August 21st, 2018
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Karen Wojcik Berner | The Bibliophiles: A Different Kind of Series

Until My Soul Gets It Right
Karen Wojcik Berner




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You can't run away from yourself

The Bibliophiles #2

May 2012
On Sale: May 22, 2012
Featuring: Chapter One

294 pages
ISBN: 1475189036
EAN: 9781475189032
Kindle: B0085LW4QY
Paperback / e-Book
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Also by Karen Wojcik Berner:
Until My Soul Gets It Right, May 2012
A Whisper to a Scream, March 2010


I had never planned on writing a series. Taking time off from freelance editing and writing to be a stay-at-home mom, I really wasn't supposed to be writing at all. Then I had this vivid dream I could not shake about a PR executive who desperately wanted a baby and a gut-wrenching turn of events.

A couple of weeks later, I was in the shower, the only place where I had ten minutes alone to myself to think as the mother of young kids. I'm sure many of you can relate. I saw this image of a woman toting two kids attempting in vain to grocery shop in a whirl of complete chaos. A sentence flashed in my head.  "At 35 years old, Sarah Anderson discovered something quite shocking. She had Attention Deficit Disorder - she didn't get any."

What would happen if I put those two women together? Since they were from two completely different worlds, how would they meet? Being a bibliophile myself, the choice was obvious — a book club.

When I started writing those scenes, I fell in love with each of the members and felt compelled to tell their stories: Spring, the daughter of leftover flower children; Thaddeus, the computer programmer with the heart of a poet; Larry, the hardened newspaperman; the quiet but mighty Rosemary.

In most series, readers follow one character through multiple adventures. The Bibliophiles is a little different. Each book will focus on one or two of the book club members and their lives. Since the protagonists will change, each story will have its own unique feel, very much like stand-alone novels.

For example, the first book, A WHISPER TO A SCREAM (The Bibliophiles: Book One) centers on Sarah, a stay-at-home mother of two, and Annie, a PR executive with fertility issues, each of whom thinks the other's life is far superior to her own. Ultimately, however, they learn otherwise.

My latest, UNTIL MY SOUL GETS IT RIGHT (The Bibliophiles: Book Two) is Catherine Elbert's journey as she bounces from coast to coast in search of her true self. It's a novel about growing up, making peace with one's past, and finding a little love along the way.

A Whisper to a Scream
March 2010

Until My Soul Gets It Right
May 2012

If you would like more information on The Bibliophiles, please visit my website,

Let's talk about book clubs, are you in one? A commenter will win a copy of UNTIL MY SOUL GETS IT RIGHT

Also until Friday, Oct. 12 Karen is running a contest on her blog Bibliophilic Blather where readers can win one of TEN copies of the first book in the Biblipohiles Series: A WHISPER TO A SCREAM.




34 comments posted.

Re: Karen Wojcik Berner | The Bibliophiles: A Different Kind of Series

I belong to a book club but rarely read the books. I just go for lunch and
to hear what everyone is up to.
(Lindsey Ekland 1:28am September 30, 2012)

I can certainly relate to the ADHD. I didn't "discover" mine until about a year ago. But with me it was my brain no longer working and leaving me out in left field far too often. Am I a biliophile? Oh, definitely. Don't ask how many books I've read or got. But no, I'm not good at reading groups. Having to TALK about books has always been painful for me. I got miserable marks in all my literature assignments. So, sorry, no book clubs for me. I'd much rather talk (or write) about almost anything else, well...unless the book is about history, politics, language, geology, geography, humanity... I think you get the picture. But that doesn't mean I won't like your books!
(Sigrun Schulz 3:11am September 30, 2012)

I don't belong to a book club but spent many enjoyable hours discussing books with my mother from the 50s through the 90s. We often traded books and liked many of the same authors.
(Karen Barnett 5:05am September 30, 2012)

As a book club member, this series sounds wonderful!
(Marjorie Carmony 6:12am September 30, 2012)

I used to be in a book club but not right now. I just don't have time.
(Pam Howell 8:09am September 30, 2012)

I love your idea for the series, and would love to read your books!! It sounds like it's going to be a great way to spend the Fall!! I'm so glad that you had that revelation in the shower, and put pen to paper!! All of your characters sound wonderful in their own way, and I can't wait to see how they come to fruition!! I love the cover of the book being shown. I think that she's beautiful, and her pose is perfect!! Congratulations on the book, even though it's been out for a short time!! You now have a new reader who will be hooked on the series!!
(Peggy Roberson 10:39am September 30, 2012)

Sounds like a great book! Would like to read.
(Pamela Fox 10:40am September 30, 2012)

I try to start up book clubs all the time....I am in college
and I love to read but people around me don't have much
time. So the closest I get is when I find a new book I am
interested in, I buy two copies and send one to my sister.
We read it together and talk about it on the phone. She does
the same for me. We both are in college so during final and
midterms, it lags but other than that we get to read a lot
and share a lot.
(LaToya Tingle 10:41am September 30, 2012)

I don't belong to a book club, but I would love to. I wish I had people around me to discuss the books I'm reading.
(Ellie Wright 11:04am September 30, 2012)

I've never been in a book club - but this series intrigues me!
(Pamela Faye Howell 11:08am September 30, 2012)

I tried a book club several times but didn't stick with them. Guess I didn't find the right mix.
(P Noda 2:43pm September 30, 2012)

(Shelly Caggiano 3:23pm September 30, 2012)

This sounds wonderful! Can't wait to read it!
(Amy Rogers 3:35pm September 30, 2012)

No, I don't belong to a book club!
(Martha Lawson 5:21pm September 30, 2012)

I'm not in a book club, but would love to be!! This series sounds great! I'm
definitely gonna check it out!!
(Kelli Jo Calvert 5:22pm September 30, 2012)

I don't belong to a book club but I do discuss & sometimes share books with my mom & every once in awhile me & my sister-in-law will share books.
(Chelsea Knestrick 6:09pm September 30, 2012)

i belong to a book club for about 15 years...we are all octogenariens...and although the members have diminished we all look forward to a once a month get together.
(Mal Kaplan 6:50pm September 30, 2012)

I have been in a book club for about 5 years and it is great because it makes us commit to a visit vs letting the time slip away :)
(Darci Paice 6:54pm September 30, 2012)

I belong to a book club. The worst thing is when you borrow a book from one of the members, you have to read the book otherwise, it is quite embarrassing not to know what you are talking about when asked.

I also found that it's fun to have a book discussion if I'm really into the book and also the hoopla and hype about a bestseller.
(Kai Wong 7:59pm September 30, 2012)

I don't belong to a book club but recently heard of one in my town. I thought I may check it out. Just today I told my husband I wish he would read my books so we could discuss them. He looked at me like I was
(Rita Wray 8:18pm September 30, 2012)

Due to time and work issues, I have been unable to physically participate in a
book club. However, I regularly attend book chats online and enjoy discussing
books with readers and writers alike.
(Mary Mccoy 8:43pm September 30, 2012)

I'm so glad you "listened" to your dream! Looking forward to reading the adventures of your characters.
(Joanne Hicks 9:19pm September 30, 2012)

It sounds like a great series. I like the book club aspect.
(Maureen Emmons 9:54pm September 30, 2012)

I definitely have ADD. I get sidetracked very easily.
(Deidre Durance 10:02pm September 30, 2012)

Wonderful series. I belong to a book club.
(Sharon Berger 10:02pm September 30, 2012)

I'm not in a book club. I like to read what I want, when I want.
(Mary Preston 10:09pm September 30, 2012)

Not in a book club, read too much to settle for for only one genre
(Nancy Gallagher 10:52pm September 30, 2012)

I'm not in a book club but, have a friend that likes to discuss books.
(Sheila True 11:01pm September 30, 2012)

I am not in a book club but I love to read and have won some wonderful books and contests on Also, some day I pray that I can become a writer and share some great books and great writing material with others. God bless everyone. Thanks for the great contest. Cecilia CECE
(Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 11:23pm September 30, 2012)

This sounds like the Maeve Binchy approach - take the characters in a setting and tell each one's story individually while showing how it affects the whole. It's a great way to develop lots of characters without getting people confused in a sequential single tale. Hope it goes well for you.
(Clare O'Beara 5:00am October 1, 2012)

These series sound very exciting. I do not have ADHD but my adult daughter does and I realized once she was diagnosed that she had had it from childhood. It has been a real battle for her. We both love to read and I will definitely get her reading this series too.
Thanks so much!
(Teresa Sullivan 3:40pm October 1, 2012)

I'm not in a book club, but I do enjoy discussing any very good book I've recently read and recommending it to other readers. There are so many newer authors and it's fun to discover another favorite through F.F. blogs, etc.
(Linda Luinstra 5:58pm October 1, 2012)

As a book club member, the perks include getting more of the behind the scenes action and background. Some book clubs are more social than the actual discussion of books and everybody brings something to the conversation whether they've read the whole book or not. This looks like a fun series and a unique concept.
(Alyson Widen 9:30pm October 1, 2012)

I would love to be in a book club, I just haven't found one to join. Your series sounds very good! Thanks so much for the chance to win!
(Christine Mead 8:44am October 2, 2012)

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