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Victoria James | The Girl Next Door or The Princess of Salamria?

A Risk Worth Taking
Victoria James



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The one man she could never forget

Red River #1

March 2013
On Sale: March 11, 2013
Featuring: Holly Carrington; Quinn Manning
ISBN: 1622660722
EAN: 9781622660728
Kindle: B00BQMOHNC
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Christmas in Fortune's Cove, October 2023
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A Christmas House Wedding, October 2022
Wishing for a Cowboy, March 2021


Okay, so there's no Princess of Salamria, but bear with me...

As I'm writing this post, I'm sitting at the kitchen table (which is littered with coffee mugs, cereal bowls, newspapers, crayons, and a vase filled with dead tulips) and kids are running around me.  They are yelling "Arrrrrrr Mateeeee" as they play some crazed version of pirates that involves high-pitched screaming, and the use of empty toilet paper rolls as telescopes.  The day started at 5 AM, thanks to kids who aren't old enough to know that weekends are for sleeping in.  The play room is off-limits today because the cat decided since she wasn't getting enough attention, she should pee all over the rug in there, and I haven't had a chance to haul it out to clean. My husband is away at a conference and I'm at home with the kiddos this weekend. 

But this is all pretty typical stuff, right?  I mean, who wants to hear a mom drone on about her day with the kids?  All you parents out there have changed dirty diapers, cleaned up countless messes, and tried to either ignore or soothe toddler meltdowns.  Why would anyone want to read a book about this?  Wouldn't you rather escape to some exotic island through fiction?  And read about people so fabulously rich that they don't have to worry about the fact that they have a stack of dirty dishes in the sink or on the counter?

I'll admit, I do love to escape through fiction.  I love reading (and writing) about fabulous places, royalty, and cars (especially clean cars without child seats filled with crumbs and apple juice stains).  But I also love characters I can relate to-people I'd be friends with in real life (there aren't too many Greek billionaire's at the park or the drop-off zone at school).   I've met so many people that are truly inspiring people-everyday folks who've had to deal with extraordinary circumstances-and have ultimately triumphed.  People I think would make fabulous heroes and heroines in books.

I also think sometimes it makes us feel better to read about someone who doesn't have it ‘all together.'  I find comfort in knowing that the heroine in a book isn't perfect, and struggles with some of the same things I do.  It makes me feel less alone.  I can chuckle at the fact that her toddler has just had a meltdown or dumped blueberries all over her.  And then the hero arrives while she's looking all demented and dishevelled but he still thinks she's the most beautiful woman he's ever seen.  And that's real love isn't it?  We all want someone who will accept us for who we are, on our worst days, after our biggest mistakes, at our lowest points.  We want someone we can lean on, when our own strength is gone. We want a partner who will be there for us, no matter what happens.  Unconditional love. 

In my new release, A RISK WORTH TAKING, my heroine, Holly is struggling.  She's just become a mom through some tragic circumstances, and is trying to figure it all out.  She's a career woman who's been thrown into the role of new mom to a baby.  Her heart is broken, and she's desperately afraid of loving anyone again.  She needs a man who's worth the risk.  She needs someone who can be strong for her, and she needs to trust him enough to be her true self.  She is so used to not letting anyone see how vulnerable she is, how hurt she is.  There's only one man who's ever been qualified for loving, Holly.  Quinn was the one man she never could forget, and when she sees him for the first time in years, all those old emotions rise to the surface again.  Quinn is determined to be there for Holly, and he refuses to lose her a second time...

What about you?  Do you like reading about people you can relate to?  Or do you want pure escapism with as little resemblance to your everyday life? One commenter will win a copy of A RISK WORTH TAKING and a $10 Starbucks gift card




47 comments posted.

Re: Victoria James | The Girl Next Door or The Princess of Salamria?

What I want to read all depends on what my day has been like. Sometimes reality bites and something out of the ordinary is just the ticket. Other days I NEED to know that someone else could have a bad a day too. Most often I really want a break from the real world.
(Laura Gullickson 1:09am March 10, 2013)

My favorite books are about people that I would like to have as friends.
(Marjorie Carmony 6:05am March 10, 2013)

I usually have at least two books that I am reading at the same time. One on my Nook, one on my Kindle or computer and then there are my print versions. They are all different genres and I read the ones that make me feel good that day. I like reading about people that I can relate to but sometimes I just need a little escape.
(Kathleen Yohanna 7:20am March 10, 2013)

I like both. I read contemps but enjoy different story lines.
(Pat Lieberman 8:44am March 10, 2013)

But-- but-- what'sore glamourous than crumbs and apple juice stains?
(Mary Ann Dimand 9:17am March 10, 2013)

WOW this is a book I definately want to read. Quinn and Holly sound like a great couple..
(Bonnie Capuano 9:38am March 10, 2013)

I like reading about both because I like it when an author can put a funny twist on dealing with kids and housework. But I also like to hear about a character going off on an adventure I'll never experience.
(Renee Pajda 10:12am March 10, 2013)

Reading about individuals with whom I can relate is
meaningful. Best wishes.
(Sharon Berger 11:30am March 10, 2013)

It really depends on my mood. If my world is great I like to read about the rich and famous, because it doesn't bother me that I'm not in that world. If things are bad I want people just like me to read about. That way I know I'm not alone.
(Annetta Sweetko 11:36am March 10, 2013)

It just depends upon my mood as to what I enjoy reading. Regardless, each book takes me into the lives of the characters.
(Anna Speed 12:34pm March 10, 2013)

I prefer pure escapism----now the person escaping can be a person like me--but it has to have some element of escapism for me.
(Sue Farrell 12:58pm March 10, 2013)

I enjoy both types of characters... Just depends on what I feel like reading at the time!
(Colleen Conklin 1:00pm March 10, 2013)

I think characters give a sense of "humanity" in them. Whether dealing with obstacles or personal flaws, even quirks, a well written character can make their way into the reader.
I enjoy escaping onto a book but unbelievable and the everyday.
(Carla Carlson 1:02pm March 10, 2013)

I love reading a book that I can become a part of really relate to
(Shirley Younger 1:20pm March 10, 2013)

I want to read about believable, memorable characters who will stay with me when the book is finished. Thanks for visiting today.
(G S Moch 1:25pm March 10, 2013)

I enjoy both.
(Helen Livermore 1:28pm March 10, 2013)

I loke both pure escapism and real life. It depends on my mood. I will say that I do love to know that other people have the same messes in their lives that I have.
(Renee Brown 1:34pm March 10, 2013)

I like escapism, where nothing really bad happens to anyone!
(Kathleen Conner 1:40pm March 10, 2013)

I usually want to read about everyday life with lots of romance. Usually the
books that I read is because if the cover that's what really draws me in too
read a book!
(Evelyn Diaz 2:13pm March 10, 2013)

(Kathy Sullivan 2:48pm March 10, 2013)

I think that I prefer reading books that are a little closer to my life than books about escapism. If an author goes too over the top with their books, especially their characters, it makes the story so unbelievable at times, that the book is almost laughable, and hard to get through. Take, for example, a woman who could change her flat tire in 10 seconds, while at the same time can fend off an attacker. It's so laughable, that you'd have a hard time turning the pages, to read the rest of the story. Call me old-fashioned, but give me the normal, run-of-the-mill story, and put your own twist on it that's normal, too. You'll touch my heart every time, and make me a fan for life.
(Peggy Roberson 2:52pm March 10, 2013)

I like both memes
(Denise Holcomb 3:23pm March 10, 2013)

I can really relate to your opening description. I enjoy both types of books. Sometimes I just want to escape and other times I want to relate to the characters.
(Debra Guyette 4:19pm March 10, 2013)

I really enjoy reading about either with romance. I think I lean a bit more toward escapism and a little adventure in the characters lives. It's more fun to read about someone else's life, even though fictional, but it must be a believable or heartwarming story for me.
(Linda Luinstra 4:55pm March 10, 2013)

Well, it depends on my mood. Sometimes, I want pure escapism
and sometimes I want to see something that I relate more to
myself in heroine's problems. Fortunately, there are some
pretty neat stories of both kinds for me to reach for as I
(G. Bisbjerg 5:00pm March 10, 2013)

I do like reading about people I can relate to, but I also need to read about things totally unrelatable sometimes, so it can take me away to somewhere I've never been...or ever will be.
(Vickie Hamilton 5:14pm March 10, 2013)

hmmmm - like some of the commenters, I like tor ead about people I could have been friends with - but I also like to read to learn about people I never would have otherwise met. I like to be inside a character's head, or as if I'm standing next to the her in a receiving line, a part of the action, I want to know what she feels, why she did what she did - and then - what happened next.
(Beth Fuller 5:15pm March 10, 2013)

I enjoy reading both!
(Mary C 6:25pm March 10, 2013)

Sometimes I like escapism, sometimes I like to relate to the characters I'm reading about.
(Carol Woodruff 6:51pm March 10, 2013)

I like a little of both. I read to escape, but I have to be able to relate to the heroine.
(Marcy Shuler 6:59pm March 10, 2013)

I do prefer romances that are about people I have nothing in common with
my life. I enjoy pure escapism.
(Ann Sheiring 7:00pm March 10, 2013)

I like to read both. The story holds more meaning if I could relate to the people. Sometime I just need to escape from real life.
(Kai Wong 7:00pm March 10, 2013)

I like reading about both actually. Reading about something that I can relate to will give me a
sense of closeness to the story. On the other hand, reading about something far from my what I
know has mystery and it opens my curiosity to things that I probably won't be able to experience
in real life.
(Lazydrag0n Puff 7:25pm March 10, 2013)

I actually like a mix. I read everything from literature through sci fi through YA etc, etc... The one thing that ties it all together for me is that the characters must be believable. Even if they are futuristic aliens with two heads and fire breathing nostrils. A couple of year ago I hadn't found many women's fiction books I loved but kept on trying. Then I discovered Jane Porter! Revelation! Real life and absolutely engrossing! Recently I discovered Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry. Just riviting! I just love a good book!
(Jennifer Beyer 7:34pm March 10, 2013)

I'll read it all. Just engage me.
(Mary Preston 7:44pm March 10, 2013)

I really like a good mix of both.
(Ashley Applebee 8:12pm March 10, 2013)

Reading provides me with escapism, so I like reading about things that are
entirely different.
(Hyunjin Jeon 8:12pm March 10, 2013)

I like books I can relate to. They don't have to be exactly like me but if I have some kinship with them, all the better. For instance, I love Southern Lit...although I am a Northern gal, I love the South. I love everything about it from its people to its unique foods to their wonderful Southern drawl....so it stands to reason, I will adore a Southern genre.
(Susan Coster 8:24pm March 10, 2013)

i prefer pure escapism, it is an escape from everyday life. thanks
(Debbi Shaw 8:43pm March 10, 2013)

I like either kind. Sometimes I want to live in a fantasy
world and escape from the real world, but sometimes I want it
to be realistic and relate-able.
(Sara Doyle 8:44pm March 10, 2013)

I enjoy reading both, but I usually prefer reading fantasy to escape to a magical world created by the author.
(Bonnie H 8:57pm March 10, 2013)

I like the variety of both - it can be fun to relate, but you
can learn from the unfamiliar.
(Diane Sallans 9:38pm March 10, 2013)

depends on my mood, really. Some days I want to read about people like myself, other days I like to read about people who are complete opposites of myself.
(Michelle Schafer 9:59pm March 10, 2013)

I enjoy reading both. Thanks for a chance to win.
(Linda Hall 10:39pm March 10, 2013)

I enjoy both. Thanks for the giveaway!!
(Carolyn Helms 10:46pm March 10, 2013)

I like to read both. Sometimes I like to read about regular people like myself and sometimes I want to escape to another place.
(Rita Wray 10:13am March 11, 2013)

I like people I can relate to in some way, but ideally outside my own environment, perhaps in another time or an interesting location or with a fascinating job.
(Clare O'Beara 1:33pm March 11, 2013)

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