July 19th, 2018
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Nalini Singh | The Continuing Cast


One of the best things about writing a long-running series is that, as the writer, I get to know my characters very, very well.

I know exactly what Drew Kincaid, charmer extraordinaire, for example, will do to make up with his mate after a fight. Forget about flowers or chocolates. No, this is Drew. Strong, intelligent, witty...and just a little bit devious. Hence the gift Indigo receives from him in TANGLE OF NEED, and one that I think will melt even the hardest heart. I'd tell you what it was, but I'm taking my cue from Drew and being just a little bit devious and whetting your appetite for that scene - it'll sneak up on you when you least expect it.

I also know the personalities of each of the lieutenants. I know for example that Tomás likes to dice with his life by jerking the chain of the other lieutenants—and that he'd lay down that life and bleed for them without a thought. Just because he's a smartass doesn't mean he's not also fiercely loyal.

In many cases, characters reappear across a number of books. I think this does a great deal to create the sense of family that is so integral to the books.

For example, Senior Soldier Elias from the SnowDancer pack, has appeared in all the books focused on SnowDancer. We know he has a mate he loves, and a daughter he dotes on, and that he's a man liked and respected by others in the pack. We even know that at some stage in his courtship of his mate, he may possibly have been found buck naked in circumstances his packmates find hilarious to this day. ;-)

In TANGLE OF NEED, we see Eli again, this time in his position as the leader of the senior soldiers. And when Eli appears, he's not a stranger. He's someone we know, a friend in the world. 

Because of this continuity of character across the series, each time I start a book, it feels like I'm stepping into the ongoing life of the world and its characters, and bringing you a snapshot of a particular aspect of it. And I can't wait to keep on taking those snapshots.

Do you love to follow characters across series books? Are there secondary or minor characters who have stolen your heart as a result of their appearance in a number of stories?




47 comments posted.

Re: Nalini Singh | The Continuing Cast

This book sounds quite interesting and love the cover. I would like to tell you about the small community library I run and I have a table for author's promo items if you care to send me some of yours I will place them for my visitors to see. I do this free. Send items to: sue Leech, 1273 Strahan rd., New Columbia, PA 17856 and I will pass the word around. I review what you write and can surly feel your books would go well with many of my visitors if they heard about them and could add to their own private libraries at home. It would means sales for you. sue garysue@dejazzd.com
(Susan Leech 8:38am May 28, 2012)

I love this series and look forward to each new book that
comes out. So excited to read this one.

Thanks for the chance
(Pam Brewer 8:45am May 28, 2012)

I await each new Nalini Singh book with anticipation. I
love each world she has created but I must admit a
partiality to the Psy/Changling series. Hawke is my book
boyfriend. Right up there with J.D. Robb's Rourke. I
prefer a series. I like watching the characters grow.
(Donna Antonio 9:00am May 28, 2012)

WOW this sounds like a great book that I'd love to read. Thanks!!
(Bonnie Capuano 9:12am May 28, 2012)

Each and every time you re-visit with a previous character, it brings a smile to my heart; this series is based on family, or pack, and each of it's members are an important piece. Keep giving us this feeling of loyalty, love, friendship and most of all togetherness.
(Diane Sadler 9:13am May 28, 2012)

Have not read this series yet can't wait.
(Mary Worley 10:12am May 28, 2012)

i havent read this series yet either the book sounds so good
would love to win
(Denise Smith 10:16am May 28, 2012)

See all the new readers you are attracting. I, too, haven't
read this series but would love to win a chance to start it.
And yes I do like characters that reappear in following books.
(Mary Hay 10:26am May 28, 2012)

Sounds like an exciting book. I'd love to read it.
(Wilma Frana 10:38am May 28, 2012)

I haven't read the series yet but it looks very interesting!
definitely something i'd be interested in.
(Rachael Whitzman 10:51am May 28, 2012)

this looks like it would be a series that I would love to read. The characters are great!
(Jean Benedict 11:14am May 28, 2012)

I love series where we have met and fallen in love with the
characters in past books. When I pick up one of Nalini's
books, I feel as if I am returning to old friends and catching
up what has been happening in their lives.
(Jaime Zalinski 11:28am May 28, 2012)

I like some series, but rarely will I stick with one unless it is really compelling.
(Pam Howell 12:09pm May 28, 2012)

I love series romance! I love to see what happens to all the characters from books I love, especially if there has been a teaser in one book about characters in another!
(Angie Lilly 12:46pm May 28, 2012)

I enjoy reading your books and will enjoy tis one also. Thnak you!
(Lisa Avila 12:52pm May 28, 2012)

I love this series, and bringing in past characters is the best part.
(Cathy MacDonald 12:56pm May 28, 2012)

I love being able to see new facets to a character throughout a series. Part
of the reason I love series so much is being able to get to know the
characters better.
(Stacie Deramo 1:36pm May 28, 2012)

I truly enjoy series and am delighted when a secondary character has their own story.
(Marjorie Carmony 1:46pm May 28, 2012)

I love continuing series when as well written as yours are.
Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey, Laurell K Hamilton and
Sherrilyn Kenyon join you on my list of authors who write
series' that I can't get enough of :D
(Ilona Fenton 2:13pm May 28, 2012)

I love series that take characters from the original book and give them their
own story. It's just hard waiting for them all to play out.
(Leanne Jacobson 2:47pm May 28, 2012)

LOVE the cover
(Chry Tipton 3:17pm May 28, 2012)

I love getting bits and pieces of characters across many stories. One of my favorite series that does that is Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters. I am now reading the Nick Chronicles spinoff. It's fun to see different points in history and character development!
(Jennifer Beyer 3:45pm May 28, 2012)

I, too, love your books so much - and love seeing the characters again in other stories - trying to pick a favorite is so tough, thou! LOL
(Felicia Ciaudelli 3:47pm May 28, 2012)

I will dedicately follow characters, I love when a secondary that has caught my heart finds their way into a new book. Be it through family, friends, a bet, the joining of such characters brings about a familiarity the I enjoy within the pages of their adventures.
(Carla Carlson 3:53pm May 28, 2012)

this sounds like a great series and i'm going to have to read them. yes,i love series and i do follow characters.thanks for the chance,jen
(Jennifer Beck 4:29pm May 28, 2012)

I love following characters through series. There is nothing more gratifying than to watch secondary characters come into their own and get their HEA.
Good luck and happy writing!
(Tracie Travis 5:06pm May 28, 2012)

I love this series and others that incorporate the same through the entire
series. I feel this way the reader watches characters grow ( or sometimes
digress :)), and improve over the weeks, months or years. In this series I
have enjoyed watching Kip grow up. Thanks for sharing your world!
(Katherine Ingram 6:41pm May 28, 2012)

This book sounds extremely sexy! Great giveaway
(Holly Sines 7:38pm May 28, 2012)

Your book sounds like a good read. I like hearing about secondary characters in other books. Feel like I know the family!!! Thanks for the draw.
(Barbara Studer 7:51pm May 28, 2012)

This is exactly what I love about series. I love stand-alone books too, but that continuity and sense of coming back "home" when a new book comes out is such an indulgence.
(Nicola O. 8:19pm May 28, 2012)

One of the major reasons I read romance (besides the HEA) is
that I do love to follow characters across series books. Yes
I always want to know what happens to the secondary or minor
characters. The do steal my heart when they appear in a
number of stories. I am tremendously curious and a series
satisfies that for me. Thanks for your wonderful stories :-)
(Lenna Hendershott 8:52pm May 28, 2012)

Book sounds great! I love it when characters appear in more than one book!
(Joanne Schultz 9:22pm May 28, 2012)

I love series books you get to know the secondary characters and start wanting some of them to get their own stories and eagerly await them. Plus you get to hear whats going on in the lives of former book characters
(Liz Cranage 9:33pm May 28, 2012)

I don't have a favorite character to follow, but I do love
that part of this series. I am now rereading "Mine to
Possess" by listening to it as an audiobook. I like to read
the ebook the first time around, because I read fast - but
books I really like, I enjoy listening to a second time
around. Slow, but very nice with a good reader.
(Elizabeth Krentz-Wee 10:55pm May 28, 2012)

I enjoy reading series and weaving my own stories around the secondary characters and then reading the next book in the series to see if I was even close. The book sounds like something I would love to read.
(Linda Skillen 11:02pm May 28, 2012)

Book sounds great. I really enjoy reading series novels.
(Sheila True 11:13pm May 28, 2012)

I love it when i read the first book in a series and it
sucks me in ... that way i usually buy the next in the
and yes sometimes i DO fall in love with the hero/heroine
and want to read more of their story or that of their
friends (even to see if theres a bit about the first hero
and his family)
But i do have saome fav genres ... not so much particular
and thats N/A (native americans) , Paranormal (vamps were's
angels and fae's_) hehe
(Rachael Kennedy 2:07am May 29, 2012)

I love following the main characters in the series. There is growth
development of the characters as in the In Death series by J. D. Robb. I
also like the secondary and third main characters as in the Francesca
Cahill series by Brenda Joyce. I also follow others series such as the
Pys/Changeling series, Iron Fey series and etc... These are memorable
characters that I grew to love and to cheer on.
(Kai Wong 3:37am May 29, 2012)

I enjoy reading J.D.Robb Eve & Roarke series. Your cover is great, can't wait to read the book.
(Pat Wilson 9:39am May 29, 2012)

Nalini, I love series books. I enjoy following the minor and major characters in their own stories.
(Cathy Phillips 11:21am May 29, 2012)

I try to read all books in a series. I feel as if I am friends or neighbors with the characters in the books.
(Pat Freely 12:07pm May 29, 2012)

A series book often whets your appetite for what comes next.
(Shirley Nienkark 12:58pm May 29, 2012)

I love to follow and re-visit characters through series books that I've enjoyed. The cover is great and eye-catching and am anxious to read it! Thanks!
(Linda Luinstra 4:01pm May 29, 2012)

I think I love series regulars back to my Babysitting Club
series days - it makes subcharacters far more interesting to
learn bits and pieces about them until they step out into the
(Tava H 1:05am May 30, 2012)

Absolutely, character based books are ideal for me and if I start midway through a series, I usually want to go back and read the early ones. Although I have been known to warn someone picking up a book, 'Don't get too attached to the main characters' because I know who is getting killed off later in the series. The only downside to a series is when the author who has done such a good job in bringing the characters to life, just starts writing to formula. Same story, different location or crisis, little or no sub-plot. At that point I sigh and get the books from the library instead of buying them.
(Clare O'Beara 11:57am June 1, 2012)

I've followed series to see what happens to the main characters next. I like the way the eyes on the cover are piercing and the swirl of artwork looks like fabric in a pattern I want to have.
(Alyson Widen 3:10pm June 2, 2012)

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(Jack Statham 2:37pm May 17)

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