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Sara Reyes | Out of Order, It's a Mess!

Look, I'm not usually cranky about reading books out of order, but thanks to a reading friend, I've discovered Christine Warren's world of The Others, and OMG, HELP me figure this out!

It's not that the books are bad...actually they are quite entertaining, but I've been spending SO much time trying to figure out the timeline and how all the stories fit together that it's absolutely pulling me out of the stories. As I said before this usually doesn't bug me, but this series is doing a real trip on me.

Back story is...apparently the books were first issued as shorter ebooks and now that Christine has hit the best sellers lists, St. Martin's Press is having her re-work the shorter ebooks into longer novels. But since I never read her ebooks, the tantalizing snippets of people such as Luc and Corrine, Danice and Mac confuse me. Then I've got to know whatever happened to Logan? He shows up in BIG BAD WOLF as such a great secondary character and then just disappears. But they keep mentioning he moved to Connecticut. Huh? It's really annoying! And what's with the demons and Fae, are they sticking around or not? And whatever happened to the witches? And who's on the Council and who's the guy in charge? The cast of characters in the books keeps changing and so does the timeline. Don't give me a book as the Others #9 when it's really the beginning of the timeline. It just kind of messes with my brain too much.

So, anyone else have an opinion on books reworked from earlier versions and then published out of the timeline? Or am I the only crazy reader here?

Sara ReyesUntil next time...

Get out there and READ a book...
Sara Reyes
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The Other's Books:

Born To Be Wild, March 2010 The Others #9
Mass Market Paperback
Big Bad Wolf, October 2009 The Others #8
Before the "unveiling of supernaturals"
Mass Market Paperback
You're So Vein, April 2009 The Others #7
Before the "unveiling of supernaturals" but read after BIG BAD WOLF and ONE BITE WITH A STRANGER
Mass Market Paperback
One Bite With A Stranger, October 2008 The Others #6
Before the "unveiling of supernaturals"
Mass Market Paperback
Walk on the Wild Side, June 2008 The Others #5
After the "unveiling of supernaturals"
Mass Market Paperback
Wolf At the Door, May 2008 The Others #1
Before the "unveiling of supernaturals"
Mass Market Paperback (reprint)
Howl at the Moon, November 2007 The Others #4
After the "unveiling of supernaturals"
The Demon You Know, May 2007 The Others #3
After the "unveiling of supernaturals"
She's No Faerie Princess, November 2006 The Others #2
Before the "unveiling of supernaturals"




56 comments posted.

Re: Sara Reyes | Out of Order, It's a Mess!

The only books from this series that I have read are "She's No Faerie Princess" and The Demon You Know" so I'm not much help with helping with the time line. I am glad to have found your post because I didn't know there were so many other books already out in "The Others" series already.
(Ann Ludington 12:12pm April 10, 2010)

I hate it when a book is re-issued out of order. This means that I have to go in search of the previous books and sometimes it is nearly impossible.
(Cindy Olp 12:44pm April 10, 2010)

OMG! You are soo not alone in this one...I picked up the same book and now am trying to figure out what the heck the order is so that I can follow it in the proper sequence...I had the same difficulty with Shiloh's Hunters's more easily explained on her site but there are many other series' that I've been trying to gather in order before I even attempt to start book one...
(Anna Hoque 12:50pm April 10, 2010)

I have had that problem before .well i tell you after i read the in the order thay came out then i go back and read them in the order that they sould be in.some time they will have the right order of things on a authors page but not allways.
(Stacey Smith 2:05am April 10, 2010)

This is off Christine Warren's Faqs page of her website(which appears not to have been updated for a few months. But it is the proper reading order.

Fantasy Fix (now expanded and retitled One Bite with a Stranger, SMP)
Fur Factor (now expanded and retitled Big, Bad Wolf, coming from SMP, Fall/Winter 2009)
Faer Fetched (novella, coming from SMP, date TBD)
Fighting Faer (coming from SMP, date TBD)
Fur For All (coming from SMP, date TBD)
Fur Play (coming from SMP, date TBD)
Wolf at the Door (SMP)
She’s No Faerie Princess (SMP)
The Demon You Know (SMP)
Any Witch Way She Can (in the anthology No Rest for the Witches, SMP)
Howl at the Moon (SMP)
Walk on the Wild Side (SMP)
You’re So Vein (SMP)

Her newest, Born To Be Wild, is not a rewrite of an earlier one so it would be at the bottom of this list. She has another one coming out later this year, Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here, but there is no info on her site other than that, so I don't kno if it will be a rewrite of the third book or another new one.

Hope this helps.
(Carol Cobun 5:11am April 10, 2010)

PS: I managed to get the 4th, 5th, and 6th ebooks before they disappeared off the original publishers site(as well as the first one in print) so I'm not as bad off as some other people while reading these books. From what I can tell, mostly what has been done is to add elements that tie the earlier books more closely to the plot elements in the later books. When she reworked Fantasy Fix into One Bite With a Stranger she added more interaction with the secondary characters who get their stories in the other books and more elements about the council and the interaction of the Others to bring it more into line with the depth of the newer books.
The original books(at least the four I have)all range from about a 125 pages to about 170 pages. The new books are over 300.
The problem with the timeline and being published out of order(or seeming to be)is a result of the change of publisher in the middle of the series. I saw someone mention Shiloh Walker's Hunters series. That's a good part of what happened to that series too. There are at least three(but I think actually four)different publishers for those books.
(Carol Cobun 5:36am April 10, 2010)

What a treat for the winner!
(Marjorie Carmony 7:03am April 10, 2010)

Another bag of books, you guys are the best.

Seems like something could be done to fix this out of order thing - can understand the annoyance.
(Helen Livermore 8:20am April 10, 2010)

If a book is part of a series,
I don't like reading it out of
order. It is confusing and
pulls you out of the story if
you spend all of your time
wondering what the heck is
going on and what happened to
people who are mentioned in a
significant way. It's like
sitting at a table with a
group of people who are all
friends who haven't seen each
other in awhile and they're
catching up on old times - and
you're the only one who
doesn't know what the heck
they're talking about.
(Margay Roberge 8:23am April 10, 2010)

I hate when that happens because they're normally very hard to get hold of and that really turns me off of a story.
(Breia Brickey 9:14am April 10, 2010)

I hate it when you pick up a book read it and really enjoy it so buy others by that author and after starting another realize you should have read that one first as it now ruins the other books.
Surely publishers should think about this!
(Barbara Hanson 9:30am April 10, 2010)

You're right this would drive any reader crazy!! I also have had a couple times a prequel released AFTER the series is going. This makes no sense to me. I can't read out of order so this really bothers me!! I also don't think it's right the way books can be re-released by new publishers and appear to be new releases. I use fantastic fiction of UK site to try to sort out series reads. Thanks, Sue
(Susan Hussein 10:10am April 10, 2010)

It would drive me crazy too! I've had problems when even buying trilogies. I feel like I must read them in the "correct" order, but then I obsess by going back and forth between the two books, making comparisons when it comes to the same scenes. Jeesh! You'd think I'd have better things to do with my time! I think I'll stay away from trilogies in the future or else just consider them stand-alone books instead (although that is difficult for the obsessive organizer in me).
(Elaine Seymour 10:38am April 10, 2010)

I hate picking up a book that looks really good then finding out that it's in the middle of a series - I feel I'm missing back story, but you can generally figure out timeline. Your situation would really stink! It would relly have to be good to keep trying!
(Kelli Jo Calvert 10:47am April 10, 2010)

I try the used book stores, usually you can find them their. Once I read the first 2 books in a series & couldn't found the last one. Then I was in the Library & there it was, the last book in the series. Great find.
(Pat Wilson 11:26am April 10, 2010)

Reading series books out of order typically bugs me, too. When I find an author new to me, I'll go online to find the order of his/her backlist, so I can "get it right." You just can't trust publication dates.
(G S Moch 11:54am April 10, 2010)

I haven't read any of these! I hate reading series out of order, but sometimes it happens. Sometimes I don't realize the book is part of a series until I have read it.
(Gail Hurt 12:14pm April 10, 2010)

I have not read this series... I try not to read out of order, but sometimes I do...
(Colleen Conklin 12:40pm April 10, 2010)

Maggie Shayne wrote a book out of timeline in her Twilight Series. She went into the future and then back into the present.

I have her books in the order of events that happened with one book out of place (publishing date).
(Kai Wong 12:43pm April 10, 2010)

You are right on, trying to get a timeline on books out of order drive me crazy. Usually I will put them aside to read when I've collected all. Otherwise the ranting and raving drives my daughter nuts!
(Elizabeth Parzino 2:10pm April 10, 2010)

I am, like you, very hyper about reading books in order.
(Joanne Reynolds 2:29pm April 10, 2010)

I guess it would bother if I had read the original versions, but if I didn't I would probably enjoy the new reworked version. Publishing the books out of timeline would frustrate me, too.
(Jane Cheung 2:38pm April 10, 2010)

I have only read "She's No Faerie Princess". When I read it I didn't know it was part of a series or I would not have read it. I try to always read a series in order. Of course sometimes when I find a book in the middle of a series it might be a very long time until I find the rest of the series and actually get to read that book.
(Shari Eggleston 3:45pm April 10, 2010)

I went on over to Christine's site and it looks like I'm gonna have to put her books that I do own on the back-burner since there's a ton of them coming out in re-prints in the next few years...There is no way I'm reading them out of'll drive me up the wall. ;-)
(Anna Hoque 3:46pm April 10, 2010)

I only like to read books in order. It's too confusing otherwise.
(Jackie Robertson 4:34pm April 10, 2010)

I have that same problem with JD Robb books. I'm always reading them out of order because the library doesn't have all of them.
(Armenia Fox 4:38pm April 10, 2010)

I can't help you with your problem since I haven't read the books. I can sympathize, however; for the last two books I have read were evidently parts of series and I was supposed to know the past about the characters. It was so hard to keep up with who characters were. I found myself going back and rereading pages, trying to decipher if I had even seen the character mentioned earlier in the book. Truly disconcerting. I was left feeling just as you are.
(Gladys Paradowski 4:42pm April 10, 2010)

I agree with Gladys. One time I started a character list - just to try to keep them sorted out. This also happens when two or more characters have such similar names that I can't remember which is which :>)
(Karin Tillotson 5:11pm April 10, 2010)

I hate it when I start to read a book only to find I am actually coming in on the middle. If I am intrigued I will chase up the preceding stories. Otherwise, warn me first.
(Mary Preston 5:53pm April 10, 2010)

I have read Christine Warren's books and enjoyed them ; I don't even try to keep up with the order anymore just read each book as it comes out; the same could be said though of Lora Leigh's Breed series.
(Diane Sadler 5:55pm April 10, 2010)

Just want to win
(Catherine Myers 5:56pm April 10, 2010)

If I read a book by new author and love it, I'm one of those that goes in search of the backlist or series info. I feel in love with Lora Leigh's Breed Series, some of those books were published out of order...or came out only as ebooks long before they were put out in print copy...and she changed publishers too and that messed with the series order.

But I don't think I've ever bought a book that was (reworked) and altered or enlarged from the original?

Are reworked books better than the originals? I'd like to know the answer to that too.
(Mitzi Hinkey 6:04pm April 10, 2010)

It drives me crazy too when they do that. However, what's worse is when they reprint a book with a changed title. You buy it thinking it's a new book or series only to find out it is something you already read with a different title. Grrr....
(Michelle K 7:05pm April 10, 2010)

Hello Everyone, Please enter me in your fantastic contest and I love entering and winning contests from too!
God bless, Cecilia
(Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 8:12pm April 10, 2010)

I'm with you about not liking to read
books out of order. Sometimes I read
a book not really knowing that it's part
of a series though, like the "in Death"
series by JD Robb, or the
Troubleshooters series by Suzanne
Brockmann. Once I realize that it's
part of a series, I'll read the rest of
them in order.
(MaryAnne Banks 8:28pm April 10, 2010)

If it's a series, I refuse to
read them out of order. In fact I
usually won't even start the
series until there are are least
3 or 4 books outs.
(Lisa Richards 8:49pm April 10, 2010)

I have to read in order with a series or I feel like I am missing something. I read the fourth book in a series and hated it until I read the first three. I wished I had read them in order because the last book would have been so much better.
(Katie Dupuie 9:21pm April 10, 2010)

I agree, reading books in order is a MUST for me. So much that if I see a new book that looks good I have to check to make sure and find out if there are others in the series and if so, where that book falls. If it's 2nd or 3rd, I will buy the first books and read them before even looking at the one that first caught my eye. If I see it's 8th or 9th, I might not even buy it at all. I know that's sort of naughty, but it's just one of my pet peeves.
(Lisa Mason 10:54pm April 10, 2010)

In a series, I try to read the first book before the others although I'm not that much of a stickler for reading the entire series in sequence. Sometimes reading a later book would help me decide whether to read the precious ones. For example, I read the first three books in Maggie Shayne's Wings in the Night series and then jumped to "Edge of Twilight" which caught me up rather well so I don't think I will read the books in between them.
(S Tieh 10:59pm April 10, 2010)

It seems I agree with most of the
posters as I can't stand starting a book
and finding out it is the 3rd, 4th or
sometimes even the 10th book in a
series. I have started to put off buying
books until I find the others in the
series first. Too much thinking about
the order and character arrivals can
pull me right out of a story and ruin it
for me.
(Mary McCoy 11:00pm April 10, 2010)

If possible I like series books to be
connect but also readable as stand alone
books to avoid confusion when jumping
into the middle of a series.
(Jung Ja Ahn 11:01pm April 10, 2010)

I *hate* when I grab a great sounding book, open it only to find it is part of a series and not even the first book. It's one of my pet peeves.

If I know an author is planning a series, I generally purchase them and will wait until I have at least 3 or 4 to start reading the series. What I really hate is finding a book and it is so far into the series that the beginning books are no longer available.

I also don't like re-worked books. It's particularly annoying if you've already read the previous version and now you're left wondering how much you've missed by not reading it yet again.
(Kay Martinez 11:04pm April 10, 2010)

If I've read the book before, I don't like it when they are rewritten. What I really don't like is when they change the title of the book for a reprint or a rework.
(Summer Sharp 11:13pm April 10, 2010)

I definitely like to read books in order. I can see how this could be very annoying.
(Darcy Odden 11:24pm April 10, 2010)

I can't help you with the reading order of the Other series by Christine Warren because I haven't read any of her books but I also hate it when I can't figure out the right reading order for a series or if I'm having a hard time finding all the books in a series.
I hope you'll be able to figure out the right reading order and enjoy the rest of the books.
(Moran Videletz 11:26pm April 10, 2010)

I can't stand when books are out of order, have been know to put off reading a series until I have enough of it to keep me going until the next one comes out.
(Sara Edmonds 11:34pm April 10, 2010)

I prefer to read books in order so the world builds and dislike starting a book and then realizing it is not the first. Going to the author's website sometimes helps or finding a list on Amazon can be helpful.
(Lindsey Ekland 4:04am April 11, 2010)

I have to read books in order of series...thats why it's driving me nuts that so many books are now part of a series. Don't get me wrong, I love to revisit favorite characters to see where they are and how they are doing, but I think right now I'm just overwhelmed. I also hate it when books are first issued in one format, then into another. I love Shiloh Walker's hunter series, but the first group were issued in ebook...I've only read the later ones in print.
(Aemelia Manier 8:23am April 11, 2010)

wow, I have 2 books here that I think are part of a series so I am going to have to check them out better before I get into them. I might just want to hold off and go onto something else until I find the first books. I am like you all, I hate having to reread and reread trying to figure out who a character is. Glad I read your blog!!
(Barbara Studer 9:40am April 11, 2010)

I pretty much agree with everyone about the reading books in order. Unfortunately this just doesn't always happen because even when an author sells a set of books to a publisher, they might not print them in order. It is truely frustrating to readers and I wish it didn't happen. Carol's post is correct as far as chronology for this series. I do wish that this author would update her page.
(Maria Durst 11:18am April 11, 2010)

I prefer to read the series in order but have read out of ouder and was confused as you were. Now I get them and wait until I have the series in order to begin reading.
(Brenda Hill 5:18pm April 11, 2010)

I hate that or when they decince to add an another book to the series. Another thing is when they 15 books in an group and you have to read them one after another
(Patricia Kasner 8:31pm April 11, 2010)

I prefer to read books in a series in order, even if the author says they don't have to be.

Great prize - good luck to everyone.
(Phyllis Crabtree 8:49pm April 11, 2010)

I like reading series, but I can't
imagine why they would present the
story out of order. It really confuses
things way to much. As you said, if
you are constantly trying to figure out
who is who or what happened to
someone it detracts from the story. I
have no problem with reworking a
story, but put it in order within the
series. You want us to follow your
series, don't make us need a map and
(Patricia Barraclough 11:21pm April 11, 2010)

I get cranky if I can't read books in order. Some authors do hop all over or add a book that follows book 2 after they've written book 6. But it's been rare for the authors I've been reading. Once in a while I have read books out of order, e.g., one series that I read recently #2, #3, #1. I had a few moments of "huh?" but on the whole it wasn't really upsetting. I think it really depends on the series.
(Sigrun Schulz 7:14pm April 12, 2010)

just found this short blog and wanted to remind you that having other readers in the same situation is hardly :) suggestive that your are not a crazy reader...LOL
(Kelly Knapp 4:09pm October 27, 2012)

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