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Kaylea Cross | Looking for a Hero ... Special OPs Heroes and more...

Cover of Darkness
Kaylea Cross



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February 2010
On Sale: February 1, 2010
Featuring: Bryn McAllisteer; Declan McCabe
384 pages
ISBN: 1601546033
EAN: 9781601546036
Kindle: B003A02OQ0
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Tactical Strike, March 2013


Thanks to everyone at Fresh Fiction for having me here today! I'm Kaylea Cross, and I write romantic suspense featuring deliciously alpha male military heroes. Why? Because they're hot, and because I admire the hell out of people serving in the military.

Specifically, I write mostly about Special Ops heroes. For me, there's just something about a covert warrior that makes me all gooey inside. Obviously they're dedicated and brave, disciplined and smart. They don't give in easily, and they're pretty much guaranteed never to give up on anything they've dedicated themselves to. When they apply that kind of skill set and tenacity to pursuing a woman in a romantic relationship...whoa. Makes my toes curl every time. Well that, and knowing that no matter what crisis occurs, they can and will handle it. It's that very "I got this" attitude that makes them such amazing characters to write about.

I read Special Ops non-fiction books all the time, and I'm an admitted war and military documentary junkie. If it involves SEALs, Special Forces (not the same thing as Special Ops, by the way--people get them confused all the time), Delta Force, Air Force Combat Controllers and Pararescue Jumpers, I'm so there. I know it's weird, but I can't help myself.

Today I'm going to introduce you to Dec McCabe, the Navy SEAL lieutenant from the second book in my award winning series, COVER OF DARKNESS. He's rock solid, especially under pressure, and he takes his job extremely seriously. Earning the coveted Trident and the right to wear it every day means everything to him, but this story--and the heroine--tests him to his limit.

Blurb: Targeted by a terrorist cell, Bryn McAllister survives a bombing at the U.S. Embassy in Beirut only to be left to die in a desert cellar. When she is rescued by Navy SEAL Lieutenant Declan McCabe and his team, Bryn must rely on the handsome officer to get her to safety. But just when she thinks the nightmare is over, family friend and legendary CIA operative Luke Hutchinson recruits her and McCabe to help track down the terrorist mastermind responsible for the attack.

With Bryn determined to see the terrorist brought to justice, Dec joins up to protect her, prepared to do whatever it takes to keep her safe during their dangerous mission. Battling the explosive attraction between them, Dec fights to keep his distance from her so he can do his job and keep her alive. But when plans falls apart and Bryn is captured, he must make the agonizing choice between his duty as a SEAL and the life of the woman he loves.

Interestingly, since the night Osama Bin Laden was killed by the SEALs of DevGru (that's Naval Special Warfare Development Group by the way, not SEAL Team 6 as they once were known), there's been a huge uptick in reader consumption of SEAL romance books. I'm thrilled about that. In COVER OF DARKNESS, I try to show you what it takes to become a SEAL, and what they're capable of in the field once they do. It's important to me to put in details that make the story interesting for the reader, and I hope you'll learn something new about SEALs and the War on Terror from the book.

I'd love to give away a digital copy of COVER OF DARKNESS today to two commenters, so please leave me a message about your favorite military romance heroes and authors to enter. I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours!

Happy reading!

Kaylea Cross




WOOT!!!! Great News! COVER OF DARKNESS is a finalist in the Daphne Du Maurier contest!




85 comments posted.

Re: Kaylea Cross | Looking for a Hero ... Special OPs Heroes and more...

I'm partial to military men! Cast them in a romance and I'm sold. Looking forward to reading more.
Good luck and happy writing!
(Tracie Travis 1:14am June 5, 2011)

Authors - Gennita Low and Victoria Janssen. Yours sounds great!
(Robin Daily 2:23am June 5, 2011)

Hi, Tracie, thanks for stopping by!

Robin, I love Gennita Low as well. Facing Fear is one of my faves.
(Kaylea Cross 5:04am June 5, 2011)

I love strong military stories, especially the black ops and seals. I do have to make myself very clear when I talk about a book as the other day I mention seals with guns and my daughter who only caught the last of the sentence, thought I meant the animals! She fell about laughing at the idea of seals with guns attacking baddies - she felt that the baddies would not see them coming!
(Barbara Hanson 6:29am June 5, 2011)

Merline Lovelace has some wonderful heroes.
(Marjorie Carmony 7:02am June 5, 2011)

I enjoy Christine Feehan and Lora Leigh's Special Ops stories.
(TinaMarie R 7:20am June 5, 2011)

i like Lori Foster new books "Trace of Fever" and "When You Dare", they are both excellent books. there are also alot of others i like that have heros that are exmilitary.
(Tammy Ramey 7:37am June 5, 2011)

Any author who makes their hero/heroine a military person is a winner to me...love and appreciate our heros and those who honor them!!!
(Dawn Staniszeski 9:51am June 5, 2011)

My life has been extremely busy, and I'm so out of the loop when it comes to books. My Husband and I are caretakers where we live, and I do volunteer work one day a week. That leaves me little time to read at the moment. Since it's not the normal genre I've had a chance to read yet, but would like to, the only book I have read that would be close is Donald Rumsfeld's memoir. Your book does sound like something I could read in a couple of days, because I won't be able to put it down. Congratulations on the award you received!! I'm sure it is well-deserved!!
(Peggy Roberson 10:11am June 5, 2011)

I haven't read any military hero books, but they sound interesting.
(Pam Howell 10:13am June 5, 2011)

This sounds interesting and very good. Would love to read it!
(Leanna Morris 10:17am June 5, 2011)

The last military book I read was about Robert E. Lee so this has been a long time ago. Your books sound great. Putting it on my TBR list.
(Lisa Diel 10:18am June 5, 2011)

Since one of my favorite reading genres is historical/Regency fiction, several of the military authors I like are those who write about the Napoleonic wars--Beverly, Putney, Heyer, etc.
(Carol Gowett 10:19am June 5, 2011)

I absolutely love the military heroes....Lori Foster and Lora Leigh are some of my favorites. Can't wait to read yours!
(Deborah Rudd 10:43am June 5, 2011)

I haven't read too many books with military heroes lately---but I did read a Lora Leigh book that was very exciting.
(Sue Farrell 11:07am June 5, 2011)

I've read two books in Mary Margaret Daughtridge's SEALed series and loved them. I would love to read your series too, it sounds great! Good luck in your future endeavors!
(Renee Pajda 11:15am June 5, 2011)

terroist, cia, seal and romance - what more could you want?
(Steve Burns 11:25am June 5, 2011)

Being that I am a military spouse going in 12 1/2 yrs now some might think I've got all the military/alpha I could take just in day to day life but truth be told I LOVE reading about our United States Armed Forces MEN! It's a pride thing I believe as much as the elements of danger and unknown and intrigue that draws me in. That being said I would recommend and place at the top of my fave list author Suzanne Brockmann, she writes awesome military related books!! Usually Navy Seals but not all and trust me there all good and worth reading.
I'll admit I'm not familiar with your work Kaylea but from the intro and short blurb above I'd be more than willing to change that cuz it sounds like good stuff ;)
(Cindi Mitchell 11:32am June 5, 2011)

I've read several books about SEALS and other military heroes.They are very interesting.
(Wilma Frana 11:37am June 5, 2011)

I don't think the average American knows a fraction of all of the heroic action
that our Special Ops members achieve. When we think of how the Navy Seals
recently tracked down and took out Osama, we can really appreciate the
dangerous things they undertake to keep America free. Bless you all.
Connie Fischer
[email protected]
(Connie Fischer 11:49am June 5, 2011)

I admit to a fascination with SEAL heroes and it isn't new to me. There is a lot of focus on them with the recent event.
(G. Bisbjerg 12:17pm June 5, 2011)

(Silvana Moscato 12:18pm June 5, 2011)

Suzanne Brockmann is one of the Queens of SEALs romantic suspense. I've read all of her books and this blog makes me want to find and read yours.
(Maude Allen 12:27pm June 5, 2011)

Hi Kaylea! Your book sounds wonderful. I have read quite a few books about sexy, hot, and determined heroes, and have loved them all. Our Miltary forces rock!
(Cathy Phillips 12:33pm June 5, 2011)

Barbara, lol :) I have two little guys, and they just think I'm weird for being interested in war all the time. But one day they'll realize I'm really cool!
(Kaylea Cross 12:34pm June 5, 2011)

Marjorie, I have read a few of Ms. Lovelace's books, and really enjoyed them. I think she was one of the first authors I ever read that wrote about Air Force Special Ops, something a lot of people know nothing about. My next series focuses on them, so I'm hoping to educate!
(Kaylea Cross 12:35pm June 5, 2011)

Tina Marie, I love the emotion and heat level of Lora Leigh's books. And with Ms. Feehan's stories, I think my favorite was a paranormal romance about a Special Ops group with special powers. I can't remember the title off the top of my head, but it had this gorgeous pale blue cover with the hero's stunning light eyes on it. The heroine's name was Dahlia. What was that called?
(Kaylea Cross 12:37pm June 5, 2011)

Tammy, I haven't read those yet. I've got Maya Banks's KGI series on deck and can't wait to dig in.
(Kaylea Cross 12:38pm June 5, 2011)

Hi, Dawn. Yes, that POW plot gets me every time too. That's the storyline of the 3rd book in my upcoming series, so I'm excited to get to it.
(Kaylea Cross 12:39pm June 5, 2011)

Hi, Peggy. Donald Rumsfeld is a very serious character. I'll bet there's a lot of interesting info in that book.
(Kaylea Cross 12:40pm June 5, 2011)

Pam, military heroes are soooo sexy! For starters, you might want to try Linda Howard's All the Queen's Men, one of my all time faves. Great book.
(Kaylea Cross 12:41pm June 5, 2011)

Hi, Leanna, thanks. I hope you enjoy it.
(Kaylea Cross 12:42pm June 5, 2011)

Lisa, you had me at Robert E. Lee. I'm a Civil War superfreak, so I'll bet I've read that same book :) (it's a sickness, really)
(Kaylea Cross 12:42pm June 5, 2011)

Hi, Carol. I don't think I've read any historical military romances recently, but I have read a few of Bernard Cornwell's books. Very good.
(Kaylea Cross 12:43pm June 5, 2011)

Thanks, Deborah. I'm a sucker for a man in uniform :)
(Kaylea Cross 12:44pm June 5, 2011)

Hi Sue and Renee. I've seen some great reviews for SEALed With a Kiss. Guess I should add that to my reading list!
(Kaylea Cross 12:45pm June 5, 2011)

Steve--exactly! Haha :)
(Kaylea Cross 12:45pm June 5, 2011)

I just finished reading Sealed Forever by Mary Margret Daughtridge and enjoyed it so much, I want to locate the others in the series. I think I would enjoy reading about the Seal hero in your book, also .
(Anna Speed 12:46pm June 5, 2011)

Hi, Cindi. You're an expert, then! And my thanks to you and your hubby for the sacrifices you've no doubt made along the way. Not an easy life for families.
(Kaylea Cross 12:46pm June 5, 2011)

Hi Wilma, Hi Connie. Yes, I bet we only know a fraction about them too. And no doubt they prefer it that way, since it makes them more effective as warriors.
(Kaylea Cross 12:47pm June 5, 2011)

Hi, G and Silvana. Me too!!!
(Kaylea Cross 12:48pm June 5, 2011)

Hi, Maude. Yes, I loved Sam and Alyssa's book! Yummm....

Hi, Cathy. Military heroes just make for great characters. And the uniforms don't hurt either :)
(Kaylea Cross 12:50pm June 5, 2011)

Thank you for your post, Kaylea. I haven't read any romances with military heroes lately, but yours sounds like a great read. I'm always in the market for a brisk, lively action romance. And the evocative cover of your new novel really catches the eye.

Like you, I dig war docs, especially those broadcast on the History Channel and PBS. They really make history at its most crucial moments come alive.

BTW, you mention that Special Forces and Special Ops aren't the same. Since there's so much confusion on this score, especially with elite forces making headlines these days, can you please clarify the difference?

Good luck with the release of COVER OF DARKNESS. Keep up the good work!
(Mary Anne Landers 1:07pm June 5, 2011)

I have enjoyed books by Suzanne Brockmann, Stephanie Tyler,& more... Always looking for more to read! Thanks for sharing and congrats on your book being a finalist!
(Colleen Conklin 1:11pm June 5, 2011)

I love books with military heroes, probably because I grew up
the daughter of one and married another :D Look forward to
reading your take on them :D
(Ilona Fenton 1:25pm June 5, 2011)

Mary Anne, I'd be happy to! (I'm so excited that someone cares :) My family's eyes just glaze over if I start talking about this stuff.)

Special Ops: SEALs, Delta Force, Air Force Special Ops group

Special Forces: the Army's Green Berets, and sometimes the Rangers are included in this group as well.

What gets really confusing is when they're all lumped together under the umbrella of USSOCOM (US Special Ops Command). But both Special Forces and Special Ops groups are quick to point out their unique classifications. Their skill sets and abilities overlap quite a bit, but the Green Berets are well known for their counter insurgency work and in training indigenous forces. The Rangers are an elite para-trained infantry unit, generally using much larger units in battle than the Special Ops group, who work in small teams/platoons/squads.

That's as simple as I can make it off the top of my head. Clear as mud?
(Kaylea Cross 1:36pm June 5, 2011)

Hi, Colleen. Yes, Ms. Brockmann is quite the inspiration! Always pumping out quality books with memorable characters.

Ilona, you lucky thing! I married an accountant, so my taxes are always filed on time :)
(Kaylea Cross 1:39pm June 5, 2011)

I love reading military stories. I spent most of my time in high school gathering war stories from WWII to the Vietnam War. It started as a school assignment but now if I know anyone as a veteran, I get into my interview mode to find out information of what really happens over there.
(Kai Wong 2:09pm June 5, 2011)

Good for you, Kai! Primary resources and veterans provide us with such amazing information if we're just willing to take the time to learn.
(Kaylea Cross 2:22pm June 5, 2011)

I love to read about military close calls and the romance sounds great.
(Mary Shaw 2:34pm June 5, 2011)

Hi, Mary. I do tend to get my characters into a lot of close scrapes. I think it really shows what they're made of.
(Kaylea Cross 2:43pm June 5, 2011)

ooh, love that cover.
(Mary Shaw 2:51pm June 5, 2011)

Hi Kaylea,
Congrats on being a finalist in the Daphne Du Maurier contest. I really enjoyed Marliss Melton's SEAL books.
(Jane Cheung 3:00pm June 5, 2011)

One of my favorite Military Characters is Susan Mallery's Walker from Irresistible. What he went through in the armed forces and how he came home to tell a friend's family was just amazing.
Your book sounds great! I love suspense book especially when the military is involved.
(Sherie Lagarde 3:13pm June 5, 2011)

Hi, Jane. Thanks! I've read and enjoyed some of Ms. Melton's books too. Have you read any JoAnn Ross books? She writes about Special Ops too.
(Kaylea Cross 3:13pm June 5, 2011)

i can't wait to read!!sounds great!!!
(Jennifer Beck 4:10pm June 5, 2011)

I love a good military romance!! :) AAAHHH a man in uniform!
(Shannon Johnson 4:15pm June 5, 2011)

I've been reading Suzanne Brockmann for years and she writes stories about Navy SEALS. I'd love to read your books.
(Molly Wilsbacher 4:33pm June 5, 2011)

COVER OF DARKNESS looks amazing. Not just the cover, but the premise is most promising.
(Mary Preston 6:09pm June 5, 2011)

Ejoyed your blog,don't really have a favorite military author or hero. Booksounds like a great read.
(Sheila True 6:32pm June 5, 2011)

I look forward to reading COVER OF DARKNESS. A good military romance is something to look forward to.
(Mildred Mayo 6:35pm June 5, 2011)

Military heros are so sexy,I love reading books about them.Thanks for giving me a chance to win it.
(Linda Hall 6:57pm June 5, 2011)

I love the novels with military men. sounds like a good read
(Barbara Studer 7:07pm June 5, 2011)

Hmm.... don't have a favorite military romance. Love a man in uniform though. :) Congrats on your book!
(May Pau 7:35pm June 5, 2011)

Lisa Marie Rice has some nice Navy Seals books!
(Diane Sadler 8:03pm June 5, 2011)

the book sound great and the cover is super
(Desiree Reilly 8:15pm June 5, 2011)

Hi, Sherie. I've never heard of that author. Oooh, fresh meat!
(Kaylea Cross 8:26pm June 5, 2011)

Hi, Jennifer and Shannon. Thanks!
(Kaylea Cross 8:27pm June 5, 2011)

Hi, Molly. Yes, Suzanne is kind of the gold standard for military romance. Really nice lady, too.
(Kaylea Cross 8:28pm June 5, 2011)

Hi, Mary and Sheila. Thanks! Hope you enjoy it.
(Kaylea Cross 8:29pm June 5, 2011)

Hi, Mildred and Barbara. Good luck in the draw for Cover of Darkness!
(Kaylea Cross 8:30pm June 5, 2011)

Hi, Barbara and May. Aside from Linda Howard's All the Queen's Men, I really loved Gennita Low's books too.
(Kaylea Cross 8:31pm June 5, 2011)

Diane, I kept waiting for someone to mention LMR! Her writing is fantastic. Her heroes are so alpha and sexy. And her books are HOT. Love them. My favorite so far is the Midnight Series, but she's an auto buy for me.
(Kaylea Cross 8:32pm June 5, 2011)

Hi, Desiree, thanks. I love the colors in it, and the Black Hawk on the bottom of it. But then, I'm a geek :)
(Kaylea Cross 8:33pm June 5, 2011)

I love military stories. Thanks for the giveaway.
(Jennifer Beyer 10:27pm June 5, 2011)

How about Suzanne Brockman?
(Lisa Kendall 10:41pm June 5, 2011)

Hi, Jennifer, and you're welcome! Good luck.

Hey, Lisa. Yup, she's one of my faves. Have you read any of Lisa Marie Rice's books? She's great, if you like really hot, detailed love scenes. (And I do!)
(Kaylea Cross 11:23pm June 5, 2011)

I'd love to read this book. I'm already a big Suzanne Brockmann fan. Anything along that line sounds great.

Congratulations on your nomination for the Daphne Du Maurier contest. I've always liked her books.
(Sigrun Schulz 3:13am June 6, 2011)

Hi, Sigrun, and thanks! I wish I was going to the RWA National conference now. Would have been cool to sit with Brenda Novak :)
(Kaylea Cross 5:48am June 6, 2011)

I love Military stories...I loved Lora Leigh's Nauti series..and I am reading Lori Foster's guys now..I love Sandra Hill's military stories too...my favorite is the one I am reading at the time..Thank you!!!
(Leisa Prater 10:13am June 6, 2011)

Hey, Leisa. Lora Leigh's Nauti series is HOT! Lori Foster just hosted a reader/author get together on the weekend, and by all accounts she's a really wonderful lady. I love hearing that about popular authors :)
(Kaylea Cross 11:40am June 6, 2011)

Suzanne Brockmann has two series about SEALs - and I love every one!!
(Kelli Jo Calvert 12:29pm June 6, 2011)

Kelli Jo, isn't it amazing how many books she churns out? Darn near as fast as Nora Roberts! One of my favorite things about her writing are the multiple story lines she puts into each book.
(Kaylea Cross 12:34pm June 6, 2011)

An yone in a military uniform gets my attention. I love reading about the secret elite who take care of missions and watch each others backs.
(Alyson Widen 3:01pm June 7, 2011)

Alyson, me too. I love the incredible teamwork, discipline and commitment it takes for these men to make it into these elite units.
(Kaylea Cross 3:21pm June 7, 2011)

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