nature. It might not beat being at a tea with friends and having cake, but the relaxation and sunshine can't be beat!!
(Peggy Roberson 10:07pm July 11, 2010)

My Saturday was busy vising my mother in law, then I met two friends with my husband and we got to go with my friends tickets to see Steve Winwood and Santana! Center section ten rows back! It was great!
(Brenda Rupp 10:21pm July 11, 2010)

I spent the day with my Dad.
(Jodi Kegebein 10:42pm July 11, 2010)

I'm afraid I had the opposite of a perfect
day. But tomorrow's a new day!
(Sue Ahn 11:18pm July 11, 2010)

Lots of meeting, greeting and eating! That does sound like a perfect day, Sandi. And "happy noise" is the best kind!
(Suzan Forster 11:50pm July 11, 2010)

I spent this w/e at my inlaws cabin with my boys and dogs. Lots of BBQ, reading and watching the kids beat the heat by jumping into the lake...no computers, no cell phones...it was BLISS!
(Darci Paice 11:55pm July 11, 2010)

attended a TEA Party 2 weeks ago and it was a blast. Mad Hatter theme and everyone wore "mad" hats. enjoyed your blog
(Barbara Studer 12:28pm July 12, 2010)

Love your blog. I would love
to visit DFW area. Fortunately
my daughter and family who
live there will be here in
Virginia Beach tomorrow. I
haven't seen them in two
years. We will definitely be
having loud fun.

(Ray Getzinger 1:27am July 12, 2010)

i spent my day riding bikes with my
husband and two children. we swam
in a river and had iced coffees and mr
freezies as a reward for our hard
work... i also slipped in a little time for
reading of course!
(Tina Werner 1:54pm July 12, 2010)

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