September 25th, 2022
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Only 99˘

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A by-the-book lawman tangles with a stubborn young woman

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A wedding party is missing! It's up to Alaskan State Trooper & K-9 partner!

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A bad-boy on his best day and a predatory wolf on his worst

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He thought he had the perfect plan…

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The lies unravel…

Anne Muller

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Different book list for the summer? Not me.
September 1, 2011

28 comments posted.

Re: Secret Mountain Hideout (3:57pm January 27, 2020):

It's a combination of everything, but the characters have to
be relatable.

Re: Wrong Side of the Paw (1:53pm August 31, 2017):

People or dogs in the back while it was moving. (Don't
enter my name in the contest, I've already read the book.)

Re: Elliott Redeemed (1:48pm August 31, 2017):

Olive Cunning's Sinner on Tour series was the first rock
star series I read and still my favorite. The Beatles are
my favorite rock group.

Re: A Skeleton in the Family (3:08pm December 17, 2015):

I love listening to audio books in the car because
there's no commercials and at work since I primarily work
by myself.

My sister and I are big Sid and family fans. I just
passed my paperback of The Skeleton Haunts a House on to
my sister. I loved the haunted house setting which plays
in so well with having Sid as a character.

Re: Day Shift (7:23am May 27, 2015):

I was not a fan of Midnight Crossroads (Crossing?) by
Harris, but I recently read Day Shift and liked it much

I'm not a sun or hot weather worshipper so I vacation in
Spring or Fall, so I just plan to work and let them pay
for the a/c. My apt. complex has a small pool so I will
probably visit a few times. Then I'll read the many
books on my TBR pile. It's a mixture of UF, mysteries
and romance of all types. I have the first 4 books of
Elle Kennedy's Midnight series at the top.

Re: Dominic: The Prince (12:36pm February 19, 2015):

I'm not looking for one, but I wouldn't boot him out if he
came. I would hope he's not perfect because I'm not.

Re: Geared For The Grave (10:55am December 3, 2014):

I haven't been on a bike for years even though I have one.
When it warms up again, I should try to bike again. I'm
only 1 1/2 miles from the library, so round trip it
wouldn't take long on a bike.

Re: Saving Gracie (11:28am August 23, 2014):

I'm doing less housework and shopping on the weekends, maximizing my relaxation time by reading a bit more and watching DVDs from the library.

Re: Unfixable (12:08pm April 18, 2014):

I definitely like my brooding heroes, but there seems to be a
trend in New Adult books with them being really damaged. Not
my cup of tea. I like some life experience, but not sad,
weepy bits in my books.

Re: On the Surface (3:16pm April 9, 2014):

I've worked with athletes and their speech is this salty. Do
you have personal experience with them?

Re: Turned (10:06am March 27, 2014):

Love the name of the agency. It's sounds pretty and fancy
unless you know what belladonna and Belladonna are.

Re: Bite Me (10:02am March 27, 2014):

I've read a lot of far out stuff and I guess I just accepted
it and have never wondered how or why did he/she come up with

Re: The Rancher's Second Chance (4:29pm March 12, 2014):

I love that they're hard working, the stubborn part would not
be on my top ten though.

Re: Eyes Closed Tight (3:21pm March 10, 2014):

Thanks for the intro to a new to me author.

Re: Free Falling (3:19pm March 10, 2014):

This is a new to me series. The opposites, thief and
mercenary, heroes sound intriguing.

Re: Angora Alibi (3:47pm May 12, 2013):

I hate having my picture taken, but a good photographer
helps. One came into the place I worked and gave us a free
picture (hoping we'd buy the special frame since it was
mounted like canvas or a complete package). I did buy the
frame for $15.00. My sister's boyfriend asked about her
sister asking who she was, he didn't even recognize me. Was
that a good or bad thing?!?

I just recently read about you, probably on Cozy Mysteries
Blog and now have your first book on my TBR pile.

Re: Lush (9:50am April 3, 2013):

Tart since it's the only one I've read so far, but I'm looking forward to the other two.

Re: The Blue-Ribbon Jalape?o Society Jubilee (12:26pm March 8, 2013):

I love a story which has down home charm and humor.

Re: Soul Deep (3:32pm February 4, 2013):

When I first started reading I was "Who says a best friend can't be alpha?" then I read on. I do love the best friend or best friend of a sibling romances.

Re: Murder for the Halibut (1:50pm January 28, 2013):

Congrats on the new release! I love cozies especially ones with punny titles.

Re: Hearse And Buggy (9:05am August 17, 2012):

My mother was a huge fan of the Little House books, and was disappointed I didn't get into them. Read a couple though, never watched the show.

I have read a couple of mystery series which have an Amish backdrop and have enjoyed them, not sure about the accuracy of the portrayal though.

Re: Hell On Wheels (9:50am August 10, 2012):

Congrats on the new series. I love when several books in a series are released one after the other so you don't have to wait a year between reads.

Re: Texas Baby Sanctuary (8:04am March 28, 2012):

The setting of any book to me is secondary to the characters and plot. I've enjoyed many books set in Texas, but there was one Harlequin or Silhouette author who always used all capital letters and used the word TEXAS all the time and extolled it's virtues to a ridiculous level and it was quite obnoxious and we (my sister and I) stopped reading her books.

I've visited Texas several times and enjoyed it.

Re: Vicki's Key (8:00am March 28, 2012):

Lucky 13, congrats on the release!

A Celtic accent just sounds so bright and as Bella says, lyrical. Actually, I like pretty much any accent, less so Slavic and German, but when used by the right person, even they sound good.

Re: The Chase (7:57am March 28, 2012):

Even though it's over, Lost is still one of my favorites. I came in during the second season after listening to friends tell me I should watch it (thanks ABC for having the first season online so I could get caught up). Besides some nice man candy, it had an unusual story format and covered all the emotions from joy/humor to sadness (OMG one of the saddest moments ever in the last season).

I'm also with Bella on DWTS. I hope Shari Shepherd makes it to the final three because she's so passionate about it, but there's no way she'll win.

Re: Deadly Obsession (1:56pm August 16, 2011):

I think the people who came forward after the Indianapolis State Fair stage collapse to help the injured and to raise the stage off of them were heroes. Who knows if another gust could have happened and gotten them hurt too.

Re: Undead And Undermined (10:00am July 22, 2011):

Thanks for the smiles and chuckle your post gave me this a.m. to start off my day. Nice to read someone else who has the opinion that old vamps, despite looking like teenagers, dating teenagers is gross.

I read the series because everyone else was, but I found it a slog. I'm Team Who Cares.

Re: Demons Prefer Blondes (11:24am June 20, 2011):

I would say a vast amount of the romance I read is unrealistic in terms of how perfect the main characters are, how fast they fall in love, etc. That's fine with me, it's an escape for me.

I love it when an author is being "progressive" and the heroine is a size 12. OMG!!! The horrors of it all, she's so lucky the hero over looks it. Well, the average women is larger than a 12. Bah! What a cop out.

I have read two books within the last year where a main character is blinded and physically deformed in an accident/crime. They both stayed blind (no miraculous recovery or surgeon lover who saves the day) and the books dealt with difficulties of them mentally and physically recovering and how hard it also was on their lovers/care givers. As I mentioned, I do read for escapism, but these weren't too heavy and did start with the characters being whole and ended on an upswing too.

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