November 25th, 2020
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SANDI SHILHANEK | Meet Tess Gerritsen and Lisa Gardner


Tess Gerritsen, Lisa Gardner and Peaches!

Saturday I should have stayed home and cleaned my house especially since I’m leaving next Sunday for my first RWA (need I say how excited I am about this?). Did I play good domestic goddess and see to the needs of my family, no I didn’t!

What did I do instead? I attended a book signing for Tess Gerritsen and Lisa Gardner. I arrived at the bookstore a tad later than I had really wanted to, and was worried about parking and how long the lines would be. I was pleasantly surprised to find easy parking, and shocked to see that the crowd was nowhere near what I had anticipated. Good for me, but what would the authors think?

Both Tess and Lisa gave short speeches about their books in general and then their newest releases specifically. I don’t know about the other people in attendance, but it made me want to run home and read right away! I’m sure I say this a lot but both authors were really entertaining, and personable, and if I wasn’t already a fan I would be just from listening to them speak!

LIESAfter the signing those of us in attendance from the DFW TeaReaders group went for a snack. What is better than a chocolate cupcake, cold milk, and great conversation? How about ending the night in an intimate dinner with Tess and Lisa, and getting to learn more about their writing process, what interested them in becoming writers, and what they might be writing in the future.

Now, I get to mark two more favorite authors off my I want to meet list. I know I’ve asked before, but it’s been awhile, and I’m sure many of us have discovered new authors, and if not have at least perhaps glommed the backlists of favorite authors. Who would you like to meet? Curious minds need to know!

Until next week happy page turning.

P.S. next week Becky is blogging for me, as I’ll be heading to RWA. Look for updates from those of us representing Fresh Fiction throughout the week. If there’s something special you want to know about RWA leave a comment and I’ll do my best to check it out for you!

sandi shilhanek

Sandi Shilhanek

DFW Tea Readers
Readers 'n 'ritas... celebrating literary obsessions

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29 comments posted.

Re: SANDI SHILHANEK | Meet Tess Gerritsen and Lisa Gardner

Well, I didn't clean my house Saturday either but didn't do anything quite as exciting. I have never been to a book signing since they never happen in my neck of the woods. One of these days though..........
(Vicki Hancock 10:20am July 18, 2010)

Oh, I am so jealous that you got to meet those two great authors!!!!
(Valerie Bongards 11:30am July 18, 2010)

I'm really looking forward to meeting Jennifer Weiner this Tuesday evening and we're meeting Susan Elizabeth Phillips in January. I've already met two of my all time favorites, Jane Green and Adriana Tregiani, but I'd still love to meet Robyn Carr, Linda Howard, Jennifer Crusie and Susan Donovan.
(Jill Hayden 11:31am July 18, 2010)

I have not had a chance to meet any of my favourite writers, as many do not travel accross the border.. But one day I will get to RWA and meet all my favs..
I spent yesterday shopping and made a foray into the book store to pickup JoAnn Ross's new book The Homecoming and a book by LuAnn McLane, Driven by Desire..I call that a good day.
(Kathleen O'Donnell 11:38am July 18, 2010)

I needed to be cleaning as well. But alas I'd rather be reading. ROFl.

Have fun at RWA!!!
(Wilma Keel 11:43am July 18, 2010)

Have a great time at RWA!

I've read Lisa Gardner LIVE TO TELL and listened to Tess Gerritsen's ICE COLD in the last couple of weeks. Lisa Gardner's was very thought-provoking and a little scary while ICE COLD was so good I'll be listening to it again even if I know what will happen. Both women must have very fertile minds LOL

I've been to several booksigning even one of the RWA's and would love to meet Susan Mallery in person, Sharon Sala, Alice Duncan just a big variety of authors.
(Barbs Ferris 1:32pm July 18, 2010)

Have a great time at RWA!
(Joyce Mandle 1:35pm July 18, 2010)

Wise choice. Clean homes are over-rated; Gardner and Gerritsen are wonderful.
(G S Moch 1:39pm July 18, 2010)

Clean house?? I should be cleaning to but instead I'm playing online and watching tv, I figured it was too hot and humid to clean! That's a laugh, you did the right thing Sandi! I did catch the new show on TNT that is based off of Tess Gerritsen's books and really enjoyed it!
(Shauna George 2:12pm July 18, 2010)

I have never been to a book signing, but planned to if one were ever held at the bookstore in our nearby mall. I kept listing that bookstore at sites asking for my favorite bookstore. Now I have heard recently that the bookstore is no longer in our mall. Boo! Hoo!

I just finished reading two books by Jean Brashear and loved them both. I gave both books 5-stars at Bookreporters Word of Mouth. Those books are part of Jean's NASCAR Series and are Extreme Caution and Black Flags, White Lies. I have never been a NASCAR fan and was highly surprised at how much I enjoyed the books.

Have fun at your trip to RWA. Getting together with friends is always a ball. That is what I did Saturday. I didn't do any housework either. I went out of town to attend a birthday party for a good friend.
(Gladys Paradowski 2:17pm July 18, 2010)

Tess Gerritsen did a booksigning at Joseph Beth Booksellers in Legacy Village, Lyndhurst, Ohio and kept us mesmerized with a focus on forensics and medical know-how.
(Alyson Widen 2:36pm July 18, 2010)

Accidently found a rerun of CSI last night. Sara said something to the effect, "After seeing so many of these crime sites, I never leave home without making my bed and taking out the garbage." So today I made my bed. Still haven't got to the grabage yet :>)
(Karin Tillotson 2:55pm July 18, 2010)

Sounds like a great Saturday to me, much better than cleaning house. Have a blast at RWA. I'm hoping to go again someday. Meeting several of my favorite authors was a wonderful experience. Everyone was gracious, taking time to talk unless there were several waiting in line. I avoided the big, long lines for Nora Roberts, Debbie Macomber, Suzanne Brockmann & others. It would be a pleasure to meet any of those authors. On my list I'd love to meet would be Jill Shalvis (again), Robyn Carr, Karen Rose, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Rachel Gibson and I could go on & on.
I'm hoping you will be kind enough to give us detailed reports on your experience.
Enjoy your Sunday.
(Donna McClure 3:27pm July 18, 2010)

I met Nora at a Q & A and would go again in a heartbeat. Not sure I can narrow it down to only a few others I'd like to meet. Will definitely need to make an RWA one of these days. But after just finishing the new Undead by MJD, I'd like to meet her as I now have questions - more than at the end of any of her other books.

Have a great time at RWA Sandi:)
(Amanda Reeder-erdly 6:54pm July 18, 2010)

We don't have a lot of book signings in our area so you are very fortunate Sandi. My dd and I did go to see Jodi Picoult two years ago and that was exciting. I would like to meet Catherine Mann, Linda Castillo, Nora Roberts, Karen Rose, Sharon Sala--the list is a long one. I would probably have to attend a RWA someday to meet any of them. Have a great time!
(Mary Perry 7:27pm July 18, 2010)

WAY too many to name, but I have met a few favorites over the years. It's such a privilege.
(Mary Preston 7:32pm July 18, 2010)

I am so jealous. I was planning to at
least be at the signing this year, but
the flood took care of that. I have
non-refundable reservations in
Nashville for RWA which of course had
to be moved to Orlando. I just heard
of RWA last year before the conference
and was excited to find it would be
only 5 hours from home. Maybe some
year I'll make it. There are a few
authors whose sites I visit regularly
(Emily Bryan for one) that I wanted to
meet. With the number of authors
there I am sure I would be able to at
least see many of the authors I admire.

I'll think of you while I sit around
doing nothing in Nashville, wishing I
were there. I've invited my daughter
and grandchildren to come and join
me. That means a week of sitting
around the pool which is not
something I usually do.

Have a great time.
(Patricia Barraclough 9:10pm July 18, 2010)

I didn't clean my either. I would love to meet those two authors!
(Brenda Rupp 9:23pm July 18, 2010)

You're so lucky! I would love to meet many authors, but Suzanne Brockmann, Joe Konrath, Nicholas Sparks, and Colleen Coble, just to name a few!
(Kelli Jo Calvert 9:58pm July 18, 2010)

I would love to meet both of those authors, but the two authors I want most to meet are Suzanne Forster and Trish MacGregor. I have been following Tish and reading every novel she has written since 1986.

(Ray Getzinger 10:01pm July 18, 2010)

Hey that housework wasn't going anywhere! How exciting for you, Sandi - I'm thrilled that you were able to go!

I've been fortunate enough to meet many, many authors, but those I would love to meet are Alison Kent, Jill Shalvis and as Ray said, Suzanne Forster.

Have fun at RWA, Sandi!
(Laurie Damron 10:09pm July 18, 2010)

These are certainly two of my favorite authors too. I've been reading Lisa's since I read her second Alicia Scott title WAKING NIGHTMARE when it came out in 1992. I came to Tess's a little later when HARVEST came out. What an eyeopener regarding living organ thefts.

I've never met either of these authors, though I would love to. Lynsay Sands lives closest to me and Kelley Armstrong lives just down the highway about 50 mi. I've met Kelley at two book-signings. I've met Suzanne Brockmann most often: 3 times and the rest were at an RT convention. Talking to authors is truly very interesting, especially since I know I could never do such a thing. Whenever I needed to write something "creative" at school, I had to go to my mother for inspiration. Ask me to write on a non-fiction subject and I had no problems.
(Sigrun Schulz 10:35pm July 18, 2010)

oh, my goodness you all have met such interesting people. The closest I came was meeting Bruce Campbell many years ago when he was doing a signing tour for his book. That was a blast so I can only imagine what fun you all have had.
(Barbara Studer 11:15pm July 18, 2010)

Going to a book signing would be better than housecleaning any day!! There was one that was a couple of hours away, but I didn't care for the author. It wasn't a Fresh Fiction author, I might add. There are too many that I'd like to meet to put in my comment, but I would find the whole experience exciting and fascinating.
(Peggy Roberson 7:55am July 19, 2010)

Sat are my catch up days anything that I did not get done during the week I do on that day and then in the evening we ( the family) do fun things, If I nothing to play catch up on then I READ
(Vickie Hightower 12:47pm July 19, 2010)

I would have went to the signing as well, smiling the whole way. :)
Hope you have a Great time and looking forward to all the news when you get back.
Happy Travels.
(Chris Jones 2:19pm July 19, 2010)

I'd love to meet Tess Gerritsen and Catherine Coulter. I've just discovered Gerritsen's Rizzoli and Isle's series and can't wait to read more of them. I've loved Coulter's FBI series for the last couple of years. The stories move and keep you interested right from the start.

I've met Debbie Macomber and Merline Lovelace numerous times and anytime they are near me I will go again.
(Nita Heismann 11:54pm July 19, 2010)

Housework? What's that. . . {;-)

I've met Donna Alward a couple of times, and she's just so friendly and nice! Others I'd like to meet are Susan Mallery, Suzanne Brockman, Holly Jacobs, Lynne Marshall, Stephanie Newton, Marin Thomas, Marta Perry, Terri Reed, Christine Rimmer. . . and about two dozen others {:-)

Have fun at the RWA.
(Donna Breitkreuz 7:13pm July 20, 2010)

I also just discovered
Gerritsen's Rizzoli & Isle's
series. Love that Angie Harmon
got a shot at this wonderful
(Lisa Richards 10:12pm July 20, 2010)

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