September 21st, 2019
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Katie Reus | What Makes a Man Heroic?

Deadly Obsession
Katie Reus


Barnes & Noble

August 2011
On Sale: August 15, 2011
ISBN: 1426892047
EAN: 9781426892042
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There are some authors I’m drawn to because of their smoking hot heroes. Yes, I like the heroines and secondary characters and I need a solid, entertaining plot but for some books, it’s the men that really draw me in. I don’t know what that says about me and I don’t plan on analyzing myself to figure it out either. I just know I love reading about hot, heroic, alpha men. So what makes a man heroic?

In some cases it’s very easy to identify a hero and some characters’ professions have that heroic quality built right in. A firefighter for example. Men (and women) who run into burning buildings for strangers are definitely heroic, even if they don’t see themselves that way. People like cops or military men who put on a uniform every day and deal with less than savory people on a continuous basis so the rest of the public can feel safe at night—now those are my heroes.

Aside from what I consider heroic professions, sometimes it’s the small things that make someone heroic. Even a hero who borders on being the anti-hero can have incredibly heroic moments. On the flip side, a normally heroic character can have a totally flawed (real) moment and act less than heroic. Situations often influence a person’s reactions and it’s always fascinating to see how people deal with stress.

Last month I had my first child and my husband, who is already my real life hero, really stepped up to the plate. Looking back I know I made some crazy demands in those final weeks and through it all he took everything in stride. One day I was a mess because I didn’t think the grout in my bathroom was clean enough so my husband, after working a very long night shift (he’s a cop), scrubbed that grout and the tub until everything looked new. It’s a small thing, but to me, it was incredibly heroic at the time. I think to him he was just trying to avoid me having a meltdown, but he’s considerate like that about everything. In literature I think it’s all the small actions a character does that define who they are in the big picture.

Who are some of your favorite heroes in romance? What are some of their heroic actions that make them so loveable? Or what has someone done recently for you that you consider heroic? It doesn’t matter how small. Leave a comment about today’s blog and be entered to win a digital copy of DEADLY OBSESSION.

Buy DEADLY OBSESSION at, Amazon, or Carina Press.

The chilling words of a killer: This is just the beginning…

Ten years ago, Lilly Carmichael left town without an explanation, breaking Braden Donnelly’s heart. The death of her aunt has brought Lilly home–and face to face with memories she thought were long buried. Still getting over a traumatic incident from her work as an NSA agent, Lilly initially dismisses the face at her window as a figment of stress-induced paranoia.

Now the sheriff of Hudson Bay, Braden has spent the last year hunting a sadistic murderer. But his investigation is turned upside down when new evidence indicates that Lilly is the killer’s next target. Determined to protect the woman he’s never stopped loving, Braden must race against the clock to trap a dangerous psychopath—before it’s too late…

A little about me: I’ve been reading romance from a young age (since I discovered my mom’s hidden stash) and the addiction stayed with me into adulthood. I write dark paranormal romance and sexy, fast-paced romantic suspense. Currently I write for Carina Press, Harlequin Nocturne (Destined Mate, October 2011), and in early 2012 the first book in my paranormal series will release from NAL/Signet Eclipse (Alpha Instinct: A Moon Shifter Novel). To learn more about me please visit my website, my blog, facebook or find me on twitter @katiereus.




37 comments posted.

Re: Katie Reus | What Makes a Man Heroic?

liked the blurb - thanks for the contest - like alphas myself.
(Beth Elder 10:07am August 16, 2011)

The book sounds great! Personally I like the hero's in Shelly
Laurenston's book, they are amazing. Good-looking,
tempermental but loving and so funny they make you cry
laughing. I like Alpha men too but I also like it when the
women put them into place :)
(Bex Challoner 11:07am August 16, 2011)

I always like the small things a hero does like when St. Vincent makes sure Evie's feet are warm in Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas.
(Maureen Emmons 11:37am August 16, 2011)

book sounds awesome! I'd have to say a good hero would be one who can take charge w/out taking over and let's the heroine be strong too.

Thanks for the giveaway!
(Erin Fender 11:54am August 16, 2011)

Everyday heroes are the ones who take the time to really care when they run into you. And those who share a little piece of themselves especially the mistakes and how they got past or through them. It is the little things that count.
(Alyson Widen 12:17pm August 16, 2011)

I like the "quiet" heroes that protect their ladies without the ladies ever knowing it---until the end of the book, of course.
(Sue Farrell 12:18pm August 16, 2011)

Nothing wrong with admiring a hero!
(Marjorie Carmony 12:25pm August 16, 2011)

CONGRATS on the new baby and the book!!

I love all the heroines who can tame an alpha male with a tortured soul without changing who he is....examples will Jane in Lover Unbound, and Bella in Lover Awakened (JR Ward BDB) or Sophie in Unlawful Contact, Natalie in Breaking Point or Tessa in Hard Evidence (Pamela Clare's I-Team) those are a few of my favs....not to weak put not too overpowering...male dominant heroes only!!!
(Chele Blades 12:36pm August 16, 2011)

Can't wait to read this book! I enjoy a strong man who shows a soft side around his woman and is thoughtful and respectful.
(Christine Arcidiacono 12:37pm August 16, 2011)

(Silvana Moscato 12:48pm August 16, 2011)

I think a man just taking care of his family and being a wonderful father makes a man heroic.
Sounds like a great book. Thanks for the chance to win!
(Vicki Hancock 12:54pm August 16, 2011)

I love all the heroes whether they do something small or something extreme... just being there for someone when they need it...
(Colleen Conklin 12:58pm August 16, 2011)

Taking care of all those close to him. Just being there is enough. Book does sound great!
(Barbs Ferris 1:12pm August 16, 2011)

I think the people who came forward after the Indianapolis State Fair stage collapse to help the injured and to raise the stage off of them were heroes. Who knows if another gust could have happened and gotten them hurt too.
(Anne Muller 1:56pm August 16, 2011)

The books ounds like a good read.
(Sandy Giden 3:17pm August 16, 2011)

Hi Katie,

My hubby is a firefighter, and my son is a deputy sheriff, so I tend to have pretty high standards when it comes to heroes. A couple of my recent fav heroes are in Thea Harrison's, Elder Series, Tiago and Drago.
(Cathy MacDonald 3:25pm August 16, 2011)

Congrats on the new release, Katie. I love tortured heroes and one of my favorites is Zach from Pamela Clare's "Breaking Point."
(Jane Cheung 3:27pm August 16, 2011)

Congratulations on the birth of your first child and double congratulations on having a supportive husband. That's the best kind of hero.
(Anna Speed 3:33pm August 16, 2011)

I love that heroes come in all shape and sizes and the more books I read the more heroes I fall for. There is no one perfect hero for me, my favourite usually happens to be from the book I'm currently reading. I do favour the dark, tormented ones who have a lot to overcome but become better men because of their circumstances.

Congratulations on the release of Deadly Obsession and the birth of your first child. I think it's wonderful that your husband is your real life hero. It can't get better than that.
(Na S 3:35pm August 16, 2011)

Congrad's on your first chile, a true blessing!!!!!!

I will always love the strong, well built, good looking hero who saves and loves a woman!! Call me old fashioned, but love the hunks, the strength, the muscles, and the great sex!!!!!!!!! Hero's are my fav's.........
(Joanne Bozik 3:48pm August 16, 2011)

Book sounds great, I love our everyday heroes. Thanks for
giving me a chance to win your book.
(Linda Hall 3:49pm August 16, 2011)

book sounds wonderful,good luck.
(Deb Pelletier 4:06pm August 16, 2011)

I've read and enjoyed your books Katie.
Congratulations on your new release!
(Diane Sadler 4:34pm August 16, 2011)

Your book sounds enthralling. I love me some HOT Alpha Males. In Kate Douglas's "Wolf Tales" series, her males are all alpha, they are some of the hottest, heroic, and mind melting men put to paper. And I have read ALOT of books. I have to say from your little synopsis, I am looking forward for your books to enchant me in the same fashion. Happy reading everyone!!!
(Elizabeth Rodriguez 4:58pm August 16, 2011)

Congrats and thanks for the great post and giveaway. I think one of the sweetest things I ever read was in Another Chance to Dream when Rhys rescues Gwen from the pig pen when they are young. She automatically knows he is her knight in shining armor because even as a young man he is a hero.
(Patti Paonessa 4:58pm August 16, 2011)

one of my favorite heros is Quinn from Iris Johanson Eve Duncan series. He is Eve's rock and her knight in shining armour and her best friend all rolled into one. they have a great interaction between the 2 characters.
(Tammy Ramey 5:23pm August 16, 2011)

When some one wins a contest, do you contact them directly with a congrats email or do you put the winner's name in your monthly newsletter? Thanks for this blog contest.
(Diane McMahon 5:32pm August 16, 2011)

What Makes a Man Heroic? A man willing to express a kind, helping hand in time of need to another person, not worrying about themselves or even the risk (in some cases if it means putting their life on the line to help or to rescue another. That is an unselfish man--one who cares and expresses himself in a caring way. Everyday heroes--whether real or fiction in a book--everyone loves to read about one!!!
(Linda Luinstra 7:39pm August 16, 2011)

These are some really great answers! Thank you to everyone who has stopped by so far :) (Diane McMahon, I believe someone from Fresh Fiction contacts the winner directly. They did last time I blogged here so I'm guessing it's the same this time)
(Katie Reus 7:40pm August 16, 2011)

Thank you for the blurb. I like a well devoloped character he dosen't have to be an Alpha for him to interest me.
(Cindy Olp 8:57pm August 16, 2011)

For the past month, I have gone through a very trying time in my life, which has been in part from an incident that occured to me, which in turn affected my health, which already was in a fragile state. My health problems seem to get worse when I'm subjected to stress, and the pain quotient, along with other things seem to increase. Anyway, my Husband felt badly about what happened, knowing how helpless I was, and has done all he can to get me through this, from cooking meals when I wasn't up to it, to making things upbeat when I sat there in tears. I'm doing much better now, but couldn't have made it through without him in my corner. When you have 3 illnesses, and go through an ordeal like I did on top of it, it's good to know you have someone to help hold you up.
(Peggy Roberson 9:54pm August 16, 2011)

I like Westley from Princess Bride. He just seems really loving and caring to me. :)

I also like most of Julia Quinn's heros. They are just so funny. :)
(May Pau 10:18pm August 16, 2011)

Can't wait to read this book!!!
(Sharon McIntyre 10:52pm August 16, 2011)

I think my new hero is your husband. You are very blessed to have a man that cleans bathrooms regardless of his reasoning behind it. Enjoy and appreciate him!
Good luck and happy writing!
(Tracie Travis 11:16pm August 16, 2011)

I've honestly never read any of your books, I just discovered
you through this site. But the book you are giving away seems
very interesting to me. I would love to be able to read it and
later review it (:
(Florencia Real 11:33pm August 16, 2011)

Heroic moments are the best, making sure you have your sweater if there is a chill, bringing you chocoloate when you've had a bad day, comforting you when someone hurts your feelings, agreeing with your opinion, just to make you feel better, those kind of things melt me every time.
(Lisa Kendall 11:39pm August 16, 2011)

I always liked Dick Francis' heroes, unassuming on the surface but deadly in a match with the villein.
(Shirley Nienkark 11:11am August 17, 2011)

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