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Rumors aren't the only thing that will stir when Abigail returns to Boone County, Texas.

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From Loss to Love: A Pilot and an Artist's Colliding Worlds

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Caffeine and Commitments: Stirring Up Love in San Francisco

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"Her biggest fan �has a fatal obsession."

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Bloodlines and Boardrooms: A Paranormal Romance of Power and Passion

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A new, action-packed adventure that blends science-fiction technology and magical fantasy elements with a touch of historical romance.

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My Valentine Memory
February 4, 2008

86 comments posted.

Re: Beyond Limits (9:44pm January 28, 2015):

This book sounds really good. I can't wait to read it.

Re: Her Summer with the Marine (9:49pm March 18, 2014):

I love characters that are unique and quirky. Life would certainly be boring if we didn't have the quirkiness.

Re: The Rancher's Second Chance (11:51am March 12, 2014):

Love a strong, rugged, loyal to family and friends cowboy.
A big plus with a cowboy is there are horses involved. I love horses.

Re: A Lady's Secret Weapon (9:09am October 19, 2013):

Hi Tracy, like you I used to read stacks of historical romance books and read late into the early morning hours. I started around the age of 17 reading romance, when A friend loaned me her copy of Bertrice Smalls Skye O'Malley.
Now,at the age of 50 I have slowed up a bit on the reading(I fall a sleep earlier). With kids, aging parents and the long list of things to do I have slowed down to one book a week if I am lucky.
I have never tried your books but I think I will have to look for them now they sound just like what I enjoy.

Re: Love Thy Sister (10:37pm December 11, 2012):

Wow, I guess good things do happen when you least expect them.
I am so glad to hear that things are turning around for you.
Congratulations on your book being bought by the Italian publisher. It is like everything has come full circle for you.

Re: Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal (9:43pm May 3, 2012):

You have a very smart brother. He gave wonderful advice.

About the hardest decision I had to make was whether to home school my diabetic daughter when she was in third grade (she is 21 now and a junior in college). I did home school because her health and safety was in jeopardy and the school would not work with us. I home schooled her until 7th grade when she was old enough to do more for herself concerning her care at school. Plus, by then I knew my legal rights concerning her care and health at school.

Re: The Spy Who Left Me (4:00pm November 25, 2011):

Like you I did some crazy shopping last night and this morning.
I love stories set in Hawaii. I dream of going there one day but for now a story set in that local is enough.
I can't wait to read the book.

Re: Radiant Desire (12:20pm October 30, 2011):

I agree with you. I doesn't matter what a man looks like if they exude confidence then they are most definitely an Alpha.
Yes, Brad is not an Alpha Angelina is.

Re: A Maverick For Christmas (12:15pm October 30, 2011):

I have always been the one to encourage lend an ear when friends and family need it. Not so lucky on the flip side. I guess they just assume that I have my act together and never notice when I need some encouragement when times are tough.

Re: The Norse King's Daughter (7:56pm October 2, 2011):

Odd that you asked that question. After oh, about 25 years of reading all the time this past year has been on struggle. It might be that my eyes are giving me trouble I will be 48 next week. I have had to break out the reading glasses and I am prone to getting headaches.

When I do read is not for a lengthy time and I tend to read shorter books lately.
Also, some of the stories are just not for me, but
I do love a Viking story. I cut my romance reading teeth on the good ole bodice rippers of the 80's. I still have to pull them out every now and again and re-read.
Sandra I have read every Viking book you have written and loved them all.

Re: Emily And Einstein (5:33pm March 5, 2011):

Her sister's name is Jordan.

Re: Animal Magnetism (5:11pm March 5, 2011):

I hope those granola bars at least had some chocolate on top.
Isn't it wonderful where inspiration rears its head like in the cookie isle in the grocery store.

Re: Kiss At Your Own Risk (12:22pm January 12, 2011):

My soul shaking moment when my daughter was 7 and diagnosed with an incurable disease. I don't know how I got through it but I remember when I decided to just focused on living in the moment that is when things started to get better for me.

Re: Wicked Seduction (9:20pm January 11, 2011):

I don't have deadlines like you do but I feel like I am always racing the clock and calendar.
Usually when I start snarling a bit everyone treats me better because I rarely snarl and they know it takes a lot of abuse for me to go to the dark side.
So I know how your feel.

Good luck managing your deadline psychosis.

Re: The Best Laid Plans (8:45pm January 10, 2011):

Sienna is her best friend.

Re: Swift Justice (2:26pm November 17, 2010):

Hi Laura what a fun blog.
I love decorating for the holidays. Now I do it more for me because I have decided that the kids that are grown really don't care much or at least that is the vibe they are sending me.
I used to shop all year long but I have learned over the years to ask what dear mother-in -law wants or needs. I hate returning items because someone changed their mind. Been there done that one too many times.
I found out cash is better than gift cards for the teenage set unless it is for itunes. I have really cut out a lot of the Christmas extras and overload and try to give what I can to food banks at this time of year.
Lately the holidays stress me out being pulled between parents and in-laws that I get usually end up sick.
From what I read of the book it looks to be a good one. I will have to put it on my list to order when I get my amazon order together.

Re: Burning Up (8:10am September 15, 2010):

I have been reading romance since I was senior in High School back in 1980. I love the stories and it was a way for me as a young woman to get some sort of information on relationships.
I started off reading historical novels because history was my favorite subject and the bodice rippers were just wonderful to read. Then I found and added contemporary books to my reading pile.
I still read lots of romance today the kids are grown and I have a bit more time for myself.

Re: Desperate Deeds (10:54am September 8, 2010):

A handsome guy with a get it down personality add a hint of danger and a HPE and you got a great recipe for a good romantic suspense.
I too grew up on Bond movies. I still love them to this day.

Re: Atlantis Betrayed (7:00pm August 31, 2010):

Congratulations on the book and on the BIG move. WOW!
At my age I now pop a xanax to help with the middle of the night anxiety or I would never get any sleep.

Re: Roast Mortem (1:21pm August 15, 2010):

I love pancakes soaked in syrup and a real American hero's the Fireman.
I like plain ole buttermilk pancakes with maple flavored syrup. Yum.
I have never ventured into trying all the flavored and toppings for pancakes. I think if I did I wouldn't be able to stop and I would put on weight.

Re: Hell, Yeah (10:51am August 11, 2010):

I love the interview with Cathy she seems like someone I would like to have as a friend. She speaks her mind and has a good time.
Can't wait to read the book.

Re: Fatal Affair (2:22pm June 26, 2010):

Nick sounds like a fantastic character. I also love a guy that can say he's sorry.

Re: Life After Yes (2:02pm June 26, 2010):

It was a scary thing to chuck away a career to do something new. I applaud your courage.
from what I have read of the book it looks to be good. I can't wait to read it.

Re: Sworn To Protect (4:54pm June 25, 2010):

What I wouldn't give for just a little bit of that 'risk' gene.
I love books and TV shows with strong kick but gals. Fionna on Burn Notice is very take charge.
Sworn to Protect looks to be an awesome book.

Re: Desire Me (1:36pm June 8, 2010):

I really enjoyed reading the excerpt.

Yes, years ago when I was very pregnant with my second child I went on a scavenger hunt. My mom was at a nurses convention and this was one of the activities. On Jekyll Island you started off with your list of clues, history of the island and a map then we drove like crazy all over the island looking for the prize slips. We were the big winners accumulating 6 of the 10 prizes. It was so much fun and figuring out the riddles was a hoot.

Re: Dead in the Family (5:56pm May 29, 2010):

Hi Sara,
I am in the same boat when it comes to pets. Winston is a cutie an d such a smart name. Right now I am caught up on my TBR pile. I am looking forward to Jane Porters next book later this summer She's Gone Country. I just finished reading To Romance a Charming Rogue by Nicole Jordan. I saw that Anna Campbell has a new book out My Reckless Surrender. I will have to just order me a new bunch for summer reading. I also an a fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon I will have to snag a copy of Infinity to read this summer.

Re: Chick with a Charm (8:34pm February 19, 2010):

Hi Vicki!
I am so a dog person.
I have a very spoiled 10 year old English Springer Spaniel (a cousin to the Cocker Spaniel ). Her name is Bridgette and she has dog beds in two rooms in the house her day bed and her night sleeping bed. She has a very own cabinet just for all her treats and so many toys and stuffed animals she would make a little kid jealous. I do have a 14 year old cat named Precious we rescued her when she was a kitten. She is very smart but she has always been a county cat so she like the outdoors. I have a electric heating pad in her cat house on the front porch so I keep her toasty all winter long. Anyway it doesn't usually get that cold where I live at but this year has been a doosey.
I am so looking forward to reading Chick with a Charm. I have never read a book you have written that I didn't enjoy.

Re: Ordinary World (8:39pm February 15, 2010):

I always wished I had a twin sibling .
It is so nice that you both are able to help each other out in the writing business.

Re: Promise Me Tonight (9:07am February 12, 2010):

I love the boy next door scenario.
I married the boy next door.
I also celebrate Valentine's day with my family. I send sappy cards. bake heart shaped cookies with frosting and buy enough conversation hearts to open my own candy store.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Count me in on the contest.

Re: Island Of The Swans (7:57am February 8, 2010):

HI Ciji,
Very good topic. I am not a writer but an avid reader. I would have to say that of the themes mentioned Love conquers all and the battle of the sexes are two of my favorite themes.
I like that in most books the title of the book is somewhere used in the story as a defining line.
I cut my romantic teeth on historical romance when I was a young lass of 17. SO need less to say historical romance is one of my top favorite genres.

Re: Triumph in Arms (2:36pm February 6, 2010):

You know they never say anything about fiction for guys not being about real things.

Re: Triumph in Arms (2:35pm February 6, 2010):

Amen, Jennifer.

Re: Legend Of The White Wolf (8:04pm February 5, 2010):

Werewolves are a great character especially when they come with a moral code of honor.
Being good looking doesn't hurt either.

Re: Catch Of A Lifetime (2:40pm February 2, 2010):

Hi Judi, the series sounds so fresh. It has been a long time since I read any books with mer people as the heroes and heroines of the story.
this sound like something I would love to read. I really enjoy light hearted romance to escape into.

Re: Hold On Tight (9:55pm January 26, 2010):

Hi Stephanie,
I love when an author uses words that I don't know. I take it as a opportunity to learn something new.

Hey, I also was a cereal box and food label reader when I was a kid. I still am.

Re: The Keepers Of Sulbreth (7:18am January 15, 2010):

I have also bought a book just because I loved the title.
I always wondered how authors ever came up with some of the names for the characters in their stories.
Even if I forget a title I will remember a great characters name.

Re: Searching For Pemberley (12:54pm December 22, 2009):

I love the A&E and version of Pride and Prejudice. I understand what you mean about Jane Austins use of language. I have to read the books slower because the English is so different from the English of today.

Re: The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings (8:04pm December 19, 2009):

Gandalf would most certainly save the day. I loved the Lord of the Rings book series and movies. I am also a fan of Harry Potter's but Dumbdore would not be able to turn out the magic like Gandalf.

Re: Gentlemen Prefer Succubi (12:15pm December 18, 2009):

My choice is always going to be Vampire.
The recipe sounds yummy. I will have to give it a try.

Re: Divorced, Desperate and Deceived (5:39am December 17, 2009):

I wanted to think of something for your list but I think you nabbed all the good sayings.

Re: The Beautiful Being (5:35am December 17, 2009):

I get what you are saying.
I think that it is only a small few that get the instant fame. Most everyone else has to pay their dues one way or the other.
But then I think your accomplishments mean more when you have to put a little bit more elbow grease and work into your work.

Re: Prime Evil (6:50pm December 15, 2009):

My best friend would love to read these stories. She has spent much time taking care of her elderly mother and deserves a surprise.

Re: Wild Heart (10:53am December 14, 2009):

HI Lori,
I think it is just awful that you don't get to have anything to do with the cover of your book. I know I get aggravated when the heroine or the hero look nothing like the authors description in the book.
This was a very interesting, eye opening post.

Re: The Gift (9:23pm December 13, 2009):

In 1984 My mother gave me a porcelain Christmas doll that plays I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus when you wind her up. She has been displayed every Christmas now for 25 years.
Also, back before I married my mother and I would bake Christmas goodies and take them to the neighbors on Christmas Eve. The Christmas Eve of 1981 was special because at my aunts house there was a man dressed in the full Santa Claus outfit.
He wound up being the preacher that would perform the marriage ceremony for me and my husband three years later.

Re: Urgent Care (9:14pm December 13, 2009):

Death by relative exposure.
I mean all the relatives you see during the holidays.
Real funny blog.

Re: The Killing Hands (9:12pm December 13, 2009):

This sounds like it could be fun.
Challenging but fun. You might even get some good ideas from readers.

Re: Love in Translation (9:10pm December 13, 2009):

I have never lived abroad. If I ever were to live somewhere else it would have to be where the English language is spoken.
You were brave to live in Japan.

Re: Sins of the Flesh (7:35pm December 13, 2009):

I try and schedule and make list. I am more likely to get everything done when I make list

Re: Kitty and the Midnight Hour (12:39pm December 13, 2009):

I think my oldest daughter would love this book. She is interested in the mystical.

Re: Rainwater (12:37pm December 13, 2009):

I also think that a historical is anything before 1900. In a historical the main mode of transportation has to be by horse or ship.
If cars and airplanes can be involved in the story I think of them as being more modern.

Re: The Sweethearts' Knitting Club (4:22pm December 11, 2009):

I was looking at Lori's book list and have most of her books even License to Thrill.
I have been a fan of Lori's writing for many years.

Re: Red Kiss (9:13pm December 8, 2009):

I would love to give these books to myself, but my best friend would love them. She deserves some good reads because her mother just broke her hip and had had hip replacement about a month and a half ago.

Re: The Splendor Falls (7:37pm December 1, 2009):

I loved Pride and Prejudice. I could see my youngest daughter enjoying this book.

Re: Scorched (7:34pm December 1, 2009):

Congratulations on the release of Scorched. I can't wait to read it.

Re: A Genie in the House of Saud: Zubis Rises (11:00pm November 30, 2009):

I would love to give this to my daughter. She has worked so hard and deserves a reward.

Re: Children of the Night (10:58pm November 30, 2009):

I fell in love with vampires back when Interview with Vampire
came out.

Re: A Father For Jesse (9:43am November 27, 2009):

Freebies are all ways a great way to do Friday!

Re: Take Me For A Ride (7:14pm November 25, 2009):

Hi Karen sounds like you have fun in the kitchen.
It seems like I have a knack for burning biscuits, garlic bread anything like that.
It has gotten to the point I just tell the family the charcoal is good for them.

You have a great Thanksgiving.

Re: Over My Dead Body (11:27am November 16, 2009):

It sounds like we shared the same grandma.
Now a days my mom does the Thankgiving meal and she cooks way too much for the family. She always winds up with more leftovers than she or anyone else has room for.
Back when everyone would meet up at grandma's house the families (numbers)were much larger, now they are half that size or smaller.
My contribution to the meal is always some sort of fancy off the wall dessert.

Re: Rainwater (6:35pm November 6, 2009):

A few months ago I never would have attempted to watch a book trailer because I was still on dial-up. I got broadband service back in July and have been viewing book trailers a lot more frequently since my internet moves so much faster.

Your husband and the crew did a great job on the trailer in just three days.
Maybe forgetting about the trailer made everything work out better than if you had had more time to plan it all out.
I can't wait to read Rainwater.

Re: One Lucky Cowboy (12:18pm November 5, 2009):

Hi Carolyn,
I have never read one one your books yet. But from the interview I know I got to get my hands on a copy. I love cowboys and books that make me laugh.

Re: Out Of The Darkness (9:46am October 9, 2009):

I have never read your books but I look forward to reading them after reading your blog today.
Hoping over to your site to find out more.

Re: The Cowboy From Christmas Past (12:12pm September 29, 2009):

I have had dogs since I was a little girl. I made sure my children had pets also. We had a special long haired yellow lab when my my daughters were little he went missing one day and we assumed he had been taken. He had went missing 3 months earlier and found his way home.
Charlie was the best bodyguard my babies had when they were little.
Now I have a female English Springer Spaniel which is the princess of the house. The girls are both in college and my ten year old pup is the daughter in the house now. I know that she is getting older but she still loves to tease us with her toys. I can tell the arthritis gets to her some days but she has a heart of gold.

Re: Lucky Break (11:03am September 29, 2009):

Hi Carly,
I love any kind of romance book with humor and with modern characters I can relate with. i am hot one for too much suspense or scary things real life is scary enough.

Re: Shades of Twilight (4:40pm September 26, 2009):

I have never experienced a virtual signing. I have never even had the pleasure of a real signing since I live in such a rural area. the best I have gotten is some signed name plates for the inside of the book. I also have gotten signed books via the internet which I adore.
It would be so exciting to go to a real signing and meet a few or my favorite authors one day.

Re: Lakeshore Christmas (12:29pm September 25, 2009):

i haven't had the pleasure of attending a book signing of a favorite author. Location is my problem.
For a favorite author I would go it it was withing my larger town radius about 60 miles each way to a larger town.

ps. I don't like snakes either.

Re: The Accidental Family (8:50pm September 23, 2009):

Congratulations on Freddie!

It has been 18 years since my last baby but I remember the sleepless nights, walking into walls because you close your eyes just to rest them on your way to the baby's room. I also remember not sleeping when the baby slept because the housework needed to be done and the stack of laundry was turning into a living breathing thing.

Freddie won't be little very long, so enjoy your precious little bundle while he allows you too.

Re: Table Manners (1:37pm September 6, 2009):

I have been cleaning and doing odd chores, sort of an early winterizing. I have also been grilling outside everyday since Friday. Less kitchen cleanup.

Re: Tie Me Down (2:53pm September 4, 2009):

I have never been to New Orleans. I love reading about places that I haven't been to.
Mandina’s restaurant sounds like a great place to dine.

Thank you so much for the trip through the streets of New Orleans. My daughter visited the April before Katrina hit. I know it is not the same place it once was.

Re: The Last Ember (4:01pm September 3, 2009):

Congratulations Fresh Fiction on your fifth anniversary. Here's to the next five.

Re: Highland Rebel (2:08pm September 3, 2009):

Instead of calling it my muse I call it being in the 'zone'. I can read more qiuickly and work more quickly when I am in the zone. Out of the zone I have to concentrate a bit harder to fight the outer distractions of life to get things done.

Re: The Shortest Distance Between Two Women (9:44am August 28, 2009):

Radishland-the nickname suits the site so well.

Re: The Treasures Of Venice (9:39am August 28, 2009):

What an exciting anniversary.

Re: Haunting Beauty (9:37am August 28, 2009):

If I could get a do-over I most certainly would change somethings if I had the chance.

Re: Feels Like The First Time (10:16pm August 26, 2009):

I would wear a toga and a crown of flowers. I am a Domestic goddess (a stay at home mom)
My husband even bought me a solar powered keyring that flashes goddess.

Re: Bluegrass Courtship (11:36am February 14, 2009):

Like you I have to have klenex handy to watch Home makeover. The book plot sounds fun and wonderful.

Re: Millionaire's Secret Seduction (11:34am February 14, 2009):

I also loved all the old shows with the rich dastarly tycoons that you hoped a good woman would reform.
I was a fan of Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest back in the day. I hardly find any shows like that anymore.
i guess one guy you want to see reform (he is not a millionaire but a docotr) would be Dr. Gregory House of House.

Re: Secret Fantasy (11:28am February 14, 2009):

Everything that you say is so true, Carly.
I am going to start with the buying my own gifts. That is a great idea.
Happy Valentine's Day.

Re: Ravenous (10:22am February 13, 2009):

I wonder if the men back then understood that contract. :)

Re: Vexing The Viscount (10:15am February 13, 2009):

Thanks for the information on the difference between a courtesan and a prostitute.
I had also wondered how the women of days long ago stopped an unwanted pregnancy.
You have the EW! factor right about washing out those condoms. Double "EW!"

Re: Dawnkeepers (1:25pm January 23, 2009):

I have always loved reading stories that are based on the gods of mythology. Dawn Keepers from what I read sounds like a great book.

Re: Real Vampires Don't Diet (1:38pm January 13, 2009):

I Gerry,
What a awful thing to happen to your store. I also live in a hurricane prone area and know that when a large storm is on its way your have to batten sown the hatches and hope for the best.
I read you blog. Funny stuff adbou the dust bunnies and New years resolutions. I agree with you completely on all accounts. Especially trying to make yourself a priority in the 2009.

Re: Immortals: The Crossing (11:25am September 11, 2008):

I love you books and the cover for The Crossing is very cool.

Re: 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover (8:27am April 17, 2008):

I read you blog and I think I could see a Vampire being in charge of the local blood bank. That would be a hoot.
A witch would be a hairstylist with a little hocus pocus she would have you looking great. lol

Re: Hot and Bothered (9:54pm April 6, 2008):

I am southern born and bred in the deep, southwest side of Georgia just 35 miles north of Tallahasse, Florida. I can twirl a baton (I took lessons for a couple of years.)
I love the food, fried chicken, anything fried and the fresh vegetables are wonderful.

Re: Wild & Hexy (9:14pm March 30, 2008):

I can't think Of any one person more deserving of this award. Vicki's books have filled my days with many a smile and a laugh.

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