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Zoe Archer | The 5 W's of the Blades of the Rose

Zoe Archer



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The thrill of the chase is nothing to this...WARRIOR

Blades of Rose #1

September 2010
On Sale: September 1, 2010
Featuring: Thalia Burgess; Gabriel Huntley
370 pages
ISBN: 1420106791
EAN: 9781420106794
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Also by Zoe Archer:
Wicked Temptation, June 2014
Dangerous Seduction, December 2013
Winter's Heat, October 2013
Skies of Gold, August 2013


Who: The Blades of the Rose

What: A band of adventurers, scientists and explorers who follow the four points of the compass to find and protect the world’s magic.

Where: All over the world! From the wind-swept steppes of Mongolia, to the gleaming islands in the Aegean Sea, to the rugged Canadian Rockies, and a few more surprising locations.

Why: I’m an admitted fan of historical romance, but I’ve also enjoyed the freedom and diversity available in paranormal romance. After reading many, many books about spying dukes and bluestocking debutantes, I wanted to read something really different, something that combined the richness of a historical romance with the range and potential of paranormal romance. So, the BLADES OF THE ROSE were born.

Romance readers are a diverse group, and I decided to bring that diversity to a historical setting. This means that not only do I have English heroes and heroines, I have a Canadian Indian hero, an American journalist heroine, and a black British hero—who happens to be a scientific genius. I loved writing each and every one of my heroes and heroines, not just for their diversity, but because they were fun and, above all, intelligent.

It’s a safe bet to say that many romance readers have come across heroines with more sass than smarts. Often, the heroine has to be bailed out by the hero, or it’s mostly luck that gets her to safety. I have one word for those heroines: oy.

When it came time to write the Blades books, right from the beginning I vowed to make my heroines just as smart and just as capable as the heroes. They can save themselves, and even, on occasion, lend the hero a hand. Of course, the heroes get their moments to shine, as well, and shine they do. But I made sure that the relationships were about equality as well as attraction. There’s nothing sexier than a man who wants a woman for her brains andher beauty (exactly how my husband feels about me!).

And, yes, these are historical romances spanning the years 1874-75, but they aren’t confined to England. There’s a great big world out there, and it’s exciting and romantic! Why should contemporary and paranormal romance get all the fun of exotic locations? Just imagine that iconic image from adventure films, where we a little icon of a plane or ship moving across the map. That’s exactly the feeling of the Blades books. You know when the plane lands or the ship docks, something really fun is about to happen.

So, to recap, what are you going to find in every Blades of the Rose story?





-Exotic historical settings

-Diabolical steampunk inventions

-Sexy men in tall boots

-Heroines who kick ass

-Red hot romance

I can’t wait to share the adventure with you!

Leave a comment below and be entered to win a signed copy of WARRIOR!




53 comments posted.

Re: Zoe Archer | The 5 W's of the Blades of the Rose

mmm... sexy men in tall boots!!
(Tina Werner 8:05am September 4, 2010)

Hi. I love the cover for Warrior it looks awesome!!!

[email protected]
(Brandy Blake 4:42pm September 4, 2010)

Congrats on the new release, Zoe. I'm looking forward to reading The Blades of the Rose series.
(Jane Cheung 1:51am September 6, 2010)

Congrats! Love the cover.
(Amanda Edmond 1:58am September 6, 2010)

"Oy" - I love it! Congrats on your new release! I've heard great things about "Warrior" and look forward to reading it.
(S Tieh 2:09am September 6, 2010)

I would love to be part of the adventure!!!
(Mary Preston 2:20am September 6, 2010)

This series sounds great--can't wait to read it.
(G S Moch 3:11am September 6, 2010)

It looks like a series that's different and exciting.
(Maureen Emmons 6:00am September 6, 2010)

Looks and sounds fantastic! I'd love to read The Warrior!!
(Laurie Gommermann 8:06am September 6, 2010)

Sounds great, can't wait to read it. Cover reminds me of Indiana Jones!
(Barbara Hanson 8:14am September 6, 2010)

I've seen some buzz about these books on the net and I am so intrigued that I ordered on amazon - Germany. Waiting for my copy to arrive!!

They look sooooooo good!!!

in Germany
(Valerie Bongards 9:32am September 6, 2010)

i would really like this one
(Debbi Shaw 11:59am September 6, 2010)

Blades of the Rose has it all and I look forward getting into this book. Thank you.
(Barbara Ryan 12:14pm September 6, 2010)

I loved the Indiana Jones movies, so this series sounds great!
(Cheryl Castings 12:16pm September 6, 2010)

This sounds so different, so exciting, and so up my alley!! I can't wait to sink my teeth into it!! I am right on the edge of my chair right now as I'm typing this, I am that excited!! It's the truth!! Your blog is totally different than anything I've read to date, and I commend you for daring to write a book of this caliber. I can't wait to read it, and to share in the adventure!!
(Peggy Roberson 12:49pm September 6, 2010)

I love magic!!!!!!!
(Cathie Veres 1:27pm September 6, 2010)

Hi Zoe,
Thanks for the contest and the opportunity to win a free book. Can't wait to read it.
(Patsy Nelson 1:38pm September 6, 2010)

Zoe, Blades of the Roses is so original. This series has everything from history to magic to heroines who can kick ass. I can't wait to get started in this series' adventures.
(Kai Wong 1:45pm September 6, 2010)

I love capable women!
(Jl Welling 2:18pm September 6, 2010)

Blades of the Rose sounds like nothing I have read in romance before. Am very interested to read the story.
(G. Bisbjerg 2:19pm September 6, 2010)

Oooh sounds great... love historical romances, add in adventure and that is a major plus!
(Colleen Conklin 2:47pm September 6, 2010)

Girl, I like the hot romance part. I can just see the sparks fly as they crash into each other, sometimes on purpose and not mistake.
(Alyson Widen 3:23pm September 6, 2010)

I cannot wait to sink my teeth into this series. You have wrapped so many different elements into it, that it makes my head spin. Yummy!
(Cynthia Netherton 3:41pm September 6, 2010)

The cover drew me in first; then the fresh locale was appealing. All the rest of what I have read about Warrior so far adds up to one I must read soon.
(Dolores Feagin 3:55pm September 6, 2010)

I've been looking forward to The Blades of the Rose series since I first began hearing about it. I love the idea of an exciting, adventerous, historical romance with paranormal and steampunk elements and exotic locations. Wowza!
(Barbara Elness 3:57pm September 6, 2010)

What a great concept! I've loved historial romances since I first started reading, but having gotten older, do prefer something more than the usual 'saved by a man' senario!
(Cate Sparks 3:58pm September 6, 2010)

Adventure, can't wait.
(Lisa Kendall 6:25pm September 6, 2010)

Sounds like something I would love to read. Congrats on the new release.
(Maude Allen 6:35pm September 6, 2010)

I id not realize this was a historical novel; I'll check it out again.
(Diane Sadler 6:53pm September 6, 2010)

Hurray diversity! I can't wait to read this series, it sounds exciting. And there are boots involved! ♥
(Julie Guan 7:25pm September 6, 2010)

Hi Zoe,
This book sounds great. can't wait
(Julie Swaney 8:22pm September 6, 2010)

The book sounds great! Congratulations!
(Brenda Rupp 8:47pm September 6, 2010)

Zoe, you had me at the cover. I didn't
even have to read the blurb to know I
wanted this book. The covers for the
rest of this series are awesome. I am a
history, travel, suspense and high
adventure lover. A touch of
paranormal is a bonus. I am an
Indiana Jones fan and this book cover
certainly taps into that. No accident
I'm sure. This is a series I will
definitely be getting.
(Patricia Barraclough 9:11pm September 6, 2010)

I appreciate intelligent. Love my history & especially love it wrapped up in a great book or series.
(Mary Preston 10:39pm September 6, 2010)

These books sound great. I want to read all of them.
(Cheryl Lynne 12:43pm September 7, 2010)

Love your books already. Can't wait to read them.
(Brenda Hill 1:40am September 7, 2010)

Never read this author. Would LOVE to win the book and discover adventure, danger, sexy men, and heroines who kick ass!! Thanks for the opportunity!
(Angela Kay 1:54am September 7, 2010)

Change is good, especially the way you've
gone about it - sounds like an awesome
(Sue Ahn 2:27am September 7, 2010)

We could all use a little magic about now.
(Marjorie Carmony 6:45am September 7, 2010)

Sexy men in tall boots? I'm in! Thanks.
(DeeAnn Szymanski 7:55am September 7, 2010)

Like the equality! My mother and grandmothers were strong in their own way and that made them equals in their relationships. My husband is making the morning coffee whiile I fix his computer :>)
(Karin Tillotson 8:32am September 7, 2010)

Looking forward to reading your books.
(Pam Howell 8:36am September 7, 2010)

sound great thanks :)
(April Strength 8:49am September 7, 2010)

I am looking forward to picking it up, Sounds like a fun & Fab book
(Vickie Hightower 10:02am September 7, 2010)

I am looking forward to reading your books!!
(Betty Miles 12:07pm September 7, 2010)

My type of charactors!! Good job. very enjoyable.
(Pat Freely 1:46pm September 7, 2010)

It sounds like all your characters are strong! I imagine that you won't want to put the books down until you are finished!
(Marguerite Guinn 2:21pm September 7, 2010)

Sounds intrigueing.
(Rebekah Elrod 3:05pm September 7, 2010)

So much in one book...can
hardly wait....thanks
(Carrie Conley 7:49pm September 7, 2010)

Love the cover!!! Where did you find him?
(Julie Swaney 8:30pm September 7, 2010)

This book sounds awesome. Would love to win a copy!
(Rosie Nguy 10:19pm September 7, 2010)

That cover--I love it! Indiana
Jones lives!
(Lisa Richards 9:07pm September 8, 2010)

Hi Zoe,
I am a new reader of the series and the one I read is all you said and more! You have a special gift as to paint the scenes in a way that comes vividly alive.
I would and am recommending you to anyone who will listen. I look forward to many more adventures with the Blades of the Roses. It is easy to see your love of the story, the characters and their adventures.
By the way, I saw a short interview with you and the tatoo you have of their symbol is an awesome tribute. :)
(Chris Jones 9:27pm September 10, 2010)

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